A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Chloe regarded Chat Noir critically as he hopped from foot to foot just outside her balcony doors.

'You want to do what?' she asked, raising a brow and feeling scandalised.

'I need to use your bathroom. I would have gone somewhere else, but my miraculous is about to time out and your place was closest. Please, let me in,' he begged.

Chloe curled her lip and half turned away from him. Perhaps, if it had been Ladybug asking, she would be a little more receptive to the idea of letting a stranger use her bathroom. But this was Chat Noir, a boy, who may or may not have been, properly trained in the use of toilets. Boys were notoriously messy, after all.

For people who pee through a hose, shouldn't they have better aim? She idly thought as Chat Noir continued his bizarre potty dance outside her door.

Chloe was also still bitter about Chat Noir leaving her to do that physics presentation all by herself. It gave her some small sense of satisfaction seeing him squirm, now when he needed her. Then, she remembered, she shouldn't hold a grudge. Adrien still implored her to make an effort to be nicer to people, but then again, that was something she couldn't let go of easily. That Presentation had been hard.

'Come on, Chloe,' Chat Noir whined, scratching at the door. 'Please, let me in. Someone will see me if I don't hide soon.' He clasped his hands in front of his chest, clearly displaying his ring.

Chloe's eyes widened. 'Then don't pee on the balcony,' she yelled.

'What?' Chat Noir yelled back. 'I wasn't going to. Why would you even think that?' The second last paw  pad on his ring blinked out.

'You said you needed to use the bathroom,' Chloe replied, indignantly.

'To hide while my ring charges up again,' he explained with exaggerated patience.

She blinked at him, regarding him for a long moment. So, he didn't need to pee, that was a relief. But, he would still be a strange boy in her room. He could be a thief, or a pervert. Chloe found she was in a Conundrum.

Finally, Chloe decided to be the bigger person and give him the benefit of the doubt. She opened the door and Chat Noir fell across the threshold before stumbling into her closet.

'Hey, that's not the bathroom,' she shouted as she banged on the door. 'Get out of there.'

'Sorry, it's an emergency,' came his muffled response.

'You'd better not pee on my clothes. They're all designer labels, and I don't want them ruined.'

There was a frustrated groan from within, but Chat Noir didn't say anything else.

Rude, Chloe thought. She crossed her arms and huffed.

There was a knock on her bedroom door, Sabrina entering straight after. She was burdened with numerous shopping bags and hatboxes, her face barely visible through a gap between two boxes.

'Chloe, I got the clothes you ordered,' Sabrina sang as she approached the bed.

Chloe took the boxes and placed them carefully aside, then inspected the contents of the bags.

'Wow, you actually got it right,' she praised. Sabrina's chest puffed out in pride.

Chloe and Sabrina gossiped for an hour as Chloe sorted her new clothes. First by colour, then season, then brand. It was a lengthy process, but with Sabrina's assistance, it was almost fun. They took a half hour snack break, then spent another hour finishing up.

'I have to get going. Dad wants me home before dark,' Sabrina finally said.

Chloe walked her to the door before returning to her last pile of dresses, still waiting to be hung. She grabbed them by the hangers and opened her closet door. She shrieked as Adrien tumbled out and landed at her feet in an ungainly heap, something small and black cradled in his outstretched hands.

Chloe stared in disbelief. 'Adrikins? But, Chat Noir was. Now you're,' she gestured helplessly between her wardrobe and Adrien, still sprawled on her carpet. 'You're Chat Noir?' she screeched.

Adrien looked at her with a sheepish grin and chuckled. Chloe was not amused, however. She scowled at him, waiting for an explanation.

'Cheese,' the black thing moaned, plaintively.

'You'd better not have peed in there,' she said, sternly.

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