Sluts of Amity Park

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Slut of Amity Park

Sugar Daddy.

Paulina X Jeremy Ero- Fiction


Several young cheerleaders from Casper High school were cheerfully practising their daily routine at the school’s track field, not even the blazing hot sun above their heads hinder their pace as they jump and shake their pom-poms in the air.


Only a handful of girls were blushing as they wore the cheerleader uniforms for the very first time, the very same which had been in service for the last three decades, though suffering some minor alterations in such time yet remaining essentially the same.


The uniform was composed of a tight red top with a white dot in the middle leaving the girls bellies completely expose and which demanded extra workouts and diets to keep presentable, a miniskirt that only reached half-way their butts competed with the school’s official thong formed the cheerleader outfit.


Cold sweat ran down their skin as each girl rhythmically dance and raised their legs in the air, their already very short skirts bounced showing their small thongs to the nearby students who whistled at them yet the senior cheerleaders only smiled.


Surprisingly, there was hardly any complaints about the uniform from the PTA when first introduced over thirty years ago, though initially the uniform made used of stiletto high heels accompanied by white knee-high socks which more often than not got stuck in the field hence forcing the school to change them for sneakers.   


“Come on, girls! We’re almost done!”- the cheerleader captain Paulina Sanchez ordered.


The girls smiled as they continued their routine, flipping their long well-tone legs as high as they could reach, not caring if boys and even some adults rallied behind them, lustful eyes glued over their bare butts as their skirt danced in the air.


Paulina led the cheerful chant which was to encourage the football team into victory, her peers followed in full detail her example and chanted as loud as their voices could while keeping synchrony and rhythm which in itself was no easy feat. 


The captain of the cheerleaders ended the Saturday practice around two pm and ordered them into the shower room as to rinse off the sweat gained. The girls gladly took possession of their sports bags and made their way back into the school while whipping off the sweat from the back of their necks with a towel.


It took a matter of seconds for the girls to reach the locker room which held its shower room, all meant exclusively for the cheerleading team which made several students frown in disapproval as it was far better kept than the regular bathrooms across the school.


Green lockers stood against brightly pink walls and polished white tiles covered the floor, the school’s name was proudly held over the bathroom entrance and yet again on the opposite side of the room just above the shower entrance.


The only thing both the cheerleader’s bathroom and the common restroom shared was both a feminine product and condom dispenser by the sink which was provided and recurrently refilled due to its high demand by the school and the local government as to avoid teenage pregnancies. If they couldn’t keep their legs close then they would keep the cum outside their pussies.


“Finally,”- Paulina whispered as she began peeling off her cheerleader uniform.


Over twenty girls marched naked towards into the showers, carrying nothing more than their towels and some hygiene products in hand, Paulina smiled as she looked the girls and recalled Casper high had the utmost bizarre standards for cheerleaders such as having C-cup breasts as a minimum, being well fit for physical activities though having a big ass was optional, it did help greatly if they wanted to get chosen for the team.


The bathroom was larger than the one meant for the rest of the student body and far better kept. It did maintain the same pinkish aura as the locker room, with white tiles covering the floor. The walls, on the other hand, were covered with flower decorated slates but more notable was the ten large circular columns from which a rainfall sprinkler was connected to.


Despite the unnecessary extravagance in the shower room which could have been better employed elsewhere in the school, Paulina couldn’t help but compare the school’s showers to that of prisons she had seen in several movies which she was rather fond of.


Soon enough steam was filling the room as the sprinklers began running one after another, soft moans of relief echo within the room as warm steamy water touched their young adolescent bodies cleansing them from their sweat.


“Thank goodness!”- an Asian girl squealed out loud, “I really needed this.”


Paulina and her best friend Star both took a shower at a column by the middle of the room, the delicate fragrance of expensive soap and equally expensive shampoo began which was granted by the school permeating the showers as it mixes with the steam of hot water.


The girls merrily chatted among each other about their Saturday plans, most of them were heading to the mall with their friends for some proper shopping while a few more were going on dates with their boyfriends at the local amusement park.


Some less modest girls began casually talking about their more nightly plans they had for their boyfriends that included a quick visit to a particular hotel in the middle of downtown named the “Pig Pen” which was well known for their cheap prices and tight-lip staff.


It was a rather common activity among the cheerleaders to head over to the Pig Pen at least once a week with any football player of their choosing, the hotel’s bedsheets were stained with virginal bloodstains as all the cheerleaders had lost their virginities soon after joining the team.


“What about you Star?”- Paulina asked as she turned over to her blonde-haired friend. “Are you and Kwan going to the Pen?”


“Yeah but not with Kwan, I got a couple of appointments today including Lancer.”- the girl replied as she began soaping her large breasts. “I’m falling back on my grades and asked him if he gives me an A-plus if I fuck him. So, I’m going with him later tonight.”– the blond girl added.


“Lancer’s a lousy fuck, I have to finish with my fingers since he can’t make me cum!”- Paulina burst out with some laughter as one-third of the girls agreed with her.


An Asian female further down the shower casually told them about having to suck her chemistry teacher’s dick after flunking the test twice, a brunet laughed out loud as she added a brief story of how she and the English teacher had sex in the classroom though merely for fun as she was a rather good student.


Paulina wasn’t new to this kind activity or talks as she had slept with almost all of her teachers, both male and female mainly in return for better grades or letting her skip class whenever she wasn’t feeling like attending though she had done it also for the fun of having sex with an adult.


All of the girls present began telling about their sexual adventures across the school grounds which included blowjobs and even intercourse at the gardens, all of the cheerleaders had at some point slept with a teacher for better grades, hence the need for the condom dispenser. 


One by the one the cheerleaders exit the showers and headed back to the locker room to fetch fresh clothing and carried on with their day’s plans, Paulina and Star on the hand remained inside the shower as they enjoyed staying under the hot water as long as they could.


“What about you, Pau?”- Star inquired as she and Paulina both shut the shower off. “Can’t imagine you staying home on a Saturday.”- she added with a smirk.


“I got a date tonight.”- the tan cheerleader exclaimed bringing out a smile on peer’s lips as she knew what her tan friend meant.


“Let me guess… you and Jeremy got plans for tonight.”- the blonde girl replied.


Star knew about Paulina’s taste for adult men though was initially shocked and even scared that she was dating a man nearly in his mid-thirties but calmed down upon hearing that she was only seeing him for his money and not because she was romantically interested.


Jeremy had gone through a very painful divorced after discovering his wife was sleeping with none other than the town’s mayor Vlad Master, their divorced was too quick and bias to his wife which he credited to the mayor’s influence.


Worst yet was that his daughter, Sam Manson was supporting Pamela in her decision, the man’s world had crumbled before his eyes and was on the brink of suicide until Paulina showed herself one rainy evening after handing over her daughter’s paper at school.


It took only a few kind words from the cheerleader to lead him to the Pig Pen and have the much-needed sex he had been lacking for the past few years, after that single night his life changed as all his business was on the rise again.


“Yeah, he promised to take me shopping to Dimmesdale mall today.”- Paulina added with childish glee only a fourteen-year-old can show. “I’ll be back by Monday.” Added the cheerleader.


“Wish I had a nice sponsor like you.”- Star replied with some jealousy.


Paulina smirk as she recalled how easy it was for her to convince Jeremy to take her shopping at one of the most exclusive and clearly expensive shopping districts out of town, though she wanted to stay at a luxurious hotel for the whole weekend Jeremy insisted on staying at his summer house which was much better than Dimmesdale Plaza hotel.


None of the other cheerleaders waited for their captain to come out from the shower as they knew just how much she likes to bask in the hot waters. Upon coming out from the bathroom Paulina noticed they were alone and proceeded to open her sports bag while Star took out some condoms from the dispenser.


From the bag, Paulina produced a set of black lingerie which she covered under her everyday blue yoga pants and pink blouse that was similar to her uniform as it left her belly exposed. The two girls exited the school through the backdoor and headed over to the parking lot where Paulina spotted a fancy black Lincon continental.


“Have fun, Paulina.”- the blonde girl said as she kissed her friend in the cheek.


Star mounted her bicycle and paddle down the lane in the direction towards downtown while Paulina gracefully made her way towards the black vehicle, it wasn’t the first time she rode but came to realized it now had heavily tinted windows, the door opened once she was just a few steps closer.




“Evening mister Manson.”- Paulina greeted Jeremy with the most seductive voice she could muster before proceeding to kiss him on the lips.


Their tongues danced with each other as she closed the door only to move her hand over to his crotch and caress his manhood. Jeremy loved her taste but furthermore how she made him feel, desired again.   


“Hope on in babe.”- Jeremy gently instructed.


Paulina leaned back on the leather passenger seat as Jeremy exit the school’s parking lot, her mind was too busy thinking about the many clothes and fashionable articles she wanted to buy to take any notice of the buildings and people passing by the car as it speeds down the lane towards the shopping mall.


The cheerleader had long to purchase clothes from “Wendy the Witch” line for quite some time now, though a single dress could reach up to eight hundred dollars which made her dream clothing nothing more than a dream.


Even if she could muster up the cash, the nearest shop that sold anything Wendy the Witch related was in Dimmesdale which was at least two hours ride from Amity Park, she would not only need money for her clothes but also transport and possible lodgings.


Jeremy quickly offered to buy her the whole summer line upon hearing her casually comment her desire to wear at least once in her lifetime any of the many dresses or pants being sold, little did the man know was that she timed her petition perfectly.


Paulina knew men were much more malleable after a long session of steaming hot sex which prompted Jeremy to promise to take her shopping at Dimmesdale that very weekend as long as she could convince her parents to let her stay for the night.


It was normal for them to have a date at the local mall, going to the movies and dining expensive restaurants though the couple always ended up in a hotel bed, even so, they had yet to spend the night together as the girl had to be home before midnight otherwise her father would be calling.


It wasn’t so much of a secret that the cheerleaders already had a prewritten script as to what to say whenever they were going to stay overnight with someone, the most common explanation was a “slumber party” though on cases such as Paulina it was a “training” session and even had a designated geek to pretend to be a counsellor in case some worrisome dad called.


“Thank you much for taking me shopping, Jeremy”- the girl suddenly said as they came closer to the city limits.


“Anything you want, baby.”- Jeremy replied as he gropes her leg.


Even with the thin fabric in the way, he could feel her warm skin which brought a smile upon his face. Only moments later did the Latina take hold of his hand pulling it away from her, it made the man think that he might have crossed a boundary despite their already sexual activity.


His face once more was filled with glee as she guided his large hand under her pants and in between her legs, Jeremy’s fingers were graced by Paulina’s hot vaginal lips which he began to gently caress as his car entered the highway.


Jeremy knew it was dangerous to drive while fingering a teenager but quickly recalled the auto-pilot feature and activate it. His vehicle was among the most modern and most sophisticated the country had ever made.


Not only did it have the basic speed control and a voice command features that allow him to verbally manipulate the car, but the most impressive was the literal auto-pilot system guided by a powerful A.I. system which warned him of any imminent danger and could even drive itself so long there wasn’t much traffic.


“It’s a little hot in here.”- Paulina exclaimed pulling her skin tight blouse.


“If you want, I can turn on the A.C. for you”- Jeremy offered as he ready himself to command his vehicle to activate the A.C.


“No need, babe.”- the Latina retorted.


The man couldn’t help but smile as his passenger peeled off her blouse and tossed it in the backseat along with her bra leaving her abnormally large breasts hanging in the air, Jeremy leans in closer to her so he could suck on her nipples.


He trusted in his modern car to drive them safely to Dimmesdale as it was basically a straight line with one or two cars passing every couple of hours, his now ex-wife would have screamed at him for taking his eyes off the road even for a single second.


Jeremy could only giggle at the thought of her horrified face if she had seen him sucking a teenager’s breasts while driving on the highway. He was more than sure Pamela would be screaming at him for not paying attention to the road rather than having his face pressed on Paulina’s chest.


“I’m getting a little thirsty.”- Paulina said slowly shoving him away. “Mind if I have some milk.”- the girl added as she caresses his crotch.


“Help yourself.”- the man replied as he returns to his original position while unzipping his pants.


Jeremy felt Paulina’s long and slimy tongue wrapped around his hard phallus slowly taking him fully into the back of her throat, never had his ex-wife Pamela ever given him head before as she considered herself too high class for any whore like behaviour.


The woman was like a cold dead fish in the bed even during their honeymoon, never wanting to do more than the missionary position and not even using lingerie despite constantly buying expensive dresses she uses to brag to her shallow friends during their bridge games.


Loud and obscene slurping sounds echo within the car as Paulina sucked on Jeremy’s long and hard cock as if it were the most delicious delicacy ever, the cheerleader took her time savouring the man’s flavour making sure not a single inch was left without licking.


There were only three loves in Paulina’s life so far, starting from the least important of all, her love for material possessions such as clothing, jewellery and anything that shine followed closely by her love for social position which she moved land and sea to maintain.


None more important was her love for sex, it didn’t matter who her partner was so long he had a fairly decent size penis and knew how to move his hips, Jeremy was by no means the best fuck she had so far but could keep up the rhythm and had fairly good endurance, though more important was that she could easily feed her first two loves with him which outdid his monotonous movements.


The tan girl knew for a fact her lover only had one sole woman in his entire life which was he ex-wife and so explains his poor bed skills, Pamela never did pass beyond the missionary position nor gave him blowjobs or any other foreplay. A poke and go if you will.


“You’re amazing Paulina… I love you so much!”- the man exclaimed as he put his hand over her head.


Though the girl didn’t verbally reply as she was too busy sucking his dick like a lollypop, she did pull down her tight pants along with her skimpy thong allowing Jeremy to gaze upon her wide brownish butt which he had been enjoying for the last few of months now.


It was then that he placed his right hand over her back feeling both her warmth and softness, though could also feel her firm back muscles which were only natural as she constantly practised her cheerleading routines that included many hard workouts.


The girl moaned upon feeling a light pressure in her anus as she realized her man was shoving his middle finger inside of her making Jeremy smile as he felt her asshole clamped around his finger, Paulina began to increased her rhythm while her man continued to finger her.


“Pamela would never let me near this hole.”- Jeremy unknowingly spoke out loud.   


“Of course, that prune wouldn’t”- Paulina mentally replied.


He could feel the cum pilling up within his balls and soon enough at the base of his cock, a sudden twitching allowed Paulina who had sucked more than her fair share of dicks by now to know her man was about to ejaculate.


Nearly boiling cum drenched her mouth yet not a single drop escape Paulina’s luscious lips. She eagerly swallowed all of Jeremy’s semen as she sends him a lustful gaze that forced the man to use all of his willpower not to stop the car and fuck her there and then.


Unlike many girls at Casper high which included members of her cheerleading squad, Paulina genuinely liked the taste of cum but above all to feel the gooey thickness of it as it slides down her throat leaving an afterglow as it reaches her stomach.


“I always get a little sleepy after having some warm milk.”- Paulina said as she reclines her seat not bothering to get dressed again.


“Are you sure about going straight to the mall once we reach the city? I mean we could go tomorrow after resting up.”- Jeremy added as the girl folded her pants into a makeshift pillow.


“Jerry, we’re gonna be fucking all day tomorrow so I wanna get this shopping trip out of the way.”- Paulina acted as if she were more interested in sleeping with him than going shopping.


“No, Paulina, baby. I insisted on bringing you shopping so don’t think you’re imposing on me or anything.”- Jeremy replied trying not to look at her flat and well-tone belly much less to her massive breasts.


The cheerleader rolled over to her side as to no let Jeremy see her crooked smile while saying how much she appreciated all he was doing for her, such as buying her brand-named clothes or taking her to fancy restaurants across town though would appreciate it even more if he didn’t suddenly show up to the games she cheered.


The girl couldn’t believe how easy it was for her to convince the man into buying her anything she wanted no matter how expensive. All Paulina needed to do was to simply throw a casual comment about how nice a dress on the display window looked, for him to run in and buy it.


Jeremy tried to glued his eyes back to the road trying his very best not to see Paulina’s who was within minutes sound asleep on her side showing her well-toned legs and perfectly round butt, his efforts proved to be fruitless as he found himself looking at her.


The girl unconsciously crawled up into a fetal position as her sleep became deeper which made Jeremy more than grateful for the auto-pilot feature in his modern car, the man took a hard look at Paulina as her ass cheeks open up.


With a deep gulp, he began caressing her large butt slowly and very carefully approaching her anus, seeing that Paulina wasn’t reacting to his touch made him gently prick her backdoor, much to his surprise, her anus literally began sucking his finger in.


“You one in a million”- Jeremy whispered.



Paulina dreams took her to a particularly rainy evening three months ago, the girl walked down the halls of Casper high with a sombre expression on her face as she muttered profanities towards her homeroom teacher mister Lancer whom she had to give a blowjob in order to pass her recent exam.


The fact that she had to sexually relieve her teacher after class didn’t bother her in the least, what truly troubled her was that she actually studied for this specific exam which made her think Lancer purposely failed her knowing she would suck him off to avoid a bad grade.


“I told that fucking idiot not to cum in my goddamn hair.”- Paulina muttered as she slammed opened her locker.


The girl had told her teacher several times that she would swallow his cum but the man insisted on spraying his load all over her long ebony hair which Paulina had to agree to if she wanted to get an A-plus on her test.


Her eyes fell upon the mirror placed in the back of her locker which clearly showed the harden spots where Lancer’s semen dried over. Paulina scoffed at her reflection as she took the key hanging on a hook to the left.


“Might as well take a shower”- Paulina added as she slammed her locker and headed down the hall.


It had begun to rain by the time she came out of the cheerleader’s private bathroom permeated with the sweet scent of soap, though upon seeing the downpour made Paulina cursed out loud as there was no rain forecast in the morning news, even her smartphone said it was a sunny evening.


With her scooter at the workshop and all her friends hence means of transportation already at their homes or perhaps even a hotel meant that Paulina had no other option than to make use of the public transport which she loathed with all her heart.


Sitting under the rooftop of the bus stop was one of the many reasons Paulina hates public transport, a mere vagrant completely drenched in rainwater. The tan cheerleader stood under the rain using her backpack as an improvised umbrella struggling between standing under the rain or going near the bum.


“Just my fucking luck!”- Paulina mentally screamed as she approached the bus stop not wanting to stay under the rain any longer. “Just my fucking luck!”- the girl rephase with genuine cheer in her voice now that she took a better look at the bum.


It was a young man perhaps in his early thirties wearing a very filthy suit and though his semi orange-coloured hair partially covered his face, Paulina was more than sure it was none other than Jeremy Manson, one of the richest men of Amity Park.


For the last few months, Paulina had been in search for a “sponsor,” like most of her senior cheerleaders, someone willing to buy her clothes, accessories and even jewellery along with taking her to fancy restaurants in return for steaming hot sex which was where her true talents lurk.


Most girls would call such men “sugar daddies” but the cheerleaders didn’t want to be associated with low-level whores and so preferred to address them as “sponsors” whenever they spoke of such men among each other.


Paulina had rejected several potential sponsors previously as she didn’t feel like constantly sleeping with a fat old fart, doing Lancer every now and again for better grades was already bad enough and already felt as if she were wasting time with him.


The girl wanted to land herself a young handsome rich man, though only earned a series of mockery and laughter from her senior cheerleaders who told her such men had women by the dozen, changing them whenever they got bored or found a new fresh hole to fuck.


“Hello mister Manson… aren’t you cold?”- Paulina asked as she offered him a towel from her sports bag.


The man broke from his trance upon feeling the towel wrapping around his back which made him looked up to the tan girl, Jeremy’s eyes laid over her warm smile as the soft scent permeated in the towel penetrated his nose going straight to his brain.


It felt like ages since he lasted sensed the delicate aroma of a young girl. The tan cheerleader gently dried his unkempt hair in silence making him realized just how much he missed the soft and delicate touch of a woman.


“…Thank you…”- Jeremy replied trying not to blush at the sudden act of kindness.


“You’re very much welcome.”- Paulina said sending him an innocent yet seductive gaze. “I only got one shot at this”- the girl mentally added.


Paulina never did care for other people’s affairs so long they didn’t affect her, but she too heard the vile rumours being spread around the school grounds about the Manson family, it was on everyone’s mouths and ears.


The man’s wife Pamela Manson whom he had been married for the last sixteen years and his daughter Sam Manson who the cheerleader knew only by name as she was well-known for starting protests in favour of animal rights and more recently for changing the lunch menu for plant base diets had both walked out on Jeremy just a week ago.  


It was through one of the cheerleaders who heard it directly from Lancer after “upgrading” her test scores that the rumours began spreading around Casper High like wildfire, the educator didn’t hold back on details real or fake.


Soon enough, everyone knew that Sam’s mother had traded her father for the town mayor Vlad Master and was moving away, most cheerleaders added their own spice to the story but it was Paulina who spread the rumour about the goth sleeping with her new daddy as to get back at her for changing “Taco Tuesday.”


“You’re gonna get sick if we don’t dry you up.”- Paulina suddenly said pulling him up.


Even she was surprised to have the man following her without uttering a single word like a mere puppy, Paulina knew the man was in distress due to his wife suddenly handing him the divorce paper out of the blue and his daughter supporting her decision.


Paulina could easily understand why Pamela would leave her husband if a better option pops up, but Sam? Paulina couldn’t even begin to comprehend why she would leave her father for someone who was clearly only after her mother’s ass.


The cheerleader was heavily influenced by the evening soap operas she constantly watched with her own family and firmly believed a step-father would treat his new daughter poorly or as a disposable cum-bucket, and yet, Sam left without even saying good-bye to the man who was raising her.


Jeremy suddenly jerked upon feeling hot water covering his lower half, the man was so distraught and deep in thought that he didn’t notice Paulina undressing him or putting him inside a bathtub, with a few blinks he began to scan the room he was now in.


It was a small bathroom with bright green walls, a pink carpet by the bathtub which allowed Jeremy to know it wasn’t the bathroom of a hotel at least not one he would normally walk in, he confirmed this thought upon seeing a large number of personal hygiene products both female and male scattered across.


“Where are we?”- Jeremy asked as he saw the girl was standing naked which made him look overheard where he saw a clothesline from which hung several pieces of underwear mainly thongs.


“It’s my house, don’t worry my parents aren’t here.”- Paulina casually replied as she looks at the underwear she purposely placed in full view.


The girl didn’t mind paying for the taxi fee as she knew it was a necessary investment that would be returned to her a hundredfold. She did recall the taxi driver giving her a funny look when they boarded the car though shook it off by saying Jeremy was her father and was very drunk.


Jeremy gulped down as he saw how the water covered her brownish skin, his eyes fell upon her unnaturally large breasts as she leans back to better relax, never before had Jeremy seen a woman with such assets in his life, the closest had been in porn movies he watched in secret.


His wife’s breasts and ass couldn’t even begin to compare to the woman in front of him, despite her large breasts and wide hips, her face was childish and so was her mannerism which made his heart skipped a beat.


“I’m sorry miss, but we haven’t even been presented and were already sharing a bath.”- Jeremy spoke ungluing his eyes from Paulina’s breasts. “I’m Jeremy Manson.”- the man presented himself.


“I know. I’m a very close friend… well, was a very close friend of your daughter. Name’s Paulina Sanchez and yes, I’m in the same class as Sam.”- the tan cheerleader added with a smile.


Jeremy’s face turned pale as he came to realize, he was sharing a hot bath with a fourteen-year-old girl, the same age as his daughter. He knew the kind of trouble that could arise from this situation but before he could step out, Paulina holds him by the wrist.


His urgency to flee from the underage girl suddenly vanished as she pulled him towards her allowing his face to rest over her soft breasts which covered most of his face. Being within her arms and laying his head over her chest made him feel like a toddler.


“Why? Why did they leave me?”- Jeremy quietly asked referring to his family as tears filled his eyes.


“I don’t know… Sam never told me”- Paulina answered while patting his head.


She knew better than to lie and have to come up with a series of lies, Paulina hardly knew Sam beyond her extravagant “attempts” to save the world, it was much easier to let him vent his frustration and take advantage of his emotional state.


The two walked out of the bathtub after Jeremy finished crying out his frustration, cursing his wife and daughter for their betrayal. He had done nothing to deserve such cruel treatment and outcome, he worked hard for them and both his girls just left him without a reason.


It was then that Jeremy noticed the vast difference in height between them, Paulina was about a head and half shorter than him and despite her large breasts and wide hips still looked like a child which made him worry greatly.


“You poor hardworking man.”- Paulina said as she pulled him closer landing a kiss to his lips.


“No… we shouldn’t”- Jeremy said trying to pull away from the tan girl who asked why. “You’re still a kid… I can’t do that with you.”- he added.


“I may be a kid but I’m more woman than your ex-wife will ever be.”- Paulina replied as his cock was growing larger. “See what I mean.”- the girl continued as she rubbed his cock.


Reason and common sense along with the fear of going to jail suddenly walked out the door, Jeremy took hold of Paulina’s wide hips though remains motionless, the girl suddenly impulses herself up high penetrating her already wet cunt with his hard penis.


She let out a loud and lustful moan as the meat rod slides down her drenched vagina kissing her womb. Jeremy kept the tan girl in position by holding her large and soft butt while she swayed her hips around his crotch, her cunt was tighter than Pamela’s even when she was a viring, though Jeremy was sure the girl within his arms hadn’t given birth to anyone nor had sex before hence the tightness.


“I’m cumming!!”- Jeremy suddenly exclaimed as he pulled out.


“Already!?”- Paulina thought in silence while pretending to be out of breath.


Cum sprayed over the floor though some drops did manage to land on Paulina’s buttocks yet accomplished to avoid having the man finished inside of her. Getting herself pregnant with Jeremy’s baby was by no means part of her plans.


She wanted to avoid getting pregnant at all cost which prompted her to take birth control pills as if they were candy. Paulina wanted to enjoy her youth to the fullest and not be some teenage mom like many girls she knew about.


“I’m so sorry.”- Jeremy suddenly said as he put the Latina on the ground. “oh, God. Are you hurt?”- the man added with distress in his voice.


“I’m alright”- Paulina replied frustrated for the nearly five minute fuck.


“Oh, thank goodness… I thought I hurt you, after all, it’s your first time and with a stranger nonetheless.”- Jeremy said looking away from her. “I’m sure you would have preferred to do it with a boy you’re in love with and not with some old guy like me.”- The man added.


Paulina tilted her head as she came to understand that Jeremy thought she was still a virgin, the girl only recently lost her virginity by the start of the school year with quarterback Dash Baxter during the cheerleader initiation and seldom gave blowjobs to her teachers.


She had completely forgotten just how much men valued a girl’s virginity, to be the first one inside of them, to tear their hymen which made her slowly make her way back inside the still filled bathtub. Paulina knew Jeremy was now within her grasps and had too reeled him in before he got away.


“It didn’t hurt as much as I thought… in fact, it felt really good.”- the Latina said with an innocent voice while touching her crotch under the water.


“Oh, really? That’s great.”- Jeremy said as his face filled with joy.


It was then that Paulina noticed with horror that his penis though covered in shiny cunt juice didn’t hold a single spec of blood which could blow away her virgin card. Thinking fast, she took hold of the detachable sprinkler and splash water over him.


“I’m sorry but you looked so serious I just had to do it.”- Paulina said in between laughs. “You can use my dad’s towel; I’ll go get us something to drink”- the girl commanded.


Paulina rushed out of the bathroom without letting Jeremy utter a single word as she knew he would try to bail out on her, she needed him to stay until she fully caught him. The man did step outside the bathroom trying to stop her from leaving but remained quiet as he saw the girl’s bubble butt swaying side to side.


Down in the living room, Paulina saw Jeremy’s clothes resting over the floor where she undressed the man before taking him up to the bathroom. She quickly tossed them inside the washing machine as to have an excuse to keep him longer before coming back with two larges glasses filled with soda instead of her father’s brandy as she wanted to give an innocent girl impression. 


“Thank you but maybe I should be leaving. Your parent might come home any minute now.”- Jeremy said as Paulina invited him to her bedroom to which he knew what could happen, the man did end up following her naked ass to the room.


“Don’t worry my folks won’t be here until tomorrow evening besides I just put your clothes in the washing machine.”- Paulina said as she sat down on her bed with her legs crossed. “I don’t like being alone, could you stay with me?”- the added while giving her best naïve little girl performance.


The man stood quietly as he saw Paulina get up and start pulling down the bedsheets which made him feel as if he were a teenager all over again, the rapid heartbeats and a million butterflies soaring in his stomach was something he hadn’t felt in years.


“Are you sure?”- Jeremy knew he would end up forcing himself on Paulina like previously if they were to share a bed. “If I stay, I might end up doing that again and you could get pregnant.”- the man knew there was no point in lying to her.


Paulina knew the man was right and so made her way towards her school backpack which rested over her desk by her computer and produced an unopen box of condoms which made Jeremy’s jaw nearly touched the ground, the girl seemed far too innocent and naïve to have items in her backpack.


“I got these during sex education class last week,”- the girl lied as she bought them for her personal leisure, “teacher said we can have sex without the risk of pregnancy if you wear this… … can we do it again? Pretty please with a cherry on top.”- Paulina said with a cute voice.


Pamela never did put much effort in bed as she remained unmoving over her back while her husband did all the work, she even insisted on turning off the lights each time they had intimacy which made the man vaguely forget what his wife looks like fully naked.


It was the first time Jeremy was in bed with someone who wasn’t his wife, someone who actually put much effort in his pleasure but more importantly, Paulina refused to turn off the lights as she wanted to see everything which pleased Jeremy greatly.


The couple ended up using half the condoms in the box as they had sex several times in different positions during the night, many of which Jeremy didn’t know was possible, their lovemaking session ended at four in the morning, Jeremy was rather surprised to have lasted so long as he could only manage two times whenever his wife was somewhat in the mood.




“Hard to believe I took your virginity.”- Jeremy said he looks at the girl’s wide butt.


There was an enormous sense of pride in having deflowered such a young and beautiful girl, it was as if heaven itself send Paulina his way to make thing better after Pamela and Sam cruelly backstabbed him for no reason.


The cold expressionless look on their eyes as they climb inside Vlad Masters limousine still send shivers up his spine, Jeremy could only blame himself for spending too long at the office and not looking out for his family, that mistake would not happen with Paulina.


Jeremy was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the bright lights of Dimmesdale until his car was cruising down the main avenue, dozens among dozens of people were marching up and down the streets which force him to shake Paulina until she woke up.


Her smile was long and wide upon realizing they had reached their destiny; the city of Dimmesdale. Jeremy was thankful for having tinted his windows otherwise people would have seen a naked underage girl making her into the backseat to get dress.


Little did Jeremy know was that Paulina had much practice getting dressed inside a car, a few random times inside a moving vehicle due to the many times she slept with her teachers to ensure good grades or with other students mainly from the football team to maintain her social standing.


The first place the couple visit was Dimmesdale shopping mall, Jeremy rarely ever visited the mall but just like Paulina was very impressed by the large building complex going up to five stories with a massive fountain in the middle and the statue of a naked woman holding a jar from which water sprout out, the mall housed nearly a hundred stores ranging from dirt cheap to insultingly expensive.


Just seeing the shopping mall and all its bright lights and decorations made the two-hour trip all the worthwhile, though Paulina frowned upon seeing some “hillbillies” walking around with muddy shoes over the polish floor in direction of the hunting shop.


The girl skipped her way towards the elevator which took them to the top floor where the higher-class stores are located at, the first thing both Jeremy and Paulina saw a large café with wooden tables and antique design that gave out an aura of elegance.


“It’s right over there!”- Paulina expressed with age-appropriate enthusiasm as she rushed over to the clothes store she had long to visit.


A blonde-haired female employee eyed Paulina down as she entered the shop with some haste, there was so much to choose from that the Latina was momentarily dumbfounded as she didn’t know where to start picking from.


“Excuse me, miss but I think you’re in the wrong store”- the blonde woman said putting her hand over Paulina’s shoulder.


The tan girl turns over to the clerk as anger boiled within her, it wasn’t the first time she was discriminated for her origins, yet before she could utter a single word. Jeremy put his large hand over the employee’s shoulder squeezing so hard she made a soft cry of pain.


“I’m pretty sure my daughter has the right to shop here”- the man spat out poisonous words.


The thought that he wasn’t “man” enough for Pamela haunted him ever since she left him the former Mayor Vlad Masters who though average-looking was somehow imposing and even fearsome. Much to Jeremy’s shame, he froze up once Vlad looked straight at his eyes and for a moment thought these glowed red.


“My apologies, sir.”- the woman lowered her head trying not to look to either the man or his “daughter.”


Their brief interaction called out the attention of a handful of shoppers but more importantly of the manager who quickly made his towards them and asked if something was wrong, using his best salesman smile, Jeremy told him that the woman was about to show his daughter the new line of “Wendy the witch.”   


The clerk quietly guided them further into the store as her manager smirk, for he had received several complaints from coloured customers about the woman and her racial profiling, the woman was on the verge of being firing if another complained arose and yet didn’t change her attitude, the manager saw this as the perfect punishment.


Paulina took hold of several dresses and pants from the shelves and cloth racks which she quickly put over the clerk’s hand and “asked” her to take them to the dressing room as she wanted to try on, most of the clothes sold at the shop wasn’t meant for kids her age as they accentuated her curves leaving much skin in view.


The blonde woman couldn’t help but feel somewhat jealous at the well-developed body the tan girl possessed, but nearly growled once Paulina stepped out wearing nothing more than her underwear as she took hold of a navy-blue dress showing her flat stomach and large breasts which made the clerk want to scream as she was the exact opposite.


“Is she really your daughter?”- the woman suddenly questioned.


Jeremy let out a long sigh as he thought their well rehearse father-daughter routine was flawless, the girl even casually called him “daddy” in front of others as part of their act, though every now and again someone would question them to which he had to remind people of the existence of interracial marriages.  


“I think you’re running late for a Klan meeting”- Jeremy remark getting tired of her attitude.


“My apologies but I asked because of that”- the woman retorted while pointing over to Paulina.


The man blushed red as a tomato upon seeing his “daughter” standing in front of the dressing room wearing a small red lingerie set with matching high heels, Paulina smiled at him as she innocently asked if the thong looked good on her.


Jeremy unconsciously told her she looked wonderful to which the girl let out a soft “yay” before taking a second set to try. It was then that he recalled the existence of the clerk who was being forced to carry the couples shopping.


“Yes, she’s my daughter and I understand that I’m spoiling her too much.”- the man said with a stone hard face. “Now, would you show me that suit over there”- he ordered while pointing over to an Armani three-button suit.


Jeremy glance to all sides once they exit the shop terrified someone might call the police on him due to Paulina’s new clothes which she insisted on wearing out, the girl had traded her tight blue yoga pants and pink blouse for a fresher look.


Her lower half was covered by a black with a red strips skirt so short it left part of her butt out in the air, it didn’t help that she chose to use a brand-new G-string which gave the illusion going commando, though her stiletto high heels styled like a school girl’s shoes made her legs look longer than what they were, the final touch was a white button shirt tied in a knot completed with a red bow leaving her belly completely exposed.


The only way Jeremy could describe his girlfriend’s clothes was like a sexualized version of school uniform and yet only a handful of men looked at her for a brief moment, the idea of him being the only one who found Paulina attractive was just as bothersome as having a hundred horny men drooling over her.


“Of course, no one’s gonna look at her”- Jeremy muttered “She’s just a kid… fuck!”- the man mentality added.


It had been a long and tiring trip but seeing Paulina so happy warmed his heart, though was still looking forward to their night together. The couple decided to have a quick refreshment within the café on the top floor as it better fit with Jeremy’s finer taste.    


The man began to relax upon seeing several girls window shopping in clothes very similar to that of Paulina, such as very short dresses or in what he now knows as booty shorts. He concluded that it was merely the new fashion wave. 


“Thank you so much for buying me these, daddy”- Paulina said after ordering some pastries, “Are you sure it's alright to have spent all that money?”- the girl asked not caring if the man was up to the neck in debts because of her.


“That’s pocket change, babe.”- Jeremy retorted.


Not many men could truthfully say that spending over ten thousand dollars in clothes for their girlfriends be nothing more than mere pocket change. Jeremy was among the few who could, now that he didn’t have to provide for his wife and daughter anymore.


Paulina gracefully ate a slice of a strawberry cake though deep down knew she would have to run a few extra miles to burn away the calories, the girl’s eyes set on Jeremy as he enjoyed an expresso though behind him and for a moment could swear to see a boy she knew.


“Danny?”- the girl whispered as she saw a boy with a white polo shirt and blue jeans but upon closer inspection realized it was someone else.


“Who’s Danny?”- Jeremy asked more out of curiosity and conversational sake than jealousy.


“Sorry… I thought I saw an old friend from school. He kinda went missing last week.”- the girl replied.


Paulina was known for taking advantage of anyone who came too close such as Jeremy, but Danny had been crushing on her since elementary and she made sure to fully use him. Though in the last few months had become estranged, sometimes running out of the classroom for no apparent reasons according to Lancer, worst yet was that he began to ignore her.


It was then that she recalled Danny going through something similar to Jeremy’s situation, she found out thanks to Lancer’s loose tongue and of course, after asking around why her favourite gofer was AWOL that his mother and sister left merely two weeks ago.


Just like with Jeremy and his wife, Danny’s mother a woman named Madeline or Maddie simple tossed the divorce paper to her husband’s face and walked out the door with her eldest daughter, their whereabouts are still unknown.


Danny too disappeared a week later leaving his father alone, it was a strange and unusual situation for sure but nothing Paulina would trouble herself with, she did need a new gofer but there were plenty of boys to choose from. 




Night finally came upon the city of Dimmesdale as Jeremy open the garage door of his summer house through remote control. Paulina couldn’t help but look in amazement as she entered the foyer which easily rivalled her house in size.


The first thing Paulina saw and was slightly uncomfortable with were two very tall statues of nude women with prominent breasts and bubble butts placed by the stairs, the one to the right was sitting over a pedestal with her legs wide open while the one to the left was “leaning” over the railing showing her round ass.


 “They’re modelled after you, baby”- Jeremy whispered to her ear.


“They’re beautiful.”- Paulina replied somewhat freak out.


Jeremy began walking up the stairs carrying most of the shopping while Paulina took a closer look to the statues, the cheerleader had to give credit to the sculptor for his remarkable attention to details as the vagina looked so realistic, it even gave the illusion of not only being soft but wet.


Even Paulina blushed as she reached the upper floor where two more statues stood guard by the stairs, the one to the left was of “her” offering a blowjob but the one on the right was bending over while spreading her ass cheeks, Paulina was more impressed by the attention to details on this particular piece as each wrinkle in the anus was carefully carved. She did wonder if her asshole really looks like that and wonder how they got it in such detail.


“How in the fuck could he even ordered these things without becoming a laughing stock.”- Paulina quietly wondered as Jeremy opened the master bedroom.    


Her entire living room could easily fit three times, there was an antique piano by the left along with several desks and other furniture such as drawers and bookshelves along with several bookcases to match, more importantly, was the enormous bed placed opposite to the door.


The two started with a shower in his private bathroom where they passionately kissed, their tongues dancing with each other as Jeremy played with her large and soft butt. The soap and shampoo were left untouched as they were too busy making out for scores of minutes.


“Let’s go to bed”- Jeremy spoke as his young lover was rubbing down his massive hard-on.


Paulina smirk as she made her way towards the bed wiggling her large and appetizing ass after quickly drying herself with a nearby towel, the last thing she wanted was to soak the silk bedsheets or worst yet to slipped on the marble floor.


The man quickly followed her example and dried off as quickly as he could while his young lover was crawling over the bed, Jeremy took the moment to rush over to the drawer and pull out a string of extra sensitive condoms, he bought and had at the ready.


“No, baby. It’s my safe day so we can do it raw.”- Paulina offered as she spread eagle herself on the bed.


The condoms slide of his hands as he recalled they only ever did it raw once during their first time together, he rushed over to her not wanting to ruin the moment by asking her if she was sure about. Paulina’s tongue slide inside Jeremy’s mouth as his hard penis was probing her wet vagina.


A soft moan escapes the cheerleader’s lips as she felt his manhood sliding inside of her, the pleasure she felt was immense but she kept her legs wide apart so her lover could go in as deep as possible. Jeremy wrapped his arms around the girl’s slender waist as he continues shoving his phallus deeper.


“Ah! That feels so fucking good!”- Paulina yelled out as Jeremy was finally balls deep inside of her.


Jeremy began to slowly slide in and out of the girl as there was no hurry at all. The man had found a paradise inside the Latina’s pussy and was willing to enjoy as long as he could, the two kissed passionately as the girl locked her legs around his waist effectively trapping him.


The two rolled over taking full benefit of the large bed allowing Paulina to be on top, the girl squat over his crotch and began jumping on his manhood, her face filled with lust and passion as Jeremy enjoyed watching her massive breasts jump up and down.


Paulina’s cunt was hot and tight, her moans filled with lust and desire, never before had Jeremy enjoyed either of them in the past with his wife. It felt as if all the years with that woman were a complete waste but now, he had a new true love in his life.


The couple constantly changed positions throughout the night as their voices and moaning filled the house. Jeremy continually ejaculated inside Paulina knowing that it was her safe day and was rarely treated to her raw pussy.


As Paulina put herself on all four, she noticed the door was wide open and recalled having forgotten to close though it didn’t matter at all since they were the only ones staying at the house at the moment, Jeremy’s maids and staff left for the weekend.


The man slammed his hips unto Paulina’s plump ass taking in the sight of her firm and well-marked back as her large breasts bounce around with each mighty strike from Jeremy, he no longer held back and ravage the girl’s pussy as hard and fast as his hips allowed it.


His eyes moved beyond Paulina wonderful ass and into the open door where he could imagine his prune of a wife crying in between the two statues, the man wanted her to see him fucking a real woman, his delusion added his bitch of a daughter who wailed next to her mother.


“You like that!”- Jeremy said looking at his imaginary family.


“Yes! I love it!”- Paulina replied as her cunt tighten. “Jeremy! Jeremy! I’m gonna cum again!”- the girl yelled out.


Jeremy ejaculated for the final time as his semen stuffed the girl as if she were a thanksgiving turkey, the two unglued from each other with a loud “pop” sound, the man could see his cum flowing out of the girl’s redden pussy.


“This is a real woman! Not like you bitch! And she’s mine!!”- Jeremy mentally screamed at his imaginary wife while grabbing Paulina’s butt.


The man looked with pride at the cum filled pussy as he compared Paulina to his ex-wife. The cheerleader had a near-perfect body with large breasts, wide hips and a big butt, was well fit and even tan to perfection while his wife had small saggy tits, a flat ass and sickly pale skin, the only thing big was the gut she was building up.


By evening the couple was at the kitchen getting breakfast ready as they slept through most of the morning, having gone to sleep at five in the morning, Though Paulina wanted to try out her new outfits, Jeremy told her to stay naked allowing her only to wear her high heels.


Paulina didn’t mind at all as they would continue having more sex later on and it would be too much of a hassle if cum were to stain her new clothes. The naked girl walked around the kitchen that could put any high-end restaurant to shame as she fetches the ingredients to make some pancakes.




Jeremy couldn’t believe the weekend he had with Paulina just a few days ago, despite hating Vlad Masters for stealing his family, he had to thank the former mayor for freeing him from a loveless marriage and a daughter who hates him, it was only because of him that Jeremy found true love.


The man felt like a teenager again each time they met up which wasn’t as often as he wanted it to be, given Paulina’s young age meant they couldn’t be open about their relationship. Jeremy desire to bring her to live with him at the mansion but that would be impossible at least for the next four years.    


“Your dinner master Jeremy”- the family butler Hobson suddenly said as he put a hamburger on the tray next to Jeremy’s desk. “Are you sure you don’t prefer to dine in the dining hall?”- the man added.


“Yes, I’m sure. I want to watch the news as I eat.”- Jeremy replied as he turned on the television by the corner. “Please get the silverware ready for tomorrow’s dinner, we’re having a guest”- he added.


“Is miss Sanchez staying over?”- Hobson casually asked as Jeremy nodded in agreement. “I shall also put the silk sheets to wash so the young lady can enjoy them fresh.”- the old man added before leaving the room.


Jeremy was rather open about his sexual and romantic relationship about Paulina with Hobson who had served the Manson family for years and wasn’t a stranger to keeping secrets, the old butler was surprisingly supportive about his master’s new girlfriend despite her age.


The man began watching the late time news more out of habit than interest, his mind was busy with thoughts of Paulina and what she would be doing right now. The girl didn't reply to his calls but send a text saying she was at “studying” at the library, just as he’s about to text her, something caught his eye on the television.


“Breaking news! We are transmitting live from Wisconsin where former Amity Park Mayor Vlad Master was placed under arrest by the G.I.W. organization right at his mansion.”- Jeremy dropped his hamburger as the few bits he was chewing fell out.


His heart was beating a million times per second, rage piled up as the thought of his ex-wife and daughter running back to him now that their piggy bank was going to jail. There was no way in hell he would allow them back into the house much less allow Pamela to take Paulina’s rightfully earned place on the bed. 


“It has been confirmed by the G.I.W. that Vlad Master is some sort of demonic ghost vampire.” The news reporter said as he walked up to a large man in a red jumpsuit. “Professor Jack Fenton an active agent for the G.I.W. will explain what Vlad Master is.”- the reported continued as he passed the microphone over to Jack Fenton.


“This entity is what we called a Plasmius, a ghost parasite with a human appearance that takes control of innocent people through mind control.”- the professor spoke with some notable hatred in his voice which made the reporter feel intimidated.


Jeremy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, all of Vlad Masters so-called genius investments and business ventures were nothing but the product of his mind control over people, leaving thousands of families in bankruptcy just too feed his ego and bank accounts.


“How did you capture this Plasmius?”- the reporter questioned.


“It was through the help of one of our associated, Danny Phantom who personally hunted down this parasite and brought him to justice,” Jack spoke though his eyes fell over to the main door as half a dozen women were being carried on stretchers to nearby ambulances. “No more questions! Maddie!!! Jazz!!!” the man screamed out loud as he ran towards his family.


Jeremy sat in silence as he heard how Vlad Master had used his “magic” to turned innocent women into his sex slaves, though the channel refuses to name his victims, he was sure both Pamela and Sam were also victims. He didn’t know what to feel anymore as he got a brief glimpse of Sam being put inside the ambulance.




Word of what happened quickly spread throughout Casper high and quickly reached Paulina who worried her gold mine was in danger of being close down. There were so many things she wanted to buy and didn’t feel like searching for a new sponsor.


The girl sat quietly as she recalled a video where the mighty hero Phantom who fighting off this Plasmius on the sky of Wisconsin. The hero seemed more like a demon with glowing green eyes, each of Phantom’s punches sends the creature flying away with screams of pain.


The video showed how Danny Phantom slammed the former mayor of Amity Park deep inside one of his luxurious cars, punching him with desperation for scores of seconds. The video ended right after the creature resumed his human form again and the Phantom flying away.


“How’s your wife and Sam?”- the Latina asked as nursed an iced coffee.


“They’re doing a lot better. Thank you.”- Jeremy replied looking down at his drink.


Both mother and daughter refused to tell him what happened at Vlad’s Manor during those five months of captivity, yet with a few well place “donations” to a few police officer’s retirement funds, he came across the police reports and copies of homemade videos, Vlad made though the police told him rapist like to relive their attacks, yet Jeremy wonder if that was true as in the videos it seems as if he were challenging someone.


Jeremy remained in silence as he saw how his daughter was crawling around naked in Vlad’s front yard, his little girl had a sort of plug in the form of a furry tail shoved up her asshole, what bothered him the most was the dog leash around her neck which her mother was holding on to. 


Vlad’s apparent main targets were a young redhead and her mother while Pamela, Sam and a few others women were nothing more than simple Guinea pigs for him to practice his mind control magic. His stomach turns as he saw Vlad having his way with all of the women. It was then that Jeremy took hold of Paulina’s hand and looked straight to her eyes.


“I love you.”- Jeremy said firmly. “I’ll be the better man and continue providing for my family but I want us to continue our relationship.”- the man added as he explained about leaving his wife once she was doing much better.


“I love you too.”- Paulina said with a dreamy voice. “Lucky!! Ember’s summer tour is about to start and I’m gonna need a lot of cash.”- she mentality spoke to herself.


The End.

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