Sluts of Amity Park

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Sluts of Amity Park


Chapter Thirteen: Voyeur


Strange and unusual contraptions were scattered across the shop catching the attention of a young bronze skin teenager hardly beyond fourteen, his brown eyes scanned with wonder at the many devices. Everything within the store was old and heavily used, but held on to a vintage charm that only techno savvies could appreciate more than the layman and their taste for fancy gadgets with bright colorful lights.


Tucker Foley was among those who knew how to properly appreciate such vintage technologies as he walked around the aisles, realistic-looking robots could be found by the corner which made him smile. A wide selection of old laptops that weigh nearly four kilos and are built to withstand bullets rested over one of the aisles next to several microchips, motherboards, and an array of cables of variating sizes.


The boy smiled long and wide upon laying eyes over an old desk computer that caught his attention with its big and bulky appearance, just as people from the 1950s imagine such devices would look like in the future. He couldn’t help but giggle upon seeing several old toys dating back to the early sixties, tiny robots and remote-control cars that were linked with a long thin cable were what stood out the most from the bunch.


As much as Tucker loved the vintage gadgets, there was no real use for a seven-hundred-megabyte laptop that couldn’t even run the most basic operating system, much less use any of the more recent programs. Not even the handheld eight-millimeter film recorder could sway the dark skin boy into spending his allowance on it, the device at mere sight seems useless compared to any modern camera as it had no memory port and required a literal film to work.


There was the ever-present possibility of updating the laptops to more current standards but ultimately beat the purpose of having a vintage item. But it was the high prices that kept Tucker from purchasing anything from the shop. Nevertheless, Tucker didn’t want to simply walk out without at least buying some cheap trinket mainly out of respect for the shop owner who had been eyeing him down for quite a while now, though it was obvious that it had nothing to do with his skin color.


The shop owner’s eyes sparkle each time, Tucker showed some level of interest in one of the many articles. As the boy made his way towards the counter holding a twenty-dollar 1970s toy robot past by a rack that caught his attention. It held several dozens of old magazines including some comic books going as back as the early forties, Tucker smirked as he wondered if there was a Crimson Chin first edition that could be worth thousands of dollars and which the store owner was aware of.


The boy discreetly turned over to the owner who was by the counter next to the door, an old man in his late sixties reading a book as old as the store itself if not older. Slowly and gently was how Tucker started to flip the covers one at a time. True enough, there was a 1965 Crimson Chin comic book next to a Crash Nebula of the same time, though neither seemed to be the first edition, or were signed, much less in mint conditions, yet Tucker was more than sure to be able to fetch a good price online.


It was more than clear the old man didn’t know the worth of these comics, perhaps the old-timer considered them nothing more than a worthless piece of paper and waste of space given the three-dollar price tag on the corner of each thin book. A wicked grin manifested on Tucker’s face as he took hold of the two comic books and headed towards the counter yet his attention was once more drawn toward the electronics that he favors over most other objects.


Old crappy televisions that collectors would address as Vintage were neatly displayed over a table, it amazed the boy as to how people could ever enjoy watching their favorite tv shows on a grainy bluish screen. Despite being tempted to buy a “vintage” 1985 laptop that seemed to be able to stop a bullet, he noticed an unopen box hidden behind one of the massive televisions. It was a small yellow box with a black stripe and a picture of what seemed to be a camera.


“Spy camera, see your girlfriend’s past sex life or peep into women's sexual adventures.”- Tucker mentally read the description.


He had heard that back in the 1970s people were all about sex, more so, than today’s current trends. Hot pants and other loosen clothing were the new challenging norms along with women no longer being shamed for having more than one partner in bed. The more Tucker read the backside descriptions the more interested he became, it almost sounded fake and was clearly a scam as there was no way for such an antiquated camera to be able to tell how many times someone had sex and much less be able to show it.


It was beyond ridiculous, even so, Tucker found himself standing in front of the old man behind the cash register that was as equally old as the so-called Spy Camera that the dark-skinned boy placed over the counter alongside a couple of comics.


“That be hundred and twenty, boy”- Tucker wasn’t expecting it to cost so much but compared to the other old devices it was dirt cheap.


Tucker then placed several small denomination bills over the counter, including several singles and a few coins expecting the old man to be upset for the great amount of loose change, yet he smiled while commenting on his lack of change.



Later that night Tucker inspected the camera in the comfort of his bedroom, he kindly expected it to have been swindled or at least made a fool of by handing him a plastic toy camera hence the low yet high price. The device was surprisingly heavy, being the tech nerd that he is, opened the camera and was most impressed by the interior. Several coil tubes, far too many interior lenses, and what seemed to be a translucid tube filled with a strange green liquid could be seen inside.


The glowing tiny lightbulbs gave the device a queer futuristic look despite looking like any other camera from the time period on the outside, black hard plastic sheets surrounded the contraption, silver medal for the lens, and a metallic handle underneath. Around twenty centimeters long and about ten wide, rather cumbersome compared to modern cameras.


Being a techno-savvy allowed Tucker to realize the camera resembled a Hanimex PZ500D though slightly larger given its strange mechanical components that the original camera didn’t have when put on the market. There was still no way for him to verify the claims of it being able to see into a woman’s past sexual encounters, Tucker didn’t want to try it on his mother since she was the only female available, he would have to be sick in the head to want to know her sex life.


Upon further inspecting the box, Tucker found two additional devices that came included with the camera. The first one resembled a somewhat steampunk-looking pair of goggles made with brass and leather. Quite heavy for any practical use, but came with a strap to hold the goggles to his head along with a long cable meant to be connected to the spy camera meaning there was no need to tamper with his computer in order to view his recordings.


The second device looked like a regular pair of glasses which looked similar to the X-ray lenses being sold back in the late 1950s, more notable were the green spirals, unlike said lenses, these were at least half an inch wide and most heavy. A green button on top of the glasses quickly drew his attention forcing the boy to press it, Tucker giggled like a fool as the spirals began to move on their own accord. Clearly a fancy toy from the early 70s, but the spirals didn’t block out his vision at all upon trying them on.


“Tucker!! Dinnertime”- A female voice called out to him.


The boy rushed out of his bedroom on the first floor eager to savor his mother’s homemade lasagna, the aroma of melted cheese and meat already making him drool like a starving dog as he descended the stairs.


“Mom!! What the hell!!?”- Tucker screamed in utter shock.


His mother Angela Foley was standing completely naked next to the dinner table, it was then that Tucker discovered a tattoo on his mother’s left buttock composed of two colorful butterflies flying over a red rose. The boy then took off his glasses only to see the woman fully dressed in her favorite purple dress, Angela stared at her son with a bewildered expression while wondering if she had put something that he really didn’t like in his dinner.


“What?”- the woman demanded.


“Oh, nothing, sorry. Teenage stuff.”- Tucker replied dismissively.


Not even a second after dinner was over, Tucker rushed to his bedroom excusing himself by telling his parents about homework that needed to be done, he was unable to believe the glasses were real X-ray lenses, able to visually remove clothing just like in the old ads. The boy confirmed this by standing in front of his mirror wearing a very thick coat yet could only see himself standing buck naked in front of the mirror. He could feel the wool and on closer inspection saw his feet floating an inch over the ground.


His eyes then turned over the camera ever so eager to start filming, his fourteen-year-old cock was hard just by imagining his hot neighbors and schoolmates in their most private. Disgusting by some standards but the hottest thing that ever happened to Tucker.




The following evening Tucker sat down alone in the shopping mall; a few passing girls giggled at him for wearing his X-Rays glasses unaware of its true ability. Their soft-looking round butts sway side to side as they marched away. Tucker wanted to tell his two best friends, Sam and Danny about this wonderful device, but at the same time wanted to keep it all for himself. Sam would berate him up and down for a whole year upon learning about the camera.


Claiming that he was violating a woman’s privacy just by using the x-ray glasses, Tucker kindly agrees to that as he wouldn’t want another horny boy to be ogling at his mother or viewing her sex life if the camera was real. Danny, on the other hand, would be more on Tucker’s side, but then again Danny was the one Tucker didn’t want to know about either the camera or the lenses. The boy already had his own secret, his own gig going on.


Daniel or as everyone called him Danny, was technically a superhero, being able to become into a freakish ghost-human hybrid, Tucker was most jealous of his best friend’s ability to fly and become invisible at will, of course, this came with a price. Fighting almost every day against some sort of despicable abomination that more often than not left bedridden at times for days with crack bones and horrid bruises. That was something Tucker wanted to avoid at all costs.


“Time to test this baby out”- Tucker whispered as he opened a small sports bag where the handheld camera was hidden.


A long thin cable connected to the back of the glasses straight to the hidden camera, Tucker felt like a real spy using such amazing technology while wondering why it didn’t become mainstream with the passing of years. Sure enough, there was a far better use for something so unique, beyond spying on women. Spies around the world would kill for such technology and yet were discarded at some backside antiquity shop.


Once the glasses and the camera were linked, his X-ray vision was suddenly turned off and all the women before Tucker were once again fully dressed, the device was far more-high tech than initially believed. According to the instruction manual, there were three buttons on the right ear support and a wheel, the middle button served to either start recording or to stop while the other two buttons and the wheel were for selecting or rejecting options.


Tucker found it very hard to believe the wheel was meant to select an option on the glasses as computers were clearly not available during that time and much less something so advanced, it was almost science fiction.


“She definitely looks like a slut”- Tucker gave a private thought.


Standing in front of a music store window was a young woman dressed in a rocker style outfit that consisted of a pair of leather boots, a miniskirt that allow part of her butt to be seen, a fishnet top that didn’t hide her bra. More notable was the short purple hair in which she kept the sides shaved, black mascara, and a silver ring on both her lips and nose link together by a short chain, Tucker wonder if she had to take it off to eat.


Upon activating the glasses, noticed a number appeared over the girl’s head and what seemed to be a stat option. The number was in reference to how many times she had sex throughout her life.


“One?”- Tucker whispered as he watched the woman.


It made no sense that someone dressed so lewd would have slept with only one man, her stats revealed her to be in her mid-twenties and had only done vaginal, it was strange to be reading someone else sexual records. The woman had lost her virginity just a month prior and only done vaginal once. Tucker was most awestricken by this as he was expecting her to be a massive whore who couldn’t kick the dick out of her mouth.


All he needed was to film a person for exactly five minutes without taking the glasses away so he could have access to her past experiences, once again, intrigued as to why this wasn’t being sold in mass or perhaps was already part of some government’s secret inventory.


“Fancy glasses you got there, Tucker”- said a very familiar voice.


The boy yanked off the glasses from his face and hid them inside his pockets while nervously looking over at Jazz Fenton, his best friend’s older sister, she was the classic case of a goody-two-shoes bookworm who spent every waking moment with her nose buried in a book. Tucker couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her beauty, despite being a redhead, her natural hair color was orange which was a very rare color, she had massive breasts and a large round butt. The boy was tempted to use the X-Ray on her.


“No! This is Danny’s sister. I can’t do that!”- Tucker mentally berated himself. “Yeah, I uh… found them in my basement.”- Tucker lied.


“Cool, see ya”- The redhead said as she walked away.


Tucker found himself fighting with all his might not to fall prey to his more basic instinct yet failing miserably as he took out the glasses though before he managed to pull the plug and activate the X-ray vision to see Jazz naked, saw something else, a number.


 “Seventy-five?”- Tucker whispered as he began recording the redhead.


The girl had stopped at a café stand giving Tucker enough time to film her, five minutes was surely a long time. He couldn’t believe the number over Jazz’s head, it made no sense at all, as she was just a nerd with big tits. The number was ludicrous, even ridiculous making Tucker believe the camera was either faulty or indeed nothing more than a fancy toy, perhaps meant as entertainment during a bachelor party, joking about the number of people someone slept with.


“Recording complete.”- A text appeared before Tucker’s eyes making him fall on the ground.




As night embraced the city so did guilt over Tucker's heart as his eyes transfix over the camera and the goggles. His intentions weren’t to record Danny’s sister nor to know her sex stats at all, it was a thing of the moment. Nevertheless, he couldn’t believe Jazz had seventy-five times sexual encounters, it was an absurd number as he didn’t recall Danny ever mentioning his sister having a boyfriend. Tucker strolled around his bedroom wondering if the device was real or just a toy.


Her stats were also ridiculous, according to the camera out of the seventy-five times she had sex, fifty-two were with different men and the rest were repeaters. Jazz seemed to favor vaginal but had a fair number of anal and oral included. 


“No point in wondering what ifs”- the boy said clenching his fist up high.


Tucker made sure the door was locked even putting a chair for further protection, then proceeded to remove all his clothes and put on the goggled while using the strap to hold down the camera to his side as he didn’t know how this part works. With trembling fingers was how Tucker selected the most recent video, he was shocked to see that it was labeled with the previous day, a Saturday, hopeful to see a “You got pranked” sign to appear. Deep down in his heart was expecting to see the redhead.


His bedroom vanished in the blink of an eye, replaced by a strange bedroom. Pink wallpaper, a wooden desk with a computer on top beside the door, a large double door closet following the desk, the boy’s attention was drawn towards a particular poster of a well-known music band, Humpy-Dumpty. Tucker knew where he was now, this was none other than Jazz’s bedroom. Though he had only seen it once before, the number of details was surreal, hardly any different from being there, he could even perceive the fragrance of a perfume.


Photos of the girl and her family rested on a shelf pressed against the wall just above the computer, some empty chip bags laid over the floor despite there being a trash bin next to the desk which Tucker found most odd. The sudden squeaking of the bed followed by some faint moaning scared Tucker who jump on his spot while turning around, never in a million years could he have imagined what his eyes were showing him.


Jazz was naked on all fours, back arch showing off her large round ass while a man twice her age was busy penetrating her. His large fat penis shoved deep inside the teenager’s pink pussy making her pant loudly.


“Harder!”- The redhead demanded of her lover. “Harder, mister Knight!”- she ordered.


Tucker watched as the man began to slam his hips harder against Jazz’s meaty buttocks creating little fleshy waves, bobbing Jazz’s head with each powerful strike followed by stronger moaning and panting. It was beyond surreal for Tucker who gazed dumbfounded at the sight before him, never once had he seen Danny’s sister make such lewd expressions. Eyes rolling back with her mouth open in utter pleasure, tongue sticking out.


“You like it deep, don’t you, bitch?”- the man asked, slamming his hips even harder.


“Yes, I love it”- Jazz replied with a loud erotic moan.


As enticing as it was to watch Jazz being pounded, Tucker turned his attention over to the man, long blonde hair, handsome to say the least, and rather athletic. A few scars around his back. The sounds of meat hitting meat echoed with might throughout the bedroom making Tucker wonder if anyone other he was listening in, the boy only had the goggles on but didn’t see any other port for a headphone.


By no means was this simply porn perhaps a strange and very advanced hologram, no, it felt like much more than that. Tucker felt as if was in the room with them seeing every intimate moment, feeling their body heat, and smelling the stench of sex. The couple then rolled over the bed allowing Jazz to mount her lover in what Tucker knew as a reverse cowgirl position, yet the girl placed her bare feet over the man’s thighs and her hands unto the bed for her better support.


Tucker gulped down as he saw Jazz’s vagina being penetrated in full detail, his own cock stiffening at the sight as the girl began once more to bounce over the stranger. Her large tits followed in rhythm. Wet smacking sounds filled Tucker’s ear as he watched perplexed while the redhead’s love liquid ran down from her cunt to her lover and unto bed staining the pink bedsheets which wrinkled given their violent bouncing.


“I can understand why people call you the Fright Knight!”- Jazz said between moans. “You got one big Excalibur!”- she added delighted.


Her expression was one of lust and desire, completely drowning in the pleasures of the flesh. Their movement was never-ceasing nor slowing, instead, becoming faster and erotic, Jazz’s voice was like nothing Tucker heard from her before. A bizarre mixture of moaning, panting and even whimpering came out from the redhead’s luscious lips as her lover added heavy breathing and groaning, Tucker wondered if their voices could be heard outside.


Once more the couple turned over the bed without ever breaking the insertion. Jazz pressed her back over the mattress as her man pulled her legs up putting them over his broad shoulders and continued pumping her.


“OHH!”- the redhead howled as she grasped the pillow.


Moments later, the man pulled out of the girl showing a full condom. Jazz exhaled in satisfaction as she rolled over her belly allowing Tucker to glue his eyes over the girl’s used plump butt as she smiles. It was then that the hologram ended.




“Wake up, man!”- Danny yelled as he smashed the buttons on his controller.


Days had gone by and the techno boy found himself playing video games with Danny at the local arcade alongside Sam, the whole hologram or vision still seem surreal to Tucker who had a hard time believing the nerdy redhead had such violent sex.


According to her stats, the man was a one-night stand as there was only an Id number next to the video while some of the other men had names, Tucker wasn’t sure what they could mean. Perhaps the redhead didn’t know his name after all or the device only named those men who slept with Jazz more than once, there was also the possibility of the device naming those who Jazz knew their names despite being a one-night-stand.


Too many questions were in the air. It was fairly obvious to assume she wasn’t dating anyone of them but how did she meet with these men? Dating apps? Hook-ups at a club? Was she an escort and taking clients?


 “Hey, Danny. Is Jazz dating someone?”- it was a stupid question, but perhaps it could clear a few details out.


“She’s way out of your league.”- Sam taunted as she started new gameplay.


Tucker frowned at his best friend’s laughter making him feel somehow ashamed for asking, yet was greatly tempted to tell Danny who was laughing the loudest about Jazz sleeping with some random man in her bedroom.


“Nah, I don’t think she’s seeing anyone, she rather have her face buried in a book than going out on a date.”- Danny said with cheer, “Can you believe she stayed at the library last Saturday while my parents and I went to a family party”- the boy added.


Tucker perked his head up as it was the same day the camera claimed Jazz was having intercourse with the blonde man nicknamed “Fright Knight.” It further cemented the strange machine’s credibility, he had seen a few more videos of the redhead with different men, and in different places.


Some seemed to be cheap hotel rooms judging by the linen, on other occasions, it was the complete opposite, fancy room with a splendid city view, later on, she appeared in what seemed to be a college dormitory, though Tucker wasn’t sure as the only place with dorms was Amity Park university, but she mainly had intercourse in her own bedroom.


Each video or hologram as Tucker preferred to call them came with an absurd number of details more particularly with smells and sensations, though couldn’t touch anything or anyone as his hands passed through them.


“Got some company”- Danny whispered as a blue mist came out from his mouth.


Both Tucker and Sam watched as Danny now in his alter ego form, The Phantom, fought against a well-known pushover ghost named Box Ghost, a silly little bluish creature with the ability to manipulate boxes and their content, hardly a challenge for Phantom. Tucker licks his lips while pulling out the pair of X-ray glasses ready to watch a bunch of naked teens and learn their stats, his eyes widen as something else caught his attention, more powerful than the apple bottoms of teen girls.


There were five full tally marks written in what seemed to be black marker over Samantha’s plump ass, the number over her head was just as amazing as that of Jazz, ninety-two which was impressive when compared to all the girls around her who had cero over their heads save for a handful yet didn’t reach the double digits. Tucker instantly began to record his best friend while Danny made a mockery of Ghost box who hardly could stand his ground, soon the threat was gone and Danny returned to his friends in his human form.




Once more, Tucker found himself locking the bedroom door ready to violate his best friend’s intimacy, his fingers course over Sam’s name. Eager to find out why there was a tally mark over her buttocks. The boy was most surprised to see there was half the number of videos compared to Jazz which Tucker found strange, as Sam had at least twenty more sexual encounters than Jazz.


His bedroom once more disappeared and in its place appeared a majestic room ten times bigger than his living room, the place was composed of large marble columns, white walls with golden decorations, and a large most imposing chandelier.


“Welcome to our annual Orgy for the rich and powerful.” Tucker read a large sign hanging over the main entrance.


The sudden and loud cacophony of moaning and panting scared the hell out of Tucker who turned around as dozens of people appeared all around him. Each one wearing nothing more than a pair of slippers and a golden masquerade.


Tuckers’ jaw nearly fell off his face upon laying eyes over a yellow circular couch place in the middle of the ballroom, there he saw none other than his best friend, Sam, who was squatting over a young man, his fat cock already inside the girl.


The goth was naked save for a pair of black leather thigh-high stiletto boots, her hair tied into a pair of buns along with sporting very heavy rocker style makeup, as Tucker came closer to his friend noticed that she was wearing what seemed to be a dog collar around her neck.


“The hell’s going on here?”- Tucker whispered as continued watching.


 Sam couldn’t fit the entire thing inside of her tight teenage cunt, reaching only halfway in, yet her expression was one pure ecstasy. Teeth grin into a wicked smile that Tucker hadn’t seen the girl make before. Out of nowhere a brown hair boy slightly older than Sam came from behind and shoved his boyhood into the goth’s backdoor making her yell out, though not in pain but joy. The girl bites down on her lower lips clearly enjoying the moment.


Tucker watched as the boy’s dick slides in and out of the goth for several minutes, neither of them wearing a condom which bothered Tucker as they finished inside of his best friend who let out a long and deep moan.


“Thank you for the milk, guys.”- Sam thanked the two guests as they both put a strip on her butt.


Only after being branded was that the goth stands up and nonchalantly walks over to the snack table leaving behind her two partners, cum dripping down from her reddish cunt and asshole, the girl smirked as she took hold of a cookie. Out of nowhere another many slightly older than the previous lifted the goth, opening her legs and sliding his hard dick into her asshole. Sam didn’t utter a single complaint, instead, a loud gasp came out of her lips.


Soon the girl was sliding up and down as if she was nothing more than a ragdoll, though her breasts were half the size of Jazz, they still bounced around with each stroke. Her anus glued on the man, refusing to let go of him. With a loud groan, he began firing his load unto the goth’s rectum filling her up to the brim, both the girl and the man remained in the position breathing heavy. Sam snuggled her nose unto her random lover before eating her cookie.


“Your turn, dude.”- the man said.


Tucker gulped down as the man passed Sam over to another who was looking at her with starving eyes, even having the courtesy of inserting the girl onto his penis and giving him a high five just the girl wrapped her arms and legs around her new partner. It was beyond bizarre to see how they traded Sam along with other girls as if they were mere objects, though, in hindsight, Sam also treated her partners, young or old as mere tools, pieces of meat for her pussy.


Stranger more was seeing the goth jumping from one man to another, for many months Tucker had firmly believed Sam to be in love with their mutual best friend, Danny, or at least have a crush on him. And yet, there she was filling her womb and anus with the semen of different men over and over, by now, Sam already drank to the very least and without exaggerating, a whole liter and a half of cum.


Tucker’s mouth was left ajar as he stood witness to a most bizarre scene of all, a circle with no less than thirty women including Sam and her mother was formed, each one on all four with their butts aiming to the sky and their heads buried in between each other’s legs. Soon several men mounted the women but didn’t penetrate them, just kept their throbbing dicks pressed against their holes. Tucker gulped down as he identify Sam via her butt due to her upper body being hidden away under her mother.


Under loud rhythmic music, the men shove their penises inside the bending women humping them twice almost in unison before pulling out and moving unto the next one. Tucker watch as the males repeated this action several times.


“What the hell is this? Some porn conga line?”- Tucker declared stupefied.


The boy watched in awe as the minutes piled up followed by an insane cacophony of moaning and panting, all under rhythmic music, men eventually ejaculated inside random females before stepping away decreasing the number of males participating until none was left. 


“Come on honey, time for the closing event, the rainbow party”- Pamela Manson said overly cheerful after resting for a quick while.


The orange-haired woman sporting a bob hairstyle from the early 70s, just like her daughter wore nothing more than a pair of white stiletto high heels but made sure to adorn herself with jewels such as a pearl necklace, diamond earrings, a gold chain around her hips and gold bracelets, she too sported a dog collar but in gold with diamonds.


Both mother and daughter marched over to a group of men and teens sitting over at the circular couch, each one sporting hard dicks. Pamela applied a ridiculous amount of red lipstick as did Sam with a purple color.


Over twenty girls of variating ages, some as young as Sam herself began sucking on the male guests, though unlike a normal blowjob and very similar to the conga sex line, the girls change spots after a few minutes going around and around, much as if they were playing a game.


“So, this is the Rainbow Party”- Tucker said crossing his arms.


Each and every cock was smeared with different color lipstick making it seem like a twisted and slimy rainbow, disgusting but arousing at the same time. A sudden fountain of semen rained over Sam and her mother.


Tucker quietly sat down on the bed unable to fully process what his eyes had just shown him, his strong-willed best friend was participating in an orgy, taking men after men through the night without a single complaint. 


The boy knew the camera wasn’t showing him some elaborate fantasy as Sam had been complaining all day about having a sore ass, though attributed to a spanking she got by her father for talking back at him.


There was also the matter of her appearance during morning class followed by her squid like breath and the heavy bags under her eyes, the constant yawing was a dead giveaway, one that lead to her falling asleep soon after the second period and not waking up until lunch break.


“What about Danny’s sister?”- Tucker recalled the redhead. “Is she turning tricks?”- the boy wondered.


Most of her partners were men in their early thirties to mid-forties, some outright handsome while a few could use some touching up. Tucker hadn’t seen all her videos save for the most recent, but judging by the picture could tell there was a handful of men her age.




Every house held its secrets, matters that were never spoken out loud no matter what. Dark secrets wives kept from their dear husbands, or daughters keeping quiet of their sex lives while claiming to still be virgins. Some range from the classics such as a pair of lovers meeting up at a no-tell motel at the edge of town, to the ridiculous as a wife having a threesome in the back alley of the diner while her family waited inside.


One of the sickest videos Tucker saw was that of a kind mother who was feeding her five-year-old at the Nasty Burger, yet the camera revealed that she was having sex at a motel earlier that day while her son slept on the same bed.


It was surprising to see the young boy sleeping as a man slapped his mother’s ass with his hips while shaking the bed vigorously, the woman didn’t even bother in muffling her moans. Already drawing in lust. Most shocking came at school as he was expecting the school sweetheart, Paulina Sanchez, to be the biggest slut of all, yet she didn’t have a number over her head, instead, there was a word that seemed too out of place for her, “Virgin.”


Not a single video popped up after recording her, that was the case for most girls at Casper High, though Sam and Jazz’s numbers had increased during the weekend yet no new videos popped up in the camera selection meaning that he needed to film them again to view the updates.  Despite the depravity and clear violation of privacy, Tucker had fallen in love with the camera for it showed him a whole new world, the real faces of housewives and goody-two-shoes, but it also thought him a valuable lesson.


To never judge a book by its cover, innocent and noble-looking housewives could be starving wolves searching for the nearest cock, while rude skimpily dressed girls that screamed whore turned out to be borderline nuns in the bedroom. Tucker was having a hard time keeping his boner hidden as he laid eyes over the female basketball team who were playing over the local park. It was rather hard to tell who was on what team due to the glasses taking away their uniforms.


A pair of well-known buttocks suddenly made an appearance, instantly taking his attention away from the team. Maddie Fenton was walking down the street holding a grocery bag which made the boy jump out of his seat. Tucker saw in awe as the number over Maddie’s head reach over the three thousand, it shouldn’t be so shocking as the woman despite being in her early forties could easily compete with top models, her naturally enhanced assets gave her an almost unfair advantage over the more common women.


Danny’s mother was borderline obsessed with ghosts and everything paranormal despite not truly ever encountering any such creatures unlike her son, who on the other hand, was forced to deal with ghouls almost on a daily basis. Maddie’s skintight bodysuit left nothing to the imagination even without the need for magic glasses, it embraced her curves and accentuated her large and heavy breasts. The way Maddie swayed her butt side to side was almost hypnotic, demanding to be fuck.


Tucker could feel his boyhood harden while picturing himself mounting those two large meaty buttocks all night long, even if it meant a prolonged stay at the hospital due to Maddie crushing his hips with her heavy ass.


“Sorry Danny, but I need to know who’s fucking your mom.”- Tucker said firmly. “I mean, this is for your own good.”- The boy mentally justified without setting for a real reason.


“Recording complete”- Tucker read the text as he masterfully slides into an alleyway though briefly catching Maddie’s attention.


Tucker could feel his dick ready to burst out of his pants as he stared at the one thousand videos. More than twenty years of sexual encounters with different men starting from her high school years, with the most recent being just a week prior. Though the number was impressive, to say the least, it was nothing to write home about as Tucker had discovered via an online investigation that the average woman in Amity Park had one sexual encounter per week.


If that held true, it meant that Maddie had sex twice a week for the last twenty years, slightly more than the average woman, there was a certain perversion and allure in knowing how many times a woman fucked but Tucker couldn’t understand why he found it so enticing. Nevertheless, took off his clothes in the sanctity of his bedroom as the clock struck ten pm. Once more, his fingers moved over the video selection yet as always stopped at the most recent one with a long grin.




A cold wind embraced Tucker sending shivers over his naked body as he saw tall trees surrounding him, he could feel the grass under his bare feet. All of Amity Park presented herself in all her glory for Tucker, the boy had been to this place before. Poltergeist cliff, a sought-out place for couples to have a romantic evening, kissing and sightseeing despite the alleged ghost sightings. The sound of something heavy squeaking forced him to turn around only to see a large car gently bouncing up and down.


The couple within the car parked near the cliff had other ideas in mind that went beyond some smooching, given how the vehicle rock up and down followed by soft moaning. As Tucker approached, he noticed a man standing near the cliff, almost as if standing guard. His attention was drawn back to the vehicle where two bare feet were popping out from both sides of the car’s windows, Tucker didn’t need to be a genius to know Maddie was eagle spreading inside the car.


Upon coming closer to the vehicle in question, Tucker discovered that it was a very old model dating perhaps to the 1930s yet look fairly new. Even with his limited knowledge came to understand that it was a 1930s convertible Mercedes Bentz.


“Ohh! That’s so good!”- Maddie moaned loudly forcing Tucker to peek inside the window.


The boy gulped down as he saw Maddie Fenton with her legs spread wide apart as a strange man was mounting her, his skin almost white and shining. A black fedora was the only clothing he had. His hips pulled back and forth with excellent rhythms and penetration which made the woman whimper in pleasure, both her legs shivered with each thrust. Tucker couldn’t see very well due to them being inside the car.


“Holy shit! That’s Walker”- Tucker commented upon the man turning his head to the boy.


Ghost Zone prison warden, Walker. One of Danny’s archnemesis and whom the ghost boy had beat to a pulp recently. From what little Tucker knew, his best friend had been captured just a few weeks prior and narrowly escape from unjust captivity. Along the way free a great many ghosts who were also taken against their will based on lies and false accusations by Walker and his ghostly minions. The mighty and fear warden tried to subdue the “criminals” only to end up face to face with Phantom.


Perhaps it was just an exaggeration made up by the boy, but Walker was beaten to a bloody mess leaving him next to his broken subordinates at the prison’s courtyard as a mass exodus took place. Tucker knew that it was in his best interest not to get on Danny’s bad side save he wanted to have a very long dirt nap or to spend eternity floating around the ghost zone. Then again spying on his mom and sister would surely set him off.


“She’s not being raped, that’s for sure”- the boy said crossing his arms. “And from what I can tell isn’t under any mind control either.”- Tucker analyzed the situation.


The idea of Walker taking revenge on Danny by having his way with Maddie crossed Tucker’s mind, yet the woman held a gleeful expression on her face that wouldn’t match the situation if she were being abused. There wasn’t much Tucker could do or say had that been the case as this already took place a few days prior, nevertheless, Maddie behaved as her normal cheerful self during the day and more so during her shopping spree earlier that morning, meaning she consented.


Maddie and Walker’s tongues wrapped one another like a pair of snakes wrestling each other for control, her moans loud and plentiful, filled with undying satisfaction. Her feet still popping out from the windows shivered. It was then that Tucker saw the convertible feature as the car’s rooftop rolled down allowing the woman to bend over outside the window, giving much relief to her tire and nearly numb legs while exposing her huge ass.


“You’re one tight ass bitch!”- Walker said as he continued pumping Maddie. “I can barely fit in here.”- The ghost added.


“That’s so…ah! Sweet! Of you…” Maddie replied panting.


Tucker raised an eyebrow wondering why anyone, especially, a woman would be flattered to be called a “tight ass bitch,” had Tucker been the one saying that it would have without a doubt gotten him a black eye out of it. Loud wet smacking sounds coming from Maddie’s large butt echoed within Tucker’s ears, the woman’s entire body bounced back and forth with each strike from the ghoulish warden who held both her arms by the wrist.


Despite the car’s heavy look it was starting to bend on the side due to the amount of force being applied, yet neither lover seemed to care in the least for it. Walker increased his thrusting making Maddie moan louder, almost howling from the pleasure. Her eyes rolled behind her head as her tongue stuck out, saliva ran down from the side of her mouth giving a most erotic and lustful appearance. Never once had Tucker dared to imagine Danny’s mother behaving like this.   


“She’s like a bitch in heat.”- Tucker proudly stated as he leans in closer to see her.


Maddie’s large butt momentarily deformed with each powerful strike from Walker’s hips only to recover its round form moments later. Her vagina was seemingly on a trip to paradise by the looks of it, her large tits bouncing lewdly around. Suddenly, she grinned her teeth and let out a long, powerful moan announcing that she was being filled up. Even Tucker was impressed as the men he’d seen so far, including Jazz’s partner hadn’t been able to fill them to the same degree.


Even with Walker’s dick still plugged deep into Maddie’s pussy, cum was flowing out her leaving a large stain on the car’s floor, soon the woman rolled out of the vehicle whizzing for air still enjoying the afterglow as she lay on the grass.


“Thanks, madam, I’ll be in contact.”- Walker said as he leaned back on the car, his clothes magically wrapping him.


It was then that his assistant, a ghoulish one-eye demon climbs aboard the driver’s seat, Tucker saw the two ghosts driving towards the cliff, soon flying away. Leaving Maddie laying on the ground like a used tissue. Tucker felt somewhat bad for Maddie as she stood up taking hold of her purse, yet pulled out a large measuring cup which was soon placed between her legs. The boy watched in awe as she filled the container to the brim with ghost semen.



There was so much going on that Tucker couldn’t comprehend, was this behavior normal? Was he the strange one for considering it odd? There was no way to simply walk up to Sam, Jazz, or Maddie and ask about their sex lives. The boy still couldn’t believe his best friend, Sam Manson, participated in an orgy, one that was organized by her parents. Tucker could comprehend if Jazz was sleeping around or turning tricks since her goal was to enter Yale University. Such a place was far too expensive.


Even Maddie’s cheating was, in a manner of speaking, understandable as her ghost obsession would have led the woman to mate with a ghost just to obtain his semen for future studies, but it all seemed so surreal.


“By the way, did you solve that problem with that biker dude?”- Sam asked breaking Tucker’s stupor.


The techno-geek blinked a couple of times while turning his attention towards Danny and Sam who were busy reclassifying all the recently encountered ghosts on the basement laboratory computer.


“What biker dude?”- Tucker asked.


It was true that he was spending more and more time watching random women have sex that he was started to neglect his friends, spending less time hanging out with them, though still actively helping during the ghost hunts.


“There was this one guy, Johnny something, thirteen, I think. A biker wannabe that I had to beat up yesterday.”- Danny added while flexing his biceps. “He was hitting real hard on Jazz, it bothered me but I let slide for a while until he started talking about nailing with her or something.”- the boy continued.


“Nailing?”- Sam asked raising her eyebrow. “Were they building something?”- she curiously added.


“Probably some silly biker term, then started talking about how soft Jazz’s bed is, and we got into a heated argument that end up with him punching me once.”- Danny said. “Then I broke his nose… and arm… a couple of ribs… probably fracture his leg. Jazz saw the whole thing, say something like, hands off the little brother and kicked him out of the house.”- the boy concluded.


Tucker turned paled as he considered it a miracle that Danny didn’t kill the guy due to his overprotectiveness over his sister, and inhumane strength. No matter how tough this Johnny individual thought himself to be there was no way he could compare with The Phantom.


“Mind if I use your bathroom?”- Tucker asked already knowing the answer.


“Sure, oh, and could bring some sodas from the fridge.”- Danny asked as Tucker nodded his head before walking up the stairs.


Tucker walked out of the first-floor bathroom, slightly afraid of Danny’s reaction if he ever found out about his voyeuristic tendencies over Jazz and Maddie. His eyes set over the redhead’s bedroom door and going against his better judgment walked inside wondering if the camera truly showed her past, or made it up.


The room was empty granting Tucker time to sneaked in, deep down, the boy wanted to believe the camera was nothing more than some fancy high-tech toy from a bygone era, far too advanced for its time. It was by the bed corner that Tucker saw a pink thong carelessly cast away, yet didn’t’ seem out of place, Jazz’s delicate fragrance still permeated the underwear. Almost driven by instinct was that the boy pocketed said item.


Yet his jaw nearly fell off his face upon coming closer to the nearly empty trash bin where a few used condoms could be seen next to open wrappers. Each rubber is tightly secured with a knot to prevent the semen from flowing out.


“The hell?”- Tucker whispered as he walked towards the nightstand.


The boy saw with incredulous eyes at a condom strip laying over the nightlamp, his surprise was greater upon opening the drawer to see three large condom boxes, one of which was already open. The boy could also see there were some very erotic lingerie, lubricants, and birth control pills along with a small metallic box.


It was as if the redhead didn’t even bother hiding her birth control at all, her condoms were in plain sight along with the used one in the trash bin that her parents would clearly find when taking the trash out. Tucker was sure to get hell if his parents ever found a used condom in his room whether or not he was with a girl.


“This is crazy”- Tucker added as he imagines the redhead being fucked doggystyle over the bed.


Tucker then noticed through the window that Jazz was reading a book in the backyard wearing a modest and innocent-looking pink one-piece bikini, just next to a small plastic pool, the boy then rushed out of the bedroom after using his X-ray glass, her new number was one hundred and four.


“What the hell?”- Maddie whispered as she walked down the stairs leading to the OP-center.




Tucker couldn’t believe how lucky he got to have been able to film Jazz once more in her backyard without anyone finding out, he would have preferred to film her in a more daring outfit but knew there was no point as he soon would be seeing her in her most intimate. The boy licked his lips upon laying eyes over the name “Johnny 13,” being displayed in the list. Tucker was sure that neither Danny nor Sam knew the hidden meaning of “nailing,” he heard it often many times when viewing random women.


It was then that the bedroom transformed before his eyes, the boy was now accustomed to seeing the world change in a matter of seconds. His walls became pink allowing the boy to realize Jazz’s newest partner was in her bedroom.


Tucker’s eyes open wide in shock as he saw Jazz sitting over Johnny’s face allowing him to eat her out while Maddie tried to shove his large fat cock inside her tight cunt, it was an insane sight to behold.


On closer inspection one could appreciate a series of well-marked kisses in bright red and timid pink belonging to both Maddie and Jazz all over the teen’s testicles, followed by three circles around his cock. That allowed Tucker to assume both mother and daughter had serviced the boy earlier that day leaving their brands all over him that consisted of well-printed kisses scattered across his chest and neck.


“Ahhh! Oh, Fuck! Fuck!!! Aaahn! He’s so big!”- Maddie said loudly. “Why did Danny ever tried to chase him away from you?!”- Maddie added.


“’Cuz he’s too overprotective!”- the redhead said between heavy breathes.  


Tucker didn’t understand why he was expecting Jazz to call her brother “a little bitch” rather than considering him too overprotective. Even with a tongue up her ass, Jazz thought highly of her younger brother, heartwarming in its own sick way.  


“Ahhh! Shit!! Sweetie… I think my ahhh! I think my hips are about to give out!! Haah!” -Maddie said rather loudly.


Soon her large ass slides down taking all of Johnny inside of him, in a slow sensual motion. The woman moaned loud and long enjoying every single inch of the teen, Maddie could feel his dick kissing her womb.


“Don’t worry about that, mom, just enjoy that massive fucking cock.”- Jazz proclaimed with pride.


It was then that Maddie began bouncing up and down on the boy making the bed creak violently, threatening with breaking. Tucker could see the penis sliding in and out of Maddie who couldn’t help but moan like a bitch in heat. Her entire body suddenly tensed up as she arched her back while clenching her teeth and showing a large smile, her hands pressed tightly unto her breasts. A loud gasp escape from her lips as she reached an orgasm.


“Holy shit, no wonder you were screaming all night long, sweetie.”- Maddie said as she rolled on her side. “Good thing your father and brother went on that fishing trip”- the woman added.


The redhead giggled for a moment before jumping over Johnny’s crotch, instantly impaling her drenched cunt with his meat rot. Both let out a loud gasp filled with pleasure; it was then that Jazz started to ride his cock.


Sliding the hard phallus in and out of her in a cowgirl position that allowed for maximum penetration, Tucker watched with amazement as the redhead’s anus clenched each time she took in the boy. Loud moans escaped from her mouth as she bounced on the hard dick, Maddie crawled up to Johnny in order to share a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced with one another as the girl continued piercing herself.


Jazz suddenly squirmed followed by a translucid gooey liquid that flowed out of her vagina announcing that she too had reached a climax, Maddie used her large butt to shove her daughter away so she could pierce herself with Johnny’s cock.


Tucker watched with utter delight as Maddie bounced on the boy making her buttocks shake with erotic motions, he desperately wanted to feel the woman’s skin but his hands weren’t able to touch despite having the ability to sense her warmth.


“Ahhh!!”- Maddie let out a sudden yell.


Cum flowed out of Maddie as she laid over the bed creating a small puddle on her daughter’s bed. The lipstick rings on Johnny had vanished thanks to the girls vaginal fluids, Jazz and her mother soon laid next to him ending the vision. The redhead’s bedroom soon vanished bringing Tucker back into his room leaving him sitting over the bed, cum covering his hands and part of the bedsheets. Heavy breathing came out from the boy as he looked at the camera.


Now Tucker understood why the redhead didn’t bother in hiding her condoms, and even tossing the used ones in the trash bin. Her own mother was in it too, sharing men and perhaps covering up for one another.


“That could explain why Maddie was fucking Walker the other day”- Tucker commented.


It was fair to say that Jazz was most likely distracting her father and brother while Maddie was busy getting plowed by the ghost, in return, the woman would do the same for her daughter whenever she brought men over.




The strangest thing had occurred a few days later as Tucker stood dumbfounded in front of none other than Danny’s older sister, Jazz Fenton who utter the most bizarre proclamation of all, something that took the boy completely by surprise.


“Could you run that by me again?”- Tucker said gulping and begging to have heard correctly.


“I love you; can you be my boyfriend?”- the redhead asked sheepishly.


Tucker couldn’t believe what he was hearing, they had little interaction with one another but there she was expressing her undying love for him. Wanting him to be her boyfriend, surely, Danny would have some issues with the matter.


“Yeah! But what about Danny? He’s gonna be pissed”- Tucker continued wanting to punch himself for almost wimping out.


“Don’t worry about him”- Jazz retorted. “Besides, maybe, we can get to know each other a little more”- the girl continued slightly pulling her blouse to the side and showing her nipple.


It wasn’t the first time that he’d seen Jazz’s breast, but it was the first time that she was aware of his presence while showing them to him. Tucker gulped down as the redhead approached him with a grin on her face. His heart was beating so hard it nearly burst out of his chest as the girl leans slightly down inviting him over to her house the following day so she can show him everything. The boy sweat as he listens to Jazz while she explained how her parents and brother were going out during the weekend.


“By everything… you mean…”- Tucker couldn’t finish his sentence.


“Yes. I’m willing to give you my virginity”- Jazz added while granting him a small kiss on the nose before leaving.


It took Tucker a few minutes to fully recovered from the offering, it was nothing short of a dream come true. He knew the girl was by no means a virgin as he had seen her in bed with different men albite her not knowing of his presence. The idea of Jazz no longer wanting to be the town’s cumdump crossed his mind, it surely would create a stain on her perfect reputation, but just maybe, she truly was in love with him. The idea of the redhead using other men to forget him started to fill Tucker’s head.


As evening came the following day, the techno-geek rang the bell sporting a fancy suit that he only ever wore during prom night several weeks ago. His penis was so hard it could burst out from his pants. The door slowly creaked open and before him stood a beautiful curvy redhead. Jazz smiled long and wide as she came to greet Tucker at the door wearing a see-through babydoll and a small thong, her breasts fully exposed making the boy gulp down hard.


He expected a little more built up since the redhead was pretending to be a virgin, but then recalled Jazz was a hardcore slut who slept with more than a hundred guys already and would easily allow romance to slip by.


“Aren’t you a handsome one.”- Jazz winked making Tucker blush.


“You look great, Jazz”- the boy almost squeak.


Excitement was building up inside Tucker as he looked over the redhead’s body, soon he would have his hands all over her curves and large breasts, grabbing her large and round butt along with making her moan like the whore she is.


“As you can see, I already got comfortable so why don’t you lose those clothes in the bathroom and meet me in my room”- Jazz added with a wink.


The boy watched with starving eyes as the redhead sway her hips side to side in a hypnotic fashion as she climbed up the stairs. Tucker couldn’t believe his luck as he quickly removed his clothes inside the Fenton bathroom. It took great effort to convince his mother to let him stay over at the cinema for a horror movie marathon with Danny and Sam who already had their parents’ approval.


The boy smirked upon seeing birth-control pills inside the cabinet. Tucker was sure that Jazz had already taken a couple just in case they got lost in passion and forgot to put on a condom, he didn’t want to have a baby just yet. Upon exiting the bathroom, Tucker grew pale and his modest size penis suddenly shrank even more for he laid witness to six naked muscular men standing at the door. A naked Maddie and Jazz stood in the middle with large smiles on their faces.


“Think we wouldn’t notice that you’ve been filming us, little perve!”- Jazz said crossing her arms in front of her massive breasts.




Tucker quiver in utter fear as he laid eyes over his would-be lover, Jazz Fenton, being mounted by three muscular men over her bed, both her cunt and anus were being almost violently plowed as a third man shoved his cock inside her mouth reaching down her throat. Just opposite to the redhead was her mother in being “sandwiched” by two men who were double penetrating her. The bedframe creaked loudly threatening to break under the weight of seven people erotically bouncing over the mattress.


The boy saw as Jazz remained mostly still on all fours as her two lovers in the back did all the work, yet gave a satisfied expression as she sucks on the man’s cock, sliding her tongue around every once in a while. It was a bit of a cliché situation to see Jazz having sex with three black men at the same time, while her mother was busy with a fair skin man and a long-haired Latino. Each one is a mountain of muscles and tattoos.


The only notion of who these men were, came from a jacket leftover on the desk which had the logo of “Dimmesdale Losers” a baseball team from out of town known for their constant winning streaks as to how Jazz and her mother knew of them, Tucker hadn’t the slightest idea.


“Thought you like watching?”- a tan muscular man of Latin origin asked forcing Tucker to look over at him.


“Why?”-  was all Tucker would utter.


“We ain’t the bad guys here, but we gotta teach you a lesson, boy.”- a second man with dark skin standing next to him added. “You can’t just go around filming women naked or fucking without their consent. Normally, we’d just beat your ass up and teach you a lesson in manners, but they insisted on this freebie”- the man continued.


“Just a look of what you’re never gonna have, Tucky.”- the redhead added before taking the penis back inside her mouth.


Moments later, Jazz’s cheeks puffed up as her lover had reached climax and fired his load inside the girl. Her blue eyes rolled up as semen flowed out from her nose, yet masterfully swallowed all the cum without further complaints. The other two men pulled out of her showing off four cum filled condoms. It was then that Maddie stretched out her shacking legs as she too was done, two more filled condoms were produced leaving the girls in ecstasy.


A guard shift took place as the men fucking both mother and daughter now stood next to Tucker while leaving their condoms on the bed. Jazz pressed her bed onto the mattress while hugging the Latino and impaling her reddish cunt with his ten-inch meat shaft. Maddie imitated her daughter’s position with the colored man as she laid next to her, both showing Tucker as they were being penetrated again. The boy could see the men’s large fat cocks sliding in and out.


“That’s called the Mating Press, in case you didn’t know”- the bald color man said.


“That’s perfect for knocking up girls.”- the long-haired Latino added with a smirk.


The orgy came to an end upon reaching nine pm, Tucker no longer felt dread but was a little numb despite not being tied down, his eyes saw the heavy stains over the pink bedsheets that had wrinkled. Around Tucker’s neck rested a collar of used condoms that one of the men suggested using to further humiliate the boy, followed by a few more that rested over his hands. One by one, the men patted the boy on the head as they left.


“Give us a call anytime, Jazz”- the team leader said before trying to give her a kiss that she rejected.


“Rules, remember, no kissing.”- the redhead replied.


The baseball team laughed as they started to board several cars and disappeared in the dead of night. Jazz and her mother saw a fully dressed Tucker come down the stairs knowing that the team had finally left. He too wanted to go.


Yet was stopped by Jazz who held him by the arm, an apologetic look on her eyes told Tucker that she regretted this so-called punishment. Maddie then approached the boy with a clean piece of cloth to whip the cum off his face.


“I think we went a little too overboard.”- Maddie declared. “I mean, I was angry that you were filming Jazz but this was too much.”- she continued with a motherly voice.


“I’m really sorry for that, it was a thing of the moment, I’ve never done it before.”- the boy replied.


“Why don’t we take a shower and then head over to mom’s bed.”- Jazz said with a wink.




It was a complete and sudden turnabout from Tucker’s previously precarious situation, he now laid naked and alone over a king-size bed soon after having a much-needed hot shower in the master bedroom’s bathroom that naturally belongs to Maddie and her husband. His attention was drawn towards the bathroom where Maddie and her daughter were taking a shower, the idea of this being another trap still linger in his heart and mind, but knew that would make no sense now that he had been “punished” for his voyeurism and had apologized, he couldn’t picture either of the Fenton girls to be cruel.


Popping cum filled condoms over him and putting a condom collar over his neck were all ideas the team came up with on the spot, Jazz assured him that she only wanted him to watch for a brief moment and then be kicked out, but never intended with humiliating him to that point, she even erased the pictures taken. The room was much larger than what he expected, but that was to be expected of a family able to afford a blimp and an OP-Center along with a fully equipped laboratory. A large sixty-inch television was glued to the wall.


A large double door closet was pressed next to the bathroom followed by a beauty table and a desk with a laptop. The bed took much of the room, Tucker wondered why the girls preferred to stay at Jazz’s room rather than the much bigger master bedroom. Tucker then slide to the side of the bed wanting to take a slice of pizza Jazz ordered while he was busy taking a shower, the smell of cum despite having long disappeared still lurked within his mind along with that of lubricant.


“I hope you didn’t wait too long”- Jazz said in a soft voice stopping Tucker from taking a slice.


Almost on cue was that Maddie and her daughter walked out of the bathroom making Tucker gulp down upon seeing both mother and daughter wearing pink stockings and a garter belt, but nothing more than that.


Their vaginas and large breasts were fully exposed for his delight, as they came closer were that the boy noticed their makeup followed by the almost delicious aroma of their perfumes.


“Not at all.”- The boy replied sheepishly.


It was true that he crossed a boundary by filming and watching their sex lives without consent, but they too took things too far by having an orgy in front of Tucker while using him as a trash bin under the threat of a beating. The boy could feel his heart racing faster as both girls flanked him over the bed, wide and seductive smiles drawn on their faces that melted Tucker and harden his dick. He gave a slight jolt upon feeling Jazz’s soft hand take hold of his throbbing penis.


“I’m not as big as those guys”- Tucker cursed himself for his “nervous tik” that made him utter the stupidest things possible.


“Don’t worry about that, personally I don’t like big dicks.”- Jazz commented truthfully.


“I think he’s worry we might be too loose after today.”- Maddie interjected with a smirk.


Tucker feared that might be the case and that he might not feel their cunt, though far worst would be that either woman wouldn’t be able to feel him. It would be far more devastating than being used as a trash can. Before the boy could retort and try to make up for his blunder was that Maddie produce a strange white tube that she held with almost childish pride while Jazz stretched out her arms as if presenting the tube.


“Has your vagina become too loose after having too much sex or strenuous physical activity? Fear no more, Lady Virgin 3000 is here to help you.”- Jazz spoke with a saleswoman's voice as Tucker blinked incredulously for the sudden ad.


“Did you know ghosts can produce… certain fluids that have medicinal properties, especially for the sexual regions.”- Maddie spoke as she open the tube which emanated a foul stench. “After some lab tinkering, we made Lady Virgin 3000 that put in simple terms can make any vagina as tight as a virgin.”- the woman said as she and her daughter rubbed some of the green goo in their cunts.


The effects were almost immediate as Tucker visible saw both cunts lose their reddish and swollen look in favor of a cute pinkish tone, even the vaginal lips contracted. True to the ad, it was like staring at a virgin vagina, not that Tucker had seen any.


“It has the opposite effect on men.”- Jazz said as she poured a large amount over Tucker’s penis.


His eyes open wide in fear of his boyhood shrinking away but then saw his erection growing, reaching twice its original size. His penis was still much smaller than that of any of the jocks though surely bigger than the average man.


“Shame, it temporary”- Maddie commented. “Remind me to fix the odor problem before we go commercial.”- she added.




Tucker saw with lustful eyes as Jazz laid on the bed spreading her legs far and wide for him, the stench from the goo long gone thanks to a few perfume sprays. His penis was throbbing begging to penetrate.


“I need a condom!”- Tucker suddenly spoke out while looking around.


“No need for that, today’s special and think it like an apology for earlier.”- Maddie whispered in his ear.


It took a few tries for Tucker to penetrate the redhead but upon entry felt her inners were boiling hot. For a moment could have sworn to have put his dick inside an oven yet didn’t dare to pull out.


Jazz gently wrapped her arms and legs around Tucker’s back as he pressed his face unto her massive breasts, unable to hold his cum for a single hump. The redhead let out a soft moan as she felt her womb being drenched with boy milk.


“Don’t worry, nobody lasts more than that on their first try.”- Jazz comfort the boy.


Suddenly the lights went off only to come back moments later in the form of a dark red light that emanated from both nightlamps accompanied by soft saxophone music creating a sensual and even erotic ambiance that eases Tucker. A sudden shift on the bed startled the boy for a moment right after he pulled out of Jazz. Maddie then wrapped her arms from behind him as she gently nibbled on his neck while caressing his chest.


That alone was enough to make him hard all over again. Tucker eagerly turned around soon after being released from Maddie’s soft embrace, the boy gulped down as he saw the woman was already bending over and showing her large butt. Maddie gasped out as she felt all of Tucker’s length sliding inside of her, the boy could swear she felt vastly different from her daughter. Her vaginal folds embraced his cock while the love juice acted as glue preventing him from exiting.


“This is incredible.”- Tucker moaned.


“Better than me?”- Jazz whispered in his ear.


“No, you’re incredible too.”- The boy retorted.


“You need rhythm, Tucky.”- The redhead added.


It was then that she took hold of his hips and guided his thrusting, gently pulling back only to slam back in creating small waves on Maddie’s large and meaty buttocks. Both mother and daughter had pronounced rears, though Maddie was bigger. There were no words in Tucker’s mind to describe the sensation Maddie made him feel around his penis, each pump and vaginal fold acted on their accord, Jazz then pulled them down on the mattress.


Tucker could feel all of Maddie’s weight over his cock, the already dark environment became slightly darker as Jazz pressed her cunt onto his lips. Her flavor was beyond words, a mixture of sweet and salty. Wet-smacking sounds echoed within the room perfectly adding to the music. Tucker suddenly felt Maddie’s cunt tighten even more announcing her climax and allowing for Jazz to take her place.


The redhead easily slides down Tucker’s chest and impaled her cunt in a single movement that would have put even a professional sex worker to shame. Maddie didn’t stay idle while her daughter bounced up and down. She rubbed her massive breasts over the boy while he fondled her plump butt to his heart desire. Even pricking her worn-out anus in the process, yet he could hold no longer and fired his final load once more inside the redhead.


Pleasure like never before engulfed his entire body as he felt balls empty, not even his most intense masturbation session could begin to compare to this feeling. Jazz and her mother both watched with lustful eyes at their bed companion who smiled long and wide.


“Time to wake up”- Jazz whispered.  


It was then that Tucker opened his eyes to see a dark sky overhead in between tall buildings while the moon was timidly hiding behind dark clouds, confusion overtook the boy as he was sure to have been in bed with Maddie and Jazz just a few minutes ago. Pain suddenly overtook his abdomen upon trying to get up forcing him back down.


Small painful bruises could be discerned around his belly and arms that made standing up much too hard, his head turned to the side where he noticed several garage bags but only upon sitting up noticed that was inside a dumpster. It made no sense whatsoever as he scanned his surroundings, he was at an alleyway far from Fenton Works.


“What the hell happened?”- Tucker asked to no one in particular.


The boy climbs out of the dumpster only to discover that he was bucked naked with penises and insults of all kinds being drawn over his entire body. A collar made of full condoms was placed over his neck while a few more were taped around his legs and arms. Tucker could feel his hair sticky but on closer inspection found rip condoms in between his dreadlocks meaning that his entire head was covered in semen.


Upon taking the first step was that he heard a strange jingle that forced him to turn around, a cold shiver ran up his spine upon seeing a large and fat dildo stuck deep inside his butt. Tucker grinned his teeth as he pulled out the sex toy that most likely belonged to either Maddie or Jazz. It was nearly fifteen inches long and about four inches thick which made him whimper for a moment before tossing the toy away.


He could feel his asshole gapping which made him wonder if it would return to normal soon, the boy then turns around looking for his clothes and cellphone but none were anywhere to be found though found a strange flavor within his mouth, rubbery and salty at the same time. Tucker then recalled how the jocks popped their used condoms inside his mouth one by one forcing him to drink it all while Jazz and Maddie laughed loud.


“It was all a dream…”- Tucker realized that his time with Maddie and her daughter was nothing more than a dream.


In his desperation, Tucker made a dream sequence just to free his mind from the torment and the humiliation, that lasted for hours on end. The boy began walking back home begging that no one would see him in his humiliating state as he peeled off the used condoms leaving them on the street though made a disgusting smacking sound upon hitting the floor which turned his stomach over.


The cold winds embraced his naked yet still humid body, Tucker could feel the judgmental gazes of people from the bedroom windows, each one calling him a disgusting pervert, he knew that it was wrong to look into women’s privacy but couldn’t help himself. It was just like a drug that he became addicted to.


“Can’t go through the front”- Tucker whispered to himself upon laying eyes over his house already desperate for a shower.


It was nothing short of a miracle that no one saw him parading naked across the streets on his way home, in a way was glad that no patrol car or pedestrians came across his path, he knew what he did was wrong but the girls and their “boyfriends” took things too far. It would be in Tucker's best interest to stay away from Fenton Works as much as possible.


Tucker then quickly walked through his backyard door knowing that the easiest way into his bedroom was through his seldom use treehouse, but entering the treehouse noticed the kitchen lights turning on which forced him to take a peek. His surprise was beyond great as he saw his mother walking into the backyard completely naked in the company of her husband Maurice and most shocking of all, Danny Fenton.


“Thank you for the cake and your pussy, Angela. I love filling you up.”- Danny said handing over the empty plate and spanking the woman’s large butt.


“Oh, no. Thank you Danny for coming over on such short notice.”- Maurice said with a large smile.


“See ya next week.”- Danny added as he rushed to the back door only to fly away once he was out of sight.


Tucker couldn’t sleep a wink in the remainder of the night wondering what happened the previous day. He recalled the conversation between himself and the Fenton women about Danny sleeping around. The boy now remembers that conversation clearer, the same questions with the same answers only between the Fenton and the jocks.


“It’s a new day and my camera’s ready to film”- Tucker muttered while lying naked over his bed petting his camera.


The end

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