Sluts of Amity Park

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Sluts of amity park


Chapter 14: A lecture to never forget.


Steam begun to fill Casper High’s shower room one hot morning as dozens of naked girls open the faucets seeking for hot water to rinse off the sweat and dirt earned during their long gym class, their loud chattering soon replaced the sounds of streaming water, the delicate fragrance of a variety of shampoos and soaps mix together with the steam creating a unique scent that was neither foul nor pleasure just acceptable.


It was among the last handful of girls that Danielle Fenton walked catching everyone’s attention for her overly developed body, her large breasts, thick legs, and round meaty butt were the envy of all her female classmates along with making her male peers drool in desire despite only being twelve years. Most boys tried to cop a feel as often as they could even if it earned them a punch to the face, it was an extremely small price to pay if they could grasp her B-cup breasts even for a single second, a kick to the balls became an acceptable price for touching her meaty buttocks over the skirt though none was ready to pay for directly touching.


The girl cursed whoever designed the school shower room as there wasn’t a hint of privacy anywhere to be found, not even a measly curtain for the more timid girls. The bathroom in itself was rather large allowing for a class of forty girls to shower at the same time due to the six columns located in the middle where most girls rally, the rest scattered across the wall to shower enjoying the painted forest landscape that was specifically put up for the cheerleader squad before getting their own private bathroom and shower room that rest of the school was forbidden to use no matter the circumstance which in itself cause much controversy among the PTA though nothing ever came from it.


Hot water touched Danielle’s long ebony hair soon to cover her borderline lewd body making more than one girl growl and turn green with jealousy as most hadn’t even started to use training bras and were as flat as floorboard while she dared to bring lingerie showing off her naturally curvy body despite her young age, though her bra, panties, and stockings were normally covered under boyish clothing that normally consisted of a pair of red shorts followed by a blue sweater even under blasting hot conditions and sneakers.


“Heard your wimpy brother got his ass shoved inside the locker again by that hunk of man, Dash Baxter”- a flat fair skin girl named Trixie Tang said teasing Danielle.


“Not all boys can be like that alpha male.”- Trixie’s best friend, Veronica, added while rinsing her long blonde hair and flanking Danielle.


It wasn’t the first time that her brother, Daniel Fenton or Danny as all his friends call him was bullied by the football quarterback, Dash Baxter, often being found inside his own locker or having food poured over his head, just the previous day had pudding poured over his silky black hair and later that day was tripped down the stairs for everyone’s amusement which truly angered Danielle as her brother hadn’t done anything to earn such aggression. The week prior the jock tried to force her brother to eat a pair of dirty underwear that most likely belong to him leading to a food fight. This was a most common occurrence due to their teachers often putting a blind eye on the football team and their cruel shenanigans that on a few occasions had one or two nerds sent to the infirmary.


Most infuriating was the fact that Danny wasn’t a pushover or a weakling, on the contrary, her brother was unbelievably strong and brave, the boy could easily snap Dash like a twig with almost no effort whatsoever using his nothing more than his bare hands. Both Danielle and Daniel had been blessed with ghostly magic after one of their parents’ newest inventions went haywire leading to an explosion that destroyed the entire basement trapping the girl and her brother in the green flames, yet didn’t kill either of them, instead walked out unscathed. It was later discovered that their bodies had indeed changed, gaining strength and several abilities that included flying and becoming invisible.   


“Danny can easily beat Dash’s ass but then would have the whole damn team against him”- Danielle retorted.


All the girls burst out laughing at this declaration as they knew Danny was a small and puny boy with almost no muscles to speak off, one who would never be able to beat up Dash not even in a million years. Danielle growled as she recalled the promise that her brother made her do, to never show or tell of her magic no matter what, this was most hard to do as she wanted to show everyone just how great her brother really is, then again, this reminded her of how noble Danny is, never using his power for personal benefit or gain, risking life and limb fighting crime and evil demonic ghost in the shadow, never taking credit for it, just like the comic book heroes.  


It was then that Danielle turned over to Trixie and her cohort taking notice of their still-developing bodies that make her scoff at both girls making both turns away angrily while calling her a loser. Trixie was the most developed of both with just two small lumps on her chest that passed as breasts but just as Veronica didn’t have much of an ass as they were completely flat and without any notable curves unlike Danielle and her wide hips along with thick legs that caught the attention of everyone.


“Bet your loser brother jerks his tiny baby dick with the fat ass of yours!”- Trixie taunted Danielle upon reaching the door. Danielle growled as she tossed her shampoo bottle over to Trixie who narrowly dodge it forcing her to leave in fear of fighting with the tomboyish girl but still called her a loser on her way out.




Later that evening Danielle flew over the skies feeling most angry and seeking a way to vent some steam out from her system, Trixie’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth as the girl had innumerable baths with her brother naturally seeing him naked, Danielle was fascinated by Danny’s body as she bit her lower lips as she recalled Danny’s faint six-pack abdomen that made her slightly wet at the mere thought, more important was between his legs. Just the previous night, she finally managed to take hold of his penis for the very first time while he dangerously took a nap in the tub.


Danielle recalled taking her brother’s penis in her hand under the water making sure not to wake Danny up, his phallus was most impressive even flaccid could hardly take it in her grasp and was easily three times her hand size, making her wonder just how big he would be when hard. Despite her age, Danielle was well aware of what a penis was used for, having heard that having sex was the most fun, she was most interested in knowing how it would feel to do “that” with her brother whom she admires more than anyone else in the world. But just like any other hero, Danny had a weakness named Samantha Manson.


The goth was Danny’s Achilles tendon as she always held him back and never allowed him to stand up to Dash, in a matter of speaking, Danielle understood why the hesitance to act as her brother would tear the jock apart, but not let him even prank the jock seemed like cruelty considering his abusive nature. Even though the goth acted like a moral compass, she far too often borderline demanded him to scare away people from buying cars that she considered as an environmental nightmare or damaging government wood cutting vehicles during her many protests.


“Fucking bitch, always holding Danny back”- the girl muttered angrily.


The half-ghost girl wasn’t aimlessly flying across the city venting her frustrations as she unlike her brother didn’t have anyone holding her back at all, rather than going to her costumery hangouts to have some fun at the arcades or the battering ring, she headed to one particular direction. It took her some effort in finding Dash Baxter’s home address which she obtained at vice-principal Lancer’s office just a few days prior, Danielle didn’t mean any physical harm to the jock, even though she wanted to crack his legs for making Danny’s life so unnecessarily hard at school just for his personal amusement and for a moment wondered if the boy was actually a psychopath for taking pleasure in tormenting others much weaker than himself, though that would make the whole team insane as they did the same bullying as Dash, even having their own personal human punching bags.


Danielle floated above what seemed to be a modest size three-story apartment building, square and grey clearly lacking any sense of modernity or imagination, but it soon became apparent that the building was, in fact, a house as it only had one door in the middle, the only green came from a few planters outside the windows. Danielle gained access into the living room using her magic, though unexpectedly was much simpler than she thought. A simple brown couch that stood in front of the television, a liquor cabinet, and a small bookcase could be seen, what truly caught her attention were Dash’s several trophies that could be seen displayed over the shelves just above the television and the fireplace making Danielle scoff at the sight.


“Why do people give so much importance to some retard playing fetch”- The girl mocked as she continued floating around the living room, seeing nothing of interest other than the deafening silence that allowed her to assume the house was empty.


It was then that she suddenly felt dizzy and was soon unable to cast her magic for much longer forcing her to become visible and land on the floor as sweat formed around her forehead, feeling most tired, even losing her breath for a few seconds, the girl wasn’t as powerful as her older brother who could multitask with ease, using flight with invisibility and intangibility while fighting several armed criminals. This was one of the many reasons, she loathed his passiveness towards Dash who tormented him daily, Danny risked life and limp without ever getting word of gratitude while Baxter was treated like a celebrity, even like a hero for playing fetch, it was disgusting.


Danielle’s attention was drawn towards a large mirror hanging on the wall just beside the hallway entrance that reflected her long silver hair and neon green eyes that gave her a most dreadful appearance, her peachy skin now almost pale like that of the recently deceased. The girl scanned with wonder at her attires that change whenever she summoned her alter ego that was composed of heavy boots, long baggy pants, silver color gloves, and what seemed to be a silver with a black blouse that left her belly exposed, had she known that the Ghost Portal explosion would permanently glue her clothes unto her ghostly side then the girl might have chosen something more stylish.


The Baxter house didn’t seem like much from the outside but was surprisingly bigger on the inside as the living room was rather large leaving much space between furniture, it connected to what seemed to be a dinner of modest size which in turn connected to the kitchen, as the girl made her way to the other side of the house found the bathroom and the broom closet, more interesting was what could only be described as an office as it had a large wooden desk, several filing cabinets, more notable was the black leather couch placed against the wall and the camera mounted a tripod aiming at said couch that made Danielle raised an eyebrow. It was upon walking up the stairs that she came to notice several family pictures scattered across the wall.


Danielle smirked upon laying eyes over a family portrait that hung over the wall where she could see the master of the house, mister Baxter, the girl couldn’t help but ridicule the balding man who was much smaller than Danny and four times fatter, perhaps even reach a hundred kilos and left much to be desire in the looks department yet one could see the familiar resemblance with Dash, her eyes then turned over to the woman standing next to the poor excuse of a man. A tall woman with long shiny blonde hair and massively obscene tits and wide hips that clearly impressed Danielle making her wonder what kind of spell made her take Baxter as a husband, the girl only ever seen Mrs. Stacy Baxter once before and was sure to never forget her sharp intimidating gaze followed by her notoriously standoffish attitude that Dash surely picks off from.


“How can this bitch walk with those huge melons on her chest, they're bigger than her head for crying out loud.”- Danielle muttered while recalling her older sister complaining about back pains due to her own large breasts.    


Her attention was then drawn to a picture of two girls standing with Dash Baxter in the middle of what seemed to be a beach, the pair of blonde twins were dressed in skimpy bikinis that left little to the imagination, though both girls held the exact same short bob haircuts along with sharing the same bust as their mother. Danielle was grossed out by Dash’s muscular figure that had all the girls at Casper high drooling like retards, the jock had bragged about sleeping with more dozens of girls, even having a foursome the previous month, worst yet, was seeing him flirt with Jazz who thankfully was not only smart enough to brush him off but had a fine taste to not fall for his ridiculous antics.


Danielle didn’t have so much as a plan as she had come over in the heat of the moment wanting to scare the boy until he pissed his pants, but in hindsight should have done so at the football in front of all his friends and wreak his reputation with the girls, feeling defeated now that her “master” plan had gone to waste and unwilling to spend any more time than necessary at this house was that the girl headed towards the end of the hallway wanting to fly out of the window rather than phasing through the wall as that cause much strain in her young body. As she reached the window noticed a single door with a sign, too small to be a room but Danielle then recalled the house having a second floor.


“Mommy’s office. Do not enter”- The girl read as she noticed a large padlock and second lock just above the doorknob. The door naturally opens to a set of stairs leading upwards.




Danielle let out a loud roar of joyous laughter upon entering into “Mommy’s office,” her eyes darted from one side of the large office to the other unable to believe what she was observing while struggling not to fall down from the amusement, her belly begun to hurt from the laughter as she laid eyes over a poster that had a naked Stacy sitting over the hood of a car while holding a handgun, two muscular men stood beside her, just underneath was the title, “The Hard and the Furious.”


Never in a million years would have Danielle imagined that arrogant, hard-ass, standoffish bitch with an intimidating glare was a porn star, of all things, a porn star. It was like a gift sent by the dream god, Nocturne himself, the girl jumps and skipped in delight as she quickly began devising all kinds of plans to expose Stacy to the student body to completely humiliate Dash for making her brother’s life so hard. Now it all made sense as to why the woman was never present during the PTA meetings as she feared someone might recognize her and expose her porn background to everyone.


The girl’s attention was suddenly pulled over to the shelves in the back that held several golden dildos making her laugh even more as she wondered if the woman pleasured herself in the office, considering the joke of a husband that she had, it wasn’t so strange. Nevertheless, her giggles died down as she came close enough to the shelves and noticed these dildos were actually trophies which caught her off guard, Danielle then took hold of one trophy that on closer inspection resembled a round butt with the letters “AVN” at the base which Danielle rapidly discovered meant, “Adult Video News awards.”


“Best anal sex scene, most outrageous sex scene, most cum drank, best sex comedy, best all sex video.”- Danielle read out loud, there were several more trophies and awards that clearly outshine those of Dash Baxter. “Mother of the year, I guess.” The girl muttered.


Danielle left the many awards behind as she headed over to a window display where all of Stacy’s movies were neatly arranged. The girl smirked as she read the extravagant titles that would have made any teenager blush, each one came accompanied by a lewd picture of Mrs. Baxter who didn’t seem to have aged with the passing of time, of course, could be accredited to makeup and camera effects. It was beyond strange seeing the stoic woman on a large poster wearing a magical girl outfit while having a large “magic” wand shoved up her large and round ass as she strikes a cute childish pose.


“How the hell am I gonna make a come back after a five-year hiatus?!”- Danielle heard an angry voice coming from the hallway to the left of the office. “Worst of all, my two daughters want to be porn actresses! Thanked Nocturne, Dash is too innocent to notice what’s going on”- Danielle became invisible as Stacy slammed the office door.


“You should be proud your girls want to follow in your steps.” A male voice replied once the woman activated the loudspeaker.


The girl tries her very best to hold down her giggling as she hears about the twins having all-night sex in their bedroom with four boys they casually met on the street while Dash was busy watching a football game in the living room, she knew the jock was mentally challenged but no to such a degree. Feeling dizzy once more forced the girl to leave the house after taking one of Stacy’s business cards.




It was later that evening that Dash Baxter parked his pick-up truck in front of the house after a long afternoon of football practice and showing off his muscles to the cheerleaders, wanting nothing more than to take a shower and have dinner, his attention was drawn towards the alleyway where he saw an unknown car parked. The jock continued into his house perceiving the faint smell of his favorite meat casserole yet his attention was drawn towards the stairs where he saw his two sisters coming down both wearing extremely short skirts that did almost nothing to cover their privates, half a blouse that only covered their large breasts, Dash could only differentiate his twin sisters by their clothes colors as they always sported the same twin tails hairstyle and wore the exact same outfits whenever and wherever they went to. Caroline had an almost obsessive taste for pink while Elizabeth love everything in light green.


The two blondies were soon joined by a couple of intellectual looking boys, one of Latin origin while the other a color boy of similar age yet slightly older than Dash, the two boys dressed in similar geeky clothes that consisted of blue wool vests with white dress shirts underneath and khaki brown shorts along with well-polished shoes which turned out to be school uniforms from a rather fancy institute just a few streets away from the Baxter sisters all-female school. Both teens kindly greeted Dash, one of which was stretching out his hand while the other was busy buckling his shorts, but didn’t get a reply from the jock who ignored their reddish faces as he turned over to his older sister.


“And these pricks are!?”- the jock yelled making his sister flinch for a brief moment while pointing at the two boys already wanting to punch them just for wearing geeky glasses. Dash hated nerds and geeks alike.


“Be kind Dashy. This is Carlos, and that’s Tyrone, they’re our tutors!”- Caroline replied with a calm voice. “And they’re gonna stay all night helping us… with our essays”- the blonde girl continued while brushing her shoulder unto her tutor.


“Damn it, Caroline!”- all four turned their attention over to the jock- “Can’t you clean yourself after eating ice cream!”- Dash added with frustration.


“Forgot to clean up after my special protein shake.”- Caroline confessed while looking at her tutor adding with a wink.


Dash watched as his sister use a finger to scoop up all the whitish gooey liquid running down her chin and partially staining her pink blouse, but Caroline couldn’t bring herself to toss it on the floor or scrap it on a tissue, and so, eagerly shoved the finger inside her mouth while giving Carlos a naughty look that made him gulp down as she gave a satisfied moan, both going over Dash’s head. The two geeky boys were left dumbfounded as the girl began walking forwards showing off her large butt while calling out to her mother and explaining about wanting to have dinner in their room since they were too busy with their school projects and needed to concentrate. Their mother was more than happy to comply with the request.


“Dashy… we’re going to the store to get some cond…iments for our snacks… yeah…”- Elizabeth said running her finger on her brother’s chest. “Be a good boy and leave our meals in my room”- she continued making puppy dog eyes.


“Keep dreaming!”- The jock replied storming off into the dining room, though both girls were already sure that he would comply like always.


After dinner was that Dash locked himself in his bedroom where he spends the rest of the evening “studying” his rival team, Dimmesdale Loser’s game techniques on his computer, trying to come up with the perfect strategy to beat them as they were ironically on a winning streak for the entire season, not losing a single game. It was then that he recalled his couch wise words, “When in the field, give the hundred percent but remember ninety percent is mental and twenty percent is physical,” the jock was still working the math on that. Upon taking off his headphones were that he heard a loud and constant squeaking sound coming from his sister’s bedroom which was located just next door, the jock stood up from his chair already frustrated and ready to punch a hole through the paper-thin walls, yet recalled his sisters were busy with their essays making him lower his fist thankful for not having to stay up all night with some boring paper that would clearly get him nowhere.


Loud rhythmic squeaking followed by heavy breathing and hard moaning coming from what Dash now confirmed was Caroline’s bedroom could be easily discerned making him wonder just what kind of game she was playing so late at night rather than doing her homework. The boy could swear hearing slapping sounds as if someone was beating meat which made no sense unless she bought meat at the store among her snacks and was softening them. Dash recalled sneaking meat into his bedroom when he was trying to gain enough weight to join the team, but never needed to soften it up with a beating. The jock giggled as he recalled hearing such sounds came from either of his sisters' bedrooms whenever they brought friends over, sometimes from both bedrooms at the same time.  


“Stupid bitch, she’s still a damn kid, playing video games rather than doing her damn essay.”- the jock muttered as he walked over the wall. “Maybe she’s playing that stupid dance game again.”- Dash cursed at his sister as he places his ear on the thin wall.


“Ahh!! Harder!! Faster!!”- Dash heard his sister’s voice coming through the wall as if it didn’t exist at all.


“You like it rough, dumb bitch!?”- Carlos replied making Dash frown as he was the only one allowed to call either of his sister a bitch.


“Yes! I love it rough!”- Caroline replied.


It was then that the bulking jock manage to make out wet sounds accompanying the slapping noises which he found most strange yet gave no real mind once his stomach grumbled forcing him to use his cellphone’s flashlight app, and walked into the pitch-black corridor but stops as he instantly noticed Caroline’s door was wide open and shedding light. The bed was just looking straight at the door where Dash saw a large lump underneath the bedsheets moving up and down leaving only Caroline legs exposed as these were touching both sides of the bed and a what seemed to be a back in the middle allowing Dash to understand that his sister’s tutor was on top of her.


“What is going on!?”- the jock demanded to know scaring the couple. Carlos turned pale as he saw Caroline’s younger brother as he knew there was no way for him to talk his way out of this situation.


“Can’t you tell Dash?!”- the girl almost challenged making her tutor ever more scared. “I’m under a lot of stress for this essay and Carlos was kind enough to give me a massage.”- The blonde girl added looking straight at her younger brother.


“Oh, I see… that makes sense.”- the jock replied. “I’m going to the kitchen, you want something?”- the boy asked.


“Sodas, please.”- Coraline replied as she looked at Carlos unbelieving expression.


Dash then left the room and headed down to the kitchen after closing the door, smiling long and wide now seeing this Carlos in a better light since the boy decided to stay over so late considering that it was already past two in the morning just so Caroline could ace her essay, going so far as to personally give her a massage to avoid having her burn out. It was at the fridge that Dash went against his coach’s orders by taking a large slice of apple pie that he covered with a larger portion of chocolate ice cream followed by a glass with cold milk to wash it down along with taking two soda cans for his sister and her tutor who had been working very hard all day long.


“So good!”- Dash heard a voice coming from the garden forcing him to put his food on the counter.


The jock then turned his attention over to where the voice came from and noticed the backdoor was wide open along with the garden lights being turned on, which he found most strange and lured him out, the garden just like the house was square and lacking imagination, though had a large rocky fountain at the back that his mother had made for meditation and yoga, but never actually ever used as was intended. It was there that Dash saw his sister Elizabeth and her tutor whose name Dash forgot sitting together, yet upon coming closer was shocked to see them both naked furthermore Elizabeth was sitting on the boy’s lap, even rubbing her butt on him.


“What the hell are you doing?!”- the jock once demanded to know almost dropping on his feet.


“Nothing! We needed some fresh air and Tyrone wanted to see the fountain”- Elizabeth replied as she bends over to pick up a towel that was placed by their feet to cover her front, yet Dash failed to see Tyrone’s penis deep inside his sister’s asshole.


“Ok…”- Dash replied blinking a couple of times confused. “And why are you two naked?”- He asked a little more confused.


“Come on Dash, it’s really hot tonight”- the blonde-haired girl answered as if it were the most obvious thing ever, her brother countered by asking why she was sitting on the boy’s lap. “There’s only one chair.”- she replied as if her brother was stupid.


“I guess that makes sense.”- Dash replied yet noticed a strange liquid coming from between Elizbeth’s legs. “What’s that?”- the jock asked while pointing over at her crotch.


“Did you cum?”- the girl whispered into Tyron’s ear who apologized. “I’m… on my period…”- the girl couldn’t think of anything smarter to say.


“Gross!!”- Dash replied before running off into the kitchen.


Elizabeth’s explanation was most strange, but it did make sense for the jock who had been suffering from the heat during previous nights, going as far as sleeping in the nude just like his sister, it did bother him that her tutor was also naked showing a clear lack of respect, though had to admit the heat was unbearable tonight. Nevertheless, was most impressed by Tyrone who didn’t act out after finding out that Elizabeth had her period on top of him, staining him with that white liquid that girls unleash once a month, had Paulina done the same then he would have instantly shoved her off his lap and ran off to the bathroom to clean up.


Upon entering Caroline’s bedroom saw the girl over the bed on all fours with Carlos behind her, both naked most likely due to the night heat as was the case with Elizabeth and her tutor. Neither of them had noticed the jock at the door who watched in silence as Carlos slammed his hips onto his sister's butt with great force allowing the girl to produce strange “Ah” sounds followed by heavy panting. Caroline then turned her attention over Dash while asking Carlos to slow down.


“Massage… My butt… hurts… for sitting… all day long.”- the blonde-haired girl said as her brother just sighed out loud while leaving their drinks.


“Another massage, she’s really pushing it but that guy’s really dedicated”- Dash thought as he headed back to his bedroom.


“So fucking good! This is the best!”- the girl added.


“That good, eh? Making I should have Kwan do the same for me… Nah, that’s too weird.”- Dash concluded.


Monday morning had arrived and the jock watch his mother, Stacy was unusually excited as she paraded around the kitchen serving breakfast to her family wearing her favorite white business suit that she only ever took to important events, the former porn star still couldn’t believe to have been personally asked by Vice-principal Lancer on Friday night to help give the school’s first-ever practical sexual education class. It was a tremendous honor to finally be recognized by the school board of education for her brains and not her large round butt as had been the case for many years now if there was something that Stacy knew well about was sex and made sure to make all necessary preparations for her first class following all the instructions given to her by Lancer.


“Can you believe it, me… professor Baxter… I like the sound of that”- the blonde woman said with pride while puffing her chest. “I think teaching twelve-year-olds about sex is a little too sound but these are orders from above… and when as the government been wrong?”-


“You rock mom!”- Elizabeth and Coraline both said in unison.


“Now that I got my degree in Cosmetology people are finally taking me seriously.”- Stacy added while spinning her fork.


“You’re making us all very proud honey.”- Stacy’s husband said.


The jock wasn’t as excited about this upcoming sex education class as he too was summoned to help out with the lecture, it would be most embarrassing to hear his mother use the word sex in public, but if any, the boy considered himself not only an expert on the matter but an all-out sex god as he had already done it several times with Paulina, tongue kissing while holding hands that is. If he didn’t think himself a good friend then would have already done it with Kwan’s girlfriend, Star, as it was painfully obvious that she had the hots for him and wasn’t discreet with her flirting which made Dash feel just a little bit bad for his best friend.


Once breakfast was over Dash headed up to his parent’s room after being asked by his mother to retrieve her bag which was left forgotten as she got her car out of the garage, she never did like leaving her Jaguar XV outside for people to ogle at. The bulking jock tilted his head upon laying eyes over a strange string of colorful wrapper protruding from the side of his mother’s sports bag, each one in bright colors with illustrations of fruits or chocolate tempting him to take the dark one with the image of a chocolate bar and open it only to discover a slimy item hidden within rather than the sweet treat on the wrapper.


“What the hell is this? Some fancy chewing gum?”- Dash asked himself as he examined a small slimy balloon that came out from the wrapper which had a sweet scent similar to that of chocolate that entice him to chew upon. “Fuck! This shit tastes disgusting!”- The boy added soon after spitting out the condom.




Danny couldn’t feel more humiliated and out of luck as he paraded among his younger peers from the elementary section handing out condom wrappers meant for the sex education class that was to be held momentarily in the audiovisual classroom, the place was meant for more specialized lectures given it vast size that allowed for up to seventy students to participate at the same time without any issues. The young Fenton turned over to Dash Baxter who mockingly smiled at him while leaning against the wall, the two boys had been summoned by none other than mister Lancer in-person to help out with the special lecture being held which didn’t sit well Danny who wished for nothing more than some ghostly invasion just to stop the upcoming madness that awaited him.


Danielle waved at her brother with a large toothy smile making him have a mixture of emotions ranging from happy to dreadful as the boy felt he was being humiliated in front of his sister’s entire class, he couldn’t understand how Jazz was able to help give this class, though was a model student for a reason. Several classes from Casper High’s elementary section had been mixed together along with using some of their most achieving students and adult volunteers rather than teachers to save time and cost, but this was mainly due to the PTA not fully agreeing to the practical sexual education class that was now mandatory. The girl’s attention was drawn toward a pair of cocky teens at the front, Trixie Tang and her lapdog Veronica who were making fun of  Danny as he tossed them the last condoms in the batch earning a few mocking giggles from other girls.


“Don’t pass out if you see a pair of tits, Fen-turd”- Dash mocked Danny as he walked up to the whiteboard to wait for their teacher.


“I don’t know what you’re expecting, but this is a class”- Danny replied sternly.  


The door suddenly slammed wide open scaring everyone in the room into silence, their attention fell upon a trio of busty women who marched in dressed in long black trench coats that covered them head to toe, their eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses while carrying three large plastic boxes which were placed on the floor just underneath the whiteboard. The trio stood in front of the class imitating soldiers by taking the position of “At East,” Stacy who stood at the front wore a white officer cap over her stylish saloon hairdo, even had a smoke pipe from which she blew soap bubbles bringing about a few smiles relaxing the students from the sudden impression, only then did they noticed the two girls in the back were mirror images of each other down to having the same twin tails hairstyle under their red berets.


It took all of Danielle’s willpower not to burst out laughing as things were coming along far better than what she predicated, the girl never expected Dash’s mother who’s most likely a brainless bimbo despite her business-like exterior and standoffish attitude to have taken her teacher role so seriously by dressing up in what was most probably her office suit underneath the coat, along with bringing her two slutty daughters along for the ride, even arriving with so-called teaching materials. She didn’t have anything against Stacy but exposing her pornographic past would destroy Dash Baxter’s reputation and finally leave her brother alone.


Never before had the ghost hybrid possessed a person, she never thought that mister Lancer would be her first-ever target, using him to trick Stacy into coming to Casper high to give out the lecture, clearly leading to a disastrous result, not even the blonde bimbo was stupid enough to follow the false instructions to the tee by dressing up in her sluttiest outfit and giving a demonstration on how to use a condom by rolling it down a dildo which she would then shove inside her vagina. Danielle was content by having Stacy make a fool of herself and of Dash once she started making the uncomfortable questions surrounding her time in the adult movie industry.


“Silence!”- Stacy demanded slamming her hand over the table. “My name is professor Stacy Baxter, I’m here to teach you all there is to know about sex!”- Danielle smiled long and wide seeing how serious the woman was about her first lecture.


The woman was by no means a teacher but didn’t hesitate to use such titles while presenting herself, even demanded to be called “Teacher or professor” whenever anyone wanted to address her. It was beyond hilarious for Danielle who was shaking on her chair from the excitement. She knew this wasn’t going to be a class but a comedy with a lot of foul languages as she was sure the bimbo didn’t even know the real name for semen, most likely calling it “Cum or Jizz,” perhaps at one point calling it “baby batter” when reaching the pregnancy part which would make things even funnier. Surely enough, everyone would have a great time seeing her masturbate while explaining how a condom works.


It was then that she and her daughter in perfect synchrony took off their long coats which they tossed over to Dash who caught them before touching the floor, everyone including Danielle went completely silent as they saw the most unbelievable sight. Elizabeth and Caroline were both dressed in leather dominatrix outfits, showing off their voluptuous bodies, knee-high boots and latex gloves gave the final touch, never leaving their sunglasses, more impressive was their mother who wore a strange combination of a bikini and cocktail dress, from her neck, came down two strings in a cross form that partially covered her nipples going around her wide hips and converting into a single string that went inside her large meaty buttocks, as two additional strings as thick as shoelaces were coming from her sides holding what seemed to be a dress that molded around mid-thighs beating the purpose of having a dress as it only covered her lower thighs.


“Mom! What the hell are you wearing!”- Dash yelled out horrified trying to get his mother to put her coat back on.


“Honey, please. Mommy’s working”- Those words send shivers up his spine as he recalled hearing them many years ago before she locked herself with a group of men.


“Your mom’s got a nice ass.”- Danny teased yet Dash couldn’t say anything as his mother hushed them both.


The woman then turned around showing off her large and round ass making everyone especially the boys to gasp out loud and some others howl in utter delight no longer complaining about staying longer than normal for this class as they took several pictures with their cellphones. Stacy proceeded to mount her presentation over the whiteboard which consisted of a series of cardboards with all kinds of handwritten texts and pictures, some hand drawn illustrations that her daughter help make while others were printed which kindly reminded Stacy of her high school years when she did the similar presentations with her classmates but with many inferior results leading her to give a blowjob to her teachers just to get a passing grade.


“Sex is to be done under two and only two circumstances, either for procreation or recreation and for no other reason!!”- Stacy spoke firmly as she took out a wooden pointer.


“That’s rich coming from a whore.”- Danielle thought quietly.


“Boys, remember this well and never forget it. No means No, if someone tells you that you can tell if a woman wants to have sex just by looking into her eyes, he’s a damn sick liar and most likely a rapist, never listen to someone like that, no means no. If the girl says NO then you zip it up and walk away!” The woman spoke loud and clear.


Even Danielle wasn’t expecting this from Stacy whom she assumed was going to monologue about how wonderful casual and unprotected sex with strangers really is, holding a long speech about the beauty of a penis and how the size is all that matters along with some cringe speech about “cock worship,” and yet, started off by setting moral boundaries that caught everyone off guard. The woman gave a surprisingly detailed explanation about procreation, pregnancy, how to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies via the use of a condom, her daughters explained in almost morbid detail all the parts that compose a vagina and a penis, even more, impressive was that Stacy made use of the correct medical terminology during her lengthy lecture, not once using the words “Cum or jizz” as Danielle was expecting yet made too much importance on condom brands.


Suddenly a young small and frail-looking boy with orange hair cut in a bowl-style stood up, lifting his hand sporting a wicked smile and calling out to the blonde woman who pointed at him learning his name to be Mikey. “When did you first start having sex? And what kind of sex do have? And what’s your favorite position for sex? Have ever had anal sex? And can we see you naked?”- the boy asked frenetically.


Everyone turned over to the small innocent child who was still smiling oblivious to all the eyes that were unable to believe what he just asked yet failing to notice that his eyes were glowing green, even Danny hadn’t picked up on his younger sister’s sudden disappearing act as she was in the back, and despite Stacy and daughters dressing like whores, it didn’t mean that Mikey could just outright ask her to take off her clothes and talk about her sex life to a bunch of horny teens. The boy was sure to be reprimanded or yelled at for asking something out of place and rude despite being in the middle of a sex education class.


The orange-haired boy blinked several times acting as if he was confused before looking over to Dash who was ready to beat him up for asking his mom to take her clothes off in front of everyone along with wanting her to talk about such private matters. The jock was utterly disgusted with Mikey and would most likely be turning him into his new favorite punching bag, perhaps leaving Danny alone for a season or two, though Stacy on the hand bit her lower lip as she gazes over the young and frail boy whom she eyed down with lustful intentions, soon to clear her throat.


“I started to have sex around fourteen, normal sex, sometimes including more than one male, if I had to choose then I say Doggy Style is my favorite position, yes, I had anal sex many times, and yes, you will be seeing me naked but that will be in a little while first I’ll teach you about masturbation.”- Stacy said in a casual tone allowing for Dash to turn pale, nearly passing out from the impression. “Mister Fenton, Dash, front and center, pleased.”- the woman continued turning her head over to the two boys.


Danny turned paled as he walked up to the front of the class under the snickering eyes of all his peers all while ignoring how his sister returned to her seat using her invisibility magic to make sure no one noticed her brief absence. All eyes were engrossed on the blonde woman and her casual speech about her sex life, many boys and even girls imagine Stacy on all fours being penetrated by a muscular man, cheerful whispering could be heard among the boys who were most excited about seeing Stacy Baxter naked which in itself was a dream come true, begging for the other two girls to do the same.


“Wh-wha-what do… you want… us to do?”- Danny quivered as he stopped in front of the whole class.


“Please remove your clothes, so we can demonstrate how masturbation should be done!”- the woman demanded making Danny even paler than his alter ego form.


“What?! No!”- Danny retorted as his face turned beet red.


“Don’t be a wimp!”- Dash continued while slapping him hard on the back of the head. “Gotta show these pricks the difference between an alpha male like me and a beta bitch like you”- the jock added in a condescending tone as he pulled his letterman jacket off.




It was horribly humiliating for Danny as he peels off his polo shirt leaving it on the floor while using his feet to yank off his sneakers one by one, his hands trembled upon touching his belt wanting nothing more than some random ghost attack to avoid this dreadful moment. This was nothing short of a nightmare as he didn’t even like taking a shower with the rest of his classmates after gym, and now was about to be seen jerking off naked in front of everyone. Several girls suddenly stood up stopping Danny and Dash from fully undressing making Danielle wonder if the girls were going to stop Stacy from undressing the boys or run out to call for a teacher, but on the contrary, leading was Trixie Tang who among many more asked what they should do to developed a body like hers with big breasts and wide hips along with a beautiful face.


“Eat your vegetables and do a lot workout but not just any kind.”- the woman then continued to do a few short series of diverse workouts that she assured would help them grow a nice round butt, “semen is an excellent facial scrub”- a few girls were taking down notes.


“Mom!”- Dash whined not wanting to hear anymore. Danny was sure to never let his mother talk about her sex life so easily at least not with him being present.


Danielle bite down on her lower lip as her hand made its way into her jeans gently caressing her wet cunt as Danny removed his pants yet stayed in his briefs. The difference between both teens was vast, Dash was naturally taller and more muscular while Danny was smaller yet held a nice amount of muscles that unlike the jock included a notable six-pack abdomen that earned the boy a few wolf whistles that Dash took for himself. Loud gasps were spread across the classroom as the two boys pulled down their underwear fully exposing themselves to everyone, Danny turned red from the embarrassment as he was naked in front of the whole class who were most likely taking a picture to further humiliate him.


“This is unexpected”- Stacy said allowing for Danny to shrink on his spot.


“Oh my god! He’s beautiful”- Trixie Tang said almost drooling which bothered Danielle and Daniel greatly.


“I didn’t know you were so small.”- One of the girls among the crowd said making Danny feel most uncomfortable.


“You’re kidding me, right?!”- Dash spoke incredulously.


It was then that Danny slowly and fearfully turned his attention over to Dash ready to see what he was competing against, far too many times heard the jock bragging about his “Alfa” size dick that made all girls turn into brainless sluts upon seeing as if they were under a spell, even going as far as telling Danny that it was a matter of time before his sister Jazz was on her knees sucking him off, it was thanks to Sam that a fight didn’t break out whenever Dash claims to be opening Jazz’s legs soon enough. The boy blinked several times as he had a hard time finding the jock’s “enormous” penis which he claimed to have, forcing the smaller boy to bend slightly forward yet had to squint his eyes in order to make out what seemed to be a wrinkled piece of meat perhaps half the size of his pinky if not smaller above a pair of soft-looking testicles.


“You got cold, Dashy?”- A voice from the crowd spoke making the jock growl.


“Now this is a real man’s cock.”- Elizabeth said while winking at Danny who blushed in embarrassment.


The boy then lowers his head using his hand to measure his own flaccid penis which the blonde teenager claimed to be a “real cock,” even this dormant state was longer than his hand from thumb to pinky fully extended leaving at least one-third of his boyhood exposed. Hearing Dash talk so much smack about his genitals, giving them too much importance made Danny consider his size to be smaller than average, but hearing compliments from the blonde girl was encouraging to the point that he stood up with his back fully straight and showing off his boyhood with pride along with making Dash growl in rage.


“No! This is wrong! I got an alfa dick!”- Dash yelled out with a confused and scared voice.


“Dash, my clit is bigger than your dick!”- Caroline says with a smirk.


The laughter of his peers and Danny’s mocking expression infuriated Dash to a maddening degree, almost forcing him to charge against the smaller boy and beat him up but his mother stood in between them preventing any acts of violence from taking place, her expression was one of pity and sorrow. His sisters' laughter didn’t help quell his anger as he had always seen himself as the top dog, the biggest and most intimidating boy at school with the biggest dick, but deep down he knew that once high school was over, his life would most likely go downhill, this being his golden years, but at least was sure to be more man than anyone else especially Danny Fenton.


“Mister Fenton would please sit down over the desk.”- Dash watched in horror as his mother began to stroke Danny’s cock until it was hard. “Now boys, to do this properly one must hold the penis like so, and stroke it up and down with a nice slow motion as to not hurt yourselves.”- the woman said filling her body with lust as she felt Danny’s veiny and muscular penis unto her hand.


The woman had seen hundreds of cocks both in her professional career as a porn star and in her private life, but never once had she seen one so manly before. Thick and veiny with a large shiny gland followed by an almost intimidating aura that promises full guarantee satisfaction if one knew how to properly use it. Stacy rarely ever saw such dicks even among her professional coworkers which were now making her feel very aroused, she had come with the intention of teaching boys how to properly fuck but never expected to find such a magnificent specimen. Danny had an angelic face with an almost too feminine body that didn’t match with his large penis.


Driven almost by sheer lust was the Stacy took the hard phallus into her mouth ignoring her son’s ranting, Danny’s flavor was beyond exquisite, the precum was akin to her favorite wine. Reason struck her back as she pulled Danny out of her mouth smiling at her class who watched in awe at the brief blowjob, the woman then continued with her lecture refusing to let go Danny who seemed to be in paradise as he never felt such a soft and delicate touch, her practice and experience showing in that simple motion. It was then that Stacy saw a hand rising up which belongs to Trixie who was overly fascinated by Danny now that she had a proper look at him, Dash couldn’t hold a candle to the petite almost girlish boy.


“Teach me how to give a blowjob!!”- Trixie asked turning red as a tomato.


“I’m glad you ask. Now we’re done with theory, we’re moving on to the practical part.”- Stacy said.


Everyone watched in utter amazement as Trixie Tang opened her mouth shoving all of Danny’s boyhood inside, the girl could hardly fit beyond a few inches as she had never done anything similar. Just as her teacher, she too was instantly transfixed by the flavor which was mind-numbing, indescribable even, far better than any candy or treats that she ever savored before. Trixie could feel her tiny cunt becoming wet as her tongue made circles around the gland following Stacy’s instructions while being careful to not cut Danny with her teeth which were proving to be a difficult task due to the phallus constant yet sudden bouncing that it did on its own. It was then that Danny squirmed for a moment clenching his hands on the table warning both his teacher and Trixie about cumming soon, the woman then put her hand over the girl’s head.


“I can’t hold it anymore.”- Danny declared as he fired his load inside Trixie puffing her cheeks just like a squirrel and making Danielle insanely jealous. 


“Now miss Tang, it’s good manners to swallow it since mister Fenton was kind enough to cum inside your mouth.”- Stacy said as she scoops the remaining semen of the girl after doing as she was told. “Mmm, excellent texture, magnificent consistency, and good viscosity. This grade A cum, premium level.”- the woman continued leaving Trixie to collect herself.


The boys fought tooth and nail to stop themselves from pulling their pants down and jerking off, not a single one of them had even considered something so incredible to take place just before their very eyes as the most popular girl from their grade just gave her first blow job. Their eyes open wide as Stacy and her two daughters easily removed their clothing standing completely naked for the whole class to see their curvy bodies. Dash Baxter’s glares and threats meant nothing to them as the boys and girls were now sure that his big muscles were fake or at least the product of some steroid hence shirking his already small dick.


“Teacher! Are you going to let have sex with you?”- Mikey asked this time without the need for Danielle to overshadow him.


“Why, of course.”- Dash turned pale.




Three lines of twenty naked boys each were formed in a matter of seconds while all the girls watched feeling most excited from the sides as they too undressed ready to have their first time with boys who had a penis several inches bigger than Dash but none could come close to Danny’s size save for a few who managed to reach half his length fully hard. Stacy had to admit that being extremely aroused as she stared at their throbbing cocks that were desperate to have their first taste of a woman already, to be popping so many cherries felt like a civic duty, now understanding why the importance of Practical Sexual Education class. This would ensure proper physical and mental development among the boys.


“What about us?”- Veronica asked crossing her though was unable to hide her blushing face.


It was then that one of the black boxes was tossed down revealing dozens of plastic penises that scared more than one girl, Elizabeth then calmly explained that those were adult toys called “Strap-on” meant for solo or lesbian intercourse which made more than a few girls to be grossed out by the fact their teacher wanted them to have sex with other girls rather than with boys whom they been eyeing for quite a while now that they were naked. Most wanted to do it with Danny but felt intimidated by his size, yet a few others had their eyes over other more modest boys, though their attention was drawn back to Stacy once she told them that it was for them.


“Ha! Time to put that bubble butt of yours to work, Fen-turd!”- Dash declared trying to regain some of his lost authority.


“Actually honey…”- Stacy muttered as the boy was suddenly pulled down over the table by his sisters who held him down long enough for Stacy to tie him to the table. “I read an online article that says having anal intercourse can make men have bigger penises.”- the woman said as all the boys roared in laughter.


“Enough! Having a small dick is like a disability. You wouldn’t laugh at a man for being in a wheelchair.”- Caroline said greatly concerned for her brother. She knew he was an idiot but this was just a cruel joke from nature.


Dash struggled to free himself yet stopped upon feeling an extremely soft and heavy sensation over his back forcing him to turn over and see non-other than Danny who had taken a seat over him. Dash wanted to beat him up but discovered that moving the boy was like trying to move a truck. Soon the jock was being surrounded by a group of young girls who strapped the dildos unto their crotches, Danielle had the honor of popping Dash’s backdoor cherry.


“Ok, boys. While the girls are busy helping Dash and his… small problem. We’ll go over the three basic sexual positions, missionary, mating press, and doggy style.”- Stacy said as she laid over the desk.


Dash yelled out as he was penetrated by Danielle and her dildo making her own brother feel uneasy as he was mere inches away but their teacher insisted that it was for his own good. The boys ignore Dash and moaning as they watched in utter amazement at their teacher who spread her legs wide apart demonstrating the missionary position, her cunt already drenched and wanting for male companionship, she then closes her legs and lifts them way above her head presenting the mating press position, finally, Stacy gets on all fours arching her back and showing her holes to all the boy who thought they were having a very vivid dream, their bully was getting humiliated while his hot mom was presenting her privates.


Mikey rushed over to Stacy as two more boys headed over to Elizabeth and Caroline. The boy felt most excited as he stopped mere inches away from Stacy who waited for him sitting on the table, he then tried to open the condom but was told that was for later making him smile long and wide, Stacy then told all the boys were to have their first time without the need of a condom yet were expected to use it with the girls later on. Despite Mikey’s height, he was well-formed in his lower regions with a decent enough dick that earned him a few praises as Stacy pulled him over her allowing for his penis to touch her entrance.


“No need to hurry, and don’t worry if you cum quickly. No one lasts more than a few seconds.”- Stacy said as she guided Mikey inside.


Stacy’s inners were boiling hot as Mikey slides inside of her sending his penis straight to heaven, the boy could feel each of her vaginal folds and bumps embracing his modest boyhood as he penetrated almost as if they had a mind of their own. It was like nothing he ever felt before, hot and slimly but blissful at the same time, pulling back and forth was beyond words as the jolts of pleasure ran across his entire body, Stacy let out the most erotic moaned any one of them had ever heard, yet was too powerful for Mikey who couldn’t hold it in for another second and fired his entire load inside the blonde woman who hugged him tightly as he fills her up.


“That was amazing!”- Mikey yelled as he pulled out of the woman who ordered him to put his head next to her vagina.


“Mister Fenton could you please take a commemorative picture!”- Stacy said pointing at her instant camera.


The boy obeyed the instruction as he wasn’t tasked with keeping Dash in check, though the jock was no longer struggling yet found his boyish moaning and heavy panting most disturbing. Danny took the picture no longer caring for the consequences as he handed over the picture to Mikey who claimed to be cherishing it for life and would put it next to his bed yet Danny told him not to show it his mother, Elizabeth, and Caroline asked the same of the boy who ran naked from one girl to the next taking pictures that would clearly cost someone’s freedom but at the moment was the hottest thing that ever happened to him or anyone else at the school.


His attention was drawn towards Dash who longer moving yet this didn’t stop the girls from taking turns on him with the strap-on while reminding him about his small dick problem and how they were being too good with him for trying to make it bigger, Danielle had taken the liberty of putting a tally mark on his back using a marker, though her intentions were cruel in nature. Danny then turned his gaze away from Dash upon a cold coming from out his lips announcing a ghost, the boy cursed this vile creature who wanted to ruin the hottest moment of his entire life.


“The hell are you doing here”- Danny asked he saw the ghostly form of Sidney Poindexter standing naked at the back of the line.


“I’ve been trapped in this damn school since the 1950s, this is the hottest thing ever, come on, dude. Just this once, you know me, I don’t do anything bad”- Sidney pleaded.


“Fine”- Danny replied.


Stacy’s legs wobbled as she stood up only to see her students embracing each other, as they couldn’t wait for their turns any longer, the girls were too aroused to wait for proper instructions after seeing the boys fucked the blonde trio over and over, though her last partner seemed slightly older than the rest and couldn’t recall his face during the lecture, even his cum felt different from the rest as it was much colder almost like icy water.


“I don’t wanna do it with these losers!”- A naked Trixie yelled while shoving a few boys away who surprisingly did as were told at the start and walked away. “I wanna do it with Danny.”- she added while holding the boy by his arm.


“Hell no!!”- Danielle interjected. “You think a flat board with a hole like you is gonna satisfy this hunk of a man!”- the girl added while shoving Trixie away.


“She’s right, he might be a little too advanced for the both of you.”- Stacy said as she orders Danny to lay down on the table.


Danny gasped as he felt Stacy's slimy cunt trap his penis making Danielle and Trixie stomped their feet in annoyance as they wanted to enjoy of that cock, the woman then moves her body up and down making her partner moan and squirmed from the unspeakable pleasure. Though the youngest Fenton was upset for not having a turn with Danny knew there will be more chances later yet, for now, was content with having Dash gangbanged by all the girls.


The jock lifted his head and saw Elizabeth and several other girls on all fours with boys replicating the same moves that Carlos was doing now understanding that his two sisters were having sex and he was too oblivious to notice, it made him feel like a complete and utter loser for not noticing something so obvious. It was then that he saw Trixie and Veronica standing in front of him, each holding a large glass in their hands filled to the brim with semen collected from the used condoms.


“Alfa male?”- Veronica said lifting Dash’s head by the hair.


“More like Alfa bitch!”- Trixie added as she poured the contents down his throat.


It was beyond disgusting but the girls forced him to drink as they had been tricked by him into believing he was some sort of alfa male, the biggest and meanest dog around high school, and yet, hardly counted a man in their eyes now that they saw the truth. It kindly explained why Danny didn’t fight back, he could have broken him with ease. Danielle joined them while shoving a nearby dildo up his ass and making him moan like a bitch which disappointed his mother and sisters greatly upon taking notice of what happening.


“Harry fucking pothead! What the hell is going on here!”- Lancer yelled just as Danny ejaculated inside Stacy.




Little more than a month had gone by since the sex education class scandal took place, word of what happened spread like wildfire across the school and all of Amity Park reaching the PTA in a matter of days horrifying the parents who later confirmed the events via video footage taken by the sixty students with their cellphone and which was quickly leaked online, Casper High wanted to pursue legal action against Stacy and daughters who assured to have been call and hired by Vice-principal’s Lancer himself who presented a signed contract where their activities were detailed. Ironically, the school had even fewer noble reasons to avoid lawsuits, even congratulating the Baxter family for their services, the unprecedented rise in school grades among the students who participated in the Baxter sex class.


All sixty students without exception managed aced the Northwestern 9 Standardized Test putting Casper High among the best schools in the state making the controversial use of the Cramtastic Mark 5 study aid machine something questionable, while the parents held a mixture of emotions after seeing the videos online, but it was the teachers who later insisted publicly that the special sex education class was planned as a learning experiment which presented more than excellent results, this mainly due to the overall grades mark points toward the teachers' job leading to very handsome monthly bonuses that no one wanted to lose.


“This is outrageous! Can you believe the school is going to hire whores, oh, excuse me, specialized personal for sexual education and reward system?”- Sam ranted as she and her friends sat down at the local mall’s food court. “Come on, Jazz participated in last month’s sex class and she didn’t have to fuck with anybody, all she did was put a damn condom on a dildo and shove into some plastic pussy!”- the girl continued catching the attention of some random individuals.


“Sam, as much as I love hearing you talk dirty, I would really appreciate it if you did it in private and without talking about my sister”- Danny replied as he unwrapped his burger.


“I bet you’re looking forward to those classes.”- Sam added with an angry tone.


“Anybody knows what happened to Dash? Nobody’s seen him since then.”- Tucker interjected, though his friends hadn’t the faintest idea.


Later that night Danielle was flying home after spending too much time at the arcades cheating her way into getting prizes for her friends who constantly were asking her for a sleepover party, clearly wanting to spend some alone time with her brother, the girls’ attention was drawn towards a particular house that she had forgotten about until laying eyes over it again, the Baxter manor. A morbid curiosity overtook her as she flew in her invisible form wanting to see Dash cowering in a corner in his bedroom. His two sisters were at the living room playing with a dance simulator video game as if nothing had happened, the boy in question was out in the back playing football with his father, perhaps an attempt for normality.


The ghost hybrid slowly flew up passing the wooden floors yet stopped death on her tracks as she saw the most unbelievable poster her eyes had ever seen upon accidentally entering Stacy’s office. Dash Baxter was sitting on a desk dressed in a schoolgirl uniform with two tall color muscular naked men standing at his sides holding a ruler. Danielle couldn’t help but start laughing as she never imagined the jock becoming a porn star before his own two sisters.


The end

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