Sluts of Amity Park

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Sluts of Amity Park


Through the window


Author’s notes: Thank you so very much for all the reviews and comments, I read and try to write all the stories you’ve have suggested. This story is base on the suggestion from an Anon who really liked “Party For Three” and be aware that the following chapter is a Sam X Vlad story based on yet another suggestion posted here. If any reader would like to suggest or even request a story please leave a comment or PM me at and I’ll try my very best to write it.


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Powerful keystrokes echo within Danny Fenton’s room as he was busy having an online match against several teens in one of Danny’s favourite shooter games, yet the boy and his team were losing badly due to them lacking some key players. Some accusations of using aim-bots were thrown but only laughter came back which only bothered the boy even more.


It took only a few more minutes for Danny’s team to lose with a miserable score making the boy tossed his controller over the desk, feeling there was no point in continuing to play against cheaters, Danny turned off his game and begun watching a horror movie his friend Sam recommended.


Normally, he would be either gaming with his best friends Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley instead of dealing with a bunch of cheaters and hackers or unknown to his friends be out patrolling Amity Park in search for what the locals had come to call ghosts.


Danny was among the very few capable of defending the city from these abominations if need be, only his parents were aware of the fact that he tampered with the family’s main project commonly known as the Ghost Portal at Amity Park university and was in a way of speaking electrocuted.


Rather than facing with certain death, he was granted strange abilities such as becoming invisible or intangible, even his physical strength had augmented greatly. Both Jack and Maddie kept it a secret from everyone in fear of their son becoming a lab rat but also saw the potential in their son as they wanted to explore the Ghost Zone from where the ghost came.


His parent allowed him to follow the example of his comic book hero the Crimson Chin as a way to nurture his newfound power, in the meantime they would continue developing a safe way to keep the portal open so he could be the first to explore another world and have his name forever in the pages of history.


It eases his mother’s heart that the grant majority of ghosts whether humanoid or with a dozen tentacles behaved just like tourists, simply flying around the city taking in the landscapes or just watching the locals, only a handful ever cause trouble to which Danny eagerly put a stop to. 


Whenever such troubles did arise meant a cruel battle that often left him battered and bruised, yet his “magic” also came with its own healing properties as most of his wounds would vanish within hours, a broken bone would be fully healed in a matter of days or so he thought as he hadn’t a broken anything and his parents weren’t so eager to hurt him just to study his healing factors.


Unfortunately, today there wasn’t any sort distress calls, and with Tucker lock up in his house after falling sick with the flu, and Sam who was living her personal hell in Dimmesdale as she was dragged to a cocktail party meant Danny’s plans for the evening were out the window.   


The boy did consider going down to the basement to workout as his father had set him a strict workout routine despite being overweight himself with the excuse to better prepare him for the eventual trip to the other side, his days were repetitive as they consisted of long hours of studying or working out, therefore, was always looking forwards to his days off.


“Maybe I should go out or something.”- Danny said as he turns off the movie.


He didn’t want to break Sam’s heart by telling her that he already saw that film twice and was far from impress by the cheesy special effects, or the actors who were as stiff as rocks and with the only winning point being the pool scene as the main female leads were swimming in thongs though was ruined by the killer making everyone run away.


For a few minutes, he scrolled online trying to find a new game to download or some other form of entertainment. Danny’s boredom was such that he finished his weekend homework and cleaned his room despite never doing the latter.


The boy did end up downloading Ember’ McLain’s new music album which he played at full volume taking advantage that his bedroom is located in front of an alleyway meaning that he didn’t have to worry about bothering anyone with his loud music, not one that could complaint at least.


His sister Jasmine on the other had her room right in front of his overviewing the back garden and the driveway where the family RV and her car were always parked, Danny was slightly jealous that his dad bought Jazz a car though only getting him a mountain bike.


Yet the boy didn’t make a fuzz of it since he knew his sister had to pay half of the car with her own money as well as the gas and whatever repairs it might need. Danny did question if her tutoring job really paid that good.


“Mom and dad are gonna be back late again”- Danny whispered as leans back on the chair.


A quiet grumble in his stomach made him turn over to his clock hanging on the wall which told it was almost two in the evening, knowing that his parents were coming back late and that he was supposed to be out with his friend made him turn off the stereo and exit his room.


As Danny made his way to the stairs, he recalled his father Jack Fenton was seeing some government agents who were interested in buying some designs of his newest inventions, how the man managed to persuade government agents into buying his silly gadgets was beyond Danny’s comprehension.


His mother Maddie on the other hand, was out buying the weekly grocery, though Danny did notice she was recently going out shopping in the evening rather than in the morning as she used, even coming back several hours later. The boy couldn’t understand what his mother was doing at the mall for so many hours if she was just buying groceries.


“I get women like to take their time shopping but last night she came home almost at dinner time.”- Danny muttered as he recalls her walking in with a pizza though perceiving the faint but notable smell of tobacco. “How long does it take to buy sparkplugs.” The boy added looking over to the basement door on his way to the kitchen.


The woman often bought tools as they tended to break or go missing, she also bought dangerous materials such as corrosive chemicals which she and her husband constantly used in the laboratory; it was then that Danny concluded that the smell of tobacco was simply due to some random chemical she bought.


Even his older sister Jazz was out working on yet another school project at the city library, the redhead told her parents about eating out though Jack insisted on her coming back in time for dinner as they were having his favourite meatloaf and apple pie.


Danny’s eyes fell upon the pantry which rested over the sink, within were the cereals and bread though didn’t feel like having either, which set his attention upon the refrigerator, but had told his parents about staying out late and with his mother out shopping meant lunch hadn’t been made.


“So much for today’s plans”- Danny muttered in annoyance as he looked at the spoil leftovers.


The boy didn’t count on Tucker getting sick out of the blue or having to cancel their evening plans, which now left him in a minor predicament. He could either cook the “emergency” ham his father keep at the back of the refrigerator or follow the original plan and eat out after visiting the arcades.


“I’ll just fetch a cheap combo at the Nasty Burger and do a quick patrol around town.”- the boy decided as he closed the refrigerator door not wanting to cook the questionable emergency ham but having taken the last chicken nugget.


The main door suddenly open which made Danny poke his head out the kitchen door, it was far too early for his father to come back from his meeting and knowing how much his mother loves to window shop meant she was still at the mall.


“Danny! Anybody!” – a soft voice called out from the door.


Upon recognizing the bright red hair which belongs to his older sister, Danny turned invisible intending to pop up behind his sister and scare her while pretending to have arrived early from the mall. Yet he suddenly came to a halt as he noticed Jazz wasn’t alone.   


A young boy with blonde long shoulder-length hair and an old grey trench coat, with dusty black pants and filthy boots, followed her closely, his clothes seemed slightly worn out while Jazz’s V-shaped black blouse which showed too much cleavage especially now that her breasts had reached the unbelievable D-cup size, and her skin tight jeans that made her seem as if she wasn’t wearing anything were all new. 


“Come on in, Johnny. There’s no one home.”- Jazz invited the boy inside the house upon receiving no answer. “Let’s go to my room.”- the redhead added making Danny shiver.


It wasn’t the first time his sister brought someone over though it was always to give her tutoring lessons at the kitchen or in the living room, the redhead was something of a student-teacher, yet Danny couldn’t even begin to understand why she invited this guy into her bedroom when their parents were absent. 


His eyes open in horror as Johnny squeezed his sister’s bubble butt through her pants, and despite the clear sexual harassment, Jazz didn’t slap him on the face or utter a single word in a complaint, instead, she smiled at him and playfully slapped his chest while calling him a “naughty boy” while looking at him seductively.


Danny wanted to knock the lights out of Johnny there and then for touching his sister, but there wasn’t anything he could as the teen wasn’t forcing himself on Jazz, and she was responding his advances in a very welcoming manner which turned Danny’s feet into concrete blocks.


A lump suddenly began forming under Danny’s throat as he saw Jazz sliding down her delicate hand until reaching the boy’s crotch which she firmly took hold of, their faces lean in closer and shared a passionate kiss while the blonde teen grabs the redhead by her ass.


“What the hell?”- Danny muttered as he saw both Johnny and Jazz kissing. “I didn’t know she had a boyfriend”- the boy silently added.


Never did he imagined his nerdy sister would already have a boyfriend, though the way he was fondling his sister’s butt begun to bother Danny as he narrowed his eyes into a dreadful glare while their tongues danced with each under his quiet angry gaze.


Danny’s heart nearly stopped upon seeing Jazz unbuckling his pants and pulling out his penis which stood firmed like an iron pole. The boy couldn’t believe that his older sister was stroking the teen’s cock in the living room, he wanted to stop them but found himself unable to move or even speak. Just one word of his would be enough to put a stop to this.


“Let’s put this bad boy to work”- Jazz ordered as she pulled Johnny by his penis.


Danny stood in complete silence as he saw the teen shoving his hand inside Jazz’s pants making his sister playfully ask him not to shove his finger inside her asshole though neither of them released each other on their way towards the stairs leading to the bedrooms.


The boy stood still feeling his pants growing tighter as he observed his older sister and this teenager whom he had never seen before walking to the upper floor in between laughter, Danny’s feet felt heavy as if they were made out of iron




For up to nearly twenty minutes Danny paced up and down the living room, debating if he should ignore what he just saw and pretend it never happened, but deep down he knew to use his magic and take a peek inside his sister’s bedroom. 


“Fuck it! I gotta make sure she’s alright!”- Danny justified himself as he rushed up the stairs.


His haste died down almost instantly upon hearing the mighty voice of Ember McLain and her award-winning song Remember. Once more a dreadful emptiness had formed within the pit of his stomach as yet another lump made itself present under Danny’s throat. 


Danny breathing was fast and almost desperate as he glued his ear to the wooden door, even with the music going on, he could distinguish Jazz’s voice coming from within. His magic was never intended to be used to spy on anyone much less his sister but found himself nonetheless phasing through the wall in his invisible form almost driven by instinct.


His naked sister was glued to the equally undressed boy in a strange position: Johnny was in the middle of the room with both his arms making their way underneath Jazz’s long thick legs going over her neck as she pressed her back unto him, her body tangling in the air like a ragdoll as he continuously penetrated her wet vagina with his hard penis.


“See bitch!! I told you I could do it! The full fucking Nelson.”- Johnny proclaimed as he continued bouncing the redhead on his cock.


Danny trembled flabbergasted as he saw his beautiful sister bouncing up and down on this stranger’s cock, completely at his mercy, being treated more like a mere doll than a person. Her limbs dangling in the air pitifully as she moaned loudly.


“Ahhh! Yes! Ahhh!”- was all Jazz could say.


The boy saw in disbelief at his nerdy almost too quiet of a sister who had her nose buried in a book most of the time now screaming in pleasure. Hardly any of her intelligent persona was present, the complex words she often used were non-existing. Instead, simple syllables made their way out of her luscious lips despite having a vast lexicon.  


Jazz moaned as she bounced for scores of minutes until Johnny suddenly sat on the bed without pulling out of the redhead’s tight cunt, it was now her turn to start moving which she did with great enthusiasm despite her numbed limps.


The girl with bright red hair quickly sat on her heels showing her round ass to her lover and begun vigorously sliding on his hard dick, not knowing she was giving her younger brother a clear view of her wet pussy being penetrated.


Danny’s face was bright red as he saw Johnny’s dick sliding in and out of his sister’s drenched pussy, her voice easily rivalled with that of Ember whose album came to end unable to continued providing any more background music.


Cunt juice was starting to stain the bedsheets as Jazz’s moaning and Johnny’s heavy breathing along with the loud bed creaking had replaced the background music making Danny thankful none of their neighbours could hear this private sonata of lust.


“Are they finally done?”- Danny quietly asked himself as the two lovers reduced their speed and rhythm.


“Get on your fucking knees!”- Johnny ordered spanking Jazz’s ass and almost shoved her off.


Danny was getting tired of hearing the boy calling his sister a bitch but it seemed to turn her on even more though that didn’t suppress his desire to beat him up, Jazz quickly climbs over the bed as she put herself on all fours showing just how big her round bubble butt actually is.  


The redhead let out a loud but pleasureful gasp as she was once again penetrated by Johnny, the sounds of meat striking meat and lewd moaning echo within the bedroom even louder now that the music had ended, each hump made waves on Jazz soft ass. A sudden slap on the butt made her yelled out though continued moaning.


“You like that, bitch!?”- Johnny yelled as he spanked Jazz once more. “Tell me you like it, whore!”- the boy said once more as he continuously spanks the redhead’s pale ass.


“Yes!! I love it!”- Jazz replied in a lewd voice that almost seems foreign to her normal persona. “I fucking love your cock!!”- the girl added making Danny squirm.


The girl’s breasts bounced up and down as Johnny continued penetrating her as hard and fast as his hips could allow it. Without so much as a warning, he flipped the girl over her back and lifted her legs high resting her feet over his broad shoulders.


Danny gulped down as he saw in full detail how Johnny was now bouncing on his sister’s body, going in and out of her soaked cunt while her feet dangle by his head. It was a bizarre sight for sure as Danny never once had imagined his sister in such positions before.


To see her face filled with such lustful glee and to hear her most erotic voice as she fully gave herself to her boyfriend was in a way wonderous, Danny knew this wasn’t a face he should see his sister make but was unable to pull his eyes away from her or her cunt for that matter.


Jasmine’s womanly scent was something porn movies could never be able to imitate, nor the heat their bodies created with their shameless movements. Jazz gradually slides her legs off Johnny’s shoulder spreading them as far as they could reach.


“You feel so good! Go faster!”- Jazz said as she put her hand over his chest while licking her lips. “You’re the best I ever had!”- the girl added as she bites down her lips.


Danny’s heart begun racing even faster upon seeing Jazz kissing the boy while he continued to pump her cunt faster, the redhead’s tongue danced with that of Johnny’s in front of her younger brother who bounced his eyes from her face to her cunt.  


“I’m cumming!!”- Johnny suddenly exclaimed as he unleashes his load.


Judging by Jasmine’s expression she too had reached an orgasm though it wasn’t the only she had during their intercourse. The bedroom door suddenly opens shocking all three as they turn their attention to a woman with reddish short hair.


“Jazz, honey, could you?”- Maddie suddenly stopped midsentence.


Before Maddie’s eyes was her only daughter lying naked over the bed covered in sweat with her legs spread wide apart as a young teenager was still cumming inside of her. Both Danny and Johnny turned pale upon seeing the older woman standing at the door.


A million thoughts crossed through Danny’s mind as he wonders what he could possibly do to help his older sister, she had the right to enjoy a pleasureful sex life with her boyfriend but surely their mother wouldn’t agree and ban the guy from ever seeing Jazz again.


Banning the boy from ever seeing his sister didn’t sound all that bad according to Danny, but even he knew that he was being too selfish for not wanting his sister to have sex with her boyfriend as he had fantasied about sleeping with the school’s sweetheart Paulina Sanchez.


Night after night he dreamt about putting the cheerleader in the same position Jazz was at a few minutes ago, it was then that Danny raised his hand towards his neighbour’s satellite dish just outside the window nonetheless was tempted to fire an energy bolt at Johnny’s back which took all his willpower not to do.


“Hi, mom… need something?”- Jazz casually asked as she relaxes her legs while keeping Johnny in between them and making her brother lower his hand.


“Yeah, I was gonna asked you run down to the store to pick up your dad’s favourite apple pie, I forgot to get it at the bakery on my back.”- Maddie replied as looks at Johnny with a stern look. “Are you using a condom, mister?”- the woman asked with a firm voice.


“Yes, Ma’am! I’m wearing one.”- Johnny replied as he pulls out of the redhead avoiding Maddie’s gaze, Jazz proceeded to peel off the condom showing it to her mother as proof while asking Johnny if he would give her a ride to the bakery to which he instantly agreed.


“Thank you, honey but there’s no hurry so could you two take a bath before going?”- Maddie ordered more than asked as she left while asking her to keep the room open as to vent the smell of sex.


Danny’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground as he expected his mother to lash out at Jazz and her boyfriend for having sex at the age of sixteen, and yet she treated it as if she caught her playing videogames with a friend, even asking them to wash up before going for her errand.




Both Johnny and Jazz laugh as the boy commented on how scared he was upon seeing Jazz’s mother at the door thinking she would chase him out the house with a bat, Danny growled as learned that it wasn’t the first time Johnny was chased out for having sex with someone’s daughter or girlfriend.


“What the fuck? How can he tell about cheating on her?”- Danny mentally questioned as he wanted to snap Johnny’s neck.


“I think you got a leak, Kitten.”- Johnny commented after noticing a gooey substance on his back.


“It’s probably mine, let wash it off at shower”- Jazz replied as she stretched her arms.


It was then that Danny realized his dick was in his hand, the boy didn’t realize to have been masturbating the whole time while watching his older sister have sex with whom Danny at the moment assumed was her boyfriend in the comfort and privacy of her bedroom.


The girl stood allowing Danny to fully see her naked body without restraints, large round breasts which even an adult hand could barely hold, a slender waist with wide hips and a big round yet firm butt, her flat and firm belly clearly the results of their mother teaching her martial arts, Danny didn’t want to admit it but she had a desirable body that models would envy. 


Jazz tied the condom and casually threw it inside the trash bin which held many scrambled papers and a few potato chip bags. The girl didn’t bother in getting dress again as she took hold of her clothes in one hand and a towel in the other as Johnny followed her to the bathroom covering his genitals with his clothes.


Danny quietly walked over to the trash bin which was almost full with crumpled up papers and empty plastic bags but couldn’t see the used condom as the weight made fall to the bottom, morbid curiosity took over and made him take hold of the papers putting them on the floor.


His heart quivered as he placed his eyes over seven used condoms and their respective wrappers at the bottom. Only one among the seven shined in a glossy glow which made Danny realized was the one Jazz just used.


It was fairly easy to assumed Jazz had done it seven times during that week as their mother collected and threw away the garbage on Mondays. Danny followed his sister into the bathroom where she and Johnny were busy making out rather than showering.


“Sorry I called you a bitch earlier but I got a little too into it”- Johnny said looking at Jazz’s celestial blue eyes. “I’ve never seen a woman like you before…well outside of a porno.”- the boy added with some laughter.


“I don’t mind some harsh language every now and again but I’m no porno star.”- Jazz replied as she began soaping her body.


“Hard to believe we just met.”- the boy spoke as he put both hands on Jazz’s hips.


Danny pops his head up as he listens how Jazz’s car had a minor malfunction on her way to the library, it was then that Johnny saw her trying to fix the issue however she could, though had to admit that her desirable ass was the main reason for him to stop and help.


The two shared a drink at a café near the library after she picked up the books needed for her school project, though Jazz kissed him out of the blue while licking her lips and gently whispered to Johnny’s ear if he wanted something hotter at her house since there was no one home.   


“I thought that only happened in a porno…”- Danny whispered as he saw his sister turn the shower off.


Danny quietly stood by the main door watching his sister climb aboard Johnny’s motorcycle soon to disappeared around the corner, the boy then noticed Jazz’s car was nowhere to be seen making him believe she left it at the library’s parking lot.


The redhead came back home with her father’s favourite apple pie just ten minutes before dinnertime, in other words, it took her nearly two hours to fetch both the pie from the bakery and her car from the library. Danny wondered if she “thanked” Johnny again at some hotel. 


Danny carefully watched as his sister casually ate her dinner while reading a complicated textbook clearly too advanced for her but was managing just fine, he was rather impressed that she could sit down without complaints after getting slapped so hard just a few hours ago.


“Does she do it often?”- Danny silently questioned himself.


It also bothered him that their mother didn’t cause a scene after catching her having sex with a boy his sister hardly knew, how long had the woman know about this and was Jazz somehow blackmailing her? Maddie didn’t seem distressed nor shock by what she saw.


The boy glued his eyes over Jazz’s butt and for a moment picture her naked as she cut up the pie which she began serving to her father, mother and him. Jazz smile at her brother as she winked and rush to the kitchen for some ice-cream.


“I know how much you like vanilla ice-cream with your apple pie.”- Jazz spoke with a friendly and innocent as she laid a large portion of ice-cream on her brother’s dessert.


“Thank you, Jazz.”- the boy meekly replied.


His sister had the sweet fragrance of lavender shampoo emanating from her long bright red hair, a soft and delicate perfume covered the rest of her body fully hiding the stench of sex but even so, he could faintly perceive an unusual smell coming from her mouth, it wasn’t the meatloaf as he had smelled it countless times in his bedroom, it was the stench of semen. 


“She gave him a blowjob”- Danny stated in silent wondering if she did in the car.




Danny quietly stood within his sister’s bedroom at nearly three in the morning, the odour of cum and sweat though faint was still present, unable to sleep due to the vivid memory of Jazz and Johnny having sex earlier that evening was still burned in his mind.


The boy quietly floated above his slumbering sister recalling the moment she and Johnny shared just a few hours ago, gently he pulled away the bedsheets exposing her nude body which made Danny gulp down as he lowered his head towards her crotch.


“This is how you look like down here.”- Danny whispered looking at his sister’s vagina. “I wonder if…”- he continued whispering.


Danny looked down at his penis which slowly became hard after seeing Jazz’s slightly redden pussy up close, but upon recalling how Johnny was sliding his penis inside of her hole made him fully erect, just thinking of Jazz having sex was more intense than any porno he had ever seen, even the sole reason as to why they slept together turned him on.


There wasn’t a single trace of romance or love between Jazz and Johnny, just simple animalistic lust. Danny’s heart didn’t hold any sort of jealousy, anger or even a fraction of resentment towards his older sister but there was something else. A desire to watch her having sex again.


The days carried on as normal but no matter what porn movie he put or how loud he played it in his headphones, the feeling wasn’t the same, not even close. Danny hated the idea that he could only cum if he recalled the memory of his sister with Johnny.


The boy was attracted to his sister’s lewd and well-developed body but knew he couldn’t touch her, therefore, searched online for adult actresses with similar bodies and hairstyle as his sister yet was unable to finish until he mentally replaced the actress with Jazz.


“I need to see her again.”- Danny said to himself as he turned off his porn movie. “I know she’s bringing guys over… but when?”- the boy continued as he wanted to see her in bed with someone.


The used condoms inside the trash bin and their mother’s casualness towards Jazz’s sexual activity were enough proof that she was bringing men over, it was then that he began making a mental map of Jazz daily activities trying to figure out a pattern.


Danny was more than sure Jazz was bringing her dates over whenever their father and himself were out of the house since there was no way in hell Jack would allow her to bring random guys over to sleep with and was most likely unaware of her sexual activity.  


It would be a different case if their mother was home whenever Jazz brought a guy over, the woman seemed to not only tolerate but also approved of her behaviour, and not to minimal level either as she acted too casual upon seeing Jazz mounted by a boy. 


Danny knew to certainty two things, one: his sister was a creature of habits as she loves to planned everything ahead, sex included for sure, even though Johnny seemed like a random pick, Danny was sure his sister studied the guy at the café before offering to take him back home, had the boy not met her standards she would give him the coffee as thanks and left.


Two: she wouldn’t be picking guys around Casper High as she has a reputation to take care of, had she been sleeping with someone from school, word of it would have already reached his ears since many boys, especially in the football team, would be bragging about it all day long. 


“According to my estimates, Jazz should be bringing someone over tomorrow since she’ll be home alone after the game.”- Danny expressed looking at the calendar and seeing it was Saturday.


Jack and Maddie would stay until late in the evening at Amity Park University on Saturdays where they function as science and physics professors, either evaluating tests or doing office work as there were no lectures during the weekends save for a few students who brought in late assignments.


Under Jack’s petition, Maddie would be the first to leave as he didn’t like his wife overworking or leaving their kids unattended though it was more out fear for another accident such as the portal explosion a few months ago which ironically sky-rocket their investigations and possibly granted them an explorer, yet the woman always made a stop at the movies as Danny caught her there more than once though now knew she was just making time for Jazz and her lovers.


It was then that Danny frown as he remembered his school was having a match against “Dimmesdale Losers” who ironically had never lost a single match in years, worst yet was that the student’s presence was mandatory by order of vice-principal Lancer as to encourage the team into victory.




The sun was hardly showing itself over the horizon the following morning as Danny was rushing towards a burning apartment building after seeing it ablaze on the news, from afar, he could see a young girl standing on the window of the fourth floor. Filled with fear and the imminent sensation of death made the girl jump.


“Gotcha!”- Danny exclaimed as he caught the child mid-air, “There you go, safe and sound.”- the boy added as he put the five-year-old year on the ground next to her grateful parents.


Firefighters tried their very best to control the flames, the boy noticed a water tower at the top of the adjacent building which made him take flight without letting the girl nor her parents expressed their gratitude. With might force, he yanked the water tower from its hinges and pour its content over the burning building effectively putting out the fire.


Danny expected great battles against the ghosts from the other world but found himself more often rescuing people from housefires and random accidents. Though the cheers and applause of both men and women were enough to satisfy his ego, yet he kindly looked forward to any sweet lady who wanted to show her bare breasts in a sign of appreciation.


“Shit! The damn game’s about to start”- Danny rushed towards Amity Park’s stadium as Lancer was taking attendance and would give detention to anyone who skips the game.


Danny made it just in time for the kickoff, though the seats next to Sam and Tucker were already taken making him growl, suddenly a soft but well-known hand held his shoulder. Jazz too had barely made in time who told her Dash Baxter got her front row seats.


The boy narrowed his eyes in anger and disappointed as they headed to their seats wondering if Dash already had his way with Jazz, Danny knew just how much Dash wanted to get inside his sister’s pants though was sure, the half-retarded teenager hadn’t just yet, otherwise, he wouldn’t hear the end of it and probably be the start of his villain origin story.  


Jazz smiled warmly at him as she took hold of his hand while they took their seats in the front row courtesy of Dash, it was very rare for his older sister to wear a miniskirt and top, though the blazing hot sun demanded light wear.


“I didn’t notice you were working out”- Jazz commented as she squeezed his thighs. “Here, touch mine.”- Jazz invited brother to touch her bare legs.  


Unlike Jazz who was overly used to being touch by strangers, Danny was quite astonished even shock to find his hand acting on its own, gently going up and down his sister’s soft leg as his eyes glued themselves to the blue underwear which he knew was a thong due to the two strings going out her hips just above the skirt and into her butt.


Hardly twenty minutes into the game and Dash Baxter already took hold of the ball and was running to make a touchdown, it was then that Danny saw one of Dimmesdale’s players running madly towards Dash who was several yards away from the finishing line.


Everyone gasped in horror as Amity Park’s quarterback was struck by the opposing team’s quarterback making the large blonde hair boy flipped in the air before crashing on the ground using his arm as a cushion.


Baxter’s right leg and left arm were both in an unnatural position, though the camera feed ended, in its place, the “kiss-cam” took over in an attempt to lighten up the mood. Several couples took turns kissing in front of the camera once they appeared on the giant screen.


“Look! it’s us!”- Jazz exclaimed waving at the camera. “Just a peck.”- she suddenly took Danny’s lips for less than a second.


Danny remained unmoving on his seat processing what just happened. His eyes slowly moved toward the camera and read “Someone’s in love” just under his face. The game ended with a crushing defeat; Casper High not only lost the game but their quarterback would be off the field for the entire season.


“Sorry, Danny. Gotta go, I got something to do at the library”- Jazz told Danny as she kissed him on the side of the head.


Danny rallied with his friend and headed down to the Nasty Burger though end up leaving hardly after finishing his meal complaining about a stomachache. Danny knew it was a long shot that Jazz actually headed over to the library but still made his way there before heading home.


From the sky, he spotted his sister’s pink beetle parked in the back parking lot, just by the corner next to a black van and some dumpsters, completely out of view from everyone thanks to the tall brick fence surrounding the building and the fact it closed on Saturdays.


Slowly the ghost boy landed in front of the black van which was rocking up and down while playing loud hip-hop music, Danny didn’t need his borderline genius I.Q to know what was going on within and so he cast his invisibility magic and flew inside the vehicle.


There was only the driver and passenger seat while the backseats had been replaced by a mattress with blue bedsheets, a red lightbulb illuminated the soft velvet interior, though more notable was the disco ball slowly spinning over a couple.


Danny watched with disgust and amazement at the same time as a young muscular black teenager was pumping his sister’s pussy while her legs stretched widely apart to the point of touching the soft velvet carpet which covered the van’s metal sheets.


“You like it deep, don’t cha?”- the black teenager suddenly asked.


“Yes! Yes! I love your big cock… you’re the best I ever had.”- Jazz replied in between moans.


Danny twisted his lips upon recalling Jazz saying the exact same thing to Johnny just a week prior. It made him question how many times had she repeated the same thing, deep down Danny knew his sister wasn’t lying at all to the teenager who was mounting her.


The teen’s fat black cock slide in and out of Jazz as she put her legs over his shoulders just like she did with Johnny making Danny wonder if that was her favourite position. The boy found it impossible not to masturbated at this unbelievable sight.


Even in his invisible form, he could find his zipper and pulled out his boyish cock which he began stroking as the fragrance of love infused the van’s interior. The boy wasn’t interested in seeing the teen’s muscular back as he had his way with Jazz and so moved to the side to better see his sister as she made love to yet another stranger.


While the redhead and the teen shared a passionate kiss, Danny kneeled down trying to get a sight of Jazz’s pussy as it was ravaged by this hulking teenager. But could only get glimpses of her cunt each time the boy’s ball sack lifted away before impacting her again.


“Time for that ginger ass of yours.”- The boy added as he pulled out of Danny’s sister.


The redhead rolled over until she was on her knees bending over so her asshole was up high and in full view. Danny gulped down as he squeezes his boyhood while the teenager got on top of his sister pricking her tight backdoor with his glossy fat cock.


“Ready for the touchdown!?”- the black teenager questioned.


“Go for it Mr. quarterback!”- Jazz yelled out.


Danny frowned upon realizing the muscular teen who was slowly shoving his long hard penis inside of Jazz’s asshole was a member of Dimmesdale football team though he wasn’t bothered by seeing her with a member of the opposing team, it did bother him to see Jazz with a football player.


The girl panted loudly as she felt him going deeper inside of her, gently making her hole even bigger. Danny saw how the football player was balls deep inside of his sister’s asshole, there was a mixture of horror, disgust, delight and excitement in the sole act he was witnessing.


The teen’s long hard penis slowly slides out of Jazz’s hole though slammed back inside just as the gland was about to show making the redhead lifted her feet in reaction. Jazz’s eyes were filled with tears though her face was one of sheer delight.


“How you like them eight inches!”- The football player demanded to know.


“It’s fucking great!!”- Jazz replied with a delighted expression.


Loud groans came from the football player’s mouth as he continuously slammed his hips unto the redhead’s ass, even spanking her large and round buttocks in the process that brought out sudden yelps for her luscious lips which her moaning quickly took over.


“What’s with guys and spanking me!”- Jazz thought. “What’s with guys spanking her!”- Danny also thought.


“Oh, shit I can’t hold it anymore!”- the coloured teenager announced.


Danny, Jazz and the football player, all three reached orgasm at the same time, though Danny sprayed his load over the velvet carpet while the teen did it inside his sister, it was revealed the player was wearing a condom once he exits Jazz.


Heavy breathing and gasping echo withing the van as the couple unglued from each other. The redhead carefully opened the van’s backdoor and peek out making sure there wasn’t anybody nearby before throwing out the condom.


“Wait! I’ll clean it for you, come here”- Jazz offered as she crawled over to the teen before closing the door again. 


“Man, this is so worth my suspension.” The teen suddenly said unable to see Danny sitting next to them.


The teen leans over his back letting out a loud groan while Jazz moved her head up and down in slow motion making sure to pass her tongue underneath the gland and all his eight inches of meat, Jazz could taste the remaining cum as she sucked it out.


Her asshole was sore and still a gaping hole which would take her several minutes to close, it was the first time she had ever let anyone inside there. Suddenly, she felt a frigid yet smoothing sensation take over her anus. The boy had pressed a cold soda can unto her soaring asshole which he took from a cooler hidden next to the driver’s seat.


“Oh, shit! I’m cumming again.”- the football player exclaimed though noticed a thumbs up from Jazz. 


The stream that came out of him was far thinner and lighter than the previous but even so, the redhead made sure to swallow it all. Danny could see how Jazz gulp down the semen as she laid over the teenager’s shoulder hugging him with her arm and leg.


“Thank you very much”- Jazz said as she snuggled to the teen making Danny tilted his head to the side questioning why she would thank the teen.


“That prick had it coming. Can’t go around bullying others.”- The big black teen spoke while shaking his fist in the air. “You must really love your little brother to sleep with someone just to have his bully beaten up. Why didn’t you just sleep with this Baxter guy, anyhow?”- the boy questioned.


“So, he can shove it on my Danny’s face, no thanks.”- Jazz replied as she sat up though feeling some pain in the anus as it touches the carpet.


“Danny? That’s your bro’s name?”- the teenager asked. “The kid you kissed, right? I bet his heart would break if he saw this”- the boy added with some laughter.


Danny blushed as he recalled the brief kissed, they shared for a moment at the stadium which everyone from Casper high saw and would probably mock him for. His attention was drawn back to Jazz as she began playing with her long red hair.


The boy looked at his sister in amazement, even though she had sex with random people, she would still put him first. Jazz couldn't have gone without noticing how Dash bullied him at school and even feared she might give herself to him as a way to stop the bullying.


“That’s why he’ll never know about this.”- Jazz answered firmly as she opens the soda can which was previously quelling her aching asshole.


“Yeah, I get it.”- the football player smirked. “I wouldn’t want to find out that my sis slept with the coach just to make me quarterback”- he added.    


“Just for your information, Danny’s a great guy, he’s smart, cool, and handsome, he even helped rescue a truck driver after an accident that let his truck in flames”- Jazz commented with pride though also explaining how the vice-principal expelled a teen who stood up against Dash.


“Sounds like you would prefer to do this with him than me.”- The teenager continued.


Jazz turned as red as her hair upon imagining herself in the bed with Danny, she stammered nervously as she explained how wrong it was for them to sleep together even if he was the hottest guy she’d ever seen, though corrected herself upon that last statement.


It was then that the redhead decided it was time to leave and shared a final kiss with the teen before climbing out of the van without getting dress as she was blushing red which made her do a quick dash towards her car to fetch clean clothes. The teen and an invisible Danny watch how Jazz slide on her blue thong on and got dressed in her classic outfit.


“Wait! Um… Can you sign on my door, please?”- the quarterback asked while winking.


“Sure, whatever.”- Jazz replied as she took the marker the boy was holding.


The redhead sigh upon seeing nearly two dozen names written on the van’s backdoor under the title “Pussy Count.” Each name was written with a different style of penmanship which more or less confirmed the teen didn’t write them himself just to make himself look good in front of his friends.  


Jazz showed a disgusted face as she added her name and surname like the other girls, though came to noticed the word “pussy” written next to all the names and “Bj” next to a handful, it was then that she realized she also had to write the name of their sexual act. The redhead felt ashamed to be the only one who wrote “Anal” next to her name.


Danny’s heart was beating so hard it nearly cracked his chest as he saw Jazz leave the parking lot in her car while the teenager followed up soon after. A million thoughts crossed his mind at the same time as he became visible once more.




Danny couldn’t believe he was standing in his swimming briefs late Monday afternoon under the blazing sun washing cars in front of Casper high like many of his peers, the boy’s eyes fell upon the well-tone bodies of girls as they walk around bouncing their large breasts and bubble butts which were hardly covered by a piece of string.


The cheerleaders constantly dropped their sponges as they purposely bend over to pick them up while showing their cunts which were covered by a wet and now see-through fabric, more than one driver nearly crashed while observing the girls in their skimpy swimsuits.


“Quit playing around and get to work!”- Jazz Fenton ordered while soaping a truck. “Dumb bitches.”- the girl muttered under her breath.


Many students and pedestrians drooled over her firm body as she walked around in the school’s thong bikini, though its approval was still a mystery for Jazz who was by no means an exhibitionist and couldn’t imagine any parent signing the petition for it.  


The boy did blush as he saw his mother Maddie Fenton carrying a bucket with soapy water while wearing a strange pink V-shaped bikini which clearly shows her large buttocks just like the many mothers who offered to volunteer as well.


Danny pulled his eyes away from his mother’s sexy body though couldn’t help but ogle at all the cheerleaders and the “randomly” selected students, including his own sister as they either wash cars or stood by the street with signs. The boy was no fool as he knew Lancer handpicked the prettiest girls, even throwing in some “handsome” boys in the mix.      


He recalled how the previous day Vice-principal Thomas Lancer ordered for an “emergency” meeting with the school principal, the PTA, the cheerleader squad and the student council committee that Jazz was part of and didn’t even know existed until she was appointed president out of the blue, though did most of the work during lunch or at home through her computer.


Lancer was quickly abusing his authority by wanting to take almost all of the school funding meant for the repair and upgrading of both the science and computer labs, and use it for Dash Baxter’s medical treatment at a needlessly fancy hospital out of town.


Needless to say, it didn’t sit well with anyone present beyond Lancer and the cheerleaders who got themselves a luxurious bathroom through the same means. Jazz earned several hateful and even murderous glares from the Vice-principal and the cheerleaders as she explained in full detail why the school shouldn’t pay for Dash’s medical bills.


“To conclude; there is absolutely no need for Casper High to pay for any sort of medical expense to student Dash Baxter for getting hurt during a sporting event well-known for its high rates of injuries.”- Jazz spoke not caring one bit for Dash’s wellbeing and much less for his comfort.


Dash’s father was the first to complain and even insulted the redhead with misogynist remarks for not caring about the school’s quarterback, he assumed and commented that she only acted so coldly due being rejected by his son which was an utter lie as Jazz had no interest in him at all.


Her cold and sharp eyes along with her venomous voice made the taller man with army buzzcut sat down, Jazz peacefully told him that she had no interest in his braindead son and that the school’s team hadn’t won a single league in two decades along with Dash being an underachiever if compare to previous quarterbacks.


With arrogance that made even Lancer feel upset, Jazz told Mr Baxter that Casper High wasn’t known for producing ball-fetching idiots that called themselves athletes but lay the groundwork for doctors and engineers with her parents being the school’s best success stories as they are the leading researchers in the ghost phenomena at Amity Park university.      


“Even you can understand that we are wasting time and resources on a talentless football team with underachieving players, we even wasted valuable resources building a silly bathroom for the cheerleaders instead of upgrading the science lab where the school’s real talent lurks.”- Jazz concluded making everyone in the room go silent.


“How about we do a fundraiser instead of using the school’s funding?”- Paulina suddenly spoke already feeling the tension in the air. “A car wash is the easiest and fastest.”- she added.


Everyone quickly agreed as they all wanted the meeting to end, especially Lancer and Mr Baxter who feared someone might suggest redirecting the funding of their precious football team to another area of the school.


The sudden flashing from a camera pulled Danny out of his memory lane as two girls slightly younger than him were taking pictures though mainly of him, it was then that he saw several women looking and pointing at him with strange smirks.


“Looking real good, Danny”- Sam Manson suddenly spoke while poking at Danny’s belly.


“Cut it out.”- the boy replied taking noticed that she too was wearing the school’s official swimsuit which made him wonder if Sam’s mother was drunk the day it was approved.


“No, seriously. Are you working out?”- the goth asked almost drooling over him.


Due to Danny’s constant rescue effort and seldom fights with ghosts and other abominations made him developed an actual six-pack abdomen, though it also helped that his father put him on a special diet almost out of the blue along with setting a workout schedule.


Little by the little the students began leaving as the sun was coming down and the cars becoming lesser, the students including the cheerleaders left their clothes in the nearest classroom to the main entrance as to avoid going all the way to the gym’s locker room.


“Finally! We’re done!” – Jazz said scaring Danny and his friends as she stood behind her brother drying her long hair with a towel.


Sam scowled as she saw the redhead wrapped her arms around Danny’s shoulders pressing her breasts unto him as she commented how wonderfully he was developing; Tucker couldn’t help but glue his eyes over Jazz’s plump butt which made the goth feel jealous as the B-cup breasts which she was so proud of couldn’t compare with the redhead or any of the cheerleaders.


It was then that they noticed Mr Baxter walking up to them though rather than continuing with the conversation he and Jazz had the previous day, he apologized for insulting the redhead as at the time didn’t know who she and her family were, though was kind enough not to look at her or Sam for too long.


His eyes then fell upon Danny who was still within his older sister’s arms, the man sighed in defeat as not even his son who practices football like religion had a six-pack like Danny. Countless hours of training seemed fruitless in front of this boy whom Dash claimed to bullied.


“If this kid wanted, he could have broken my boy like a twig.”- the man spoke under his breath with quiet disappointment. “You must be Daniel.”- Mr Baxter said looking straight at Danny celestial blue eyes.


“Yes, and you are?”- Danny replied looking at the man who presented himself as Dash’s father which made Danny look over to his sister with disdain as he feared that he might have gotten his way with her just like the other boy.


“I wanted to apologize for what my son’s been doing to you. I’ll keep him in check from now on.”- the man spoke and soon left almost confirming Danny’s suspicions until Jazz spoke saying how weird that was and that he was probably afraid of the school taking funding from the football team.    


There was a certain relief in Danny’s heart knowing that his sister didn’t fall as low as to sleep with his bully or his dad just to keep them away from him, sure enough, the girl got around but Danny didn’t blame her for it since he too would be doing the same if the chance presented itself.


Though the boy could feel a sour aftertaste in knowing that his dear older sister did sleep with another teen just to send Dash to the hospital with a broken leg and arm, even so, he was most appreciative for Jazz’s secretive intervention. 


As the four teens made their way towards the classroom where they left their clothing and other valuables, Danny discreetly looked down at Sam and Jazz’s butts, the goth couldn’t compare to his sister but she still had a nice round ass which made him wonder if she would be willing to sleep with him.


They had been friends for a long time and perhaps even Tucker had taken notice of the goth’s charms, Danny did notice his friend was also watching the girl’s bottom though much less discreetly, especially when looking over to Jazz. 


Sam was still getting used to wearing the school’s swimsuit though seeing her mother’s shock expression upon using it the first time made it all worthwhile. Once in the classroom, she changed quickly as the goth felt most uncomfortable being near Danny’s older sister.


Her adult-like body was something Sam was hoping to achieve in a near-future though the intimidating aura the redhead emanated kept her from starting a conversation. The goth watched as Jazz slide on an even smaller thong than the one from their school swimwear making her think it was something adults normally wore. 


Tucker on the other couldn’t take his eyes off Danny now that they were alone, he was most delighted in not having to participate in the car wash but seeing Danny’s figure made him wonder if the gut he was building was the reason for not being chosen.


“I got a text from dad.”- Danny spoke as he steps out of the classroom wearing his everyday street clothes. “Says to meet him at Little Devil bistro in about an hour. Got something important to say.”- the boy told his older sister.


“I got the same text.”- the redhead told her brother. “Mom’s taking a shower in the cheerleader’s private bathroom. Can you wait for me at the car while I go get mom?”- she added while handing her car keys.


“I thought it was close and only the janitor and Paulina had that key.”- Sam suddenly commented wondering why Jazz had access to the cheerleader private bathroom.


“I use it all time especially if I sweat too much during a hot day.”- Jazz replied with a smirk though Danny had an idea of what she really meant. “Being Student Council president does have its perks, little girl.”- the redhead added as she spins the keys around her finger.


The trio stood quietly as they saw Jazz walking down the hallway while elegantly swaying her hips, soon to lose sight of her upon turning around the corner though still hearing the loud echo of her high heels, it was only then that Sam looked over at her two friends.


“I didn’t know we have a student council.”- Sam casually remark.



Jazz’s high heels echo throughout the empty hallway as she made her way to the cheerleader’s private bathroom before her was sign that read “out of order” hanging on the door which she knew her mother place for extra privacy during her shower even though none of the cheerleaders would be using the showers.


Bright pink lockers which stood over polished white tiles made the scenery as the redhead closed the door and walked down the aisle towards the shower room at the end. The bathroom was larger than the one meant for the rest of the student body and far better kept; its walls covered with flower decorated slates.


Soft moaning echo throughout the bathroom reaching the redhead’s ears, she noticed the only other two persons in the room pressed against the wall, steaming hot water raining over their bodies. The woman kneeling over the floor as the man penetrated her from behind.


Jazz made her way towards them trying not to slip on the wet floor, it was fairly obvious for the redhead that the man was having a hard time staying inside of his lover as he was much too busy trying to keep his balance.


Even so, she had to admit the man was keeping a good rhythm as the woman confirmed with her loud and erotic moaning. Her breasts were glued down the floor as the man continued to pump her hard, which made Jazz wonder how many cheerleaders were in that position before in this same bathroom.    


“I’m almost there! Go faster!” the woman ordered as she flapped her feet on the floor.


Jazz closed the sprinklers as the man ejaculate inside of his lover though quickly turned over to see the redhead standing next to them with a bright smile. Both the man and the woman gazed over the tall redhead who was looking at them.


“Good evening mister Manson. Mind pulling your dick out of my mother’s cunt.”- Jazz said looking over to the man who turned white as a sheet. “Dad’s asking us to meet him in less than an hour.”- she added casually.


Jeremy pulled out of Maddie while apologizing to Jazz though before she could utter a single word, he rushed out while telling Maddie he would call her later that night. Both Fenton women watched as Jeremy fell on the ground twice before leaving.


“Did you really have to do that?”- Maddie asked her daughter.


“I thought he knew about our agreement. Besides, that was payback for walking in on me while I was with… I forgot his name.”- Jazz said as she watched her mother make her way towards the locker room to get dress.


“At least you let us finish.”- Maddie added as she and Jazz walked out to the hallway. “Gonna have to explain to him our little deal.”- Maddie exhorted.


It was then that Jazz asked her if she had used protection which she had forgotten and regretted telling her daughter since she spends the whole journey to car explaining about birth control and STD prevention, Maddie tried to retort by saying she had a tubal ligation but Jazz insisted that she should still use condoms and avoid more rookie mistakes.  


The woman kissed her son on the forehead upon arriving at Jazz’s car while telling him about having a great surprise for him. Danny and Jazz already knew what it was about due to mister Baxter and the local news ruining the surprise for him already.


As Jazz drove her brother and mother to her father favourite restaurant; the Little Devil Bistro, Maddie sent a quick text telling her lover everything was fine and her daughter wouldn’t say anything before dosing off as she could still feel the hot cum of Jeremy inside her womb which she found disturbingly relaxing.




Her dreams took her to a moment hardly six months ago during a family vacation. Originally, Jack and his wife wanted to spent a quiet week at Lake Eerie fishing and enjoying nature though at the expense of their very close friend Vlad Master as the man offered to pay for the lodging of a recently open hotel near the lake, this as part of Jazz’s sixteen birthday.


The children were expecting nothing more than a very boring week at the lake with nothing to do, but none of the Fenton’s expected to find a resort at the old lake, Jack suspected his best friend since college was going to pull something like this.


Vlad always did like showing off his money and if Jack didn’t any better would have thought his best friend for life was trying to buy his family’s affection, even with baseless thought, the Fenton’s were quite happy with their new accommodations but none more so than Jazz.


Her eyes jumped from the resort’s aquatic games to the restaurants and arcades which promised the family a very fun time, there were even several new clothes and toys waiting for Jazz and Danny in their room, all courtesy of “uncle” Vlad.


For the duration of their vacation, the family enjoyed to their heart's content of the lake and all the games provided by the hotel, feasting at the restaurant like near pigs, though Maddie was expecting more adult entertainment in the bedroom considering their kids had their own room.


“We’re leaving tomorrow so why did you book a separate room for Jazz?”- Maddie asked frustrated that she didn’t get her long-awaited adult entertainment.


“She made a new friend and wanted to spend some time with him in her room.”- Jack casually replied as he read for the dozen time his favourite detective novel oddly named “A detective’s tale.”


Maddie leaned back delighted to know her daughter was finally starting to socialize with kids her age, instead of always keeping her nose buried in a book, yet as she looked out the window something clicks on her head, “him.” Maddie turned over to her husband as she calmly asked if it was a boy who Jazz befriended and was alone with.


“Yeah, it’s a boy she met at the hotel’s nightclub earlier today.”- Jack nonchalantly replied without taking his eye off his book. “Unfortunately, he’s sharing a room with his parents.”- Jack commented nonchalantly.


“Are you crazy?!”- Maddie exclaimed as she searches for her clothes, she knew what could happen if it wasn’t happening already.


Jack calmly closed his book leaving it on the nightstand as he sat upon the bed and pulled his wife closer to him in order to calm her down. The professors were by no means fools and knew for a fact what their daughter could be doing at this very moment.


“Honey, you know the more we forbade her something the more she’ll want it.”- Jack said holding on to his wife’s hand.


“Maybe you don’t know it but that boy could trick Jazz and have his way with your daughter”- Maddie retorted as she stood up furiously.


The man debate if he should tell his wife about finding Jazz masturbating in the bathroom just a few weeks ago, he knew better than to act shock or disgusted as that would have scarred their daughter greatly along with butchering her self-confidence, probably making her in a shut-in which he so much heard of in the television.


“I won’t lie to you, honey. Jazz told me she wanted to have sex with him.”- Jack nonchalantly commented as he returned to his reading position. “I was impressed by her honesty, rather than going behind my back, she came up and told me her intention. Naturally, I gave her the talk and bought her condoms. She’s gonna do it anyway whether I approve or not, here or at home.”- the man spoke clearly.


Maddie’s eye twitched as she couldn’t fathom her husband’s stupidity, she wanted to storm out of the room and head straight for Jazz’s new room, after figuring out where that was at the front desk, yet initial motherly reaction soon began to fade away upon feeling her inner scientist taking over and spreading logic.


It was true that her daughter already had a sexual awaking as she had seen the redhead pleasuring herself in the bedroom whenever she thought no one was around, a secret Maddie would take to the grave but also knew she wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on Jazz all the time, and this was bound to happen sooner or later.


The professor knew her husband meant well and was only thinking about his daughter’s well-being and proper development, though as much as she hated the idea that also meant to take care of her sexual development. Due to misinformation given by overly shy and puritan parents meant that too many teenagers were pregnant at Jazz’s age.


Maddie didn’t know what to make of Jack’s speech as he proudly told her about explaining to their underage daughter, of course, in a somewhat scientific manner how the fertility process and menstruation worked along with a detail description on how to use a condom.  


The way Jack expressed himself made it seem more as if he were talking about a lab rat more than his teenage daughter. Little by little Maddie begun to comprehend her husband’s bizarre idea of parenting and eventually agreed even if she didn’t fully agree.


“I already talked with Jazziness so it’s only fair that you have it with Danny. Don’t worry, you still got a couple of years to prepare for it unlike me who was caught off guard.”- Jack said with his classic loud laughter.


“Fine! I’ll play the obedient wife just this once.”- Maddie spat out as she crashed on the bed next to her husband. “Anyhow, where’s Jazz’s room?”- she asked looking at Jack but promising not to interfere.


“Next to Danny’s”- Jack replied as he turns off the lights.


Morning came as usual though Maddie was feeling tired as she had a hard time falling asleep knowing that her daughter was on the floor below making love to a boy she just met. There was a hint of jealousy buried deep within her heart as she hadn’t made love to her husband in nearly five years.


Feeling somewhat discouraged, Maddie exits the bedroom and walked down the stairs to wait at the dining hall for as her husband who unsurprisingly was looking forward to the complimentary breakfast finishing taking his morning shower.


“Did you sleep well honey?”- Maddie asked as she saw her son sitting at a table.


“Kinda… this place has paper-thin walls, the girl next door seemed to have some sort of religious attack.”- Danny replied as he took a sip from his orange juice. “She was like. Oh, god, oh god you’re so big… and stuff like. She finally shut up at about four in the morning.”- the boy continued while yawning.


Maddie couldn’t help but blushed at her son’s words for she knew who the loud girl was, it surprised her though that Danny couldn’t recognize his sister’s voice, perhaps he did and simply refused to accept it or pretended not to recognize her.


The woman quietly watched as Jack handed their daughter a small white pill which he told Danny upon him asking was nothing more than “female” vitamins. Maddie, of course, knew it was a morning-after pill, just in case the redhead got caught up in the moment and forgot to use the condom.


A month had gone by but she never knew who was the guy that took her daughter’s virginity, though knew the act had been consumed upon seeing a small bloodstain on the white bedsheets of Jazz’s hotel room, Maddie could only hope it was at least someone her age.


One evening after dinner, she gleefully told them about being named Student Council President and would be coming home later than normal. The smile on her face wasn’t because of her upcoming responsibilities but because she had an excuse to stay out until late.  


“And with that, we have our new school lunch menu.”- Vice-principal Lancer spoke making Maddie wonder why they needed to call for a PTA meeting just to change the lunch menu for a vegetarian option.


“Can’t believe they wasted our time with this.”- a blonde-haired man suddenly muttered to himself as he pours himself some cheap complimentary coffee.


“I could have wasted my time elsewhere.”- Maddie retorted making the man laugh and prompted him to introduce himself as Jeremy Mason. 


Maddie instantly recognized his surname as the same as a girl who her son recently befriended and frequently visited. Just like their children, the two adults quickly became friends though unlike their kids end up making out in Jeremy’s car.


The woman couldn’t believe she opened her legs for Jeremy inside his car hardly an hour after the meeting ended, they were so caught up in the moment that Jeremy finished inside of her, Maddie felt especially guilty about her actions during dinner as his cum was flowing out of her.


It was only a couple of days later that she saw Jeremy again to discuss the matter of their affair and make sure neither of them would talk about it in case their families ever meet due to their kid’s friendship, even with that intention in mind, they ended up in a cheap motel.


Upon her arrival at Fenton Works, Maddie saw her daughter eating fry chips while watching television in the living room, momentarily startled for the girl’s presence as she recalled her affair with Jeremy. The woman’s heart near stopped as Jazz held up her phone with a picture of Maddie and Jeremy making love in the car.


“Jazz… you wouldn’t…”- Maddie spoke as she wonders if her daughter was going to take the picture to Jack.


“How about we make a deal…”- Jazz spoke with a peculiar grin on her face.


Maddie couldn’t believe her own daughter was going to blackmail her, despite having convinced Jack to let her have sex, along with “permission” of letting her sleep around as so long as she did it outside the house and with proper protection at all times.


“What do you want damn horny brat!”- Maddie spoke out wanting to slap her daughter for the very first time.


“Hotels are expensive and I need money for books”- Jazz said making her mother somewhat glad that she put her studies before anything else. “So, I want to bring my playmates here whenever Danny and dad aren’t home, in return I’ll keep an eye out for you and distract dad whenever you want some private time with Mr Manson.”- the girl offered as she erased the photo.


Maddie was expecting a one-sided deal completely in favour of Jazz, but suddenly grew fond of the idea her laid before her. As expected, the redhead would bring her dates over only when there wasn’t anyone around except for Maddie. She would be on birth control detail and have a healthy stock of condoms for her mother to use, even letting her use the redhead bedroom in case she didn’t want to go to a hotel.




“Mom! Wake up! We’re here.”- the redhead spoke loudly waking her mother who saw the Fenton logo in front of her.


The family RV took up much space as it parked in front of the bistro which made Maddie think they should purchase a new more discreet car. Her husband was already waiting for them at a reserved table studying the menu.


Danny had a hard time trying to hide his smile as he knew what the big surprise was yet his father kept silent about it, even telling Danny to order the T-bone steak which something the boy was constantly denied as it much too big for his stomach.


It was after dinner that Jack finally broke the silence and told his family about the government approving his project. His fourteen-year-old son was to be the first-ever human to cross into the Ghost Zone though only to set the second half of the portal to make it a two-way gate.


Danny had been told by his parents about the possibility of him travelling to the other side but would probably be in several more years, just imagining himself crossing the portal and discovering a new world was far more exhilarating than spying on his sister while she slept with some random guy even if it provided them with the most intense masturbation sessions.


Jazz, of course, didn’t like the idea of sending her younger brother to a literal other planet but was told that he had been undergoing strict training sessions during the mornings and was more than ready. Neither of the Fenton could tell her that he was chosen due to his ghostly abilities.


“I didn’t even know you were training for this.”- Jazz said as she looked over to Danny.


“We all have our little secrets.”- Danny replied making the two women slightly uncomfortable.


Danny’s great venture was in everyone’s mouth the following day as his face was on the news and radio, stories of him were told throughout the internet though not without any controversy which forced the Fenton patriarch to lockup Danny in the house since he was now bombarded by reporters.


The boy had great hopes of landing himself some nice pussy now that the news of him being the first Ghost Zone Explorer was out, but his days were filled with despicable training and study sessions, even so, Danny still held to the idea that perhaps Paulina would give him some “attention” now that he was a celebrity.


“Jazz, think you can cover for a bit while I go see… you know who…”- Maddie spoke while her son sat in his invisible form on the couch begrudging his father for leaving the ghost shield active, hence making his house into an actual prison.


“Sure, seems like you’re the only getting some action…”- Jazz replied making Danny raise an eyebrow though her mother quickly hushed her. “Be quick. Danny’s big trip is tomorrow.”- the redhead told her mother for the first time.


“I know I’m too stressed by all of this and need to…. You know… relax.”- the woman added as she steps out the door with her shopping bag despite it being almost five pm.


Danny watched in silence as his mother left the house while his sister walked up the stairs surely to restudy the possible flora and fauna of the Ghost Zone for what seems to be the millionth time. The boy dragged his feet to the kitchen where a slice of cold pizza waited for him. 


“Seriously! Even mom’s getting fucked!”- Danny cursed more out of frustration than concern. “Damn! I thought I was gonna get some pussy before leaving, maybe I should have asked dad as Jazz did.”- the boy muttered though something clicked in his head.  


There was no pussy around for him and it was already too late to ask his father to get him some, which sure enough would get him as it happened with his sister, even a cheap street hooker would have sufficed, but the man was at the university checking out details for tomorrow’s event.


Danny quietly walked up the stairs and stood in front of the only available pussy in the entire house, Jazz. The girl had been coup up in the house though out of her free will since she wanted to help with the journey’s preparations.


“Hey Jazz, can we talk for a while?”- Danny asked knowing that his sister hadn’t been with anyone for nearly a month now.


“What’s up, Danny?”- the redhead asked closing her laptop.


There was no point in beating around the bushes, the boy was more than sure his slutty older sister wouldn’t deny him some pleasure before his big trip, even so, Danny’s heart was beating loud and fast as he made his way into her bedroom.


“Jazz!”- Danny spoke loudly making her straighten her back. “I want to have sex with you”- the boy firmly spoke.


The redhead’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor but before she could say anything, Danny told her about being afraid of the journey which formed a lump under her throat, the boy continued by saying how beautiful and wonderful she is while removing his clothes and showing his fit body.


“Fine… I’ve been fantasying about you for a while, lil bro.”- the redhead teased as her brother stood in his boxers. “First of all, let me tell you that I’m not a virgin, would that be a problem?”- Jazz spoke looking at her brother wondering if he would be disappointed in her.


“Not at all…and I kinda suspected that”- Danny lied as he had seen her twice in bed with someone which made his penis hard within his boxers making Jazz gulp. “I still want you.”- he demonstrated by yanking down his underwear.


The redhead saw in absolute awe at her brother’s penis, it was larger and thicker even than her quarterback lover who had been at that moment the biggest cock she shoved down both her pussy and asshole. Her heartbeats became faster as the excitement piled up within her.


Jazz slowly pulled her blouse away while tossing her high heels to the side so she could peel off her skintight pants, her underwear was hardly any different from school’s swimsuit. The girl smiled gently as her hand took hold of her bra.


A pair of large tits hang in front of Danny though his view was blocked as Jazz tossed her G-string over his face, the boy had seen his older sister naked many times before but this was the very first time she was aware of his presence.


“You’re a lot bigger than I thought and much better looking.”- Jazz spoke truthfully while Danny pressed her G-string to his nose.


It was then that Jazz made her way to the bed and yanked the bedsheets to the side, her eyes fell upon the nightstand which held her condoms and lubricant. The redhead unexpectedly felt a hand over her buttocks which made her look back.


The girl let him fondle her for a while as she knew her brother had not touched a woman before, once the boy was satisfied, she sat down on the bed though noticed Danny’s eyes were filled with a strange lust she hadn’t seen before.


 Jazz suddenly felt Danny’s nearly twelve-inch cock pressing on her lips leaving a string of precum on her mouth. The redhead opened her mouth but could only take half of her brother’s full length inside of her. The boy had seen her do this for others but feeling it for himself was nothing short of bliss.


“This feels incredible.”- Danny said as he put his hand over his sister’s bright red hair.


The redhead was rather proud of her blowjob skill but most of her lovers simply wanted to pierce her cunt as soon as possible, rarely ever letting her take the time to enjoy of some foreplay as she loves the taste of cock.


Danny wasn’t the first virgin she had in her bed nor the first to cum inside her mouth either, his hot cum held a strange flavour from all the other boys she had sucked off previously. It had a nostalgic taste which kindly reminded her of Halloween candy.


“How was your first BJ?”- the redhead asked as she jumped over the bed.


“That was amazing!”- Danny replied as he climbed over the bed with his penis still erect and refusing to let things end with a mere blowjob.


His eyes laid over his sister’s drenched cunt which was begging for his cock, Danny had seen like this before and though found being a spectator was most exciting it couldn’t compare to be the one between her legs.   


“First time seeing a real pussy.”- Jazz commented. “Normally I would make you use a condom but since it’s my safe day and tomorrow’s your big day, I’ll let you do me raw.”- the redhead told her brother fearful of what he might think of her if he saw her drawer filled with condoms.


“Thanks a lot, Jazz.”- the boy exclaimed with much glee in his voice as he no longer how many boys had been inside the hole he was about to enter.


“Just so you know… you’re my first bareback… I’ve never done it without a condom.”- Jazz whispered sending shivers up Danny’s spine.


Slowly the boy slides his hard penis inside of his sister committing the sinful act of incest. Her wet cunt welcomed his hard cock with a near suffocating and blazing hot embrace, it took all of his willpower not to cum upon penetration.    


Jazz arched her back as she had never felt so much hard meat sliding inside of her, she was glad Danny wasn’t her first as his massive manhood would have broken her. Once her brother was completely inside, he remained idle for a moment.


The boy pulled Jazz’s long legs over his shoulders as he squats over her crotch. Danny knew it was her favourite position as he had seen her make her lovers put her in such an embarrassing position many times before, her smile let him know he was right.


The bed creaked as Danny pumped his own sister’s pussy as she moaned loudly. The wet smacking sounds of flesh hitting flesh which Danny had heard so often, were now being produced by him and Jazz. Just like with Johnny, Danny flipped the redhead around and put her on all fours.


“Harder! Danny! Harder!”- the redhead demanded as she was completely drowned in pleasure, no longer caring that it was her brother was behind her. “You’re the best I ever had!”- Jazz yelled out as she reached an orgasm.


Danny knew she told everyone that and so didn’t fall for it as he continued to mercilessly pound her pussy as hard as could. The boy couldn’t hold his cum any longer and begun shooting his load inside of the redhead.


Boiling hot cum drenched her womb for the very first time in her life, she loved having sex but never once dared to do it without a condom, her legs shivered as Danny slowly pulled out taking notice of his overly sensitive penis. It was that he noticed his sister lying on her belly over the bed.


“What are you doing?”- the redhead questioned as she felt his hands spreading her buttocks.


“I can manage one more!”- Danny spoke proudly as he put his sister on all fours.


The girl couldn’t utter a single word in protest as she felt her brother sliding his massive cock inside her tight anus, it was the second time someone had been inside and he was by far the biggest ever.


Danny could feel the base of his penis being strangled by her tight anus while the inside felt soft yet firm. The precum made sliding in and out of her far easier as he held on to her wide hips. Jazz moans were a mix of pain and pleasure to which the former was losing room quickly.


“So big!”- Jazz moaned more than spoke.


“You like that bitch!”- Danny asked as he spanked his sister’s plump butt.


“Yes! I love it! I love you!”- the redhead spoke though it was the first time Danny had ever heard say “I love you” to anyone.


Jazz could feel her brother’s seed swimming inside of her though lack the strength to do anything more, both siblings fell deep asleep in each other’s arms.




The following morning Danny stood in front of the ghost portal as dozens of cameras filmed him wearing a strange steampunkish suit. Danny noticed his sister and friends sitting over privilege seats next to the governor Vlad Masters.


The boy bravely crossed into the Ghost Zone knowing that his so-called magic would protect him, the crowd roar as Danny spoke through the radio about his safe arrival. It was then that Danny turned on his camera allowing Amity and the rest of the world to see for the first time the Ghost Zone.


His journey only lasted a month as he returned triumphant after activating the second portal.


The end

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