Sluts of Amity Park

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A loving husband




Rain fell upon the city one late night, people rushed to their warm homes where a hot meal waited for some and others needed to cook for themselves. The rain-soaked a half build neon sign over a two-story building in the middle of the residential area.


Jack Fenton sat at the dinner table as he watched his beautiful wife walking into the room with a towel around her waist and a second drying her short hazel hair. The woman smiled at her husband as she dropped her towel on the clothing bin.


Her perfect hourglass figure was quite the sight for sore eyes, Jack couldn’t help but drool like a starving dog while watching how Maddie pulled out her favorite semi-translucid black nightgown set from the closet and tossed it on the bed.


Casually Maddie slides a thong between her plump ass cheeks and put on her nightgown while heading over to her beauty desk to comb her short hazel hair. Even with the thin dark fabric, her back could be fully appreciated but more important was her wide ass that couldn’t be covered.


“Tell me, my love. Have you thought about it?”- Jack asked as he looks at his wife.


“I don’t know… it’s kinda weird.”- Maddie replied.


The woman stood up from her chair making her ass wiggled for a moment before headed to towards the bed, Jack got the full view of his wife’s large and imposing double D breasts as she crawls on all fours over the bed.


“Please honey. You and I both know you’re gonna love it.”- Jack said with great confidence.


“I won’t lie, I probably will but still it’s weird”- Maddie implored as she began rubbing her husband’s cock through his pajamas.


Upon feeling him become hard, Maddie pulled down his pant making his cock pop out. The woman licked her lips and took all of Jack’s manhood deep into her mouth, saliva began to run down the phallus as she wrapped her tongue around.


“You worry too much babe.”- Jack said making his wife sigh in defeat. Maddie wasn’t too hard to convince, she was, in reality, looking forward to that weekend.


It was then that the woman felt her husband’s penis throbbing in her mouth bringing out a smirk as she forces the hardened piece of meat down her throat. The hot and gooey cum slide down her throat making her pussy drenched.


She knew better than to expect sex from her husband as the man couldn’t go hard for a second time no matter what she tried or did. It was the same routine each and every time they had any sort of intimacy. It was either a blowjob or a quickie under the bedsheets. 


“Fine. I’ll do it.”- Maddie exclaimed as she pulled out.


“Oh, thank you so much!”- Jack proclaimed quite loudly which made Maddie hushed her husband in fear of his loud voice waking up both their kids.


It took an inhumane effort to make little eight-year-old Daniel who she often called “Danny” to fall asleep which wasn’t an easy task given that her eldest daughter Jasmine Fenton who was only a couple of years older than Danny has an inquisitive nature proper of someone her age.


Jazz as both her parents often called her among other sweet nicknames was just as hard to get into bed. Despite her young age, the girl was already interested in books and often found herself reading, though yet had to learn how to read anything without pictures. 


“Vlad’s a close friend and I don’t want things to get awkward between more than it already is…”- Maddie said as she looks Jack’s flaccid penis knowing no amount of effort to could get it hard again.


In front of the community, Jack and Maddie was the strange ghost obsessed couple which made several of their neighbors keep a distance, eventually, most of the block came to appreciate them and their odd ways.


Like any other couple, they too had their own secrets, especially in the bedroom. Unlike most couples, Jack had a peculiar fetish hardly anyone could ever come to understand which he was only recently opening up to his wife, to be put plainly: he has a cuckold fetish.


The excitement of seeing or just knowing that Maddie was having sex with another man in the room next door was too intense for him to ignore. Even now, Jack couldn’t get hard again despite having a beautiful woman next to him.


Men would kill to have one single night with Maddie and yet Jack couldn’t bring himself to have sex with her more than once and was more than willing to share his beloved wife whom he loves dearly with anyone though had yet to act upon such forbidden desires.


None of his previous relationships at college before hooking up with Maddie could understand his bizarre fascination for seeing another man have their way with his girlfriend, it wasn’t a simple case of voyeurism, he needed to know it was his girlfriend who was having sex in the room next door.


Maddie was by no means any better as she just couldn’t keep her legs close during her college years, let it be at parties, or to get a better grade. This behavior brought ruin to many of her relationships as obviously none of her boyfriends could tolerate her constant cheating.


Their relationships didn’t last too long for this reason. Even with the fact that Maddie was a borderline nymphomaniac back in the day, she still believed in love and marriage, even dreamt of starting her own family one day.


It was one summer evening that Maddie found out about an “official” ghost investigation project. The only thing Maddie loves more than having sex was her love for the paranormal, the sheer thought of an unknown world made her shiver in excitement.


Even Jack’s strange inclination paled in comparison to his ghost obsession, it was during this particular event that the two of them first met, their love for the paranormal was so great it led them to start their own project and before realizing it they were a couple. 


“Don’t worry about me, honey. I take care of the kids.”- Jack retorted with a clearly satisfied expression. “And you’ve been so busy lately… I think you deserved a night off.”


“We’re just having a dinner; it doesn’t mean we’re gonna do anything else.”- Maddie added as she took her side of the bed taking note of her husband’s gleeful expression.


“I’m not asking you to sleep with him… but I won’t be angry if you do…”- Jack replied with an unusual smile on him.


Despite Jack’s goofy demeanor and somewhat clownish attitude to most situations was by no means a fool. The man could even be considered a genius given the fact he built a laser “gun” completely from scratch and with store-bought materials.


He knew Vlad had been in love with Maddie ever since he laid eyes over her once the woman joined the “ghost portal” project in which Jack was the head researcher, though back then Vlad was a shy and introverted geek who couldn’t even look over at Maddie’s general direction without turning into a tomato.


“I’m still surprised that shy little pushover became a multi-millionaire.”- Maddie exclaimed. “Maybe I should go and marry him instead.”- the woman teased with a smirk making her husband’s goofy face light up with glee.


Maddie wasn’t as shocked as she thought to be upon hearing that her husband whom she had been married for nearly ten years wanted her to sleep with their old college friend as she had suspected of his bizarre inclinations since they started dating, her proof was Jack’s smile upon seeing other men flirting with her.


During the first few years of their married life, Maddie tried to play the faithful and supporting wife keeping her desires in check. Eventually, the woman was beginning to grow tired of the same monotonous and repetitive sex which only came once every two or three months.


“You really won’t get angry if anything else happens?”- Maddie retorted playing with the idea of sleeping with Vlad.


Jack never once mentioned his strange inclinations for fear of destroying his marriage but he had known about his wife’s sexual escapades during their time in college even when they were dating which excited him greatly though stopped doing it after they got married.


The man couldn’t muster the courage until now to ask her to participate in her fetish, he knew Maddie would accept as their sex life is almost non existing at this point, mainly due to him not being able to get a proper erection or hold it for too long, it didn’t help that their kids constantly needed her and found herself tire most of the day.  


Maddie often found herself in the late hours of the night masturbating with any improvise dildo she could get her hands on, one too many carrots and cucumbers found their way into her pussy before reaching the dinner table the following day.


“I swear I won’t get angry… what’s more, I want you to have… fun…”- Jack found it almost impossible for him to utter the word sex.


Maddie had known close what an angry boyfriend looks like, on more than one occasion she had been slapped and even punched for sleeping around but she could that wouldn’t be the case with Jack as his gleeful told her. 


The thought of going out to a bar wearing her sluttiest outfit constantly ravaged her mind, not a single day when by that she didn’t want to go out and get hump by a hulking man, but couldn’t bring herself to act upon her desires.


The woman missed having a full night of sex and was now looking forward to this date with Vlad, though the man never once mentioned anything about sleeping together, just that he wanted to take her out for dinner… without her husband. 


“I’ll call Vlad in the morning and tell him we can have a date… But I don’t think Vlad’s wants fuck.”- Maddie proclaimed pretending to be bothered though was now looking forwards to that night.


“Once he sees you. I’m sure he’ll want to spread your legs on the spot.”- Jack replied as he wraps his arms around Maddie. He could feel her heartbeat increasing its pace.


Even Maddie blushed upon hearing her husband whispered to her ear about their best friend spreading her legs wide open and having his way with her. Years of sexual frustration were finally coming to an end.


“Love you, babe.”- Maddie whispered as she and her man fell asleep.


The Fenton were a unique couple, Maddie couldn’t keep her legs closed for too long and Jack loved knowing other men were enjoying his wife’s wet pussy.




True to her word, Maddie called Vlad first thing in the morning from the comfort of her bedroom while Jack was busy at the basement laboratory. The woman took the precaution of locking the bedroom door in order to avoid her kids from barging in.


A few minutes into the conversation and Maddie could hear the excitement in Vlad’s voice as she accepted to go out with him. Unbeknown to Maddie, Vlad was already texting his secretary to clear out all weekend as he was previously rejected by the woman and decided to carry on with his work.


“I’ll pick you up Friday night. You’re gonna love it, the food is great and the view from the balcony is to die for… you’ll love the salty evening breeze.”- Vlad exclaimed with cheer in his voice despite his secretary freaking out for having to cancel all previous appointments.


It was as Maddie feared, the man was going for the long-term plan, trying to charm her with luxurious which never truly impressed her. She was sure that Vlad wanted to take her to bed but was taking the careful and methodical route most likely due to her married condition.


“That sounds wonderful but I was kinda hoping for us to do a little more than just have dinner.”- Maddie set her trap.


She could hear clear heavy breathing coming from the other side of the line accompanied by a series of stammering, the line went silent for a minute but the sudden slamming of a door let her know Vlad was still there, a wide smile grew on her face as she heard Vlad’s voice coming up.   


“Wh-what do you have in mind?”- Vlad’s squeaked through the phone.


Maddie knew Jack was well aware that Vlad’s been love with her ever since their college years, she could have understood if Jack wanted her to satisfied her sexual needs with a stranger as there wouldn’t be any ties but with a close friend who has feeling for her was strange though the whole situation in itself was bizarre.  


Despite letting her inner whore loose whenever possible during her college years and being a known fairly well-known slut in the dorms, whom both students and teachers had their way with, Vlad never once approached her.


It was then that she saw the door opening letting her husband in while being followed by Jazz who was carrying her dolls in hands as she was out in the garden playing. Jack put his finger on his mouth as he whispered to his daughter to remain in silence.


Maddie gulps down as she looks at her husband expecting him to order her to hang up, yet he motions his hands encouraging her to continue with the conversation as Jazz crawls up her legs taking a seat on her lap.


“Well… I was hoping that after dinner, we could dance a little… probably make out at the restaurant’s balcony…”- Maddi looks straight at Jack’s eyes waiting for him to stop her but all she heard was Vlad’s heavy breathing, “then we could go to the hotel and fuck under the bedsheets all night long.”- Maddie continued with her most erotic voice going straight to the point.


 A strange sound crashing sound came from within the phone, if Maddie didn’t know any better, she could have sworn Vlad drop the phone and probably fell off his chair, though she shook that idea off as the man was by no means an awkward teenager being asked on a date for the first time.


“Holy shit! She’s really gonna do it with Vlad.”- Jack mentally screamed with joy as he almost jumps over his spot catching Jazz and Maddie’s attention.


There was no going back now that she uttered those insane words in front of her husband and daughter, it wasn’t a game nor a joke. She truly wanted to have sex with Vlad now that she was sure Jack wanted it as well.


“I-I- well- I…Yes, of course… that… would… that’s… wonderful… What about Jack? I thought he was coming home late. He’s gonna ask questions if you’re not home… and the kids?”- Vlad asked.


The man wanted to punch himself for asking so many questions that could ruin his upcoming night, but even so, he didn’t want Jack barging into his office screaming at him for sleeping with his wife and landing a few punches before security could toss him out.


Vlad wanted to seduce Maddie and take her to bed, it was a dream he held ever since his freshman year at college, one that he never got the chance to make a reality given his extreme shyness, it didn’t help that he got a severe case of acne which needed of medical attention to treat.


“Don’t worry, babe. Jack’s going out of town for one of those ghost conventions and I already got a babysitter. See you on Friday.”- Maddie said as she blew a kiss through the phone before hanging up.


Maddie’s face was beet red as she looks at her husband and the prominent tent he was building in his pants before Jazz could ask any of her many questions, Maddie told her to leave as she and Jack needed to talk.


As the girl closed the door, she saw her mother kneeling down and unbuckling Jack’s pants. Maddie gave Jazz a stern look which told her to close the door and go play elsewhere.




It became apparent rather quickly that Jack was more excited than Maddie for the long-awaited Friday night to arrive, though the woman’s anxiety was growing rapidly once the day arrived and the master of the house was nowhere to be seen.


Jack had gone out shopping early that evening and was yet to return. Maddie didn’t call for a babysitter as she knew her husband was going to watch over the kids but the idea that he got cold feet and was out getting drunk ravage her mind.


“How long does it take to buy an apple pie”- Maddie thought wanting to scream.


Her eyes jump from her son whom she was making sure ate all on his plate to the clock on the kitchen wall. Jazz, on the other hand, did her best to use the fork to eat her fry chicken breast while ignoring her vegetables which Maddie didn’t miss out and ordered her to eat.


“Honey I’m home!”- Jack announced with his loud voice that echoes throughout the house.


Maddie let out a sigh of relief upon hearing her husband’s obnoxious voice, she quickly let him know she was in the kitchen with the kids. It wasn’t common for him to see Maddie outside her light green skintight jumpsuit.


Though Jack loves seeing his young wife wearing a skirt, the couple often found themselves working until late hours of the night on their “secret” project, and though no chemicals or other dangerous liquids were involved they still wore their tight hazmat suits as a precaution.


“I got the stuff you asked me for”- Jack said with a creepy smile that scared his young daughter.


“Thank you…”- Maddie fell silent as she looks at the bag’s contents.


The woman turns her attention towards her husband who was sporting a creepy and rather unsettling grin as she took out the apple pie which her son and daughter love to eat right after dinner, she noticed a second bag in Jack’s hand.


Jack straighten his back as he laid eyes over his family, it was the perfect family scenario, almost out of a postal card from a time in which such families were considered perfect, though no one ever stops to ask what was really going on.


“You’re still staying over… with Vlad… right?”- Jack asked timidly, though his crotch was anything but shy.


“Yes… I’ll be staying over.”- Maddie replied while returning her attention to Danny who was pulling her arm. “What’s in the bag?”- Maddie casually asked.


“Just a few things I thought you might need”- Jack replied


Maddie raised an eyebrow before turning her attention to the apple pie which she casually began slicing up for her kids. Now she was absolutely sure Jack was more excited by her upcoming date than even herself.


The man opened the plastic bag which held the logo of the local pharmacy allowing her to imagine the contents, Maddie sigh as only seconds later Jack produced three large condom packages, a lubricant tube, and birth-control pills.


“Really?”- Maddie asked with a sarcastic tone as she, in an act of courtesy bought her own condoms.


Maddie didn’t expect her husband’s fetish to be so intense and so deeply founded, going as far as to personally buying “Day-After” pills and condoms, even she understood it wasn’t normal for a husband to purchase such items for his wife to have sex with another man.


No one would even begin to imagine Maddie was going out later that night to sleep with her old college friend, even more, bizarre was the fact that she was being encouraged to do it by her husband who gains nothing from such illicit relationship.


The woman couldn’t believe her luck, to have found and married a man with such bizarre fetish. It meant she could go out every partying every night, pick up a random guy and come back home smelling of sex and semen, and not only would Jack not be upset, but he’d also be happy.


The idea of recovering her sex life was beginning to dawn on her, to stay out all night with some random man in a motel while her husband took care of the kids and the house sounded so fascinating in her head. It would be like going back to her college days.


“I hope it fits Vlad. He could be bigger than me.”- Jack said catching Jazz’s attention.


“Daddy’s a lot bigger than uncle Vlad”- the redhead exclaimed.


“That’s right baby, daddy’s much bigger… It’d be nice if Vlad did have eight inches.”- Maddie said with a sweet voice as her daughter gave a confused look. “I miss those…”


Jack looked at his young wife as she drowns in memories from her college years which she greatly misses, though the married couple ends up laughing out loud as the kids looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces.


“It’s already this late!”- Maddie yelled out as she saw the clock. “Jack can you wash the dishes while I take a bath, please?”- the woman asked of her husband though didn’t wait for an answer as she peeled off her apron and headed towards the door.  


“Mommy! I wanna take a bath too”- Jazz exclaimed while wrapping her arms around Maddie’s leg.


“Of course, baby.”- Maddie replied with a soft and tender voice knowing it was much easier and faster to take a bath with her daughter rather than spend scores of minutes trying to convince her not to.


Jack couldn’t take off his eyes from his wife and daughter as he sat in front of Danny. The man saw both girls walking out of the kitchen while cheerfully chatting about Jazz’s day at Casper elementary school.


“Come on little man, eat up.”- Jack told his young son as he gave him a slice of pie while he washed the dishes.




The redhead watched her mother sitting on the edge of the bathtub while soaping her large breasts with a new liquid soap she had recently bought, the fragrance it emanated was delightful which prompted the girl to cover herself in it as well.


Maddie took her time in the bath despite claiming to be running late, she made sure to clean each part of her body thoroughly and even got Jazz to scrub her back while she shaves her genital area and long legs.


The bathroom door slowly opens letting the steam flow out as Maddie walked out with a towel covering her body as Jazz followed while struggling with her own large towel which she couldn’t wrap around her waist like Maddie.


“Did you girls have fun?”- Jack asked as he followed his wife while carrying Danny in his arms along with the plastic bag.


“Yes, it was very relaxing.”- the woman replied as let tossed her towel on the cloth bin. “Jack, I’m a little busy. Could you make sure Jazz gets dress?”- the woman basically ordered.


The man properly wraps his daughter with the towel and picks her up heading towards her room, Jack turns his attention to the clock on the hallway wall seeing it was passed seven o’clock, his heart shivered as he knew Vlad was supposed to arrive at nine o’clock, therefore, had more than enough time to get ready.


Moments later Maddie sat on her beauty desk so she could apply her favorite makeup in front of the mirror, the first thing she took was her favorite red lipstick which began to apply on her luscious lips, purple shade was added to her eyes along with some blush that made her look stunning.


It was then that she noticed Jazz’s reflection on the mirror as she was standing behind her while wearing her pink pajamas even though her hair was still wet. Being naked in the bedroom while being watched by her ten-year-old daughter brought about a brief moment of embarrassment.


Taking a shower with the girl was a completely different matter from sitting naked next to her in the bedroom. It felt strange and uncomfortable to have Jazz so close, therefore, gently ordered her to go back to her room and play with her dolls until bedtime.


“Mommy you look really pretty”- the young redhead said ignoring the order. “Are you going out with Daddy?”


“No, mommy’s got a date with uncle Vlad, so Daddy’s gonna look after you.”- Maddie replied with a huge smile as she finished applying her eyeshade which she rarely got a chance to use.


With a kind smile, Maddie stands up patting Jazz on the head as she once more exposes her naked body to the innocent girl while heading over to the closet to fetch the dress she bought for her date with dear “uncle” Vlad.


Jazz tilted her head as she wondered what her mother meant by a date; she was already married but she did hear the word being thrown around very often. She wanted to asked about it but seeing her father was more excited about it than Maddie, stopped the girl from asking.


“What’s that?”- Jack asked upon seeing his wife take a large black plastic bag and a small box out of the closet.


“It’s a brand-new cocktail dress and high heels. I can’t go to the Grand Amity Hotel in my hazmat suit.”- Maddie said as she laid the clothes and shoes on the bed. “I hope you don’t mind but I took a pinch out of our bank account.”- she added with a smile.


Maddie produced a small skintight red sleeveless dress from out of the bag, the dress in itself barely reached beyond Maddie’s butt, the side of her legs was exposed, the man did wonder if the V-shape front which started basically at Maddie’s crotch could hold down his wife’s massive breasts.


“Yeah… um… no problem…”- Jack muttered wondering how much it really cost.


Upon turning back to her beauty desk, Maddie noticed her daughter was busy painting her lips with some of the red lipstick which brought a kind motherly smile. Following her motherly instincts, Maddie rushed over to Jazz and help her put on the lipstick.  


Having pretty up her daughter, Maddie then opens her attention towards the drawer and produced four sets of red lingerie to combine with her new dress. All where new thongs and G-strings which Jack hadn’t seen before.


“Which one do you like, Princess?”- Maddie asked keeping her motherly smile.


“Aren’t they kinda small…?”- Jazz replied as she walked closer to her mother.


“These are for dates, honey. Mommy got to look her very best.”- the woman commented.


Jazz looks carefully at all four sets next to her brother even touches them with her small fingers noticing they were extremely soft unlike her panties, but it was the string in the back which caught her attention as it was even thinner than her pinky. 


“That one! It’s really pretty!”- Jazz suddenly yelled after much deliberation, the kind only a ten-year-old can do.


Maddie turns her attention to a very small red satin G-string with frills on the top which resembled a heart, the little girl then puffs up her chest as Maddie compliments her for having such fine taste for in underwear.


“Are you sure you want to wear this? What if that string gets inside your butt? I can bring you my Crimson Chin undies. They’re super cool”- Jazz asked and offered.


“Thank you, honey, but I like this one more, besides this string is supposed to go inside mommy’s butt.”- Maddie replied as she slides her G-string and showing her plump ass to Jazz.


Her eyes widen upon seeing the red string disappeared between Maddie’s massive buttocks making the young girl giggle as she wonders what was the point in having such underwear. According to her, it didn't cover anything at all but Maddie explained that it made her feel very pretty.  


“What do you got planned for your date, mommy?”- Jazz innocently asked as Maddie looks at herself at the mirror wearing her new underwear.


The woman shifts her gaze towards Jazz with a smile and briefly turns over to her husband who looked at her with excitement while moving his head as if telling her to explain what she was planning to do. Maddie sighs once again as she sat on the bed after picking up the young redhead in her arms while Jack did the same on the chair by the beauty desk.


“Can you tell us your plans for tonight?”- Jack added with amusement.



Maddie gazes upon her young daughter’s innocent eyes and wonders if she too inherited her love for sex. The woman could feel Jazz’s small and warm butt on her lap as Danny stood next them watching with devotion.


“Well… honey, uncle Vlad and I are gonna have a romantic candlelight dinner at a wonderful restaurant in the Grand Amity Hotel while watching the ships at the bay from a balcony.”- Maddie said looking at Jazz’s childish face.


The redhead’s eyes illuminated as she imagines the large ships and grand décor of the restaurant which her mother spoke in detail, though Maddie had yet to set foot at the restaurant and had only seen the hotel in pictures Vlad send her but still made sure to set Jazz’s imagination loose.


“It sounds soooo yummy!”- the girl exclaimed as her mother talked about the fancy desserts they would be eating.


“Then we’re gonna dance a little, like this.”- Maddie continues as she lowers the girl to the floor and pretended to dance with her.


Upon hearing Maddie telling the redhaired girl how she and Vlad were going to be rubbing their crotches together on the dance floor while the man gropes her ass cheeks, Jack’s heartbeat like mad as his manhood became harder.


The man’s eyes nearly pop out of its sockets as Maddie pulled the girl’s hand to her plump buttocks to exemplified what she was talking about though the girl’s small body could barely reach above Maddie’s crotch. The woman instantly noticed her husband was packing a tent in his pants.


“I wanna go too!”- Jazz whined. “It sounds really fun”-


“No, baby. Only grownups can go”- Maddie replied sternly.


“But why!?”- the redhead continued whining.


“Because uncle Vlad and I are gonna spend the night at the hotel and I’m going to be very tired besides you’re going to see the Crimson Chin special at the mall in the morning”- the woman said trying to dissuade her daughter’s attempts of tagging along.


Jazz frown with annoyance as she really wanted to go, and enjoy the pastries, the view, and all the glamour the hotel could offer. Perhaps someday Maddie could convince Vlad to take the whole family though Jack would have to stay in a different room.


“I wanna go! I wanna go-”- the redhead repeated.


“You can’t go because Mommy is gonna have sex with uncle Vlad.”- Jack suddenly answered.


The woman looks at him with horror as her face turns pale while considering what made him say something so ludicrous, the idea that perhaps Jack was having seconds thoughts grew within her, she wondered if that was his way of telling her not to go after all.


But Maddie was looking forward to this night and was hopeful it could lead to many more, therefore, she took a deep breath toughening her heart as she sees her daughter looking at both of them with a puzzled stare.


“That’s right, uncle Vlad and I are gonna be having a lot of hard sex and you are too young to watch”- Maddie replied with a mocking expression towards her husband.


“What’s that?”- Jazz naturally asked.


She had heard about sex before but the teachers at Casper High elementary never went into details and even treated it like a taboo word which was rather frustrating. Like any other child, her attention was shifted from wanting to go to the hotel to the word.


“It’s a special game only grown-ups can play.”- Maddie calmly replied.


The woman hoped that would have been more than enough to satisfied her daughter's curiosity as the girl was too young and naïve to know what the word and act meant, but hope that was enough to keep her quiet and let her finish getting ready for her date.


“How do you play it? Can I play too with uncle Vlad?”- Jazz asked knowing there was much more behind it.


“No! sorry, baby. I told you already, only grown-ups are allowed to play… it’s the law…”-Maddie wasn’t lying as it could get Vlad in jail if he ever touched Jazz in the wrong way.


Maddie loved that her daughter was so curious but right now wanted her to just shut up and go to bed. The woman kindly but firmly told her to go and watch cartoons in the living room with her brother but Jazz’s face was threatening with starting a tantrum if her demands weren’t met.


“Jazz, why don’t you take a seat next to Mommy while she tells you how to play that special game.”- Jack said with a smile. “And I want to know what you’re planning to do in bed tonight”


She didn’t know what kind of game her husband was playing but seeing that Vlad wouldn’t arrive for another hour made her take a seat on the bed. Maddie looked over to Jack for a moment expecting him to retract his statement or say he was just joking. His gleeful face told her that he really wanted her to go through with it.   


“Sex is…”- Maddie looked at her daughter’s curious expression.


“Could you explain it… in detail....”- Jack added, his face filled with lust.


Maddie's expression soon shifted from embarrassment to one filled with frustration though accompanied by an inexplicable lust she couldn’t control. In utter defeat, Maddie falls on the bed resting her back on the mattress.


“Fine!!”- Maddie yelled out as she tossed her hand in the air. “Sex is… when a man and a woman get naked together and touch each other’s special parts to make a baby.”- the woman continued as her face turned red with embarrassment as she never imagined having this conversation so soon.


“Are you gonna make a baby with uncle Vlad?”- Danny suddenly asked forcing Maddie to look up to him.


“No, honey. I’m not making a baby”- Maddie said in a sweet voice as she rushed over to Danny taking him in arms. “I already got you two”- added the woman as she kissed the boy.


“Then why are you doing it if you’re not making a baby?”- Danny’s eyes watered up at the thought of another family member.


“A lot of people do because it’s really, really fun and it feels very good.”- Maddie said already thinking about Vlad.


“But you said you can make a baby with sex”- Jazz wasn’t letting go of the subject.


Maddie knew her daughter was too young to understand and hopefully to remember any of this in the future. The woman was absolutely sure that her kids would probably forget about it once their favorite television show began.


She didn’t even know where to begin explaining until her husband suggested using herself and Vlad as an example, Maddie glared at Jack not liking one bit his depraved but didn’t want to waste any more time with his silly games as she needed to finish getting dress.


“To put it simple; sex is something wonderful that a man and a woman who like each other do, you see the man’s penis...”- Maddie was interrupted midsentence.


“What’s a penis?”- Jazz suddenly asked. “And what does a boy have to do with having sex? And why do you have to get naked with uncle Vlad?”- the redhead began bombarding her mother with questions.


Maddie sighed in defeat as she hung her head low, she just wanted for all of this to end so she could get dress and finish getting ready for her date with Vlad. No longer did she care for sugaring up the explanation.


“A penis is a wonderful part of a boy that can make a girl feel really good and it a lot more fun to do it naked.”- Maddie said bluntly as she pointed over to Jack’s crotch.


“Ahh! You mean a Pee-Pee!”- Jazz yelled out having realized what her mother was trying to say. 


Maddie shushed Jazz for talking too loudly and corrected her daughter while explaining the real name as she wanted to avoid going over the same subject again. Her inner slut and scientist persona both agree that if she had to give this conversation it would be done right…


“You see, for mommy and uncle Vlad to have sex we have to get naked, then uncle Vlad’s penis is gonna get really-really big and hard”- Maddie said while drooling over the though. “Then he’s gonna shove his hard penis inside mommy.”-


“It goes inside you? Sounds like it hurts…”- Danny whimpered.


“Oh, no-no-no, it doesn’t hurt at all sweetheart. It feels really, really, really good and mommy loves doing it”- Maddie told her youngest.


Danny’s eyes watered as he asked about her wanting to make a new baby replace him between heavy breathing and tears, Maddie promptly told it was nothing more than a fun game, but seeing the boy beginning to cry prompted her to rush to the kitchen and bring up the bag which contains the condoms.


“Look! If uncle Vlad puts this on his penis then mommy won’t have another baby!”- Maddie said as she took her son in her arms while showing him a condom, Maddie herself found it strange but couldn’t bear the thought of making her son feel so insecure. “and these pills help too! I only want you two, I swear!”- the woman added as she tossed the box over the bed.


Jazz shifted her attention away from her mother and brother to the silver box on the bed with the logo “Voorhees Machete.” For a brief moment, she mistook the condom wrapper for that of candy but upon taking it in her hands noticed a semi-hard ring within the plastic wrapping.  


Curious as she is, Jazz tore the wrap open wanting to know what all the fuzz was about, her sweet eyes fell upon a small ring and what she could only interpret it as a small balloon once extended. The girl giggles as the lubricant from the rubber got on her fingers.


“What’s this thing supposed to do anyway?”- the redhead asked while cleaning her hand on the bedsheets.


Maddie couldn’t help but find it hilarious to see her eldest daughter sliding her fingers inside the rubber trying to figure out how it works and why it was so slippery. The family matriarch knew Jazz was too young but had already open pandora’s box and her inner scientist refused to let the girl go misinformed.


“It’s to trap the semen,”- Maddie said knowing it was for the best to tell Jazz everything so she wouldn’t go around asking someone who definitely shouldn’t know the house secrets.


It was then that she noticed her husband was waving a cucumber in his hand which made her wonder when and how, but importantly why would he have such vegetable in hand, her expression darkens as her husband suggest to give the kids a clearer example of it use.


“Don’t fucking push it”- Maddie said venomously making Jack shrink in his spot.


“Mommy said a bad word!”- Danny yelled out having already forgotten the conversation.


“Please Maddie. The kids need to learn.”- Jack’s face was red with excitement.


“No way! Now get out because I need to get dress. Vlad would be here any moment now and I’m still buck naked.”- Maddie said firmly shoving her husband and kids out the door. “Oh, Jazz… don’t tell anyone about this…”



Jack and the kids all rally at the living room to watch Jazz favorite television show; The Adventures of Crimson Chin, while Maddie finished her preparations thought brought her more than one headache to see her eldest daughter so overly fascinated by the muscular hero.


The woman did wonder how it would feel to sleep with a man such as Crimson Chin even if he was fictional, his large arms and tight “six-pack” abdomen were simply to die for. It was a crying shame that her husband was exactly the opposite.    


“It’s like this, kids”- Jack exclaimed as he shows the children how to do the iconic victory pose of the great tv hero.


Jazz was the first to noticed Maddie making her way down the stairs, her celestial blue eyes fell up the skin-tight dress which exalted her feminine curvy body while lifting her large breasts with two rather thin layers of fabric which were meant for women with much smaller breasts than Maddie.


It was the sound of her red stiletto high heels which caught Jack’s attention. The man’s eyes open in wonder as he sees his beautiful wife standing by the base of the stairs though could clearly see the lines of her legs and hips which left little to the imagination.


“You look beautiful, Mads”- Jack said as his eyes open in delightful wonder.


“You think Vlad would like it too?”- The woman questioned as she turns around.


Jack and Jasmine both were granted the sight of Maddie’s back as the dress was completely missing the posterior and the lower part barely covered her ample ass, the man knew the dress was short but it was much shorter than expected.


“I’m sure he’s gonna love it”- Jack said barely above a whisper. “She never wears anything like that for me…”- Jack thought as Maddie took a seat on the couch to wait for her date to arrive.


Had anyone looked at her from behind would have assumed she was naked given the nature of the dress; her makeup was heavy but not scandalous in any way. Jack then noticed the brand-name purse which she only ever took out on very special occasions such as anniversaries by her side.


“Mommy you smell really good”- Danny said with his innocent voice.


Not a second after Maddie thanked his little boy for the compliment, did her phone gave a single ring. She gave out a long smile as recognized the special tone set only for Vlad which made her husband shiver in excitement.  


“Vlad’s waiting outside… better get going.”- Maddie said with a very cheerful voice. “Remember to put the kids to bed early…”- Maddie instructed her husband as she gave him the final recommendations. “I’ll be back in the morning so behave yourselves.”- Maddie told both Danny and Jazz as she gently pinches their fluffy cheeks.


The woman acted as if she was simply going to a PTA meeting at school, she was calm and collected, Jack did fail to see her lust full gaze on her way to the door. Maddie could feel her womanhood getting wet with each step.


“Have lots of fun and sex, mommy!”- Jazz exclaimed not truly understanding the meaning behind her words but making her mother blush.


“Of course, honey… I’ll make sure to have a lot of fun tonight.”- Maddie replied though moved her eyes towards her husband who held a crooked smile.


“Don’t forget about the video chat… I wanna see everything”- Jack half whispered before hiding behind the door. Maddie might never understand his fascination for this but at least she could enjoy herself.


Upon opening the door, she was greeted by the cool nightly breeze and the sight of a limousine along with a handsome man dressed in a black suit which screamed expensive, despite his grayish hair, Vlad wasn’t a day over thirty.


The woman forgot to tell her date to be discreet as the limousine, chauffeur, rose bouquet and his fancy outfit was anything but discreet. Most of her neighbors knew better to poke their noses into other people’s business, at least she didn’t have to worry for her front door neighbors as the house was for sale.


“Good evening, Maddie. May I say you look especially beautiful tonight?”- Vlad exclaimed upon seeing her walking closer to him in her luxurious red dress.   


“How kind of you”- the woman replied.


Much to Vlad's utter and absolute surprise, Maddie locked lips with him forcing her tongue into his mouth. The man was well aware of what Maddie was looking forward to but to kiss him in front of her house and possibly under the watchful eyes of her neighbors was something he didn’t see coming.


Slowly his hands wrapped around her slender waist though Maddie quickly took hold of his wrist and for a brief moment, Vlad thought he took too much liberty with her, rather than shoving him away, Maddie instead guided his hand down to her butt.


Without a moment's doubt, Vlad squeezed her buttocks as their tongues danced with each other while their driver patiently waited for them to finish. Only the driver noticed Jack was watching from behind the curtains but said nothing.


“Shall we get going then mister Vlad?”- Maddie teased as she climbs inside the vehicle.


Her delicate skin touched the fancy leather seats while taking notice that the only seat was built in a circular formation with a minibar in front of the only door, it was her first time inside such a luxurious vehicle though managed to act as if it were normal for her.


“Can I offer you something drink, Maddie?”- Vlad spoked while pointing his hand over to the minibar.


There were only a handful of bottles but each one easily cost a small fortune, at least ten times what the average worker made in a week. Maddie considered taking a sip of champagne or perhaps of wine, yet she turns her attention towards Vlad’s groin and smiles.


Vlad eye’s open wide as he saw how Maddie knew in front of him putting herself between his legs, the man’s heart beating was loud and his breathing began to hasten as he felt her hand caressing his crotch which made him feel like a teenager.


“I hope you don’t mind if I have some milk”- Maddie said as she pulled down her dress showing her bare breasts.


Vlad gulp down as the woman unzipped his pants pulling out his penis, he could feel her warm breath over the gland which made his erection pulse as a reaction. Her tongue soon found itself around the head and firmly pulling it inside her mouth.


He could feel his manhood going down Maddie’s throat as her tongue wrapped around it like a viper ready to kill its prey. Never before had Vlad been so glad to invest in tinted mirrors as it let him see the crowd of people walking around while the woman entertained his penis, all who were none the wiser of what was going on.


Suddenly a clicking sound broke him out of his trance as he noticed a phone in Maddie’s hand, the man grew fearful but quickly noticed the angle could only show Maddie with his penis inside her mouth which made no sense if she was trying to blackmail him.


“Maddie, you shouldn’t”- Vlad exclaimed with more than fear than what he wanted to show.


“Why not? It could be our only time together and I want a memento to remember this wonderful night”- Maddie replied with a tender expression.


Vlad let out a sigh of relief as Maddie continues to pleasure his lower half. Vlad understood that it was obvious that Maddie wanted a reminder of a real man unlike that joke of a husband she had back home looking after the kids, the man closes his eyes not noticing his date send the picture to her husband for only reasons Jack could ever come to understand.


A soft and delicate hand fondle Vlad’s testicle as she motions her head up and down his manly phallus. She could feel him throbbing within cueing her to speed up her movements as Vlad clench his hands on the leather seats.


Maddie’s cheeks puff up as Vlad unloaded his sperm within her mouth, the woman slowly and not daring to spill a single drop of semen peels her lips off him before drinking Vlad’s baby-making juice while sending him a seductive smile.


“We’re here, mister Vlad.”- A female voice exclaimed. 


Her eyes gaze upon the gorgeous woman who accompanies her boss as she elegantly descents from the car showing off her perfect makeup and glossy lips. Vlad soon follows her though had a large almost goofy smile.


Only after Maddie got off the limousine was that she noticed Vlad’s driver was a slender young woman with dark skin though wondered why she kept half her face covered by her long black hair, surely it would get in the way of driving.


“Thank you, Desiree. We’ll be staying the night so you’re dismissed.”- Vlad exclaimed as the woman did a half bow. 



Maddie’s eyes open in delight as she walks into the Grand Amity Hotel lead by Vlad’s hand, never before had she laid witness to such spectacle. The lobby was half the size of a football with gleaming tiles and marble columns, chief among these unnecessary luxurious was a golden chandelier.


Dozens among dozens of people walked around the lobby, many wearing stylish dresses and suits which made Maddie feel somewhat out of place, Vlad placed his hand over her hips feeling her soft skin as he guided her to the restaurant.


A young woman in a formal outfit with long blonde hair greeted them as once the couple was close enough, Vlad told her they had dinner reservations while Maddie turns her attention at the large water fountain by the entrance.  


“I got us a private table at the balcony”- Vlad said with a charming voice.


His wife briefly turned over to the main floor and smiled upon realizing the many plastic bimbos scattered across the tables couldn’t hold even hold a candle to Maddie’s beauty, despite having given birth to two wonderful children still held an amazing body.


The view from the balcony was beyond words, the large bay which was one of Amity Park’s main tourist traps, the cruise ships and yachts were quite the sights, even the crystal clear water was worth the trip, though Vlad was only interested in seeing Maddie and her large breasts which were like two powerful eye magnets.


Maddie could barely pronounce the names of the many foreign dishes on the menu, therefore, allowed Vlad to choose for her and though she was looking forward to the roasted duck her date ordered, she swears to be able to eat the whole course in just two bites.


The meal may have been fancy and delicious but the portions clearly weren’t worth the price, it was just as Maddie always thought, they weren’t paying for the food but the glamour of the restaurant.


It was rather unfortunate there wasn’t a dance floor though the couple was more interested in dancing within the privacy of the bedroom rather than on a dancing floor in front of several people, at least the view from the balcony was as splendid as Vlad promised.


Vlad and Maddie both felt like teenagers again as they made their way towards the elevator which would carry them to their bedroom, the two shared passionate kisses as her man fondled her large and plump ass from under the very short skirt.


The woman turns around so Vlad could nipple on her neck while she enjoys the view of the city from the glass elevator, his hands masterfully play with her breasts before heading further down once again though this time touching her clitoris.


“Oh, mister Vlad, you sure know how to treat a lady”- Maddie exclaimed as she stood in front of the presidential suite.


“You deserve only the very best.”- Vlad replied as he opens the door.


Maddie gazed upon the grandeur of the suite, and for a moment thought to herself about being able to get used to it. The last time she had ever been in a hotel room was during a family vacation just a couple of years after Danny was born.


The roadside motel in which Maddie and her family stayed couldn’t even begin to compare to the splendor before her eyes. There was a large living room with a fireplace in front of white sofas but more notable was the gigantic glass windows which took over the walls showing the entire bay. 


“Don’t worry Maddie. Those are one-way mirrors.”- Vlad reassured his date as Maddie noticed an arc on the wall leading to the actual bedroom.


Maddie’s cunt was starting to soak once more as Vlad began to kiss her again, more passionately than in the elevator though this time didn’t settle with just fondling her prominent assets, his fingers easily deprived her off the tight dress leaving the woman only in her G-string and high heels.


The man had dreamt of seeing Maddie in the nude for so many years, none of the women he bedded before could compare no matter how similar they were. It wasn’t a dream anymore and didn’t know what divinity to thank for this wonderful treat.


“Let’s take this to the bedroom, mister Vlad.”- Maddie loved teasing him with the word “mister” which only added fuel to his burning passion.


Maddie wiggles her exuberant backside as she takes hold of her purse making her way to the bedroom, the woman stops for a moment as the lights turn on automatically. She wondered if there was an ongoing theme with the windows.


Once again, the wall in front of the bed had been replaced with large windows, it was uncomfortable but also exciting. Part of the ceiling was composed of yet another glass though she had to admit that being able to see the stars was rather romantic.


Upon putting her purse on the drawer, she could feel her heart beating louder as Vlad excuse himself to the bathroom as he wanted to “freshen” up. Maddie couldn’t help but feel like a teen about to pop her cheery despite the many dicks which she already shoved inside years ago.


The woman took out a condom strip from her purse she had bought the day before as she couldn’t bring herself to take the cheap rubbers her man got and knew would break, she noticed her phone was blinking, a text from Jack telling her she looked beautiful with a penis in her mouth.


Maddie didn’t know what to make of such an idiotic sentence and hope he wasn’t stupid enough to show it to either of their kids. The man was far more of a degenerate than she originally thought him to be, with a deep sigh, she started the video chat.


His goofy face pops up within seconds though little did Maddie know was that the broadcast was sent straight to the main computer on the laboratory as he plugged in his phone having been waiting all day for this moment. The basement laboratory was the family pride and joy, completely soundproof and without windows to guarantee maxim privacy.  


“I hope you like the show, honey.”- Maddie said before blowing him a kiss.



Moments later, Vlad walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist and smelling of expensive cologne, in his hand was the same brand of condoms Maddie bought and brought in place of the ones Jack bought her.


“I guess great minds think alike”- Maddie said as she waves the condoms in her hand.


Jack could see in full detail as to his best friend since college and wife were kissing with great passion, their tongues wrestle as Vlad’s towel fell off exposing his massive erection. Maddie followed his example and pulled away from her expensive lingerie which she bought with Jack’s money.


The couple made their way towards the bed though never breaking the kiss not even once, Maddie climbs over Vlad spreading herself over him, her starving and dripping cunt already eager to be feed with a real cock.


Back home, Jack tunes up the volume to the max knowing no one would hear Maddie and Vlad’s lovemaking, their neighbors had never once complained about the constant explosions and deafening power tools at late hours of the night.


“Is that mom?”- Jazz gave a silent thought as she stood behind her father. The man hadn’t acknowledge his daughter’s presence as he was much too focus on the giant screen and his beautiful wife.


Both Jack and his daughter Jazz watched with strange and almost obsessive fascination as Maddie pleasure Vlad with her mouth, the long tongue going from his balls all the way to the tip as he returned the favor by “eating” her out.


Her delicate flavor was by far better than anything that had ever grace his tongue in the past, it was then that Maddie pulled out as cum flushed out of Vlad, normally Maddie would have been more than glad to drink his “milk” but she wanted to give her man a show.  


“Ah! That’s… that thing… seamen!”- Jazz mentally screamed as she saw the cum covering her mother’s face.


The woman played with Vlad’s cock for a few more minutes, her delightful expression resounded within Jack as they both saw the man getting hard all over again. Jazz open her eyes wide as she saw her mother sliding down the rubber using only her mouth with a technique that could put even a professional whore to shame.


“So, that’s how it’s used!”- Jazz quietly declared while crossing her arms.


The two Fenton watched as Maddie hoovers her dripping wet cunt over Vlad’s long phallus, Jack quickly zooms in so he could get a good view of the penetration. Slowly and gently Maddie pushed the hard piece of meat inside herself letting out a long-awaited and lustful moan.


Jack had to pull the zoom back once his wife began to bounce on the man as she got out of camera shot, her large breasts bounced rhythmically to her hips moves. Maddie’s moans echo loudly within the basement though not a decibel made it out.


“You’re so big, mister Vlad!!”- Maddie screamed in pleasure as her husband pulled out his own penis to pleasure himself.  


Maddie got on all fours so her partner could now take the lead. Vlad slammed his hips with all his strength as the woman lost strength forcing her upper half to rest on the bed while her lower part was still up high and very busy, her plump ass made waves with each mighty impact pulling out lustful moans from the woman.


Her face strain as her cunt tighten to the point to the point in which Vlad could feel it was about to chop his dick off, the man couldn’t hold it anymore and fire his seed. Maddie bites the bedsheet as she felt the warm cum filling up the condom.


“I can’t believe it’s been so long since I was fucked this good!”- Maddie said not caring if Jack heard.


Jack remained in his seats not moving a single inch as the couple embrace once more lustfully kissing, Vlad fingered Maddie for scores of minutes and though repetitive was by no means a boring show for the two Fenton.


“I think I can manage one more”- Vlad didn’t want to waste this opportunity.


“Let’s go raw this time… and make sure to cum inside me”- Maddie exclaimed making her husband turn pale as a ghost. “don’t worry I’m on the pill.”- Maddie whispered making sure Jack wouldn’t hear.


The woman positions herself in such a manner that both her holes where in full view of the camera which Vlad hadn’t noticed yet. Maddie gently puts both feet on his shoulder as her partner pricks her cunt with his massive hardon.


Vlad wasn’t used to hard and strenuous exercise due to his office work and lost all power in his legs forcing his dick to dive-bomb inside of Maddie, his gland and her womb kissed each other as Maddie’s back twists in sheer bliss. 


Her vaginal folds quickly embrace all of Vlad’s manhood as her pussy juice turned almost into glue refusing to let him go. Using all his willpower, Vlad pulled back as much as he could before slamming himself back inside.


“Mister Vlad!! Mister Vlad, you’re so good!!”- Maddie yelled in between moaning not giving up on her personal game.


Never once in ten years had Jack seen his wife so wet before nor heard her moaning so loud and erotic, even desperate. Each hump sends vaginal liquid flying over the bed, her voice echoes within the bedroom and the basement as he saw Vlad going in and out.


Jazz couldn’t help but touch her crotch as she saw her mother’s ass bouncing up and down on the bed as she was getting pump, the girl’s eyes saw how Vlad slide in and out of Maddie as she screamed in delightful pleasure.   


“Maddie! I can’t hold it!! I’m gonna cum!”- Vlad declared.


“Do it! cum inside me!”- Maddie retorted.


His movements became faster and harder, Maddi’s legs dangle over his shoulders as not only her arms wrapped around his back her pussy clench unto Vlad. With a loud groan from the man and a lustful moan from Maddie, they both finished together.


Jack could see how his best friend still stuck inside of his wife, pulsing, ejaculating. The two lovers remained immobile for five whole minutes kissing, slowly Vlad’s penis became flaccid and exit the woman on its own. 


Not a single drop of cum flowed out of Maddie as she laid on the bed with her legs spread wide open, her red pussy in full view of the camera and her husband. The silk bed sheets were stain with cum and vaginal fluid, a proof of her infidelity.


“I thought Mommy didn’t wanna have a baby?”- Jazz suddenly asked though her father was too engrossed with the screen to pay any attention to her.


Using all their remaining strength and willpower, the couple crawled under the bedsheet falling fast asleep. Jack remained in his chair watching his wife sleeping with a satisfied grin as she rested her head over Vlad’s chest.


His eyes fell on the corner of the monitor and noticed it was already four in the morning, moments later the screen went black and a legend saying “Transmission failed” pop up. Maddie’s phone ran out of battery and the show was over. There was cum on the keyboard and part of the desk, some more on his hand. Slowly Jack turned around as he claps his hand turning the lights but failing to noticed the empty chair next to his own.



Maddie had promised to be back home by morning, but she was crossing the door on Monday wearing a completely new set of clothes, her face seemed far more refreshed than it had been in years, the man noticed a sliver gooey liquid on the corner of her lips. Jack was sure Maddie had some special “milk” for breakfast.


“Sorry, honey. Vlad got a special discount if we stay the weekend and it was so much fun. He was nice enough to give me a ride home.”- Maddie gave as an explanation once her husband inquired as to why she didn’t come home on Saturday as promised. 


“I’m glad you had fun, honey”- Jack said as his manhood was getting hard at the thought of what took place during the weekend.


“Don’t think I forgot about you”- Maddie added as she produced two brand-new phones. “This one’s yours honey. Check out the gallery.”


The couple often invested all their earnings on their ghost’s gadgets, projects and kids to ever spend on themselves, the two had survived using old phones they modified in order to keep up to date but seeing Maddie’s happy expression at the new device in her hand was trilling.


The first picture was that of Maddie sleeping naked on the bed, it was clearly taken on the morning she was supposed to be home, followed by another at the jacuzzi then the beach where she wore an extremely skimpy bikini in the family area.


“There was this silly fat lady who wanted me to put a different swimsuit or she would have me kicked out, but I really like that pink thong, thankfully Vlad got the hotel security to get rid of her.”- Maddie said as casual as day.


Several more photos showed her at the room’s balcony completely naked in broad daylight, one in particular showed a clearly underage bellboy setting their dinner in the background blushing madly due to the nude woman.


“I did give him a quick fuck as a tip when Vlad out talking on the phone.”- Maddie winked as Jack came across an eight minute video of herself getting penetrated from behind by the bellboy who was filming. “I’m sure he’s gonna bragged about with all his friends.”


Jack listen with devotion as his wife told him about spending more time naked on her back in the hotel room than she did touring the bay, she had live all her life at Amity and never truly stop to look at the city but for one weekend tasted the delicacies the city offered.


The days and weeks went by, everything seem normal. Maddie went back to her work and motherly routines though the heat was growing as summer was just around the corner, it was then that he noticed Jazz was busy looking at a swimwear catalogue with her brother.


A family vacation hadn’t been scheduled due multiple ghost conventions coming up Dimmesdale and several more cities around the country though Jack only planned on visiting Dimmesdale as an honored guest. The man did have the intention of taking both kids to the public pool or even to the beach.


“Once school’s over, we could go to the beach or the pool”- Jack said with his cheerful voice.


“Mom’s is gonna take us to Can-can”- Danny said making Jack raise an eyebrow.


“No, Danny it’s Cancun.”- the redhead corrected her brother.


The man knew they didn’t have the time or resources to have a vacation on a foreign land, it was then that he saw his wife at the kitchen making dinner and chose to asked about it directly to her wondering if she had some money save up for such a vacation.


“Oh, no, I don’t have that kind of money… Vlad’s gonna take us there during the summer… oh here you go honey…surprise!”- Maddie said as she handed him a series of first class airplane tickets for all the ghost conventions around the country and top-class lodgings.


Jack was more than sure Maddie didn’t have the time to see Vlad and much less to arrange all of this, she was busy all day with lab work, the house and taking care of the kids, she even started picking them up at school, not to mention the several PTA meetings during the week. 


“Vlad and I meet up every once in a while… to talk… in a motel room.”- Maddie said with a blush knowing it turned her husband on. “Sometimes we wait for him at school”-


“Where do you leave the kids?”- Jack asked knowing how hypocritical it sounded coming from him.


“In the room next door watching Crimson Chin on the HD tv.”- Maddie explained as she began serving her favorite chicken breast.


It had become part of Vlad’s routine to pick her up and the kids after school, and head over to Vlad’s city mansion as his Castle in Wisconsin was too far. His driver Desiree often served as a babysitter for the kids while her boss was busy entertaining Maddie.




Two weeks later Jack was standing on his doorsteps looking at Maddie and the kids as they were getting inside the limousine which they had all grown very fond of, even calling Desiree by her first name.


“I’m so sorry you can’t come, Jack. Your work is simply too important to overlook but I made all the arrangements for you to have the best lodging at Dimmesdale and Washington, they’ll treat you like a king”- Vlad said perhaps out of pity or remorse for stealing his wife. Perhaps as compensation.


It was only a few days later when Jack was getting ready for his flight to Dimmesdale that a videocall from Maddie reached his new phone. His eyes opened in glee as he saw his wife’s beautiful face as she laid on over her belly.


Jack could see both Danny and Jazz playing within the water with a dark skin woman in a swimsuit which left very little to the imagination, the man knew it was Vlad’s driver Desiree who’s in charge of looking out for the kids. The man’s heart began beating loudly as he noticed his beautiful wife was sunbathing in the nude while enjoying a mojito.


“I just wanted to wish you good luck at the convention, honey. Make sure to blow them away, speaking of which….”- Maddie said with a wink as Vlad suddenly came into view greeting him with a smile.


“Have fun…”- Jack said as Maddie hung up… he wouldn’t hear from them until the end of summer vacation.


The End.

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