Sluts of Amity Park

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Erotic fanfiction


Sluts of Amity Park


Erotic One- shot: Party for three


Loud music echo throughout Dash Baxter’s house as dozens upon dozens of teens from Casper High and the neighborhood rally at the quarterback’s birthday party. The childish sodas and sweets were quickly changed for more adult drinks such as beer and whisky.


Despite the quarterback’s initial refusal, his guests eventually found their way into his father’s liquor cabinet. Within minutes there were several drunken teens passed out on the couch or even the floor, at some point some girls walked around on their underwear as they were enjoying the Baxter family’s pool.


Among all the drunk teens there was one in particular who was still very much sober and more so annoyed, Jazz Fenton; Casper High’s model student and winner of several academic awards. Like many from her school, she too answered the call to the party.


Yet unlike her peers who were dancing in the living while listening to obscene hip-hop music, the redhead simply sat on the couch nursing a cold soda while waiting for her close friends Kitty and Johnny 13 to arrive.


They were the only reason she agreed to come to such a silly party, Jazz didn’t like hanging around jocks as they were too immature for her taste, case in point where a couple of boys wrestling though in a playful manner by the front door which bothered her slightly.


“Where the heck are you?”- Jazz texted Kitty.


“On our way babe.”- Kitty texted back making Jazz scoffed.


Her celestial blue eyes shifted from her phone over to where a half-eaten birthday cake rested on a table, hardly anyone waited for the birthday boy to blow out the candles before helping themselves to a slice.


Seeing there was no point in waiting, Jazz made her way towards the cake before it was eaten away or dropped on the floor given the roughhousing going around. Two candles in the forms of a number one and number six remained standing on what remains of the cake


“I can’t believe we’re the same age”- Jazz whispered as she cut herself a slice being careful of not touching the parts clearly bitten away.


The thought of staying home alone on a Saturday night wasn’t anything new as she normally spent her Saturday nights watching some documentary or studying for her upcoming tests, but the party was in everyone’s mouth as it was an open invitation.


Unknown to her mother Maddie each time her daughter aced all of her tests or did especially well in school, she was rewarded by her father and sometimes on her with a trip to the local nightclub known as “The Candy Shop.”


Using a fake, I.D which oddly enough was forge by her father and allowed her easy entry to the club, so far, no bounce had denied her admission especially due to her mature demeanor and splendid body which made more than one drool over her.


Jazz expected the party to be like in any number of teen movies she had seen, with the flashing lights accompanied by lasers, electronic music, and stylish dancing, but much to her utter disappointment, the music was boring and hardly anyone was dancing.


“I can’t believe, I got dressed up for this shithole”- Jazz mumbled as she began eating the cake while looking over at the so-called dance floor.


The redhead had worn her favorite black skintight dress with open back and a pair of matching high heels to this boring party. For a moment, she contemplated the idea of ditching the party and going straight for the club.


She caresses the idea of having a proper drink at the club while dancing under decent music, it was then that she noticed a girl from her class named Nicole who was the embodiment of “nerd” and was surprisingly enough making the best of the night as she was already dancing with two boys.


A smile came upon her lips as she saw Nicole being “sandwich” between the two teens, one of which was rubbing his crotch unto her butt while the other had his hand inside her worn-out jeans clearly playing with her pussy.


It remained Jazz of her first night out at the club, dancing and drinking fancy cocktails bought with her dad’s money. Her cunt got wetter as she recalls sucking on a young man’s dick who was only a couple of years older than her in the club’s bathroom.


“Please, Paulina! We’re meant for each other!”- Dash pleaded to his former girlfriend pulling Jazz from her memory lane.


Dash Baxter’s and Paulina Sanchez break up was Casper High’s talk of the week, the two had broken up a mere week before his birthday, and though he acted as if he didn’t care and carried on with the party preparations, his sudden crying and begging suggested otherwise.


The redhead didn’t mind a little soap opera once in a while, she was growing bored of the party but seeing quarterback Dash Baxter begging on his knees to his former girlfriend like a toddler undoubtedly made up for the boring and most lacking party.


The jock humiliated himself in front in front of his teammates but also to many other students who didn’t hold back their laughter, some even filming the event on their cellphones. Even Jazz took a picture so she could show it later to Kitty and have a laugh together.


“Shut up! Dash, I’m already seeing someone new”- Paulina exclaimed with a smug smile.


Jazz shook her head in disappointment as she didn’t understand why would the cheerleader come to her ex-boyfriend’s birthday party, furthermore to tell him about seeing a different man, the idea that Paulina only said so to make Dash jealous crossed her head.   


Though it wouldn’t have been out of character for the tan cheerleader to already be with someone else, she was as Danny’s best friend Sam Manson often stated; a cold heartless shallow tramp, therefore stood to reason that she would only come here to ruin the party.


Feeling thirsty Jazz made her way towards the kitchen, though saw several boys arguing and shoving each other by the door which didn’t surprise her in the least given the number of beer cans spread across the floor. Some couples were making out while pressed against the wall.


“Got any pop around?”- Jazz asked a blonde-haired girl standing by the fridge clearly wasted.


The blonde girl slurred her words which made the redhead ignore her and prompted her to open the fridge, the device was filled to the brim with copious amounts of beer and other liquors making Jazz scoffed at the needless amount of booze.


“Can’t believe they have gallons of beer but no fucking coke!”- the redhead exclaimed not caring who listened.


“I got some…”- a boy said as he pulled her by the shoulder.


Upon turning around, the redhead saw what she could only describe as a hippie holding out a small bag with white power, she knew better than to partake in drugs and so shoved him to the side only then did her eyes gaze upon a group of naked teenagers, two boys, and six girls all clearly intoxicated holding to plastic cups with a red liquid which Jazz assumed was punch.


Jazz’s mouth was wide open, she couldn’t take her eyes off the naked teens as they made their way out the backdoor. Never did it crossed her mind that such a situation could arise, there was some fear mix with excitement.


From the kitchen glass door, she could see the Baxter family’s pride and joy, a large swimming pool completed with a fountain in the form of a mermaid, though Jazz did wonder if making the statue’s breasts large and fully detail was necessary.


Seeing a grill by the pool and someone trying to make some burgers made the redhead smile as she walked out. The promise of real food and cold sodas rather than cheap beer and drugs was a very welcome sight.


Several party-goers were making the best of the pool and the garden while the party host Dash Baxter was still sobbing like a toddler over the couch saying how much Paulina meant for him while his teammates tried fruitlessly to cheer him up.


“Poor fool.”- Jazz whispered as she made her way to grill. “Can’t believe he still wants to date her after she cheated on him so many times”-


It was common knowledge that the tan cheerleader was a very loose girl, there were rumors about her sleeping with the whole football team, and even some teachers for better grades, due to her flirty attitude and erotic clothes made it very easy to believe in such rumors.     


Jazz took noticed of several teens by a white color shed undressing, some didn’t even bother to wear swimsuits to enter the pool and settled with their underwear, though several girls were encouraged to strip completely which oddly enough did.


“When in Rome…”- Jazz whispered as she stops by the shed.


Jazz smiled to a couple of nerdy looking girls and geeky boy with light orange hair who was apparently tasked with guarding the clothes and keeping the boys away from the shed, a task easier said than done if any perverted drunk were to come by.


Both girls dressed painfully simply for such a party, a short-haired blonde girl sitting next to the door wore a pair of shorts with a simple white blouse and sneakers, next to her was an even simpler looking girl who wore golden glasses that made her seem much older than what she truly is, her beige color dress resembled fashion from the 1950s.


Many girls ran around the pool in their small swimsuits or even buck-naked which allowed Jazz to casually peeled off her skintight dress leaving only her thong which attracted much attention from her schoolmates.


Even she was surprised to see her dress fit with no troubles at all inside her purse, the boy guarding the shed took hold of her purse not daring to look at her monumental breasts nor her perfect face as he had assumed she belong with the popular kids.


“I’ll keep it safe miss Jasmin, are there any valuables?”- the girl standing next to the boy asked with a large smile.


“Nothing important. Thank you very much.”- Jazz replied with a warm smile which made all three blushed.


Despite being only sixteen, Jazz already grew D-cup breasts, a large bubble butt, and wonderfully thick legs which were the envy of all girls nearby who barely just touch puberty, due to her mother's constant ghost hunting “training” granted her a flat and slightly mark belly.


Jazz purposely wiggled her bubble butt in a very exaggerated manner as she made her way to the grill. The grill master if one were to call him as such was a young girl with an unhealthy taste for marijuana as she was smoking a joint while cooking. 


The trio tasked with guarding the shed were surprised to see Jazz coming back after only a few minutes, in her hand was a tray with several burgers and some beer cans which happily hand over to them after taking her share.


Though Jazz possessed a sculptural body which she recently made full use of with some of her peers, she considered herself a nerd given her taste for books not to mention her lack of interest in sports or fashion yet knew what was in trend but regularly wore a simple pair of jeans and a black blouse.


“Mind if we chat for a while?”- Jazz as she sat inside the pool encouraging the trio to join her.


The teens nodded in agreement as they only took off their pants, though the glasses girl only tipped her feet inside the pool, the tree presented themselves as Mikey, Sofia, and Evelyn though none of them could avoid looking at her large breasts as these elegantly floated in the water.


Jazz didn’t want to fraternize with brainless jocks who thought with their dicks or with shallow A-listers who had no academic prowess and could only brag about their good looks which she clearly surpassed them though couldn’t beat in popularity.


The redhead rather be with her “kind,” namely geeks and nerds though didn’t mind some handsome player in her bed once in a while, the four of them chatted about their favorite books and even about videogames which Jazz was quite knowledgeable.


Jazz turned around upon hearing the ringing of a cellphone coming from the shed, she quickly recognized the ringtone as her own though once she commented on such, Evelyn climbs out showing her pink underwear.


“Here you go miss.”- the girl said as she handed over the still ringing phone.


“Thanks… you didn’t have to do that… and drop the miss, please”- Jazz replied as she took the phone.


It was fairly obvious the A-listers and other popular kids from Casper high treated them as if they were servants, Paulina was a clear case of a Princess mentality as she was constantly treated no different from royalty in school and outside.  


“Sorry, babe, we’re running late, got a flat tire.” – Kitty said from the other side as Jazz told her not to worry and to be careful on their way. “I swear we’ll be there in thirty.”


Jazz knew how much Kitty and Johnny wanted to attend the party as they never truly got the chance to enjoy themselves lately with Johnny constantly at work and Kitty busy trying to save the school year with Jazz’s help as she’s considered Casper High’s top student.


Her celestial blue eyes fell upon the boy next to her, meek and thin perhaps her age or slightly younger. It was then that she noticed a couple of muscular teenagers swimming closer to her eventually shoving the boy away.


“Hey babe, wanna dance?”- a blonde teenager asked while flexing his muscles which didn’t impress her in the least.


Jazz let out a sigh as she floated past the athletes putting her arms around the frail-looking boy and landing a kiss on his lips, the two jocks looked at them with shocked expressions though not as shocked as the two nerds.


“Sorry, guys but I’m dancing with him.”- Jazz teased with a wink.


The redhead climbs out from the pool dripping water over the floor followed by her three new friends who shared worried looks and the two jocks who glued their starving eyes on Jazz large and round ass.


Without so much as a warning, the blonde teen shoved Mikey unto the floor crashing with Evelyn who fell hard on her butt dropping her glasses though were spared thanks to Sofia who caught them in the air.


“Oh, come on babe, dump that little shit and…”- the jock became silent as he saw the redhead running towards him.


With a large smile, he opens his arms expecting her to jump into his manly chest, instead of that Jazz flip in the air landing a powerful kick straight to his face which sends the jock flying straight to the pool as his peer called out for him.


A few nearby onlookers laughed and clapped at the spectacle before their eyes. Jazz chose to ignore them altogether to help Mikey back on his feet, there was some blood on his right knee and some inconsequential scratches on his hand.


“Let’s get you clean up.”- Jazz offered as she took him the hand.




Muffled music flowed through the wooden wall of the first-floor hallway where two plain-looking girls stood guard in front of a door at the end of the hall. Evelyn adjusted her glasses as she could hear the loud bed creaking and the lustful moan of a young couple within.


Sofia constantly turned her attention towards the stairs fearful of someone would catch Jazz and Mikey in the act, the blonde girl actually wanted to go back to stand guard in front of the shed rather than be hearing a couple have sex.


“How can you stay so calm?”- Sofia whispered before taking a long gulp of fruit-punch.


Evelyn was indifferent to sounds of lovemaking within the room and remained cold as ice, her face showed no expression, yet Sofia realized she too was blushing and was having a hard time keeping her stoic expression.


Though neither of them would openly say it, their pussies were completely drenched and starving for a cock despite being virgins themselves. Sofia wanted to leave but Evelyn insisted on standing guard for “miss” Jazmin while she indulged in much-needed carnal pleasures.


“I guess even nerds and geeks like you have someone to look up to”- Sofia said in defeat but couldn’t bring herself to leave. 


“Of course, I admire miss Jasmine. She’s Casper High honor student”- Evelyn said with pride making Sofia wonder if it really was that big of a deal. “Despite being only sixteen she’s been several times on the cover of Genius Magazine due to her research on the ghost’s phenomena along with her genius brother Daniel Fenton.” The nerdy girl added as she finished her own punch.


“I get it, she’s a hotshot in the scientific community… shame no one gives a damn since she’s not a model or a porn star”- Sofia replied looking over to the door. “Wanna see your hero getting fucked like a common whore.” The blonde girl added with a smirk making Evelyn glared at her.   


The soft moaning coming from within the bedroom accompanied by the bed squeaking draw their attention, Sofia didn’t actually mean to take a look inside but gulp down as she saw her peer slowly turning the doorknob and quietly shoving it only a few inches, enough for them to see within. 


Their eyes open wide as they saw red hair dancing in the air under the bright lightbulb while her large breasts bounce up and down, the blonde girl covered her mouth as she looked upon the couple in the bed.


Evelyn was the by far the most impressed as her overly strict parents still kept parental control over her computer, therefore was the first time she had seen a couple having sex, even convincing her parents to let her come to this party which she didn’t want to attend took great effort.


“Holy shit… she looks so beautiful.”- Evelyn whispered though covered her mouth hopeful Jazz didn’t hear her.


The redhead was squatting over the boy so she could slam her large butt unto his hips as fast and deep as she like, Mikey glued his eyes over to her crotch unable to believe his cock was sliding in and out such a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful pussy.


Her cunt had the perfect tightness but her rapid and violent movements were too much for a virgin such as himself, the boy clenches his teeth tightly in a futile struggle to hold down his cum but his balls were already at their limit.


“Jazz! I can’t… hold it…”- Mikey exclaimed loudly.


“Ok! Cum inside me.”- Jazz ordered but clarified to be on the pill once she saw his worried expression. 


Boiling hot cum spring out of Mikey soaking Jazz’s womb as she let out a long and lustful moan filled with satisfaction. Mikey ejaculated what he swore was half a liter which surprised him greatly as he had jerked off three times earlier that day.


Mikey was left covered in sweat as he was panting heavily, though Jazz remained fresh as lettuce which made him worried about not satisfying her but was assured, he made her cum once despite having no experience other than with his hand.


“I hope you girls liked the show”- Jazz suddenly said looking over to the door.


The door creaks wide open letting in the two nerdy girls who blushed red as tomatoes, Mikey was sure they had gone back to the party or to guarding the shed but never imagine they would be watching them.


A flow of embarrassment and shame engulfs his body at the thought of two girls hearing him moan like in such a lamentable manner. Evelyn and Sofia pasted their eyes on the floor as if it were of gold while Mikey hugged his knees.


“It’s your turn girls”- Jazz said as she climbs out of the bed. “I’m sure he can manage a couple more.” The redhead added while taking her dress from her purse. 


Sofia was lost at words as she considered this to be an attempt at humor by Jazz’s part to avoid making things more awkward. The redhead’s lack of laughter or follow up comment showed she wasn’t joking at all.


The trio had only recently met just a few hours ago, therefore the thought of sleeping with him despite his cute face didn’t cross their minds. Jazz leans over the drawer as she held out a strip of condoms in one hand while other held some birth-control pills.


 “Thank you very much.”- Evelyn exclaimed as she took hold of the pills.


“Evelyn! You don’t have to…”- the girl cut him off with a firm and loud “Shut up.”


Evelyn was sick and tired of being bossed around by the popular kids and cheerleaders, even now she was dragged to this party just to act as some sort of maid which she failed miserably and was forced to look out for their precious clothes.


She too wanted to have some fun as she tossed her old fashion dress on the floor soon accompanied by her childish underwear, Evelyn’s breasts and ass were much smaller than that of Jazz, even sporting a small gut, though her only regret was not trimming her pubic hair.


Just seeing her hero, the multi-award-winning, top student of Casper high, daughter of the two greatest geniuses of the country casually having sex with a boy whom she just met and hardly recalled his name was enough justification for her to do the same.


“Have fun.”- Jazz said after sliding on her dress. “Here! A little souvenir”- Jazz added as she tossed her thong over the bed.


Sofia blushed madly as she stood in the corner watching how Evelyn laid over the bed and shamelessly spread her legs as far as these could stretch, her face filled with lustful excitement as Mikey mounted her.  


Jazz expected Sofia to storm angrily out of the room but the door remained close, it was then that she felt Mikey’s cum flowing out of her which prompted the redhead to go into the bathroom and expel all of the boy’s seed.




The crowd was even bigger than before though the lame music was still the same, copious amount of beer and booze were piled up over the remains of the cake. Jazz could swear there was a small cloud forming over the ceiling due to a large amount of smoking.


Jazz’s celestial blue eyes open in delight as she saw several steaming hot pizzas resting over the coffee table, she found it funny to be always hungry after having sex no matter how poorly her partner performed.


Upon taking a large bite from the steaming hot food, Jazz felt a hand grab her left buttock tightly. Even though she just to sleep with a boy she recently met, there was no way she could let any dim-witted fool just touch her without permission. The redhead clenches her fist and grins her teeth as she prepares to strike.


“I knew I’ve seen this pretty ass before.”- a sweet girly voice said.


Jazz’s anger quickly died down as she recognized the voice while turning around to see a girl her age with long green hair which stood out from all the other girls who sported more casual colors such as blonde, black or brown.


“Kitty! I didn’t think you come”- Jazz proclaimed as she hugs her best friend.


Nikki wrapped her arms around the redhead in a friendly hug which took a little longer than normal as the green-haired girl was too busy taking in all of Jazz’s softness and warmth, the two slowly broke the hug as they look at each other with happy expressions.


“Hey, it’s an open invite and there’s free food”- Kitty replied as she took a bite from Jazz’s pizza.


“You’re always a sight for sore eyes, Jazz.”- said a blonde-haired boy voice with a raspy voice.


“Johnny 13, wish I could say the same.”- the redhead teased as she bumps his hip with hers.


She had known Kitty and Johnny since the start of high school and had a tutor the girl on several occasions, the couple mainly Johnny was fairly well known among the first years, the boy was a walking magnet of bad luck hence the origin of his nickname.


Constantly losing part-time jobs, getting into random fights which allegedly didn’t start but more notably doing poorly at school given his family situation which forced him to start working at a young age.


Though Johnny held an aggressive demeanor given his love motorcycles and no bullshit attitude which often brought him much trouble, he was a kind young man who often helped old ladies with their groceries.


Jazz and Kitty both agree on him needing a proper shaving once in a while and to send his trench coat to the dry cleaning more often. The redhead saw Kitty hand him a pizza slice she fetched from the table which he ate with delight, both girls were sure he was tired of the smell of burgers as he works at the Nasty Burger after school.


Even now Johnny smells like cheap fries and patties, his pants held several oil stains that made him stand out even more from all the teens in their fancy garments, even from those who chose not to wear anything at the Baxter pool.


“Let’s take a dip in the pool”- Kitty exclaimed as she pulled her boyfriend and bestie. she lowers her pace to a walk upon seeing nearly a dozen naked teens swimming in the pool while an additional thirty were scattered around the garden.


“Whoa! What are you doing Jazz!”- Johnny half yelled.


The redhead casually peels off her dress leaving only her high heels on while inviting them to undress, both watched her wiggle her bubble butt as she took a soda can on her way to an empty pool bench which she laid over on her stomach.


Kitty gave her boyfriend a hard look as she too removed her clothing though kept her thong and bra on while Johnny imitated her completely, it came as a surprise for Kitty to know she wasn’t as outgoing as Jazz.


“Guess what Jazz.”- Kitty asked as she took the pool bench next to hers.


Jazz looked over to her as Johnny stored their clothing inside his backpack including Jazz’s purse which contains her dress once again, her eyes briefly move over to the pool shed which was now wide open causing the redhead to smirk.


“What happened?”- Jazz asked with amusement ignoring the shed altogether.


“I’m the assistant manager.”- Johnny answered with pride as he playfully slapped Jazz’s butt.


Jazz’s ass wiggled for a brief moment as she smiled wide and long while telling him about finally beating his bad luck. It was an unbelievably huge leap for someone who was held back a year at school and didn’t do well at it either, to jump from flipping burgers to assistant manager within just six months of entering.


His new position would be officialized in just a few short months, upon him turning eighteen. Even if it was just a formality, he still needed a degree and would have to attend night school to obtain one to keep his new position.


Both Kitty and Johnny 13 watch with attention at Jazz’s firm back slowly making their way to her bubble butt as she took a sip from her soda. The two lovers shared a look before returning their eyes over the redhead.


“I was thinking… that… maybe… if you want… we could… have a… threesome… Johnny’s birthday is coming up and this promotion is something huge… only if you want”- Kitty spoke feeling her heart was about to explode.


Kitty knew her redheaded friend had slept with a handful of teens at school and apparently had no troubles at all in being naked in front of other boys as she was currently showing off her beautiful body despite the many drunken teens.  


Every teacher male or female had sung Jazz’s praises up and high and had even been on the cover of a magazine. She knew a side of the model student no one in the tabloids or teachers was aware, her lust.


“You, me, and Johnny? Yeah, I’m game but only as a personal favor so I expect return.”- Jazz replied with a smirk. “Could do with a decent fuck”- the girl added.


“Thank you!!”- Johnny yelled out with a cheer.


His celebration ended in an instant as he saw his girlfriend’s glare though it was her who initially came up with the idea, she never did tell her boyfriend about wanting to have said threesome with Jazz’s younger brother and not with her.


Despite Jazz’s goody two shoe persona and kind attitude that told everyone she wouldn’t break a plate along with her trustworthy demeanor, the redhead was also a party girl who loves to dance and visit nightclubs whenever possible either alone or with her brother Danny.


“Let’s me book a hotel”- Jazz said as she pulled out her phone from her purse.


Kitty watched at the redhead’s ample but which her boyfriend was now drooling over, she felt some insecurities upon comparing her average body with that of Jazz who seem to have been struck a puberty freight train which made her feel somewhat humiliated as looked at Jazz’s beautiful and voluptuous body.


“Awesome! I got a frequent customer discount.”- Jazz said with glee.


Kitty raised an eyebrow as she questions how often she visited the hotel to have earned such a discount, though Jazz kindly explained that there are times in which her parents would conduct very noisy “experiments” and so she and Danny spend the night at a hotel.


“Don’t sweat the details babe.”- Johnny said as he was finally relaxing, “Hey, Jazz, how much is it for the hotel?”- the boy added as he took his wallet from his backpack.


“Don’t worry, that’s on me this time.”- the redhead replied.


Johnny refused and insisted on paying his for the hotel fee despite Jazz telling him not to worry about as she had already paid for it with her card, he was unexpectedly proud about such a matter told her he would pay her on the spot.


“Pay me? Like a common whore?”- Jazz fainted insult which made him apologized as he didn’t realize she was joking.


“Relax, she’s only playing with you”- Kitty intervenes before her boyfriend made a further fool of himself, “But seriously, we’re paying at least half the hotel then.”


“Fine but can we talk money later”- Jazz said as she stood and headed over to the grill as the food was the only good thing of the party.  


Kitty sigh in defeat as she saw Jazz’s paraded herself naked though many girls were already walking around nude both at the pool and inside the house which made Kitty feel forced to remove her underwear.


Her A-cup breasts felt the cold nightly breeze as she yanked off her sports bra but held her hand for a moment as Johnny told her not to take off her underwear which she gladly obeys, her eyes fell upon Jazz who returned with a tray filled with half-burned burgers as the grill master was a little too high now.


“I always knew you have wonderful breasts”- Jazz exclaimed as she laid the tray over the pool bench.


The compliment did bring out a smile from Kitty thought it was due to her imagining Jazz’s spine had to be made out of steel to able to hold on to such heavy tits. She did imagine her large butt served as a counterweight which keeps her in balance.


“How very kind of you”- kitty retorted with a smirk knowing she couldn’t even begin to compare to the redhead in any area.


Jazz leans her back on the pool bench as she took out her phone to send a text to her brother and makes sure he was doing fine though didn’t bother in closing her legs which allowed Johnny a clear view of her smooth shave vagina making the teen blush at the sight.


“You guys ok staying at the hotel?”- Jazz questioned upon opening her phone.


“Oh, yeah. Got a day off.”- Johnny replied as Kitty took a burger.



Jazz danced alternating between Johnny and Kitty, even a few other boys by the pool as the music became louder and more teens were stripping down which caught Kitty’s attention, she was sure something was at odd.


The redhead suddenly stops dancing upon feeling the erect penis of a boy, despite both dancing naked, she didn’t appreciate being rubbed on. Johnny quickly intervenes threatening with beating the kid up if he continued.


“Fucking pervert! I ain’t that easy!”- Jazz exclaimed as Johnny tossed him into the pool to cool off.


Only after seeing the boy swimming off towards a couple of girls who were making out on the other side of the pool, did she retake her seat; Jazz crossed her legs as she took hold of her phone and seeing Danny replied to her previous text.


She smiles long and wide upon seeing a picture of her brother in bed with Sam sleeping naked beside him, the redhead could make out a second girl with dark skin on the other side though couldn’t tell who it was as she was sleeping over her stomach.


“I know your parents are a little too lax but are they ok with your brother fucking those two?”- Kitty asked as she looked at the picture.


“My parents don’t mind at all; they don’t even know I’m here”- Jazz casually replied.


“Let me guess. Your folks are locked up in the lab working on some silly ghost-catching gadget”- Johnny interjected as he opens a beer can.


“Just my dad… mom’s out on vacation”- Jazz casually added.


“Again!! Didn’t your family go to Hawaii last month!”- Kitty remarked loudly though no one even turns her way.


The redhead couldn’t deny having gone to such place as a reward given to her and Danny by their dear “uncle” Vlad for having aced all of their exams, as well as being on the cover of Genius Magazine once more.


Kitty’s mood darkens upon hearing that Jazz’s mother was on a vacation to some exotic faraway lands with uncle Vlad. Both teens couldn’t help but feel a wave of jealousy as they recalled never having any sort of family vacation, much less overseas like Jazz and her family constantly enjoyed.


The farthest the couple had ever gone to was to lake eerie during a school camping trip which meant their families had to crack open the piggy bank to rent camping equipment, after that only random trips to the highway were the closest thing to a vacation.


“Oh, you fucking rich people.”- Johnny mocked, “I’ll be sure to pound your ass extra hard”-


“I already told you my family isn’t rich. Uncle Vlad is the rich one and if he wants to spoils us, I’m not gonna stop him.”- Jazz replied as she took a soda from Johnny.


“Are you sure your mom isn’t getting it on with Uncle Vlad”- Kitty exclaimed knowing the man wasn’t a family member but a close friend.


Jazz knew that to be true as she caught them going into the bedroom and locking the door behind them on more than one occasion, even before starting her own sexual life knew what the sounds they made were, though never told anyone about it, especially her father.


There was brief memory hidden within her mind that seldomly showed itself in dreams where her mother was happily making love to Vlad while her father Jack Fenton watched through a monitor in the basement laboratory, his hand pleasuring himself. She had never seen her mother act so shamelessly nor heard her speak with such vulgar language.


“I hate to say this but my mom is like a loyal and obedient puppy… whatever my dad says goes.”- Jazz calmly expressed though not denying the implications.


Maddie Fenton is a very strict woman always worrying about her children’s education, hardly ever letting either of them go to high school parties and staying out late at night, Danny had a ten pm curfew while hers was until eleven, though Maddie always gave them enough space to grow.


Her father Jack Fenton was on the other hand far lenient on rules. It was him who often took the redhead to her now favorite nightclub: The Candy Shop and was responsible for personally forging a fake identification which would bring about his wife’s fury.


Jazz remembered with a smile the first time she visited the nightclub, the deafening music, and blinding lights, people dancing and drinking were a sight she’d never once imagine. She didn’t even mind being driven there by her father who chose her dress, a simple navy-blue dress though frown at the thong it came with and which she still end up using.


“Just in case you need them”- Jazz recalled her dad saying as he handed her a strip of condoms.


She knew her dad was a unique man but overly caring, even offering to drive her to the nearest hotel if she wanted to have sex with someone and not do it in the bathroom like many other girls or in the back alley facing the risk of getting mugged.


Though she found it off-putting that her father basically demanded to know in full detail if she did have sex with someone, Jazz imagined it was his way of keeping her from sleeping around if she had to give out a report each time she opened her legs.


Jazz felt somewhat oppressed by having her dad constantly check if she used any of the condoms and to be heavily questioned if she had unprotected sex after picking her up from the club though never went as far as to personally check her vagina for seminal fluids, the girl was sure her dad meant well and was only looking out for her in his own extremely bizarre manner.


One night, tired of the same silly interrogation randomly asked a geeky looking boy out on a whim if he would like to sleep with her. The boy couldn’t believe his luck nor cared if it was a prank as he gleefully accepted, though Jazz didn’t wait for his reply as she was already texting her dad to pick her up.


“I’m gonna have sex with this guy, can you take us a motel?”- Jazz recalled teasing her father and expecting him to lash out on her though much to her surprise, Jack agreed to take her with a warm smile.


The man didn’t even flinch when she began making out with a boy two years older than her as they parked in front of the motel’s room he booked, nor say anything when the couple walked towards said room while the boy clearly shoved his finger inside of Jazz’s anus.


Jack stared at the window for several hours until the door opens letting his little girl walked out at four in the morning completely naked, her smiling face was blushing under ruined makeup while she effortlessly tried to adjust her unraveled hair.


“All done Daddy”- Jazz exclaimed as she climbed about the family Rv.


Jazz sat in the backseats with her legs wide open complaining about a sore pussy while showing three cum-filled condoms that her dad told to toss out the window as he began driving back home. It was troubling for him to drive while looking at his daughter’s redden vagina as she slept.



“Holy motherfucking shit!”- Kitty yelled out making Jazz break from her dreamlike state.


It was then that she granted the sight of the cheerleader squad including their captain Paulina Sanchez naked and bending over a table by the backdoor where several guests were busy penetrating their soaking wet pussies as hard as they could while other cheer them on.


“The fuck is going on?!”- Jazz questioned out loud.


A line of over twenty girls was busy having sex with several teens and even some adults who crashed the party, the trio watched in awe as a second group of boys got behind the cheerleaders and shoved their cocks inside of their already cum-filled holes.


Jazz stood upon to better see what was going on though noticed a couple of boys with erect penises walking towards her with grim expressions. The boys desist on their walk upon seeing her hard face as she stood next to Johnny who wasn’t much to look at.


Her eyes return to the cheerleaders as she saw their lustful faces as saliva dripped down from their smiling mouths though were quick to start sucking off anyone who stood too close like starving hounds which made Jazz wonder if they drank too much.


“Raid!!”- A voice suddenly yelled out from within the house.


The redhead turned her attention towards the house wondering what kind of silly game was this so-called “raid,” her eyes open wide upon in shock and fear upon seeing red and blue lights shining over the brick fence.


Her face turned pale as she realized they were none other than police cars which had parked on the street, there were plenty of reasons for their presence. Noise complaints could have been the main reason for their presence but once they saw marijuana and underage drinking, people were going to be arrested.  


The boys yanked their penises out of the cheerleader with several loud pops as they saw numerous policemen charging towards them while loudly ordering to lay on the ground, the grill master suddenly tossed the grill on the floor which everyone took as a cue to run away.


“My scholarship!!”- Jazz yelled out as she took hold of her purse.


“My promotion!!”- Johnny added in horror while grabbing both girls by their slender wrists.


The trio ran towards the back of the garden as dozens of teens joined them in their escape while a female officer clearly in charge ordered to stop at once, among the yelling of teens, Jazz could make the officer telling they were all arrested under suspicions of using and distributing “potion” to minors.


Kitty and Jazz now understood why everyone around was so sexually active, “potion” was a powerful and highly illegal aphrodisiac, the dream drug of all predators as it could instantly turn a nun into a sex starving whore.


From her peripherical vision, Jazz saw a police officer rushing towards her though failed to see a passed out drunken teen laying over the garden which made the officer fall to the ground, with a powerful leap, she reached the top of the brick fence and climb on top of it.


“Hurry up!”- Jazz ordered as she extended her hand towards both Kitty and Johnny.


From the fence, she could see several police officers tackling down teenagers before and her friends jumps down. Jazz’s butt landed on the hard floor before being pulled up by Johnny as they ran towards his bike while dozens of teens ran in all directions.


Kitty was rather impressed by how fast Jazz ran with high heels while dodging fleeing teens towards Johnny’s motorcycle which he parked half a block from the house as he couldn’t find a spot closer. Cars rushed out leaving smoke and dust in their wake as cop cars gave chase.


“Hop on, girls!”- Johnny ordered as he desperately tried to kick start his motorcycle.


“Let me get dressed first!”- Jazz demanded while opening her purse to pull out her dress.


From the street corner came a speeding police cruiser making all three to jump onboard the motorcycle. The boy’s a gifted rider as he sped between cars and fleeing partygoers while eluding the patrol cruiser.


Johnny didn’t need any instructions from either girl who demanded him to go faster as he saw a second patrol car coming his way, the boy knew better than take the main avenue and so took to the alleys where police cruisers had a much harder time following.


The redhead’s ample butt wiggled at the uneven street as Johnny did his very best to put as much distance as he could between the police and the bike. The boy pressed his breaks hard as he masterfully slides into the main road cutting off an ongoing car.


The car slammed his breaks as the driver stared in awe at the pair of large buttocks and wonderful holes which belong to Jazz Fenton as she disappeared in the distance, a sudden crashing sound forced his eyes away from the fleeing redhead towards a patrol car which got stuck between the building and a dumpster.


Johnny parked his motorcycle in the darkness under a bridge a few miles further, all three remained in silence as they saw the red and blue light of a patrol car passing above though let out a loud sigh of relief once they saw the police carried on.


“The hotel is just a few more blocks up the street.”- Jazz suddenly proclaimed as she pulled out her dress.


“Wait a minute!”- Kitty retorted as she too got dressed, “you still wanna fuck after all that shit?!”-


“Why of course I want to fuck.”- Jazz replied as she leans on the motorcycle’s seat. “What better moment to fuck than after alluding arrest”- the redhead winked.



 Both Kitty and Johnny sat over a motel bed wearing only a towel around their bodies as they heard the shower running in the bathroom where their redhead friend was busy rinsing off the sweat earn during their escape.


While Kitty struggled between turning on the large flat screen by the corner to at least create some background noise, her boyfriend walked around the room while trying to distract himself with pictures of the city landscape hanging on the white painted walls.


“This motel is a lot fancier than I thought”- Johnny commented trying to hide his cracking voice.


There was a clear hint of nervousness coming from the boy as he knew that making love to two girls at the same time requires great effort, especially with someone like Jazz Fenton whose well-toned physique gave out an intimidating aura.


Kitty’s attention was drawn towards the door as it open letting steam rush out from the bathroom as the Jazz walked out drying her long red hair though not brothering in covering herself with the towel as she saw there was no point in it.


“I like coming here to play with my friends from time to time.”- Jazz said as she tossed her towel over the chair.


Her sense of modesty had walked out the door the moment she began dancing naked among other drunken teens after having slept with a boy whose name she had already forgotten. She smiles warmly at Kitty though took noticed


It was upon seeing the redhead bending over to search for her phone that Kitty was starting to have second thoughts about this, her body couldn’t even begin to compare to that of Jazz who was several cup sizes bigger than her and had many more curves.


There was the latent fear that Johnny might break up with her in favor of Jazz. The teen was superficial but so far loyal to her which could easily change if Jazz exhibited him any sort of romantic interest no matter how small.


Kitty’s eyes turned over to her boyfriend who had been looking forward to this moment ever since she proposed the idea to him several weeks ago, Johnny had hinted his desire for a threesome through jokes and baseless random comments but never expect his girlfriend to come up with the idea.


The sounds of soft classical music coming from her cellphone echo within the room cuing the couple to take off their towels. Kitty crawled over to the head of the bed where she laid down with her legs slightly open as per the redhead’s instructions.


“Man, this is a whole lot more embarrassing than running around in my undies.”- Kitty proclaimed as she saw Jazz putting her face near her bare vagina.


“Don’t worry I know what to do”- Jazz winked as she leans in closer.


The redhead kneeled down while lifting her butt up high in the air making sure her holes were in full display for Johnny’s visual pleasure. Kitty let out a soft moan upon feeling Jazz’s long wet tongue touching her vagina.


Kitty squirmed under the masterful tongue which made sure to pass over each of vaginal folds, the girl bit down on her finger trying her very best to not moan loud. She had never been licked in such manner before not even by Johnny.   


Her eyes fell upon Johnny who busies himself by licking Jazz’s cunt much as if he were a dog, unlike the redhead with her masterful technique that sends shivers across Kitty’s body, his was lacking in every and all sense.


“Fuck! I’m cumming!”- Kitty yelled out.


Jazz sat down whipping love juice from her mouth forcing Johnny to pull his tongue out of her pussy, though he didn’t say it out loud was very grateful for this as his tongue was tired and turning numb due to the constant and monotonous movements.


“Who goes first?”- Jazz casually asked as she pulled out a condom from her purse which rested over the nightstand.


“First for what?”- Kitty asked in return.


The redhead couldn’t help but let out a loud roar of laughter upon seeing the innocent look yet confused expression Kitty’s face. The green-haired girl blush upon realizing that Jazz meant who was going to have sex with Johnny first.


Both girls looked over to Johnny waiting for him to choose who was going first, Jazz smiled as the boy let her know she was going first with a simple nod of the head making his girlfriend frown as the redhead laid over the bed.


Jazz pressed her back over the warm mattress as she opens her legs wide showing her vagina which made Johnny gulp down, Kitty’s heart begun beating hard as she saw her boyfriend’s penis probing unto the redhead’s pussy.


In a single movement, Johnny shoved his cock deep inside Jazz’s tight cunt making her arch her back followed by a pleasurable moan, it took all of his will power not to cum upon penetrating her as never before had felt such a warm and tight pussy.


Johnny knew Jazz wasn’t a virgin and that she had been up and down the block several times, even so, her pussy was tighter than Kitty when she was still a virgin. Her wet vaginal walls attached to his penis like a snake to its prey.


Even through the condom, he could feel her warm fluids drenching his cock. Despite it being Kitty’s idea, she couldn’t help but feel a sickening wave of jealousy upon seeing the satisfied expression drawn on her boyfriend’s face.


Her eyes open in horror as Johnny lean in closer to kiss the redhead, her heart trembles in both fear and anger as she wanted to yank him by his ponytail but before she could do anything to ruin the passionate embrace, Jazz put her finger unto his lips.


“No kissing.”- the girl with red hair said in a teasing manner.


Kitty felt a huge weight being lifted off her back upon processing Jazz’s words, she knew from the very beginning that she wasn’t remotely interested in Johnny and was only having sex with him as a personal favor.


“Shit! I can’t hold it!”- Johnny exclaimed as he pressed his body to the redhead.


Kitty raised an eyebrow as the boy wrapped his arms around Jazz and begun cumming hard inside of her. Jazz gave him a warm smile upon seeing his embarrassed expression though deep down was expecting more from him.


Even Mikey lasted longer than Johnny despite being a virgin himself though Jazz attributed his endurance due to her not putting her “back” into it like with Johnny. It was then that she recalled riding the boy hard.


“I hope he’s not a quick squirt”- Jazz mentally wondered as Johnny pulled out.


“That’s a lot of cum”- Kitty suddenly retorted as she looked at the condom still wrapped around his penis. “You’ve never cum that much with me.”


Johnny’s face pale upon seeing the cold judgmental expression of his beloved girlfriend. The boy tried to attribute his excessive amount of cum to his lack of masturbation which only made both girls laugh out loud.


Slowly and gently Jazz laid the boy over the bed as she and Kitty laid by his sides so they could begin licking his nipples while the redhead caressed his manhood. Both girls began working their way down to his crotch.


Soon Johnny couldn’t see his lower half as green and red hairs blocked off his view though could feel their wet tongues licking his penis clean of semen. Jazz smiled long and wide upon seeing him become erect once more.


“What are you doing?”- Johnny questioned once the girls stop their combined fellatio.


The girls crossed their legs together trapping his manhood in between their vaginas, Kitty slides up and down on her boyfriend’s cock following Jazz rhythmic moves making the boy close his eyes as he began to relax.


His enjoyment was short-lived as both girls suddenly stopped though by the time he opened his eyes there was a pair of large and round buttocks before him which belonged to Jazz. Almost with exact synchrony, Jazz pressed her cunt to Johnny’s mouth as Kitty penetrated herself with Johnny’s cock.    


Jazz’s flavor was by far tastier than his girlfriend though would never say it out loud. While Johnny was enjoying the redhead’s cunt, both girls looked at each other for a moment before locking lips together.


Their tongues danced with one another as Jazz hugged the green-haired girl never breaking their kiss. Jazz had refused to make out with Johnny but was having no such issue with Kitty as she sways her hips on her boyfriend’s crotch.


“Ahh!”- Kitty suddenly said as warm cum began gushing out from Johnny drenching her womb.


The redhead saw with a tired smile as Kitty fell over the bed while panting, a thin layer of sweat was starting to form over her body as she whizzed for air. Slowly Jazz got off Johnny’s face and noticed it was shinnying due to her cunt juice.


“I think I can manage one more”- Johnny told her though found himself unable to even sit up.


“You two need to lay off the burgers and start working out”- Jazz teased as she walked over to the nightstand where her purse rested.


“Sorry guys but I gotta get back home before dad wakes up”- Jazz explained as she looked at her phone which told her it was already six in the morning. “You got the room until midday and make sure to enjoy the complimentary breakfast.”- the girl added as she got dressed and walked out the door.


Johnny wanted to drive her back home but the beer and the exhaustion from having such an intense night was kicking in, he passed out cold before having the opportunity to make his offer though the redhead had no trouble in flagging down a taxi.




Jazz quietly crossed the main door of Fenton Works and was quickly engulf by the delicious aroma of cooked bacon, slowly she crept her way towards the kitchen where she spotted her younger brother Danny fixing breakfast.


“Had fun?”- Danny asked without turning around but serving a second plate.


“Yeah… but I expected more from Johnny. He could only fuck me twice”- Jazz replied as she pours herself a cup of coffee.


“Told ya”- Danny casually remarked as he set two plates on the table and invited his sister for breakfast. “Heard things got a little crazy at the party.”


Jazz saw her younger brother slide his smartphone towards her showing a news bulletin about the party. Several party-goers were arrested for possession of narcotics and the date-rape drug commonly known as “Potion” which put the Baxter Family under police investigation.


Over two dozen teenagers were rushed to Amity Park General Hospital to be treated for “potion” intoxication. Jazz saw a picture of a tan girl whom she was sure was Paulina despite having her face blurred being boarded into an ambulance which made her be glad to have taken the vaccine before heading over to the party and made sure not to drink anything that wasn’t sealed.


Had she known that things would have ended up so badly, Jazz would have never gone over to the party in the first place risking her scholarship along with her reputation. Normally she avoided such parties in favor of the club but thought it would be a nice change of pace, especially considering that her brother was having company over.


“Good thing I got out of there before things got really bad”- Jazz said avoiding to tell him about her brief police chase. “Gonna take a nap.”


“See ya later sis.”- Danny replied.


The End.

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