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"The water bitch says you're better" Ozai said simply, unceremoniously, as he walked inside. "The Avatar and his friends managed to damage this place greatly, the servants say it'll be repaired by the evening. Your Dai Li are helpful as ever" he added, saying Dai Li as if the word itself was suspicious. Which it was - those creepy bastards disturbed the Phoenix King to no end. He wondered to this day how Azula had managed to tame them so.

Ozai sat down. "I thought you said you had her under control, that she was yours!" he exclaimed, not so much angry at Katara, or Azula, or Zuko even. He was just angry, angry that their perfect honeymoon had gotten off to a bad start. "Show that bitch her place, clearly she needs more discipline. And when we get back home, Zuko is going to pay for this insolence."

she needs more discipline

Azula concurred, chastising herself. "Of course, Father." Agni, she'd been letting her servant run wild! Next time- no... there would be no next time! Never again would the Phoenix Queen allow her King to be disrespected, least of all by the likes of a snow savage. "I'll straighten out that damned water-wench something fierce" she assured.

A pause.

"As for my idiot brother...," Why did he even care about Zuko anymore? "...you needn't worry about him." Zuko was irrelevant - locked away, out of sight, never to bother them again. The Phoenix Queen wanted to scream in frustration. "He doesn't matter," she spat, angrily. "Nor do any insolent, water tribe whores in need of a lesson from their betters." None of these idiots mattered! All that mattered was Azula- and Ozai. Azula... Ozai... their honeymoon... No one was going to ruin the perfect honeymoon they so richly deserved - over her dead body!

"All you need to worry about...," Azula's tone changed abruptly. Her voice was soothing, soft and sensual as she lowered herself onto the Phoenix King's lap. "...is me. Your Queen. Don't let anyone spoil this."

"Please, Daddy?" she implored, staring up at him.

Ozai sighed, staring into his daughter's golden eyes. "You're right" he said slowly, believing every word. It was just as it was before, Azula wouldn't let anything disturb them for very long. Really, he should stop being so tense. He smiled at that thought, already looking to the future and what he'd partake in tonight. The Phoenix King ran a hand down her back, starting from the hair at her neck, all the way down to her waist. "It would be foolish of us to let some bitch spoil this. She'll learn her place."

As for Zuko, no, his errors had piled up too high. Ozai needed only look at his daughter's hair to know that. His treachery and now the revelation that it had been Zuko who had let the Avatar and his agents damage his home? It only reinforced his belief that Zuko ruined everything. But he could wait, at least for now.

"So, my daughter, what do you propose we do while we wait for the servants to undo all the damage? Where shall we explore first on my island?"


Maybe (definitely) it was cliche, but there truly was no better way to spend an evening on Ember Island - around a roaring fire beneath the stars and moon, the soothing sound of gentle waves as they broke upon the shore. As well, there could be no better person with which to share it: her husband and father, of course. Azula watched as Ozai gathered a few large hunks of driftwood, having taken it upon himself to do so and insist his Queen dare not lift a finger. And of course, she knew better than to argue - besides, she could not risk any damage to her perfectly manicured fingernails! Though she did light the fire with a blast of cerulean, which quickly cooled upon making contact with the wood, turning orange in color as heat and intensity fell to exceptionally ordinary levels.

Azula recalled... something years and years ago, during one of many family vacations. She had been a little girl- five, perhaps six years old - a bonfire on the beach, chasing Zuzu and 'accidentally' kicking sand on Mother, later pretending to be asleep on Daddy's lap...

Speaking of her father, he appeared to be deep in thought, as evidenced by his tightening jaw and furrowed brows. To ask such a question of him was unusually bold, nonetheless Azula couldn't help herself. "What are you thinking about?" Indicating a desire for closeness, she slid over a bit, lessening the distance between them.

"I'm thinking about how this is the first one of these I'm going to enjoy" Ozai said softly, far moreso than normal, pulling his daughter closer and taking the opportunity to swipe the golden hairpin out of her head - ruffling the damaged locks until they cascaded down her back like a river of darkness. "Your grandfather used to take me here too, you know. Even back then, Iroh played his games. He'd leave, board in hand and go find other kids to challenge to Pai Sho" he laughed as he began stroking Azula's hair unthinkingly. Even though he spent so much time away, the little bastard was always father's favorite. Iroh had been given a dragon, an army, a throne. Ozai had been left a whore.

Azula, too, enjoyed a laugh as she tried to imagine just what her silly old uncle may have looked like at that age - ridiculous, surely ...fat? More than likely. "Was Uncle fat back then, too?" she asked, anticipating Ozai's laughter- a rare sound - once more. As well, the Phoenix Queen relished in her King's attentions, the sensation of his touch ...Father was pleased and so, daughter was pleased.

"Indeed. Your grandfather used to tease him that if he didn't lose it he'd never be allowed in the army" he chuckled. "Frankly, I was more surprised how he managed to become so in the first place. The only thing you ever see him drinking is tea. I heard even only eating prison rations he managed to retain his size"

"You're joking?" Azula questioned, incredulous, then suggested "Perhaps he ate the guards," only half-joking herself. "And the bars to his cell, no doubt - that must be how he managed to escape!"

"Fortunately for me...," she purred, tracing a finger along her father's rigid and well-defined abdominal muscles. "...his issues do not appear to be a genetic condition." If there was one thing Father loved, it was having his ego stroked. "You're perfect. Have I told you that? Truly, I must be the luckiest woman who ever lived..." But of course, she's always wanted to know- "Why me? You could have any woman you desire. Why your daughter?"

Ozai let out a relaxed sigh as his daughter caressed his upper body, after laughing only seconds earlier at her quip at Iroh.

"It's rather simple really." Ozai explained. "You understand what it means to rule. You're loyal, but not weak. You're intelligent, but not an idle philosopher like your Uncle. And..." he turned to her. "You're quite beautiful as well. You possess everything a man could want, everything a King could want. Sure, I could have my selection among the beautiful whores and harlots. Agni, I could have as many as I want! But no beautiful whore can be a queen, and that is why every Firelord before me died cold and alone, crushed by the weight of the nation which bows to them, their helpless wives unable to meaningfully serve them. You rule at my side."

"And surely not to mention, our children are likely to share all of these traits. Perhaps even better. Together... we can build a dynasty. Not just for the Fire Nation, but for the world!"

Ozai's eyes turned bright orange, the passion fueled flames of the fire reflecting off the whites in his eyes.

And so, the Phoenix Queen fell in love with her King- her father - all over again. Breathless, speechless, left reeling from all that he had said... she could do nothing, save for hold his gaze. It was not as though she disagreed, merely... hearing it from him, knowing what he thought of her- Father thought many things about her... many wonderful things, truly. From the way he had described her, one could only assume Ozai believed his daughter to be (dare she say?) perfect.

"Everything will be perfect ...We deserve that." Azula declared. "I want to stay with you forever" Though some part of her subconscious told her to stop speaking, she did not stop. "Promise... you'll never leave me again. Please, Daddy? Will you promise?"

"Why would I leave you?" Ozai asked, softly. "You're my Queen!" he laughed. "Do you think I went though the all the petulant Fire Sage bullshit just for fun?" the Phoenix King chuckled lowly before his face turned serious for a brief moment.

"I won't let your stupid relatives harm you again, of that you can be sure. Zuko was a misstep, one you dealt with at great cost. One that won't repeat"

He stroked her hair again. "Now, let's not spoil our first night with talk such as this, I am sure there are many more aspects of my fatso brother we can mock at length"

petulant Fire Sage bullshit

Azula could not stifle her own laugh upon hearing such a thing from Ozai. Moments like these were few and far between- indeed, she was being ridiculous! No, he would never leave her, Daddy wouldn't dare. Nor would he allow any harm come to her. The Phoenix Queen concurred...

There were more aspects to mock. "Why does your fatso brother drink so much tea anyways? If you cut that man, he'd bleed jasmine tea and then lick it up off the floor!" Many more. "And why does he think he's funny!? Ugh. I find his jokes utterly predictable- not to mention ill-timed and annoying!"

The Phoenix King laughed at that. "During his brief stay, Zuko told me that he once cried over spilled tea! And what was that you told me about Ba Sing Se? He opened a tea shop... hmm... what was it..."

"The Jasmine Dragon." Azula scoffed.

"The jasmine dragon...? I wonder if that has anything to do with the one he supposedly killed! Do you think he invited the last dragon over for tea, only to give it poison? Sounds like something only he would attempt!"

"He would!" she exclaimed, having nearly doubled over in a fit of laughter. "He would, too! ...Only Uncle Fuddy Duddy."

"Speaking of that miserable old fool...," Expression turning positively devious as her thoughts, Azula smirked. "...do you suppose he's heard about us?" she asked.

"I was thinking about sending him a letter, actually. Just a happy note from his ever-loving brother apologizing for the fact that the wedding had to proceed without him... and..." he chuckled. "inviting him over for tea!"

"Spirits be damned, I would kill to see the look on his face when he reads that letter! Although... in hindsight, we really should have invited him to our wedding - missed opportunity to torture a family member if you ask me! How could we be so careless, Father?"

He chuckled. "Indeed indeed. I'll admit I was more worried he'd torture us with his old proverbs and exotic teas. But maybe we can make it up to him with a visit to his tea shop?"

"Ah yes, of course!" Ozai's queen agreed, as always. "Father, do you know what I've just realized? I'm Zuzu's evil step-mother!" Once more, she couldn't help but to burst into a fit of somewhat endearing, albeit unusually high-pitched giggling.

"Why... why you are! Next time he says something stupid, you can send him to his room without supper!" he joined Azula in her laughter. "And never let Iroh talk down to you again, for you're his little sister, not his niece!"

"Yes, you're absolutely right! I'll be sure to start calling him brother, that should piss him off. He looks so funny when he's pissed off too - his face gets all red and blotchy!"

"Probably all the tea welling up to the surface, trying to escape by boiling under his skin" he mused.

"Of course, it makes perfect sense!"

Indeed, that made sense but- Iroh's sister!

Must I call him brother?

The sentiment was strange-

And what of my husband? Must I call him...

-too strange (almost), even for her. Abruptly changing the subject from his (their?) brother's various faults, Azula asked "Now that we're married, do I have to call you...," It sounded wrong, felt wrong as it rolled off her tongue- "...Ozai?"

A pause.

"I like calling you Daddy." She smiled. As always, Daddy felt right. "I don't want to stop."

"I am still your father, am I not?" Ozai answered triumphantly. "We may call eachother what we please, just as we do so in every other regard"

"Of course... Daddy."

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