A Series of Ridiculous Reveals

BY : Cat_Eyes
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Ladybug and Chat Noir were triumphant, as usual. This akuma had been unexpectedly easy, not even requiring a Lucky Charm since it had caused no damage. Turns out, old ladies who just want to see their grandkids will simply offer their affection to other small children.

Ladybug released the butterfly and waved it away with her usual words. She and Chat Noir then stood proudly together while the media barraged them with questions. Finally, they took their leave amongst waving and cheering people, waving back and promising to return when the next akuma strikes.

They landed atop a nondescript roof for a quick breather before they separated for home.

'I wonder why Papillon only releases one akuma at a time?' Ladybug said. 'Surely it would be more effective to release multiple akumas at once.'

Chat Noir shrugged. 'Maybe he only has the one butterfly.' Chat Noir snickered as a thought occurred to him. 'Can you imagine him running around the city, chasing the butterfly you released so he can use it again? I bet he has a giant butterfly net, too.'

Chuckling, Ladybug replied, 'That is pretty funny. It doesn't hold with what we've seen, though.'

'Oh, what have we seen?'

'Remember Stone Heart? Hundreds of butterflies made up the projection of Papillon's head when he talked to us. They have to still be out there, somewhere.'

'Butterflies have a pretty short lifespan, though,' Chat Noir argued.

'Well, who knows with magic butterflies. He could also have bred them.'

'Papillon - Butterfly Breeder,' Chat Noir announced expansively, sweeping his arm out in a grand gesture.

Ladybug giggled. 'See you later, Chat Noir,' she waved as she swung away.

'Can't wait, Milady,' Chat Noir answered softly.



Adrien heard muffled crashes as he ascended the steps outside his front door later that afternoon. Curiosity piqued, he ran up the stairs before putting his ear to the door, listening intently for some indication of what was happening. All he heard was dull thuds and the occasional grumbled curse.

Slowly, cautiously, he opened the door and stepped inside.

'Close that door immediately,' Gabriel commanded. 'Don't let it get out.'

Adrien froze, stunned. Gabriel was running around the entry hall, hair dishevelled and red faced with a butterfly net. Adrien watched as Gabriel swung it wildly after a fluttering white butterfly, grunting with the effort and swearing at it with the most vulgar language when it evaded him.

'Uh, Father?'

'Hush, Adrien. I'm busy. I thought I told you to shut that door.' He swung the disappointingly average sized net again, and missed. Adrien closed the door as quietly as possible.

Climbing up on the bannister for greater reach, Gabriel swung the net, sweeping the butterfly out of the air. With a shout of victory, Gabriel climbed down and pulled his lapels straight with one hand, the other keeping a firm hold around the mouth of the net. 

Nathalie stepped out of Gabriel's office holding a large killing jar full of white butterflies.

'I've caught the rest, Sir,' she reported.

'Good. Come and collect this one.' 

Nathalie approached Gabriel and carefully relocated the captured butterfly into the jar. 

'What's going on?' Adrien asked, looking helplessly between Gabriel and Nathalie.

'We're catching butterflies,' replied Nathalie.

'Why?' Adrien felt weak.

'Adrien,' Gabriel said sternly. 'Do you have any idea how hard it is to train a butterfly?'

'Father?' Adrien called tentatively. 'are those Papillon's butterflies?'

Gabriel moved the net behind his back, utterly failing to hide the  evidence. 'No. I don't know what you're talking about. I just have a keen interest in entomology. Butterflies are the inspiration for my new line.'

Adrien could see the sweat beading his forehead.

'Right. I'll just be on my way, then,' Adrien said, circling around Gabriel and Nathalie in a wide arc.

As soon as he shut his bedroom door behind him, Adrien said, 'Plagg. We need to find Ladybug. Now.'



'Do you think he figured you out, Sir?'

'Not a chance.'

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