Sluts of Amity Park

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A Daring Night



Jazz, Sam and Paulina X OC


Steam filled the bathroom as a young woman soaped her long red hair under the warm water coming from the sprinkler, the soap ran across her tender and soft body leaving nothing more than a line of bubbles while the aroma of spring flowers permeated the room.


Jasmine Fenton or simply Jazz as her close friends always addressed her shut the sprinkler once she had to rinse off all of the soap from her young and voluptuous body which she was oddly proud of given the fact that she didn’t do any particular workout routine.


Her eyes set over the bathroom window before opening the faucet to fill up the bathtub which she only uses once a week as to save up on water, it was then that she treated herself to the hot water as to relaxed her body allowing it to take away all the stress of the week.


The redhead’s slender fingers gently caressed both her monumental breasts and soon enough her hand found its way to her plump bubble butt and eventually reaching down to her long and thick legs giving them a soft massage.


“I deserve this”- Jazz mumbled to herself after stretching her back.


The hot water made her feel rejuvenated and completely relax, Jazz then turned on her cellphone and play some classical music to set a more comfortable ambiance, for a moment, she considered buying scented candles for her next bath along with some wine.


The sudden idea of going to her favorite nightclub embraced her mind but cast it off as she wanted to rest for that night, she wasn’t much of a drinker but did enjoy a casual drink once in a while, what she liked the most was to dance a little with her close yet geeky friends, Kitty, Dorothea and her brother, Aragon.


There was one more important reason as to why she normally went out clubbing which didn’t include dancing or drinking, not even to celebrate that she aced all of her tests or earning a full scholarship, she simply wanted to partake in her favorite activity, sex.


Jasmine wasn’t new to sex and often looked forward to it whenever going out dressing up in her most sexy clothes and acting all flirty with any guys that caught her fancy, it was a shame her nerdy friends had a much harder time finding a decent cock.


Neither Dorathea nor her brother Aragon had ever gone over to a nightclub before and didn’t know what to do, Kitty was no better as she was a more or less sheltered girl, it was amusing to see them looking over their shoulders when they were at the dance floor.


“I hope you’re not backing out, girls!”- Jazz recalled telling his friends one late night after walking out of the club earlier than normal.


Aragon was by no means amused when Jazz handed out to them a few condoms and told them about having found some nice guys who wanted to sleep with them. Aragon turned furious at his younger sister who didn’t tell him about her already agreeing to this and didn’t want his little sister to sleep with some random guy.


Yet Jazz easily convinced Aragon to let his sister have sex with a random guy after claiming that it was for the best that she had some experience and once he was presented with a voluptuous blonde girl who had a strange and most awkward fetish.   


The woman was a swinger in her early thirties with a gorgeous face, massive breasts, and a butt that Aragon had only seen in movies before, Jazz had met them some time ago and agreed to help them fulfilled their fetish.


Jazz recalled seeing Dora’s blushed face once she entered into the motel room in the company of the couple and her older brother Aragon, not even Jazz herself would have the courage to have sex next to her brother while he slept with some girl.


Dora blushed madly as she and her friends were being driven to the nearest motel, her brother was already making out with the blonde who had more tits than head, Kitty was already making out and undressing while her colored lover was busy fingering her.


The girl was sure that her brother, Aragon had a crush on Jazz but he didn’t seem to mind that she was giving a blow job to her would-be one-night stand. Aragon was too entertained with touching a pussy for the first time that his crush for the redhead was long forgotten. 


Dora and the blonde woman’s husband were the ones chosen to book the rooms as the rest were too busy making out. Dora wanted to ask if he was really ok with a stranger having sex with his wife but couldn’t rally the strength as she too was going to have sex with him.


The redhead’s eyes turned over to Kitty who making out with a guy who had been eyeing her down at the club for a while, she was more than eager to sleep with the guy. It was then that she felt a finger pricking her anus.


Her own date was already lifting her skirt and shoving his finger inside of her after moving her thong to the side. Jazz let out a soft giggle as she and her man walked into the cheap motel room, quickly undressing while kissing as if they were long-term lovers.


The girl got on all fours after tossing her black dress on the floor along with her thong, her lover didn’t waste any time at all with foreplay as she was already drenched and pierce her womanhood with his large and fat cock making her moan loudly.


The bed creaked loudly almost in rhythm to their movements, Jazz’s large breasts bounced all around as the man slammed his hips unto her round bubble butt. The way her anus twitched was practically hypnotic. 


“Harder!”- Jazz demanded as she could feel her first orgasm coming up.


The redhead could feel the condom filling up inside of her and for a moment, regretted ever using a condom in the first place as she loves the gooey feeling of cum saturating her womb, yet she didn’t feel like having a baby anytime soon.


Later that night, around three in the morning Jazz walked out in the direction to the vending machine for a cold drink, it wasn’t the first time she had visited the roadside motel to have sex with some random boy she had met.


The streets were empty and there were just a couple of cars parked in the parking lot, the cold winds didn’t bother as she made her way to the vending machine where Dora was taking out some can while wrapped in a white towel.


“Had fun?”- Jazz asked teasingly.


“Yes, but it was a little awkward to pop my cherry next to my big bro.”- Dora said while turning around to see Jazz.


The blonde-haired girl blushed upon seeing the redhead standing naked in front of her, Dora quickly looked around trying to see if there was anyone around but they were alone, not even a car was running down the highway.  


“I didn’t know you were a virgin.”- Jazz said while looking at Dora.


It was then that Jazz gently pulled away Dora’s towel leaving her standing naked while holding on to her sodas, Jazz then processed to wrapping ice with a towel so she could put it on her cunt as she apologized for not knowing that she was a virgin and would have found her a better partner.


“Don’t sweat it, girl, but next time, can it just be me and the guy? Not a foursome with my brother… that was weird… I haven’t seen him naked since we were toddlers.”- Dora said with amusement in her voice.


The two girls walked back to their room not bothering to cover themselves again as there was no one near to see them, Jazz helped Dora with the door and saw how Aragon was kissing the blonde woman while her husband was asleep.


Her phone suddenly rang pulling Jazz from her memory lane, it was a text from Dora followed by a picture that made her laugh. The blonde was sitting naked between two men, a text was underneath saying, “Look at what you’re missing out on.”


Dora had become much more confident after her first time and didn’t hesitate to pick up guys, many times she would give a blow job while waiting for her brother to finished nailing some girl he found at the club before going home. 




“Go fuck yourself, you damn shallow tramp!”- Jazz suddenly heard a female voice yelled out followed by a door being slammed.


Jazz sigh upon hearing her two roommates arguing over some nonsense, nevertheless, she tried to ignore them as this was a rather common occurrence. Every night both girls would argue over one thing or another, let it be a television show or who took the last cookie from the jar.


Both were always at each other’s necks, though it had never reached the point where they would take things to a physical level. The arguing began to intensified making the redhead growl in frustration as this was one of the few moments in which she could behave like a woman and spoil herself.


“Another night, my idiot roomies are fighting again.”- Jazz texted back, now really wanting to go out to the club or to join Dora in her threesome. 


The sudden sound of glass shattering was the breaking point that made Jazz jump out of the bathtub and wrapped herself in a pink towel. The girl stormed out of the bathroom with a murderous look on her face while stomping her feet down the stairs.


Before Jasmine were two girls glaring at each other while growling like hounds, hardly acknowledging the redhead’s presence. A broken mug rested in pieces by the kitchen floor but neither of them cares for it as their growling contest was much more important.


“What the fuck is wrong with you two dumb bitches!”- Jazz yelled out in a commanding voice.


Both girls jump on their spots and looked over to Jazz and then to her prize coffee mug which laid in pieces. The first to apologize was a young woman with short black hair cut into a bob hairstyle named Samantha or Sam for short. Her purple eyes were adorned with a dark shade and purple mascara jump from the mug to Jazz’s angry blue eyes.


“She started!”- a girl with a Spanish accent suddenly said.


“I don’t care, Paulina”- Jazz replied looking over at them. “You’re both university students, behave like such.”


The redhead eyed down the Latina whose long black hair contrasted greatly with the tight one-piece white dress clearly not meant for the campus grounds, the high heels would be torture after a short while but Jazz hadn’t seen Paulina in anything that wasn’t considered fashionable or sexy.


Sam, on the other hand, was still in her regular street clothes which hadn’t changed much since her days at Casper high, she still wore an extremely short black miniskirt and black tank top though traded her combat boots for more fashionable stiletto boots which had the same problem as Paulina.


All three of them had hit puberty like a freight train, they were tall and slender yet their breasts had reached the abnormal cup J and their hips widen, giving enough room for large and round bubble butts, long thick legs, and faces to die for. They were every boy’s dream girl.


Sam and Paulina both looked over at their senior who was still wrapped in her pink towel which made her look like a kid instead of a twenty-year-old college student. Not even a second after Jazz asked what the problem was that both girls turned against each other all over again.


“You only got those grades because you blew the professor!”- Sam accused Paulina.


“Oh, that’s rich coming from you.” Paulina retorted. “My girl Star saw fucking with the professor in the classroom, right over his desk.”- the Latina added with a smirk.


“That was a one-time thing!”- Sam replied.


The Latina proceeded to name all the cocks that had been inside of Sam in the last month starting with the history teacher along with the science, literature, and an additional five names more, one that was female which made Jazz sigh out loud as she wondered how these two borderline retards got into Vorhees university.


It was one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country and one of the hardest to get into. The university specialized in the study of the paranormal phenomena that took over the world many decades ago but also kept up to date on all the mayors.


Jazz was more than sure that Sam’s parents had bought her way in as she was far too focused on “saving” the world via participation in the never-ending Ambiental and animal rights protests, often spending days at the protest and already being arrested for the same reasons.


A bigger mystery was Paulina’s presence as she was deemed a complete idiot who could only sleep her way up the ladder, and yet, Jazz couldn’t picture her sleeping her way in. There were too many tests both written and oral just to get in.


Even Jazz had to study extremely hard just to passed the initial tests but slept with a couple of admissions offices from the college admission committee just to make sure her entry was fully secured. Thankfully her mom also helped her get in by using her influence and ass.


The redhead knew both girls were turning trick for better grades, Jazz on the other hand, only used her ass once to get into the university therefore, studied very hard each night and made great efforts to keep high marks on all her subjects just to keep her scholarship due to not being part of any fraternity.


“I can’t believe my brother had feelings for you two dumb sluts.”- Jazz muttered as she swaps the broken glass. “Thank god, he woke up and got together with Valerie.”-


“Oh, don’t act like you’re some sort of a saint, Jazzniess.”- Sam said crossing her arms.


The redhead raised an eyebrow looking down at Sam and Paulina who unlike her were at college thanks to their parents' influence and the constant use of their holes. Jazz had fought tooth and nail for a scholarship that barely covered her school expenses.


“Whatever do you mean, little miss Mason.”- Jazz teased knowing all too well how much Sam hated being addressed as miss. “Unlike you, I don’t have to sleep with any of my teachers to keep my grades up.”- the redhead remarked while shoving her hair to the side.


“Did you forget working as a stripper for a whole semester, eh Velvet?”- Sam fired back at the redhead.


Vorhees university didn’t believe in the dorm system as in their opinion allowed the students to fall into poor habits hence coming to an agreement with the local government to build small houses for which the students had to pay rent, hence making school life even harder.


Jazz slapped her head upon recalling how her scholarship and tuition didn’t extend to any sort of personal expenses such as rent, food, gas, and clothing which she thought were going to be easy to supply with a part-time job so she could focus solely on school. 


Yet all the money she made at her part-time job disappeared in rent and cheap grocery which consisted on cereal as both Paulina and Sam had their own fridge which they didn’t share with anyone, leaving Jazz wearing rags and using the public transport rather than her beetle as she couldn’t afford gas.


Tire of eating oatmeal and wearing the same blouse for five weeks in a row made her look for employment elsewhere once she was denied any sort of financial aid despite her extremely high grades. It was by mere coincidence that she came across a strip club that had wanted sign on the window.  


Jazz was hired on the spot once they saw her naked and money literally rained over her head every night, enough to buy a whole new wardrobe and treat herself to proper food, even save up enough to last her until the end of the year.


“I was a professional and never slept with a client.”- Jazz lied as she had given blow jobs in the booths for twenty dollars and even sleep with a couple of guys for money.


“Or the time that I had to sneak out one of your one-night stands while Sam distracted your folks when they came for a surprise visit." Paulina intervenes with a smirk.


It was already quite annoying to hear them argue every night but it was more annoying to see them agree on something, worst yet, to have them gang up on her. Jazz often treated herself to a night out with her friends once they started to have the same fun as her but only once brought a man back with her.


She never expected her parents to suddenly drop by without any heads up, which made her nearly begged to both Paulina and Sam to help her out. Sam ended up distracting the Fenton’s’ while Paulina and Jazz help her unnamed man climb out of the window.


Out of the three of them, Jazz had the most normal sex life which consisted of random one-night stands as she didn’t have the time or energy to get a boyfriend though did spend some time with a boy named Johnny 13 back in high school and to whom she lost her virginity too after just a few weeks of relationship but his bad luck broke any upcoming future.


There were close door rumors about Paulina sleeping with the entire football team, including the couch, and of course, there were rumors about Sam having outdoor sex during one of the many camping trips and was even arrested for public indecency after being caught giving a blow job to a random man in the middle of the street, and yet, Jazz was the one being slut-shame.   


“I did pay you girls back.”- Jazz retorted.


“Yeah. Doing our homework for a week…”- Sam added, “We’re not in high school anymore.”- the goth added.


“Like you need money, miss money bags.”- Jazz teased.


The last thing she wanted was to get into an argument with her brother’s former girlfriend, it was already an awkward conversation when Danny found out that Jazz was sharing a house with the goth but got off the hook once she explained how she had no say in the matter, which ironically was true.


The university chose who lived in each house but even with three roommates, Jazz had struggled for money as textbooks and tuitions were very expensive. She never did expect having Sam and Paulina as her first roomies though.


“Oh, I’m sorry miss middle class. I just don’t know how to work… taking off my clothes!”- Sam teased.


“I ain’t no whore like you. Men pay top dollar just to see my tits, you, on the other hand, any junkie can have their way with you.”- Jazz added teasing the goth’s protests.


“If I wanted to get paid for taking off my clothes, I would make ten times more than you, egghead.”- Sam challenge while crossing her arms.


“Why don’t we just stand in the corner and see who gets more money.”- Paulina suddenly said in a playful manner.


Both girls were already heated up and were looking at Paulina as if she were a crackhead, it was then that Jazz broke off saying that she just wanted to finish her bath and go to bed yet Sam wasn’t ready to end the conversation.


“What? Afraid to find out no one would want to tap your flat ass.”- Sam recriminated.


“Bitch, please. My ass is perfect and I wouldn’t leave any man for your used-up cunts.”- Jazz spoke as a vein in her forehead nearly pop.


“Big talk, no show! Like it or not I’m a better catch than any of ya”- Sam retorted. “That’s why little Danny couldn’t handle me.”- the goth added mockingly.


Jazz’s eye twitches upon hearing that Danny wasn’t man enough for Sam, the redhead knew for a fact that it was Sam who couldn’t handle Danny. After her brother broke up with Sam, he started to bring a new girl almost every day and each one screamed his name.


“Let’s put that ass to the test!”- Jazz demanded furiously.




Cars dashed down the avenue in front of a cheap two-story hotel on the other side of the city. The room was simple at best with flowered wallpaper and clean red carpet, the bathroom wasn’t anything to write home about but it was clean. Even the bed sheets were white and still smell like lavender.


Sam sighed loudly as she looked at herself in the mirror and saw how she traded her regular clothes for a tight thong bikini and stiletto high heels which showed her body completely. It was after hearing a knock on the door that she stepped out of the room.


Leaning against the wall was Paulina Sanchez dressed in a cheerleader uniform which she modified to make it look even sexier, leaving her ass completely exposed along with the standard tank top that made her breasts look even firmer.


Sam wondered just where in the world did Paulina find a pair of stiletto sneakers to match her costume. It was then that she noticed Jazz was talking to the front desk clerk who couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts.


The redhead wore one of her many costumes from her stripper workplace which consisted of a shiny purple miniskirt that hardly covered anything all as her butt was completely expose, a bright bra that only covered her nipples with tassels hanging.


“Man, I thought this was hardcore… she’s basically naked.”- Sam thought while feeling some embarrassment for using the same bikini she wore during her last family vacation and which made her mother pass out upon seeing.


The redhead looks at Paulina and Sam with a mock expression that said that she was ready to go the full yard. Despite being a model student since high school, Jazz had a well-cemented kinky side to her, one that no one knew about, not even Danny.


Jazz had lost her virginity a day after turning sixteen to Johnny thirteen whom she had been friends with for a while now, yet the boy was nothing more than trouble, and not due to him being some bad boy but just very unlucky.


“I just spoke with the clerk and he’s cool with us turning tricks here so long we give him ten percent of our earnings…”- Jazz spoke firmly. “I assume that’s not a problem since this is not for money.” She added defiantly.


“Whatever. So, whoever makes more money before three in the morning gets the title of Top Bitch”- Paulina said as she walked past the two girls.


The hotel clerk couldn’t help but to look at them as they walked past him wiggling their round butts in a very exaggerated manner, a warm wind embraced their bodies once the automatic door slides open.


None of the girls could understand when or why their argument turned into a challenge about who could take more men to bed and make the most money out of it, but it was clearly Jazz’s fault as she bragged about how men gave all of their hard-earned money just to get a glimpse of her cunt.


Sam and Paulina took a personal offense upon hearing these words as they were more than sure to get twice as much money as Jazz whom they considered being nothing more than a nerd, an egghead, even a teacher’s pet.


“I hope you don’t go home crying after seeing the line that men are gonna make just to see me”- Sam taunted Jazz who only smirked while eyeing her down.


The redhead scoffed as she was confident in her beauty, Jazz had made over four hundred dollars per night when she was a stripper, easily covering her expenses from the first week, she made double that during the weekends and a little extra when turning tricks which amounted to a hefty amount.


The three girls stood just a few meters away from the hotel’s entrance to avoid the establishment from losing any potential sales due to their presence. Jazz’s car was parked in the hotel’s parking lot very close to the entrance and facing the street just in case they needed to leave in a hurry.


“Are you sure we’re gonna get clients here?”- Paulina asked upon seeing the empty street.


“You really want to turn trick around the main street where someone might recognize us?”- Jazz replied looking at her with a “Are you stupid?” face.


Even Paulina understood that they couldn’t hold their little contest at the bars and clubs near campus as word of their activities could reach the school and have them expelled. Her eyes moved all over the street.


There was an adult movie theater across the street just in front of the hotel, by the end of the street to the left stood a porn shop, two more shady-looking hotels, and a pharmacy on the opposite side, there was also an avenue running parallel.


Paulina then realized that Jazz didn’t randomly pick this hotel on a whim, there might not be a heavy flow of people but the ones that were around were horny in a matter of speaking, those coming out of the theater would be searching for a quick fuck, even those buying at the porn shop might want some action. 


Not even ten minutes had passed when several men walked out of the porn movie theater, some looking down in embarrassment while others tried to play it off as normal, perhaps an attempt to make it seem as if they just saw a regular movie.


“Holy shit, that kid gotta be at least twelve?”- Sam said pointing over to a boy with blonde hair who rushed down the street after exiting the theater.  


A young good-looking man who clearly just became of age walked out of the movie theater and stood on the other side of the street, making eye contact with Jazz who exuberant body put any porn star to shame.


Not only did he looked at Jazz but also gaze upon Sam and Paulina staring at their large breasts and perfect bubble butts, it was something that a regular whore didn’t have, but the man had already made up his mind the moment his eyes laid over the redhead.


“Hi… I uh… how… how…”- the man had a hard time expressing his voice as he stood close to Jazz which made him adjust his glasses as the idea of walking away was becoming more overwhelming.


“Hundred bucks an hour with condom but you pay for the room.”- Jazz said in a seductive voice while leaning in closer. “You get a topless blowjob and full intercourse, my tight asshole for fifty-dollar extras.”- she said nearly kissing his ear.  


“Yes, please.”- the man replied already pulling his wallet out.


Sam and Paulina both watched with dumbfounded expressions as Jazz winked at them before walking into the hotel already a hundred dollars richer, the room she rented only costed thirty bucks per night and she wasn’t even paying for it now as her john put the hotel fee.


The goth felt somewhat humiliated that it took only ten minutes for the redhead to fetch a man, Paulina took pride in her ability to seduce but seeing how the nerdy bookworm just stood and without a word easily reeled in a man, it made her feel just as humiliated as Sam.


“So much for being a model student.”- Sam muttered rather annoyed as she expected to be picked up before the redhead.


“She’s a natural whore but not like me.”- Paulina added with pride expecting someone with finer taste to call her.




The glasses-wearing man couldn’t take his eyes away from Jazz’s perfect butt as she wiggled her behind towards the room, it was as if her ass had some sort of magnetic or even magical pull over his eyes that didn’t let him look away.


Her high heels echoed within the hall which only infused the man’s desires and lust. Never before had seen a woman as stunning as the redhead which made him wonder why she was selling herself in the streets.


She could easily nab herself an old rich man if she needed money or worked at one of the many strip clubs around town, though he could have sworn to have seen her before but couldn’t make out from where.  


“So, vaginal only?”- Jazz asked as she sat down while seductively crossing her legs.


“You said anal for fifty more, right?”- the man with glasses asked to fear to have heard wrong.


“Yes, of course.”- the redhead replied extending her hand ready to get paid, “Let me get you ready.”- she continued after securing her money in her purse.


Jazz pulled down on her bra exposing her nipples as her john undressed with shaking hands. The redhead then kneeled putting her lips a single inch away from his hard and throbbing cock which she gave a few licks before taking it inside of her mouth.


Her tongue wrapped around the gland sending delightful shivers up the man’s spine, her soft hands wrapped around his waist while her head moved up and down slowly, making sure that her client enjoyed every second of it.


She never confided to anyone that she loves the flavor of a penis, not even to her closest friends. It made her mind go numb with pleasure and on more than one occasion had even reached orgasm just by sucking someone off.


“Ready for the main course?”- Jazz asked after only a minute.


The redhead knew she wasn’t with one of her one-night stands but a client, she had to remind herself that it wasn’t working either but a contest to see who could fetch more men before three in the morning.


Jazz pulled down her thong and bend over the bed as she applied some lube on her tight asshole, she was no amateur when it came to ways of the bed. Jazz had tried a little bit of everything in the last few years, anal was the first fetish she tried out, and loved it.


She could feel the man’s penis slowly sliding inside her asshole making her moan in delight, there was a certain level of excitement in giving herself to someone she didn’t even know. Her anus tightly wrapped around his cock, refusing to let him go.


“Is this for real?”- the man said as he pumped Jazz. “I’ve never done anal before.”- he continued.


“I’m your first?”- Jazz muttered as she looked at him, “I’m honored.”- the redhead added as she tightens her anus as hard as she could.


The man couldn’t hold for any longer and unleashed his load allowing the condom to perform its job by catching all of the hot gooey semen. His face was that of bliss as he had never had a woman like Jazz before and even considered asking her out.


Jazz tied the condom around as her john walked towards the door regretting not having the courage to ask her out as he wanted, the man came to understand that even a hooker such as the redhead was completely out of his league.


“By the way, twenty bucks for a make-out session with fondling.”- Jazz suddenly said after seeing him struggling to ask something of her. 


Their tongues danced around while his hands greedily touched her butt, it was then that Jazz guided his hand in between her legs allowing him to touch her womanhood. It was a crying shame that he ran out of money and would have to walk home but it was well-spent money.


“Thank you so much.”- the man said as he walked out the door.


“Hundred and seventy dollars… not bad for a thirty-minute fuck.”- Jazz muttered while cleaning herself up for her next client.




While Jazz was busy with her client, a quirky-looking couple approached the two remaining whores who looked at them worried that they might be a zealous religious couple who wanted to save them from prostitution. 


“How much for the both of us?”- the husband who is slightly overweight asked looking straight at Paulina.


Paulina looked over to the wife was clearly in her mid-forties but was still good-looking, the tan girl had never sold herself before and so went with Jazz’s price chart which was a hundred dollars and thirty dollars, room included.


The goth looked with annoyance as she was the only one left dressed in her hooker clothes, it was more than humiliating to be left behind despite wearing a sexy bikini. Her violet eyes set on the former cheerleader as she guided the couple into the hotel.


Soon enough, Paulina was on her knees with the man-bashing her ass with his hips while she served the wife. The tan former cheerleader had eaten out many of her teammates during her time at Casper high and wasn’t new to lesbian sex.


Paulina worked the pussy like a professional as many years of practice gave much skill in that regard. The man, on the other hand, was in dire need of more practice as his movements were dull and monotonous.


Yet her cunt squeezed him as if he had a life of its own. Her large and round butt made light waves each time she was impacted showing just how soft she truly is. Paulina moaned in between licks already delving into the pleasure.


As Paulina continued licking the woman, she recalled the first time she had eaten out another girl. It was a hazing back in Casper high, the girl looked over to Star Griffin, one of her dearest friends as the quarterback asked them to make out.


Both girls wrapped their tongues in an erotic embrace as Star begun to unzipped Paulina’s skirt showing her plump ass protected only by a small thong. The two girls were cheered on as they stood naked among several of their teammates.


It was the first time that she had kissed another girl and was by far liking it a lot, this due to Star’s lips tasting like strawberries, her delicate flower-like fragrance penetrated Paulina’s small nose making things even better.  


Star laid down on the bench with her legs spread wide open so Paulina could lick her cunt, the tan cheerleader then positioned herself over the blonde girl showing her own cunt to her while putting her head between Star’s legs.


Never before had Paulina seen a vagina beyond her own in the mirror when shaving her pubes, there was a certain charm to it. The pink vaginal folds and bean-like clitoris were vastly different from their own and yet extremely enticing.


Paulina then slides her long and slimy tongue between Star’s outer folds and makes small circles around her clit making the girl moan loudly, their peers cheered them on. Star herself was much more adamant to engaged in lesbian sex.


Yet upon seeing Paulina’s dark pussy along with her most erotic aroma made her change her mind rather quickly. For a moment, the blonde cheerleader could have sworn to perceive her so ever-favorite chocolate flavor coming from the tan girl.


It was most likely a placebo effect given Paulina’s dark skin and the fact that she was often called a chocolate beauty. Star began to lick Paulina like a starving hound clearly lacking the tan cheerleader’s technique.


Star’s hands forcible held on to Paulina’s large and round butt, soon the blonde’s tongue makes its way up to the tan girl’s anus. Both girls were lost in their own little world no longer caring that others were watching them.


“I’m cumming!”- the man suddenly said pulling Paulina from her daydream.


The woman underneath Paulina suddenly squirted covering her face with love juice. The man behind her pulled out showing a cum filled condom while whizzing for air as his wife was still on the bed panting, the tan whore stood up giving them space to recover.


“Thank you so much and here’s a little extra for being so nice.”- The husband said paying an additional ten dollars which made Paulina raise an eyebrow.


“This is what I’m worth to them.”- Paulina whispered once the couple was far away.




Sam growled in frustration as she how Jazz was picked up for the fourth time and Paulina for the third time, the goth was now regretting having rejected two minors who wanted to hire her services and even showed the money to proof they weren’t joking around.


Yet both boys didn’t leave with their tiny dicks dry as Jazz and Paulina picked them up once they saw Sam brushing them away. The goth couldn’t believe they would sink so low but she wasn’t being picked even after an hour.


“How much?”- a man suddenly asked.


Sam's expression suddenly brightens upon seeing a bolding man who reminded her of her old teacher mister Lancer, the girl looked at his grey and clearly cheap suit and balding head while giving her rates which ironically were placed by Jazz.


The goth almost skipped in delight as she made her way to the hotel room making the man feel very much appreciated as no hooker had ever been so happy to serve. Sam then hugged him by the arm making him blushed as his arm buried between her large breasts.


“What do you want to do? Vaginal, anal, both?”- Sam said overly eager.


The woman didn’t wait and removed the only two pieces of clothing covering her body leaving only her high heels. The john gulped down as he saw the prostitute sitting on the bed with her legs wide open expecting him to choose.


“Just vaginal”- he almost whispered.


Sam relaxed her back on the worn-out mattress while spreading herself as much as possible, the man left much to be desire in terms of look but Sam had much worse before. Greasy-haired rockers she met at the many concerts she attended and some teachers at Casper high and Dimmesdale university.  


The man slowly slides inside of her making Sam let out a sigh of relief as she was finally serving a client after waiting for almost an hour, her two competitors had already taken several in which made her feel as the underdog.


“Oh! That’s it! Harder!”- Sam ordered upon feeling the man going faster.


Despite the john’s meek appearance, his movements were strong and firm. Much more than what Sam had expected from him, she truly thought the man would timid, perhaps even docile in bed but he didn’t show any mercy towards Sam.


Her breasts bounced up and down with each violent thrust as her legs spread up high in the air. The john easily put her on all fours and continued ramming in her butt making Sam moan loudly, her voice filled with pleasure.


Sam’s vagina glued itself unto the man as her face turned to one of lust. It was very rare for her to come across men that could make her shiver with such delightfulness, almost as if his cock and cunt were meant to be together. 


“You like it rough!?”- the man asked but his squeaky voice hardly made him sound intimidating.


“Yes! That’s the way I like!”- Sam continued while biting down on her lips.


She wasn’t lying as she did like having rough sex, and was greatly enjoying her time with the man. The john more than made up his lace of looks with very good sex skills that could put most of Sam’s lovers to shame.


The girl was sure that it was due to his poor appearance that he was hiring prostitutes to attend to his needs, she couldn’t imagine the man to be married. The bed creaked and even threaten with breaking apart but miraculously held its ground. Sam let out a loud gasp once she felt the man finished inside of her.


Her john stood up from the bed to pick up his clothing as Sam noticed that he looked fresh as a daisy while she was covered in sweat and puffing, she wondered just how much stamina there was left but more impressive was the condom.


Filled to the brim almost forming a little balloon to which Sam smiled delightfully as that meant, she did a good job. Yet she was more impressed by her unnamed john who made her cum harder than anyone else had done before.


Sam took a super-fast shower as she already had a hard time picking up johns while being fresh and clean, going out covered in sweat would greatly hinder her chances to pick up any more men, as much as she hated to admit it, Paulina and Jazz had a much easier time.


“That was so fucking amazing”- Sam said to herself as she walked into the hallway.


It was upon opening the door that she saw Jazz making out with the boy that she had rejected previously; Sam raised an eyebrow as the redhead lowered the kid to the floor and who held tightly to a piece of cloth within his hand.


The door opened and the second kid walked out though his legs were quivering, soon the two kids run off carrying each a piece of clothing in their tiny hands, it was then that Sam noticed Jazz was wearing a different thong.


“It was their birthday and we gave them out thongs as a little present.”- Jazz said with a kind voice as she made her way to the streets again.




Sam looked at her cellphone and noticed it was almost three in the morning, she was tired, sleepy, and somewhat hungry but above all, frustrated. The afterglow of sex died out fairly quickly but after a few hours, was gone.


Her eyes turned over to the hotel’s sliding door and saw Jazz walking out after serving yet another customer, Paulina followed up five minutes later applying some perfume but didn’t really cover the stench of sex.


“Why don’t we call it a night?”- Sam said feeling somewhat defeated. “It’s almost three in the morning and there’s hardly any guys around.”- she added.


Jazz and Paulina looked at each other agreeing to what Sam said, they were tired already and wanted to go home but more importantly, to see who was the top bitch. The trio then headed inside the hotel where the clerk was already half asleep.


“You girls done for the night?”- the girl asked.


“Yeah, about our tab?”- Jazz asked.


“Of course, You had fifteen clients, miss Sanchez had twelve and miss Manson had seven.”- the front desk clerk said.


“I don’t like uneven numbers… maybe you would like a blow job?”- Sam asked while winking.


The clerk quickly pressed the automatic locking mechanism so the main door would be closed and avoid any unwanted guests. Soon after locking up, he pulled down his pants allowing Sam to work her oral skill on him.


He could feel Sam’s long and slimy tongue wrapped out his hardened phallus, his eyes suddenly set on Jazz and Paulina who headed over to the vending machine for a cup of much-needed coffee while the goth did her thing.


Sam’s skills were top notch and the man couldn’t hold for too long eventually filling her mouth with thick and gooey cum. The girls handed over her respective ten percent and headed back into the rooms to get change.


The trio knew for a fact that the clerk wasn’t going to write down all thirty-four rooms as sales but rather, keep it all for himself as no cameras were watching over him and the boss was already long gone.


It was one of the main reasons as to why Jazz chose this place for starters, she wanted a discreet place with tight-lipped employees who didn’t ask too many questions. The redhead made her way into the bathroom to wash off all the remaining lube and sweat.


Jazz walked over to the bed and from underneath pulled out her school backpack, she then slides on a fresh new thong followed by her everyday jeans and black blouse. The redhead exited the room with her backpack hanging over one of her shoulders.


“That was fun!”- Paulina said once they entered back into their house.


“I wouldn’t mind doing it once a month or so.”- Jazz continued with a smile.


Sam crashed on the sofa and tossed her army boots to the floor clearly bothered by the fact that she wasn’t as popular as she once thought to be. Her breasts and butt were just as big as her peers, and her face was to die for.


But only seven men picked her from the three, worst yet, was that Paulina served a married couple, that alone was worth merit as not many wives would allow their men to sleep with a hot whore.


“Hey don’t let it beat you, maybe you’ll be Top Bitch next month.”- Jazz said with a wink. “I’m going to bed.”- she added.


“By the way, why were we arguing earlier?”- Sam asked but only heard the doors close shut.


It was only then that Sam let out a long and tired yawned as she stood up and headed up to her room no longer caring for an answer.


The End.

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