A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Adrien and Nino were spending their lunch break in the park. It was rare Gabriel let Adrien do anything unsupervised, let alone with Nino, so they were particularly happy to enjoy the sunshine and each other's company today.

Nino crossed his arms behind his head as he lay back on the grass, Adrien beside him, stretched out on his belly with his head by Nino's feet. Nino began to drift off, the ambient sounds of the city an urban lullaby.

He heard a soft gasp from Adrien. Looking down the length of his body, Nino saw Adrien was staring intently at something just in front of him.

'You good, Buddy?' he asked, still drowsy.

Adrien looked at him from over his shoulder. He was grinning so wide Nino thought his face would split.

'It's a ladybug,' he explained in wonderment.

Nino looked at him blankly. 'Huh?'

'It's a ladybug,' he repeated.

'Ok, Man. Whatever,' Nino gave Adrien a dubious look as he lay back down.

Adrien turned back to his insect. 'Hey, little ladybug,' he whispered to it.

Nino shook his head. He really needed to get Adrien out of the house more if he was reacting like this to a bug.

'Ladybug has sent me a little friend. Hello, Friend. Are you having a good day, Friend? There are lots of flowers here for you, Friend. Lots of soft bodied pests for you to eat. Mmm, aphids.'

Nino stared at the back of Adrien's head, dumbfounded.

'Did Ladybug send you to see me? Did she spot me over here?' he giggled.

Nino shook his head. Maybe Adrien has had enough sun. Maybe this was why Gabriel never let him out. Adrien had gone completely loopy in the fresh air. Maybe this was a type of altitude sickness, but induced by fresh air instead of extreme heights.

'Does Milady have a message for me, Friend?' Adrien asked.

Nino sat up and had to do a double take. Only Chat Noir used such an outdated term of address.

'What could she paw-sibly have to say to li'l ol' me?'

As Adrien trailed off into awful romantic prose and cat and bug themed puns, Nino sat back to take a moment to consider things. Only Chat Noir would talk like that. Nino brought his hand to his face with an audible slap.

If he were to be honest, Nino was more surprised by his own lack of astonishment than figuring out Adrien's identity. Shaking his head, Nino wondered how he had missed it for so long. Adrien was a terribly liar and not at all suave. Just like Chat Noir. Not to mention the hair, the physique, and the hopeless crush on an indifferent Ladybug.

Nino watched as Adrien slowly raised himself to his hands and knees. He was not impressed with his view of Adrien's backside as he did so. Carefully, Adrien turned around to show Nino something resting on his forearm. It was the ladybug.

'Look, Nino. Look. Isn't she beautiful?' Adrien asked with barely supressed glee.

'How do you know it's a she?' Nino asked.

Adrien looked at him as of here were daft. 'Of course she's a girl,' he scoffed.

'Ok, Man. Whatever you say,' Nino placated him with hands raised in surrender.

Adrien nodded, satisfied. 'Pretty, right?' he pressed.

'Yeah, Dude. Pretty.'

Adrien sat in front of Nino in a tailor's position and continued to babble lovey-dovey nonsense.

Nino couldn't look away. It was the sappiest train wreck he had ever seen. He wanted to record it. He wanted to rinse his brain out with bleach.

'Hey, Chat Noir,' he called.

'Yeah?' Adrien looked up expectantly.

Adrien continued to look at him, his smile slowly falling off his face. The silence between them was oppressive.

'Crap,' Adrien muttered.

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