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Azula groaned as she lifted her head from the coarse pillow. Her head ached as though it had recently been struck and her vision buzzed as though she had oil on her eyes. Am I still...? She thought to herself, trying to get her bearings as the dizziness faded and her eyes adjusted to the light. It was morning, she could see the sunlight filtering through the window. Notably, she wasn't in her bedroom back at the palace, but rather some place she didn't recognize. We're still at... what did he call this place again...? Azula sat up and turned to her sleeping father, her headache intensifying as she did.

He was sprawled out over the mattress, entirely naked. Azula looked down and realized her own nakedness. Her father had clearly... relieved himself. The room stank of sex, and there was a faint soreness in between her legs and slimy fluid that was slowly leaking onto the bed. The thought made her heart sink a little. She couldn't even remember it, so she couldn't have been particularly aware of what was going on when it happened. He had used her.

Azula sighed, getting up from the bed and looking for the washroom, scripting an argument that she would probably never have as she did. The room's single door gave way to a hallway, which she quickly closed back up again. Wherever they were, it clearly wasn't an upper class establishment. She turned back, looking for something she could put on. The rack in the far corner of the room was empty, leaving only her dress that lay crumpled on the floor.

She wasn't alone, she saw another woman wandering the hallways. She had the casual clothes of a peasant and gave her a knowing smile as they passed, earning a frown from Azula. In any other circumstance, she might have scolded the woman for her mocking look, but between the headache, her ragged appearance, and general annoyance with this whole situation she couldn't muster the will.

Eventually Azula did find something that passed as a washroom (barely), and relieved herself. She took some time to clean up her appearance, washing her face and fixing her hair as best she could without a comb (there was one that had been left near the basin, but it was likely contaminated).

She did not meet the woman again on her return trip, and was instead greeted by a man in uniform, who didn't so much as acknowledge her as they walked towards the room Ozai had procured.

"Lieutenant," Azula addressed.


The man stopped and looked her over. "Oh, ri- I mean, yes, Your Highness!" He stood to attention.

"Is there something wrong?" Azula asked, frustrated with the man. "Perhaps a little tired?"

"No, Your Highness. I apologize, I just mistook you for someone else."

"Someone else?" Azula looked directly at the man's eye slit.

A pause.

"...yes, Your Highness," he said awkwardly.

Azula frowned, considering reprimanding the man. Like with the woman in the corridor, though, she just couldn't muster the will. "You came here to deliver news, yes? Deliver it."

"Yes, Your Highness." The man nodded. "There's been a disturbance at the palace. It appears that your new servant attempted to break the Prince out of his prison cell. She wounded several men, but has since surrendered."

"Katara?" Azula asked, knowing the answer but asking anyway on impulse.

"...yes, Your Highness. The waterbender."

Azula scowled. And that woman dared pretend to be on her side. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Return to the palace. Myself and the Ph-"

She paused, remembering the moment in the palanquin. "Actually," she corrected herself. "I'll be leaving now, I want to see the crime scene for myself. Wake the Phoenix King and have him meet me there."


Ozai was fuming as he descended the stairwell leading down to the palace dungeons. Azula had said she had the water bitch under control, and then she goes and pulls a stunt like this! Attacking the guards and trying to escape with the traitor! The girl had been given far too much leeway, it was clear. Well, they'd straighten her out something fierce!

He caught sight of his daughter and wife, standing in front a metal door, still wearing her tight little dress and heels from the night before. He had half a mind to-

He shook his head. That could wait. There were (regrettably) more pressing matters to attend to.

"Azula," he said, gruffly.

"Father." She nodded her head, trying to ignore the look he was giving her.

"Well, what have you found out?" he asked.

Agni, this was just about the last thing he wanted to be doing right now. How much longer was it going to take for the bitch to learn her place?! Perhaps they ought to just leave her there in that cell to rot, she obviously could not be trusted.

"Not much so far, but there is something interesting. The guards weren't subdued by waterbending. Their reports are strange. One man claimed that she moved his body with her mind. Others can't remember anything," Azula explained. "None of them have any marks on them. However they all complain of exhaustion and sore muscles."

"What? With her mind?" Ozai scoffed. "That's impossible! She used her waterbending, she must have," he declared. "Have you interrogated the miserable little wench yet?"

"I think it may have had something to do with the full moon," Azula said simply, not knowing how Katara managed what she did but refusing to believe it was a coincidence. "And no, but I intend to. Figuring out how she did this is paramount, we have no guarantee that she's the only one with this capability."

Ozai sighed. Perhaps Azula was right. After all, a waterbender was at their most powerful during the full moon, and who really knew for sure what a master was capable of under such circumstances. He would not make the mistake of underestimating his enemy, as he'd done before.

"Well, shall we?" he asked, looking forward to the... interrogation. Interrogation was a nice word for it, really. The girl was still such a stubborn creature, they'd have to force it out of her... he quite liked the thought of that.

Azula followed close behind her husband as they entered the small room, where the waterbender was shackled to the wall, both her hands and her feet bound, fearful blue eyes staring, pleading.

Though it had to be done, Azula wasn't looking forward to it, to say the least... unlike her father who was practically salivating, judging by the look on his face. Were it anyone else, she'd be equally as excited but... this was Katara, who had been kind to her when she did not have to be, more than once. As much as it pained her to admit to herself, she no longer hated her, or even disliked her. It was funny, what a bit of kindness could accomplish-


She felt foolish, too, for letting such a thing sway her judgment, foolish for not hating someone who was supposed to be her enemy, someone who had attacked her on the day of her coronation and tried to overthrow her. Most of all though, she felt foolish for having sympathy when it was in her own best interests to not have any.

Granted, that sympathy was limited. She couldn't let her get away with something like this and more to the point, she had to find out how it had happened, so that it would never happen again.

Azula stood proudly, awaiting her father's orders... assuming he was even going to give her any, she knew he very well may just take matters into his own hands and expect her to watch.

A moment of silence and stillness passed, then Ozai noticed his daughter was looking at him, expectantly.

"She's your slave, my daughter," he said, simply, hoping that was enough to get his point across.

For as much as he wanted to do this himself, he knew Azula had to be the one to do it. No, he couldn't have the water bitch coming to expect sympathy from her master, and he most definitely could not have the two of them forming some sort of... bond. They spent an awful lot of time together, he had to nip this in the bud.

Azula needed him, and only him.

No one else.

And Azula, of course, understood the Phoenix King perfectly well.

Glowering over the other girl, she asked "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Master, I am so so sorry I tried to break my friend out of prison, how horrible of me! Katara thought, bitterly.

It was ludicrous, Azula knew was well as she did what was going to happen to Zuko. How could she blame her for wanting to help him?!

...she didn't blame her, did she?

She had no real way of knowing. Whenever he was around, the Phoenix Queen was like a whole different person. Demure, obedient, simpering. It disgusted her, it made her think of her time in the Northern Water tribe, how angry and indignant she'd been that women were treated as second-class citizens, subservient to men.

In addition to righteous anger though, when she looked to Ozai, she felt afraid. He was practically grinning from ear to ear, as well there was a certain sparkle in his eye, something almost... joyful. He wanted Azula to hurt her, and Azula wouldn't dare refuse-

"Answer me."

Katara gasped, Azula's harsh voice taking her out of her thoughts.

She hesitated before speaking, not wanting to say something she'd regret, and dig herself into a deeper hole.

"Zuko is my friend.." she finally said.

She didn't really know what else there was to say. What was she going to do, beg not to be punished? At least, she would keep her dignity through all of this, she decided.

"You were trying to escape together," Azula said, matter-of-factly.

It was most definitely not a question, but a statement.

Overwhelmed, Katara looked down at the stone floor, her eyes welling up with tears. She would not give Azula and Ozai the satisfaction of seeing her cry, leastwise not when they hadn't even done anything to her yet.

She thought of denying what the Prin-

She thought of denying what the Phoenix Queen had said, then quickly realized it wouldn't do her any good. Ozai may not be the sharpest spear of the bunch, sure, but there was no getting these things past Azula. She had to know that one did not visit a high-risk prisoner (who was not even supposed to have visitors!) on a whim.

"Yes," she admitted, her gaze still downcast.

Only after I realized I couldn't kill your bastard husband that night, Katara thought, not daring to voice such a thing aloud. They couldn't know, if they did, she would be imprisoned here for the rest of her life... or worse.

Azula looked toward her husband and father, relieved to see that he appeared to be pleased still. Then, she shifted her piercing, golden gaze back to the waterbender.

"Look at me!" she demanded, happy that she sounded at least somewhat intimidating.

When Katara continued to stare at the floor though, Azula's heart began to race. Daddy would be expecting her to do something about her slave's disrespect, there was no doubt in her mind. She had to act fast...

"I. Said. Look at me."

She brought her hands up to the shackles and inhaled, sharply. With her bending, she heated the metal and within a matter of seconds, it glowed red-hot. Katara screamed, clearly having not been expecting it.

Looking up at her now with tearful eyes, she stammered "P-Please" as the Phoenix King laughed, the downright menacing sound amplified by the emptiness of the chamber and its stone walls.

Azula withdrew her hands, taking back most of the heat along with them.

"Eugh!" She wrinkled her nose at the stench of burnt flesh. No matter how many times she had burned people with her firebending, be it purposefully or accidentally, she'd never quite grown accustomed to that awful stink... but maybe now they'd get someplace.

In all honesty, Azula couldn't care less if she had let Zuko escape.

At least that way, he'd live, she thought. She hadn't the faintest clue just how she was going to convince her father to spare him, at this point she was hoping someone else would step in. One of his other friends perhaps, whom were still at large as far as she knew...

Well, she could not concern herself with such things in this moment.

No, what she cared about was figuring out how exactly Katara had managed to subdue all of those men, and make it to the prison without being detected. Either, she'd had help or something strange was going on here, and she was willing to bet it was the latter.

Azula cleared her throat. "Now..." she began. "Let us commence. You do know the real reason we're here, I presume?"

Katara remained silent, much to the royal couple's chagrin.

"You're too soft on her," Ozai growled. "She's mocking you! Remember your lessons."

The whore needed to learn her place, and if Azula wouldn't teach it to her...

"Perhaps, we need... a bit of a refresher, my dear?" he suggested, looking at his daughter, then at the water bitch, satisfied to see the pure, unadulterated fear in her expression.

Katara was unsure whether she should feel relieved or afraid when the Phoenix Queen smiled and said "I do not believe that will be necessary."


Azula's open palm hit her, hard, the sound echoing throughout the room, the blow leaving her reeling. There was a sharp, stinging pain that wouldn't go away, a ringing in her ears. For a moment, she feared there were bones broken, she couldn't even move her jaw.

"Now, you're going to tell me..." The blue fire danced alight within her palm, illuminating her sharp features with an eerie glow, making her look like... like an evil spirit, something otherworldly. "...how did you get past the guards?"

"I..." Katara stammered. She had to think fast, there was no telling what Azula would do to her if she didn't come up with something. There was just no reasoning with her, not while he was around. "...my water whip! I knocked them out using my water whip!"

Azula snorted.

Water whip?! Honestly, did she think she was stupid?


She held the fire up to the other girl's face, smiling when her eyes went wide as saucers.

"If you don't start making sense, I'll burn you so badly, you'll be unrecognizable," she said, in the most menacing tone she could muster. It wasn't an idle threat, she would do something drastic if she had to... granted, she'd rather not. "You can match dear little Zuzu, would you like that?"

Katara froze.

Would she really..?

She certainly sounded (and looked) serious enough... and well, even if she wasn't, Agni-only-knows what Ozai would do to get the information he wanted out of her. At this point, he had to be growing impatient, she'd spent enough time around the man to know that if he did not receive immediate gratification, things got... ugly, for lack of a better word.

Perhaps, if it was just Ozai though, she could manage a lie that would satisfy him. He was certainly the more outright frightening, not to mention unstable, of the two, there was no denying that... but he wasn't half as smart as he thought he was. Azula, however, was not so easily fooled.

"No, please! I'll tell you. Alright? I'll tell you."

Katara took a deep breath, silently cursing herself for this – but what choice did she have?

"It's... It's called bloodbending."

"What?" Azula huffed.

Katara could sense the emotion in her voice, the fear and uncertainty.

"It's this technique I learned, from an old master," she explained, omitting whom exactly the old master was and all that had transpired that night. "As I'm sure you know, blood is mostly water and well... she showed me how to bend the water inside people, you can... you can control them and-"

"That is not possible!" Ozai interjected, his booming voice making both girls jump.

Lies! These were more lies, he was sure of it!

"You're lying!"

"Please, I'm not lying! It's-"

"It is possible," Azula said, interrupting Katara's plea for mercy. "I've heard of this."

Though the Phoenix King wasn't privy to such information (he ignored nearly all the reports that made their way to his desk), his queen was. Indeed, she'd heard of the attack on the Southern Raiders some weeks ago, their leader apparently having claimed a waterbender had been able to control him with her bending abilities, with such ferocity he had feared for his life.

"The leader of the Southern Raiders was attacked, fairly recently," she began, looking to Ozai in order to gauge whether or not she should continue speaking.

"...by a waterbender. A waterbender who controlled him without even touching him, nearly crushed him to death, he said."

A pause.

"It must've been her, she had to have done it."

Another pause, this one even more uncomfortable than the last.

"You did, didn't you?" she asked, though she already knew the answer.

For a moment, Katara hesitated.

Did she really want to add this on top of her list of, er... crimes? Surely, the punishment for what had happened with Zuko would be bad enough, at this point she would be digging her own grave.

But what's the use in denying it? she thought, dejected.

Azula had already connected the dots and besides, who else was there to blame, reasonably..? besides...?


"Who?" Ozai snarled. "Another witch?"

Ordinarily, Katara would take issue with her kin being called witches but... in Hama's case, that accusation wasn't exactly unfounded.

The waterbender let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding in.

"I suppose you could call her that, yes. She's the old master who taught me. She had a bone to pick with the Southern Raiders. They took her from her home, long ago, and imprisoned her," she elaborated, amazed at just how easily the lies slipped from her lips. Well, some of it was truth. Some of it.

A survival tactic, she told herself. Nothing more. No, this place, and these two weren't changing her. She was only doing what she had to in order to survive!

Azula furrowed her brow, as she often did when she was in thought.

If all of this was true, there was one question still weighing on her mind, something that just didn't make sense.

"Why have you never used this ability before?" she asked, flatly. She needed to be sure her hunch about the full moon was indeed true. "If you could do this all along, why now? And why not kill us when you had the chance?"

The instant the words reached her ears, Katara felt her stomach drop.

Tui, she should have known that Azula would know enough to ask that!

"I..." she sputtered, quite unable to come up with another lie.

Again, Azula looked to her husband, fearful (though not surprised) upon seeing those haunting golden eyes blazing with intensity, and his expression having morphed into something she couldn't quite describe – she hated it though, she'd hated it since she was just a child, as it meant something bad was going to happen.

She had to do something, she had to act!

With one swift and very well-practiced motion, Azula formed a fire whip.

"Tell me!"

As the blue flame slashed her legs, repeatedly and without mercy, Katara screamed.

The pain was worse than anything she had ever felt, for a moment she feared her skin had been burned clean off.

Shaking, crying, reduced to the scared little girl who should have never left home, Katara let out a choked sob, the awful burning and throbbing still present, even after Azula had stopped. It was as though she was standing in the middle of a campfire, the flames engulfing her.

"Th-The f-full moon.." she somehow managed.

Upon witnessing the aftermath of what she had done, Azula felt queasy.

The holes in the waterbender's clothes gave way to red and already blistering skin, the marks marring the flesh of her thighs like tiger-dillo stripes.

She hadn't meant to hurt her that badly but...

But you did, the voice in her head whispered.

"Pathetic, isn't she?" Ozai sneered, taking Azula out of her thoughts.

Looking positively gleeful, he loomed over Katara, adrenaline coursing throughout his body. Witnessing his daughter whip the helpless girl, in a tight dress and high heeled shoes no less, had gotten him all worked up.

"If I find out that you're lying, about anything..." He brought a hand up to her throat, making her cough and sputter. "...I'll hand you over to my men. Then, whatever's left of you will be given to their mounts."

He tightened his grip, delighting in the pitiful little sounds the water bitch made and the fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

"That's all your kind is good for, taking filthy cocks like the whores that you are." He laughed cruelly. "Well, that and feed for our livestock."

He let her go, laughing again as the slave girl gasped for air.

He then turned his attention to his wife, who was also smiling. He'd almost forgotten how much he enjoyed seeing her like that, barking orders and inflicting pain, the mad glint in her eyes...

As his predatory gaze roved over Azula, mapping out the planes and peaks of her lithe form, he suddenly became painfully aware of the fact that he was almost fully erect beneath his heavy robes.

The Phoenix Queen wasn't given a moment to react when her father grabbed her wrist and growled "I'd like a word with you, my daughter, come with me."

And with that, he practically dragged her into the next cell, making her stumble more than once, and almost fall.

"Torturing peasant girls makes me want to fuck."

Azula gasped as she was shoved, quite roughly, into the nearby wall.

Then, his mouth was on hers, tongue pushing past her trembling lips, tasting, devouring. His kiss made her weak in the knees, it was like he was claiming her.

Large, strong hands reached for her chest, making her moan into his mouth.

Through the thin, silky fabric, Ozai massaged his wife's firm, young breasts, stopping occasionally to rub at her sensitive nipples, which hardened under his touch almost immediately.

He thought of taking Azula right then and there, against the wall, hiking her slutty dress up over her hips and shoving inside her... she most certainly would not object.

But, there was just something about the way she had handled the water bitch, Ozai wanted to see more of that.

He broke the kiss to speak into her ear.

"I want to try something different."

Azula shivered at the sensation of his hot breath.

Already, she could feel herself becoming aroused, the slippery wetness (that would be flooding her panties if she were wearing any), the little tingles in her most intimate places. It was actually quite jarring, mere moments ago she'd been disgusted, what with everything that had happened with Ka-

Azula pushed the girl out of her mind, focusing instead on her daddy, and that look in his eyes. Yes, she knew that look all too well, having seen it many, many times.

What was that 'something different' he wanted? She could only wonder, and hope that she would enjoy it, too.

She nodded, eager. "I'll do anything you want, Daddy."

Ozai let out a small chuckle.

How obedient she was, he had her trained so well.

While he very much liked that Azula was so eager to please him (he wouldn't have married her otherwise), she had another side to her. Domineering, unyielding. He so rarely got to interact with that side anymore, with him she was all demureness and fluttering lashes – not that he didn't enjoy that, too, he did.

But, he was a man, and like any man, he didn't want the same thing day in and day out.

"The way you handled the water whore, in there.." he rasped, still playing with her tits. "...I liked it. Let's play a game, My Azula, hm?" He released her breasts, moving instead to tuck a lock of loose dark hair behind her ear.

"I'm yours to command," he said, looking into her eyes now.

"What?" Azula asked, almost in disbelief.

Hearing those words out of the Phoenix King's mouth made her wonder if this was some sort of fever dream, or her mind playing tricks on her.

She blinked, as if to clear her mind of the proverbial fog, only to find him smiling down at her.

Ozai laughed again.

Predictably, she was taken aback by his request. This was a line they'd yet to cross, after all. Always, it was him on top of her, taking his pleasure, and her begging to be given something in return.

"Take control," he said. "Tell me what you want, and how you want it. Surely you're capable of that?"

She shook her head.


There was a moment of silence as she stood there, awkwardly, unknowing of what exactly to do or say – it wasn't as though she had any experience ordering a man around in the bedroom! Outside the bedroom, yes, but she'd only ever been with Daddy in that way and well, he wasn't exactly the sort of man one gave orders to, to say the least.

Azula cleared her throat, and stood up straight, mentally steeling herself.

"On your knees," she said, but with hardly any force at all behind her poor excuse for a command.

Ozai huffed, amused and just slightly frustrated.

"Come now, Azula, you can do better than that."

Azula narrowed her eyes, determined.

"I said.." she yanked his collar, with much more force than he had been expecting, obviously.

"On your knees, old man!"

With a hooking sweep, quick as lighting, the much larger, stronger (though considerably less agile) man felt his legs give out from under him, and in an instant he was on the ground.

When he didn't immediately react, Azula feared she had gone too far.

Her heart raced, so fast it felt like it was going to burst.

Her fears were (mostly) abated though when her father looked up at her, a small smile creeping over his harsh features, very obviously not angry.

"Now..." she said, locking eyes with him, hiking her dress up to expose the little pink slit in between her thighs which was throbbing with need, as she gathered the courage to say what she wanted to say next. "...put that disgusting mouth of yours to good use," she sneered, noting with some amusement just how quickly his gaze focused in on her bare sex.

Even in the relatively poor lighting, Ozai could see that she was glistening with wetness, as could only be expected. It gave him a sick thrill to know that he had this effect on her, without even having to touch her, hardly.

He was in control, they both knew it, he could stop this at any time and have his way with her, as he normally did. It was unspoken, yes, but understood. That allowed Ozai to do as his daughter had asked, leaning in until her pussy was barely an inch from his face.

Azula shifted a little, widening the space between her thighs in order to give him easier access. She shivered as his hot breath washed over her, like too warm water.

Agonizingly slowly, he spread her lips apart, revealing another set of smaller, pinker ones, and her little pearl, swollen with arousal, begging for his attention.

For what seemed an eternity, the Phoenix King stayed like that, on his knees before his daughter and wife, staring at what was unquestionably his.

"Well?" Azula huffed, impatient. "What's the matter, have you forgotten how to do this? Why doesn't that surprise-" "Agh!" she cried, his hot tongue making contact with her delicate, wet flesh.

Were it not for the fact that his mouth was currently, er... busy, Ozai might have laughed at how quickly that had shut her up. Like the little slut that she was, she panted and whimpered as he kissed and licked her pussy, stopping here and there to nibble at her. He took care though to avoid where she needed him most though, playing with her a while before finally giving her what she wanted.

The moment he flicked his tongue over her clitoris, she squealed, and her head snapped back, hitting the wall audibly.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, every stroke sending waves of pleasure throughout her prone form. Greedily, she wound her hands up in his soft black hair, practically shoving his face into her sex. "Yes, yes, yessss!" she mewled, thrusting as he ran his tongue over the tiny pearl, again and again... and again and again, so many times she lost count.

She almost couldn't believe this was happening, the great Phoenix King down on his knees, pleasuring her.

Ozai, meanwhile, felt like he might just cum in his pants, this was exciting him far, far more than he had thought it would. The imposing Phoenix Queen coming undone before him, loud, full-bodied moans tearing from her throat, moans he was certain the guards stationed just outside could hear – let it be known that he kept his wife happy, and that she would never go looking elsewhere for what she needed.

Gently, he slipped a finger inside her, stroking her inner walls with careful expertise, as his mouth closed around her clit. Sucking at the hard, little nub, he added a second finger, curling them both as so to better stimulate her.

She was close now, he could tell by the way she gasped for air, her strangled moans, and her erratic, involuntary movements.

"Mmm-haaaAAAAaaah!" Azula cried, tightening her grip around her father's hair, to the point where it probably hurt – not that she cared, in the moment. "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Fuck!"

Instinct urged her to beg, to plead with him to let her finish... but she stopped herself.

She had to be in control, this was how he wanted it. She couldn't disappoint-


A powerful orgasm wracked her body, rendering her quite incapable of any coherent thought. All she could focus on now was the intense pleasure, so intense it was almost painful, waves of blinding, white-hot ecstasy lighting her nerves on fire. She shut her eyes, allowing herself (not that she had a choice) to be consumed by it.

By the time it was all said and done, she was a panting, shaking, sweaty mess, barely able to stay standing, to boot.

Then, she saw him looking up at her, his face glistening with her juices, the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly, that sparkle in his eye... spirits, he was so fucking sexy.

"I'm not done with you" she managed, breathless.

Fully smiling now, her husband and father rose to his feet...

...and kissed her, hungrily, fingers threading through her sweat-dampened, raven locks.

With characteristic eagerness, she kissed him back, uncaring of the fact that he tasted of her.

Ozai deepened the kiss, feeling his daughter's much smaller hands upon his shoulders, gripping them tight, like she needed him to stand – perhaps she did.

Again, his hands flew to her breasts, kneading them roughly. She was quick to slap them away though, and to break the kiss, a strand of saliva still connecting their mouths when she did, and he had to admit that turned him on – not that he needed any further encouragement, he was rock-hard and dripping precum, so much so there was a visible wet spot, even through his many layers of clothing.

"I want you to lie down," Azula said, pointing. "Over there, on that table."

Ozai turned his head to see where she was pointing...

...a small wooden table, used for advanced interrogation, complete with shackles.

"Of course." He nodded. "Anything you want, My Queen."

He did as she asked, climbing up onto the table and laying on his back, taking a moment to position himself just so, so that he was comfortable. Well, as comfortable as one could be on top of an old slab of wood.

Once he was settled, she grabbed his wrist, shackling it to the table with ease.

"What, do you like this, Daddy?" she asked, noting his obvious look of amusement. She took his other wrist, shackling it as well. "Of course you do..."


Smirking, she reached for the zipper on the back of her dress. With slight difficulty (it was much easier to have another person do this for her) she got it down far enough so that she could slip out of it, leaving the now useless garment crumpled beside the table, and her body completely nude.

As he stared, she set to work on his clothes, next, hands trembling as they pushed up his robes and wrestled with the simple trousers beneath until finally, his large cock, the very same cock that had made her, met both the open air and her hungry eyes.

Skillfully and swiftly, Azula mounted him. Grasping his long, thick shaft, she guided him, slowly, inserting just the tip and then stopping.

"Is this what you want, Daddy?" she teased. "Your daughter's pussy?"

A pause.

"Tell me you want it," she demanded, shocked at just how much her confidence had grown throughout this, er... encounter.

The very real thought that he was actually at his daughter's mercy hit Ozai like a ton of bricks. Here he was, shackled to a table, underneath her. If she wanted to, she could leave him there, she'd already gotten hers...

No, she'd never do that, he told himself. Azula was only doing what he asked, if he told her to release him, she would. And, if he bent her over and fucked her, she would like it.

"I want it," he told her, confident he was still in control. And he wasn't lying, Agni, he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a girl on top him, it was always the other way around. "I want it, I want you."

Reveling in her newfound power (Just how many women could say they'd had the Phoenix King over a barrel like this? Not many, she was sure of it), Azula finally sank down on top of her father, gasping at the fullness as his length filled her up, eventually bottoming out.

Now that she was on top though... she had no idea what to do. She'd only ever done this a handful of times, and it had been a while.

Luckily though, her daddy knew just what to do. As always.

Ozai began to move, and she moved with him, until they settled into a rhythm that felt perfect.

"Just like that.." he rasped, closing his eyes, letting the sinfully pleasurable sensation take over.

Azula required no further instruction, she raised and lowered herself, letting her surprisingly powerful legs do most of the work.

A true prodigy indeed, Ozai thought.

A moan slipped past his lips.

Already, he felt close, Azula was so warm and wet and tight around him as she fucked herself on his cock, using him for her own selfish pleasure.

"You can't finish until I do, Daddy!" she declared, reaching down to play with herself.

Ordinarily, Ozai forbade that but... this was a special circumstance.

By all the spirits, it felt amazing. Him inside of her, big and thick and long, stretching her, her own fingers tickling her clit, sending shockwaves up her spine, the heat pooling in her belly.

With her free hand, Azula reached for her right breast, pinching and rolling the erect nipple, the way Daddy did... well, when he actually had the use of his hands, that is. Admittedly, it didn't feel quite as good as when he did it but still, it was pleasant enough.

Ozai, meanwhile, was able to hold himself back, just barely.

Thankfully, he didn't have to hold back long.

All of the sudden, he felt Azula spasming on top of him, heard her screaming her completion to the heavens. Her orgasm triggered his, before he knew it, he was cumming, too, spilling his seed into the beautiful girl who was currently riding him for all that he was worth – he so hoped he would get her pregnant, if she wasn't already.

"Oh, Daddy... Daddy that was amazing!" she gushed, collapsing on top of him.

Ozai laughed a little as she nuzzled him.

"I quite agree, my daughter."

A pause, the both of them stopping to catch their breath.

"Now, how about unlocking these things?"

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