A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

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'Crap, crap, crap, crap,' Rena Rouge chanted as she frantically searched around, in the dark, for her phone. She had left it attached to a wall at the mouth of an alley so she could film herself and her team take down the latest akuma. She scurried into the alley when her miraculous chimed a warning; she only had moments before her transformation dropped.

When Alya first received her miraculous, she had no intention of giving up her journalistic inclinations or the Ladyblog. She just had to be more creative. Spider-Man had given her the idea to secure her phone to a wall so she could film herself. She figured she could still get excellent footage while dodging suspicion herself. Now, however, her plan had hit a snag since her phone was not where she had left it.

Alya threw her hands up and groaned in despair as her transformation fell. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes as Trixx climbed over her shoulder to hide in her hair.

'Can we go and get snacks now?' Trixx asked, plaintively.

Alya heaved a sigh. 'Yeah, let's go,' she replied, opening her eyes.

Something reflected the streetlight and caught Alya's attention. Her eyes widened before she desperately looked around for something to climb on. Spotting an old wooden crate of questionable structural integrity, Alya dragged it over and stood on it. She had to stretch up on the tips of her toes, but her phone was still just out of reach, perched on a window ledge in the rough brick wall. As Rena Rouge, she could leave her phone in high places and retrieve them easily, but she had never had to do so as herself until now.

'I thought you left that thing facing the street,' Trixx commented.

'So did I,' Alya grunted.

With a hop, Alya reached her phone with a triumphant cheer. The crate chose that moment to give up on life and collapsed, sending Alya to the ground with a painful thud.

'Ouch,' Alya moaned, rubbing her abused backside.

Trixx hovered before her, looking anxiously at the phone. 'Um, that's not still recording, is it?'

Alya checked the screen and screamed. She frantically pressed buttons until the display went dark, then shared a look with Trixx. Silently, Alya stood and walked home. It was after midnight and she had school in the morning.



I should have stayed home in bed, Alya thought. Why did I have to livestream straight to the Ladyblog?

People had been staring all day, murmuring and whispering behind their hands. The susurrus was unnerving and had followed her from the moment she left her room.

Her family had not reacted how she would have thought upon finding out she was a superhero. Marlena had grounded her, and Otis had shaken his head in worry. Only Etta and Ella had responded normally, too awed to speak.

As she walked to school, whispering and pointing fingers followed her. Alya clutched her schoolbag tight, holding it like a shield in front of her chest before she sprinted into the school. There were more stares and pointing in the locker room, so she turned in the doorway and fled to the relative safety of Madame Bustier's classroom. Once there, she collapsed into her seat, dropped her bag and placed her head between her knees. She drew deep breaths in an effort to calm down before she heard someone enter.

'Alya?' Marinette called, tentatively. 'Are you ok?'

Marinette. Dear, sweet Marinette, Alya thought with relief.

She looked up as Marinette settled into her own seat, looking at Alya with concern, before gently rubbing her back soothingly.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' Alya replied. 'You know. Considering.'

The bell rang and their classmates filed obediently into the room, finding their seats. They glanced at Alya from the corners of their eyes, judging and criticising, but no one said anything.

'Considering what?' asked Marinette as she tilted her head.

Alya looked at her, dumbfounded. 'What do you mean "Considering what?" I totally gave myself away last night.' Alya was aware her voice was rising, but was too stunned by Marinette's obtuseness to care.

Marinette blinked. 'I have no idea what you're talking about,' she confessed.

Alya stared back in disbelief. Although, with Marinette, maybe she ought not be so surprised. Marinette often neglected to watch the Ladyblog, which meant she was probably the only person in the country who didn't know.

Exasperated, Alya exclaimed, 'I'm talking about how I filmed myself detransforming last night. Now, the entire city knows I'm Rena Rouge.'

The class fell silent as they all turned to stare. Marinette's eyes widened as her mouth fell open.

Fed up, Alya got to her feet. 'That's right. I'm Rena Rouge, and I accidentally revealed myself, via livestream, on my own blog last night 'cause I couldn't find my stupid phone.' She crossed her arms and resumed her seat with a huff.

The room remained silent for two minutes before Marinette spoke.

'Alya, there was nothing like that on your blog, last night or this morning.'

'Of course there was. My phone was still filming as I detransformed right in front of it.'

Marinette raised a finger like she was about to make a point, but her face scrunched up in confusion.

'Why do you have your phone while you're Rena Rouge, anyway?' Nino asked.

'It was the perfect cover,' Alya explained. 'If I still posted videos of the fights, no one would suspect Rena was me.'

'Seems egotistical and self-serving to me,' Chloe muttered.

Alya chose to ignore her, in light of another issue. 'Why are you all acting like it's no big deal? I'm a literal superhero who just gave away her identity. Why aren't you freaking out?'

Nino tried to whistle nonchalantly while Adrien rubbed the back of his head with an awkward smile. Chloe just huffed and turned away, while Marinette shrugged with a half-hearted giggle.

'How come you couldn't find your phone? You're usually more careful than that,' Adrien asked, quickly, when Alya glared at them.

'I'd left it attached to a wall outside an alley, several feet from the ground. It wasn't there when I came back. Instead, it had been relocated to a window ledge inside the alley about ten feet from the ground. Someone must have moved it.'

Adrien nodded. 'Did you detransform before or after you got it down?'

'Before, obviously. If I had still been Rena, I could have retrieved it easily.'

'Ok, now, was the camera pointed straight ahead while it was up there, or was it fixed at an angle so that it looked down?'

Alya tapped her chin, thoughtfully. 'It was leaning against the window, so the camera would have been focussed straight ahead.'

'There you have it, then,' Adrien cheered. 'If your phone was ten feet off the ground, and facing straight ahead, then it couldn't have seen you on the ground. It would only have seen the opposite wall. Your secret identity is still safe,' he concluded.

'Well, mostly,' Nino said, indicating their classmates who were still watching them avidly.

Alya slowly looked around, her eyes wide. 'Do you mean I just - ' she trailed off.

'Afraid so, Babe. You just outed yourself over nothing,' Nino said as he placed a comforting hand on her arm.

Alya gaped at him. 'But, all the pointing, all that whispering and the gossip. What was all that?'

'That was paranoia,' Nino explained. 'You let your fears override all rational thought.'

'But, my parents,' she insisted. 'Mum grounded me and Dad was really worried.'

'Probably because last night's attack was super late,' Marinette offered. 'You know how they worry.'

Alya looked from her friends to her classmates, mouth agape and eyes wide once more. Everyone was staring back with varying degrees of shock.

Alya then took a deep breath and gave a wailing shriek, before allowing her head to fall to her desk with a solid thump. Marinette patted her shoulder, sympathetically.

'What is going on in here?' Caline demanded as she entered. 'Is something wrong?'

'No, Madame Bustier,' everyone chorused, except for Alya, who was still repeatedly bumping her head against the desk.



Carapace: Don't tell Rena I moved her phone.

Chat Noir: That was you?

Carapace: You know how much she loves that thing. I didn't want it to get damaged.

Chat Noir: You're such a good boyfriend. We'll take this to our graves.

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