Sluts of Amity Park

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Sluts of Amity Park


A ghostly Fantasy

Requested by Lunar Silver


Thich heavy black clouds formed over the city of Amity Park one late night, despite being hardly past eleven there was almost no people roaming nor traffic within the streets which were already in the dark along with several shops that had their steel curtains ran down showing their close signs in the display.


Of course, the main avenues were the exception as they still buzzing with life as dozens among dozens of people continued their nightly routine heading to the many bars, nightclubs, and other nocturnal establishments.


A heavy raindrop fell upon a pink sedan trapped in traffic, Jazz Fenton always took this same route and never before had any sort of trouble but insight should have considered checking the traffic report like she always does.


It was upon seeing a way out that Jazz pressed into the side streets which she hardly knew but considered a better option than waiting for the construction crew up head to finish unloading their cargo.


In a way, it made perfect sense for the city workers to labor during the night as that would avoid causing further traffic, but for Jazz who just got out from the city, library meant waiting for ungodly scores of minutes.


The redhead frown upon driving into Nathan Avenue which “decent folk” avoid like the plague, her celestial blue eyes laid over several women in skimpy clothes parading on the sidewalk offering their bodies and services for a modest price.


The local population had come to call Nathan Avenue by the nickname of “Hooker Lane” due to a large number of women and even some men offering nightly services, despite the efforts of the local religious groups, the street was packed.


Amity Park was one of the very few states in the country that allowed and openly promoted prostitution, though Jazz couldn’t understand why, there were strong rumors of the city going bankrupt but as far as everyone knew, that wasn’t the case.


Jazz scoffed at the idea of ever standing in a street corner offering her backside, though by looking briefly into the windows of random brothels had to admit there was a certain touch of elegance as she expected filthy places.


Most whorehouses could even be confused with a somewhat decent café or even a small restaurant given the bright neon signs but often scared of potential customers due to it looking overly expensive, but it was amusing to imagine the sheer amount of unwary people walking in.


Despite brothels being far more alluring and safer than picking up random girls from the sidewalk, the common streetwalker was still the most popular followed by the No-tell motels which Jazz had used previously.


Jazz slammed her breaks with mighty forced making her car skid for a moment with the threat of crashing into parked cars, only a handful of people noticed her action before turning back to their own affairs.


Her blue eyes laid with shock over a young figure as she descended from her car, mouth ajar and fist clench. Jazz angrily marched her way towards the figure standing several meters further ahead.


Leaning over a car’s passenger window was a young black-haired girl, wearing red khakis, a blue sweater with blue sneakers, and a red beanie giving her somewhat tomboyish allure which was clearly not hooker lane fashion.


“What the hell are you doing?!”- Jazz demanded as she yanked the much smaller girl by the arm.


The girl looked very surprised to see the taller teen pulling her away from her potential John who was equally dumbfounded. With so much as a warning was tossed inside the car only for the door to be slammed a second later.


“The fuck’s your problem bitch?!”- The John walked out from his car brandishing a Swiss blade upon seeing that it was a woman, a teen who took the girl.


“Get in your car and fuck off”- Jazz demanded with venom in her voice as she pulled a Taser which resembled a real gun in the dark.


The man’s bravado suddenly left his body upon laying eyes over what he considered to be a handgun, he wasn’t about to lay his life down for a mere hooker, therefore, turned around still cursing at Jazz who quickly got inside her car.


Jazz didn’t wait for her companion to buckled up as she drove down the street cutting off another car on her way out, the two remained in silence for nearly a whole minute before parking next to an empty basketball court.


Their eyes set on each other making the already smaller girl shrink even more upon being unable to hold Jazz’s angry gaze. The redhead knew better than to start a quarrel with her half-sister Danielle Master.


Jazz ordered the girl to remained in the car while she fetched them a couple of hotdogs from a nearby stand, she just couldn’t think without some food in her belly. Before climbing off the car, the redhead gave her sister a very stern warning not to leave.


After ordering her dinner, Jazz turns around to make sure Danielle was still inside the car, there was no way for the kid to simply leave, at least not with the risk of rain and being ratted out to her father.


The girl was nothing more than a mystery involved within an enigma to put things rather lightly and in simple terms. Danielle and her father Vlad Master who was once a longtime friend of the Fenton family suddenly arrive at their door.


To this day none of the Fenton’s understand why Vlad suddenly stood at their door almost a year ago claiming Danielle to be his and Maddie Fenton’s daughter, at the start everyone took it as nothing more than a joke but upon seeing the maternity test, the joke was no longer funny.


This proclamation naturally caused an uproar within the Fenton household, especially considering the uncanny resemblance between their son Daniel and his alleged sister Danielle as the two were almost like two drops of water.


Both were nearly identical, sharing the same face, eye color, and even expressions along with the same mannerisms which made them basically twins save for the girl being smaller in height and at least two years younger than her alleged brother.


Horrible and cruel accusations were thrown towards Maddie who defended herself with mastery. It was true that the woman had slept with other men before marrying Jack but ever since had always been faithful.


DNA results further validated the girl’s familiarity with the Fenton and above all to Maddie who appeared as the mother with a ninety-nine percent chance which made her the legitimate procreator, but the father remained unknown.


It took some time for Jack and his wife to understand the situation but one thing was for sure, Maddie couldn’t have cheated on her husband and much less be able to hide a pregnancy for nine whole months.


More important was why Vlad would keep the secret for almost eleven years only to just bring it up out of the blue and without prior warning. It made no sense at all, if the girl was truly Maddie’s and Vlad then why keep her a secret for so long. 


Loud thunder rattled the car’s windows as the little girl looked over at her older sister who was busy buying dinner for them, the idea of running did dance around her head but didn’t want to stir more bad blood with her family.


Her small hands squeezed her abnormally large breasts as a sudden raindrop crashed on the windshield catching her attention as a sudden rain began to besiege the city which remained her of a particularly scary night just a week ago which brought her to working the streets.




A dreadful downpour fell upon the city turning the streets into literal rivers, windows shake violently, not a soul dared venture out into the cold rains no matter the reason and remained comfortable in their warm and dry homes.


Families rallied in their living rooms watching television soon after dinner, kids played in their rooms wearing their pajamas. The thunderbolts didn’t scare any though there was the ever-present fear of a blackout.


Yet, one particular boy froze on his seat with his computer playing a hip-hop music video behind him, his unmoving figure was not due to the thunderbolt which could be seen just outside his bedroom window nor the powerful downpour floating the streets.


It was due to the girl sitting on his bed looking at him with a puzzled look in her eyes as she gleefully saw a piece of fried shrimp falling down from the boy’s mouth into the bowl containing fried rice and green vegetables.


Danny looked at the girl with jet black hair and peachy skin sitting over his bed eating Chinese food. His eyes set upon her large breasts which reach the absurd size J-cup hanging from her chest which she was very proud of despite its weight.


The girl then stood up leaving her bowl on the bed as she made her way to the desk to fetch another soda though allowing Danny to see her wide hips, a round bubble butt, and well-tone legs that gave the final touch to a most erotic body.


This, of course, was by no means a natural occurrence, unlike what everyone at Fenton’s Works thought with the exception of Danny was that his sister Danielle wasn’t normal by any means or form. The girl was a clone made by Vlad Master in an attempt to win Maddie over.


What lead Vlad to believe Maddie would abandon her husband and family just because she supposedly had a daughter with another man was beyond anyone’s comprehension. There was no way for him to prove Danielle was Maddie’s daughter despite the paperwork.


Danny and Vlad had always been at odd ends due to them being the only two Halfas in the world, on the other side, Vlad used his ghostly magic for his own benefit while Danny often used it to protect other from evil ghost and disasters.


But every so often joined hands together for the greater good which in a way made them into “frenemies.” They couldn’t stand each other’s presence despite Vlad often trying to convince him to become his son and heir.


Finding out that Vlad actually had the nerve to clone him was the straw that broke the camel's back, but seeing the man get overly defensive over her made the boy’s heart soften. Danny knew just how much Vlad loved his mother.


Of course, Danny couldn’t even begin to understand why Vlad designed her to have large breasts and an overly erotic body. The idea that perhaps Vlad wanted to use her as a replacement for Maddie crossed his mind yet that didn’t seem to be the case.


Danny's eyes rested over the girl who was now nearly done with her meal, the boy couldn’t help but wonder why Vlad used him as a base to clone Danielle if he wanted a lover perhaps, he got tired of trying to convince him to be his son.


Danielle possessed all of Danny’s abilities and magic to a surprising degree, she could fly and become intangible along with being invisible, more notable was her ability to fire ecto-plasma from her hands making her into a near-perfect clone.


“Could you run that by me again, Dani?”- the boy asked incredulously.


“As I said, Danny, I want you to help me live out my fantasies!”- The girl replied, “I spend too long doing what daddy tells me to! Brush your teeth, dress like a proper girl… I want to do what I want.”- Dani continued.


“But being a cumdump at my school is just crazy”- Danny spoke louder than expected. “I mean you’re what? Eleven?”- the boy questioned.


Danny couldn’t believe what his clone wanted, out of all things she wanted to be publicly used as a sex toy in his school’s bathroom, a cumdump as she called it. The boy couldn’t understand what kind of allure was there in being used as a toilet.


In a way, Danny could understand her desires to have multiple partners as he too wanted to sleep with a hundred girls starting with the school’s sweetheart Paulina and his own best friend Samantha, both growing into fine girls.


The one thing they surely shared above all else was without a doubt, lust. Both had bizarre fantasies such as walking around town naked in their invisible forms wanting to appear in front of people both scaring them and shocking but never acting upon it.


Just like the girl, Danny was proud of his body which he gained through fighting ghosts and other abominations, he was most proud of his six-pack abdomen that was the envy of every boy at school especially during showers, then came a curvy line that gave him a somewhat feminine figure along with a bubble butt that earned him some teasing.


“Biologically speaking I’m already twelve but chronologically, I should be around one year.”- Dani retorted.


The idea of random boys having their way with her was more than exhilarating for Danielle whose cunt became wet just by thinking about it. Having one nameless boy after another was a fantasy that she held since her so-called birth.


The girl had a very powerful libido, often acting upon her basic instincts. Far too many times had Danielle masturbated in public such as cafes, restaurants even at the park’s fountain surrounded by kids her age though in her invisible form wondering if anyone would take her there and then upon discovering her.


To lose her virginity in public was a dream that only her “brother” as she likes to think Danny as, could grant. Danielle knew very little of the world but considered Danny could be able to give her such pleasure.


He had been able to defeat her creator, Vlad Masters many times in fair combat, the man couldn’t hold his ground in a fair fight against Danny despite his claims of having more powers, strength, and over twenty years of experience which meant very little.


Danielle is a tomboy who valued physical prowess over intellect, someone who never back down on something that she wanted. A trait that Danny himself had and knew his counterpart to have as well, deep down he was also rather excited to make Dani’s fantasy a reality.


“Fine! I’ll help you.”- Danny said firmly as his face turns red.




Saturday night came fairly quick as Danielle stood shivering in both excitement and fear as she looks into the double door leading to a mostly abandoned section of Casper high, it was often used by couples who wanted some privacy and couldn’t afford a motel.  


Both hearts of Danny and his female counterpart Danielle were racing madly as they sneak into the building using the cover of the night, flying straight to the boy’s bathroom on the upper floor using their invisibility magic.


The girl looked around with curiosity at the old and abandon bathroom taking special notice of urinals place against the walls, she was expecting a filthy bathroom with shit-filled toilets and disgusting smells such as urine and shit.


But, on the contrary, found herself inside a very clean bathroom that almost seemed new, the floors were mopped, the toilets almost shine and a soft scent of lavender embrace her nose. She was sure her “Brother” had clean the place up for her to make her experience much better.


“Ok, I talked with some guys and they agree to fuck you. They’re just outside.”- Danny whispered making Dani gulped down. “


Dani was most surprised to see Daniel so willing to help her fulfilled her fantasy, going so far as to clean an abandoned bathroom just for her and to call all of his friends which made her wonder what kind of tale he must have told. Soon she was to become a cumdump.


The girl was starting to have second thoughts about it but didn’t dare voice her opinion as it was more than obvious the amount of effort Danny put in for her. It was then that Danny handed her a few most bizarre articles that made the clone open her eyes in shock.


Before her was an O-ring gag that she had seen in several adult movies meant for hardcore fellatios and often used during bondage games which she wasn’t fully into yet being a cumdump was technically bondage, a whole set of leather binds and a leather blindfold completed the suit.


With shivering hands, Dani started to remove her clothes, it felt so strange as she had done so many times in public and yet couldn’t help but feel nervous and embarrass for undressing in front of someone else.


Her shirt rolled up on the counter by the sink along with her jeans and sneakers which Danny hid to avoid anyone from taking a souvenir leaving the girl in her very simple underwear that had some holes and made Dani feel most ashamed.


Danny gulped down upon seeing his female version pulling down her panties and tossing them over to the counter before being guided by a blushing Danny to the last stall in the bathroom where she was to be tied down.  


The girl’s face became beet red upon sitting naked on the open toilet, more so upon Danny holding her ankles and tying them to the bathroom stall with the leather binds that felt oddly soft and comfortable, her hands were strapped around behind her head preventing any further movement.


Danielle’s heart was beating harder by the second as she felt her cunt beginning to wet, it was begging to be fucked despite never having sex before. Vlad never took that sort of interest in her despite having such an erotic body.


“Let’s do this, man.”- Dani proclaimed, though blushed ever more upon hearing a drop hitting the water.


I’ll go talk with the guys.”- the boy replied as he put the gag and the blindfold on the young girl.


Upon hearing Danny walking away let the fear of people at school recognizing her though was sure that no one within Casper high would ever link them together. As far as everyone knew only Jazz was his only sibling.


Danielle felt sheer excitement piling up upon hearing Danny closing the bathroom stall and walking away, the sound of the creaking bathroom door opening allowed her to know that the boy had left and it was only a matter of time before the first boys arrived.


The sound of her love juice dripping down into the toilet made her heart skipped a beat as she swore it echoed within the entire bathroom. Dani was sure her cunt was opening and closing on its free will.


“Shit! She for real?”- A deep voice said making Dani squirmed.


It was then that she felt a hot piece of meat shoving into her mouth through the O-ring making her gag for a moment, a wet and slimy tongue suddenly slides up and down her vagina sending shivers up her spine.


Dani wondered if she was going to be double penetrated though given her position made it impossible, her boys would have to take turns using one or the other hole but were, nonetheless, very eager to start already.


“Here I go?”- said a different voice.


The girl began panting despite having a dick inside her mouth cutting off most air to her lungs, had it not been for the O-ring in her mouth she would have bitten the boy’s penis clean off upon feeling the hard cock sliding inside of her.


Her toes and fist clenched as she felt her hymen being ripped sending both jolts of pain and pleasure oddly combine together all around her body, Dani had to fight against the urge to cast her magic and vanished.


“Holy shit! This feels so good!”- Dani thought to herself.


Her pain endurance was inhumanely high compare to her female counterparts, pleasure quickly overwhelmed her body making her tight cunt even tighter to the point of making her lover yelped out in pain.


Danielle wanted to moan but her mouth being stuff by the unknown boy meant that nothing more than unintelligible sounds gurgled out from her open lips. She could feel the boy touching the back of her throat, thankfully had no gag reflex.


Ironically, the girl had seen countless dicks in porn movies but had yet to see the real thing with her own two eyes despite having one shoved down her throat making her randomly gag though had to admit the flavor was quickly growing on her.


“I can hold it anymore.”- one of the boys spoke.


Both boys begun firing their load inside the small girl who shivered in delight as a jolt of ecstasy ran through her entire body. Danielle’s mouth remained open due to the O-ring showing the cum filled interior which slowly drained down her throat.


A sudden pressure could be felt pricking Dani’s anus which woke her up from post-sex trance making her wiggled on her spot yet didn’t use her magic to phased through her binds, she was ready for more.


Slowly and gently was how the third boy began penetrating her backdoor, she could feel him pushing her stomach which in turn made her start panting. It took all of her willpower not to break the O-ring or phased away.


Danielle’s anus clasped unto the boy who moaned in an almost feminine manner but gave him no mind as she was much more interested in her mating. The boy lasted far lesser than her previous two but left her butt filled with baby-making milk.


“This is a lot more intense than I thought!”- the girl mentally screamed.


It was then that she felt three sets of hands shoving her ass up higher making her heartbeats increased with sheer excitement. Dani wanted to yell out loud in pleasure upon feeling two dicks sliding inside of her while a third one plugged her mouth.


The sloppy sounds of her buttocks striking with the boys’ flesh made things tenfold intense, yet it lasted far lesser than the previous three. The girl was more than sure there was less cum in this round which was most strange.


Without so much as a warning, the seventh boy mounted but could only last two humps before cumming. His movements were clumsier and slower in comparison to the other six kids that had their way with her.


The girl couldn’t help but wonder if her “brother” had called his friends over to have their way with her, there was no other explanation as she could figure out how Danny would be able to gather nearly ten boys just for this.


It was fair to assumed there weren’t ten boys having their way with her but only three at most given their increasingly lacking performance, it wasn’t what Dani and her brother agreed upon but admittedly was a difficult task, to begin with.


Dani was more than to be able to count with one hand the number of boys willing to organize an orgy for their younger sisters, she was bothered to imagine her brother waiting in the hall in complete silence while his friend’s party.


“Better thank him later.”- Dani thought.


“Last round guys”- a raspy voice said which Dani almost recognized.


The girl clenched her toes as she could only dangle her feet in the air while the three boys pumped her holes without mercy, there was no rhythm or synchrony in their moves yet engulfed her entire body with pleasure.


All that was left was the whizzing of her lovers as she phased though her binds and landed on the floor, the girl quickly noticed there were numbers written over her body with markers though only reaching up to ten and the dozens she wanted.


“You’re an asshole, big bro.”- Dani exclaimed.




The sudden slamming of the car’s door broke Dani out of her memory lane and noticed it started to rain rather hard, her eyes shifted from the basketball court towards her older sister who held two large hotdogs.


“Eat up…”- Jazz suddenly spoke colder than what intended.


“Thanks, sis.”- the girl replied taking one of the hotdogs.


It had been little less than a year since Jazz and her family discovered Danielle’s existence but even after so long, it was hard to fully accept her as a family member much less as a sister, or half-sister especially considering the little time spend together.


The brief interactions the Fenton family had with Danielle were during scheduled meetings though in the company of Vlad and his lawyers who demanded Maddie assume maternity over the child which was most difficult.


There were no records in any hospital of Maddie ever giving birth to the girl and much less proof of ever being pregnant with her, to begin with. All the maternity tests came back positive, bringing such a bizarre situation.


The redhead then turns over to Dani wondering why she was turning tricks over on hooker’s lane if her father is a multi-billionaire, owner of many companies and laboratories around the world, clearly didn’t require money.


If word ever got out that Vlad’s only twelve-year-old daughter was selling her backside at some backwoods city would be the scandal of the century, it was already a miracle that the media hadn’t gotten wind of the legal battle that was taking place between Vlad and the Fenton.


Jazz hardly knew anything about Vlad but was sure there was no way he would kick his only daughter out to the curb, the girl had been bred since cradle by him and had been living together for twelve years.


The redhead couldn’t picture any sort of scenario that would have the girl ran out from the manor, on the contrary, as far as she knew Dani was already enrolled in a fancy female high school.


“Maybe she ran away.”- Jazz asked herself with a deep sigh, “So, why were you trying to pick up a John?”- the redhead asked.


Jazz never did like beating around the bushes when it came to things she wanted or better yet needed to know. There was no point in sugaring up the girl whom she hardly knows and chose to go straight for a direct question.


“You wouldn’t understand.”- Dani looked away while she munched on her hotdog.


Danielle was more than frustrated upon discovering that her dear “brother” didn’t call for ten boys to fuck her senseless as was promised, worst yet was that Danny had made no efforts in calling anyone over whatsoever.


The boy wanted to have Danielle all for himself, to be the one who popped her cherry rather than having her over to the first swinging dick that walked into the bathroom. Danny thought he could trick the girl using his Ghost clone technique.


Unlike Vlad who’s able to summon nearly a hundred clones at the same time with full control, Danny could only ever call upon a maximum of five with much effort. It greatly consumed his energy leaving it as a last resort option.


It didn’t that too long for Danielle to figure out the truth as Danny stop using his fake voice midway and of course, Dani could tell it was the same person after a short while. Her instincts were very keen after all.


Danielle didn’t want Danny to be the one fucking her senseless because according to her they were made exactly the same at a genetic level, in her opinion, it wasn’t sex in the least, but fancy masturbation due to them having the same genetic material.


No matter how it was turned around or had the facts twisted, the bottom line was clear as day, they weren’t brother and sister much less father and daughter which made no sense. In the end, Danielle was a clone and nothing more.


“Try me”- Jazz said catching the girl’s attention once more.


The black-haired girl sternly looked over at her older step-sister who was chowing down her meal while holding her gaze forcing the younger girl to look away. Dani wondered if she should come clean about everything.


There was no way in hell, she could ever tell anyone that she’s a clone nor that their brother is a human-ghost hybrid who protects the city from evil ghosts, much less speak of Vlad being the second hybrid who created her as a means to convince Maddie to marry him.


“I want to have sex… that’s all…”- the girl replied with a deep sigh.


Dani didn’t care for money or appearances, she simply wanted to have rough sex despite having no true experience in the matter, yet her first time was ruined by Danny who rather than fulling her fantasy as was agreed, chose to satisfied his personal needs.


Judging by Jazz’s bewildered expression, Danielle knew to expect an hour-long tirade about how she was too young to even be thinking about sex, and how wrong it was for her to be trying out prostitution just to know what sex felt like.


Yet noticed how Jazz’s shocked expression soon shifted into one of pure amusement. The redhead finished her extra-long hotdog in a single bite while leaning over to the much smaller girl who felt a little uncomfortable.


Dani pressed herself against the door as her older “sister” started to bombard her with very personal questions. Jazz wanted to know her little sister’s masturbation habits if she watches porn and what kind if she had a dildo and what size.


The barrage of questions took Danielle by surprise as she never expected Jazz to be so interested in her sex life, the girl blushed as she couldn’t think straight and replied truthfully to most of her older sister’s enquiries.


“Have you had sex already?!”- Jazz asked with a cartoonish grin.


“Matter of fact, yes...”- Dani replied knowing that it was technically a gangbang but with one boy who could replicate himself five times. “Unlike a certain someone, I did it with one boy.”- she added looking at Jazz with a shit-eating grin and wondering if doing it with replicas counted as a gangbang.


“One boy? That’s cute.”- the redhead teased while pulling her phone. “I’ll let you know that I had a threesome last week.”- the girl continued handing her the phone.


They had known each other for nearly a year and Danielle considered her older sister to be a nerd to all the extend of the word, always carrying a book and talking about overly complex themes at the dinner table whenever she was invited mainly due to her lawyer’s insistence.


And yet, there she was claiming to be a blowjob expert while pretending to hold a penis which she once again pretended to suck on, the greatest proof laid within the phone that contains a picture of Jazz holding her hand out as if trying to cover her face while being double penetrated by two colored men.




Danielle had a very hard time believing her older sister was a slut who slept with a different boy every weekend and was back home in time for dinner, reeking sex and condom lubricant from her entire body.


Yet Jazz’s erotic body did back up her claims, the large J-cup breasts, wide hips, and bubble made it more believable. It was hard to imagine any man refusing the redhead’s advances much less her flirting.  


The small girl found herself smiling as she too started asking about her sister sex life, there was the off chance the photo was fake and meant to impressed naïve girls such as herself but as the rain picks up and the hotdog seller called it a night, Dani wanted to know what Jazz did and with whom.


Truth be told, Jazz was by no means new to sex as had discovered masturbation from a time in which her age was still in the single digits, lost her virginity during her fourteen-birthday party to a boy a couple of years older.


Dani gulped down as Jazz told her how the kids from the party were running around the hallway and yelling in the living room while she was being pumped hard by a boy whom she had just met that day and whom she never saw again.


“He actually left me covered in cum over the bed.”- Jazz said with a smirk as she opens a soda can.


The experience was magical despite the boy doing basically whatever he wanted and leaving the redhead naked on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. Cum overflowing her mouth as it flows out of cunt.


About a month later started sucking off boys from her classroom in the school’s bathroom due to her developing a strong taste for semen, this soon became her new favorite after-class activity though was extremely discreet about it.


Upon turning fifteen started to have one-night stands every weekend, often with boys her age she met on the mall’s arcade but every so often slept with men who chatted her up and invited her for dinner, sometimes even leaving her some spending money which she was most happy about.


The girl was like a coin in a manner of speaking, on one side there was a very diligent and hardworking girl who was already on the honor roll, and despite being only sixteen was foreseeing a full scholarship for Amity Park University. On the other side laid a girl with a powerful and somewhat intimidating sexual drive.


“Did you ever bring guys back home?”- Dani excitedly asked feeling butterflies in her stomach.


Her young cunt started to get wet as Jazz told her about the only time she sneaks a boy into her bedroom, the two fucked like dogs over her creaking bed which was sure was echoing into the hallway, it was after reaching orgasms that she noticed a shadow underneath her door. The boy had to escape through the window but her parents could say anything in the morning.


“So, you’ve only done it with one guy?”- Jazz teased more than questioned.


“But I’ve done a lot more… “- Dani retorted yet shrink upon seeing Jazz’s smug face. “I’ve jerked off in public and even walked around naked.”- the girl added.


It was mostly true that the girl had a stroll around downtown buck naked and even fingered herself at the local cafés in front of several people though couldn’t say that it was in her invisible form, leaving only her sweet fragrance behind. 


“Really? That’s so amazing.”- Jazz remarked with sarcasm as she didn’t believe the girl.


The redhead obviously didn’t believe her twelve-year-old sister would be casually walking around town buck naked, much less masturbate in public without causing a huge scene, the family lawyer would have a field day with that information.  


Both girls looked at each other with defiant glares, before either know it they were running around the basketball court completely naked and soaked with rainwater yet felt completely immerse in the exciting emotion of being naked in a public area.


“This is incredible.”- Dani said stopping in the middle of the court.


“Tell you what, lil sis. I’ll help you become a cumdump.”- Jazz offered. “




The roaring engine of Jazz’s car broke the silence of Amity Park’s streets one cold night while the rhythmic lyrics of The Spice Girls the car’s interior, Dani couldn’t help but smile as her older sister was cheerfully singing along with her radio.


Dani felt butterflies flying within her stomach as she looked at the skies which threaten them with rain but gave them no mind though felt both arms tingling mainly in excitement for her upcoming night.


The girl didn’t hold any sort of grudge against her “brother” for tricking her and popping her cherry, Daniel did try his very best to make his little sister’s fantasy a wish come true using his magic to copy himself several times.


She was initially very angry and disappointed with Danny but it was through her comics and adult literature that Dani soon came to comprehend that her request was not only unreasonable but very cruel towards Danny.


There was surely not a single boy in their right mind who would willfully tie his younger sister to a toilet and allowed several boys to take turns fucking her senseless, out of all adult comics Dani could only find but one.


And yet wasn’t a happy story as the male lead was forced to watch his younger sister be gang raped after his family fell into extreme debt which Dani discovered to be a boner killer despite not having said organ between her legs.


Only then was that Dani fully understood why her “brother” was so hesitant to make her fantasy a reality. The girl tried to find at least some sexual partner but no decent man picked her up and some even though her silly flirtation to be cute.


Not even the degenerates from hooker lane dare tried to approach her, most likely out of fear of her being an undercover police officer trying to arrest pedos. After a few days, some of the prostitutes even offered her money.


They were under the assumption that Dani’s family was struggling for money or was forced to run away from an abusive home, little did they know was that she was simply a horny brat who wanted an easy fuck.


“Come on, lil sis. We’re here.”- Jazz said as she stopped her car.


“What is this place?”- Dani asked with her tomboyish attitude as she exits the car.


“A witch’s house”- Jazz replied with a wink and a smile.


It was then that the raven-haired girl felt the cold winds running up her legs and kissing her butt upon taking the first step out of the warm car, Dani looked with nothing short of sheer amazement as she lay eyes over the grand house.


Before the two girls stood an old tall two-story house with black wooden walls and a gothic-style rooftop that even held stone gargoyles in each corner giving it a menacing air. All that was missing were the lighting strikes.


A tall and imposing statue of a naked woman holding a vase rested in the middle of the front yard which called out to Danielle’s. The attention to detail was unremarkable, to say the least as it still looks dashing despite being worn out by the years and the weather. 


To the left of the house pressed against a brick fence that surrounded the property was a well-cared yet small garden filled with red roses, on the opposite side just under a tall scary walnut tree stood a metallic garden table with two chairs.


Dani couldn’t help but feel most strange for wearing one of her older sister’s favorite outfits, the girl for a moment wonder if she was wearing the sweater correctly as it was supposed to be open back yet the redhead insisted on her putting the opening in the front.


The small girl felt as she was being pranked by Jazz yet was explained the sweater to be called a “Virgin killer” and was supposed to have a large opening in the front showing off her breasts and part of the crotch.


Despite wearing a literal sweater, it did nothing to protect her from the cold winds that embraced her young body, there was no one around and yet felt completely exposed as it did nothing to prevent her string neon pink bikini from being seen.  


The girl adjusted a pair of purple silk gloves which were comfortable but felt foreign, Dani couldn’t help but wonder why Jazz would buy something so strange, it clearly left her breasts completely exposed, even her butt would be showing after just a few steps given its extremely small size and due to her large round butt.


The sound of Jazz’s car alarm being activated drew Dani’s attention away from the menacing-looking house and towards the only colorful thing around, her sister and her pink sedan that stood out like a sore thumb. 


Dani gazed upon her older sister feeling somewhat jealous of her adult-like body hardly covered by a purple miniskirt that reached half her plump butt, a piece of white cloth that hanged over her large breasts which did little to cover her massive tits leaving her back completely exposed.


It was beyond bizarre seeing Dani’s older sister whom she considered to be nothing short of a bookworm and a borderline nun dressed in a lewd outfit that only seasoned hookers would wear while acting as if showing her butt was the most normal thing to do.


More importantly, was its main purpose. There was simply no way for the redhead whom Dani considered to be a bookworm to ever wear something so preposterous around her family, not even the whores from Hooker Lane would wear something so lewd in public.


Dani on the other hand wasn’t accustomed to wearing something erotic in public despite her daring tomboyish attitude, yet didn’t want to seem like a prune in front of her nerdy sister who paraded ninety percent naked.


The black-haired girl wondered if she would have an easier time getting down with random men now that she got a proper outfit that showed her assets, the sole idea made her wet, though walking around in stiletto high heels proved to be quite a challenge and the G-string was something to get used to.


Nevertheless, the girl came to understand why men weren’t interested in her no matter how hard she tried to woo them during her time at Hooker Lane, Dani finally understood what she was missing so far.


It was all about looks and the correct attitude, her customary sweater and shorts kept men away due to them concealing her massive breasts while the outfit Jazz gave her basically screams “fuck me and don't care about the huge age gap” at top volume.


It did feel so immeasurably different from her regular most comfortable clothes yet felt more feminine and desired though couldn’t see herself walking around any “decent” place with the Virgin killer sweater, much less the outfit her sister wore.


Needleless to say, Dani loathed wearing dresses or skirts of any kind but had to admit that the “Virgin killer sweater” had a certain appeal that made her feel desired, even Jazz’s skirt was something that she herself would want to wear once she builds enough confidence.


Dani’s blue eyes soon lay over her older sister who gracefully walked from the car towards her making it seem easy to walk in high heels. Clearly, Jazz had a lot of practice with that painful footwear.


“Come on, you’re gonna love this place.”- the redhead said while patting her younger sister in the head.


The redhead sways her wide hips side to side as she walked up the stairs towards the door and rang the bell while Dani watched upon the strange house. Not a single sound came out from within making Dani wonder who they were going to see.


Light poured out as the door open with a soft creak and a large bulking man step out wearing a black tuxedo with a red ribbon bow that didn’t match with his hardened expression, his cold glared was beyond intimidating yet Jazz smile warmly.


“Help you?”- the man asked standing two whole heads above Jazz.


“We’re here for tonight’s event.”- the redhead while showing a black card.


The man intently stares at the black card and over to Jazz, a mocking smirk is suddenly drawn upon his hard face which made Jazz blushed as she takes hold of her black card yet the man refuses to let go of it.


“That one looks way too young to be here”- the tuxedo man spoke firm but gentle.


It was then that Jazz leans in closer. “Does she look like a kid to you? She’s just small”-


Danielle had put her hands behind her back while giving out the most innocent expression she could muster as the doorman looks at her, save for the girl’s five-foot height had breasts far bigger than the average woman alone with wide hips and thick legs.


By no means was the body of a twelve-year-old which made the doorman sigh out loud and step aside inviting both girls in and wishing them a pleasant evening. Dani and her older sister gracefully marched in.




The aroma of incense filled the foyer making Dani sneeze a couple of times as her ghostly side didn’t sit well with such items, in a matter of speaking both Dani and her older brother were allergic to most religious artifacts.


Entering any kind of church made them feel uneasy and more often than Sam Manson, one of Danny’s closest friends teased him by dropping salt in front of him which always made the boy jump in terror despite having no effect on his person.


“I just sign the guestbook for both, so let’s go inside.”- Jazz said putting her arm over the girl’s girl.


Dani's jaws nearly touched the floor upon entering into the hallway, her blue eyes met with bright red walls neatly decorated with paintings and statues of naked women, there were even small chandeliers hanging in the middle of the hall.


“Holy shit! This freaking awesome!”- Dani said jumping on her spot upon reaching the first room.


More than a dozen men were dancing in vintage military uniforms though lacking any pants which made their cocks bounced up and down with their rhymical dancing, Dani found it nearly impossible to pull her eyes away.


The girl’s attention was drawn towards a waiter wearing a rabbit masquerade who came from behind her carrying a tray with a large bottle and a couple of glasses, it was only then that Dani noticed there were many tables scattered around the stage. Yet could only see women enjoying the show.


“What is this place?”- Dani asked.


“It’s a women’s only club.”- Jazz replied. “There’s cabaret shows, fine drinking… gloryholes, and all kind of fantasy play, but we are due upstairs.”- the redhead added while pulling her little sister away from the cabaret.


The witch’s house offered all kinds of entertainment for women only, ranging from stage shows such as dancing, comedies, and fine drinking to sex with handsome men though wasn’t limited to ever-popular positions as it often indulged in fantasy plays.


More flamboyant art of naked women decorated the upper hallway though Danielle’s heart started to beat faster with each step, the moaning and bed creaking coming from within the rooms made her feel more excited.


Yet her amazement didn’t seem to come to an end as she and Jazz walked into the second floor’s bathroom were two men dressed in waiter uniforms greeted them with a smile though had half their faces covered with a rabbit masquerade.


The restroom had a Victorian-era style with its dark green walls and a dark wooden layer that reaches one-third of the wall, neatly decorated with a few potted plants which rested by the corners making Dani stare in awe.


Strangely enough, a few paintings were hanging over the sink though what truly caught Dani’s attention was the sink in itself along with ten urinals that reminded the girl that it was a bathroom and not a fancy library.


Dani was more than amazed by the gold urinals and sink that not even her eccentric father had purchased, though Jazz told her they were most likely cheap imitations or just spray painted to give the illusion of being made with gold.


Over to the left wall just in front of the large mirror were four golden urinals cushioned with red velvet, two more were facing the door, Dani then noticed a red heart above each one of the urinals which made her raise an eyebrow.


The girl wasn’t expecting a filthy and smelly bathroom given how luxurious it all seemed yet didn’t even begin to imagine something so ludicrous and pompous with its so-called gold urinals and scented candles.


“So… what are we doing here?”- Dani asked as her older sister walked over to a closet by the corner.


“You wanted to be a cumdump for a night and this club offers all kinds of fantasies.”- The redhead replied as she started to undressed.


Dani blushed as she laid eyes over her naked sister who was putting her clothes inside the closet yet didn’t fail to noticed her blushing face upon turning over, it was obvious the redhead was putting up a show for her.


There was no point in postponing the matter or feeling embarrassed about it as this is what she came for, soon men would be seeing everything of her. With a deep sigh, Dani followed her sister’s example and unceremoniously undress.


The girl jump as the door was suddenly opened allowing a young woman with short orange hair walk inside sporting a fancy blue dress and several jewels. Dani wondered if she was the madam who came to check if everything was in order.


“Good evening, Mrs. Manson.”- one of the waiters said with a smile


The name rang a bell inside Dani’s head and upon carefully looking at the woman recognized her as Pamela Manson. Despite only ever seeing a couple of times at Vlad’s mansion in the company of her husband Jeremy Manson, knew that the Manson family was one of her father’s business partners.


In the brief time, Danielle knew about Pamela was more than sure that she was a stuck-up bitch who care only for social position and money, never even looking at her servants when ordering them around.


Now Danielle had confirmation of her suspicions as the woman didn’t return the greeting nor gave the man a sideways glance, instead heading over to the closet almost shoving Jazz out of the way.


Almost on cue, the second waiter walked up to Pamela holding a wooden box for her to put all her jewels in. Dani wanted to call Pamela out on her rude behavior but saw Jazz waving her off.


“I’ll be using my asshole so lube it up.”- Pamela ordered without even looking at anyone as she removed her clothing.


It was then that Dani stood next to Pamela putting her clothes within the closet yet before going back to Jazz, scoffed at Pamela’s smaller breasts size though the woman didn’t even bother in looking back.


Pamela gracefully walked over to the middle urinal viewing the mirror completely naked while snapping her fingers towards the two men and basically demanding them to tie her up. Dani looked in sheer and utter disbelief as the scene before her eyes enveloped.


The woman sat on the urinal holding the tube behind her as the waiters with rabbit masquerades took hold of her ankles which they pulled above her head and bound with leather straps connected to a golden chain that went behind the metallic heart.


Pamela didn’t lose her arrogant attitude even after being tied to a urinal like a piece of meat, though being in such a precarious position didn’t seem to bother the woman in the least as her expression didn’t change, not even when the man lubed her up.


“Hurry up, Dani! Or we won’t get a good place.”- Jazz said as she walked over to the urinal viewing the door.




Dani blushed upon feeling her anus twitching in front of the two unknown men who strapped her to the golden urinal, the girl had mix feelings about their stoics faces. On one side was quite embarrassed but on the other was bothered that they didn’t even mind her.


She could feel her heart beating faster with every passing minute, soon enough four modest-looking women were being tied to the urinals leaving Pamela in the middle who didn’t acknowledge their presence.


It was beyond weird to see the stuck-up bitch of Pamela tied to a urinal with her legs above her heads next to other women in the same position. Yet Dani and Jazz ignored her while greeting the ladies with a warm smile after being tied to the urinals.


Dani turned her head to the left towards Jazz who was blushing madly and seemed to want to run away yet tried her very best to put on a brave face. Her feet dangle overhead just like all the other women.


None of them seemed to belong to such a place given their casual appearances, Dani expected women with heavy makeup or perverted attitudes yet they all with exception behaved like suburban moms.


Even with all of their holes were in full display for everyone to see and judge, the women were casually talking about their day-to-day not caring for Pamela’s cold expression which didn’t change in the least. Still acting all high and mighty despite being tied like a piece of meat to a urinal. 


One of them complained about almost not being able to arrive due to having a hard time finding a babysitter on time, the woman beside her quickly offered her teenage son as a babysitter who was already looking after the newborn of the lady next to Dani.


Soon their conversation turned to their upcoming family vacation which made Dani wonder why married women would be in a sex club rather than being at home with their families, or fucking with their lovers if they had any.


“It’s like being at the hair salon.”- Jazz whispered as discreetly as she could.


The door suddenly opens with a powerful thud making everyone go quiet as a group of muscular men walked in dressed with the standard rabbit masquerade, a black vest and long black leather boots though were missing the pants.


The women’s greedy eyes scanned the men one by one, licking their lips as they paraded before their eyes showing off their large hard cocks that bounced with each step. Pamela’s expression had finally changed to one of lust.


Dani felt intimidated as a tall muscular black man stood in front of her, his large cock pulsing in desire which made her gulped down. The only one whom Dani had ever slept with was with her “brother” who was rather big for his age.


Yet couldn’t even begin to compare to the man that stood before Dani with his thick black veiny pulsing dick that most likely reached up to fifteen inches. The girl was still new to sex but was also sure that a dick that size wasn’t normal.


A sudden gasped made Dani turned her attention away from her partner only to see her redhead of a sister being penetrated by a Latino man with long black hair. Jazz began panting as the man slide in deeper.


Soon her moans and heavy breathing became louder though Dani found them to be most adorable and cute yet didn’t exactly picture herself having sex next to her sister. It was then that the man slowly pulled her face back.


“Focus on me, little lady.”- The man spoke with a seductive voice.


Danielle’s mouth up wide and clench her toes as she felt the man sliding inside her with determination, forcing his way into her semi virginal vagina, breathing became harder with each thrust but enjoyed every single inch.


The black muscular man was only halfway in and yet Dani had already reached orgasm showing her inexperience in the matter but gave it no mind allowing herself to be drawn in pleasures she didn’t even know existed.


A loud gasp followed by a soft moan came out from her lips as her inner folds clasped unto his large black penis refusing to let him go, she wanted to wrap her arms and legs around his muscular body but allowed the fake gold chains to keep her in place.


Dani instantly joined the cacophony of moaning and panting which filled the bathroom, her feet dangled helplessly in the air as her partner ravage her cunt over and over making her reach a second orgasm.


The girl bit down on her lips as the man spilled inside drenching her womb with warm cum, the gooey sensation felt like nothing before. A blissful smile came upon Dani’s face as the man pulled out.


She could feel the cum flowing out of her, it was then that she noticed Jazz was being fucked by a different man no smaller than the previous one. The redhead’s face was one of pure and utter lust.


Dani watched in awe as Jazz’s slender fingers wrapped around the fake gold chain as her large breasts bounced up and down for her new lover, her cute moaning had turned louder, longer, and lewder showing her true colors.


Before the girl with black hair could utter a word felt a second large penis sliding inside her without her permission, only moans and panting could escape from Dani’s lips. She had just cum and was already being fucked again.




“Harder! Harder!”- Pamela spoke in a lewd voice.


The snub woman’s face had contorted into one of pure blissful ecstasy, her breasts though smaller than Dani and Jazz were still rather large for the average woman yet bounced just as good as any other.


Pamela’s expensive makeup was running down her face as her entire body was drenched in sweat. The woman was by no means discreet whenever cumming as she literally announced it via a word or a loud groan.


The other four women were less enthusiastic with their lovemaking but were no less interested as it was obvious, they were enjoying every moment of their time at the bathroom. Some groan while yelled softly as they reach orgasm after orgasm.


“Time for a refill, bitch!”- one of the masked men said to Dani.


The girl didn’t care for the foul language nor the degrading words as she found them most enticing, her man didn’t wait for her approval and fired his load inside the young girl who was already filled to the brim.


She was surprised that so much cum could be kept inside of her though quite a lot was already flowing out from her. No less impressive was the amount coming out of each man, yet Dani had to admit they were slowing down.


Small puddles of semen had formed under each woman though most had gone inside the urinal making Dani wonder if they were real or just part of the scenery. In any case, they were strong enough to hold them without problems. The men and women were all covered in sweat, wheezing for air. Their movements becoming slower but no less intense.


“Attention ladies, it’s two in the morning and with this, we concluded tonight’s event, we hope you had a wonderful evening.


Three of the men actually let out a sigh of relief and stepped back before penetrating Jazz, Pamela, and Dani who were semi-conscious by now. The waiters with the help of a couple of the bunny men help the women down.


Danielle’s legs were slowly and gently put to the side of the urinal which caught her off guard, yet not a second later cum started to flow out of her like an open faucet making her clench her teeth for she had reached one final orgasm.   


The girl watched with amusement as the four mothers were literally dragged out from the bathroom as they were unable to walk on their own two feet. Even Jazz who despite being a nerd as Dani painted her as was actually quite athletic.


“Can you believe that stuck-up bitch is walking as nothing happen.”- Dani said while looking at Pamela.


The woman was drench in sweat and cum, her makeup completely ruined, and yet managed to easily walk towards the closet with her arrogant expression still present, yet left a trail of semen along the way.




Both sisters sat down at the cabaret watching the final show of the night with both their legs wide open allowing the air to cool their redden and well-used up cunts, Jazz took hold of some ice from her club soda which found its way between her legs.


“That was amazing”- Dani somehow managed to say as she was still feeling the afterglow.


“Yeah, that was incredible but that was expensive as fuck…”- Jazz replied with a smirk. “Had to break my piggy bank.”- she added.


“Tell ya what big sis. Next one is on me.”- She added.


The girls giggled for a moment as the redhead commented about hearing the next fantasy play to be a Russian roulette of sorts where women bend over a small carrousel and were spun around taking different men in each turn.


The Witch house held all kinds of plays for women, cumdump games were the most popular lately followed by BSDM and, of course, normal sex with young handsome very well-endowed men which ironically were volunteers.


“I still remember my first time here, I asked for the pet game and was stripped down, had a leash put on, and taken for a walk in the back garden with a bunch of other girls.”- Jazz continued with a smirk.


“How did you even manage to get in here?”- Dani asked. “Don’t you have to be like eighteen or something?” She continued after making sure no one was within earshot.


“We don’t look eighteen and these guys don’t ask for ID but you gotta sign up.”- Jazz retorted while showing her membership card.


The first thing Dani noticed upon taking hold of the card was the picture of a vagina stamped on the corner followed by her sister’s full name, yet had no other details on it. On the backside was could only be interpreted as a logo, the silhouette of a witch riding a penis rather than a broom.


The girl blushed as Jazz told her it was a picture of her vagina and that she should consider joining the club but to keep a healthy flow of income if she wanted to partake in the larger games.


“Where do I sign up?”- Dani said.


The end.

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