A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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It had come down to this. Ladybug and Chat Noir stood opposite Papillon in the rubble-strewn remains of his lair. Chat Noir had been the one to identify and locate him, but he wasn't very happy about it. Ladybug vacillated between astonishment and grim acceptance.

Now, here they were, standing before the man who Ladybug had once suspected. She suddenly felt an overwhelming need to say "I told you so."

Chat Noir was shuffling from foot to foot, glancing back at the massive window with a wince. 'Sorry about that. We didn't mean to come crashing in through the window.'

Ladybug's eyes flicked to him for a moment before refocussing on Papillon. 'Yes, we did. Chat, don't apologise for breaking the villain's window.'

Papillon was staring at them in surprise, which quickly morphed into irritation, which then turned into gleeful triumph.

'Oh, right,' Chat Noir corrected himself, raising his fists. 'I'm totally not sorry we came crashing in through that window.'

'That's right,' Ladybug continued. 'Now, surrender or we'll break all the glass in your entire house.'

'Wait, all the glass?' asked Chat Noir, lowering his fists.

'All the glass,' Ladybug confirmed with a nod.

'Even the mirrors?'

Ladybug hesitated. 'Ok, maybe not the mirrors. But definitely all the windows.' Ladybug paused, looking thoughtful. 'And maybe not Adrien's bedroom windows.'

'Are you two quite done?' Papillon asked, looking bored.

'What? No, we're not done. You're also going to surrender your miraculous,' Ladybug declared as she pointed a righteous finger at him.

Papillon rolled his eyes. 'I don't think so.'

Chat Noir looked between Ladybug and Papillon. 'So, is that it, then?'

Ladybug shot him a withering look. 'Of course, that's not it. Now, we fight. Chat Noir, I choose you. Scratch attack!'

Chat Noir lowered his fists once more and glared at Ladybug. 'Why do I have to go first?'

'Because I'm the leader and I give the orders.'

'That's not very fair,' Chat Noir pouted and crossed his arms.

'Life's not fair,' Ladybug retorted.

While they bickered, Papillon calmly walked up to them and simply snatched their miraculouses and left.

Marinette and Adrien were left standing there, staring at each other in confusion.

'What just happened?' Adrien asked.

Marinette seethed. 'You screwed up is what happened,' she growled.

'What, me? Why is everything always my fault?'

As they fought, Papillon began his evil reign over Paris unopposed and lasted for the next four decades. The people despaired, and life was miserable, but at least Gabriel was happy.

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