A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Ladybug and Chat Noir were out late, finishing up patrol. It had been a quiet run, broken only by Chat Noir's occasional flirtation and Ladybug's witty retorts.

They finally stopped for the night on top of a building in the heart of the city, when something caught Ladybug's eye. She turned away from Chat Noir's smarmy grin to see a massive billboard covered by Adrien Agreste. She sighed dreamily as she imagined running her fingers through his perfect hair, kissing his perfect lips, and marrying into his perfect existence. She blushed when she thought of bearing him three perfect children.

She was so caught up in her daydreams, she failed to notice Chat Noir creeping up behind her. He rested his chin on her shoulder to see what she was staring at, and scowled.

Chat Noir pulled back, straightening up to his full height. He moved to stand in front of her, falling into a pose. He dragged one hand through his hair, and placed the other on his hip.

'Some people say I look like him, you know,' he told her with a wink.

Ladybug slowly and deliberately dragged her eyes over him.

'They do not,' she scoffed.

Chat Noir raised an eyebrow at her. 'We both have blond hair, green eyes, tall, svelte figures. We could be twins.'

Ladybug crooked her finger against her lips thoughtfully, scrutinising him carefully. 'Your transformation alters your eyes. Who's to say what else it changes?'

'I'll have you know, Bug o' mine, that all this,' he indicated himself with both hands, 'is all natural.'

'Uh huh.' Ladybug remained unconvinced.

Chat Noir began flexing his biceps. 'If you were to see that guy's arms, I bet he'd be totally ripped. He'd have to hit the gym regularly, of course. I, however, just have to be my paw-some self.'

'Whatever you say, Kitty.'

'Did you know he can speak three languages? I can, too. It's no big deal.'

'Sure, Chaton.'

'We also both play piano. I'm so sophisticated, don't you think?'

She looked at him quizzically, then. 'How do you know so much about Adrien Agreste?'

There as a lot of personal information about Adrien available for the world to see. He had done many television and magazine interviews, if someone wanted to find it. Ladybug just hadn't thought Chat Noir was a fan. Her stomach gave an uncomfortable lurch when she recalled Adrien was also a fan of Chat Noir.

'Oh, I just hear things. Read some things, here and there. Why do you ask?'

Ladybug didn't know how to phrase her next question, so she decided to take the direct approach.

'Are you in love with Adrien?'

Chat Noir made a sound like he had just inhaled his tongue and promptly choked on it.

'What? No,' he denied, vehemently.

'It's ok if you are,' she tried to soothe him.

'I'm not gay,' he shouted, red in the face.


'No! Jesus H. Christ, Ladybug.'

Ladybug was a little surprised. After all his praising, she had begun to believe Chat Noir was infatuated with Adrien.

'Then why are you so obsessed with Adrien?' she asked. The only other person she knew with such an in depth knowledge of all things Adrien was herself.

Chat Noir crossed one arm over his chest, then rubbed his eyes with his free hand. 'I was just pointing out that we have a lot of the same qualities,' he explained, sounding tired.

Ladybug regarded him carefully. It was true they had the same colouring, and body type. She had to take Chat Noir's word for it about their shared hobbies, but there were other things they had in common.

Ladybug's eyes flickered between Chat Noir and the picture of Adrien behind him. They had the same nose, the same jawline, even the same laugh. They also shared a kind and generous nature, and, unfortunately, an atrocious sense of humour.

'Chat Noir?' she called, tentatively.

'Yes, LB?'

 'Are you Adrien Agreste?'

Chat Noir threw his hands up. 'Finally,' he hollered. 'She gets it. See? I can't be in love with him if I am him.'


'Yes, Milady?' he bowed to her, smiling wide.

'You better start running, 'cause I am going to murder you.'

Chat Noir gave an undignified yelp and fled as Ladybug lunged after him.

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