A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Disclaimer: I do not own Miraculous Ladybug. Miraculous Ladybug is the intellectual property of Thomas Astruc and released by Zag studios. No profit was made writing this story.

Ladybug heaved a sigh of relief as she cleansed the butterfly. It had been a tough fight, and without Chat Noir, she had despaired. But, Good always triumphed over Evil, even though it may sometimes take a little longer than it should have. She waved the butterfly off.



Adrien had come running as fast as he could.

Once he realised Ladybug needed him, Adrien had abandoned his fencing lesson with some lame excuse. He knew he would pay for his actions later, but he had more pressing priorities. Unfortunately, other members of the fencing club had been in the locker room rehydrating, depriving him of a safe place to transform. So, he'd run out to the street, still in his fencing uniform, in the hope he'd find somewhere private along the way. In keeping with his Bad Luck theme, no such opportunities presented themselves. He had arrived at the Champs-Élysées sweaty and too late.

He was only a few feet behind Ladybug when she released the butterfly. It fluttered slowly up and away as Adrien watched it intently.



Ladybug was giving herself a mental pat on the back when she heard footsteps. She turned to see Adrien, in his fencing gear, chasing the butterfly she had just released. She watched as he leapt with his arms outstretched, trying to catch it. He swiped at it with one hand when it flew a little lower, jumping and leaping around, determined to seize it when it rose again.

Ladybug was disconcerted by his unblinking gaze as he pounced, swiped, and stalked the hapless bug. She wasn't sure what he was trying to accomplish, but it was clear he was making a concentrated effort.

Finally, the butterfly landed on a leaf of one of the many trees lining avenue. Ladybug had to stifle a giggle as Adrien stood beneath it, wiggling his backside before jumping and catching the insect in both hands.

He landed on all fours, the butterfly trapped under his hands. He lifted one hand, slamming it down again when the butterfly moved. Then, he carefully raised both hands. The instant the butterfly moved, Adrien squashed it flat with both hands again.

Apparently growing tired of this, he then lay belly down on top of the bug. His expression was completely serious the whole time.

Ladybug was stunned. The love of her life was acting like a lunatic.

'Uh, Adrien?' she called.

Ignoring her, Adrien got to all fours again and turned around. Normally, Ladybug would have appreciated the view of his derrière, but she was too concerned  as to why he had suddenly put his face to the ground.

Cautiously, she approached him.

'Adrien?' she called again.

He planted his backside on the ground, turning his head to look at her over his shoulder.

Ladybug choked on her own spit.

Sticking out of his mouth was a butterfly wing. Adrien began chewing, mouth open, looking as if nothing were amiss.

Ladybug gagged as her miraculous beeped.

'I have to go,' she said, holding her stomach.

As she fled, Ladybug hoped her lunch would stay down long enough for her to get to the toilet.

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