Sluts of Amity Park

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Sluts of Amity Park

A tentacle situation


The loud chattering of children and adults alike echoed within the halls and classrooms of Casper high school one hot afternoon; the students gazed in amazement at all the ghost-themed paraphernalia that decorated the entire school without leaving a single spot untouched.


All of the children within the school grounds eagerly waited for the bell to ring so they could rush to the gym and see the first-ever ghost exhibition Amity Park ever held which Casper high had the honor to host. It was the most spoken of event in the entire city as the local and national media was covering it.


Dozens of news reporters with crews surrounded the institute like a pack of starving wolves ready to pounce on a helpless little rabbit, their cameras were at the ready, patiently waiting for the event to start.


“Look at that!”- A young boy with orange hair yelled out.   


It was then that students of Casper high along with the media rallied up at the courtyard gawking with dumbfounded expressions as an impressive and needlessly expensive car park in front of the school allowing a man with long greyish hair tied in a ponytail which contrasted with his youthful face to climb down.


The man’s pristine black Armani suit caught the attention of only a few kids and a handful of reporters as all eyes were transfixed to the futurist-looking truck parking behind. Cameras of all sizes along with cellphones aimed at the backdoor eagerly waiting for it to open and reveal its contents.


“We’re here with local businessman Vlad Masters, who’s generously funding today’s exhibition.” Harriet Chin, a local news reporter said.


Though saying Vlad is merely a businessman is a gross understatement as the man owns several factories and laboratories across the country, along with millions of dollars putting him as one of the richest men in the world, yet chose to live in sleepy Amity Park.


His most recent and successful enterprise, VladCo industries, gave the small sleepy city of Amity Park a whole renewed life along with putting the city back on the map after buying off Axiom Laboratories and expanding it vastly much-needed employment.


“Thank you all for coming today. I assure a one-of-a-kind show”- Vlad said with a grin on his face. “And don’t forget to vote Vlad Masters for Mayor these upcoming elections.” The man added.


The students of Casper high couldn’t care less about the man’s business ventures or his desire to become Amity Park’s next mayor, they were solely interested in the futuristic truck that parked behind Vlad’s expensive Lincoln that clearly showed that he wasn’t part of the people.


Creepy mist crawled out from the truck’s backdoor as it slides open making everyone gasp in expectation, soon three large cylindrical cages were brought out by muscular men wearing strange white hazmat suits that only added to the mysterious allure.


No different from starving puppies staring at a steaming piece of ham did the boys and girls along with adult men and women who came to see the exhibition followed the oversize tubes to the school’s gym almost skipping along the way.


Vlad looked with amusement as the cheerleaders lead by a tan Latina named Paulina Sanchez danced around the field though the man couldn’t help but blush upon discovering the girls wore miniskirts and thongs.


“Fudge bucket! What parent in their right mind would allow something like this?!”- Vlad mentally screamed while trying to keep a stoic face.


The man tried his very best to avoid looking too much at the underage cheerleaders who vigorously shake their asses in a so-called dance called “twerking” which Vlad found to be utterly cringed worthy yet most men and even some women found most entertaining.


Vlad was most surprised upon entering the gym to see how so childishly decorated it was despite the school housing a large televised event, many green balloons were scattered across and paper skeletons were glued against the walls.


A few ghost cutouts made out of cardboard accompanied the skeletons and fake spiderwebs which hanged from the ceiling and could hardly be seen. It resembled more the decorations for a Halloween party than a paranormal exhibition.


Among the silly decorations stood out an array of red, white, and blue balloons near a neatly decorated table with much of Vlad’s electoral campaign propaganda that included mainly flyers and posters showing Vlad as the right choice.


Vlad sighs loudly as Casper upon taking a seat as the school wasn’t his first option, matter of fact, it wasn’t even within his first ten options yet was told Casper high had a history with ghosts and paranormal creatures ever since its foundation along with being a much better option for the layman rather than the observatory which also served as a museum. 


The observatory was naturally placed up high in Voorhees mountains and only those with cars or other means of transportation could travel the steep mountain roads as the public transport didn’t reach beyond the base of the mountain, the sheer distance would have limited the exhibition visitors greatly.


Even so, Vlad would have much preferred to make use of the observatory’s vast courtyard, the great beautiful gardens, and ample white-colored hallways that emanated elegance would have been a much better option, to be surrounded by the works of art geniuses would have been the finishing touch.


Instead found his exhibition trapped within the simple colorless and tight hallways of a high school whose only true work of art was some doodle made by a mentally challenged student or so Vlad thought. The man was more than glad to have used the restroom before coming along as he didn’t even dare to imagine what it looks like.


“Vlad, you know that I don’t approve of this.”- A woman wearing a skin-tight green hazmat suit spoke firmly while crossing her arms.


“Maddie, my dear. It’s always a pleasure to see you.”- Vlad replied looking over at the woman’s wide hips and pronounce bosom. “I fully understand your concerns but I assure you, it’s all in good hands.” The man added.


“These aren’t some exotic animals for your private zoo, these are very dangerous creatures.”- Maddie continued. “We know little to nothing about the Ectopuss and you bring three of them to a high school”-


The Ectopuss wasn’t an earthly creature but one that belongs to the Ghost Zone to which no country or government had claimed any right over, therefore, wasn’t protected by any law which made it a prime target for any greedy human with the means to capture it.


It was then that the metallic tubes began making a whirling sound as they connected to the large fishbowl liberating the creature from its tight cylindrical cage. The students and visitors looked in sheer awe at the beasts.


Despite its name, the creature was green-skinned with only four very long tentacles and two large red eyes, unlike its earthly counterpart, the Ectopuss had its mouth at the “face” rather than in between its tentacles like a normal octopus.


The one thing that Vlad didn’t spare any expanse was with the absurdly large transparent water container that resembled an oversize fishbowl, it was over thirty meters long, composed of the strongest metals, and the finest bulletproof glass covered with a thick layer of ecto-plasma for maximum protection.


“As you can see my dear Maddie, this is one of the most complex and strongest ghost cages of all, there’s nothing to fear.”- Vlad calmly explained. “And where is your dear husband, if you don’t mind me asking?”- Vlad added with a smirk.


“Business trip at Dimmesdale.”- Maddie replied coldly.


“Send him my regards”- Vlad said eyeing her down. “Now if you don’t mind, I have other matters to attend to unless you want to relive past glories?”- the man added while he walked away chuckling.


It was one of Maddie’s many regrets in life, to have cheated on her husband with Vlad Master many years ago. The first few years of her marriage were most difficult due to her work at the university and being a full-time mom for two adorable kids.


At one point during her marriage found herself naked in Vlad’s bed at least once a week, but it was the man’s surprise visits that lead to them having sex in the bedroom while the kids played in the living room which convinced her to end the relationship before things got out of control.




Maddie Fenton, a local researcher of the paranormal phenomena and professor for Amity Park university was task with overseeing that all of the security protocols were being applied and to assure public safety. 


Amity Park university wasn’t fully convinced that allowing a private citizen to domestically own a “ghost” was in the best interest of the public as such creatures were still very much a mystery and extremely dangerous.


She knew Vlad wouldn’t cut down costs on security measures especially with the exhibition being part of his election campaign, his idea was to show the people of Amity that he was a part of the community and not some rich snub living away in his castle.


“He may be an insufferable son of a bitch but at least his bed was softest I’ve fucked in”- Maddie thought as she looked at her former lover talking to a dark skin woman who acted as his assistant.


There was a hint of jealousy as she was sure that the dark skin woman was doing much more for Vlad than just writing down notes and making dinner reservations for him, Maddie knew almost to a certainty that Vlad’s assistant was sleeping with him.


It was then that Maddie noticed several boys looking at her with dreamy expressions on their faces that made her feel oddly good with herself as she recalled still having good looks despite being in her mid-thirties.


Loud and obnoxious music suddenly boomed across the gym as the cheerleader squad rushed through the main door while doing very impressive cartwheels and flips that made all spectators cheer them on with applauses and howling.    


The main event had begun despite the grand majority of students still being in class, Paulina and her cheerleaders were tasked with the opening act which consisted of one of their best dance routines to set the mood.


“Danny would love to see this… too bad he's still in class.”- Maddie whispered to herself upon seeing the kind of underwear the girls were using. “Can’t believe the school allowed such underwear.”- the woman continued with a smirk as she took a couple of pictures.


Paulina and her girls all cat-walked in the most exaggerated manner they could towards the watery cage, the cameras from the local news crew filmed them wondering if they would be censored, yet were ordered to continued filming.


It was all part of their coach and vice-principal Lancer’s plan to make sure the exhibition was a complete success along with getting on Vlad’s good grace. The girls shake their bubble butts in rhythm to their pom-poms before the three creatures and the large crowds.


Without so much as a warning, one of the Ectopuss lunged itself towards the hardened glass making everyone gasp out loud. The creature pressed its large body against the glass showing a very human-like penis protruding from the base of its body.


“I guess someone likes our dancing!”- Paulina yelled to her squad.


Paulina smirk as she came closer to the creature lifting her skirt and twerking in front of it much to everyone’s amusement. Laughter was heard in between the loud music and howling of men, camera flashes shine all around as the rest of the team join in, shaking their round butts.


“You like that, you ugly thing?”- Paulina added though noticed everyone went silent.


She was sure that her comment wouldn’t have been heard by anyone due to the loud music and awfully loud talking. Water suddenly reached her feet as the rest of the team slowly back away with a scared expression drawn on their faces.


It was then that tan-skinned cheerleader saw a long green tentacle going around her waist forcing her to turn around, the Ectopuss had unscrewed the bolts from the inside and open the lit much to Vlad’s shock as he had never foreseen such an act.


“Fudge bucket”- Vlad muttered upon seeing the lit flying towards him.


Two Ectopuss jumped out of the cage sending the lit across the gym falling into Vlad's direction knocking him out cold before having the chance to transform into his secret alter ego, Plasmius. All his so-called training and experience amount to nothing when face by a surprise attack.


Maddie quickly pulled out her laser gun and aim at the nearest Ectopuss firing twice at the creature but missing both times before Paulina’s shrieking distracted her. The Latina was being raised from the ground by the left ankle forcing Maddie to re-aim her weapon at the creature’s tentacle in hopes of freeing the girl. 


It was then that one of the Ectopuss took hold of Maddie’s wrist forcing the weapon away, people screamed and ran all around as the third Ectopuss floated over the gym trying to catch its next prey.


“Lord of the flies. This is horrible.”- Vice-principal Lancer screamed while pulling out a PDA. “In case of a ghost attack… press the red button.”- the man read out loud.


A loud alarm rang across the gym as thick steel sheets and iron bars covered the doors and windows preventing anyone from going in… or out. Lancer looked in horror and disbelief as people banged on the steel curtain that he called upon.


In a matter of seconds, a green energy blanket covered the entire building completing the protection program the school had paid for. Lancer tried his very best to revert the protocol and open the doors but a hysteric man bumps into him sending the PDA to the floor only to be trampled upon.




Paulina screamed for dear life as the Ectopuss place its slimy tentacle over her body and ripping her clothes away in a single motion. The girl squirmed trying her very best to free herself from the creature’s powerful grip yet prove to be a titanic and impossible endeavor.


The Ectopuss wrapped one of its tentacles around both of Paulina’s wrists preventing her from any escape, the girl screamed as loud as her lungs allowed while the Ectopuss spread her legs wide open as they floated up high, bringing her closer to his strangely human penis.


“Let me go you horrifying monster!”- Paulina demanded at the Ectopuss.


It was then that the creature came to a stop and even froze on its spot, almost as if it were having seconds thought of his action. Its red eyes scanned all over the gym seeing nothing more than scared people, Paulina blushed as the Ectopuss pulled her up close and saw her vagina was dry.


The creature then looked over at its peers for a moment before they started moving on their own account. Maddie took advantage of this strange truce and freed herself from the beast using an energy blade hidden in her boot, but the gun was nowhere to be seen.


Lancer followed the creature with his eyes as it climbed over to the ceiling and open the ventilation shaft, though rather than escaping through it, pressed its mouth to the entrance almost as if it knew what it was.


“Is it blowing into it?”- the man asked incredulously.


Paulina’s eyes open in shock as the monster blew a pink mist over her which smelled like strawberries, soon her body and mind begun to relax as a warm sensation engulf her. All previous fear and terror suddenly vanished away from Paulina’s heart.


The girl bites down on her lower lips sending the monster a lustful glance as could feel her womanhood beginning to wet. The Ectopuss before her eyes was no longer a monster but a dear friend whom she wanted to deepen their bond.


Teachers and students alike tried their best to get away from the creatures and not breathe in the pink mist that the other two Ectopuss started to blow all around, yet it soon overwhelmed the gym with its sweet fragrance.


“This isn’t poison… what the hell is it?”- Maddie wondered while covering her mouth.


Paulina no longer struggled to free herself from the monster but to reach its hard penis, the tan girl desperately wanted to penetrate herself with it. Her cunt was soaking wet, all she could think about was reaching that hard piece of green meat.


Mating with the abominable Ectopuss had suddenly become her life’s goal in a matter of seconds, her vagina contracted desperately wanting to savor that meat. Never before had Paulina felt such arousal before.


Not even her boyfriend Dash Baxter made her feel that way, it was like he never existed in her mind anymore. There was nothing more important than mating with this creature, Paulina’s better judgment was being clouded with each passing second.


“Yes! Give it to me, papi!”- Paulina demanded as she hovers her wet cunt over the creature’s penis.


Slowly and gently like old lovers, that’s how the monster slide inside of Paulina making her loud gasp, instant pleasure ran from her cunt all over her body as people watched not with horrified eyes but filled with lust and desire.


Woman and men, both young and old began to undress, their clothes felt unusually hot and stiffy even heavy. Just like animals, they could perceive the smell of arousal, soon people started to come closer to one another.


“What the hell is going on?”- Maddie whispered panting hard.


Her skin-tight hazmat suit felt so unbelievably hot forcing her to peel it off not caring in the least for modesty or social decency. All she wanted was to remove it as she could swear it was suffocating her, making it hard to breathe.


It was then that she noticed how wet her cunt was, dripping love juice and ready to mate with whoever came close to her. Maddie found it nearly impossible not to touch herself, two fingers slide within her love cave giving her some relief, but it was far from enough.


“Ooohhhh!!”- Paulina moaned as the creature’s cock fully penetrated her.


The Latina’s hands took hold of the Ectopuss green skin allowing its cold to run through her fingers while the creature used its tentacles to both hold Paulina in the air and keep her legs wide open, her face filled with joyful glee.


Paulina’s hips begun to sway front and back while the monster used her like a cock sleeve, her moans loud and long filled with unimaginable pleasure. Her time with Dash and all the other boys she shared a bed with now seems like nothing more than a waste.


“Oh my gosh. You’re so fucking incredible.” Paulina spoke through her notable yet seductive accent.


For a moment, the cheerleader and those around could have sworn the Ectopuss gave her a happy expression through its horrible octopus-like face, its red eyes, and lips both arcs just like a human do whenever showing happiness.


Paulina loved every single inch of the creature as it slides in and out of her, bouncing around the large breasts which she is so proud of. The cheerleader’s bubble butt and J-Cup breasts were her pride and joy, her one true love.


Never missing a chance to show off her obscenely lewd body through tight clothes which clearly mark her body’s outline and made everyone turn over to see her, Paulina especially enjoyed seeing her peers’ jealous looks.


Loud moaning and lustful gasping came out of the tan girl as the creature reached her womb, Paulina’s cunt clasped unto the creature while sweat dripped down from her back to her ass all the way to the ground.   


Almost boiling hot cum gushed out of the Ectopuss filling Paulina up to the point that it began flowing out of her, the girl let out a loud gasp as she reached orgasm. Violent post-climax spasms ran through her body.




Maddie knew she had to stop the monster however way possible and get him away from other girls but her vagina was throbbing in desire for male companionship, her mind was becoming numbed as lust cloud her train of thoughts.  


There was hardly any sort of resistance on Maddie’s part as an Ectopuss grab her by the ankle and dragged her closer, there was no fear or desire to fight against the creature as it opens her legs wide exposing her drench womanhood.   


A warm sensation overtook Maddie’s crotch making her droopy eyes look over yet was not shock nor scared to see the creature trying to shove its penis inside of her while his peers continued pumping pink mist into the ventilation systems and all around the gym.


“Holy shit! It’s been so long!”- Maddie whimpered as she felt the penis sliding inside of her.   


All sense of modesty faded away as the Ectopuss pumped Maddie’s cunt without mercy making her moan like a bitch in heat. As much as Maddie loathed the idea of sleeping with a monster, she had to admit that it knew how to move.


The Ectopuss suddenly flips Maddie around only to bend her over, exposing her large butt to him while she gazes at the gym. Maddie’s face turned red as a tomato as she expected at least a hundred people to be watching her with horrified expressions.


Much to Maddie’s utter and complete surprise, there was an orgy was taking place within the gym, no longer were the visitors trying to escape but making love to each other. She couldn’t believe what was happening.


A cacophony of moans and panting echoed throughout the gym. Teachers, parents, visitors, even children, all were busy having sex with each other let it be on the ground, the tables, or even against the walls.


Maddie understood the pink mist was responsible for the sudden orgy but couldn’t do anything against it as her mind was desperate for sex. A sudden pressure was felt upon her anus allowing her to know that she was about to be double penetrated yet made no attempts to free herself.


The woman let out a long and loud gasp as both her holes were plugged by the Ectopuss who’s face clearly demonstrated how much it was enjoying it, wet smashing sounds as she was penetrated were lost in the array of moans.


It had been many years since the last time Maddie had anal sex, Vlad being her last partner and to have it again with a monster was something most unexpected. Yet was unable to deny the utmost pleasure she got from it.


None of her previous lovers before and after getting married could even begin to compare to this creature’s ability, the way it bounced her around sending jolts of ecstasy all over her body was completely new.


“This damn mist… it’s intensifying the sensations”- Maddie tried to reason.


Never before had Maddie felt so aroused, she could hardly think straight anymore and barely manage to stay focus enough to see one of the Ectopuss floating off into the hallways spreading more pink mist as the steel curtains did nothing to stop its advance.


The Ectopuss suddenly ejaculated inside of Maddie making her yelled out in pleasure as she grasps the creature tightly. The woman had to admit that she was used to having her lovers last more than just five minutes.


Despite the short time, she had to admit that it was the most pleasurable and satisfying session she had in a very long time. The monster held Maddie by the right ankle a few feet away from the ground and shake her down a couple of times before putting her on the ground.


“I knew that bitch was wearing sexy lingerie”- Maddie whispered as she picked herself up.


On the far corner by the basketball court was Vlad’s personal assistant sucking on a teacher while a student half her age was helping himself to the dark-skinned woman’s ass. Three more women were next to her with a few students.


Maddie knew that it was in her best interest to leave the gym and hunt down the creatures before they continued to spread their madness. It was then that Maddie noticed Paulina Sanchez was once again having sex, this time with two boys at the same time.   




Danny stared outside the window into the courtyard already wanting the day to end so he and his friends could go and check the exhibition at the gym that had taken all of the school’s attention as of late.


“Did you hear an alarm or something like that?”- Sam asked in a whisper.


“Probably a car”- Danny retorted as he noticed a green glow surrounding the school. “An ecto-shield?”- the boy muttered


The fancy security system principal Ishiyama and vice-principal Lancer ordered installed from VladCo industries was ironically faulty as it only activated at the gym and for a brief moment while the rest of the school was left none the wiser.


Danny could feel something was wrong just by looking at the energy field but no alarm had sounded and the icy cold breath that warned him about any nearby ghosts hadn’t activated yet. There was, of course, the possibility of the school trying out a new force field.


It was becoming harder for Danny to concentrate though that wasn’t a novelty, his heart rate was speeding up, and noticed his classmates loosening their clothes followed by claims of the room becoming hotter. The air felt thicker and harder to breathe.


Danny with almost every boy in class found themselves unable to take their eyes away from their history teacher, Miss Bridget Jones who was already a stunning beauty with shining long blonde hair and blue eyes along with her mint fair skin.


“What the hell is wrong with me?”- Danny thought clamping his legs together.


The boy blushed as he rubbed both legs together unable to understand why he was having an erection all of the sudden, surely, his teacher looked gorgeous in her tight blue suit which marked her bubble butt yet was hardly enough to make him hard. 


Danny turns around and noticed several boys with the same problems as he did, some tried to hide their erection while others less discreet were already fondling their crotches, drooling over their teacher. Even the girls were starting to play with their small breasts.


His mouth opens in utter shock upon seeing the boy sitting next to him peel away his shirt and unbuckled his pants. Much to Danny’s complete disgust, the boy started masturbating while looking at their teacher as if it the most normal thing ever.


“Something wrong Mr. Fenton?”- the blonde teacher asked ignoring the perverted boy next to them. 


“No… Nothing…”- Danny replied wondering if he should tell her about the crazy horny boy.


Both Danny and his teacher shared a look making him realized the woman seemed to be blushing as she looked down on him, her massive breasts rose up and down with her heavy breathing making the boy all too nervous.


Bridget gulped down as she lifted Danny’s face with her slender fingers mesmerized by his celestial blue eyes. The woman leaned in closer to him, drawn by his youthfulness stopping just mere inches from touching his lips.


It was the sudden clatter of books and the falling of a chair that broke Bridget out of her trance. Boys and girls started making out over the desks while others began undressing, saying how unbearable the heat was.


“It’s so hot in here!”- Bridget added while taking off her jackets giving no mind to her students and their actions.


Danny couldn’t believe his teacher was ignoring altogether what was going on, more shocking was seeing her undress in the middle of the class, her large and round breasts soon expose before the whole class though couldn’t hear any hooting or yelling as expecting.


Within a matter of minutes, miss Bridget followed her students’ example and stripped down completely, Danny’s eyes laid over his teacher who was already buck naked and sitting over her desk, legs spread wide open while fingering herself.


The floor was covered with clothing and books as the kids from his classroom completely undressed, making out and touching each other’s private parts with whoever was available. Danny’s eyes open wide as he saw a few nerdy girls on their knees sucking off boys like pros.


A few naked girls laid over their desks as boys with whom they hardly ever shared words were already balls deep inside of them, pumping them cunts with desperation, the girl’s faces filled with delight as their pussies were filled up.


Danny took hold of his crotch as he felt his penis was about to burst free from his pants, it was like being at a porno shoot without cameras. The heat in itself was making it impossible for him to keep his clothes on and his mental sanity.


“What the hell is going on?!”- Danny half yelled.


From behind him came a pair of soft and tender hand which took hold of his boyhood in a tight grip. The sight of a naked Sam made Danny fall on the ground yet the goth tried to yank his pants away. Danny’s willpower started to fade away.


Only due to his ghostly magic was that Danny managed to keep some level of his mental sanity yet lust took over soon enough and phased away his clothes allowing Sam to fall on her back. It was then that Danny got on top of her with his penis fully erect and ready for action.


Danny no longer cared if someone saw him use his ghostly magic to remove his clothes, everyone was far too busy with their own affairs. It was nothing short of a bizarre scene to behold as cheerleaders were fucking nerds and geeks like maniacs.


“You’re ok with this, right? You’re not gonna get angry? Or punch me or anything?”- Danny asked frenetically as he rubbed his cock into Sam’s vagina.


“Hurry up!”- Sam replied with a breathy voice.


“Ok, I’m gonna put it!”- Danny added with excitement.




Danny slowly shoved his harden dick inside of his long-time best friend, their tongues wrapped with one another in a lustful dance. Penetrating Sam was much harder than what the boy initially expected yet Sam was putting much on her side to help.


The girl’s pussy was drenched, so much that her vaginal fluids reached the floor, Danny pushed his knees closer to her almost sliding due to her love juices reaching the floor. The boy gulped down while holding Sam by her wide hips and using all of his strength to shove inside of her.


A loud and erotic moan that Danny never thought Sam was able to make suddenly came out from her lips as his dick slide inside ripping through her hymen, Sam wrapped her legs around Danny’s waist as they once more shared a kiss as he continued penetrating her.


“Damn it, Sam! You’re so hot”- Danny exclaimed as his dick touched her womb.


“You too, Danny! You’re so fucking hot!”- Sam retorted, her eyes held a pink glow.


The girl’s inners were so boiling hot that Danny wanted to pull out but at the same time didn’t dare to. Never before had Danny felt such a wonderful sensation around his cock, the pleasure felt was so unreal that it blocks out the heat.


Porn movies and erotic comics tried to describe such sensations through their media but the reality was vastly different, not even his daily and vigorous masturbation sessions could come came close to this feeling as the intensity and arousal were unique.


Danny started moving his hips in and out of his best friend who squirmed and moan with each thrust. The boy couldn’t even begin to describe the sensation nor why he was so desperate to make love to Sam.


Pulling in and out was proving to be a massive endeavor as Sam’s vaginal folds held him tightly with a lustful grip, Danny couldn’t help but moan like a girl with each movement, it took all of his focus just to avoid cumming.


Sam suddenly let go of him and pushed the boy over his back without letting him pull out, the girl wanted to lead. Her feet well place on the floor allowing her to have full control of her hips which she masterfully uses to shove Danny back inside over and over.


“Slow down, Sam!”- Danny ordered fearing that he would cum.


“This feels so fucking good!”- Sam yelled out without slowing her pace.


The goth was bouncing up and down on Danny as if he were a pogo stick, wet smacking sounds reached his ears while he grinned his teeth in an effort to last longer. The voice of his teacher pulled his attention away from Sam.


Miss Bridgette was on all fours as Nathan, the class geek was helping himself to her drenched cunt, slamming his hips hard on the woman who moaned louder than Sam, two more couples were having sex mere feet away but gave no mind to anyone.


The boy knew he wouldn’t be able to last too long as he could feel the cum piling up at the base of his cock ready to fire away, Nathan suddenly yelled out an unintelligible word while shivering as he stopped his movement making Danny wonder if he ejaculated.


“Guess I lasted longer.”- Danny thought to himself.


Mere seconds after this thought was that the unavoidable happened. Sam looked at Danny with a cartoonish grin on her lips as she finally slowed down her pace while her best friend was shooting his load inside of her.




Danny started to recover his senses and without hesitation took hold of Sam who gently wrapped her legs around him while Danny took hold of his backpack and without wasting any time became invisible, everyone was too entertained to notice the disappearing couple.


Even in their invisible form, Sam was kissing Danny while rubbing her cunt unto him clearly wanting more. Danny’s eyes saw with amazement has dozens among dozens of students were making love throughout the hallways.


“Ok, Sam. Stay here until I figure out what the hell is going?”- Danny ordered as he and Sam hide inside the janitor’s closet.


The girl laid on her back fingering her cum filled vagina which made the boy blushed madly. Sam’s pale skin made her reddish cunt stand out even more as his cum flowed out of her along with a thin string of blood making Danny feel bad for taking her virginity.


Many apologies and explanations would take place later on but for now, Danny had to find out what was going on. There was no doubt it was the work of a ghost yet his ghost sense hadn’t been triggered yet.


Suddenly his phone started ringing announcing a video call from his older sister Jazz which was strange as she only texted him. Much to Danny’s dislike, his sister was the smarter one of the two and was sure that she would already have an answer to what was going on.


Without a moment’s pause, Danny answered the call but his eyes open in complete and utter shock to the point of him dropping the phone down. His sister’s voice calling out to him was more than enough to have him pick up the device.


“Danny! Is that you?!- Jazz yelled through the phone to a blushing Danny. “About damn time you answered!”- The redhead continued.


Jazz held her phone tightly in front of her showing what seemed to be the school’s library given all the bookcases in the background, the redhead often found herself helping out at the library in between classes mainly to have access to books for her many school projects.


Danny blushed as he saw his redhead of a sister naked on all fours with a boy whose face was out of frame ramming her from behind hard making her large breasts violently bounced front and back with each movement.


“I was busy…”- Danny whimpered.


“Yeah, I bet you were.”- the girl retorted.


Semen seem to be coming out of the corner of her lips allowing Danny to know that she gave someone a blowjob which made him cringe at the sight, it was then that a much smaller boy most likely from sixth grade made his way between Jazz and her unknown partner.


“Easy there, chump! I haven’t done anal in a while!”- Jazz yelled out.


Her face slightly contorted in a pleasurable grin as the second kid slides his dick inside her ass while the first tried to stay inside of the redhead while giving their new partner room. Danny couldn’t peel his eyes away from the phone as his sister was double penetrated.


“Since when are you having sex?”- Danny muttered, jealous that his prune of a sister who never took her nose out of a book was sleeping around.


“None of your business!”- Jazz replied firmly. “Listen, lil bro, we got serious shit going on!”- she added.


“Really? No shit! I haven’t noticed”- Was all Danny could utter back.


Danny twists his lips bothered that he had to make use of “self-service” every night while Jazz was out partying and having sex with random guys. It felt so unbelievably unfair that his sister got to sleep around while he still had a curfew.


“We have to bring out the personality while girls just get to pick whoever they want”- Danny recalled Tucker saying after being rejected for the hundredth time.


The boy frown in disgust as another boy appeared and didn’t hesitate to shove his dick inside of Jazz’s mouth, most bothering was that she actually sucked on it for a few seconds before coming back to reality and shoving him away while telling him to wait for his turn though went for the next available girl.


In the background, one could see several couples and even trios having sex which reminded Danny of what happened in the class and hallways. Boys with girls and in some cases, girls with girls and even boys with other boys were all making love, it was beyond bizarre.


With a surprisingly calm clear and stoic voice despite now being penetrated by a black guy was how Jazz explained about there being an Ectopuss on the loose and most likely being the cause for the sudden and so far, unexplained orgy.


Given Jazz’s calm and collected demeanor even during sex made Danny actually felt sorry for any potential boyfriend his sister would have, the girl didn’t moan despite being under the effects of the pink mist, he was more than sure that she would be a cold fish in bed.


According to the redhead, the creature was last seen by a few students floating out of the gym passing through the library where she visually confirmed the creature’s presence and finally heading towards the cafeteria emanating a strange pink mist which made her and everyone extremely aroused when in contact.  


“Vlad! He’s the only one stupid enough to bring a monster to school”- Danny concluded.


“He did promise a huge spectacle.”- Jazz added before straining her face due to her reaching orgasm making Danny looked away in disgust.


The man promised a one-of-a-kind show for the exhibition in an attempt to gain further popularity within the voters by demonstrating how much “cared” for the community yet Danny couldn’t understand how bringing a monster could accomplish that.


It was then that the icy cold breath which alerted Danny to nearby ghostly presence finally activated forcing his eyes towards the door, the Ectopuss was nearby and needed to be dealt with immediately but he also had to save his sister and take her to a safe place.


“I’ll go get you before dealing with the creature.”- Danny said.


“Don’t bother, it’s been more than a week since I last had a big black cock inside my ass. Take your time”- Jazz refuted before ending the call.


Danny’s jaw nearly fell off his face as the last thing he wanted was to know about his sister’s fetishes or with whom she sleeps with. The boy was more disgusted to see his penis erect upon seeing Jazz having wild sex.


Even with the urgency to stop the monster, Danny turned over to Sam ready to fuck her once more before leaving. Danny saw things as a free to “fuck all” marathon due to his judgment being clouded by the remains of the pink mist.


It wasn’t as if Jazz was being raped, on the contrary, she was well into it and even asked him not “rescue” her as she was having way too much fun. Danny no longer saw the need to rush out risking life and limb fighting off the creature.


Sam was nowhere to be seen making Danny groan in frustration upon noticing the door wide open, the boy rushed out unable to see the goth anywhere but did manage to lay eyes over several dozens of student fucking like rabbits.


“Where in the fuck did you go?”- Danny muttered.


An orchestra of moaning and loud panting echoed within the auditorium as several people were participating in a massive orgy, adult women riding boys half their age while men did the same for girls young enough to be their daughters. 


Sam was eagerly sucking on Tucker’s cock who rested over the stage’s floor, the boy had been tasked with helping set up the audio for Vlad’s big speech later that day, yet no one seems to be bothered by the horrific octopus’ monster floating overhead.


More pink mist fell upon the audience which made them even more aroused, Sam’s mind was completely clouded by lust and found that her friend’s penis was the most delicious meat that ever entered her mouth though she thought the same about Danny and the five guys before Tucker.


Without so much as a “hello” did young boy shoved his hard dick inside of Sam’s drench cunt making her almost bite down on Tucker who didn’t seem to mind at all. Unknowingly, the girl was in fact inviting boys over as her ass was looking up to the sky.


Tucker and the new boy both finished inside of Sam at the same time, the dark-skinned boy’s cum tasted so much better than her favorite milkshake. It was hot and gooey but it also stuck to the back of her throat giving her a delightful aftertaste. 


“That was awesome but where’s Danny?”- the girl asked her mind still clouded.


The goth sat up letting cum flow out of her while sniffing around in search of another male, Tucker was already spent and sleeping on the floor while hugging the boy who seemed to be several grades below them.


It was then that she noticed an orange-haired woman a few meters further into the stage bouncing up and down on a man who was having a hard time enduring the woman’s movements but still kept his hands over her large breasts as she was sucking a young boy’s dick as if it were candy.


Using all the remainder of her strength, Sam stood up and walked closer despite her legs beginning to wobbling, she was sure to recognize the woman in question but needed to move to the side in order to see her face.


Her surprise was more than great upon seeing that it was none other than her mother, Pamela Manson. The woman’s face filled with ecstasy and unspeakably joy which caught the goth off guard as she hadn’t seen her mother do that kind of face before.


Even in her delusional state, the goth knew that her mother was nothing short of a prune with a snub personality who wouldn’t let just anyone come close to her, she always looked down on the working class as she considered herself borderline royalty.


Yet her naked body was now completely covered in sweat, semen of several men along with other bodily fluids ruining her expensive makeup, the designer dressed that Pamela was so fond of laid crumpled up on the floor.


The jewelry that she was proud of didn’t hide her slutty expression nor gave any sort of elegance to her moans and groans. For someone who never spends a minute working out or doing any kind of physical activity, Pamela surprisingly kept a perfect rhythm.


“You two are so much better than my small-dick husband!!”- Pamela declared making her daughter raise an eyebrow.


The orange-haired woman took notice of her daughter Sam who was touching herself while looking at them which made her smiled warmly as if she was caught baking cooking rather than being filled up by a man whose name neither of them knew.


It was then that the Ectopuss floated down in between both mother and daughter who looked at the bizarre creature now sporting twelve tentacles and several more eyes, twice its original size, and yet neither of the girls were scared much less intimidated by the creature.


The Ectopuss took hold of Sam and her mother by the legs, raising them up high and spreading their legs wide open, two more women were taken by the monster in an identical style as the thing smile at them.


“Where’s dad?”- Sam calmly asked with a drowsy voice.


“Last I saw him was with Vlad’s assistant…”- Pamela replied almost sleepy.


Pamela and her daughter both gasped at the same time as they saw the Ectopuss elongated penis which now seemed to move on its own accord come closer. Sam moaned loudly as she was penetrated by the creature as her mother soon followed up.


More mist came out from the creature as it continued pumping its member inside of the four women making them sing a lustful song, each one with their own rhythms and pace, at different tunes while showing joyful expressions.


Men and woman, both young and old gathered around the monster letting the mist-filled their lungs as they once more partook in carnal pleasures with those close to them. Little did age and familiar bonds matter.




The cold linoleum floor didn’t bother Danny at all as he shoved his penis inside a blonde cheerleader whom he carried across the hallway both buck naked, no one gave them any mind as they were all too busy fucking like rabbits.


Danny wanted to put the girl down on the floor so they could continue in a much more comfortable position as he wasn’t used to sex yet, though several couples making love over every inch of the hallway made finding a suitable spot much harder.


The classrooms had dozens among dozens of kids humping each other like madmen, not really knowing what they were doing beyond acting on instincts, repeating what they have seen in porn movies and adult comics.


“This is so fucking crazy”- Danny muttered he carried the blond cheerleader.


Danny couldn’t hold longer and fired his load inside of the girl no longer worried about the consequences of this action as she was the sixth girl he slept with so far. The boy was surprised there was still any “milk” inside of him.


The boy put the cheerleader on the floor making sure her back was resting against the locker as he pulled out of her yet she soon crawled away in search of another partner. Despite looking at her face for nearly twenty minutes, it was only then that he recognized her.


Star, one of Paulina’s closest friends and member of the A-lister club along with being an active member of the cheerleader squad which put her among the most popular girls in school, one that not even in dreams would be able to date much less have sex with.


Guilt filled his heart as he marched down the hallways unable to believe what he did. His peers were completely under the Ectopuss spell which kindly exempted their actions, but Danny wasn’t fully under though in borderline control.


“Sam probably did a dozen guys already and Jazz seems ok too so I’m not entirely at fault here.”- Danny justified himself upon reaching the locker room.


Now that Danny’s mind was clearing up mainly because he satisfied his sexual desires and penis was soared, he knew the creature needed to be deal with immediately before things became even worst or permanent. There was no way to know what kind of long-term effect this mist had on people.  


With the ghost force field still in active meant that the Ectopuss was most likely heading to the auditorium judging by the mass of sexual deviant left in its wake. Danny had never heard about an Ectopuss attack causing this type of effect before which made him worry greatly.


Normally such creatures were cowards and pushovers, extremely easy to defeat in combat. Never requiring more than a couple of punches to bully them into submission, even their energy attacks were so weak that Danny never actually felt threatened by them.


The quickest way to the auditorium was simply to phased through the locker room, yet upon reaching the inner door could hear several moans which confirmed the creature passed through leaving his trail of pink mist and sexual deviants.


“Jesus fucking Christ!”- Danny yelled out.


Before his disgusted eyes was the whole football engrossed in yet another orgy, the only difference being the lack of female partners. Muscular boys were hugging and fucking with each other as Danny looked in horror.


A tan jock suddenly turned over to Danny lusting over his naked body, his eyes laid over Danny going from his firm belly that showed a faint six-pack to his well tone legs making the boy comprehended that he was still undressed in the worst place possible.


“Fen-turd! I never realized how good-looking you are, man!”- the jock added as Danny walked out of the room. 


Thanks to the football team’s quarterback, Dash Baxter, was that Danny often became the target of cruel pranks and in rare cases, bullying by part of the football team yet this behavior only extended to said team as the rest didn’t bother him.


In a way, Danny was very thankful that all the football members were at the locker room as he couldn’t even begin to imagine the sort of horrible pranks and bullying that would take place if Dash or anyone from the team got their hands on Jazz or Sam, if not both.


Danny could actually imagine Dash leaving used condoms in his locker or saying how good Sam or Jazz’s cunts felt in front of everyone just to make him angry, eventually, Danny would break his hero code and kill Dash had things gone down that path.


Upon seeing the tan jock coming towards Danny sporting an erection made him walked to the side of the door and become invisible, his mind was still lightly clouded but not enough for him to engage in men only orgy. 


“Fucking creep”- Danny muttered as entered the locker in his invisible form while the jock started making out with another of his peers after being unable to find him.


By the far left corner was a line of nearly a dozen jocks both from the football and basketball teams taking turns with one particular jock which caught Danny’s attention, feeling curious despite the growing urgency to find and defeat the Ectopuss made Danny fly over.


His grin was long and wide upon laying eyes over Dash who was on all fours being fucked silly by his teammates, the imminent conversation would be most hilarious once everyone regained their mental sanity.   




Maddie sat up and quietly looked around and saw several hundred people sleeping peacefully on the floor or over the tables, not a single one dressed which made her feel utter guilt for having slept with only God knows how many.


The woman lost count of how many men she was with after the first thirty, her breath smelled like semen which bothered her the most along with feeling both her ass and cunt soaring yet also felt extremely satisfied and relax which was clearly a side effect of the pink mist.


The three Ectopuss were no longer in sight but that didn’t mean they were out of danger, Maddie still needed to assess the situation, find Vlad and come with a plan to stop the monster before it realizes more pink mist.


“That must be how these creatures reproduce”- Maddie said to herself recalling the many parasitic animals that use others for similar purposes. “I just hope this thing won’t burst out of me like in those alien movies.” She added while looking for her weapon.


Maddie still felt slightly aroused but now much more in control of her emotions, she spotted a small makeup mirror laying on the ground which she took to check her face which had several dry cum stains but more importantly, her eyes had a bright pink glow.


It was then that a pair of small hands took hold of her breasts which made her pop a vein on her forehead, with the effects of the mist already dissipating meant that she wasn’t willing to sleep with random strangers anymore.


Though upon turning around saw a young boy with an orange bob haircut who was perhaps a couple of years younger than her son Danny. The boy watched her with a scared expression drawn on his freckled face, his lips quivering.


Maddie pulled back after seeing the boy was trying to kiss her on the lips making him give her a hurt expression, tears gathered up in his eyes allowing her to see that he wasn’t under the effect of the mist.


“Everyone was doing but me…”- the boy said. “I saw you do it with a few boys from my class.”- he added.


The boy had taken refuge in the audiovisual booth upon seeing the Ectopuss get loose but accidentally locked himself inside as the orgy started. He wasn’t fully aware of what was going on but wanted a piece for himself.


“At this point what does it even matter if I do one more.”- Maddie said to herself. “What’s your name?”- the woman asked in a motherly tone.


“Mikey… please let me have sex with you, just once”- the boy pleaded almost crying.


The woman had a soft spot for kids, especially cute dorky ones, and having already slept with nearly a dozen kids his age convince Maddie to rolled over her back while pulling her legs up and spreading them wide.


“Fine, knock yourself out.”- Maddie added with a smirk.


Mikey perks up in delight as he tried to penetrate Maddie but failing badly at it which made her giggled for a second, her soft hand soon guided him inside. The boy let out a loud gasp upon feeling her hot inners.


The boy was much smaller than what Maddie was used to but hardly the smallest she ever had, if she had to say it, Mikey was around the fifth smallest. It took all of ten seconds for Mikey to fire his entire load inside Maddie which made her sigh loudly.


“Be a sweetheart and find my gun, please.”- the woman said as the boy pulled out of her.




As predicted, the Ectopuss was still in the auditorium though Danny hadn’t seen one with twelve tentacles before, yet it was hardly intimidating as one single energy blast was enough to shove him against the wall.


The creature shriek in pain as another blast followed up making Danny counter with a tentacle slash which misses by a long shot. Danny was starting to blush as the effect of the mist was waving off him though had no time to get dressed again.


A second tentacle attack came his way but Danny ducked under and used his energy blade to slice off the tentacle making the monster scream in agony. Using the momentum, Danny fired once his energy rays blowing away two more tentacles.


Green blood splattered over the walls and chairs forcing the creature to become invisible, but the blood made him into a prime target for Danny who finished him off with a powerful energy bomb that mutilated him completely.


Danny sat down on the nearest chair feeling tired for so many reasons, all around were naked unconscious people, several more on the stage where he saw Sam being sandwich by two teens next to Mrs. Pamela.


The energy field ran out of energy allowing the forces of order to rush in hunting down for the Ectopuss who was already dealt with by Danny. It was later discovered and confirmed by Maddie that the trio of Ectopuss fused together after a while.


The reason for this would be heated debate among, ghost researchers, scholars, and intellectuals for several years to come, a more pressing matter was the aftermath of what was called by the media, the “Ectopuss orgy” a crude named that shamed Casper high.


It took only a matter of days for video footage to spread like wildfire among the online community as most teens were already live casting their day-to-day when the mist filled the school hallways leading to the mass orgy.


Most of the football, basketball, and soccer team members went into hiding after videos of them appeared in several adult sites, Dash Baxter whose participation was life broadcast suddenly disappeared and was rumored to have moved over to Dimmesdale.  


Far too many lawsuits besiege both Casper High for allowing a monster exhibition and towards VladCo industries for bringing said monster despite claiming all security measures had been taken yet the creature escape fairly easily. 


“VladCo industries assumes all responsibilities for this unprecedented incident and will be giving medical aid and monetary compensations to all 4558 victims of this most horrific incident,” Vlad said during a conference weeks after the attack.


Several videos of him having sex with underage girls and even men at the school gym were more than enough for Vlad to start throwing money around in an effort to protect his rich ass, his lawyers manage to save him from any prison time by claiming that he too was a victim of the monster.  


“At least we managed to get the Ectopuss babies out of everyone before things turn really ugly.”- Maddie said as she cooked dinner.


“I should have been there to protect you, Maddie.”- Jack said seeing his wife.


“Don’t beat yourself about it, honey. It caught us all by surprise.”- Maddie replied casually.


None of the victims, male or female ever admitted being raped. Whether it was due to legal consult or personal reasons was yet to be known but no one presented such claims after videos of the mass orgy appeared online.


Things were very different at school after the attack, hardly anyone look eye to eye anymore and the sports teams all disbanded, Lancer and all of the faculty except miss Bridget all resigned within weeks. Oddly enough, Danny noticed a huge increase in couples, even Tucker started dating a cheerleader much to everyone’s surprise.


Danny walked into the kitchen catching his parents’ attention, his mother smiled gently at him and asked him to take a plate for his sister who was resting in her room. The redhead like most of the girls and women victims of the Ectopuss incident ended up pregnant.  


VladCo industries quickly formed a trust fund for all who wanted to have their pregnancies terminated, yet also offered to fully support all who wanted to keep the babies, in the heat of the moment, Vlad publicly offered to gave full scholarships to all teenage moms from Casper High.


Casper High school has 4400 students enrolled which more than half were female and unfortunately, most ended up pregnant during the incident. Naturally, Vlad overly generous offer was use and abuse by the students as the grand majority chose to keep their pregnancies. Even Jazz Fenton chose to keep her baby.


“You gonna see Sam tomorrow, dear?”- Maddie asked.


“Yeah, can’t believe she wants to keep the baby after all.”- Danny replied


The boy knew that Sam didn’t need the compensation but she claimed Danny was the father. The goth and her mother Pamela were among those who wanted to keep their babies, Jeremy had no say in the matter as he was sure to have gotten at least six girls pregnant.


“Just make sure the kid is yours, Danny-man.” – Jack replied knowing that Sam slept with a large number of boys that day. “And make sure the other twenty girls are being straight with you”


“Yeah, dad… I’ll make sure they’re mine before sighing any papers.”- Danny added. It was then that his attention was drawn to the television.


“Presenting Axel laboratory newest product, the Octopussy aphrodisiac.”- the ad said…


“Damn it, Vlad you just don’t learn, do you?”- Danny mumbled as he walked up the stairs.


The end.


A special thanks to the ANON who suggested this story.

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