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Morning's first light had begun to peek over the horizon, illuminating the Phoenix King and Queen's bedchamber, giving the red linens and curtains a peaceful glow. However, this morning, no matter how peaceful looking was anything but. Azula had been awake for some time now, and in that time, all that could be heard was the maddening (albeit familiar, even comforting) sound that had awoken her in the first place - Ozai's snoring.

Azula turned onto her side. "Daddy..." she purred, resting her head upon his chest. "Daddy, wake up," she whispered, softly. She peppered kisses onto his bare skin, hopeful he would wake without too much a shock.

Red. Red everywhere. The sky was crimson with the power of the gods who responded readily to their ruler's will, the Phoenix King. Granting onto him their eternal power to slay his enemies. Yes! Yes! Thought Ozai, as he struck the final blow against his failed Brother - who had gotten down on his knees to beg for mercy like a housewife whose husband had been slain in front of her. The ground ran red with the blood of-

The Phoenix King sniffed and suppressed a cough as his rest was brought to an end along with his snoring, his eyes struggling to compensate with the morning light. "Mhmmmm...." he grumbled, rolling over, not entirely in the land of the living. "In the name of the...." he mumbled, before looking into his daughter's eyes, the last bleed-throughs of his dreams fading away. "Agni. Why do you wake me, Azula?" he asked finally, observing his wife looking over him, having successfully wrestled his attention from sleep.

Azula did not allow Ozai's predictably foul mood to affect her own. Instead, she managed a smile as always. "We have a war meeting, Daddy. Don't you remember?" she soothed, gliding a delicate hand through his obsidian hair (which was everso slightly mussed).

"Were you dreaming about me?" she asked, pressing her small body against his much larger one.

"War meeting?" answered a groggy Phoenix King, having no knowledge of any such meeting despite having been informed by his daughter on the day previous.

"The war room can wait for me." he declared, before grabbing onto his little girl and rolling slightly to the side, bunching up silks as he went. "Of course I was dreaming about you" he said with a smirk, looking at her shapely, scantily clad form - running his hands over her pale skin. "What, did you think I would dream of war meetings instead?"

"N-No," the Phoenix Queen replied, practically shaking, her voice meek as could be. "But..." she said, pressing manicured hands against his chest in a halfhearted attempt to widen the distance between herself and her husband. "...the war room can't wait for me" she protested.

"You're my Queen" he stated simply.

"The world would stop spinning for you. Your subordinates can find something else to occupy themselves with" he said, matter-of-factly, his strong arms not allowing his property to escape him just yet. His breath grew hotter with Agni's morning rays and his mind cleared of its morning haze, allowing unburdened eyes to take in Azula's image, focusing on the binding around her neck that marked her as his.

"Yes, Daddy," she conceded.

Who could blame me, she thought. Ozai was much more appealing than those fusty, old generals. Besides, he was right. Ozai's Queen owed nothing to no one and the world would indeed stop for her.

"I'm yours."

The Phoenix Queen kissed her King, once more forcing herself into him and reveling in the sensation of his rigid, muscular body... so hard and hot against her soft curves. "Mmm..." she moaned into his mouth.

"Yes you are" he affirmed, running his greedy hands over her skin with increased veracity. His nerves drinking in each sensation, every feedback of her curves against his fingers. He relished as he bit down hard upon her neck (not so easy now that it was wrapped in leather and gemstones, but he managed nonetheless). "You're mine before anyone else's" he practically growled, seizing her with his lips while pulling at her not-so-modest undergarments.

For as much as she wanted it too...

Azula broke the kiss. "Yes but-!" she fussed, seemingly breathless as she tried to squirm away.

She simply could not. "Daddy..." daughter's hands struggled against her father's hands, fighting to protect her modesty - or rather what was left of it. "...stop. Not now. We can't-!"

"No!" Azula hissed, remembering her duty to the Fire Nation. She'd been away two long weeks! Being royalty was not all fun and games and they weren't at their beach house anymore. They were back in the capital now and there was much that needed to be done. Besides, she made plenty of time for her husband (perhaps more than any queen ought to but alas). Surely, he could survive one morning without her... company.


No had always been a funny word to the Phoenix King. To others, denial was a fact of life. When Ozai said no, it was a decree. It was his divine right to deny whatever it was to the claimant. But people saying no to Ozai? It never truly meant no... more like please don't or later. And from his little girl? Well, no really ended up meaning yes. His daughter rarely wanted to deny him, and when she did, she was truly out of her mind.

It was as if the Phoenix Queen's hands were clasped in irons, the strong hands of her father proved unyielding to her pathetic struggles. "We can't?" he laughed, biting down on that tender, bruised skin once again. "And why is that, my daughter?" he mocked, finally undoing the garments which shielded her skin from the light of day, from the Phoenix King's eyes. The sight of her ample breasts and perky nubs made the blood rush straight to the Phoenix King's member, visible under his loose robe.

Golden eyes met their mirror image - her gaze fearful, his predatory. "I-I..." Azula sputtered, heart racing. Perhaps Daddy could survive this morning without his daughter's warm and (usually) all too willing body, however it was clear he did not want to.

"You're going to make me late" Azula said, regardless of the fact that Ozai did not care. Everything and everyone revolved around him, she knew it too. And still, the Phoenix Queen struggled, cursing that familiar tingling sensation in between her legs. "Let me go, Daddy!"

"Oh, yes I am" he affirmed. "You're going to arrive to the war room late. Your hair will be ragged and your neck will bear my mark for all to see. And you will like it." he growled, capturing her lips with his own, her struggles subsiding as her own arousal grew in spite of them. The Phoenix King, his morning mind growing tired of the foreplay, tore off his robe and finally revealed his shapely form. His unkempt hair, practically a shadow in the light, rolled down past his shoulders and his abs practically touching Azula's own chest - stray strands tickling her hardening nipples. And just for a moment, his control weakened as he looked down at his beautiful prize. It felt hard-earned even though life had handed it to him on a silver platter.

Azula loved being Ozai's queen. Not because she also happened to love to be in charge of things (and people) but because she ought to be. For she loved the Fire Nation in its entirety... every rock, every tree, every grain of sand upon the shore. It was beautiful. It was worth her tireless efforts, from ultimately inconsequential edicts to protecting at any cost and yes, even mundane war council meetings.

The Phoenix Queen saw her chance and she took it, swiftly maneuvering her way out from under the Phoenix King. What Azula lacked in strength, she made up for in agility, much to Ozai's chagrin as he witnessed his wife slip out of bed and into the nearby washroom in what seemed the blink of an eye.

Ozai looked down at the silks below him. A second ago, there had been a woman there. His woman. And now the very same was busy fixing herself up for her oh-so-important meeting. What was the girl playing at? Was she under the impression it was her right to deny him so?


The Phoenix Queen had the gall to lock the door behind her. The cool morning air, a flimsy lock that shouldn't exist, and the mention of some unimportant war meeting weren't going to stop Ozai. The audacity of the woman to wake him up for some unimportant drivel and offer no companionship in return. The man's playful mood quickly soured - Azula had in one move turned it into a matter of pride. He had no choice but to kick the door in, the wood on the hinge cracking, creeping and snapping under the force of the blow. If he did not, even once, it would establish a precedent. It would show he was weak, which he could not do, even in front of his own daughter.

He growled, but no words came out as he again gripped his daughter in his iron hands by the fabrics she was hastily wrapping herself with, pushing her onto the vanity.

"I wasn't finished" he said simply, brashly

"Daddy" Azula whimpered.

He was angry now and she was playing a dangerous game, Ozai's daughter was no fool. Still, a voice told her to stand her ground (she couldn't just give in after all of that, right?). Another spoke directly to her desires, a third to her fears, the two working as one to snuff out any defiance once and for all.

"Daddy..." she purred, leaning in close. Stiff muscles went slack, her body becoming deliciously pliant as she held her father's gaze once more. As was often the case when it came to Ozai, inner conflict didn't last long and the result was predictable.

"Daddy, I'm so wet. Fuck me good, make me like it," she hissed.

Harsh golden eyes softened as he listened to his daughter's words. Somehow, she always knew how to heal her slights. Whether she had intended to be this disagreeable from the start or not was irrelevant, the Phoenix King could not punish compliance, leastways from his own daughter. "And I intend to" he said, his voice calmer though still ragged from before - not entirely over from the buzz of his forced entry.

Despite this, however, his grip did not loosen. No, the Phoenix King was not going to let his daughter slip away this time, not until he had finished with her. Thankfully, the rush of chasing his prey had definitely done wonders for his own readiness. Truthfully, as angered as he had been in the moment, something within Ozai had deeply enjoyed this. Chasing his daughter, his property down. Destroying property and fabric alike to get to her. And finally, earning that look of submission and compliance in her eyes. It reminded him of how elated (though of an entirely different nature) he had felt in the moment the Avatar had fallen. Rarely did Ozai ensure his victory so personally, so forcefully, his enemy not backing down without a fight as she had done before on Ember Island.

It it was for that reason the Phoenix King had no difficulty complying with his daughter's request, forcing his member inside her without the single-minded intention of fucking her like an animal over the vanity as he had been planning to do not minutes before. His thrusts were slower, methodical. This moment, he wanted to savor.

The Phoenix Queen, too, reveled in the thrill despite herself. The fact remained, she held sway over her father and husband, the most powerful man in the word - a fact which was sobering indeed. Agni, he'd broken down the door to get to her! She was his... no matter how she refused, no matter how she fought.

"Mmm" Azula moaned. She was done fighting. "...Daddy ...Daddy" Ordinarily steady hands fumbled awkwardly atop the vanity as her hips bucked involuntarily. "...Daddy!" Azula threw her head back-


The crown of her head hit the mirror, hard. "Aghh!" she hissed, hips bucking wildly in the hope that pleasure would drown out the pain. Ozai matched her every motion, his body knowing exactly what his daughter's wanted. Soon, the Phoenix Queen could scarcely recall what had happened, she couldn't feel it anymore. All she could feel was him inside of her.

"Yes, Daddy!"

The Phoenix King could feel his daughter buckling under him, the pressure he exerted not allowing her to find purchase on the vanity which was rather ill-suited to be leaned on in this manner - the wood digging into her skin and the glass of the mirror cracking against the force of her head. Though her discomfort and awkwardness from being fucked against the very thing that was supposed to make her appearance less ragged and less disorganized would not prevent Ozai from getting what he wanted. His daughter would go like this to the war meeting, and she would be proud to do so. That, or she would spend the next while fixing her self up, and arrive late despite her holier-than-thou duties.

The thought of his daughter, tagged and collared, walking into the war room with ragged hair and bruises withal sent the Phoenix King over the edge. His motions slowed, his cock throbbed, head tilted up allowing him to see his ecstasy-filled expression in the cracked mirror making him appear a madman with all the varying angles of each piece scattering the reflection - as if he were a broken man.

"mmmm...." he leaned on her for a moment, still inside. "Good Girl" he praised.

And with that, the Phoenix King and his royal cock went back to bed.


Just like that, the Phoenix King was gone. His Queen, meanwhile, was left splayed out atop the vanity like a two-copper whore, his cum leaking out of her as she struggled to find her bearings.

By the time all was said and done, the Phoenix Queen was a far cry from her usual appearance, even after readying herself to the best of her abilities. Indeed, she would arrive to the war chamber with ragged hair and fresh bruises upon her neck (in addition to already existing ones which were in various stages of healing). There was simply nothing that could be done. Now, if she only had more time, she could-

Azula shook her head. As it were, she was sure to arrive late. Best not to delay any further, especially considering she still had him to deal with...

The Phoenix Queen let out an elongated sigh at the sight of her father and husband curled up in bed, already sleeping soundly once more. However, her usual smirk soon made an appearance as she climbed on top of the bed, then on top of her Daddy, and straddled him.

"Daddy..." she purred, beginning to rock her hips gently, rhythmically. He was coming with her, one way or another. His place was by her side, not in this Agni-damned bed! They belonged together, in everything, at all times. "Daddy, please won't you come with me today?"

"I'll make it worth your while, I promise."

"Mmm..." the Phoenix King stirred - absolutely lacking in clothing and definitely not wanting to get out of bed. Was she still insisting that they go to that damned war meeting? One would think a good fuck would get such urges out of her, but...

Well, he certainly couldn't turn down an offer like that, could he?

"Very well" he responded finally, shrugging off the sheets to expose himself fully. "Let's not leave our poor war council waiting shall we?" he said, getting out of bed and moving for their bedroom door.

Golden eyes widened with express shock. Was he really going to-?

"Daddy!" The Phoenix Queen hurried after her King. "What in Agni's name are you doing?!" she demanded, standing in between the naked man and the door. "You can't just-!"

Had he done this before?! She was at a loss for words.

"Hm?" he wondered briefly, examining the situation, still feeling the lethargy and pull of sleep. "Did you not want me to-" he looked where Azula was staring.

"What, you...?"

He sighed before walking past her and grabbing a robe, hastily putting it on.

Azula frowned. Now that her Daddy was clothed (barely) something still was amiss.

"Daaaddyyy" she whined, tugging at the sleeve of his robe. "Aren't you forgetting something important?"

What now? The great Phoenix King thought to himself, wondering what more she could possibly want. Did she want him to dress and doll himself up as she did? It never ended with her, honestly. He was going to her silly war meeting, to play games with pieces on a board and talk to old scraggly men who were infinitely more boring than the woman currently tugging at his sleeve.

"You'll have to remind your father" he said finally, more pointedly than intended. "He's getting old and his memory isn't what it used to be."

"Your crown," Azula said, sweetly. "And... if it's any consolation, Daddy, you don't look your age at all." She kissed his cheek. "I'll be right back."

Somehow, some way, she knew just where her Daddy had left it (even when he did not, it seemed). And so, Azula returned a short moment later, her husband's crown in hand.

"Let me," she offered, rummaging through the drawer of a nearby end table in search of-

Ah ha!

A ribbon - which she used to secure a topknot with a surprising amount of ease. Standing on her toes, she then placed the crown atop her father's head where it belonged.


Though admittedly rather irked, Ozai could not find it within himself to be angry at his daughter. Perfect. She was right, to be sure, it was better this way - for the Phoenix King to have his crown. A part of him yearned to enter unkempt, as his daughter was to an extent, to show all what had just transpired. Though Azula was probably right, he needed to maintain some image of respect.

"Now, shall we?" he offered his arm.

"Yes, Daddy" Azula affirmed, accepting his offer with a smile.


The Phoenix King and Queen arrived late, even despite the latter's haste as evidenced by the haphazard state of her armor. However, the royal couple spoke nothing of their lateness and rather less than perfect appearance (nor was anyone else foolish enough to do so of course).

As she walked arm in arm with her Daddy, Azula felt her cheeks flush with heat, as the reason for their delay was glaringly obvious. All eyes were on them- on her. She could feel it, feel the stares lingering on newly formed bruises and mussed hair, on the collar indisputably and unequivocally marking her as his. Still, she feigned her usual air of confidence as she and her King approached the dais.

Though rather than walk up the stairs with purpose, Ozai staggered and wavered, unhooking his arm from his Queen and practically fell back unto his seat sighing as he did so. His council didn't understand, their looks and judgments reminded the Phoenix King exactly why he left most of these meetings to her these days, only attending the most important ones where his presence was less propriety and more a requirement.

He waited until his daughter was securely in her position to his right before raising the wall of flame tall and bright (...and unnecessary, usually in such meetings the flames in front of the throne were absent to allow for a clearer view of the map. Though for this Ozai wanted privacy).

"Begin" he said, more as a sigh and less of an order.

The Phoenix King recognized the voice of General Zhen, the man he had assigned to the Ba Sing Se situation after the last man in charge managed to lose a drill worth five million weights of gold (who had since paid the ultimate price for humiliating him and his daughter, and throwing away the single largest military asset ever devised).

"As you all know, the defense of Ba Sing Se by our enemies deteriorated recently with the evacuation of Gen- The Traitor, Iroh. However, the latest reports from the front indicate our units are still encountering major resistance in retaking the city" a pause, as the man wondered whether his betters were even listening. "Latest intelligence from the Dai Li indicates that while him and his group the 'White Lotus' have left, another militant group has taken residence in the city, closing off the inner and middle rings entirely."

The man stepped onto the map.

"It is imperative that the city is retaken quickly before our hold on the region is lost completely, and the earthkin regain hope that organized resistance is possible. I'd like to-"

And that's where Ozai stopped listening. Requests for units and battalions and other boring details were more Azula's area. And well he was here, wasn't he? What more could anyone ask of him on a... Sunday ...morning? Agni, he needed a drink.

He rolled over, almost falling asleep again.

"-Agreed. " said a new voice, following a conversation thread he couldn't recall. "We cannot allow this uprising of uncoordinated mercenaries, brigands, and civilians to inspire other revolts on the earthen continent. Your Highness, what measures do you believe would help prevent this movement from spreading to the other colonies?"

Silence. Is he addressing me? Ozai stirred, half sitting, preparing some non-answer so he could go about his rest on the not-entirely comfortable dais.

Azula looked toward her father and husband expectantly and... judging from his expression, he had not the faintest clue what his own generals had been speaking about, nor did he have any idea how to begin to answer a direct question regarding his opinion on the subject. As usual, she resolved to pick up the slack and come to his aid. A queen could not allow her King to be humiliated in his own war chamber, in front of his generals and councilmen who looked toward him with reverence.

"Daddy!" she whispered harshly, leaning in close, until her lips nearly touched his ear. "Tell them..."

A pause as she scrambled for the right words.

"...we need to show those peasants what it means to challenge us, the costs of fighting against our rule. General Zhen oversees Ba Sing Se and its outlying regions, tell him we ought to round up the families and known associates of all those involved in the resistance movement and... and have them all executed. Make an example of them. Then, burn their homes and crops for good measure, and take their children as slaves."

Peasant revolts were no laughing matter - dissent must be crushed, else it spreads like a plague.

The Phoenix King repeated it all, slowly, having to ask Azula for bits and pieces of it repeated as his memory was not one for details. In truth, his daughter's plan was a rather simple answer to the question - though to a man who had stopped paying attention her advice seemed like it came from Agni himself. He could see with each word that he spoke his council turned and looked upon him with greater surprise, less so at 'his' plan and moreso that he even knew what was going on, coupled with the fact that he actually addressed the correct man for the job. By the time he was finished, all eyes were solidly on his silhouette in the (now blue) flames.

He despised them and their mock surprise. He was more of a strategist than all these men in the room, combined! He did not need to be praised like a child who went to the toilet correctly.

"Yes of course, Your Highness" one of the older, braver men in the room spoke out. "What about our people still held by the enemy? Many were captured in the initial wave. Their families yearn for their sons and daughters - by killing those associated with the rebels we may provoke a retaliation on our own people."

Ozai wanted to dismiss the man off-hand - some men stupid enough to get captured by that bunch of old fags and then even stupider not to free themselves when they turned tail and ran were of zero consequence. Their lives were of no concern, leastwise to the Phoenix King who had much larger things to think about!

And yet, saying so here would draw eyes to him but in a totally different way. The attitudes had changed with the defeat of the Avatar and the end of the war in the Earth Kingdom. Much had changed since the times when entire battalions were sacrificed for minor tactical advantages: compassion for veterans was popular among the nobility, now that it was easy to have such compassion. His daughter had helped lead the charge, gaining the eternal praise of the peasantry for reuniting families and bringing home those posted on redundant garrisons. Admitting he had no plan to rescue his wayward citizens trapped within those walls was tantamount to lopping his cock off and braiding fire lilies into his hair!

The Phoenix Queen, meanwhile, let out an exasperated (though inaudible, thankfully) sigh. Surely, her King did not know how to answer this question either and if he did have some inkling of an opinion on the matter, it was likely one he ought to keep to himself. She could just hear him now - let them die, they shouldn't have been stupid enough to get themselves captured!

No, that would not do at all. Once more, Azula leaned in close and whispered "Alright, Daddy..." Her thoughts drifted toward their tryst earlier this morning, namely how she'd been left wanting. If she was to rush to his aid again, by the flame of Agni, she was getting something out of it! "I'll tell you what to say but this time... I do expect something in return."

"Otherwise, you're on your own" the Phoenix Queen threatened.

"Anything you want, my Queen" Ozai whispered back, thinking he'd be able to get away with giving some pointless trinket or menial favor.

Azula smirked inwardly. Hastily undoing her belt, she toyed around with what were, in her opinion, the only viable options in dealing with their current predicament. Were it left to her, she would simply have her Dai Li agents utilize Ba Sing Se's underground tunnels to free those who had been captured, leaving their enemy none the wiser. But... it was not left to her. It was left to Ozai.

She took her father's hand, guiding it below the waistband of her trousers as she came to his aid once more. "Tell your generals that the rebels may kill as many as they please. So long as they know..." she stopped mid-sentence, waiting for her father to deliver on his promise, heart pounding with excitement. She felt a tightening sensation in her abdomen which traveled lower... and lower, in between her legs. Still painfully aroused from their earlier encounter, that little tingling sensation quickly became an ache. Agni, she needed this. She was wet and hot and ready for her Daddy to prove it.

Ozai watched intently as his daughter uncovered herself, grabbing his hand and placing it where she wanted it, before stopping and waiting. She knew full well that he had no answer, and being the naughty girl she was, she decided to use that fact against him. He could punish her for it later, of course. But now? It was comply or accept his own council's inevitable judgments of him.

Part of him wanted to deny her out of spite, but another part of him admired her tenacity, doing exactly the kind of thing he would do to her. It was emasculating, very much so to be forced into the position he forced so many others into including his daughter. On the other hand, there was something deeply rousing about the fact that he had her so ready based off of almost nothing at all.

The Phoenix King gave his Queen a glare before complying and slipping his fingers deep within her folds, beginning with soft rubs and teasing the hood with his thumb, spreading her wetness over her sex in its entirety. "And the other half?" he asked, before unceremoniously ceasing to tease and beginning an assault on her clit proper.

The Phoenix Queen bit back a moan (or several, rather). Nearly chewing through her lip in order to stay silent, her words almost slipped her mind which was quickly becoming clouded with pleasure-

-her own for a change. Daddy almost never touched her like this, but when he did... it just felt so damned good, she wanted to scream. Already, she was too far gone to revel in her victory over him.

"S-So long as..." she rasped, her hips bucking involuntarily as a practiced thumb circled that little nub with such expertise that she nearly cried out. "...they are aware that f-for-"

Azula bit down on her knuckle, silencing yet another cry.

"-for every one of our soldiers killed, one hundred earthbenders shall be executed in retribution," she managed, her voice little more than a whisper through strangled, panting breaths and whimpers. "Regardless of their level of involvement in th-the rebellion" she added, relieved to have finally finished saying what she had to say.

The Phoenix Queen threw her head back, already mussed hair flinging wildly. She could do nothing save for grind her hips to the tune of her father's touch and give silent prayer to Agni that he would not stop...

Oh but he could! He'd already gotten what he wanted. Now clinging to him, Ozai's daughter resolved to beg for release, as was his wont. "Daddy," she whimpered, painfully aware of the fact that if she spoke any louder, his generals would overhear. "..please don't stop." she whispered.

Ozai was barely listening for his council's response to his (or Azula's, rather) words. Their continued amazement at his ability to participate in their ramblings was no longer of substantial interest. Instead all Ozai could think about was his little girl writhing at his fingertips, her desperately begging for more. That got him to smile far more than any approval a council of old hags could give.

His fingers slowed, no longer going at the pace to which he knew his daughter was accustomed. "I won't" his words contradicted his actions. "Unless of course, you forget your promise to me. Do you remember what that was, little girl?" he asked, slowing more still until his fingers were barely teasing that vital bundle of nerves. He leaned in, speaking into her ear. "Or will Daddy have to remind you"

"N-No, Daddy," Azula sputtered, her face burning red-hot as she ground her hips, silently protesting her father's annoyingly slow fingers. "-of course I didn't forget" she managed, seemingly breathless. "Please!" she begged, knowing fully well that was what he wanted - for everyone to hear her. She had promised to make this whole affair worth his while after all...

Pretend they aren't here

It was simple enough to do. She couldn't see them, they couldn't see her. Withal, she was the Phoenix Queen, she was above reproach. If anyone did have an opinion about their little... escapade... said opinion would never be voiced out loud.

Azula leaned in close, until her lips were nearly touching her father's ear.

"I'll be good. I'll scream for you, Daddy."

She had said almost all the magic words. Almost. The prospect of her screaming unto the the room full of his advisors was salivating, to say the least. And she had asked nicely. But if Ozai always stopped with what would be just enough, life would be awfully boring, would it not? He couldn't let his little girl get off too easily.

"Hmm" he let out a sigh of mock consideration, before grinding his fingers to a complete halt, as if to be unimpressed by her offer (despite the fully erect penis showing through his robe revealing his true thoughts).

"And after that?"

At first, Azula offered nothing save for a frustrated little groan. -He said he wouldn't stop!- Her golden gaze wavered, no longer bleary and unable to focus. Quite the opposite in fact, a result of being denied pleasure, thus forcing her body and senses back to reality. Reality was, she was wet and throbbing and desperate for release- in the middle of a damned war meeting, to boot! Upon noticing her father's erection, however (which in all honesty, one would have to be blind not to notice) her natural smirk returned. He would give her what she sought, there was no questioning it.

Still, she played his game. She was a good girl. "Why, I'll take care of you, Daddy" the Phoenix Queen offered.

"Good girl" he praised, satisfied with what she had surrendered.

And with very little warning, the sensual motions of his fingers began again with great furor, no time at all given to allow his little girl to acclimate to the change. "Now tell them. Tell them how much you like being a good girl to me" he growled into her ear, before biting down hard upon her neck.

"Ngh-ah!" the Phoenix Queen cried out loudly, throwing her head back once more, almost wishing there had been something for it to smack against- a wall, a mirror, anything. The room fell silent save for helpless sounds of pleasure. "Ah- agh! Yes, Daddy!" Azula positively squealed, the motions of her pelvis becoming involuntary as well as quite erratic. "Mm-ahhh!" manicured hands clawed at the floor in desperation, finding little purchase.

"D-Don't stop... don't stop..." she almost sobbed. Already, she felt feverish, delirious with pleasure. "...please don't stop, Daddy." Her legs were turning to jelly, everything below her hastily unfastened belt was on fire- Agni, she was going to melt. "Daddyyyy!" The wall of blue flame surrounding the dais flared white-hot, much to the bewilderment of Ozai's generals and advisors, some of whom felt the need to back away, fearful their all-powerful queen could not fully control her own abilities in such a state.

Perhaps they were right to do so. Azula was hardly cognizant of anything other than her father's practiced fingers, finally delivering what he had promised. She could only scream, gasp for air, and buck her hips wildly as a (much needed) orgasm tore through her.

Had Ozai been paying any attention at all, he might have laughed at how quickly his daughter had brought an end to any and all conversation in the room, her screams and cries for daddy swallowing the room whole and leaving no room for further discussion. Though in the mind of the Phoenix King, they had long since been dismissed and the only thing that was important was his daughter who was currently having trouble both thinking coherently and staying in one place. The flames rose and fell with each hurried breath, until suddenly they rose to a great height, becoming almost white hot with passion.

Though the Phoenix King did not stop with Azula's fiery release - his ministrations only grew in intensity as he watched his advisors (barely visible through the flame) filter out of the room upon their collective realization that there would be no further discussion today. Their King was not interested and even though their Queen was, she was hardly in any position to participate. His daughter may be the imposing Phoenix Queen to everyone around her, but to Ozai she was a slut for his attention, willing to do anything to be a good girl - and now his war council knew that, which brought a smile to his face.

Azula, meanwhile, lacked awareness of the fact that her father's councilmen had left as they did. She couldn't speak, couldn't think, by Agni she could hardly breathe. He hadn't given her so much as a second to come down from her high, regain her bearings - not that she was complaining, of course. She was too far gone for such things anyhow, too far gone to care how ridiculous she surely looked even, flailing about helplessly at the mercy of unrelenting fingers.

"Daaaaaddyyyyy!" she cried, certain the everyone in the caldera had heard her, perhaps even the colonials as well. She reached yet another peak within what seemed a minute, two at most. The sheer intensity was almost painful, her second orgasm considerably more powerful than the first, as was often the case. Her exhale, a scream and a burst of cerulean flame, served as testament.

By the time it was all said and done, Azula collapsed, her head falling into her daddy's lap. "Thank you, Daddy" she panted. Manicured hands fumbled about blindly, in search of -hmm, that didn't take long- "Thank you... thank you..." she repeated, stroking that big, hard cock through his robes. He'd been so good to her, she had to attend to his needs straight away.

Azula was unused to maneuvering around clothing, though she managed nonetheless. Granted, she was not nearly as skilled as her husband, he could have her naked in a matter of seconds. But she was getting better at this, she resolved, owing to the fact that his erection sprung free much more quickly than usual. As was her father's wont, she skipped the prelude of touching and teasing and went straight for his cock, taking as much as she could manage into her mouth without triggering her gag reflex.

Ozai was almost worried he would have to say something, but even in the midst of her afterglow she knew not to keep her Daddy waiting. Then again, her unquestioning obedience is exactly why he had selected her as his mate. He hated having to explain over and over again what it was he wanted, especially when it was obvious. Kings shouldn't have to ask.

He grunted as she took him in his mouth, grabbing a wad of her hair causing the golden crown of the Phoenix to fall unto the ground with a soft clatter.

"That was very naughty of you, girl" he said as she continued, her ministrations edging him closer and closer. "You're lucky I was in a good mood, or perhaps I would have made an example" he growled. "Perhaps I would have taken you right there, and showed your beloved lapdogs how much of a whore you truly are."

A pause.

"Or maybe..." he was having more trouble keeping his voice steady. "I still might. There's-"

He grunted, seconds away from a climax of his own.

"Always still time to deliver a punishment" he managed, releasing a hot, sticky load into his daughter's mouth.

Azula held back any unpleasant sounds and instead moaned around her father's cock as it twitched and she swallowed with hallow enthusiasm - though she lived to please her husband and father, the taste was something rather disagreeable.

You're lucky I was in a good mood

She smirked inwardly. Indeed, she had been lucky. Although she had to admit, the thought of being held down and fucked for the second time that morning was far from unappealing, even despite the fact that he'd pleasured her mere moments ago. The Great Phoenix Queen conceded... she was a whore... his whore.

After a pause, Azula raised her head, her tongue attending to whatever remained of her Daddy's 'approval' before she spoke. "Mm, I suppose there is," she agreed. "But... I do believe you ought to devise a more effective method of punishment. It's hardly a punishment if I enjoy it, Daddy."

Ozai raised an eyebrow, considering her briefly. "Perhaps you're right." he agreed. "Perhaps a public flogging instead of a public fucking, hmm? The same punishment a whore receives when she swindles a man who bought her." a pause. "Or perhaps I'll shoot sparks at your tits until you see stars" his fingers encircled her still-hard nipples, which he had shocked raw on that brilliant night not long before their wedding. "Hmm... or maybe I'll parade you through the lower capital bare. Which would you prefer, my little princess?"

Azula's face fell. None of the aforementioned options sounded appealing, particularly the last one -He wouldn't really do that, would he? She was not about to find out. "None!" she squeaked. "I'm sorry, Daddy. Please don't punish me." Golden eyes sought their mirror image, imploring for mercy.

"Perhaps I won't. If you're a good girl tonight" he said, enigmatically. "I haven't had the chance since before our wedding, I'm particularly looking forward to returning to my favorite establishments. Ember Island just doesn't have the same energy that we have here." the Phoenix King explained. "And especially after this awful experience. Hearing those old hags ramble gives me a migraine. I'm thinking of bringing you to Delan's and showing you around." he said, the prospect bringing a smile to his face even though Delan's wasn't quite the same after Zhao had left. The opium was the same, the company was not. Even still, there were many patrons Ozai enjoyed the company of, not to mention the proprietor himself.

A pause.

"Behave and be a good girl for everyone, and perhaps you'll escape my ire"

"Yes, sir" she replied, willing herself not to linger on what exactly it meant to 'be a good girl for everyone'. Hopefully, it did not involve anything too unpleasant.

The Phoenix Queen let out a long, labored sigh as she secured her fallen crown within her topknot, definitely not looking forward to spending the evening at Delan's. She stretched languidly, golden gaze fixating upon the dais - well, moreso on the man whom was seated there. "Mmm, why do you make me sit so far away from you, Daddy?" she asked, seemingly innocently as she leaned toward her father and husband.

The desire for closeness was genuine, of course. Azula relished any and all opportunities to be closer (be it physically or otherwise) to Ozai but...

She was the Phoenix Queen. She deserved to look upon her subjects from the dais, a position of utmost power and respect, every bit as much as her King did! They ruled the Fire Nation together, did they not? Why in Agni's name was she sitting here, communicating that she was somehow less important? No, that simply would not do...

Azula stood up, ultimately coming to stand behind her husband. Delicate hands descended upon his shoulders. She gasped audibly. "Oh, my poor Daddy..." With a practiced touch, she set to work, soothing those sore and aging muscles. "...so tense."

"Best to keep me close, don't you think?" she cooed. "Where does it hurt most, My Love?"

Ozai had a laugh at his daughter and wife's advances, leaning back into her touch, feeling the stress of the meeting before leave his body completely. Her nails were long and sharp and felt spiritlike as she drew circles on his back. He sighed, saying nothing for a long moment, just letting her continue. The Phoenix Queen sitting at his right hand, it was quite regal. Ozai didn't think that was fitting at all. Azula was his daughter, not just his lieutenant that would one day replace him after achieving her own glories. They were bonded, and she was forever his, until the day he died.

"You're right" he said finally. "A daughter ought to be close to her father. A little girl like yourself doesn't deserve to be left to sit on her own"

He reached backwards, finding the root of the hard leather lead that was clamped tightly to the Phoenix Queen's neck. Just a little tug - his other hand gestured to her brand new throne.

"Sit. Why don't you show all our petitioners how their great Queen is daddy's girl at heart?"

"I would be most honored," she said, taking her place. Nestled within the familiar comforts of Daddy's lap, she felt so very... small. Even here upon the dais, surrounded by an impenetrable, white-hot wall of cerulean flame, gleaming golden crown atop her head, Azula felt small. A feeling she was all too familiar with around her husband and father, who could pin her down in a matter of seconds, who towered over her by more than a head. And, to put it mildly, that feeling was not altogether unpleasant...

"Daddy's girl..." Who was she to argue? She always had been, there was no questioning it. "I'm really quite certain our subjects know as much by now" she laughed.

"I can't believe you tried to stay in bed this morning!" the Phoenix Queen exclaimed. Her voice grew softer, much more gentle. "We're better together, Daddy."

"When-" she hesitated. Her eyes met his. "When did you know?"

Azula herself had known they were meant for each other for a very long time. Ever since she'd learned people got married, really (and that it would be expected of her to do so in time). There had only ever been one man the then-princess desired to have by her side, to rule over her nation with. And to think, they used to laugh and tell her that was not allowed- you can't marry your father, don't be absurd, Mai had said.

So much as entertaining the sentiment that anyone else could be good enough for her, now that was absurd.

"Indeed they do" Ozai concurred, having seen firsthand the rate at which news had spread across the Fire Nation, how their subjects now viewed their Phoenix King and Queen with superstitious awe. And with his latest gift? Everyone knew just how much she was his. He missed being on ember island, being able to show her off to everyone. Being cooped in the palace attending to irrelevant duties was restricting. It lacked the allure of being out in the world, for all to worship. And yet she insisted they be here. Azula's steadfast dedication to duty was indomitable.

'When did you know?'

When had he known? He had always known his daughter to be a capable ruler, far superior to that of her brother, that was certain. But as she grew, approaching womanhood, her drive for success growing tenfold - that was when Ozai began to desire his own daughter. The whore to which he had been married was worthless, good only for producing heirs and not for maintaining a dynasty. But Azula... she had the blood, the drive, the skill to rule all that there was. The Phoenix King smiled. She certainly looks the part of a queen, too.

But perhaps the first time he had seen her that way hadn't come until she had proved herself so indisputably special from everyone else. When she became more than just a pretty, smart, strong girl. When she became Ozai's unique weapon, his pride and legacy.

"Your flame" he waved his hand, almost touching the curtain that his daughter was maintaining silently. "The day they burned blue was the day I knew you'd be my special girl"

Azula smiled, recalling the very same day. She'd been eleven, nearly twelve years old and it just... happened. It was like nothing she had ever seen before and yet her father seemed so... so... complacent? A shadow of a smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth as brilliant, blue flame danced alight. He'd known it would happen, he had to have, that was the only explanation that made sense anymore. What was it Uncle said-?

Your father had a vision, before you were born

The Phoenix Queen was unsure if she believed in such things herself. Admittedly, her perspective was more than a bit biased. People like Uncle Fuddy Duddy and the Head Sage put far too much stock in supposed omens and superstition as far as she was concerned-

"Oh?" she replied, realizing she had been silent just a bit too long.

The fact that he'd begun to see her that way at such a young age drew out a mix of emotion. But he'd known it too, their bond was something more than blood and whatever that something was, they should not fight it.

"Funny, I used to tell Mai I would marry you when I was even younger than that."

That revelation certainly drew a laugh out of the Phoenix King. "Really?" another chuckle. He remembered the silent girl all too well, the one who had betrayed his daughter and turned her brother against her. She was cute, in her own way, he had to admit that. Too bad she turned out to be a traitorous knife bitch. "That surprises me" he said honestly.

Agni, he had considered Azula special, a worthy heir for a long time. But his Queen? That had been a more recent development. He didn't even know arranging a proper marriage would be even possible until the Fire Sages suddenly turned heel after the comet. A welcome surprise, but still a surprise. Not that he wouldn't have found a way to bring them around regardless, of course.

"And what did she think about that?"

"She said I was being ridiculous-"

don't be absurd

"No, absurd rather, was the word she used" Azula scoffed.

A soft, slender hand and manicured fingernails ran through obsidian locks with ease. The smile returned to her face. "Why so surprised, Daddy?" she purred. "Mother said it was my duty, as a Princess of the Fire Nation, to marry and bear children. Now, that was all well and good but..."

A pause.

"Whenever I compare another man to you, I find him wanting. Always did."

"You always were a smart girl, that's for certain. You could see past the petty dogmas of everyone else" he said, leaning forward to increase her access, enjoying the slow scratches of his daughter's clawlike nails. "You knew as well as I you're more capable of ruling than any other man your age, especially your brother. You knew as well as I that our blood is stronger together rather than diluted by noble whores!" he practically exclaimed, thankfully to the now-empty room.

"And well, choosing me? That's just good taste. You can't aim higher than the most powerful man on the earth."

"Mm, it's more than that," she muttered, leaning her back against his front. The Phoenix Queen continued to stroke her husband's ego, not seeming to notice (or care, rather) that another person had entered the war chamber and was bowing down in front of the royal couple.

"You're so strong, handsome..." she went on. "...and well, you make the most beautiful children, I must say" she laughed.

"We'll make beautiful children, too, don't you think? How many do you want, Daddy?" Azula asked, golden eyes shone with excitement as though she were a schoolgirl with a first crush.

"Oh they well be" Ozai agreed, as if he were the chorus to Azula's beautiful symphony. "We are to build a whole dynasty together. A line that will last for centuries, just as the prophecy foretold. A mere heir and spare simply won't do. No, we need our bloodline to be abundant as it is strong, so that bonds like ours can exist throughout millennia!" he exclaimed, not even comprehending that the man who just entered could hear everything that he said, and that a wall of blue flame didn't magically make their conversation private.

"They will bear our names, our flag, and shall go and seek out our enemies and win honor for us and our nation. They will hunt down traitors wherever they are. Except they'll never betray, for they are family. Their love for eachother will be just like our own" he moved forward, biting down hard on her neck, almost wanting to take her right there, stopped only by his recently-depleted member.

The Phoenix Queen let out a yelp - her skin was still tender and sore, having been marked several times beforehand.

"Daddy" she whimpered, squirming in his lap as teeth sunk into her neck once more.

A sudden realization came over her. This would surely lead to-

Azula stilled, lest she encourage Ozai's attentions, as they were not alone. Granted, it was likely that her father knew and could not be bothered to care. Perhaps he even wanted whoever it was to hear (or see) them... doing that. Azula, however, did not want anyone to hear, much less see. It was not as though she objected to others knowing just whom it was she belonged to, quite the contrary in fact. She wore her collar, as well as any and all marks left upon her body, with pride. Merely, the act itself was... special. For as much as she had enjoyed the little show they'd put on for Ozai's war council, she preferred sex to be intimate and well, private, strictly between herself and her husband. If Daddy wanted her, he could have her where no one was watching, she resolved.

Azula cleared her throat. "Yes, what is it that you need?" she asked in a huff, addressing the ultimately unimportant man.

Ozai held in a laugh at his daughter's reaction, as her little cry reverberated throughout the audience chamber, not at all muffled by the flames that usually secured their collective dignity. He nibbled again as his daughter continued to speak, nothing painful but enough to strain her voice slightly, enough for the man (his head down staring at the floor notwithstanding) to know what was going on.

No matter how she tried to remain still, Azula could not help but to wriggle around a bit. Agni, did he mean to devour her? "Go on then, get on with it!" she commanded, and it was unmistakably a command even despite the fact that her voice lacked its usual shrewd sharpness, largely due to the fact that she was... distracted.

The man raised his head and upper body, though remained kneeling in front of the royal couple. "Y-Your Highness..! Your Highness!" he sputtered, addressing father and daughter awkwardly. It was passable, though, and therefore inoffensive. "It is an honor-"

"Yes, yes, what is that you want?" the Phoenix Queen hissed, impatient. She clasped her hands over her mouth, effectively silencing what would surely have been yet another pathetic-sounding cry.

"Ah yes, well...," he hesitated, despite his queen's obvious impatience. "Your Highness, with all due respect, I requested an audience with Phoenix King Ozai. I was informed that request was... well... granted."

Ozai stopped what he was doing as the disrespectful words dripped out of the man's mouth, like a skunk-rat's bile, ceasing his assault on the Phoenix Queens's neck to look down on the man. His golden eyes couldn't be seen through the azure wall of flame but if they could the man would surely know they were boring a hole straight through him. If one could firebend with their eyes, perhaps. Sometimes the men of his nation sickened him. Hating his love for his daughter. Disrespecting their own daughters by not giving them the respect they afforded to their sons. Disrespecting their Phoenix Queen.

"Excuse me" he said, almost out of character in how timid he sounded. "I believe the Phoenix Queen asked you a question."

The flames rose.

"Or are you too good to answer questions from your rightful ruler."

"N-No!" Dull, amber eyes widened with express shock. While anyone who knew anything would know that an audience with the Phoenix Queen was what they really wanted... some men knew nothing at all. "Of course not! Your Highness, I-"

"Save it!" Azula snarled. "Agni, are you really thick-headed enough to believe that I would actually consider whatever it is you have to say?" she asked, incredulously. "Begone from my sight!" A blast of fire was cast forth, seemingly from the wall of blue flame surrounding the dais - a blast which would barely miss the man who was still kneeling. He screamed and leapt back, his (rather large) bottom breaking his fall as the royal couple laughed in unison. In no time at all, he scrambled toward the nearest exit.

Once the Phoenix Queen could be certain they were alone again, she turned toward her husband. "Thank you," she said, with genuine appreciation. He'd stood up for her, rejected the notion that he was somehow more worthy of anyone's time or energy simply because he was her husband and father, and well... a man. "And here I thought the Agni Kai, Zuzu's imprisonment, and our marriage would mean the end of this nonsense... wishful thinking on my part, I suppose."

The Phoenix King stretched his arms out. "You're quite welcome" he said, clasping her shoulders in his hands, glad he had made his daughter happy. Though, he was still surprised that the man left the chamber with nothing more than burned pride. He punished her slave harder for less. The only reason Ozai hadn't done it himself was because it was her right to be the one holding the whip and doling out the pain.

"You let him off easy" he declared. "Nobody should be permitted to disrespect you that way, nobody! Doesn't matter their name or blood. If striking down your brother in fire isn't enough, then perhaps another defeat shall be arranged. And again and again until the blood of all whom would dare believe you lesser marks the palace as if it were paint"

Azula welcomed the warmth of her father's touch, considering his words as she pressed herself against his chest (which was almost uncomfortably firm).

"You're right," she agreed, as she usually did. In this case, however, she'd wager even Katara would agree - as both the Phoenix Queen and Ozai's chosen heir, she deserved nothing but the utmost respect from each and every one of her subjects, no matter the fact that she was a woman. She had in fact let that fool off much too easy...

"Perhaps my agents will pay our ill-mannered guest a little visit tonight," she added, a wicked gleam in her golden eyes. "An insult to me is an insult to you, after all, and well... is that not simply unacceptable?" She smiled an equally wicked smile, delighting at the thought that her 'victim' would not see it coming, surely believing his punishment to be over and done with.

"Mmmmm" Ozai affirmed wordlessly, imagining the spectacle, the man's screaming and fruitless begging before his Queen. "I wonder what he deserves...? Perhaps his tongue ripped straight from his mouth? No, then he won't be able to tell everyone of his mistake." he stroked his chin, pondering further. "Perhaps..." his thoughts drifted to his own son, and his disrespect. "A mark. A permanent reminder of your power"

The Phoenix King sighed, taking in his surroundings once again now that the man had left.

There were no guards by the door. In fact, there were no guards in the throne room at all. Well, none that he could see. The Dai Li. They were waiting in the shadows, clutching the pillars like spiders having set their trap, ready to spin a metal web of chain and restraints of rock. They were... they were creepy. They were loyal to Azula, his queen. But they were not loyal to him, they were not loyal to the dragon throne, instead they viewed his daughter with an almost superstitious awe. And him? Her father? The very man who made her? Suspicion and deceit.

"Azula" he spoke, interrupting any response she may of had to his previous query. "Tell me, how many agents of yours do you have in this room?"

"None-" The Phoenix stopped mid-sentence and thought on this. Sometimes, her agents were so quiet she forgot about them entirely. That was the point after all - stealth as so not to be seen or heard. No, they were not alone. Not really.

"Six," she corrected herself, slightly perturbed as golden eyes scanned the throne room. "Six of my agents are here with us. Apologies, I'd almost forgotten," she clarified. "Why do you ask, Daddy?"

"You can see them?" Ozai asked, incredulous, ignoring her question and darting his head back and forth in an attempt to see any of these agents his daughter referred to. Even with his head above the flames, all he could see was dark pillars and blue flickers. Her agents and their transient cryptography never ceased to amaze him. They were never there, until Azula needed them. Then they were everywhere. Sometimes he could catch a glimpse of one on a rooftop in the daylight. But in the dark? Never. They may as well be ghosts.

He shook his head.

"Do they not... disturb you?"

"Well no, I can't always see them but-" Azula began in response to her father's initial question.

He cut her off with his second.

"Disturb..? No. No, of course not, Daddy" she replied, angular brows furrowed. The Dai Li were loyal to her, they would never betray her. She knew that with absolute certainty, now that she was... well, for lack of a better word. However, it was becoming apparent that her husband did not trust them. She could understand that, she supposed. The Dai Li had pledged their loyalty to her. Not him.

"Leave us."

The Phoenix Queen's voice resounded throughout the war chamber and six agents turned to none.

"You don't trust the Dai Li?" she questioned, though it was less a question and more an observation.

"They're..." he trailed off, in thought. They weren't his. Beyond that. He couldn't understand them, they didn't make sense. Their motivations were an enigma. One day his daughter just showed up with them. They were helpful little bastards, that was certain. But it was just too good to be true? Why would some earthkin secret police pledge themselves to his daughter so faithfully? It was simply... extraordinary, for one. Unbelievable. Too good to be true. Everyone has other motivations. Power, money, sex. Nobody could be so loyal. And yet, Azula seemed to command that kind of power with everyone around her.

"I don't understand them"

It was a fair criticism, Azula supposed. He wasn't there when their leader had ordered her arrest mere moments after the coup had come to fruition, thus removing the (former) Earth King and the Council of Five from power in one fell swoop. Long Feng wanted it all - the city, the Avatar, the throne. Only, he'd neglected one important detail: what reason did the Dai Li have to choose a fallen city and an ultimately unimportant man over the daughter of the then-Fire Lord and heir to the throne? None.

"They serve me simply because it is in their best interest to do so" Azula began. "Their former leader, Long Feng, proved himself woefully incompetent..."

"Ordering my arrest!" she laughed. "Idiot. I suppose he hoped to negotiate with you. Though... perhaps he meant to have me executed."

"Daddy..?" She remembered something he'd said years ago, about cousin Lu Ten's death... and Uncle's subsequent failure, not only to achieve victory but to avenge his only son. "What would you have done? If things had gone differently, I mean. Suppose they'd captured me. Or worse."

The flames rose slightly at the concept of a foreign man imprisoning his daughter. "I would have set the city aflame" he replied quickly. "I would have hailed down fire and brimstone from the sky, until the city was no more, until the future mapmakers of our world only include it as a footnote. 'This is where the so-called 'impenetrable city' used to be'" he growled, the flames rising further and changing color as more of his own energy joined his daughter's.

And that man, he'd, he'd-!


"What happened to him? This man who would have you killed"

Azula nuzzled her head into the crook of Ozai's neck, listening contentedly as her father declared he'd have all but wiped the Agni-forsaken city off the map, should anything have happened to her. She smiled at the thought that the man she loved would go to such great lengths for her, her smile only growing wider as she noted the wall of flame transform before her eyes, bright orange intertwining with white-hot cerulean.

What happened to him?

Her expression of pure, unadulterated adoration turned wicked.

"He's dead," she said, much too cheerfully. "Not three days and nights after our armies stormed the gates, one of my agents discovered the poor bastard had hung himself in his cell."

"From what you told me the man hardly deserved such a quick, private death" the Phoenix King proclaimed. "No man who would dare strike you deserves such mercy. Your agents should have been more diligent in watching him" he said simply, looking up and again trying to catch a glimpse of them (and of course, he saw nothing).

His gaze however was drawn to the opening of the entrance curtains and the entrance of another man, this one dressed much differently than the last, his clothes brighter and (if Ozai cared about such things) probably not the most fit for a royal audience.

The man bowed as was customary.

Ozai was happy for a change in topic. "Rise"

The man took to his feet. "Thank you, Your Highness the Phoenix King" he bowed his head slightly, before turning to the silhouette of Azula. "My Queen" he bowed his head again. "As you know, one hundred years ago the great Firelord Sozin declared marriage between two men or two women to be criminal. He said relations that couldn't result in procreation were unfaithful to Agni and damaging to the war effort, as we needed new sons and daughters to wage total war against what was then the Earth Kingdom" the man spoke confidently and without pause, as if reading from a script.

"I believe the reasons for such a law have become void. With the recent royal decree permitting the previously-forbidden love between those who are related, I believe it is time for this prohibition to end. Just like the brothers and sisters and the fathers and daughters were waiting to profess their love together, the men and women of the Fire Nation are also waiting. On behalf of them I ask you to consider this."

Right then and there, Azula did indeed consider the man's request. It was not at all farfetched, she supposed, given that fathers were marrying their daughters and the former Earth Kingdom was in shambles (as the man himself had pointed out). There was certainly no need to procreate as though their race were facing the threat of extinction. Quite the opposite in fact, she'd go as far as to say there were too many children being born in the home land as of late. As well the times were changing, it wasn't exactly unheard of for women to have relations with other women, although homosexual men were far less open about it the Phoenix Queen supposed.

Still, there were those fusty old Fire Sages...

To say they disapproved of her own marriage would be an understatement, they were positively scandalized. Despite what her father and husband may think, they could not just go around angering the spiritual authority of their nation at every turn.

As far as the Phoenix Queen herself, she was indifferent. The thought of two men or two women marrying did not disgust or anger her, nor did it elicit any positive emotions. In fact, she had not even given any serious thought to such a thing until this very moment. Did her subjects at large approve or disapprove of equality for homosexual couples? She could only wonder. Could she and her husband risk angering the Fire Sages any further? If not, could they risk angering the activist group that this man represented? There were several mitigating factors to consider...

As such, it would be unwise to make any decision regarding the matter in haste, Azula resolved. "You represent an activist group, yes?" she asked, though her question was more of a statement. "Very well. I do believe what you've said is worth considering, at the very least." The Phoenix Queen turned toward her King expectantly. His opinion mattered most of all.

"I think the prospect of two men lying together is disgusting! If anything the penalty should be even higher!" he growled in total honesty. Other men repulsed him, they only served as conduits to steal his daughter away. Women however... he found the notion exciting, to be sure. He had even paid whores to bed eachother while he watched, though he hardly wanted them to marry and have families. Agni forbid if women ever figured out how to cast off men, they'd never suck a cock again.

Despite the fact that Azula did not feel strongly one way or the other, she wouldn't dare disagree with Ozai in front of another person. "Well..." she began, choosing her words carefully. "The notion is unusual certainly."

"I, uh..." the man trembled, realizing far too late that he had made an audience with the wrong person on the wrong day. "Of course" he bowed his head, submitting to the fact that there was nothing he could say or do to improve the situation. He could only hope that the Phoenix King didn't make good on his statement to increase the penalty, or at the very least that he himself wasn't prosecuted for indecency as a direct result of his plea.

"I'll bother you no further, Your Highness" the man said, before swiftly turning to leave.

"You better not" growled the Phoenix King after him. "And be sure to tell all your abominations that you represent that the Phoenix Dynasty will spare no effort in hunting them down"

As soon as the Phoenix King and Queen were alone, the latter turned toward the former. "The Phoenix Dynasty will spare no effort in hunting them down?" she repeated. "You can't just-" she pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration.

Silence for a moment.

"Father. Please. We must put any personal prejudices aside..." Azula began. "Suppose the common people, at large, are in favor of marriage equality for homosexual couples? Should we not at least consider their opinions? This could be an opportunity for us to gain favor with them."

"And suppose the common people are in favor of flying pigs and returning everything we've conquered to the Earth King, hmm? Should we cede to the peasants then?" he asked rhetorically. "I want you to order those Dai Li of yours to find each and every one of them so they can be publicly executed. Just because the war is over doesn't mean that the Fire Isles need to become the land of dreams and sunshine!" he barked, not understanding how or why men being allowed to choose to make abominable love to one another could possibly amount to anything good.

"Do not misunderstand me, Father. I am in no way suggesting we should just give the peasants whatever they want, whenever they want it," Azula elaborated. "Merely..." she hesitated, again choosing her words carefully. "It would be good for morale if we were to show that we care what our own people think, that we care what they want. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if a few... degenerates decide to marry? Can we not grant the peasants this pittance?" she asked. "I dare say it would benefit us more than it would benefit them. Think about it..."

The Phoenix Queen smirked her trademark smirk.

"We're heralded as champions for peoples' rights, on top of everything else - ending the Great War, slaying the Avatar..."

"And well, let's face it, Daddy. We could use a bit of a clean up in regards to our public image. All I'm suggesting is, we should at least think about it. That's all."

Perhaps the issue meant more to her than she'd previously imagined...

Ozai listened to Azula's ramblings and, much to his chagrin, could not find any fault in them. "Whatever. We'll talk about it later" he growled. "You need to dress yourself. I won't have you looking anything less than perfect tonight" The Phoenix King practically purred, imagining leading his made-up girl in high heels and a tight fitting dress for everyone to see. That thought alone made it worth it, the relaxing opium smoke was merely the icing on the cake.

We'll talk about it later

Azula smirked inwardly, pleased with herself. It wasn't a 'no' and that meant Daddy was willing to negotiate. Perhaps he would concede entirely. She could only hope. It was not as though it had not happened before...

I won't have you looking anything less than perfect tonight

Her father was no longer interested in discussing marriage laws, he'd made that quite clear, as evidenced by his dismissiveness and the abrupt change in topic. She, too, turned her attention toward the topic at hand - her appearance. But what to wear specifically, that was the question.

Azula recalled that having been an issue more than a few times. He meant to show her off tonight, that much was obvious. Still, how much was too much? She didn't know. Not wishing to incur her husband's wrath by guessing, she resolved to ask him what he wanted. That was always a safe bet, asking then giving him exactly what he'd asked for. "Of course, Daddy," she said, with a smile. All of the sudden, a thought occurred to the Phoenix Queen. No, she'd do better than simply ask and follow orders...

"Perhaps you ought to choose something for me?"

"Hmm" he considered. "You know that cute little red dress. The one that..." The one that shows off your ass and barely goes to your knees, he thought to himself. "The pink girl gave it to you, the one that you wore for me before you left to get the traitor boy"

The Phoenix Queen was momentarily taken aback, as her father had never asked her to wear the aforementioned dress in public before... though it was not to say she was opposed to wearing it. Wholly impractical as it may be, it did look awfully nice on her.

"Mhm," she affirmed. "But... are you sure about that, Daddy? It's so tight I'm afraid I won't be able to wear anything underneath..." she teased, somewhat doubtful that her Daddy would allow such a thing.

"Mmm." he exhaled hot air on her neck, causing her to flinch instinctively. "I wouldn't want you to even if you could."

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