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Atop the dining room table - frighteningly close the the edge, feet dangling just above the floor - sat the Phoenix Queen, effortlessly regal as ever and with one slender, shapely leg crossed over the other. Largely due to choice in evening wear - a slinky, satiny red gown featuring a high slit along the left side - her current position exposed a rather generous amount of porcelain skin. And speaking of choices...

Black kohl around the eyes, a smear of crimson upon her lips - predictable but flattering, nonetheless. Unlike the rest of her, however, the Phoenix Queen's hair left something to be desired... obsidian gathered and pinned haphazardly in what appeared to be a topknot, albeit a disheveled one. The ruined locks that could not be 'contained' had been left to frame her face in crooked chaos, unkempt as ever (though some were longer, long enough to drape messily over her shoulder). Simply put, it was a beautiful disaster...

Azula awaited her father's arrival with characteristic eagerness as she desperately tried to ignore just how terrible her hair may or may not look, heart pounding all the while. Hopefully, he would not mind-

"Ah, Azula" Ozai greeted, looking his daughter and wife over as he entered unceremoniously, taking in her fanciful appearance as he always did, though stopping at her face. "...whatever happened to your hair?" he asked, stepping forward and running a finger through each damp tress, the water Katara had bent never having been removed. "Did the water bitch not fix it for you?" he asked softly, sensing Azula's apprehension if it were the day of his return all over again. "No matter, you don't need her help" he declared, undoing Azula's failed efforts and letting the uneven strands fall free, just the way he liked them.

"I don't want her help." Although that was not true, not entirely at least... she had considered- "She made me... angry. But that's- she was properly punished. It's not important."

"I missed you. I've been waiting to get you alone..." Azula spoke softly, comforted by her husband's presence - his fleeting touch had not been enough, it was decided. "Did you miss me, too?" she asked, uncrossing her legs, ensuring to spread them apart more than was necessary.

"Indeed I did" the Phoenix King agreed, though really it couldn't have been more than two hours since they had last been together. However Ozai was too tired to play psychologist. He slowly moved his hands from her head to her shoulders as she purred. His touch always had this effect. She needed it, she needed him. And Ozai wasn't ashamed to admit he rather liked having her around as well. No girl had the loyalty and ability of his daughter. He wouldn't have married her otherwise.

"Perhaps" he whispered into her ear. "You want to forget about dinner" he ran his hand from her shoulder down to her left breast, practically tickling the hardened nipple with his finger. "There's another course I'm rather interested in. One that will always have my interest"

In an instant, Azula felt her body responding. "Me...? Are you going to eat me, Daddy?" she panted, desperate and squirming, now clinging to him.

"I'm a good girl... take care of your good, little girl. Please?" the great Phoenix Queen begged, oh so shamelessly. "I'll scream for you, I promise. I'll scream nice and pretty when you make me come" she continued, resolve never breaking. "Please, Daddy? Please... Please..."

"I suppose you deserve it" he considered, harshly embracing his wife as she grabbed onto him. It reminded him of the day of his return - my, something has happened to her. And so, his daughter needed him again - a wounded phoenix who needed just a little more heat to rise flames from the embers. She was nothing without him.

He came dangerously close to tearing the silken fabric, his hands leaving very little room for relief as he exposed every inch of Azula's flawless skin. She didn't even make a sound as his teeth matched them with a bite into already-purple skin. "You're mine" the Phoenix King declared. "And I take care of what is mine". His golden eyes seem to glow like an otherworldly monster as their inner fires fed the candlelight, scorching tapestries as the thin flames rose with their passions - the sound of sputtering and boiling wax, the faint azure hue only serving to accentuate his touch.

The firelight dimmed, most of the pathetic candles having burned themselves out - unable to keep up with the demands of their owners. The world went almost dark to the Phoenix Queen - the natural white crescent of the far moon falling out of view as her Father brought her to the ground, her back lying on the remains of her gown - forgotten. She could only feel the faint brush of her husband's own shadowlike hair, accented by small nips starting at her neck. Collar. Breast. Stomach.

Her sex was exhausted with wetness - as could only be expected. She needed this and her body knew better than perhaps even her. Ozai had never relished in the pleasure of others, but he briefly considered this was as close as it got as he tore into his daughter's folds - his tongue navigating slowly - like a snake who had already constricted its prey, and had plenty of time to enjoy the kill.

Strong hands held her thighs apart to his liking. The Phoenix Queen bit down on her lower lip, instinct urging her to remain silent as possible. Quickly, she resolved, her initial instinct was wrong. He doesn't want his little girl to be quiet (not that she could of course). He wants to hear her enjoying it - and he would.

"Mmm-aahhh... Daddy..." Azula panted at the stroke of her husband's masterful tongue. "...Daddy!" she squealed, hips bucking reflexively- he took hold of them, keeping her firmly in place.

Every muscle in her body had begun to react, tightening deliciously, crying out for something more. She turned her head- left, right, then back again. All that could be heard were fingernails raking the wooden floor... a sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth as she arched her spine, almost unnaturally so, trying to coax him-

The flick of his tongue was practiced and right where she wanted it - lavishing her swollen clitoris. As promised, Azula screamed. Her head snapped back, hitting that hard, unforgiving floor with an audible thud. She didn't care. Agni, she was so far gone it didn't even hurt... there was no pain, only pleasure.

"Daddy, please... mm-aahh hah...! d-don't stop..." The Phoenix Queen implored her lord-father and his wickedly talented mouth did not relent. A single, teasing finger slipped inside of her, stimulating with careful expertise. "Yes!" she cried.

"Yes, Daddy!"

Everything, every inch of her was on fire. Then came the rush of white-hot, blinding intensity overwhelming all sense and thought - her orgasm. Azula screamed to the heavens, singing her father and husband a symphony of praises, burning from the inside out-

Azure flame burst forth from her throat and past her lips, scorching the ceiling.

After a pause, the Phoenix King raised his head - and smirked triumphantly.

His Queen, meanwhile, was left panting in the aftermath. As her chest rose and fell rapidly, she felt her cheeks flush with heat. "Th-thank you, Daddy" she managed, seemingly breathless. Golden eyes sought their mirror image.

Her Daddy was the best Daddy in the whole world.

"You're so good to me."

Indeed. The Phoenix King did treat his daughter well. As evidenced by the scorch marks on the ceiling and the stains of molten wax littered throughout the room. A master of pleasure, it was no wonder why Azula begged for his help. He could deliver what no other man could.

And, as he slung his weak-legged daughter over his shoulder, he knew something else.

It was time for his reward.

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