A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Queen B's debut was met with excitement and speculation. The public was thrilled to have a new hero, of course, but there were some ne'er-do-wells who thought she had been brought in because Ladybug and Chat Noir couldn't do it alone. Ladybug and Chat Noir didn't dignify those accusations with a response. However, this only fuelled the rumours of their ineptitude.

Queen B, though, relished the attention. She thrived under the public's adoration and was quick to take credit, whether it was earned or not.

After the first two weeks with her new partner, Ladybug was not entirely pleased with Queen B's behaviour. Apart from being vainglorious, she clung to Ladybug like a barnacle, stifling her and hindering her movements at crucial times. Ladybug consoled herself with the thought that once the novelty wore off, Queen B would make a decent hero.

Ladybug clenched her teeth and forced a smile as she listened to Queen B big note herself in front of the news cameras. She hoped the novelty would wear off soon.

'Sure, it was all thanks to me. Ladybug would have totally failed if I hadn't been there,' Queen B boasted. 'I totally saved the day,' she finished with a self-satisfied nod.

'Oh, I think I hear our miraculouses beeping,' Chat Noir said, just a bit too loud to be natural. 'Thank you all, for your support,' he told the cameras with a charming smile. 'We need to go. Now,' he mumbled in Queen B's ear.

'But I'm still talking,' she protested.

Chat Noir grabbed her by the arm and started walking, pole vaulting onto the rooftops once he was clear of the crowd.

Queen B staggered when she landed, freed from Chat Noir's grasp. 'What the hell?' she demanded.

Ladybug joined them and glared at her, jaw clenched.

Recognising Ladybug's mood, Chat Noir moved to defuse the situation.

'Bee, you can't say things like that,' he told her.

'Like what?' she asked, crossing her arms

'You can't say your teammate would have failed without you,' he explained.

'Why not? It was true,' she insisted mulishly.

Ladybug could have ripped Queen B's hair out. She curled her hands into fists so she wouldn't be tempted to snatch at her ponytail and yank.

'A part of being a team means sharing everything. That includes credit and blame. You certainly don't throw your teammate under the bus and claim all the glory for yourself,' Chat Noir said.

Ladybug took a deep breath. 'We do everything together. We win together, we lose together. We praise each other for a job well done, and console each other after a failure.

'Your behaviour has been completely self-serving. That is not how teams work and is totally unacceptable. Furthermore, you're now a role model for children everywhere. You have to set a better example.'

'Ugh, whatever. I'm going home.' Queen B flipped her hair and ran off.

Ladybug and Chat Noir exchanged a look before they, too, left to go home.



Arriving at school the following morning, Marinette saw Chloe surrounded by a group of people as she regaled them with stories of Queen B's exploits. Marinette rolled her eyes and joined Alya on the other side of the courtyard.

'Can you believe that girl?' Alya asked, indicating Chloe with a tilt of her head.

'I thought she idolised Ladybug,' Marinette said, uncertainly. As much as Chloe annoyed her as Ladybug, Marinette couldn't help but worry at Chloe's new hero. She didn't need someone like that to look up to.

The bell rang and the students dispersed, though Chloe was still loudly singing Queen B's praises.

By the time lunch break came, a rainstorm had settled over the city. The students opted to stay in their classroom with whatever food they had brought, and sharing what they had with those who hadn't brought any.

'Well, I still say Queen B is the best hero,' Chloe proclaimed. Sabrina nodded along obediently.

'Are you out of your mind? Ladybug is the greatest saviour of Paris,' Alya retorted derisively.

'Excuse you, Ladybug is an incompetent cow,' Lila put in. 'Everyone knows it now, too.'

Almost all of the others shouted her down, saying she was just bitter after her time as Volpina. Lila flipped her hair and ignored them.

'I think Chat Noir is pretty cool,' Adrien said quietly.

'Yeah, totally,' Nino agreed. Adrien grinned at him.

'Ugh, sorry Adrikins. You're wrong. Chat Noir is just a hopeless fan boy.'

Adrien looked like he was trying to not be upset. Marinette felt righteous fury come over her.

'Hey, Chat Noir is a fantastic hero. He's always supported Ladybug, he's loyal, brave, and kind. You don't know the first thing about him, so don't talk as if you do.'

Adrien was looking at her with something close to awe. Marinette blushed under his gaze.

'Oh, and I suppose you do? You're just like one of his creepy fans,' Chloe responded.

'Well, I'd rather be a fan of Chat Noir than that vain, arrogant, selfish, glory hound you admire so much. Now that I think of it, it really shouldn't surprise me that you like her so much. You're so alike.'

The class oohed at the verbal slap. Adrien was still looking at her, smiling wide.

Chloe was furious. 'How dare you talk about me like that?' she shrieked. 'Do you have any idea what it takes to be a heroine of my calibre? I work my butt off for ingrates like you. I risk my life every day so you can be safe. But, of course, you don't know. You're just a miserable baker's brat who will never amount to anything.'

The class fell silent.

Finally, Adrien asked, 'Chloe, are you Queen B?'

Chloe's eyes widened as she went completely still. Slowly, she relaxed and crossed her arms.

'Of course I am. Who else could be this fabulous?'

Marinette's head hit her desk with a solid thump.

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