Sluts of Amity Park

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A Model Life



Couple Sam x Vlad


The loud ringing of a bell echoed within the halls of Casper High and in less than a second later over a hundred kids rushed out from their classrooms chatting loudly among themselves as most already gathered into their own little social groups.


The nerds quickly rallied among other nerds as to protect themselves from the savage packs of jocks who stormed the hallways chanting Casper’s high hymn in direction to the football field for their afternoon practice.


Among all the students swarming the hallways stood out a singular girl named Samantha Manson who proudly who walked out from her classroom hardly giving her teacher a sideways glance while carrying her skull-shaped backpack over the right shoulder while chewing bubblegum.


Several teens both male and female stopped just to gawked at the sixteen-year-old black-haired teenager as she made her way on to her down the hall. More than one boy purposely dropped their books as Sam walked past them so they could get a glimpse under her very short miniskirt.


Sam loved the attention and acceptance she received from her peers as she sways her hips side to side making the boys drool over her black leather checkered miniskirt that hardly covered her plump ass, often letting them get a view of half her ass.


A simple black top covered her double D-cup breasts leaving her firm and well-marked belly fully exposed for everyone’s delight, though it was the sounds of her rocker stiletto boots which announced her presence.


“Evening Sam”- said a freckled covered girl as Sam winks at her making the nerdy girl nearly melt on the spot.


Most girls including all of the “Bottom feeders” wore similar to clothes as Sam, tight pants that hardly allowed for proper blood circulation, extremely short miniskirts and dresses that left little to the imagination along with tank tops which showed their bellies though most of the girls with the exception of the cheerleaders had a bit of a gut.


Thongs and G-strings were almost mandatory among the female students as those who wore normal underwear were victims of borderline teasing and in some cases cruel jokes, many girls employed the use of high heels despite hardly knowing how to walk with them and having more than one fall down the stairs.


Sam’s arrival at Casper high had set a new fashion trend among the student and much to the dislike of their puritan teachers who still refused to give out proper sexual education. Even the goth thought it was strange to see simple nerdy girls walking around in miniskirts showing their freckled filled asses, nevertheless, it did land them a few dates.


The goth couldn’t help but wonder how many girls had already popped their cherries due to her setting a new fashion trend. Sam was sure that the freckled girl already lost her virginity as she was being groped by whom seems to be her boyfriend.


Sam left the couple behind as she gracefully walked to her locker to retrieve her iPad and headphones before leaving Casper High for the weekend, it was then that she noticed a couple of jocks making fun of a much smaller and meek boy.


“Yo fuck off!”- Sam yelled out catching the attention of the jocks who surprisingly left though still shoved the boy against his locker.


“Thanks, Sam.”- the boy spoke with a timid voice.


“Yeah, whatever. Grow some balls will ya?”- Sam retorted rather crude.


Unlike the cheerleaders and football players who stood on top of the school’s hierarchy ruling over the geeks and nerds who are considered bottom feeders, Sam didn’t belong to either group and often remained along but stood at the same level as the cheerleaders though often mingled with the geeks.


She loathed how poorly the A-listers treated the rest of the student body, it disgusted her how the teachers oversaw the constant bullying. Despite the multiple invitations by the cheerleader to join them at their table, Sam always refused them though got along fairly well with most of them.


Instead, the goth either ate alone in the backyard or at the cafeteria while in the company of the geeks who saw her like some dark princess given her taste for dark makeup. Sam didn’t dislike at all the attention she got from them, in fact, she liked it very much.


“I’ll be cheering for you tomorrow night.”- the nerd said trying not to ogle too much at Sam while pulling out a magazine.


“Thanks.”- Sam replied as she looks at the magazine cover that had a picture of her riding a motorcycle in a bikini. “Try not to jerk off too much.”- the goth added.


Despite Sam’s defiant attitude and free-thinking persona, she is a rookie model for one of the country’s most prominent modelling agencies, Manson Elite Models, though the agency hardly ever hired underage girls, it was through her mother, Pamela Manson, who’s the current president and her father, Jeremy Manson, who serves as the head fashion designer that she got in.


Both her parents desperately wanted their only daughter to start her modelling career as soon as possible, little did they know was that Sam’s low self-esteem would fuel her passion for modelling once the cheering and praising begun.


Men and women watched her with admiring eyes sending delightful shivers up her spine as she paraded over the runway with a majestic aura for the very first time, it was then that Sam discovered her calling in life.


The goth did quickly discover her father possesses a rather unique take on fashion designs, often lacking too much fabric though still selling at exorbitant prices, ever since Sam’s birth, his unique vision turned towards the children line and much to many parent’s dislike kept true to his fashion view.


Sam’s parents not only approved but also encouraged their daughter’s dark and gothic taste in clothes as she was basically a walking advertisement for Pamela Manson who’s always been at the forefront of all fashion tendencies, she didn’t care in the least if their kid walked around in a sling bikini if that was in fashion.


It had only been two years since Sam started working as a model for Pamela but already behave like a professional, had the attitude and character to walk the runway like a veteran which made her parents more than proud.  


Everything within Sam’s wardrobe was personally design and handmade by her father, she had to admit that the man understood her style to perfection. The very short miniskirt which showed half of her plump butt and that she was oddly proud of, the tight black top that viciously hugged her D-cup breasts while exposing her firm belly to everyone were all made to show her beauty.


Even the knee-high rocker black stiletto boots which loves were designed by Jeremy and stood among his top sellers. It took her some time to get used to walking on high heels, even more than getting used to wearing thongs that her father personally made for her.


Samantha did have some issues during her first day of school with vice-principal Lancer who didn’t take kindly to her very revealing clothes, especially the “C-String” that literally plugged into her anus and which he “accidentally” saw when the goth was walking up the stairs.


Of course, a few donations for the building of the school’s new library and gym along with having a couple of photo sessions between Manson models and the school’s football team essentially change the school’s dress code, though it was the many sponsorships the agency offered to the school along with full scholarships to the most “achieving” students that close the deal.


There was an ongoing rumor of an unspoken rule that said the scholarships were given only to those who not only excel in the academics but publicly dress in Manson clothes, it was this belief among many other reasons why many students quickly accepted this new daring trend.


Other close door rumors spoke about Lancer and the principal along with a handful of loudmouth teachers getting some alone time with a few over-eager models at a nearby hotel in return for turning a blind eye whenever students came dressed in Manson clothing.


Soon enough, the hallways were plastered with Manson elite modelling agency paraphernalia, not a single classroom or hallway was left without an advertisement, the pool and locker rooms had posters of bikini models showing the latest products, even the girl’s bathroom had feminine hygiene products with more Manson propaganda.


The principal and other teachers including mister Lancer who was initially very against this new fashion wave begun encouraging their female students to start wearing Manson clothing though it took not only a great effort but a monumental one to get the parents into this new trend.


“Hi, Sam. Let me tell you that you were amazing last week.”- a tan girl suddenly said. “But I was a lot better than you.”


“…Thanks…Paulina”- the goth casually replied without taking her eyes off her locker.


The goth instantly knew who that irritating voice belonged to even before turning around, it was none other than Paulina Sanchez captain of the cheerleader squad and fellow rookie model who was working for Voorhees Supreme Modeling agency.   


The two agencies had been long time business rivals and though Sam couldn’t care any less for their trivial rivalry, Paulina took it to heart, often commenting on Sam’s poor taste or even attacking her vegetarianism whenever the goth was forced to wear leather or fur in the runway.


It was during the beauty pageant contest the city held every year that made their already staunch rivalry even more intense, both companies send in their best models to compete though many restrictions had been installed given that some smaller agencies had bribed the judges out of fear.


There was much at stake for every agency, more than just a few millions of dollars in free advertisements, this was a matter of pride which made Paulina sudden participation a huge shock for everyone especially for Pamela Manson.


Surely the girl is beautiful though unlike most models, Paulina possesses large natural breasts, a wonderful round butt and thick legs that made every boy in Casper High drool like hungry dogs, the only issue was her age, sixteen just like Sam.


That alone was the main reason that stopped Pamela from signing her daughter up for the contest as she needed to be at least seventeen, yet Voorhees modelling discovered several loopholes which they didn’t doubt taking advantage of seeing that Paulina is their best model fitting with the current trends.  


All that was required for a sixteen-year-old to participate in the contest including the bikini walk was to have written consent from the model’s parents. Naturally, Pamela and her husband were rather quick to sign their daughter up for the beauty pageant.


Sam initially didn’t want to participate in the beauty pageant contest despite her parents forcing her to and even giving her a very long speech about company and family pride to which the goth didn’t give a rat’s ass about.


Oddly enough, it was Paulina who convinced the goth to participate upon attacking her modelling skills by saying she was only there due to her mother’s influence, how she didn’t even know how to walk properly but what set Sam off was hearing how she would be a laughing stock once her “mommy” wasn’t there to help her out.


“What do you want Paulina?”- the goth asked not really caring to hear the answer.


“Oh, nothing at all. I just wanted to wish you good luck on tomorrow’s match. You’re gonna need it, after all, little tramp.”- Paulina replied with a smirk.


Both girls often “attacked” each other with ill-intended pleasantries and crooked smiles which lately became into more personal competitions between each other. Every conversation with Paulina no matter how simple and small rapidly became into the female version of a dick measuring contest.


It wasn’t strange to hear them teasing one another by calling each other names such as “Shallow” and “Tramp” nor was it odd to see them asking their fellow students and even teachers about who had the bigger breasts and the most desirable butt.


Sam nearly punched a student in the face after asking if he could touch her breasts just to be sure about the size, she lowered her hand upon seeing Paulina pulling her top and bra for her breasts to be “properly” measured.


An immense sense of pride overtook the goth who offered not only to have her breasts hand-measured but also her butt as she lifted her miniskirt showing her bare yet pale skin, it was a line not even Paulina was willing to cross and which brought a triumphant smile on Sam.


Their little competitions weren’t limited to simple verbal exchanges and random grabbing from the male students that freaked not Mr Lancer but all the teachers out, more due to the of fear of losing sponsorships if anything were to happen to the Manson top model, such as getting pregnant. 


One morning, Paulina arrived at school wearing a tight black leather dress and bragging about coming from an early photoshoot, but the following day Sam arrived at school with a whole photography team and held a day-long photoshoot.


Paulina was jealous green upon seeing the goth posing in a thong bikini at the cafeteria while her team photographed her in borderline erotic poses while the boys howled and the girls nearly passed out due to sheer excitement.  


The straw that broke the camel’s back was just a week ago as Sam arrived at the football field during Paulina’s evening cheerleading practice, the goth entered the field in a platform truck in company of a two dozen Manson models all dressed in a very erotic version of the school’s cheerleader uniform.


Paulina growled in a quiet fury as she saw how Sam and the other models did a very complex routine for the entire school, it was even worst to see her favorite rock band “Humpy Dumpty” performing for the whole school while Sam tossed out gift bags and was surprised to see a few girls wrestling for them which made Sam tossed even more.


It didn’t matter to Paulina that the whole spectacle was personally organized by Pamela Manson with weeks of anticipation and of course the school’s approval even had the goth practice the routine daily, just for them to introduce the new cheerleaders’ uniform, the very same all the cheerleaders took with delightfully greedy hands as they took more than one gift bag.


Despite Paulina’s dislike and shaming of Sam’s extravagant display at the football field, she still took four gift bags which contained lingerie, expensive makeup and a few T-shirts which she would never wear, at least not in public.  


“Don’t go crying to your mommy once I take that crown home and get named miss Phantom.”- Sam teased as she squeezes her large breasts.


“Keep dreaming! Loser!”- Paulina retorted.


“Are you calling moi a loser?”- Sam questioned as she pointed over to a poster with her picture.


Paulina couldn’t help but feel rampaging jealousy upon seeing Sam’s poster announcing a new and rather expensive perfume, her brazen smile and malicious look combine with the rocker style clothes she was wearing in the poster send girls and boys into a shopping frenzy.


There wasn’t a single corridor or classroom in the entire school that didn’t have at least one Manson Elite modelling poster on the wall. All posters held beautiful models carefully chosen for their exuberant bodies but above all their large breasts and butts.


Despite the many high-ranking models in display across the school, it was Sam who shined the brightest. Let it be in the school’s pool area where Sam advertises her family’s newest and most revealing swimsuits through a large billboard next to the entrance.


The laboratory had yet another poster though this time with Sam and a trio of models wearing lab coats over their bikinis as they encourage safety measures in the school labs. Ironically such posters cause more accidents than it prevented as most boys end up ogling at the half-naked girls hanging on the wall.


Even the bathrooms had Sam’s posters in which she appeared holding a string of condom while sitting over a pink colored bed and covering her breasts with the blanket, behind her was a window that showed a sign reading “Motel” and slogan underneath Sam’s nearly naked self that say “Keep safe, use Manson condoms for maximum pleasure and protection.”


“Yeah, I’m calling you a loser, just cause your mom is paying your way in doesn’t mean you have talent.”- Paulina spat venom.


The latina had been the queen bee in Casper high since elementary, the most popular girl and the most desire. Her popularity skyrockets once she began working as a model which she made sure everyone knew about, many of her peers would run-up to her asking for an autograph and nearly kissed the ground she walked over.


All of that came to an end once Sam Manson was transferred as she instantly caught the attention of everyone with her unique looks and confident attitude, but what truly earned the hearts of girls and boy was the way she even looked down on their teachers but still spoke with respect.


It was only a matter of time before word of Sam being a top model for one of the biggest modelling agencies in the country was spread throughout Casper high like wildfire. Soon enough, Paulina looked in horror as her herd of loyal sheep suddenly begun following a new shepherd.   


The goth didn’t need to tell anyone she was a model for them to stare in awe, instead, her attitude and exotic clothing did all the talking for her. Paulina’s perfect school life crumbled down before her very eyes in a matter of weeks.


“Whatever, shallow tramp.”- Sam replied as she took hold of her iPad and marched away from the fuming Latina. “Oh, and don’t forget to buy my new calendar.”- the goth replied pointing over the wall.


Naturally, Sam was chosen to be the model for Casper high’s new calendar which was being sold at the school’s store at a rather cheap price though eventually had to sky-rocket the price as the principal was unaware of its erotic content.


All of the pictures were of Sam in thong bikinis though June had the goth completely naked heading over to the beach which caused an outrage among the parents yet is died down as soon as it came out.


 The classrooms had posters of Sam Manson often in a bikini or other skimpy clothes but recently had been changed for a picture of her in the upcoming school uniform that the PTA demanded as to counter the new fashion wave that took over the school.


Little did the PDA know was that Manson clothing was in charge of designing and manufacturing the new uniforms which were composed of miniskirts and tied up shirts with a red and blue vest along with black high heels.



Sam smirk as she saw Paulina storming off in direction of the main entrance though completely forgot about the Latina within a few seconds as she took hold of her iPad and headed out of Casper high under the rhythms of Humpty Dumpty.


Upon exiting the building, Sam met with the blazing hot sun which made her pulled out a pair of sunglasses which alone worth twice the weekly salary of any of her teachers, the girl’s eyes fell upon the many students rushing over to the school bus or to the football fields.


“Better head home or mom will freak out.”- Sam whispered to herself.


The mighty bright sun shines over Sam as she began walking towards the school’s parking lot making her dark clothing contrast even more dramatically with her pale skin which made her stand out even more among her peers who looked at her like hungry dogs let it be boys or girls.


More boys and girls turned over to Sam as she quietly walked away from Casper High into the parking taking in all of the lustful yet admiring stares from her peers. She could feel the boys already undressing her with their gaze though it wasn’t hard to do since she was barely dressed, to begin with.  


Parked next to the bicycle racks were several motorcycles of varying sizes which belong to many students, among them was Sam’s black sport motorcycle which her parents were mostly if not fully against buying for her.


Many dozens of teens gathered to watch the goth mounted her “iron horse” mainly because her plump ass was in full view of everyone though Sam had not only already grown accustomed to being watched, she was looking forward to it and didn’t mind giving a little bit of a show as she arched her back while sliding in the key.


“Nice ass, Stacy but you ain’t got shit on Sam!”- a boy yelled out to a blonde girl making Sam turned over to him.


It wasn’t strange or unexpected to hear such comments every so often, Sam herself had been many times on the receiving end and though initially was very shocked soon begun to like such comments and even teased the boys by telling how they would never have her. That she was way out of their leagues.


“Go fuck yourself, Kwan, better yet, why don’t make sure that bitch, Star you’re dating isn’t sucking off Dash again.”- a boy walking next to Stacy suddenly interjected. “This ass is mine.”- the teen added while groping the blonde-haired girl.


There was a bit of jealousy within Sam now that the attention was drawn over to the couple who the backliner Kwan Li was teasing, the goth shook her head a couple of times and reminded herself that only a shallow tramp such as Paulina would be annoyed of not being the centre of attention.


“Fuck the two of you and I’m still your damn sister!”- the blonde girl retorted shoving her brother’s hand away making those close by laugh like hyenas.


Sam was more than sure many girls were having their sexual awaking far sooner thanks to her but wondered how many lose their V-card already with a boyfriend or even an older brother, even Sam herself was very interested in sex and despite how much skin she showed, no one had propositioned her.


As the goth drives out of the parking lot she couldn’t help but wonder why no one had approached her yet, she was sure the boys would be fighting each other with sticks just to say hi to her but all simply watch her from afar with dreamy eyes and tents in their pants.


“Man, I would feel like a whore standing there.”- Sam whispered while looking over to her school peers as they waited for their parents or to board the school bus.


Had it been a little darker, Sam could have sworn to be seeing a line of prostitutes trying to pick up “Johns” at the sidewalk and street corner, she couldn’t help but giggled as she saw the girls getting inside of their parents’ cars and imagine them being actual hookers about to service their clients.


The Manson influence was more notable after school especially as almost all the female students and even some teachers wore something from Manson clothing such as high heels and miniskirts with fishnet stockings or skin-tight minidresses.


Many female teachers mainly the prettier ones such as Sam’s history, miss Bridget began to follow their students’ example and arrived at Casper high in Manson wares though most bizarre was how all the girls behave according to their age despite their revealing clothing.


Running and fooling around without a care in the world, not being bothered by how their short skirts flipped showing their lower halves. It didn’t matter that their small butts were in full view of others, especially older men who grew accustomed to seeing nearly naked girls.


A few of the older girls openly flirted with their male peers not caring if they were younger or older, they felt powerful in such clothes as it made almost all boys meek. Naturally, the presence of school guards was more notable ever since this new fashion wave took place though no incidents had yet been reported.


Putting aside the slightly higher than the average price for clothes, a more interesting question was how did they ask their parents to buy them G-strings and thongs to complement their extremely short skirts and dresses which left very little to the imagination.


Sam stopped her motorcycle at the stoplight though looked over to the sidewalk in silence and noticed girls slightly younger than her holding hands with their fathers or at least men who seem to be their father, seeing them marching in miniskirts that showed their bottoms turned it into a most disturbing scene, one that in previous years would have merit police attention.


Not all girls weren’t brave enough to show so much skin and opted for skin-tight jeans yet made great efforts to show their sexy underwear beating the original purpose of a thong which is to hide the underwear lines.


Sam’s eyes fell upon one of her many posters decorating the city walls, her face was plastered everywhere in Amity Park though lately was sharing space with the world-famous rock star Ember McLain who was coming to town for a grand concert.


The goth felt proud for sharing the publicity space as her favorite singer even more now that her father’s reputation skyrocketed once the rock star, Ember McLain personally and publicly asked him to design her stage costumes for her upcoming concert.   


“I wonder if mom would let me go to the concert.”- Sam wondered as she parked her motorcycle in front of her family’s manor.


“Hi, Sam.”- a beautiful Latin woman said as she passed the goth while jogging.


“Evening, Mrs. Maria”- Sam replied with courtesy.


The goth’s eyes laid over the very small Manson brand pink booty shorts the tan woman wore with pride over her bubble butt and which Sam recall having a similar pair in her bedroom though in black with a skull in the middle.



“Good evening miss Samantha...”- an older and bolding man said as he opened the garage door for her.


“What’s up, Hobson?”- Sam greeted with a smile as she dragged her bike inside.


“The master is waiting for you within his office.”- Hobson said with an elegant as he opens the door leading into the house.


Sam smiles and winks at the family butler after giving him a soft thanks though wonders if he was being paid to call her dad “master” or was its part of his butler training, she knew the man came from England and perhaps that’s how things were done there.


The living room was beyond impressive with its large columns in the middle and fancy white furniture overviewing a fireplace, a piano no one knew how to play stood by the corner and several bookcases pressed against the walls.


Her high heels echoing within the empty living room as she made her into yet another empty corridor though filled with expensive paintings. The mansion didn’t have more than one butler, a single cook and two maids at any given time.


It made the house feel mainly empty, overly silent and sometimes even haunted especially if one of the maids were walking around the halls in their high heels which echoed rather ominously during the late evenings.


Sam walked down the hallway with no hurry at all since he didn’t call her cellphone. With a couple of knocks on the wooden door, the girl entered the office where a blonde-haired man in his early forties quickly greets her with a huge white toothy smile.


Despite being on the forefront of the fashion world, the man wore a modest white shirt covered by a light blue vest with yellow dots accompanied by brown pants which made him seem more like the classic suburban dad from the fifty’s television shows.


It was rather hard to believe this simple dress man was responsible for changing fashion sense at a whim, his word alone sending hordes of people into a shopping frenzy. Even the most puritan of parents dressed their daughters in Manson clothes.


Standing by his right was Sam’s beautiful mother Pamela Manson, a woman of similar age to her husband with short orange color hair though could trick people into thinking she was hardly in her mid-twenties; the stylish pink dress accentuated her modest breasts and curves though far less revealing than anything Sam wore.


The goth felt her mother was a bit of a hypocrite as she never wore anything remotely similar to what she wore on a daily basis, it was most likely that her perfectly round ass had never felt the touch of a thong despite forcing Sam to wear them though her taste for pearl necklaces and diamond rings were what stood out the most as it clearly showed her high social status.


Sam marched over to the desk and soon place her bare buttocks over the cold leather chair without making so much as a sound. Despite her “whorish” clothing, Sam elegantly crossed her legs and put her hand over the knees.


“Hi, mom… dad.”- the goth muttered. 


“Hello, sweetheart. I know how nervous you must be to have reached the finals but I want you to know that you have all our trust.”- Pamela spoke while putting her hand over Sam’s thigh. “I know you can win.”- the woman added.   


“Don’t’ worry, mom. I got it all under control besides that shallow tramp isn’t gonna beat me.”- Sam retorted.


Pamela’s face brightens up as she saw her daughter so fill with enthusiasm and desire to win which was something, she attributed to herself, the woman had always been very competitive and was sure that trait was passed down to Sam.    


“There’s a delicate matter we would like to discuss”- Jeremy spoke while looking down on his desk.




Sam raised her head up high and proud as the spotlight shine over her and the other contestants while staring down at the crowd gathered before her. Men and women were sited at Amity Park Grand plaza hotel’s salon. One of the most exclusive hotels in the whole city and the one chosen to host the pageant every year.


A light rain began to fall but the sounds of soft chattering echoed within the massive room as music which Sam had only ever heard in the elevator of shopping mall helped silence the rain just outside of the hotel.  


Her bright violet eyes set over the five judges, all “important” figures of the fashion world but none more than Vlad Masters, owner of the most prestigious cosmopolitan magazine in the country, a well-known figure though Sam hadn’t heard his name before.


Their eyes set with one another making the goth smile at grey ponytailed man as she was sure of her victory. Sam cared little for the pageant but it meant the world for her parents and gone through great lengths to give her an advantage over all the other girls.


“You know I got an ace under the sleeve.”- Paulina whispered to Sam as they began their parade.


“I’m getting crown miss Phantom this year but you won’t even be in the top ten.”- Sam teased as she recalled her previous night.  


Sam’s stare was set over the window overviewing the city as she soaked her body in the warm waters of the bathtub while listening to Ember McLain’s song. The pink colored bubbles floated over the watery surface as the scent of roses coming from her soap permeated the air.


The gothic style model stood up letting the soapy water dripped down her perfect figure as she opens the drain letting the water flow out, her slender fingers take hold of the sprinkler which she uses to rinse off the remaining soap from her body.


Carefully makes her way towards the bathroom mirror after drying herself with a soft towel, Sam wasn’t one to ogle at herself for too long and previously didn’t care much for fashion or other than black colored clothes though now had a vast selection in her wardrobe.


“Can’t believe I got so good at this whole makeup deal so quickly.”- Sam muttered to herself as she finished applying her dark gothic eyeshade.


In a matter of a few short weeks, Sam had achieved near-professional skill when it came down to applying makeup though never once imagine using such abilities beyond her daily life as she had professionals doing that for her during her photoshoots.


Eventually and by merely paying attention end up learning a little more than the basic within the first few days and soon became part of her morning routine as it was remarkably useful whenever her mother took her out for the evening.


In the last year, Sam had constantly visited many of the city nightclubs and during her summer vacation travel to several cities across the country for exclusive photoshoots with famous brands though in the last few months took a serious liking for “The candy shop” nightclub.


The owners of the establishment had even set a special table where everyone could see her and her dashing looks whenever visiting, her sole presence mean very high sales but often got the police involved as more than one guy try to hook up with only for another to knock him down.


Sam looked over at the black lingerie her mother had recently purchased and slide the G-string between her legs allowing the silk string to make its way into her buttocks. Even from before becoming model, the goth had a taste for such lustful clothes.


“Let’s do this”- Sam told herself.


The goth stepped out of the bathroom dressed in black thong lingerie with her ever-present rocker stiletto boots, long leather gloves and gothic style makeup that included purple shade and black lipstick, her short black hair tied in her customary ponytail.


Before her was a man in his late thirties with long greyish hair sitting over the couch next to the bed, legs crossed while trying to read a newspaper which he put down over the nightstand upon noticing the girl walking over to him.


“Oh, my. Mister Vlad, you’re early, I wasn’t expecting you another thirty minutes.”- Sam teased as she sat over the man’s lap.


“What kind of gentleman would I be if I let such a wonderful young lady waiting.”- Vlad replied gently pulling her face up with his finger.


Sam’s heart was beating so hard it felt as if it were about to burst out of her chest as she had never been so close to a man before, very few at school and outside ever dared to approach her and even the fewer that did only asked for an autograph.


The goth expected Vlad to go straight for her plump ass or massive breasts, perhaps even both but much to her surprise chose to caress her thick and soft legs, taking his time to enjoy the soft skin. Her eyes set over the suave man allowing his cologne to penetrated her nose while enjoying the moment.


His touch was gently and experience, which made her heartbeats even louder. Slowly, she leaned in closer to connect her lips to that of Vlad who replied with a soft kiss rather than forcing himself on the model, it was her first kiss.


There were no teeth bumping or awkward face movements while trying to find the right angle. The man guided her tender lips without the need to utter a single word as she rested her hips over Vlad’s lap.


Both his arms soon wrapped around Sam’s slender waist as she fell into a dreamlike state while her tongue danced around with Vlad, her body relax as all nervousness and doubt were slowly leaving her body, almost as if she had done it a hundred times with him.


The sudden sound of her bra being unbuckled broke her out the trance and back into reality where she was making out with a man whom she had never before seen, Sam’s face turned red as it was the first time someone had seen her bare breasts.


“Stand up.”- Vlad ordered as his hands slide down her waist pulling her thong and letting it fall to her ankles.


Sure enough, Sam was used to wearing skimpy clothes and letting everyone see her body, so far no one had seen her completely naked which not only made her face blush but her entire body as well, a soft tremble came upon her.


Vlad towered over the girl by nearly two heads which she found somewhat intimidating, even with her overly developed body, Sam was only sixteen and the man double her age but oddly felt comfortable in his presence.


It was then that Vlad ordered her to lay down on the bed, Sam wasn’t one to be following orders by just anyone but couldn’t resist doing as Vlad asked of her. The melodic sounds of soft jazz music started playing through the stereo giving a more romantic ambience.   


With a fearful heart, Sam opens her legs as Vlad place his face over her vagina. His breathing was touching her womanhood which only increased her nervousness as she wondered if the bath could mask any unwanted bodily odors.


“You’re by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, even your hymen is wonderful.”- Vlad commented making Sam blush.


Sam arched her back upon feeling Vlad’s slimy tongue touched her drenched cunt forcing her legs to spread even wider, never before had she felt like so. The goth was by no means new to anything sexual, many times before she has masturbated but it never felt so good.


Her voice was starting to come out which made her bite down on her finger more out pleasure than the need to remain silent, she could feel Vlad’s tongue passing through all her vaginal fold and going in circles around her clitoris.


“Oh my…. I’m cumming!”- Sam suddenly exclaimed.


Not a second later after this declaration felt her cunt melting. Love juices poured out of the goth though Vlad didn’t pull away not even an inch, rather than that begun drinking her cum as she climaxes and twirled over the bed.




Vlad stood up once more letting his young lover recover her breath yet Sam was unable to close her legs. It was the first time that she felt an actual orgasm, the large dark stain over the sheets were proof of that.


Her attention was pulled back to the older man who was calmly tossing his clothes over the couch, Sam quietly looked at him while basking in the afterglow. Vlad wasn’t behaving as she had expected, most teens would already be too busy trying shoved their cocks inside of her.


Yet Vlad was taking his time with her, eating her out and letting her relax rather than pushing her to continue. Sam knew that was experience taking lead, a mere virgin teen would have licked her like a dog and immediately tried to penetrate her.


Her lover was nothing like the men she had shared camera with. Vlad’s body didn’t have the six-pack she was so used to seeing in men let it be her age or older, he didn’t have an overly handsome face that shared borders with being feminine.


Sam gulped down hard as she sat up once Vlad tossed his underwear over the couch; her eyes fell down to his crotch. It was once again the first time she’d seen a naked man, there was no way or form that she could know if his member was large or small.


Almost instinctively Sam took hold of it, most of his meat rod fit in her with a small space between the fingers and the thumb, Sam could feel the veins as it pulsed within her hand. The girl slowly strokes him up and down a couple of time before bringing it to her mouth.


“You don’t have to do that.”- Vlad whispered.


“But I want to.”- Sam replied as it became fairly obvious that he was looking forward to it.


Sam opened her mouth and gently shoved the hard piece of meat while being careful to not scrapped him with her teeth, it tasted salty and was hard to breathe but even so continued to wrap her tongue around it.


It had been many years since her lips and tongue had savored the flavor of raw meat. Sam felt that if she wasn’t careful, she could actually become addicted to the taste of cock as strange as that sounded in her head.


Her movements were slow and dull but soon Vlad placed his large hands over her black jet hair and begun to sway his hips. Sam remained motionless as she opened her mouth while her lover was busy using her head to please his lower half.


Boiling hot semen rushed out of Vlad drenching Sam’s mouth almost choking her as the gooey fluid ran down her throat. The goth pulled Vlad’s manhood while trying not to couch too loudly but her main concerned was not to vomit and make a fool of herself.


“Sorry about that.”- Vlad apologized while lifting her face. “But you really know out to use that mouth of yours”- the man teased.


“Time for the main event?”- Sam asked. Her voice, her face was both filled with lust and desire.


The goth laid down on the bed no longer feeling nervous or afraid, modesty and shame had been replaced by desire and lust which took over the mind as she opens her legs wide apart showing a drench cunt, love juice was dripping over the bedsheets.


Unlike the many rumors that she had heard about boys being unable to regain an erection soon after cumming, Vlad proved to her that he could. His penis was hard like a rock which for a reason still unknown to Sam made her feel good.


Sam’s breathing intensified as she felt Vlad’s rod probing her wet cunt, slowly piercing her. The goth looked at her lover as a sudden jolt of pain ran from her crotch across her spine stopping at her head as she clenched her teeth and claw Vlad’s biceps.


The hymen had been ripped and she was no longer a virgin, with a single move Vlad had made her into a full woman. The man continues to push his cock deeper into the girl as she opens her legs ever furthermore out of reflex.


With each slide and thrust that Vlad made send light jolts of pain which little by little became more pleasureful, soon the goth traded her pain whines for lustful moans. Without realizing, she was on all fours being rammed hard.


Her large breasts bounced back and forth many times coming close to hitting her face, she couldn’t care any less for it as the pleasure felt was like none other. Her fingers couldn’t even begin to compare to such a delightful feeling.


“Oh my god! This if so fucking amazing!”- Sam said between moans.


Vlad pulled her up as he pressed his back over the mattress pushing his cock even further into Sam. She knew what had to be done by sheer instinct and firmly place her boots over the bed and begun bouncing up and down.


Her voice reverberated within the room as the sounds of her butt hitting Vlad’s hips accompanied the soft jazz music that still sounded. Sam quickly grew used to Vlad’s size which allowed her to keep up with the rhythms of love.


Once more, Sam found herself lying down on her back with both her legs resting over Vlad’s shoulders in a position known as the “mating press.” She could feel him going even deeper than before, her moans now turned into lustful whimpers.


“I’m cumming!”- Vlad declared.


The goth could feel his hot cum covering every single inch of her womb as she let out one final loud and lustful moan. Her legs had gone numb and her head was blank, all she could do was to bask in the afterglow.




Sam stood in her bikini looking at the crowd with pride as she was sure of her victory, her parents were sited at one of the honor tables looking up to her, it was still hard for Sam to believe that her own parents had organized a sex bribe with one of the judges. They managed to pay off another but Vlad was the only whom they couldn’t reach with money.


Sam couldn’t help but feel like a common prostitute after waking up the following morning alone in the bed, dry cum over the bedsheets. The goth legs wiggled like a newborn as she made her way towards her purse which rested on the drawer.


In order to avoid people making them out, Jeremy booked a modest hotel named the “pig pen” though the name didn’t sit well with either Sam or Pamela, it was a fairly decent place with actual suites, with no cameras in the lobby and tight lip staff.


Jeremy did get an earful from his wife upon being asked why he knew about such a place. Sam’s dad made no comments about it but made sure to explain in full details about how to get to the hotel and to simply walk into the room without uttering a word to the staff.


“And now to announce this year’s winners.” – A dark skin woman spoke out loud. “In third place…. Paulina Sanchez!”-


The cheerleader’s expression was that of full devastation as she placed a third-place banner over her shoulders and a delightfully decorated flower arrangement. Sam considered getting a third place was been overly generous with Paulina as she was too lousy in her dance routine and in her opinion had no other talents.


Sam puffed up her chest knowing she was the winner even sending a smirk to an almost tearful Paulina before casually glancing over Vlad who was sweating bricks, in fact, all the judges seem extremely nervous, some quietly talking among themselves. Sam found that most strange.


“This year’s runner up is…”- the hostess spoke as she opens the envelope. “Samantha Manson!”


“Say what!”- Sam unwillingly spoke out but quickly close her mouth.


The goth turned over to Vlad glaring daggers at the man who could only look down at the table. His hand was shaking while he tried to avoid her dreadful glare, Sam wanted to jump off the stage to beat him black and green for having used her. She gave her virginity in return for her victory and yet Vlad didn’t have the balls to keep his end of the deal.


Pamela and Jeremy had already bribed one of the judges, Sam felt used and betrayed not by her parents but by Vlad who promised her that the three judges would simply do what he told him if she were “extra” kind to him or so told Pamela.


“And now for this year’s Winner”- the hostess once more spoke as drumrolls echoed. “Amity Park’s new Phantom queen is…. Jazmine Fenton! Congratulations”-


A young woman with bright red hair a couple of years older than Sam and Paulina rushed forward with joyful tears in her eyes, her massive breasts bounced up and down as she reached the hostess who already had a glass crown over a red pillow at the ready.


Sam clenched her fist tightly as she saw this “Jasmine” bend slightly to receive the crown and the banner along with a rose bouquet. The skimpy bikini Jasmine wore allowed Sam to glare her body down, her abnormally large yet perfectly round breasts, the wide hips and bubble butt that clearly made the judges drool and finally well-tone legs most likely the product of extensive jogging.


“What does that bitch have that I don’t”- both Sam and Paulina asked at the same time.


Sam was more than sure to have aced every single one of the meaningless competitions from brainless questions about world peace to actual talent in which she’s convinced to be better than anyone else given her natural talent in the violin and being able to speak up to five languages. The goth knew she was leagues above all the other braindead models.


Neither Sam nor Paulina stayed for the rest of the celebration but neither did Vlad who seemed to have vanished soon after Jasmine’s “coronation.” Sam wanted answers from the man but would have to get them from her parents though oddly enough had gone AWOL too.




The following evening Sam tried to forget all about pageant incident and above all about the treacherous Vlad by jogging around the park though on her way back almost by a chance of fate saw Paulina walking into the Nasty Burger.


“Give me an extra-large double nasty with extra onions and a large soda.”- Paulina firmly ordered at the counter.


“Can you add a chocolate sundae and an apple pie”- Sam intervene while putting her arm around Paulina’s shoulder and laying down a fifty on the counter. “My treat”- the goth winked.


Paulina gazed over her meal for scores of minutes before taking a large and rather ungracious bite leaving ketchup on the corner of her mouth. Even Sam had a hard time starting to eat her dessert as she recalled her mother forcing a very strict diet that forbade any sort of sugar.


Following her diet was fairly easy for Sam due to her vegetarian lifestyle but the chocolate dance within her mouth sending the girl to pastry paradise for a few seconds, it made her realize how hard it was to live without sweets.


“Can’t believe that redheaded cow beat us. I was sure to win.”- Paulina suddenly spoke breaking the silence between them.


“Yeah, she probably slept with all five judges, maybe we should have fuck with more than one of them.”- Sam replied as she shoved a mouthful of apple pie.


Paulina slowly lifted her head from her burger over to Sam who was munching on her pie with grace, the Latina was promised by her manager that no one would know that she spent the night with one of the judges so she could be guarantee victory, not even her parents would know it.


A horrible sense of embarrassment embraced Paulina completely as she had been outed as nothing more than a mere whore who sold herself for a single vote, she wanted to run out of the burger joint and hide under a rock.


“We?”- the cheerleader whispered after a few seconds realizing she wasn’t being slut-shame. “You too?”- Paulina asked confirming that she indeed slept with a judge.


“Yeah, with that no-good small dick piece of shit Vlad Masters.”- the goth replied with venom.


“I got down with a fat prick named Chester.”- Paulina replied seeing that she got the worst guy in the bunch.


Both girls looked at each other for a brief moment before bursting out laughing and almost choking on their meals. They were well aware that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later but not getting what they wanted left them a horrible aftertaste.


“You know my folks had a long chat with Vlad. Told me the strangest thing.”- Sam added. “he says that some magical force made him vote for Jasmine.”- Sam added making the Latina raise an eyebrow.


“Strange, that the same thing my manager said about Chester. That someone was mentally controlling him.” -Paulina retorted. “At least I got some hush money out of it”-


The two girls shared the gossip and so-called intelligence they had gathered from Sam’s family and Paulina’s manager and discovered that the story repeated itself among the other judges who all claimed behind closed that they were controlled by someone who forced them to vote for Jasmine.  


What’s more, the redhead had aced every single competition she participated in but all of the judges including Vlad Masters vehemently refuse to accept that they were bribe or slept with Jasmine Fenton despite already accepted money or in Vlad’s case, Sam’s virginity for their votes.


They firmly believe to have been physically manipulated into voting for Jasmine. Vlad even claimed to have seen his veins popping up as his hand wrote the redhead’s name in his card, of course, the man did offer a vast amount of money as compensation since there was no way for him to proof his claims. The Manson family bodyguard, Goliath help persuaded Vlad into donating such money.


“Funny how people think my family’s business been around for decades. “Sam suddenly changed the subject. “Truth is, we only open shop some three years ago but really pick up in the last two years”- Sam spoke as she drank her soda which was forbidden.


“Really? I thought you guys been around for like ever.”- Paulina replied, she was sure to have grown up wearing Manson clothes, even seen her mother in their dresses.


“You see no one was buying my dad’s designs, after all what girl in their right mind would walk around showing their butts, better yet, what kind of a father is gonna buy such clothes.”- Sam expressed. “we were living in a shitty apartment, debts up to the neck.”


Paulina quietly heard Sam spoke about her past, she had never pictured the goth living like she once did. The cheerleader always thought Sam was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, due to her attitude.


“One day dad was drunk and told me about walking near lake eerie where he found a fountain and made a wish.”- Sam continued. “He wished for everyone to buy his clothes and be famous. Selfish? Yes, but he pulled us up too.”-


“I’ve been to lake eerie a hundred times and never seen any fountain.”- Paulina interrupted.


“Probably the rambling of a drunk who finally got his break.” Sam concluded.


The moon was out and about by the time both girls finished their meals knowing that they would have to put in extra hours at the gym to burn off the calories but was well worth it. Sam even considered a few upcoming escapades to the burger joint once in a while.


Both girls walked out of the Nasty burger with filled bellies, though before parting ways, Sam invited the Latina to her favorite nightclub, “The candy shop” which caught her by surprise as they were supposed to be rivals though accepted despite going to school the following morning.


“So, you have wished it, so shall it be.”- Sam suddenly said. “That’s the company motto, memorized it since my family’s agency is absorbing yours and we’re gonna be coworkers next month.”


Paulina sigh as she followed Sam.


The end.

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