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The Phoenix Queen awoke with a start, in shock from a most unpleasant dream involving the man she was lying next to. All else was calm and quiet, however, as she slipped out of bed, taking care not to disturb and thus awaken her father any earlier than he wished. He needed to recover from the night previous, surely, after drinking all of that whatever it was and smoking that damned pipe-

dream stick, little girl

And in any case, she could use some time to herself, Azula resolved.

Ozai however had been awake for some time, kept up by the events of yesterday. "Where do you think you're going?" he growled at his departing daughter and wife.

"I- I was just..." she stammered, her eyes falling on the strip of rhino-cow leather still within her father's reach. She turned to face him. "I thought were asleep" she finished, meekly, her golden gaze apologetic as ever.

"Well as you can see I am wide awake" said the Phoenix King, his hand idly reaching for the leash but not yet going so far as to do anything with it. "Why don't you come and join me? You were desperately missed yesterday morning" he said honestly.

Azula managed a weak nod, ignorant of what it was Ozai truly wanted. And so, she laid back down, not unwilling to provide companionship in a rather less carnal sense of the word.

"You missed me, Daddy? You really missed me?" she asked, hopeful.

The Phoenix King did not enjoy the company of others to say the least. There was a part of his own daughter and wife that imagined him actually having liked having the bed all to himself the night she'd left, relishing the peace and quiet...

"Of course I did" he affirmed, pulling her closer with his hands and giving her a kiss on the lips, trying to forget uncertain times without her at his side. Not to mention the lack of excitement. "Mornings are just so dull without you." he explained, placing a hand on her breast.

She returned the kiss without delay. Though when she felt a hand upon her chest, she froze. Surely he didn't mean to-?

"...dull?" she repeated.

Ozai didn't even notice her trepidation. "Surely you missed my touch as I did yours. Mornings just aren't any fun without company. Once you've had them everything else seems lacking by comparison. Empty" he explained, starting to undo her robe and going for another kiss.

Azula broke the kiss. "Daddy-!" small hands struggled against much larger, stronger ones, this time sincerely. "No!" All she could see was that room... the darkened room with little stars. But... would he stop?

"No... no... no..." tears pricked the corners of her eyes. She looked away. She couldn't bear to see his face, she just couldn't.


"Oh, Azula. You know better than to use that word with me" he playfully scolded, opening her robe to reveal her chest. "This won't take long, daddy's promise" said Ozai before biting into her neck.

She shuddered as his teeth sunk into her already bruised and tender skin. "D-Daddy..." she protested, the tears flowing freely now. Somewhere deep within, a dam burst. With it, came the pitiful sobs of a frightened queen who was, in actuality, little more than a child.

Cry. It was all she could think to do (not that it was a well thought out plan by any means, it just happened). And of course, she would replay this exact moment in her mind, over and again, chastise herself for not fighting back. But it was only in the moment, she felt the fear grip her... cold fingers of dread closing around every fibre of her being, rendering her powerless.

The Phoenix King was moving a hand to undo his own robe before he realized that something was wrong. His little princess was crying. Just as she had done a day before last. How could she be so selfish to deny him so, especially after yesterday? To throw a tantrum like a small child who's been asked to clean their room. It was pitiful.

Ozai sighed, sitting up. "Don't be such a sore loser, Azula. You were punished for talking back to your father. There's no need to be belligerent now that it's over."

Azula was almost in disbelief. Almost. "I'm not!" she spat, indignant, shoving him away. Then she turned over onto her side and crossed an arm over her chest, covering herself with her robe to the best of her ability.

Silence for a moment.

"...it's not over. It's all I can think about when you touch me."

"Don't be such an ungrateful bitch." Ozai barked, forcing her on her back same as before so that she had to look at him. "This isn't your punishment, it's your reward. Or perhaps you'd like to be reminded of what a real punishment looks like?" he snarled, his gaze burning into Azula's.

A pause.

"I understand the stick can be quite scary. But if you're a good little girl who does as they're told you won't have to see it again."

Azula managed a weak nod. "Yes, Daddy" she said. Of course, she understood the difference between a reward and a punishment. Still, she couldn't shake off the chills running down her spine, the fleeting images of a darkened room and her husband's snarling face-

She shuddered.

"I'll be good" she added, a healthy amount of fear remaining in those golden eyes. She most certainly did not need to be reminded of anything. No, Ozai's daughter and wife knew all too well what it felt like to be punished.

While she did not agree with her father's assertation that she was being an 'ungrateful bitch' she supposed she understood the point he was trying to make. He was the Phoenix King. Women far and wide would kill to be where she was now in this exact moment and...

...and by Agni, they couldn't live like this!

"I'll be good," the Phoenix Queen repeated. "Don't hurt me, Daddy."

"I won't." assured the Phoenix King, slowly resuming his movements, running warm hands over bare skin. "I promise." he whispered into her ear, moving his head down but this time only to place a kiss upon her neck. For once Ozai very much wanted to make good on his promise, to grant a reward. Azula needed to be shown the power in submission.

A hand, down her waist. A kiss on her breast, nipple. A thumb gently circling her opening. "You're being a good girl."

Almost immediately, the Phoenix Queen was overcome by her father's touch. Her stomach tightened and her face flushed, a moan slipped past her lips - she couldn't help it.

She didn't want it to end.

"Daddy" she whimpered, arching her back and parting her legs, stiff nipples and already tingling pussy begging for more.

He hardly touched you!

It was shameful! How could she be aroused after what he'd done to her, let alone so quickly?

She didn't even need to say anything. The cry for more was there in her strained voice, even if she never said the words.

"My little girl." he answered, taking a brief break from those tits of hers to kiss her on the lips before increasing in intensity, his thumb tickling the hood while he slipped two fingers in her opening and began slow and steady ministrations. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked, doing what he could to ignore his own raging erection.

"Y-Yes!" Azula cried, knowing fully well that she shouldn't be enjoying herself.

It just slipped out.

"Yes, Daddy!" she repeated, this time addressing her father and husband properly.

Again, it just slipped out.

She shouldn't be enjoying herself but nonetheless, she was. Agni, it just felt so damned good! His fingers moving inside of her, his thumb circling skillfully-

"Agh!" she squealed, helpless against her father's passionate assault on her body and senses, clutching the sheets as unwelcome- no they were welcome! little shivers of pleasure surged through her.

Was he going to..?

Satisfied with his daughter's cries, Ozai continued his assault. Exploring deeper with his fingers, his mouth becoming more voracious, his tongue lashing those cute little nubs of hers, until-


His movements slowed to a stop as he finally undid his own robe, revealing his throbbing royal cock which had been waiting too long as it stood. "It's time I had a little fun as well" he said, beginning slow methodical thrusts inside of her before returning his attention to her chest, grabbing her tits with his hands while lightly biting at the skin on her neck.

"Mmmm... ahhhh..." the Phoenix Queen moaned, her back arching until it hurt, aching nipples desperate for her father's mouth and the all too familiar sensations it was sending straight to her core.

"Agh!" her hips bucked involuntarily, the Phoenix King's skilled fingers having pressed against that sweet spot inside her and-

And then he just stopped.

Before Azula could even let out one of her frustrated little groans, however, the pleasure continued. Her Daddy filled her up with his big, hard cock and all she could do was lie back and take it.

"Ngh-ah!" she squeaked, well-manicured fingernails clawing at the silken bedspread, then at her husband's forearms. "Daddy..." golden eyes met their mirror image as she shivered and shook, finding her own rhythm soon enough, her small hips matching every thrust.

"Little girl." Ozai said again, smiling as she looked into his eyes as he grabbed her arms with his own, forcing them back onto the bed where they belonged rather than digging into his skin. That was his job. "I see you're getting a little excited" he whispered into her ear. "Enjoying your reward more than you expected." he continued as he inched closer to a climax of his own, more of a statement than an actual question.

He didn't need to wait for her response - he could feel it. He could hear her breaths quicken, he could feel her closing around him. She may not have thought so when it began, but she was certainly having fun now. "Cum for Daddy, Azula. Show me how satisfied you are with your reward."

And indeed, her body obeyed - though it was not intentional by any means.

Overwhelming sensations and the need for release reached a glorious crescendo, as did her helpless cries of pleasure which soon turned to something else entirely- "I love you-! I love you, Daddy!" she declared, in the heat of the moment, feeling as though she was going to melt. Or explode. Or both. And oh, how she longed to have her declaration of love returned...

The Phoenix King felt his little princess writhe under him, her arms pushing weakly against his hands as her nerves flared with electricity. He heard the song of her approval. I love you, she said. "I love you too, my princess." he responded with a predator's smile, a result of both his intoxicating effect on his wife and daughter, and his own imminent climax.

With a grunt, it was over. Ozai collapsed in a heap of pleasure beside his daughter, wondering if this would be the morning he sired a child.

He had no way of knowing. But it was a comforting thought that his actions in softening his daughter's cries might very well have built him a dynasty.

The Phoenix Queen, meanwhile, was enjoying a post-coital bliss of her own, comforted by her father and husband's presence and the warmth of his inner fire as they shared a silent (but for the sound of their hurried breaths) denouement.

More than anything, however, she was comforted by his words-

I love you too, my princess

He loved her, he had to. He loved her and he'd never meant to hurt her the way he did- he'd never meant to hurt her at all!

A small and delicate, manicured hand reached for a much larger one. Azula turned her head toward Ozai and smiled an honest smile.

"Hm." Ozai managed, acquiring something of a smile of his own. "Aren't you, forgetting something my daughter?"

A pause.

Azula's dark eyebrows knitted together.

"What are you-" a sudden realization dawned upon her. "Oh!"

"Of course, Daddy!" she replied, dutifully, springing into action.

In what seemed the blink of an eye, the Phoenix Queen was near the foot of the bed, on her hands and knees, her face hovering just above her Daddy's now semi-erect royal cock which was slick with their shared fluids. Smiling up at him, she flipped her hair over her shoulder then set to work.

Though the taste and smell were not too unpleasant, she couldn't say she enjoyed either one. Nonetheless, she acted as though she did, as was her duty (one of many) as a wife.

After about a minute, perhaps two, Azula raised her head. "Hmm..." she muttered, fingernails skimming along her father's hipbones absentmindedly.

She felt... icky. For lack of a better word. It was the only way- the best way to describe her sweat-soaked skin and hair.

"Well, Daddy..." she began. "Now that I've cleaned you off, I'd rather like to do the same for myself. You don't mind, do you?"

"Hm?" Ozai wondered what was going on, having lost himself in his daughter's ministrations. "Oh, of course." he nodded, giving her permission. Though to be honest he would have liked her to wait around for another bout of passion, Ozai knew that he had gotten as much as he could out of his scared little girl for now. "Make yourself clean for your daddy, would you? I want you in good shape for the evening" he said with a smirk.

She laughed. "Making myself clean only to get dirty again... seems counterproductive don't you think?"

"Ah well, I wouldn't dare refuse you, Daddy" she said, getting up off the bed.

A pause.

She froze in fear.

It's just a room, the room can't hurt you! Get over yourself!

Azula cleared her throat. "Er... where's my sash? The black and gold one, do you see it?" she asked, pretending as though her hesitation had been intentional. "Nevermind, Daddy!" she exclaimed, retrieving it from the floor.

"Hm, now where'd the water bitch get off to I wonder..."


"Isn't my bath ready yet?!" demanded the Phoenix Queen. Golden eyes fell upon the spacious tub, nearly filled to the brim with hot, almost scalding water. "Oh, good. Another minute or two and I'd have turned to stone!" she declared, dramatic as ever.

Shedding her robe without a care in the world, she inhaled sharply... then turned toward the waterbender, frowning. "I can't smell it," she stated, simply, displeasure evident in her facial expression. "Fetch me more oil" she ordered. In spite of the apparent problem she'd chosen to trouble her slave with, however, Azula stepped into the bath everso gracefully, allowing the (unscented) water to envelop her in its warmth. "It's for Daddy, he likes jasmine" she explained, certain she could just hear Katara's eyes roll into the back of her head.

Regardless, the waterbender nodded and retrieved the oil from the shelf. "Of course" she said, wishing she could have a nice hot bath of her own as she bent the oil out of the container and mixed it into the hot water with a circular motion of her hand, watching Azula's face for an indication of when to stop.

When the smell was intoxicating, the Phoenix Queen nodded and Katara put the oil back in its place. "Anything else, Your Highness?" she asked, half because asking such things were expected of her and half because she did have some genuine worry for her master. It was the morning after her first night back with her father, after all - only two days since the incident.


Azula inhaled once more and this time, she was satisfied (with the scent at least).

Still, her golden gaze scrutinized, searching in vain for some other flaw.... and of course, there was none.

The Phoenix Queen sighed. "No, nothing," she said. "That will be all." And with that, she sunk down almost all the way into the water, while trying to ignore an oddly similar sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as her skin broke out in goose pimples and the realization that she would soon be alone dawned upon her.

You don't have to be alone


A pause.

"Will you..?" she hesitated, feeling foolish all of the sudden.


Better that than alone...

"Will you stay with me? I'm not feeling well and-" Gee, I wonder why? "-I could use the company."

Katara stopped at the door. "Of course." she said warmly, closing it and making her way to the edge of the tub before sitting down, her back leaning against the smooth marble. "Anything I could do to help?" she asked, not bothering to ask about the source of the Phoenix Queen's troubles for it would be asking the obvious.

Another pause.

A golden blink of surprise.

She actually-?

Of course she stayed, you fool - it's not as though she has any choice in the matter!

The Phoenix Queen sighed yet again. Willing or not, it was certainly better to have Katara here with her than to be left to her own devices in the very same room her father and husband had-

She shuddered.

"I..." she turned to address the waterbender, realizing she'd been silent far too long. "My hair" she offered, meekly.

The trepidation in her voice was obvious. Katara knew of course, that it was far more likely that Azula didn't want to be left alone in this particular room, with those particular memories. That said, there wasn't any need to point that out. Instead, she simply moved so she was kneeling behind her, trying not to pay too much attention to her naked body.

"Did you sleep well?" she asked - trying to break the ice as she began to wet Azula's hair, beginning with slow, soothing movements.

"Better than the night before. But no," Azula offered, relaxing some as the waterbender attended to her unwashed raven locks. Feeling no need to elaborate any further, she decided to change the subject. "It's this house, I think..."

It's not the house and you know it

"We used to come here years ago, with Zuzu and Mo-" the Phoenix Queen cut herself off.

Silence for a moment.

"Ursa. Our mother."

"I have trouble sleeping too." Katara said honestly, trying to make Azula feel more at ease with her pain as she began washing the Phoenix Queen's pretty hair more thoroughly. "Sleeping in this place, your palace... sometimes it reminds me of the man who killed my mother. The horrible things I've seen." she explained, all too familiar with being haunted by the past. "Places can have a way of reminding you of things and people you don't want to remember."

A pause.

"Sometimes I really want to remember mom." Katara said honestly. "But I think if I did it would only remind me of what I've lost."

The Phoenix Queen looked toward the other girl with what amount of sympathy she could muster in that gleaming golden gaze of hers. Granted, she couldn't exactly identify with what she might be feeling though she could empathize some degree of understanding having grown up without a mother herself, having missed out on something every girl should have. And well... Zuko certainly did miss her on a much more personal level. It was a natural feeling she supposed, as they were quite close with one another.

"Were you..?" Azula hesitated, suddenly feeling as though it would be inappropriate to ask whether or not Katara and her mother were close, the way Zuko and Ursa had been (and if she were being honest with herself, she had no desire to discuss or even think about such things any longer).

"I'm... sorry," she said, unsure of why exactly she was apologizing. For whatever reason, it just seemed the right thing to do. "About your mother. I'm sorry."

Silence for a moment.

"Hm, I didn't know you had trouble sleeping, on top of everything else... I hadn't considered..." Azula's dark eyebrows knitted together as she continued to think on all that the waterbender had said.

Places can have a way of reminding you of things and people you don't want to remember

She sighed. "You know why I asked you to stay, don't you?"

No apology could ever really make up for the loss of her mother. Even if that pathetic little man who had actually done the deed had apologized for what he had done (as opposed to offering his own mother's death as recompense), it wouldn't have changed the empty place in her heart where Kya used to reside.

Even still Azula's apology had meaning. She may have been a child at the time the murder was committed, as young as she was in fact, and therefore couldn't possibly bear even indirect blame for the sins of her compatriots. However on some level the Phoenix Queen felt sorry for the actions of the people whom she now ruled over, and that made Katara happy, somewhat.

"Of course" she said simply, finally, continuing to scrub Azula's hair. It didn't need to be said. Katara couldn't understand how Azula forgave her husband for what he did in this room, but she could understand why being here on her own wasn't easy. The memories it must evoke. To Katara, it may just be a bathroom. A decadent bathroom, to be sure, but still a bathroom. To Azula, it probably assumed a whole manner of oppression that Katara couldn't know.

"I'll stay as long as you need me."

Reassured, the Phoenix Queen was finally able to relax some, the thought that she was not going be left alone in this place a comforting one indeed. She almost wanted to say 'thank you' but...

No need to thank her, she's merely following orders as is expected

Regardless, Katara's presence was appreciated perhaps even needed. Azula shivered, simply unable to so much as bear the thought of not having someone there at that very moment - not just someone but someone who cared. The way Mai and Ty Lee used to...

Were it Mai or Ty Lee, she'd have said so much more. Instead, she was silent as practiced, gentle hands worked their way through void-dark hair and the aroma of sandalwood shampoo began to overpower jasmine oil - and that was enough, she decided. Just her being there was enough (more than enough, if Azula were being honest with herself).

It wasn't that she wanted to be silent. Quite the opposite, in fact. There was so much she wanted to say but couldn't - or rather shouldn't. Even despite the waterbender's kind eyes, genuine smile, and willingness to listen... she knew better. She knew better than to go and squander what little respect the other girl may still have for her - as if she didn't appear weak and spineless enough as is!

You know better? Or does your pride condemn you?


Azula took a deep, calming breath as she entered the suite she shared with her father and husband, closing the door behind her. It wasn't quite midday and yet all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed the moment her gaze fell upon the Phoenix King's form, his upper body almost completely bare and everything below the waist haphazardly covered by what appeared to be nothing more than a mostly open robe and silken sheet.

Unlike the Phoenix King, however, the Phoenix Queen had something rather less carnal on her mind. One look at those big, strong arms and...

She approached tentatively and without a word, slipped into the comforts of their shared bed and luxurious, silk sheets.

"Hold me, Daddy," she pleaded, wrapping herself around her father and husband like a coiling snake and refusing to let go. "Please just hold me."

"Hmm?" he startled, not immediately sure what was going on, before lazily moving his head to look at Azula, who rapidly approached and grabbed him. "Princess? Is everything....?"

"Everything is perfect," she lied, more to herself than to him. "I just..."

I had to take a bath in the same room where you-

"...I got scared" she whispered, holding onto her father even tighter.

"Oh, well we can't have that now can we?" he asked rhetorically, wrapping his arms around Azula's small frame, somehow reminded of all the times she 'hid' away from the thunder as her body pressed against his. "What has my little girl so afraid?"

Azula practically melted into the embrace. Strange as it was, it felt as though she were safe, as though nothing and no one could hurt her - despite the fact that someone had and that very same someone had his arms around her as she nuzzled her head into his chest.

What has my little girl so afraid?

"I..." She froze, fearing the worst. Suppose the answer made him angry? But... suppose she said nothing at all and he was instead angered by her silence? Worse yet, suppose she were to lie and he did not believe her? No, she had to tell him...

"It's that room. I don't like that room," she stated. "It reminds me of..." she trailed off, hopeful there was no need to elaborate any further.

"Don't worry my sweet" Ozai cooed, running his hands along her back. "Your daddy won't be punishing you like that again" he assured.

"Right now, you're just my little princess. I wouldn't so much as scratch you" he added, emphasizing his point with a kiss on her forehead.

The warmth of her inner fire flared. A small smile crept over her face, her eyelids fluttered closed. Daddy wasn't angry, not at all (why would he be?). Daddy would never do what he did again. She was his little princess and he loved her - he didn't like to have to punish her. No, what he liked was to hold her, kiss her, touch her...

"Tell me you love me, Daddy" Azula said, desperate to hear those words again.

"Your daddy loves you, princess" he said, feeling an erection develop underneath his robe. "He always did." he added, kissing her again this time on the lips, rubbing his body against hers to make sure Azula felt it.

"And I love you. More than anything." the Phoenix Queen said, returning her husband's kiss quite eagerly, elated to hear his words. "Daddy!" she exclaimed, the sensation of her father's rock-hard cock jutting into her soft skin having caught her off-guard a bit (though she was hardly surprised by it). Her Daddy was a physical being after all and they'd spent all this time pressed up against one another...

"Mm, already?" she questioned, playfully, one hand disappearing beneath the sheets to assess the straining erection which required her attention.

"Indeed" Ozai growled, his eyes tracking Azula's hand under the silks as she began to tend to him, moving a hand to her head and pressing downwards to inform her of her place. "Why don't you show your daddy how much?"

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