A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

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Twin shrieks tore through the calm night air. Marinette and Tikki scrambled out of the access hatch and on to the balcony, panting and sweating. They exchanged a wide-eyed look and nodded.

'There's nothing for it, now,' Tikki breathed.

'A shame, though it can't be helped,' Marinette agreed.

'We'll just have to burn the entire house down,' Tikki said mournfully.

Marinette had already begun her eulogy to her childhood home, when Tikki's eyes widened and she quickly flew to hide under the deck chair. Marinette stared at her quizzically for a moment before she head a thud behind her.

'Do I hear the sounds of a damsel in distress?' Chat Noir asked.

Reminded of why she was out here in the first place, Marinette turned to him. She struck a pose of abject helplessness.

'It's horrible, Chat Noir,' she wailed.

'Calm down, Princess. Tell your knight in shining armour what's wrong,' he smirked.

Condescending braggart, she thought as her expression fell.

Pulling her face back into an expression of anguish, she pointed to her hatch. She swore her heart rate picked up again just thinking about the monster within.

'In there?' Chat Noir asked. 'Let me take a look.'

Marinette nodded her consent, hands clasped in front of her chest. Chat Noir jumped down her hatch. She could hear him shuffling about, looking for the intruder.

'Well, hey there, little guy,' she heard him croon. 'Come here, now. Come here.'

'Don't try to coddle it. Just kill it,' Marinette told him sternly.

Chat Noir poked his head up through the hatch. 'That's a little harsh, isn't it? He has a right to life too, you know.'

'No, it doesn't. It forfeited that right the moment it was born.'

Chat Noir tsked at her and hoisted himself out with his elbows. His hands were cupped around something, and Marinette's stomach flipped and clenched as she realised what he'd done.

'You have it in your hands?' she asked, horrified and disgusted.

'Come on, Marinette. It's just a little spider,' he held his hands out to her and showed her the little brown beast.

Marinette screamed. Her foot struck out, kicking Chat Noir's hand and catapulting the spider into the darkness.

'Wasn't that a bit of an overreaction?' he asked, rubbing the back of his hand.

'No,' Marinette denied vehemently.

Chat Noir raised an eyebrow at her.

'Spiders eat ladybugs,' she defended herself strenuously.



Chat Noir pointed at her. 'Are you?' he asked.

Marinette's eyes darted about, looking for an escape route.

'Ladybug?' Chat Noir finished.

Marinette turned to the railing on the other side of her balcony as fast as she could.

'Bug out,' she shouted as she nimbly hopped over the side.

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