A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Marinette was quickly getting annoyed. The current akuma was kicking her proverbial backside and laughing while she did so. Furthermore, Chat Noir had not made an appearance, so Ladybug had to suffer this indignity alone.

'You know,' the akuma called from the roof of a car, 'it's widely assumed that Chat Noir is the sidekick. But from what I've seen today, it's your skill level that could use some work, Ladybug. Perhaps you should go back to superhero school for a refresher course.'

Ladybug groaned, loud and obnoxious. 'I don't need life tips from a two-bit, Harley Quinn knock off,' she retorted.

In her opinion, it was true. The akuma, Punk Princess, had pink and blue hair up in two high pigtails and a black and white chequered suit.

Punk Princess snarled at the comparison. 'I am not Harley Quinn,' she shouted, carefully enunciating each word.

'Whatever. Lucky Charm!'

The battle was finished shortly after that. Apparently, tardy slips and utter exasperation were great motivators.

Marinette detransformed in a discreet wall recess and gave Tikki a biscuit before she settled down to rest in Marinette's purse. Taking out her phone to check the time, Marinette groaned again. With a resigned sigh, she began the long walk home without a backward glance to the confused woman who had been Punk Princess.

Thank goodness for that, too, Marinette thought. That was a stupid name. Chat would've had a blast with it.

As she walked, she wanted to be angry with Chat Noir, but realistically, he was probably stuck in school and still blissfully ignorant. Just like she ought to be. It was only thanks to Alya that Marinette knew about the attack in the first place. Thanks to the app on Alya's phone, she got all the latest updates on akumas as well as Ladybug and Chat Noir sightings.

When Alya's phone went off during history class, Marinette made up a vague excuse before slipping quickly out of the room before Madame Bustier could ask too many questions.

Marinette sighed. Now everyone would think her period had started, or something equally embarrassing.

Marinette's head hurt and her feet had begun to ache. Her flats were not made for long distance walking . She sat for a moment on a conveniently placed bench and stretched her legs out.

'Marinette, are you ok?' Tikki asked, peering through a gap in the top of her purse.

'I'm fine. Just tired and achey,' she smiled at Tikki reassuringly.

'Are you sure? I can transform you if you'd like to get home faster,' Tikki offered.

'Aren't you exhausted after that fight?'

'I'm good enough to get us home.'

Marinette smiled at Tikki gratefully. 'All right, let me find a place to transform.'

Ducking down a narrow laneway, Marinette transformed again and swung across the rooftops, glad to be off her feet. She didn't mind walking normally, but an hour's walk after a frustrating fight  was expecting too much.

She arrived on her balcony and almost fell through her access hatch. She landed on her bed in an ungainly red and black heap and groaned again. Ladybug drew in a deep breath and climbed down from her bed backwards. Halfway down, she released her transformation, trusting Tikki to find her own food.

There was a thump behind her, followed by a stunned gasp. Marinette froze, sweat breaking out across her forehead. Face pale, she forced herself to turn around.

There, standing at the foot of her chaise, stood Alya. Marinette's schoolbag lay forgotten at her feet, but Alya's hands were still poised as if they were still holding it. Or, if she were holding her phone or some other recording device.

A litany of curses ran through Marinette's head as she stood, staring back at Alya. Then, Alya drew a deep breath.

Moving with Ladybug reflexes, Marinette grabbed the pillow from the chaise and smothered Alya with it as she let out a scream. Marinette held the pillow in place until the shrieks had subsided. Then she very carefully pulled it back. Alya was quiet, but she was staring at Marinette with a wide, creepy smile. Marinette edged cautiously away from her.

'You. Bug,' Alya stated, pointing at Marinette.

Marinette grabbed Alya's arm and dragged her over to sit her on the chaise. She then stood over her, hands on Alya's shoulders and looked her in the eyes.

'You can't tell anyone. Do you understand me?'


Marinette blinked. This revelation had knocked Alya about worse than she thought.

'Ladynette,' Alya tried again.

'Ok, you need to rest now.' Marinette pushed Alya into a reclining position, fetching the pillow from the floor for her.

Marinette sat in her desk chair while she waited for Alya to let this new information sink in. It could be a very long wait. Marinette's headache came back.

Finally, Alya came back to herself. She sat up suddenly, startling Marinette.

'You're Ladybug,' Alya gasped with that creepy smile.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, Marinette replied, 'yes. I'm Ladybug. But you absolutely cannot tell anyone. Do you understand?'

Alya looked offended. 'Who do you think you're talking to? I've read more superhero comics than anyone. I know how it goes. You have to keep your identity a secret to protect yourself and your friends and family. Please don't insult my intelligence.'

Marinette was stunned. She never would have thought the former Lady Wifi would be willing to keep a secret of this magnitude. Then again, Alya was her best friend, and true to the bone.

'You're right, I'm sorry.' Marinette said. 'You just shocked me, is all. No one is supposed to know.'

Alya gave her a genuine smile. 'It's ok, Girl. I got your back. Maybe I can even help out.'

Marinette looked at her in alarm.

'Not in a fight,' Alya clarified with an indelicate snort. 'I mean in other ways. Like coming up with better excuses to get out of class. Kim thought you had diarrhoea today.'

Marinette collapsed back in her chair with a mortified groan. What would Adrien think of her now?

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