Sluts of Amity Park

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Yo Hoe-Hoe


Maddie X OC and Youngblood


A beam of light suddenly broke the pitch darkness of a long and silent tunnel, the warm humid air made trekking rather hard for two young explorers whose heavy boots splattered the waters of a small river that continued to the main entrance several hundred meters back.  


The two explorers walked down the tunnel following the light at the end, they were mesmerized upon laying eyes over a large lake with crystal water and a large opening on the top from which came the morning sunlight.


“I must say, Tommy, this is wonderful.”- Maddie Fenton said to her young colleague. “I never thought there would be a grotto here.”- Maddie added.


The woman was by no means a cave explorer but a humble professor at Amity Park University, a bookworm who rarely ever left her office or the campus library. Even professor Maddie had an adventurous side and so quickly jump at the offer her neighbor came up.


Maddie walked into the sunlight revealing her figure, wide hips with a large bubble butt covered by a pair of booty shorts that ran up most of her ass, along with a tight light green tank top which hugs her double D cup breasts which most of her students had a hard time looking away from.  


Most of her bubble ass was in full view of Tommy who had only turned thirteen yet she didn’t mind at all him seeing. Professor Maddie was well known around campus and her neighborhood for keeping up with fashion which often meant tight short dresses and revealing clothes.


Her students both male and female all loved seeing her in a tight minidress whenever giving out a lecture, her peers were no different and many propositions had been made but Maddie knew better than to start a teenage affair with the faculty members.


It didn’t help that most were already in the late fifties and those around her age left much to be desire. Many times, she wondered and even fantasied about making love to one of her students, but she always kept it as nothing more than a fantasy.


“It’s over there”- Tommy expressed and pointed over to a dark corner farther into the grotto where the sunlight couldn’t reach.


The woman squinted her eyes while shining her flashlight over to the dark corner to better see what Tommy was talking about, yet her light wasn’t powerful enough to illuminate, though could still make out a faint silhouette and though it was too soon for Maddie to come up with any sort of conclusion, the shadow was vast and long.


It was then that Maddie noticed a steep to her right side which she used to go further into the grotto leaving Tommy behind. The boy did warn her to be mindful of her steps as there were many rocks and the ever-present possibility of a snake.


Maddie laid eye over the vast lake but couldn’t recall ever seeing the cave entrance before, the lack of beer cans, graffiti, and other objects allowed her to know that no other soul had set foot within the grotto. Surely, it would have been a well-exploited tourist spot had anyone revealed its location.


“How did you come across this place?”- Maddie asked.


“I actually found it place by coincidence when I was searching for frogs the other day.”- Tommy said.


The lake in itself was already a treasure that the local government would be more than ready to exploit, Maddie felt strange knowing that soon enough the entrance would have a food stall and swimsuit rental.


She could even imagine a food court pressed against the cave wall and a portable bathroom as she put down her large backpack and produced a surprisingly large portable battery-powered tripod construction light.


The lights shine over the lake showing crystal clear waters but their eyes open wide in both shock and amazement as the lights soon exposed a gigantic ship pressed against the far wall, much too big to have traversed through the cave entrance which made its presence a complete mystery.


The professor suddenly felt like a little girl all over again upon laying eyes upon the vast ship and its many cannons which were evenly spread out on the side making her easily assumed it to be a warship of some sort, it was a career-defining moment for her.


“Look at that design. It’s definitely from the eighteenth century.”- Maddie said without taking her eyes off the ship. “I gotta see the inside of it!”- she added.


Tommy’s mouth was left ajar as he saw Maddie peeling off her clothes which she left next to the tripod light and could feel his boyhood becoming harder as his eyes scan over Maddie’s semi-naked boy though her large breasts were still covered by a pink bra yet once Maddie walked over to the water bank noticed that she was wearing a G-string.


The boy always knew that Maddie was beautiful but seeing her firm back and well tone legs which didn’t seem to match with her bookworm persona as he had assumed her to have a bit of a gut yet it was now evident that she was working out.


“Take off your clothes, and let’s go check out the ship.”- Maddie commanded eagerly.


The woman was already mentally writing her report about the discovery, but more important on how she would give it to the appropriate authority. Her face would be on the local newspaper and perhaps even on the local television though she was hoping to reach the national broadcast.


Maddie hurried Tommy to undressed as she was eager to swim across the underground lake and enter the ship to fully catalog it before taking her discovery back to the university and claim the rights over it. The boy’s erection suddenly hit Maddie’s nose once she accidentally pulled his pants down together with his underwear.


“I’m sorry”- Tommy whispered trying to hide his erection.


Maddie came to recalled how she was wearing a G-string and the boy had a natural reaction to her exuberant body like any other boy his age would, at least Tommy had the courtesy to apologize and look away until it calmed down.


“It’s ok, here let me help you”- Maddie whispered to his ear.


Tommy gasped once Maddie pulled down his underwear exposing his hardened penis, the boy’s heart begun beating harder and faster upon feeling her soft and delicate hand taking hold of his penis. He tensed up but didn’t tell her to stop.


Pleasure unlike anything before embraced his penis as Maddie slowly moved her hand up and down making the boy closed his eyes allowing the pleasure to overwhelmed him, despite doing this in the privacy of his bedroom, it never felt as good as it was now.


The woman suddenly stopped a moment before ejaculating which made Tommy open his eyes wondering if he did something wrong. It was then that Maddie smiled and proceeded to introduce his boyhood inside of her mouth.


It felt so unreal and dreamlike, the inners of her mouth were hot and slimly, the way her tongue danced around his small phallus send delightful shivers up his spine, both of her hands took hold of his round yet boyish buttocks.


The woman couldn’t help but to mentally giggled as she could take all of Tommy inside of her mouth with much easiness, Maddie had sucked on a great number of dicks during her years in college earning her the nickname of “Vacuum Maddie” though her boyfriend now husband Jack thought it was because she likes keeping things clean.


Hot cum suddenly gushed out of the boy’s penis despite his massive effort to hold it within, he could feel his boyhood pulsing as semen abandon his balls leaving a panting Tommy confused and yet extremely satisfied.


Tommy watched in silence as his flaccid penis slowly slides out of Maddie’s mouth which trapped all of his baby-making juice, the woman stood up and gracefully swallow the cum making the much younger boy gulped down as well.  


“Did we have sex?”- Tommy naively asked.


“No, honey. We didn’t, sex is when you introduce your penis inside my vagina but we’re not at that part yet.”- Maddie briefly explained using the correct phrasing to avoid any confusion later on.


“Then what did we just do?”- Tommy asked.


“That’s called a blow job.”- Maddie replied acting as if what she had done was the most normal thing in the world.


The boy stood naked and confuse while looking at his penis but Maddie reassured him that they did nothing wrong and upon returning to Amity, she would give him a proper and practical sex education lesson which made his eyes sparkle.


Maddie turned her attention to the lake while savoring the cum that still lingers within her mouth, she loved the taste of fresh cum early in the morning. It was then that her head popped up as she felt Tommy’s fingertips gently touching her butt.


“Can we have sex Mrs. Fenton?!”- Tommy asked after rallying all of his courage.


“No, we can’t. You’re too young.”- Maddie replied firmly while looking at him hunch in embarrassment.


“Can I at least see you naked… for my birthday…”- Tommy looked at her with puppy dog eyes.


Maddie recalled that Tommy’s birthday was the following day and that she had been invited, she looked at the young boy with short black hair who was turning thirteen in a few hours and actually consider having sex with him, he was sweet and gently but surely wasn’t ready for sex just yet.


“Fine but take off your underwear too. I’m not going to be the only one naked around here.”- Maddie said knowing no one would see them or come by unannounced as the cave had remained hidden for at least two hundred years given the presence of the ship.


Only in porn movies had Tommy ever seen a naked woman before and now one of the most gorgeous women he knew stood naked before his very eyes, her bubble butt and wide hips suddenly felt so desirable, he wanted to touch her. It was dream come true.


Suddenly she tossed him her G-string and bra while telling him it was an early birthday gift which made the boy get an erection upon feeling the warmness of the fabric. Tommy turned over to his backpack to safeguard his new treasure while Maddie stored her backpack inside a plastic bag.


The lake was shallow, hardly three meters deep by the shore and ten meters at the deepest part by her account, Maddie smirked as she recalled when she went skinny dipping at lake Eerie just a few hours distance with her first boyfriend and their close friends.


“Let’s swim across.”- Maddie said while blushing.


“I don’t know how to swim.”- Tommy said fearing he would be left behind.


“Get on my back”- Maddie instructed.


Maddie used the backpack as a floater making her slow journey across much easier, she could feel the boy’s small penis rubbing on her butt and his hands soon found her breasts which made her wonder if he really didn’t know how to swim but Maddie didn’t say anything about it as she was much more interested in reaching the ship.


“Look at the flag… that’s a Jolly Roger.”- Maddie suddenly making Tommy look towards the same direction she was looking at.


“What’s a Jolly Roger, Mrs. Fenton?”- the boy asked.


“This is a pirate ship”- Maddie concluded upon seeing the ragged skull and bones flag.




Despite being married and already having entered into motherhood didn’t mean that Maddie abandoned her social life, the woman often visited the local nightclubs around town at least once a week in the company of her female colleagues from the university who acted nerdier than their own students.


The candy shop nightclub near downtown was by far her favorite place to visit after a long week of hard work, it was a mainly female-oriented club where all the waiters walked around in tight leather pants completely shirtless showing off their six-pack abdomen, the cocktail drinks were especially welcoming after dealing with all the melodrama from her students.


Maddie’s dear husband, professor Jack, didn’t like the idea of her going out during the night to some women-only club but end up giving his blessing due to their female colleague’s pressure and the fact that he didn’t want to be label as some sort caveman husband.


Unbeknown to professor Jack, was that after a few drinks, the women in Maddie’s close circle gave into their darker desires letting loose at the dancefloor with borderline hilarious and more often than not, cringe-worthy dancing.


Every visit to the candy shop was meant for them to let off as much steam as possible but always ended with all of the elegant and nerdy university professors getting drunk and having intense sex with one or more of the hot-looking waiters at the bathroom.


“Sorry, girls. I gotta use the lady’s room”- Maddie recalled saying one night after ordering another round of drinks and pulling out a small pack of condoms.


Maddie was by no means any different from her friends and headed down the hallway into the bathroom in the company of a young colored bald man who didn’t waste any time in fondling her plump butt and even running his large hand up her skirt.


The bathroom was mildly elegant looking with some indoor potted plants on the corner near the entrance, a condom vending machine placed against the wall by the sinks with impeccable mirrors, even the toilet stalls were larger than normal.


Each stall had a cushioned bench next to the toilet and a metallic bar overhead along with two oversize cloth hangers facing each other, as Maddie walked down to the only available stall at the far end of the bathroom, she could hear loud moaning coming from behind the close doors and could even make out at least two sets of feet.


Maddie didn’t waste any time in pulling up her skirt and sitting over the cushion using the cloth hangers to hold her feet up while her waiter unbuckled his pants, the woman licks her lips as she laid eyes over the long and hard piece of meat.


The man’s penis was three times bigger than her husband which made her moan loudly upon being penetrated by him, Maddie could feel his thick manhood scraping her love cave while kissing her womb with each powerful thrust that made her shiver in delight.


Her massive breasts bounced up and down with each violent thrust as her cunt glued itself to the man, almost as if it had a mind of its own. Pleasure took over her mind as her legs stretch out while feeling every single inch of him.


“You like it deep, eh?”- the waiter said.


“Yes! Do it faster!”- Maddie replied drunk with ecstasy.


The man was told by his peers of such perks this job had and for a time didn’t look forward to pleasing older ladies or dealing with angry man-hating lesbians, but had to admit that serving women like Maddie was becoming a more recurrent event which he more than welcome.


Maddie could feel the man’s cock pulsing and soon a hot sensation overwhelmed her womanhood. Her waiter ejaculated inside of Maddie though the condom prevented any of the semen to touch her womb which had given birth only six months ago.


“Fuck I needed that”- Maddie expressed as she lowered her legs.


Upon exiting the bathroom stall, she noticed two of her peers with their hands pressed against the wall while two men were busy penetrating their drench cunts, the waiter as expected left the bathroom to attend his duties before the boss came asking questions.


Maddie didn’t mind at all seeing her colleagues in such positions while she took out a wet tissue from her purse to clean away any remaining lube from her vagina, the woman begun to fix her makeup while waiting for her friends to finish.


“I think we should call it a night after you guys are done.”- Maddie said looking over at the nearest woman.


The professor bending over to Maddie’s was a complete blonde beauty with breasts slightly smaller than her own but had a firm ass which was being ravaged by a muscular Latin man, next to her was a short brown hair girl with a much more modest body, small breasts, and simpler butt.


Both of them just like Maddie had their wedding rings on and though they didn’t have the same courtesy to walked into a stall for some privacy, their faces filled with lust and desire showed how much they were enjoying the moment.


“You’re right… you… got… kids… to…ah… look… out for…”- the blond teacher said in between panting.


It was then that a phone began to ring which made all five of them look over to a white purse resting over the counter just a few inches from the sink. Maddie took the courtesy to open the purse which belongs to her blonde-haired friend, Stephany.


Maddie noticed it was a video chat which made her blood run cold, the face on the profile picture made her realized it was Stephany’s ten-year-old son who was calling though there was a very high possibility it was also Stephany’s husband.


“Can you press the accept button?”- Stephany said as their brown-haired peer looked with glee.


“Are you nuts?!” – Maddie asked.


Yet the woman yanked the phone away from Maddie before her son hung up. Maddie looked confused as Stephany began to “talk” with her son while bending over as the waiter continued with his thrusting. Stephany looked at the screen with a broken smile.


“Hi… honey… are… you in…bed…? Brushed… your… teeth?”- Stephany asked, however, she could.


“Yeah… what are you doing?”- Maddie could hear the boy said on the other side of the phone.


Maddie was new to motherhood but even so, she was sure that what Stephany was doing was completely wrong, not only was she having sex and her son was seeing it happening through the phone but were even bald enough to take the phone to her cunt and show him how she was being penetrated.


The waiter shared Maddie’s disapproving glare but continued anyway and soon enough, both women let out loud moan in unison they all climax at the same time. Stephany turned ended the call moments later after telling her son good night.


Much to Maddie’s and the waiter's surprise, Stephany leaned back pressing her face against the man’s cock, and took a selfie which she quickly sends, Maddie begged that the drunken bimbo was a senior professor at Amity Park university had the common sense not send it to her son.


“I’m sure Mike’s gonna jerk off all night after seeing this.”- Stephany exclaimed proudly.


Maddie sighs deep and long as she recalled that Mike was Stephany’s son. No matter how hard she tried to go around the subject, Maddie couldn't understand why the biology teacher would send such a picture to her ten-year-old son. Perhaps she was truly was a bimbo.


Of course, Maddie’s maternal duties took over any sort of lecherous entertainment, she dedicated herself to her daughter Jazz of one year to the fullest but whenever possible called for a sitter to go out with her friends yet returning much sooner. The woman also wanted a second child, a boy if possible.


Even this was a bizarre situation to be in as she never once considered allowing her daughter to see her having sex, though wondered if that was the actual norm behind closed doors. The idea that she was too old-fashioned crossed her mind seeing that a well-regarded college professor did.




“We can climb over there”- Tommy pointed to a broken part in the lower section of the pirate ship.


His voice broke Maddie’s memory lane and brought her back to reality, she cursed herself for mental slipup as she could have lost balance and let Tommy fall into the water. It was then that she noticed that the boy was humping her butt for a while now.


“Up you go, sweetheart.”- Maddie said as she shoved Tommy up the opening and into the pirate ship.


She smirked upon crawling inside the ship and made sure to gently rubbed her face on his modest genitals on her way, going so far as to rub her large breasts on him, starting at crotch and not stopping until she was fully on her feet.


Tommy didn’t move an inch as he did his best to feel all he could despite rubbing his penis on Maddie’s large butt during their swimming. The boy desperately wanted to impale her tight anus with his new erection but common sense and decency didn’t let him.


“Thanks… for helping get in.”- Tommy said while being patted on the head by Maddie who smiled gently at him.


Maddie turned her attention to the interior of the battleship and was mesmerized but how old and yet how well maintained it was, Tommy on the other hand was mesmerized by her large butt which had a hypnotic effect on him once she began walking further in.


Judging by the number of ropes and crates spread across the lower deck, it was fair to assume they were inside the orlop. Upon laying eyes over the broken wood was that Maddie started to now regret not bringing her boots which she left on the other side of the underground lake.


“If anybody told me that I would be walking around naked in an abandon pirate ship with a nude thirteen-year-old, I would have called them crazy…”- Maddie thought as she turned over to Tommy who no longer bothered in covering his erection, “And yet here I am.”


The stairs creaked loudly as they walked up fearing that the old wood would give way and break putting them in a precarious situation yet Maddie’s main concern wasn’t the danger in being inside a two-hundred-year-old ship.


Maddie sigh as she felt Tommy’s warm breath around her round butt while shining his light to better see her holes. She didn’t feel like giving him another blow job to calm his urges, the last thing she wanted was to become into his cum bucket during their expedition.


The boy was having trouble keeping his eyes off her body and his dick, but seeing him hard all over again made her consider showing him how a woman felt though shoved that idea out of her head, but it wasn’t based on any sort of moral ground or social decency.


It was because of his size; the boy was still without a doubt growing but seeing how lacking he was in the penis department meant that he would be humping her for a few minutes without her feeling anything at all.


Maddie looked around completely mesmerized by the ships’ interior which was mostly intact save for a few bullet holes on the side, there were several large cannons ready to fire at any incoming enemy next to their cannonballs though there were many empty gunpowder barrels placed next to them.


Dozens of Muskets and cutlasses laid on the floor filling Maddie with childlike glee as took photo after photo to fully documented her findings and write down everything in a small notebook, it was that Maddie pokes half her body outside the gun port to take a picture of the lake.


Tommy couldn’t help but give up on her tight holes desperate to penetrate her yet managed by near impossible means to peel his eyes away from the woman, just in time for that matter as she pulled back and continued exploring.


Her amazement was beyond anything else upon flashlight shining brightly over several skeletons scattered further into the deck, namely around the stairs. Maddie then bends down so she could examine yet another corpse near one of the cannons.


Most dressed in rags which was more or less the fashion among pirates, there were some bodies with long red and blue coats which caught Maddie's attention but would leave such questions for later on.


The woman let out a sigh upon feeling Tommy’s warm breath near her butt, yet she had to admit that the boy was doing a huge effort in keeping himself under control. How many men would just wait around for her “yes?”


They were walking around naked and she had to give him a blow job which basically meant that she was willing to sleep with him. Maddie pulled herself back inside the ship and quickly noticed Tommy was having an erection.


Maddie glared at the boy as he tried to hide his small erection with his hands, yet figured that she was being too cruel with him by parading naked and not letting do anything. Tommy was young and only moments ago discovered the true pleasures of the flesh.


“Could you… please…”- Tommy meekly spoke.


“Fine!”- Maddie broke the awkward silence.


“Really?”- Tommy was suddenly filled with joy as he closed his eyes while imaging Maddie sucking him off again.


Nothing happened which made the boy open his eyes again and discovered Maddie wasn’t on her knees ready to suck him off. Tommy moves his head around until he spotted the woman shaking a blanket she saw and which she laid down.


“Just this once…”- Maddie’s voice echoed within the middle gundeck. “Use this hole and only this hole.”- the woman continued as she spread her ass cheeks showing her tight anus.


The woman didn’t expect to have sex at all and so didn’t bother in bringing condoms, even though Tommy was young, she was sure that his semen could get her pregnant, it was due to this fear that she told him to do her in the ass.


Tommy eagerly rushed over to Maddie who just got on her hands and knees, the boy nearly ejaculated upon pressing his penis on Maddie’s tight asshole which made her giggle. Yet his precum help lubes her hole up.


Even on her knees, the boy had to tiptoe so he could get in position. It wasn’t the first time, Maddie had anal sex but it was the first time she was going to do it with a thirteen-year-old boy and wonder how a kid dick would feel.


“It’s so tight!”- Tommy moaned as he slides inside of her.


“Just shove it in, baby.”- Maddie casually said. “I gotta be crazy for doing all this.” Maddie thought to herself.


There was some pressure on her anus as the boy started to shove her dick inside of her, Maddie made sure to let out a long and lustful moan for Tommy despite not being impressed by his small size yet she could feel some pleasure.


The woman pulled out her notebook and continued cataloging all she could see from her current position while Tommy concentrated on his thrusting. The boy moaned like a little girl while striking his hips onto Maddie’s ass.


“This is incredible!”- the boy spoke.


“Ah, yeah… you’re awesome.”- Maddie said with a monotonous and clearly bored voice. “Just like that… that’s the way I like it…”- the woman continued.


It was then that she felt him cumming inside of her just as she feared, though, in hindsight, Maddie didn’t tell him to pull out. She was sure the boy wouldn’t have the strength or willpower to pull out once he ejaculated. Tommy was whizzing on the floor as he had done all the “work.”




Maddie had to make promise never to tell anyone about this moment once she noticed his “I’ll tell all my friends about it” face. The woman didn’t mind having cum tucked inside her asshole as she took photographs of the cannons and ship interior.


Hot cum was dripping down from Maddie’s anus as she walked up the stairs to the lower deck, Tommy couldn’t peel off his eyes off that wonderful hole that he had been enjoying just a few moments ago.


“I’ve been wondering.”- Maddie said as she walked up the stairs to the main deck. “Where are all the bodies.”


The whole ship was filled with holes of both muskets and cannons which made it fairly obvious there were at least casualties and yet there wasn’t a single skeleton to be found anywhere. It was possible that the pirates had won the battle and buried their deaths.


The following two hours of exploration and cataloging were especially difficult for Tommy who had a rather hard time walking around due to his wobbly legs, never before had he felt so tired nor felt his penis aching so much, and yet it was so satisfying.


The view from the main deck was more than impressive, a large mast in the middle with the pirate flag hanging on the top, more cannons and cannonballs spread out but more important where the skeletal reminds of the crew.


Maddie’s eyes opened in glee as she saw dozens of skeletons laying on the floor or over the cannons, their flesh long gone. It was the discovery of the century according to Maddie who was no longer regretting having sex with the boy.


Thanks to him, she had found an authentic pirate ship. Maddie wondered where and how she would have to rewrite the town’s history books as there were no accounts of ever being pirates in Amity Park despite being a port city since the 18th century.   


There were only rumors about piracy spoke by local fishermen ever since the eighteen hundred but so far, there was no real evidence whatsoever let it be written or physical. Yet Maddie was inside an actual pirate which confirmed their existence.


The woman felt like a little girl all over again as her feet touched the upper deck, the cannons were much smaller but numerous. It was clearly much larger and more imposing than the HSH Victoria which was considered to be the largest ship of the era.


“Look over there!”- Tommy yelled out.


It was then that Maddie laid her eyes over the captain’s quarters with amazement and wondered what kind of treasures she would find within. The whole ship was a treasure in itself with all its historical value.


Finding out the name of the ship and more importantly; its owner. That alone would put Maddie’s name in the local tabloid, she would earn the praise of her peers at the academy and at the historical society of Amity Park.


Upon coming closer to the captain’s quarters, Maddie noticed almost eight skeletons in military-looking clothes which made her gulped down in excitement. Whatever violent event that took place at the ship had its climax at the captain’s room.


“There many gunshots here. This place must have been some sort of last standing for these pirates.”- the woman commented as she touched the broken wood. “I wonder if they were trying to capture the captain alive.


The door eerily creaked as Maddie slide it open being careful of not damaging it more than it already was. The cabin was vast with splendid decorations all around befitting of the era the ship was built, even a small wooden planet on the corner could be seen and which was spared from the musket fire.


Pressed against the far end was a large desk and upon closer inspection, a small skeleton dressed in a grey coat, long black boots that had seen better years, and finally, a large hat similar to what the officers of the era wore.


“I’m no expert but isn’t that a kid”- Tommy commented.


“Yeah, that makes no sense.”- Maddie continued trying to figure why would there be a child’s corpse on the captain’s chair.


It wasn’t strange or unheard that children would be on board pirate ships, some saw their entire lives in one. Yet there was no account of there ever being a child captain therefore, Maddie assumed it was just one of the youngest pirates who took refuge at the cabin.




“Who dares board my ship”- A ghoulish voice said sending shivers up Maddie’s and Tommy’s spine.


The two turned around trying to find where the person speaking to them was, Maddie wondered if there was perhaps some bum living in the ship, surely after two hundred years someone would have stumbled across the ship.


It was then that an eerie green glow overtook the bones and from them came out a spectral green mist. Tommy nearly passed out while Maddie searched for her ecto handgun which she had left back at the camp.


Soon the mist took form before Maddie and Tommy who looked in amazement as the ship’s captain landed on the large almost rotten wooden desk. An imposing and large cutlass hanged by his side and within his belt was a pistol.


What shock Maddie the most was not his strangely green skin or the diabolical aura around him, not even his short green-like hair caught her attention. It was his size which is slightly smaller than Tommy.


It was a boy no older than ten years old at most, or at least that was his age before dying during the raid. There were no other bodies around which made Maddie think that the boy had been the last survivor until his wounds claimed his life.


“I said who… woah! Holy moly, why are you two naked!”- the ghost asked now in a clear childish voice.


His sudden change in demeanor going from terrifying to childish was something neither Maddie nor Tommy was expecting, the creature was covering his eyes and acting like almost all the kids Maddie came across at the beach when she wore a skimpy bikini.


“Sorry about this, we didn’t bring any swimsuits and we didn’t expect to meet anyone here.” -Maddie said trying to disturbed the ghosts. “My name is Madeline but you can call me Maddie”- the woman added while presenting her assistant.


The ghost was blushing and darting his eyes all over the place as if he had never seen a woman before, it was something that Maddie instantly caught on to and wondered if she could use it to her advantage if need be.


“I am Captain Jacob Youngblood Youthitz”- the ghost suddenly spoke not looking over to Maddie.


There were no records by Maddie’s account of there ever being a Captain Youngblood in any history books, though she would have to ask her husband who was an authority in maritime history for clearance, it stood to reason that no respectable pirate would obey and follow a child into the sea.


Despite standing in front of a real ghost there was no fear lingering within Maddie and much less felt intimidated by the petite ghost. Rather than that she was intrigued by whatever history dwells within both the ship and the boy.


“Very pleased to meet you, Captain Jacob Youngblood. As much as we would like to stay for longer, we would hate to overstay our welcome considering we came in uninvited.”- Maddie said appealing to his self-imposed rank.


The woman couldn’t confirm or deny the boy’s rank but it was in their best interest to stay on his good graces and avoid any complications that might lead to either Tommy or herself being possessed or cursed.


Maddie and her “secretary” both turned around and wiggling their bubble butts towards the door, Youngblood had never seen a naked woman before and had no idea when he would see one ever again if there was a second chance.


“Stop! I cannot let you marched away, You! Maddie will serve under my command from here onwards!”- the boy spoke making Maddie turned over.


This is what she had feared, being naked meant that she could only try to use some sort of magical chant to scare off the ghost, at least, long enough for her and Tommy to reach their camp and her anti-ghost weapons.


“Surely, a great captain such as yourself wouldn’t want two land lovers like us.”- Maddie spoke while trying to recall any incantation that might help.


“You will serve me and my ship… naked… yeah… and then… we… will…”- Youngblood voice became into a whisper. “…kiss.” He continued almost in a murmur.


The ghost was far more innocent than what she had initially expected, even Tommy with just thirteen years of age wanted more than just a kiss and had done much more than just kiss. It was then that an idea came upon Maddie.


She was sure the ghost had never seen a woman before and so walked closer to him with a seductive look on her eyes that made Youngblood shake on the spot, he tried to avoid her lascivious gaze but the woman gently pulled him down.


The boy glided down until his feet touched the floor, his head was just under her massive breasts which made him gulped down. For a moment could have sworn to feel his heart skipped a beat despite it not beating for more than two hundred years.


“If you let us go, I’ll show something that feels much better than just kissing.”- Maddie offered.


Youngblood was blushing hard as his small and cold fingers touched Maddie’s large warm and round butt, never before alive or dead had Youngblood felt something so soft and tender, he didn’t want to let go.


“What better than this?”- the captain asked sheepishly.


“Let me show”- Maddie continued whispering to his ear.




Tommy stood quietly as Maddie undressed the captain and headed down to his bedroom, just beyond the desk. Her large butt wiggled soon disappeared into the door once the door closed shut leaving the boy outside.


There was no way in hell, Tommy wasn’t going to have a look. The wall was already filled with holes most likely from the gunfire during the battle that brought an end to the pirate captain and his crew.


Maddie kneeled down as she gazed upon the small penis before her, it didn’t have a putrid scent as she expected, rather, it smelled like a normal human cock. Small in size and thin but the woman didn’t expect him to be hung like a horse from the start.


“Let me teach what a blow job is all about.”- Maddie smirked as she licked the penis.


A delightful jolt ran up Youngblood’s back once Maddie gave him the first lick, the way she played with his dick using her only tongue was like nothing that he ever felt before. A strange sensation soon embraces his balls.


“I think I’m gonna pee!”- Youngblood suddenly said.


Maddie pulled him out of her mouth and faster than lightspeed took hold of a nearby jar which she used to catch all of his spectral semen. It was after all very important research material and couldn’t be wasted.


The woman smirked as she notices how her ghostly lover was still hard despite having filled half the jar with his cum, Maddie slowly stood up as Youngblood looked at her with a surprised expression as he had never felt any remotely similar.


“That’s not pee, that’s love juice but now for the main event.”- Maddie continued


Youngblood looked somewhat scared as Maddie’s meat cave was touching his fleshy cutlass. A warm and humid feeling overwhelmed his boyish cock, it was tenfold better than when Maddie put his dick inside her mouth.


It was as if all the fold inside of her knew exactly what they had to do. Youngblood could feel how his foreskin was being peeled back, the pleasure was unlike anything felt before, one thing Maddie love was a cock throbbing inside of her.


There was nothing in the world that could outperformed a real hard cock in Maddie’s humble opinion. Youngblood was lacking both size and technique but she still managed to feel him inside of her which made up for his small size.


The boy was cold to the touch but by no means icy, he was more like a refreshing evening during a hot summer day or a cold drink. Maddie was more accustomed to sliding up and down on much longer dicks than Youngblood.


She had to admit there was a certain allure in seeing the ghost kid squirming and moaning like a little girl, the cute way in which he closed his eyes or tried to reached her large breasts was equally adorable had it not been for his greenish skin.


“It’s incredible!”- Youngblood proclaimed with a ghoulish voice.


“You like that?”- Maddie asked.


The woman wanted his first time to last as she felt sorry for him, the boy had most likely died before ever losing his virginity, and probably was one of the reasons his soul was still trapped inside the ship.


It was then that she felt another penis touching her backdoor, Tommy couldn’t wait outside any longer both figuratively and physically. Maddie sigh as she gave Tommy an approving nod for him to penetrate her.


The woman had underestimated the kid’s stamina as most of her lovers couldn’t do it once a day at best. She let out a long and lustful moan as Tommy penetrated her rear while she worked on Youngblood’s crotch.


Threesome and double penetrations were nothing new for Maddie though she couldn’t actually feel either of the boys beyond a few inches which was a huge letdown. Tommy continued thrusting his hips hard trying to match with Maddie’s hip movement.


Both boys were moaning loudly which Maddie found most adorable, they were trying their very best to make her feel good and to last as long as possible but Maddie had spent long enough at the ship and needed to report her findings.


“Virgin cunt no Jutsu”- Maddie said trying to make at least Tommy laugh but he was much too entertain with her anus to listen.


Despite not getting the desire reaction, Maddie truly had a secret technique that made her famous back during her college years and in all of the nightclubs. The woman could control and tighten her pussy and anus at free will making it seems as if she were a virgin all over again.


Her two boys clenched their teeth at the sudden change in tightness, Tommy felt as if his penis was about to be chopped off, nevertheless, refuse to pull out. Captain Youngblood considered for a moment, becoming invisible to alleviated the grip around his manhood.  


Neither of the kids could on for too long and begun firing their load inside of Maddie who held a proud smirk. Men or kid, it didn’t matter once she sprung her technique into action, they all cum in a few seconds.


“Tommy let's get out of here before he recovers”- Maddie ordered.


The woman was forced to put Tommy over her shoulders as his legs were starting to wobble and could hardly hold his own weight, Maddie didn’t want to spend the rest of her natural life and maybe even the rest of her afterlife serving a small dick ghost.




Maddie was initially met with skepticism once she returned to the university the following day, her peers took her claims of a pirate ship and an underground lake with sneers as no such lake had ever been registered or found despite the forest being well-traveled by hikers.


It was upon showing photographic evidence which avoided showing herself and Tommy due to them being naked that the historical society of Amity Park University went into an uproar, an entire expedition had been immediately commission by the school.


The first since the institution was founded, naturally, Maddie Fenton was chosen to lead said expedition though some of her colleagues found it strange that she not only brought anti-ghost weapons and even some trapping devices despite there not being a ghost sighting in Amity for decades.


“You can never be too cautious.”- Maddie offered as her only explanation.


She couldn’t simply tell them there was a ghost lurking in the ship, there was the ever-present fear of Captain Youngblood telling people what she and Tommy did to escape but it was most likely that he’d be capture and study like many of kind.


“AS you can see folks, professor Madeline Fenton from Amity Park University has discovered not only an underground lake but also a real pirate ship.”- local news reporter Harriet Chin said while his cameraman filmed the massive ship.


Half of Amity Park was already outside waiting to get a glimpse of the newly found grotto, most dressed in pirate costumes waiting to be let into a real pirate ship despite being constantly told by the authorities that tourism would take several months before taking place.


The cameras filmed and live broadcast the extraction of several dozens of corpses out of the water which made Maddie feel most uneasily as she and her assistant swam across. There were pirates and military men of unknown origin as their uniforms didn’t match with any known army of the time.


Most intriguing was how a three hundred meters long by hundred and twenty meters tall with a nearly fifty meters wide managed to enter into the cave that had an entrance no larger than thirty meters.


“Ok, everyone smile, please.”- Tommy said as he ready a camera for the commemorative picture.


It was later that night that Maddie receives a most unusual call from one of her closest colleagues saying there was a strange shade on the picture. The man could swear it was that of a boy looking out from the captain’s quarters, most bizarre was that the kid was dressed in a pirate costume


The end.

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