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The Phoenix King had ordered an airship, and he had gotten a boat. Of course, that was probably because all the airships were destroyed by those kids, but Ozai was not a man for details. Despite his dislike of being out at sea (the servants had to give him something in the fist hour after they set sail, apparently he hasn't 'earnt his sea legs' yet), he had come to welcome the choice - after all, it had given him and his newlywed wife more time alone. Time which was in dreadful short supply in the capital after the wedding, which had sparked the interest of the nation. And then of course the court bickered over the costs of updating all royal paraphernalia, every building worth anything in the Fire Nation had to tear down their paintings and printed-drawings of Firelord Ozai and replace them with new ones of Phoenix King Ozai and his wife Phoenix Queen Azula.

Not that Ozai objected to his subjects appreciating him, he just wished they'd do it without bickering about the costs of the printing presses and all the logistical tomfoolery. Thankfully Azula sorted it out so he scarce had to lift a finger. The benefits of their union were already showing and the Phoenix King loved it. Marrying Azula had delivered on all his expectations, far superior to that bitch Ursa, who was even more useless than Zuko. Quite the accomplishment, really.

"And you're sure those pesky courtesans won't try to interrupt our time here?" he confirmed again for what had to be the tenth time. His Agni Kai with Lord Shing may have scared off the suitors, but the bureaucrats never seemed to go away, or so Ozai thought. The idea of two weeks off was simply unheard of, how Azula had gotten the nation's affairs to stay in order for that long befuddled Ozai to the highest degree. No matter how hard Ozai tried there was always more shit.

"Yes, Father," Azula replied, hopeful there was something she could say in order to appease him. "I assure you, we've nothing to worry about ...Your queen has seen to that - personally."

Her father's mind was... troubled. And more often than not, as of late. Though she resolved to ease any and all troubles, relieve him of concern regarding trivialities a king need not concern himself with - day to day minutiae of endless political squabble, mundane financial matters and the like. The Phoenix Queen wanted her king to be happy and yes, to simply relax - for once! Whether he wanted to or not...

Phoenix King Ozai would relax. As well, he would enjoy the company of his new bride - in every sense of the word.

"Daddy...," she purred with fluttering lashes and eyes imploring, slowly leaning into him. "My poor Daddy, always so tense. I suppose I'll need to help you with that, hmm?"

"You're right" he agreed, basking in Azula's attention. "That is exactly why we're headed here. Together..." Ozai accepted her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "we eliminated the Avatar and his traitorous allies, and now we will reap the rewards of our efforts, without the interference of lowlifes! Every couple in the Fire Nation enjoys a honeymoon under the protection I provide, so why shouldn't we?"

Silence for a moment.

The Phoenix Queen was definitely right, he was tense. And Azula, the ever-loyal wife that she was, was willing to rectify that. Ozai smiled. "Why don't you begin right now?" he propositioned, moving his hand to her back, pushing her onto the floor before loosening his trousers, exposing the shaft of the King's cock with his own hand. "Service me, girl" he ordered his daughter. "Your daddy has spent too long in this pathetic little vessel, and needs something more than fresh air to refresh him" he explained, looking out upon the approaching mass of Ember Island from his position on the top deck. Any pathetic guard or servant could walk in on them right now, and somehow that only drove the Phoenix King to higher extremes of arousal. She was his now, and there was no longer a point in hiding it. Nay, he wanted someone to see.

Now? ...Here!? What if someone sees- that was the point, surely... Daddy wished to be seen.

"Yes, Daddy" Azula replied, obedient as ever. Tentatively, painted lips wrapped around the head of his cock- hard for her already - as her warm tongue dutifully swiped away a bead of fluid that had formed.

Never had she done anything quite like this, quite so... so public! And... wrong! It was so wrong, she wasn't-they weren't supposed to. It was disgusting, absolutely disgusting ...And yet, suddenly she hoped that every man aboard the ship would be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of their queen down on her knees. Yes, the great Phoenix Queen wanted them all to see her like this! Azula sucked her Daddy's cock, steadying herself with delicate hands upon his hipbones as he moved to grab her hair - his grip tightened. She knew she was doing it right. Then came the all too familiar tingling sensation in between her legs, the flush of heat, her own arousal in response to his.


There really was no describing it. It was worse that it wasn't just one feeling, one emotion that was responsible. Nothing took her up, nothing consumed her. Katara didn't just feel trapped, she was out at sea - surrounded by her element. She didn't just feel fear, it was unlikely she was in any personal danger at this stage. Hate? Maybe before, but with each passing day it was getting harder to hate Azula and hate the Fire Nation. Anger. Well there was definitely a lot of that, she supposed, but Katara couldn't get the image of the borderline teary-eyed Azula... her hair wild as her eyes, desperately struggling against the water which Katara had failed to restrain her with. And with every appearance the anger faded. Loss. How could Katara even begin to account. She didn't know whether her allies were alive or dead, and Zuko... he had been hit with lightning. Was he laying in a cell dead? Dying? Katara had tried to see him, but she was not foolish enough to risk getting caught on Azula's wedding day. That would be a lot more than a slap on the wrist.

Disgust. Disgust at the farce of the marriage, disgust at the pain Azula so readily delivered, at duels to the death over trivialities. And yet, at the Fire Nation Royal Palace, it was difficult to remember the world was at war. Everywhere else in the world, it showed. In the people, in the battered buildings and spartan architecture, in people's minds. But the Fire Nation, for all its faults, maintained the euphoria and beauty of peacetime. They did not know the horrors of a losing war, and their nation was the better for it. Loneliness. She was far away from her home, her friends. Even her friend Ming at the palace was gone, as she had remained while Katara went away with the Phoenix Queen. The Phoenix Queen. The only woman she had a hope of connecting with. And she had. Ever so briefly. They had both lost their mothers. Loss.

Katara was desperate to feel something else, a respite from the absolute maelstrom of emotions that seemed to swirl around her. Compassion, Joy, Kindness, Connection, Love, Sympathy, Pride, Control, Hope. And her only hope of feeling any of these things was the Phoenix Queen. The guards, they watched her like a hawk. They wouldn't dare break their silence, they knew what a threat she was. For once, Katara wished she was underestimated again. The other servants, they weren't like Ming. She couldn't get a word out of them, nobody wanted to associate with the water savage who tried to kill the Phoenix Queen. Katara learned for the first time what it was like to be perceived as the enemy and not the savior. The Phoenix King wouldn't look at her, of course, nor did she want him too. The nobleman and courtesans? They were transients, usually well beyond her age. Even if any of them did want to talk to her.

But she could hold down a conversation with the Phoenix Queen. It broke her from feeling loneliness, and replaced it with an unknown sympathy instead. A cold feeling in her heart, an icy box that begged unlocking. When you're in a dark cell with nothing but an icy box, it starts to look pretty good. People get bored easily, and Katara was no exception. She was a social creature and needed connection, contact like everyone else.

And that's why she was going to see her. It's not like it was out of the blue, she had an excuse, to tell her about what Aang and Zuko (though she wouldn't mention him) had done to their beach home. But Katara, deep down knew the real reason for seeking out the Phoenix Queen. She wanted a connection, she wanted to pick the lock of the icy box. Right foot, left foot, right foot...

The fear was back in full force, that quality certainly hadn't left the Phoenix Queen. But Katara wasn't a woman to give into-


Katara found herself, a deercat in the firelight, staring at the source of the conversation she had been following with her ears (but had stopped... now she knew why). Of course, it wasn't like the waterbender was expecting Ozai and Azula's marriage to be perfectly platonic, but she definitely wasn't ready to see them, see her like this. She almost dropped the tray she was holding when the Phoenix King turned to her and smiled, before tightening his hand on his daughter's black locks to keep her head in place. He'd tell her about it later.

Okay, that wasn't the only reason she was disgusted. It was... it was seeing her on her knees. Katara had many presuppositions about the Phoenix Queen, but submission certainly wasn't one of them. If anything, she had expected the Phoenix King to be pleasuring her.

Wait... I can't believe I actually..., the waterbender shamed herself for having hopes about Azula's sex life. I guess people need something to hope for, too...

"Is there something you need, girl?"

The voice broke her out of her trance. "I, uh..." You've been staring at them for fifteen seconds...

"I-I'm sorry! Your Highness!" she exclaimed, putting her hand to her mouth before running off to get away from what was unfolding in front of her.

Ozai might have laughed, but the dramatic exit of the water bitch, Azula's personal servant stirred something primal in him. Now she too, a woman who was owned in every sense of the word, would know who her owner belonged to. The order of things had been established in the finest way possible, a way that didn't require words, only a gasp of surprise and the color draining out of the pathetic girl's face. Of course, the Phoenix King didn't have time to process that either, as he tilted his head back, a wave of pleasure emanating from his hips as his daughter finished him, taking his full load into her mouth.

The Phoenix King sighed, Azula had been right. He had been tense.

Father greatly approved of this particular method of stress relief, as evidenced by that oh-so-satisfied smirk- satisfied ...For now, Azula thought, as she rose up from a most compromising position, red-faced and with a slight tremble. Still smirking as though he'd won something, her husband leered, predatory eyes aglow as she smoothed her skirts and wiped a bit of his approval from her lower lip.

In the heat of the moment, she had been excited- aroused even - at the thought of nameless, faceless guards and stupid servant girls seeing them like... like this. The Phoenix King and Queen did not have to hide. Their union had been recognized before this great nation, before the Head Sage withal. Father and daughter were accepted, publicized- celebrated as any other couple. The sentiment was beautiful and yes, it was exciting in and of itself. Why should she care if others saw them enjoying one another as man and wife, the way they ought to, without fear of shame or judgment?

Alas, she did not care! Let the entire world bear witness!

Why then, did Azula care that Kat- the water-wench had seen them... seen her doing that? Quickly, the Phoenix Queen decided that she did not, in fact, care. She had been pleasuring her father- her husband! And what shame was there in doing so? ...None! There was no shame in fulfilling her duty (one of many) as his wife - it had been an honor.

There was no way- in this life or in any other that Phoenix Queen Azula gave One. Single. Solitary. Fuck. what some insignificant slave thought of her! So long as the water-wench feared her, nothing else mat-

She just saw you with your daddy's cock rammed down your throat! ...sucking him off like a good little whore, on your knees where you belong. No getting that image out of her head. How could she possibly respect you now, let alone fear you!? How does a whore command authority?

"Good girl" the Phoenix King complimented his daughter, his hand ruffling the raven-black hairs on the back of her head, his golden eyes not noticing the conflicted look in her own. "Due to your efforts, I do believe this will be one vacation I'll enjoy".

In fact, it might be the only one. Not that his past visits to the estate on Ember Island had been bad, but Ursa and Zuko always had a way of getting in the way, to the point where he had stopped their visits altogether. And of course, his father had done the same with him and that traitor Iroh, but Ozai had to admit he scarcely remembered such things, except for the fact that the old fossil did nothing but sit on the deck drinking cold tea.

No, the Phoenix King wanted to spend time with his new wife. It was a strange feeling, he reflected, since Ozai usually wanted to get away from women when he was done with them. But Azula was different, she was his. And that was perhaps the greatest pleasure of it all.

And there it was, the home he had spent years avoiding, very much intact. The estate itself a good distance away from any other such homes, which left Ozai with mixed feelings. Sure, he definitely wanted time alone with Azula - but the rush of the events two minutes previous had opened the Phoenix King up to a new realm of thought. She was his, and he wanted the entire world to know. For the moment, the water-wench would have to do.

Good girl

His praise was music to her ears, the sweetest symphony that a little queen could imagine. Father's praise was everything, it always had been... for as long as Azula could remember. Granted, he'd given it for rather different reasons when she was a child - her achievements in school, mastery of new firebending forms. Always, Ozai's daughter sought his approval and that would never change.

"You...," The Phoenix Queen agreed, toying with her husband's elongated beard, twirling it around her slender finger "Are going to enjoy every second. I shall see to that... Daddy."

If he enjoyed this trip, then she would as well. Still... Ember Island did have this special way of riling up her emotions, as did their beach home- though Azula remained certain that she would have a most splendid vacation. How could she not? There were no others to spoil her time with Father, after all! No Zuzu or Mother, fighting her for his attention. Daddy was all hers this time. And any bad memories were... just that- bad memories. This was the start of something new. There would be good memories from here on out.

Good memories, she thought, as the ship docked and she pushed away Ursa - scolding her for ruining her brother's sandcastles or dunking his head beneath the water. Not that she regretted doing so, of course ...She'd had her fun. As did Father, evidenced by his smile in response to her childhood antics and subsequent laughter at little Zuzu's expense. In fact... She almost wished Zuko were here, if only to torment - almost.

Once the ship had docked (with what was left of the docks, anyway, the remainder being supplemented with stone via the hand of the Dai Li), the Phoenix King and his wife and daughter walked ashore while various servants and guards scurried ahead of them to prepare the residence and unpack.

"Whatever is..." Ozai gaped at the peculiar sand-sculpture that had been... constructed, though using the word loosely, on the shore. A... blubbering blob monster? Ozai could describe it no other way. And there, another one that definitely had a much more well-defined shape. Some kind of six-legged animal. "...what miscreants have infested my property!" the Phoenix King shouted, furious that some children would dare defile what is his.

Laughter. That water-wench was laughing. The gall! Ozai didn't care what his daughter might think, no girl would laugh at the Phoenix King and leave unpunished. "Is there something about this that amuses you?" he growled, turning to her and causing the waterbender to twitch in fear. She was good, Ozai would grant, the girl instinctually and subtly moved her feet into a better stance the moment he had moved.

Katara hadn't meant to laugh, really! It's just, the Phoenix King's quizzical look as he tried to figure out what Sokka's 'sculpture' of Suki was supposed to be was beyond amusing. Katara had never seen her enemy so befuddled, it was almost as good as the time she burned Azula with that joke back in the cell.

Of course, laughing at the Phoenix King was a grievous error, the man was furious. The waterbender looked at his furious golden eyes and then over at Azula, as if to beg for her help. "I..." she stammered, the hopelessness of it all coming back to Katara all at once. The man looking at her threateningly was the Phoenix King, the man who had killed Aang, and brought Azula to her knees. This wasn't like Pakku who she could at least contend levelly with, the man in front of her was not even a tenth as rational and civilized, and had more power than he knew what to do with. Any thoughts of resisting or coming back with a snarky remark died right then and there. She had only one choice, to appease her enemy.

Help her! Help her! Help her!

The voice in her head, it was screaming ...Azula wanted to listen but- no! Stupid water-wench. She should know better! She should know better than to laugh at the Phoenix King! No, leave her to her own devices. She deserves to be punished-

Punished? Father could kill her.

And what am I to do!? Restrain him? Ha! Convince him that grievous bodily harm is not an appropriate punishment? As if...

As far as Ozai was concerned, grievous bodily harm was always an appropriate punishment - even for the smallest of slights, whether real or perceived.

Come now... Daddy's little girl can figure something out, surely.

Indeed, Azula knew how to handle Ozai and... there was nothing she could do or say, not this time.

Nobody was there to help the waterbender. "I-I'm sorry!" she managed, lying (Katara was not at all sorry). "It's just... I know who-"


Sighing dramatically, feigning heat exhaustion or the like, Azula fell to the ground, hopeful that Daddy would rush to her aid...

Katara looked to the right of her aggressor at her collapsed Mistress. That quickly became the new unexpected highlight of the day, first... well, what happened on the boat, and now she faints? She almost wanted to laugh again.

The Phoenix King was just about to raise a flame in his hand when he heard his wife collapse behind him. What in Agni's name...?

"You! Water-Bitch!" Ozai growled. Katara almost took a step back. Does he think I'm responsible? "You're a healer. Heal. And I might spare your pathetic life."

Katara was relieved. Azula's... she's not unconscious!, she exclaimed to herself as she reached out to the Phoenix Queen with her mind, feeling each drop of water within her body. She desperately tried not to laugh again. Had she really... had she really faked her own illness to...? The waterbender almost froze with disbelief. "Uh... she... she has..." Katara stammered.

"It's tropical fever. Zuko got it when he came here for the first time too. Something about acclimating to the climate, Your Highness" she lied quickly to protect them both. "I can heal her, but it'll take a while. She needs to be moved to the house for her recovery"

"Zuko" Ozai growled in response and didn't raise a hand to help her, walking away to see what other damage the Avatar had done to his home.


"Okay, you can stop faking now" Katara said out loud, setting down the surprisingly light Phoenix Queen as the sliding door closed behind her. "I know you're fine. A healer can tell"

Azula conceded. "You're welcome," she said, flatly. "And now, in exchange for your pathetic life, you must promise me something."

Even though she had literally just instructed Azula to cease faking, Katara almost jumped as her eyelids revealed irises of gold and the Phoenix Queen sat up. "I, uh... right, of course Your Highness" she finally answered, the stress of the events previous still ripe in her mind.

"Do not make Daddy angry again, you stupid peasant," Azula huffed. She spoke sternly, leaving no room for negotiation or misunderstanding. "If you should be foolish enough to make the same mistake twice..." A warning. "...Next time, I can assure you that you will not be so lucky." And of course, one small stipulation - Phoenix Queen Azula's generosity had a price. "As well, we are never to speak of this matter again."

Katara's head drooped, disappointed. "Of course, Your Highness" she repeated, pausing. "Thank you" she decided to add, the words much more difficult to say that she had ever imagined.

"Now we wait. Give Daddy time to... simmer down. Then, you are to run along and fetch him, tell him I've been asking for him" Azula instructed as she considered, however briefly, her husband's whereabouts... why he'd left her lying there in the sand... and why he was not with her now.

Katara looked at the Phoenix Queen for some time as they waited, before speaking once again. Katara's hunch was beginning to simmer and boil into a theory of its own. She could feel herself finding one of the pins to the icy lock. "Your Highness, may I ask another question?"

Questions. Always questions with this one ...Spirits, why had she saved her in the first place?

You know why - had to save some face. And maybe, just maybe... you didn't want something terrible to happen to Katara.

"If you must" Azula replied, her tone clipped, though ultimately granting permission.

It's nothing to do with her! I just hate seeing Daddy get all worked up - he doesn't need that! Not now.

Katara certainly feared Azula, how could one not? But she also knew the benefits of getting closer outweighed the risk of getting burned again. And so she asked. "Is he always like this?"

Is he always like this?

Like... what? Was she implying that-

Ozai is always angry.

Well, that could hardly be further from the truth. Indeed, her husband had quite the temper but- no! He wasn't always angry... just... most of the time- sometimes! In any case, he was rarely angry with her. Daddy got angry at stupid people- like Zuko! And... and servants- insolent servants who did not know their place and were in need of a lesson! Not her, not his special little girl - his devoted wife and beloved queen.

"What? No! No, of course not!" The Phoenix Queen denied, indignant. "Just what is it that you mean to imply, water-wench?"

Fear told her to stop right there. Ozai was her husband and father, after all. She wouldn't be exactly jumping at the chance to criticize, even by implication. Katara also didn't want to give into her fear, she wanted to pick the icy lock, she wanted to connect again. But Azula's angry eyes told her that time wasn't today. "Nothing, Your Highness. I'm sorry - I'll go and get him like you asked" she said quickly.

Katara knew something was up between those two, more than, well, what she had seen. Azula wasn't completely happy, she couldn't be. Finding out the truth from her was the way forward, it was the only way forward.

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