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Azula admired her reflection from head to toe, confident as ever that Ozai- Daddy would take one look at her and... well...

She turned to the right, to the left then back again... fingertips skimming along her taut abdomen and prominent hipbones... carefully inspecting every inch of her body, ensuring that she looked her best.

Good enough to eat- she decided, fixated upon shapely legs and a rather generous amount of cleavage - far more generous than she was accustomed to.

Regardless of whether or not the Phoenix King would decide to tear off this skimpy, little bathing suit - red, his favorite color - and have his way with her first (which seemed entirely possible), she looked forward to spending the day with him... relaxing on the beach, enjoying their time together. Practically strutting- okay, so maybe she was actually strutting down the hall, the Phoenix Queen sought out her King, most eager to present herself to him.

He's going to love it

"Daddy? I hope I haven't kept you waiting..."

The Phoenix King had already finished his preparation and was eying the water bitch when his wife arrived. And... she certainly didn't leave much up to imagination. Ozai felt a familiar growth spur between his legs as he witnessed Azula flaunt herself to him - but for once the Phoenix King had no interest in acting on his desires. Was this some kind of joke on her part? Perhaps to a lustful pre-departure escapade? He could only wonder.

Ozai looked her up and down again with a neutral expression on his face. "Well, what have we here?"

"My bathing suit" Azula replied, disheartened by her father's apparent lack of excitement.

Agni, was he growing bored of her already?!

In desperation, she cocked a hip. "Don't you like it?" she asked, hopeful.

"You look like a whore" Ozai growled, angered to find that she had intended to leave the estate wearing that. "And while I don't mind you being a slut for my benefit, it isn't acceptable for you to do it for others. Agni, you're my Queen!"

She'd be the talk of the nation, the Fire Nation's whore-in-chief. Did she believe that it was acceptable for commoners to look upon her like this? It is unthinkable!

"I-I thought..." Azula stammered, almost in disbelief.

What? What did you think? That the Phoenix King would approve of his Queen going anywhere dressed like that?! Have some respect - not only for yourself but for your husband, for your father, the man who made you!

Once more, Father was right. She looked like a whore... a stupid, little whore - flaunting herself for all to see! Just what, in Agni's name, had she been thinking!? She was a queen- his queen. Indeed, it was unacceptable.

"I'm sorry, Father" Azula apologized, golden gaze downcast as she hung her head in shame. "I meant you no disrespect. I'll go and put something else on."

The 'water wench' or 'water bitch', as seemed to be her new given name now, had been overseeing the conversation from the hallway. Okay, so she had been spying. All the servants did it! It was the most interesting thing about your day when the rest of it consists of cooking, cleaning, washing, and listening to the Phoenix King fuck his daughter (if she heard one more 'Daddy! Please!' Katara swore she'd vomit. Why in La's name does this home have such thin walls anyway!).

Of course, it wasn't much of a surprise when the Phoenix Queen walked out in a bathing suit that barely deserved the name. Katara was beginning to wonder if they had any shame at all. Although, she had to admit... Ugh! Anyways!

'It isn't acceptable'. Tui and La, does the man have every curse one could imagine? A god complex, sadism bordering on insanity, marrying his own (14 year old, as she found out from one of the other servants, which was surprising in its own right) daughter, torturing his son, and now he decides to pull the protective father routine? Katara lacked the words for the man, he was just... he was the Phoenix King. He was ugh. Katara had no love for the Fire Nation, but the last thing she expected from them was northern water tribe attitudes towards women. Indeed, she had seen the exact opposite from them right up until now - it was just Ozai. He teaches his daughter to be a warrior princess of the highest order - only to put her on a leash and use her to build a dynasty.

But then she did it. Or rather, she didn't. The great Phoenix Queen stood there with a sad look in her eyes, and let him roll all over her. The man was taking over her life, couldn't she see that? Anyone else? Sure, stand up to the Phoenix King and you end up like me. But his own daughter? How could she be so spineless as to allow him to rule her life down to what she wore. Was there nobody in the world who could stand up to him?

Azula, meanwhile, shuffled back to the washroom in order to divest herself of that Agni-forsaken bathing suit - which quickly went up in flames after falling silently to the cold, marble floor - she wouldn't be needing it, after all. Father knows best, the Phoenix Queen reminded herself (over and again) as she dressed, having chosen another - far more modest, in accordance with his wishes - red top along with matching bottoms and a flowing sarong skirt to wear over them.

Scrutinizing in front of the mirror yet again, Azula became relatively pleased with her mature and sophisticated, albeit rather less exciting appearance. She was a queen; she had an image to maintain. A queen must be beautiful and elegant, regal-

You look like a whore

She must not look like a-

Whore. Daddy called you a whore and a slut... in front of the water bitch!

No! He said that I looked like a whore and that it wasn't acceptable... but he likes me being a slut just for him.

As if that's any better?

He's only trying to protect my image- protect me!

Men would have been looking at her, surely... commoners, miscreants- suppose one had touched her! Azula shuddered in disgust at the thought of unworthy peasant hands upon her body. She belonged to her Daddy, the Phoenix King - only he was allowed to touch her.

Your body belongs to Ozai?

She was his and so-

Is that why you let him do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases, with it? Your body belongs to Ozai - or so he thinks. How is he to know any different? It's not as though you would ever tell him otherwise...


The Phoenix King found himself somewhat disappointed upon his queen's return. She was modest, as he had requested - but for some reason this did not provide him with the satisfaction he had wanted, the flair was gone. Ozai said nothing about this as he swept open the outer doors and motioned for Azula to follow. "So, Azula. Why don't you tell me about the last time you were here, with the traitors?" he asked, genuinely interested in what they had done. Not so much in the traitors, the Phoenix King didn't really know or care about the circus freak and her gloomy assassin friend (who must have been just as bad as Zuko, since she loved the fool). What he was interested in what Azula had done - Ozai had never pictured her as a woman of leisure. During her days off from the Royal Academy for Girls, the then-princess would remain as studious as ever, engaging in private lessons as well as rigorous training of her firebending. And Zuko wondered how she surpassed him, Ozai chuckled at the thought. The only time she wasn't engaging in some form of study was probably when her friends the now-traitors were over.

Azula considered the last time she had been to Ember Island - not so long ago. It was... interesting, to say the least. "Well...," she began, ensuring that no semblance of emotion was present in her voice. For as much as she wished she could forget all about that particular trip, she simply could not. Perhaps, there was some part of her that didn't want-

No! I don't miss my stupid brother..! Or my stupid friends- they're not even my friends anymore, they're traitors. Zuzu, too. I'm glad it's just me and Daddy! I like it better this way.

Recalling said excursion, the Phoenix Queen continued "...first we went to the beach. Ty Lee enjoyed the undivided attention of every boy within a mile radius. Zuko and Mai hid beneath an umbrella, grumbling, likely wishing they were somewhere else."

"As for myself, I destroyed a child's sandcastle... or two." She chuckled. "Then decided we should partake in a bit of friendly, or rather not-so-friendly, competition - a game of Kuai ball. As I'm certain we are both well aware, I never lose. That's when...,"

I met Chan. Ugh.

"...these two stupid boys invited Ty Lee to a party. Naturally, she dragged all of us along," Azula told him, quickly adding "It was rather uneventful." Then for good measure, she mentioned offhandedly "Although Zuzu managed to get himself thrown out."

"Indeed you don't..." he considered, before Ozai laughed heartily at the conclusion. "Really? It was so bad that they threw out a Prince? Hah!"

"Well..." she hesitated momentarily. "They didn't exactly know who he was."

"Really...? Is Zuko so used to living incognito among commoners that he has forgotten how to assume his title?" he mused, imagining Zuko fearing the concept of royalty as he once used to fear his own fire. "Tell me, did he have that little scrunched up look on his face that he always does when you easily outshine him? I doubt anyone would have paid him any mind at all with a Princess and her two *ahem* 'friends' there."

"...which only makes him being thrown out more of an accomplishment. Are you sure you didn't engineer that as well?"

Ordinarily, Azula would have laughed - as she did any other time her father made a quip about dumb old Zuzu. Just this once, however, she found herself unable to. She hadn't outshone her brother- or anyone for that matter. Without her crown, her title, she had been the painfully awkward girl who laughs too loudly and scares away boys. She had been jealous ...of Ty Lee, her (former) friend, one of seven identical daughters of some unimportant nobleman! ...And with good reason - which was even more pathetic than having experienced jealousy. Azula, the only daughter of the then-Firelord, had allowed another to take the spotlight while she faded into the background...

Then proceeded to make a complete fool of herself in a desperate attempt to compensate.

Azula grimaced. "I didn't outshine Zuko," she admitted. "Or Mai. Or Ty Lee- especially not Ty Lee. I didn't outshine anyone that night."

"You see...," she began.

"...nobody knew who I was either. We decided- I decided not to tell them. I wanted to see how people would treat me if they didn't know who I was," the Phoenix Queen finally explained, feeling all the more dejected and defeated (not to mention stupid) by the second.

"Turns out, no one likes me."

Somehow, Azula's admission only made the Phoenix King erupt into an even heartier laugh. "Really, Azula? Worrying about the petty opinions of commoners about other commoners? Their games aren't worth playing - what they think is irrelevant! It's why we're king and queen, Azula - because we're the greatest man and woman on earth! Do you know what it would be like if the commoners got to choose their leaders because they liked them? Chaos! You sully yourself by trying to win their favor by playing their games - as if to tell them that you're going to win their respect. No, they owe it to you. And if they don't give you what you deserve, you must take it from them. The universe granted you this title - as a descendant of Agni himself, wear it with pride!"


For the briefest moment, the Phoenix Queen considered who may be in charge- ruling the entire world were such a decision left to the common people and their inane, ever-changing whims. Iroh, perhaps? If not, someone very like the crazy old bastard. Azula nearly shuddered in disgust at the thought of Iroh in charge of anything. What in Agni's name had her grandfather been thinking, allowing that man to lead an army?! In any case...

"Yes, Father."

He was right. By all the spirits, he was always right. Her daddy knew just what to say and when to say it... he was so smart!

"From here on out, I shall wear my title- my birthright with pride. Always. Not doing so, even once, was most foolish of me" Azula proclaimed, taking his words to heart.

Ozai may have been her husband but he was still her father therefore it was only proper that he educate his daughter concerning the ways of the world. And so it would always be, she supposed.

It was then Azula turned her attention toward Kat- the water bitch. Even considering her grave mistake less than a day ago, the other girl appeared strangely at ease...

she needs more discipline

"Water bitch!" hissed Ozai's daughter, knowing fully well his eyes were on her. And so, she struck the backs of her servant's knees with a fire whip, swift and unrelenting.

"Don't you go sneaking off too far ahead of us!"

Katara knew trying to dodge Azula's punishment was a fool's errand. So instead, the great warrior Katara, pride of the south tried her best to keep upright as the Phoenix Queen slashed azure flame at her legs, clenching her teeth to avoid a scream. As she always did. And to think I was making progress... the waterbender thought to herself, her walk becoming erratic as she adjusted two new sources of searing pain - which definitely wouldn't be going away anytime soon.

The Phoenix King, however, gave a sly smile as his daughter gave the waterbender a much needed punishment. If there was anyone who could make the bitch learn her place, it was Azula. Almost everyone feared her even back when she was a little girl, even her mother expressed shock. Ozai could not be more proud.

"This looks like as good a spot as any" Ozai declared, scanning the sand to find it undisturbed insofar, no peasants to block the immediate view. The water bitch, who had stayed closer, began placing down their things, trying to avoid contact with the King and Queen.

"You know, it's funny. Being from the water tribes, this must have been the first beach she ever saw. Why they chose to live in such a part of the world is beyond me" he said to Azula "When we finally conquer their foolish city, they'll be grateful to be brought to a place where you don't need to wrap yourself in the furs of an animal to keep warm. Don't you think, My Queen?" Ozai spoke slowly, saying each word exhaustively, sounding out each syllable. The water bitch couldn't help but recoil, which only made the Phoenix King's smile grow deeper.

"Oh yes, My King. I do believe you're right," Azula agreed, with a positively devious smirk. "Although, considering they are such savages, draping themselves with the skins of dead animals is sure to be a... tradition most fondly recalled."

Wasting no time, she started to rifle through their belongings - her complexion was no match for the sun, in her experience.

"Daddy? Would you help me, please?" she asked sweetly, offering a small bottle of sunscreen.

The pair settled down on the nearby beach towel which the water-wench had so 'graciously' prepared (ensuring there were no wrinkles!), Azula sitting in front of Ozai. As always, she relished his touch... fingers skimming delicately along her back and shoulders, slipping down the straps of her bathing suit in order to expose a bit of skin. She shivered at the sensation of cold sunscreen, though relaxed as her father began to massage it into her shoulder blades, working in practiced circles.

"I missed this," Azula said. "I never let Mother do it... always had to be Daddy. One morning, I threw a fit because you'd gone ahead without us. I think, even then..." Shocking herself, if only just a bit, she admitted "I just liked you touching me."

Her golden gaze shifted toward the water-wench for an instant, strangely satisfied that she appeared to be no less than completely and utterly disgusted.

"You know, I was never scared of thunderstorms either. I pretended to be just so I could sleep next to you."

"I know" said Ozai simply, finishing up the last touches. "You aren't scared of anything" he said honestly.

I can't believe those two, Katara thought in disgust, standing (she wanted anything to run into the sea, letting the water soothe her burns and fight away the heat) as far away as she thought Azula would let her. I can't believe her, she's just... how does she not hate him! He's a controlling, perverted, lustful, uncaring, thoughtless-!

Yesterday, Katara had felt like she had found a pin to the lock of the icy box. But today? She had discovered that there was a second lock.

The Phoenix Queen smiled at her father's admission. Pressing her back against his chest, she leaned into him and whispered "Your hands felt so good... that made me wet." Then she kissed the Phoenix King- her King, hopeful that any nearby commoners were watching, scandalized but unable to do or say anything at all.

"...indeed" Ozai said slowly, with what could only be described as a low growl - or perhaps a purr. "Be sure to remind me of that tonight" he chuckled, nuzzling his daughter before giving her a nip on her neck, just a refresh of the existing bites. "It's a good thing you switched your outfit, my little girl. Else I may be tempted to rip it off of you" the Phoenix King bared his teeth, showing just how "...in front of"

Ozai frowned, expecting just to see the water bitch but instead seeing that the arrival of the royal family had not gone unnoticed. People had drawn closer - some in disbelief, many talking amongst themselves (probably the first time seeing their queen). A few whores looked to admire him. And... Ozai frowned, his daughter certainly was receiving her fair share of glances (some nervous, others outright stares).

And there was another group, those that looked at them in disgust and turned away. Ozai smiled. What were they to do? What could they do except look on with their peasantlike looks of judgement? The Phoenix King all of the sudden wished he had taken Azula up on her offer to have the Dai Li trail them. They deserved to be marked and punished.

"They're all staring at us" Azula said, quietly.

It was surreal. There they were- their subjects, hovering like buzzard-wasps... peering, whispering, pointing. As though the Phoenix King and Queen were a zoo exhibit featuring some sort of exotic, endangered species! Or sideshow freaks at the circus...!

Speaking of the circus, she suddenly understood how Ty Lee felt - during a performance, all eyes on her... at Chan and Ruon-Jian's party, surrounded by those boys. It was plain invasive, nigh overwhelming - and for some odd reason, Azula found that she was actually enjoying it.

Let the peasants stare, let them think what they will!

The Phoenix Queen smiled contentedly, basking in the simple yet sobering fact that everyone was paying attention to her.

Eventually, The Phoenix King got over the judgemental gawkers. Most of the peasants were simply curious about their king and queen, they probably had never seen either of them after all. It was a fact of life, the natural order of things that the commoners would look up to royalty, seeking direction and dreaming about what could never be theirs - about what they didn't deserve. Wishing they possessed even half their power or - Ozai looked at his wife and daughter - beauty. This satisfied him. That was, until they started getting closer. With midday came swarms of them, and eventually not far from them had been erected a Kuai ball game. Their screams of victory or defeat faint but definitely audible to the point of irritation. Irritation that meant nothing to Ozai until he arrived. Throwing down a towel and setting himself a mere thirty feet from his King and Queen without so much as a nod.

The only recognition he gave was lustful glances to Azula.

Enough. "That man has seen his last day!" Ozai declared to his daughter, feeling his inner fire burn with range "He thinks he can lay here, only yards away from his betters, and steal glances of what is mine!" he slowly escaped his entanglement with Azula, standing up. The man looked at him quizzically, another deercat in Ozai's golden firelight, having caught very little of his own execution order.

Azula was not surprised - by now she had come to expect this sort of behavior from Ozai - but in all honesty, she'd barely even noticed the man her father seemed intent on executing today nor had she found him the least bit bothersome. Agni, she wanted to laugh. As always, Father was blowing things out of proportion. Perhaps, she ought to spare his would-be victim's pathetic life...

Their honeymoon was hardly an opportune time to cause such a scene, after all. Sighing heavily, the Phoenix Queen rose up from her most comfortable position in order to 'tame' her beast of a husband, who was positively seething with rage. By all the spirits, he looked as though he may explode!

"Daddy..." she soothed, wrapping herself around him. "Don't get so worked up over nothing. That little fool is hardly worth the effort it would take to kill him. Why, for one so insignificant and worthless, it would be an honor - death at the hands of the Great Phoenix King himself!"

"Wouldn't you agree?"

Ozai fell into his daughter's embrace, his inner fire being fueled now by passion instead of rage. "It's not nothing. The fool needs to learn his place." he objected, though relenting to her soothing purrs, his fists opening and gaze shifting - no longer locked on the man. "But you're right, I'm spoiling things" he finally agreed, letting himself sit back down on the towel along with his daughter and wife, paying the man a second glance before returning to her golden eyes. "Perhaps I should be paying attention to you instead" his hands sifted through Azula's black locks, the same way they always did.

Azula leaned against her father once more, relishing the sensation of his fingers gliding through her hair. "Water-wench!" she called, ever so... 'affectionately'. "Service your king and teach that man a lesson!" the Phoenix Queen ordered, pointing. And with a knowing smirk, she awaited the amusement which would soon unfold.

What?, Katara exclaimed inwardly. What did the Phoenix Queen wish her to do? The waterbender looked over at the man, who seemed surprised that the Phoenix Queen had acknowledged his existence. She didn't want her to hurt him... did she?

Azula was an impatient master, and Katara had to act quickly. Raising her hands slightly, she harnessed the power that the spirits had granted her... and soaked the man with an unexpectedly strong wave. Okay, Katara had to admit, it was pretty funny seeing him looking nervously at the royal couple before being interrupted and yelping with surprise as the cold ocean water torrented at his feet, wondering why or where it had come from as he rushed to stop his things from getting wet. Although, her smile was abated a decent amount when she saw that the Phoenix King had shared in her enjoyment.

"An excellent choice, my daughter. Why, it was definitely the right thing to make her yours, I imagine she'll be quite useful in the coming years."

The coming years, Katara repeated in her head, as she watched the man scurry away from a second wave she had drawn in for good measure.

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