A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Chat Noir was in a mood. He had been curt throughout the team meetup before patrol, arms crossed and pouting while the others talked. When they split into pairs, he had immediately offered to go alone, but Ladybug had refused his request.

'I don't think you ought to be alone right now,' she said.

Chat Noir grumbled under his breath, while Ladybug asked for a volunteer to go with him. Rena Rouge knew she would have done so herself, but Ladybug had to take care of the new recruit, Carapace.

Queen B had arched an eyebrow before taking off on her own, leaving Rena Rouge to deal with Chat Noir. She sighed.

Rena Rouge hoped the run would clear his head, or wear him out enough to want to talk like a civilised person. They patrolled their section of the city at a gruelling pace, Chat Noir running as fast as he could, apparently trying to outrun his own thoughts. Rena Rouge struggled to keep up, but always managed to keep him in sight. She grew frustrated, though, wondering how they were supposed to see any wrongdoing while going this fast.

Eventually, Chat Noir paused on the highest platform on the Eiffel Tower to look out at the city. He crouched down, silent and broody, while Rena Rouge shook her head at his histrionics. If she had known what a drama queen Chat Noir was, she wouldn't have idolised him as much as she had.

Rena Rouge leaned against the barricade to watch him. His faux ears were flat against his hair, his tail thrashed, and his pupils had narrowed to slits, despite the dim lighting. It was a little intimidating.

Drawing in a deep breath, Rena Rouge approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

'Do you want to talk about it?' she asked.

Watching the skyline resolutely, Chat Noir replied, 'no.'

Rena Rouge rolled her eyes at his surly tone. 'You're being rude,' she told him. 'You'll give the newbie a bad impression.'

'So, what?'

'You were also rude to the rest of us. That includes Ladybug, you realise,' she added when Chat Noir didn't respond.

He flinched at that. It was a low blow, bringing Ladybug into it, but Rena Rouge had had enough.

'Look, you'll feel better if you talk about it,' she encouraged him.

Chat Noir looked away, turning his back to her. When his tail collided painfully against her shin, she stomped on it to keep it still.

'I'm not saying you have to talk to me,' she explained. 'But, you really should talk to someone. Ladybug, a friend, or a family member - '

'It's family that's the problem,' he burst out.

Oh, boy, she thought, here it comes.

However, instead of an angry holler, Chat Noir's eyes welled and his lower lip trembled.

'He lied to me,' he sniffled in a small voice. 'She lied to me. I thought he had finally done something cool for me, but it was all lies.'

Chat Noir's voice had started quietly, but he was wailing by the end of his sentence. Great tears flowed down his cheeks, his nose red, as he sat on the platform.

'They don't care about me,' he continued. 'They just do the bare minimum to make sure I'm still here, and if something makes their job easier, they'll use it without hesitation.'

Chat Noir paused to take a breath. He turned to Rena Rouge, then, looking sad. 'They both forgot my birthday. Wouldn't you think my own father would remember that? Had gotten me something? A card, a hug, anything. That would have been better than having Nathalie do it for him.'

Rena Rouge could see the hurt. She felt bad for him and guilty about her earlier intolerance. Chat Noir wouldn't be upset over something trivial, he wasn't that shallow.

'I even asked if I could have a party, several times, and they still forgot,' Chat Noir sniffled again.

He wiped his nose on his sleeve. 'What they did do,' he went on, 'was take credit for a gift a friend made for me. Something she made by hand that must've taken weeks. She had even wrapped it up and tried to give it to me herself, but I didn't notice because I'm as much of a monster as Father,' he wailed, loudly.

Chat Noir hiccupped and sniffled, gulping a breath. 'I loved that scarf. It was warm, and soft, and my favourite colour. Now it's tainted, but I can't tell Marinette that. Why didn't she tell me she made the scarf? She had plenty of chances to, so why let me believe a lie?'

He looked at Rena Rouge hopelessly, sounding small and vulnerable. She set aside her shock and pulled him into an awkward hug.

'Maybe she thought you looked happy, thinking it was from your dad. She probably didn't want to spoil it for you.'

Chat Noir huffed. 'That sounds like her,' he agreed.

'Your dad really took credit for it? That's a dick move. Although, from what I've heard, that's typical for Gabriel Agreste.'

'It really is. Hey, wait.' Chat Noir pulled back to look at her, eyes wide. 'How do you know who I am?' he shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at her. 'Did you stalk me?'

Rena Rouge rolled her eyes. 'No. It's because you just told me, you dork,' she replied with a flat expression. 'Marinette only made one person a scarf for their birthday, and she let that person believe a lie because it made him happy. Obviously, that was you, Adrien'

Chat Noir was still looking at her, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. 'How do you know all that? Do you know Marinette in real life?'

Rena Rouge stilled as her own eyes widened. 'Uhh,' she trailed off.

'Alya?' Chat Noir asked, eyeing her closely.

Rena Rouge sighed. 'Yeah, Daffodil, it's me.'

They both took a moment to breathe and get over their shock. Chat Noir placed a hand over his heart. When they had settled enough to be able to function, they agreed to keep the accidental reveal between themselves.

Neither wanted to endure Ladybug's wrath just then.

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