Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter nine: Not just business


The sun brightly shines over Dimmesdale as Dora looked out the taxi window with fascination, tall buildings and buzzling streets were a sight to see, hardly any different from Amity Park but it was nonetheless the very first time she had step out of her home city.


Her eyes set over Dimmesdale university as the taxi approached the main entrance, the college was much smaller than her own university but was one of the most prestigious institutions in the entire country, with nothing to envied from larger schools such as Harvard or Yale.


Dora still couldn’t believe how easily Danny whipped out the cash to pay for her seminar and lodging, a year prior she would have been more than disgusted to have to open her legs to a kid just attend this most valuable lecture.


Now, it seems like a huge bargain. All she had to do was simply open her legs for Danny a couple of times and she would be a step closer to fulfilling her dream, to become a lawyer and perhaps one day, even a district attorney though this part of her life would be a secret.   


The blonde knew that attending to Nicolas Technus seminar would greatly influence her falling grades and of course in her upcoming resume. It was upon hearing the school bell that Dora dashed towards the school’s auditorium where the class was to be given.


Dora completely forgot about her hard days working the streets as she listened to the old man’s lecture which carried on until late in the afternoon, yet she couldn’t help but feel a tingly sensation around her crotch as she imagined Danny’s naked figure lying on the bed.


The old man’s lecture lasted much longer than what she had initially expected and though she wanted to go sightseeing before meeting up with Danny, she didn’t fancy dragging her luggage around a city she knew nothing about.


“Hi, are you new here?”- a young female brunette suddenly boarded Dora who was eating a sandwich recently bought from one of the kiosks.  


“No, I just came for Technus lecture.”- Dora replied before taking a sip from her soda.


“Oh, we thought you were moving in”- the girl continued while looking over to Dora’s luggage.


The blonde woman brought only a medium-size wheel suitcase which had her clothing and some minor essentials, such as makeup and her laptop in case she was to need it. Dora didn’t see the necessity in bringing more than a couple of shirts and a spare set of pants.


Her thongs and lubricant took priority over the rest of her clothes as she was more than sure Danny would have her walking around naked like in his beach house just a few days ago, though, in hindsight, she didn’t bother in wearing anything, not even the costumes she brought over.


“We wanted to invite you over to a party tonight at house Omega”- a man wearing a football leather jacket offered while looking at her massive breasts, already picturing her naked.


“It’s an open invitation”- a woman with strange pink hair added as she gave Dora a simple printed invitation.    


Dora looked at her piece of paper and recalled how her college life was nothing like she had imagined it when first enrolling at Amity Park University, she environed herself going to wild parties on weekends, dating the quarterback, then graduating with honors and becoming a great lawyer.


Life had other plans for her, a misogynist father and brother who tied her down and made great efforts to break her will, losing a full scholarship thanks to them which force her to take a part-time job eventually working as a streetwalker then in a brothel that paid much better.


It still felt horrible to be kicked out of her house after being beaten up by a john at one of Vlad’s parties, Dora’s father didn’t take it kindly to her secret job and disowned her on the spot breaking her heart. Thankfully, she wasn’t without friends as Desiree and Penelope welcome her.


The best was still to come, Danny was her ticket out. With him she could achieve her dreams and rubbed her degree on her father’s fat face, go out and scream “I did it” to everyone who looked down on her, ironically, it was her first real boss, Vlad Master who believed in her.


“I’m sure you’ll make it and I’ll probably even hire you someday.”- Dora recalled the man saying once.


“If you don’t have a place to stay you can sleep in the dorms”- the jock said laying out his trap.


“No thanks, me and my boyfriend already booked a hotel.”- Dora replied while calling for a taxi as she wanted to avoid any more attempts.


Dora wasn’t a naïve country girl and knew what the jock and his friends wanted, to sleep with her, worst yet, for free. As much as she hated to admit it, she had put a price on her ass and many men had been able to pay for it, but none could ever pay as much as Danny.


Nonetheless, she was still tempted to go and see what the fuzz was about, she heard from her peers at Amity University about how intense the parties got, with all kinds of debauchery in which the police had been called in more than one occasion.


“Come on, your boyfriend can come too.”- the man insisted while putting his arm over her shoulder.


“Where are you staying at? Maybe we can swing over?”- the brunette added trying to diffuse or perhaps help her friend.


“I’ll think about it”- Dora simply replied and made her way to the main gate to wait for her taxi leaving the jocks and their so-called girlfriends behind.




As enticing as going to a fraternity party sounded, she was looking forward to another type of party, more intimate and far more productive than just getting wasted on cheap beer while listening to awful music and drunken conversation, perhaps even waking up naked to some random guy.


The blonde-haired woman looked dumbfounded through the window at the building before her, her eyes moved over to the phone to see if the address was right then to the driver who confirmed they were at the right place.


Dora was sure there must be some sort of mistake yet the driver told her there was none, it was then that girl walked out. The building before her was so tall she could swear it touched the sky, big enough to take two whole city blocks.


“Welcome to the Delfin Hotel”- the doorman greeted her while opening the door.


Dora expected some fancy place but the hotel was beyond that, just the lobby was huge with marble floor and four large columns in the middle along with a massive chandelier. Classical music resounded all around while a delicate aroma embraced her nose.


It was only then that Dora actually felt out of place given her simple clothing which consisted of a pair of heavily worn-out jeans, a white blouse, and a pair of work boots, she felt like country bumkin and clearly in the wrong place.


“Hi Dora!”- Danny suddenly greeted her with a huge childish smile.


Her eyes brighten up as she saw the young boy walking up to her though much to her surprise, the boy wasn’t wearing expensive-looking clothes or a fancy suit like most people around them, rather than that, Danny sported a pair of blue jeans and a white polo shirt with a red dot.


“I guess the really rich don’t wear brand clothes.”- Dora thought to herself.


She recalled once reading articles online about how the super-rich or better known as the one percent didn’t care to wear brand clothes or stand out too much, such people dressed in comfortable clothing as they had no one to impress.


Danny’s warm smile makes Dora feel much more at ease allowing her to ignore the callous looks send her way as he took hold of her soft hand and luggage, Danny then proceeded to guide her to the elevator while talking about already having booked a room.




Dora’s eyes open in complete and utter amazement as she and Danny walked into the room, the penthouse suite. It was literally a house within the hotel, there was a large living room with a pool table and whole bar.


A swimming pool outside in the balcony which overview the whole city all around were massive windows which Danny assured her were one-way or so was told. Dora couldn’t even begin to imagine the cost per night and didn’t dare to ask.


“Why don’t you get a little more comfortable while I order room service for us”- Danny said as he undresses Dora with his eyes.


The blonde girl smile as she was kindly expecting a classy candlelight dinner, it was then that peeled off her clothes remaining completely naked for Danny as sat down on the overly soft and spotless couch with her legs wide open.


Her hand took hold of the menu that rested next to the telephone while Danny’s hand their way towards her cunt, his tender lips begun sucking on her nipples as she scanned the menu seeing that each course sounded delicious.


While Dora ordered for their dinner, Danny helps himself to her cunt. The boy had already tasted her before and though he still preferred Desiree’s exotic taste, Dora’s pussy didn’t lack any charm at all.


The blonde girl relaxed her body as Danny work on her pussy with his well-experienced tongue, she had to thank Desiree later on for teaching him so well. His technique was flawless and never once slowed down his pace.  


The doorbell suddenly rang as Dora reached an orgasm; Danny’s face was covered in her juice though couldn’t hide his joyful expression. Dora stayed on the couch basking in the overglow of a blow job well done.


“I’ll take it from here.”- Danny said as he handed a hefty tip.


The bellboy seemed to be only a couple of years older than Danny, yet spoke with unusual property and even bow behind taking a step, his eyes didn’t fail to see the naked woman sitting on the couch but made no comment nor showed his lust on his face.


He had seen orgies take place within the room and wild parties with illegal substances, but unlike Danny, most guests didn’t give a rat’s ass if he saw anything. The boy was well trained and knew better than to open his mouth.


“My God this is delicious!”- Dora said as she took a mouthful.


Never before had Dora nor Danny tasted French cuisine and ultimately chose something they could hardly pronounce; a smile was drawn on Danny face as he recalled that his best friend Sam Manson telling him how she could speak French fluently yet never actually heard talk said language.




Dinner was beyond delightful; she had never eaten duck before and tasted far better than what she had imagined, but now was time to pay. She fixed her makeup and sprayed some perfume after a very quick shower.


She had to be at her finest despite already making a very good impression on Danny at the beach house, hence forcing her to keep up that standard. Dora still couldn’t believe that she allowed Danny to cum inside of her, much less to promise him to do it again.


Many men had asked for raw sex and to which she had always denied them, yet with Danny, it was different. She was looking forward to it but didn’t fancy the idea of getting knocked up by a fourteen-year-old boy, at least not yet.


She was sure to guilt trip Danny into setting her up for life if she were to get pregnant but still took three birth-control pills, Dora knew that Danny wouldn’t throw out in the curb like all the men in her life, but his family was a different story.


In the best case, they would give her a large sum of money to “disappear” along with the baby, in the worst case, they would make her “disappear” but of course there was her ever-present fantasy where Danny’s parents would “force” them to get married.


“It’s bedtime mister Daniel.”- Dora said with her most erotic voice.


The blonde woman gulped down as she laid eyes over Danny’s naked body as he sat on the oversize bed, his cock was already hard and ready to serve. She couldn’t believe to be lusting for a kid much younger than her.


Yet his well tone body and cute face made her cunt wet, his kind and sweetness made her understand why Desiree and Spectra both took a deep liking to him. Even his cock was much bigger than what a kid his age should be and that alone was a huge plus for her.


The boy bit down on his lower lip as the blonde woman walked naked towards the bed, the bright lightbulbs illuminating her entire body, though her eyes shifted towards the large window which nearly took over the entire wall.


She smiled seductively at Danny as she ignored the window and the dark sky on the other side, her expression was one of lust and desire. Her cunt was already wet and twitching in dire need of Danny’s hard cock.


Danny gasped as Dora wrapped her slender and soft fingers around his firm cock, there were at least three inches of hard meat popping out of her hand which made her bite down on her lower lip as erotically as she could.


“Give me some sugar, baby”- Dora whispered as her lips stood half an inch away from Danny.


The boy felt her soft and wet tongue touching his own sending shivers all over his body. He still wasn’t used to kissing in such an erotic fashion but loved every single second of it. Danny clenches his toes as Dora jerks his cock very slowly.


Taking her time to enjoy his expression, the woman gently let go of him and hugged him tightly with both arms and legs. Danny’s throbbing cock was touching her clitoris while his hands made their way to her round butt.


The softness of a woman’s skin was something that he loves more than anything, Danny felt like he was about to ejaculate without even penetrating Dora. The woman then parted lips with Danny and looked at her reflection on the window.  


Her legs were wrapped around Danny’s hips though the boy was kneeling while carrying her with unbelievable ease. His hand on her round butt but he didn’t seem to be making any sort of effort in keeping her up.


“Fuck me, Danny”- Dora whispered to his ear while pulling him.


The woman slowly landed on the bed and soon could feel Danny’s weight gently fall over her chest. The boy’s head couldn’t pass beyond her breasts though made sure to rest his cute face in between her large tits.


“No condom?”- Danny asked looking at her with pleading eyes while rubbing his hips on her.


“That’s right, no condom”- Dora confirms.


Danny’s face brightens up as he felt Dora’s hand on his cock once more, though this time she was guiding him into her meaty wet cave. Danny could feel her warm love juice on his manhood and could see her legs spreading wider for easier access.


“Are you sure? What if I get you pregnant?”- Danny asked.


He wanted to punch himself for saying something that could ruin the mood as he had to remind himself that he wasn’t with a naïve teenager, but a well-seasoned professional prostitute but already took all necessary precautions to prevent a pregnancy hence letting do her raw.


“Don’t worry about it, baby.”- Dora said as she pricks her cunt with his dick. “I’m your woman, you can cum all you want inside of me.”- she added while hugging Danny with her long thick legs.


It was then that Danny shoved the rest of his dick inside of Dora making her moan in delightful bliss, her vaginal walls were so hot they nearly burned but Danny didn’t mind at all as he could swear his cock was kissing Dora’s womb.


“No way I’m touching her womb.”- Danny thought.


The boy was sure that his penis was smaller than average and that he couldn't be capable of reaching that reach far in, yet Dora started to moan softly as her breathing became faster.


It was strange as Desiree had done the same recently, no longer moaning like a crazy woman who was possessed by a demon but soft, and quietly. Dora’s cunt clamped tightly unto his penis just like his tan whore often did, her expressions were un extremely erotic.


Danny tried his very best to hold on as much as he could but just moving a single millimeter filled his cock with immense pleasure, the ever-present tingly sensation just under his ball sack told him to all resistance was futile.


“I’m cumming, Dora!!”- the boy yelled out.


“Inside! Cum inside!”- Dora demanded as she squeezed her cunt as hard as possible.


The blonde-haired woman tightly hugged the boy as he started to fire his load inside of her, Dora could feel his hot gooey cum filling up her cunt and more importantly her womb which made her feel strangely satisfied and fulfilled.


Dora’s expression was one of complete satisfaction, she could feel Danny’s seed inside of her but didn’t care in the least. Her eyes fell upon the clock hanging over the television and noticed it was already two in the morning.


As the couple crawled under the bedsheet, Dora couldn’t help but giggle as she pressed her head over Danny’s chest much to his surprise. No one besides Danny had ever cum inside of her, she never allowed sex without a condom which often causes some argument with her clients, especially the drunken ones.


The two had sex and even sleep together previously but without Desiree and Spectra present made things much more intimate and oddly scary, Dora was taller than Danny and yet felt so small in his arms which made her feel safe.


Sleeping alone and together was something that made Danny’s heart skipped a beat which Dora noticed and smiled at as it was the first time that she slept with a man, even if he couldn’t call himself a man just yet.


“Why didn’t I meet you when I was a little girl.”- Dora thought as she fell asleep.



Even though a few days had gone by since Danny met with Dora at the Delfin hotel, he could still feel the woman’s warmth around his body and was already planning his next meeting with Desiree at the hotel, despite loving the foursome, he still wanted some alone with his tan beauty.


“You’re mighty happy today?”- Jazz suddenly said. “Are you really that happy to take your big sis out shopping?”- the redhead teased her younger brother.


Danny's unusual cheerfulness didn’t go unnoticed by his older sister Jazz whom he was accompanying to the local mall, the sole memory of Dora, as he mounted, was enough to make him go hard all over again.


“Of course, I’m glad to go out with you Jazz.”- The boy replied with a toothy wide smile.


“Whatever, dork.”- Jazz continued in a playful tone. “Anyway, where did you get the money to pay for all this stuff”- Jazz questioned.


“I’m selling drugs, hard drugs.”- Danny said with sarcasm while playfully poking her side.


It was then that Danny looked down towards her hands to see two large bags on each of Jazz’s hands. Even Danny was rather impressed to see how easily he threw money around if a girl simply asked him for it. 


Jazz only asked him to pitch in a twenty so she could buy a new pair of pants, the girl promised to pay him back once she got her allowance at the end of the week, rather than giving her the money, Danny insisted on taking out shopping which caught her off guard.


The redhead wasn’t expecting much but Danny ended up buying her several new brand-name pants and blouses, even a new jacket which she had been eyeing for several months but never managed to save up enough due to her fascination for books.


Desiree was normally the main addressee for this sort of generosity as Danny often took the tan woman to buy lingerie which she would use in the bedroom with him, on other occasions they would go for sexy dresses for when they went out on dates. Recently, he had bought her more casual clothes.


“Seriously, lil bro. You’re not asking Sam for money?”- Jazz worried that Danny was asking for money from his friend.


“Nah, Sam’s dad asked me to clean out his garage and gave me some pocket money, that place is bigger than our house.”- Danny lied through his teeth with a smile. “And his friends saw me and now I do their lawn or run a few errands here and there.”- the boy continued.


Jazz knew there was more to it than what Danny was letting go of, but she felt it was wrong to be interrogating her brother after he was so generous with her. Danny noticed that his sister wasn’t satisfied with his answer.


“Sorry, Jazz. Truth be told, mister Manson has been giving me hush money.”- Danny once more lied.


“What do you mean?”- Jazz asked more concern.


“I caught him with one of the maids in bed and he’s been giving me money so I don’t tell on him with Sam.”- Danny continued.


Rumors were running around the Manson household which reached his ears and most likely Sam’s too about her dad having an affair with one of the younger maids. Of course, it was nothing more than a baseless rumor.


Pure gossip which Danny used to his full advantage in case someone came asking around, he did feel bad for Sam but so far it was nothing more than a rumor. Had there been any sort of truth to it, he would ironically have been the first to know it.


“Can’t say I’m surprised to hear about it.”- Jazz spoke up. “Lot of those rich guys think they can just use their maids for everything they want, sex included.”- the redhead commented.


Jazz had been watching far too many soap operas with her mother lately and was under the impression that all rich men used their maids as their personal cum buckets which made her feel sick and only continued watching said shows just to see when they fall from grace.


The redhead begun blushing redder than her long red hair as she unknowingly walked into a lingerie shop with her brother, she had foolishly commented about how ugly the underwear was in the previous shop.


Yet Jazz never expected Danny would take her to such a store, her blue eyes darted from the baby-dolls to the thongs and stockings. She wanted to rush out of the shop but Danny carried on as if it were the most normal place to be, even smiling at the employees.


Her eyes widen in horrid shock as Danny took hold of a red lace bra and a thin piece of string that was supposed to be underwear and which made her blush even more, Danny casually made his way back to her holding the undergarment in his hands.


“What are you doing?”- Jazz half-whispered.


“What? I think you’d look great with these.”- Danny replied with a huge smile.


Jazz gulped down hard as she looked all around while her younger brother put the G-string at crotch level and the bra over large breasts to see if they actually suit set, Danny smirk as he assured her that she looked wonderful.


“What a cute couple”- Jazz heard a trio of women casually commenting as they walked past them.


Being confused with a dorky lovestruck couple was by far better than having people see a pair of creepy siblings shopping at a lingerie shop, Jazz was more surprised they haven’t been kicked out due to their age but seeing a few girls around her age made her feel oddly relaxed.


Before even realizing it, Jazz was being shoved into the changing booth by her brother and a female employee, both with uncanny expressions on their faces. The redhead soon found herself standing in front of a mirror while holding on to four different sets of lingerie.


“You wanna play, eh Danny?”- the redhead whispered as she took hold of the red thong lingerie Danny picked out for her. 


Jazz was absolutely sure that Danny just wanted to play a prank on her and that he most likely thought of her as a naïve little nerd who would never wear something so scandalous. She smirked while undressing ready to see his expression once she popped out.


Nonetheless, it was true that she had never worn or even considered ever wearing something like a thong or a translucid nightgown like the one Danny put on the pile of so-called underwear that she was forced to bring into the booth.


“You’re quite the Casanova, aren’t you Danny?”- the female employee teased Danny.


It was then that Jazz opens the curtains before her brother could give away the truth of their relationship, she still couldn’t believe how easy it was for Danny to take her to such a shop but the redhead wasn’t going to endure the humiliation of being a creepy sister for coming to such a shop with her brother.


The girl’s entire body suddenly became red in embarrassment as she laid eyes over Danny and the employee, it was the first time in all of her sixteen years of life that she wore a thong and worst yet in front of her brother of all people.


The redhead was kindly expecting Danny to turn around faking some retching sounds and covering his eyes while calling her gross, even running out which she was ready to apologize to the employees for wasting their time.


Yet Danny looked at her with wondering eyes, scanning her from toe to head with an approving smile drawn on his lips which made her blush even more. It wasn’t at all the kind of reaction she was expecting from her brother.


“Maybe he’s more mature than what I gave him credit for…”- Jazz thought while locking eyes with Danny.


“I knew you looked great in it, si…”- Jazz dashed over to her brother covering his mouth before he spoke the forbidden word.


“Or he’s just being creepy.”- the redhead continued in quiet thoughts. “You really think I look good in this?”- Jazz asked wanting to see if she could find Danny’s breaking point.


“Definitely!”- Danny affirmed.   


Jazz sigh in defeat as she turned around showing her bubble butt, yet she turned her head back to Danny wondering if he would finally run off or act all grossed out as she expected upon seeing her plump butt.


“We’ll take them all.”- Danny said.


“What!”- Jazz suddenly yelled out before pulling Danny closer. “Are you crazy? These things cost more than a hundred dollars each… and they barely have any fabric.”- she continued.


Jazz suddenly blushed redder than ever before in her entire life as Danny gave her a light spank on the ass, making her large and round butt wiggled. The redhead quickly rushed to the booth to change back into her regular clothes.


“Thank you for constant patronage.”- the cashier said as Danny and Jazz walked out of the store.


“Don’t be angry, babe. It was just a prank.”- Danny apologized to his older sister.


“Whatever.”- the redhead muttered though stopped for a moment.


Her celestial blue eyes suddenly turned over to the store and wondered why the cashier used the word “constant,” the staff seemed to even know about Danny as they greeted him with a friendly smile unlike the business-like smile, they were forced to do, she was sure that neither herself nor Danny had ever been in that shop before.


Little did Jazz know was that her brother had visited said shop many times before, quite often as a matter of fact, though always in the company of Desiree or Penelope, once with both women who put on a little fashion parade for him.


Most of the staff members felt uncomfortable at the start but seeing the large wads of cash landing on the counter and a few hearty tips going their way made them all suddenly go blind and deaf.


“Come on, babe. I’ll take you out to a fancy dinner, I know a nice place nearby.” Danny offered.


“Fine but stop calling me babe. It creepy.”- Jazz replied while blushing.



Desiree’s apartment door suddenly slammed open startling both the dark skin prostitute and the redhead stripper. Standing at the door was none other than Dora looking at them with a scared, even terrified expression.


The former blonde prostitute slammed the door close and looked over to her dearest and closest friends though froze on her spot upon seeing as a large chunk of green mascara fell off Desiree’s face as she stood up along with Penelope was wearing her own beauty mask.


“What the fuck!!”- Penelope yelled out. “Did something tried to rob you or something?!”- she continued panicking and ready to call the police. 


“A lot worsts! This is serious shit, man. This is Kaiju disaster level; I’m talking about nuclear apocalyptic shit!”- Dora ranted as she paced around the living room.


“What the fuck is a Kaiju?”- Penelope asked while looking at Desiree.


“It’s fucking giant monster. Don’t you watch anime?”- Dora said as she rushed over to the kitchen for a beer.


Both women looked at Dora as if she had smoked the biggest joint in the whole wide world, it was then that Desiree took hold of Dora’s shoulders and demanded her to calm down and to tell her what the hell was she talking about.


“It’s Danny… I saw him with a girl”- Dora burst out.


“What!”- Penelope and Desiree both yelled in unison as they slammed Dora on the couch demanding her to explain what she saw.


“Look at this!”- The blonde woman continued as she produced her cellphone.


Both Desiree and Penelope yanked the device off Dora’s hand and carefully studied the picture. It was clear as day that Danny was walking next to a young redhead who was carrying several shopping bags in her hands.


Dora took a few long breaths before she talked about having lunch with her college friends at the mall when she spotted Danny walking side by side to this beautiful girl with long red hair, the blonde prostitute made emphasis on the redhead’s large breasts and round butt.


Her college friends were starting to freak out once Dora with almost maniacal eyes started to follow the boy who’s at least seven years younger than her, the woman saw them go into a bookstore then into several clothes shops, and even an electronic store.


Desiree bit down on her thumb as she had foolishly convinced herself that Danny wouldn’t stray away from his small harem. No teenager his age and in their right mind would take the risk of losing his women, just getting a girlfriend was already a huge feat.


It was then that the dark skin hooker recalled a minor conversation with Danny some time ago about him roughhousing with his older sister, hence giving a light bruise on his near-perfect face, a sigh of relief came about the woman.


“Ok, I know what’s going on. Danny once told me he has a sister, that must be her.”- Desiree said trying to make sense of the situation.


“Impossible. I saw them go into a lingerie shop and that damn cow even model some thongs for him.”- Dora retorted.


Both women when silent while they reach the cold realization that no matter how close or how well they got along, no siblings would ever go together to such a shop. That redhead wench was a new rival they needed to deal with.


The girl didn’t look remotely similar to Danny which cast out any remaining hope of the redhead being Danny’s sister, she was splendidly tall, curvaceous, and voluptuous, just the kind of women Danny fancied about all.


“Then who the hell is this damn bimbo?”- Desiree questioned as she took her eyes away from the phone.


“His girlfriend?”- Penelope interjected making Desiree squirmed as a strange tightness took hold of her chest.


The woman knew from the start that it was possible that Danny would one day find himself a girlfriend, perhaps they were nothing more than a training tool to strengthen his cock so he could pop this redhead’s cherry.


“NO! Mister Daniel is ours!”- Dora said with tears in her eyes.


The boy had been the only real “man” in her life and refuse to let him go, she didn’t care to be the side chick or the unnamed mistress if that meant they could be together. Dora had seen the kind of life that she could enjoy by being with Danny.


“A gold digger, that’s who this bitch is!”- Penelope added with maliciousness in her voice.


Penelope or Spectra as she was known at the strip club had seen dozens of strippers throwing themselves to rich high rollers, more than one had ended up pregnant and without their grand prize or even a small compensation.


Desiree and Dora could hear the irony in Penelope’s words even if she couldn’t hear it herself, they were milking Danny in more than one way though in the end, everyone got what they wanted, the girls walked home several hundreds of dollars richer while Danny headed home with a huge smile and empty balls.


“I read a whole article about school staff forcing their underachieving female students to give sex as a reward to their best students and the teachers. Maybe that’s how Danny found this bimbo and she’s using him to get out though she looks like a skank.”- Dora said soon to gulp down all of her beer.


“Article? You mean those weird comics you’ve been reading all day.”- Desiree replied.


“The author said they’re base on true facts.”- Dore retorted. 


Despite the farfetched assumptions Dora was throwing around, she wasn’t completely off track either. Desiree herself started selling her ass way back in high school with her classmates in return for some pocket money, even sleeping with her teachers for better grades.


School prostitution rings weren’t unheard of either, surely, the school staff wouldn’t be organizing them either but there were some rumors on the streets about schoolgirls organizing their own little brothels at school which she thought were too exaggerated.


Yet seeing the redhead and her overly developed body made Desire doubt as she was sure to be able to recognize her “type” anywhere, it was fairly obvious for the trio that the redhead was playing Danny for his money. The shopping bags in her hands were proof enough.


“Maybe we can track down this bimbo and teach her not to mess with our man?”- Penelope proposed.


“There can’t be too many fancy schools around town, I can ask with my teachers or something.”- Dora added.


Desiree was sure the redhead was some sort of a prostitute who clutched her claws and loose cunt on Danny, but Desiree wasn’t intimidated by the younger girl as she had over ten years of experience and served over hundreds if not thousands of cocks in her entire “career.”


“There’s no need to go out looking for trouble, besides it’s not like we can just walk up to her even if we found out where she is, all we have to do is to remind Danny that our holes are a lot better than this bimbo and her basic ass.”- the tan woman spoke.


“You’re right, this ten-dollar back alley slut isn’t gonna take Danny from us.”- Dora added while clenching her fist at face level.




Danny couldn’t believe his luck as he flew over downtown, his sister was going to one of her closest friend’s birthday party while his father was out on yet another business trip though his mom was also out at a PTA meeting, she was even going to pick up Jazz later on.


It was upon learning this news that he called Desiree asking if she was available for a booty call, he was already tasting her cunt in his head but the woman didn’t want to meet at the hotel like always, instead send him a new address.


“I wanna fuck in my bed, came over to my place.”- Desiree told him.


The boy had never been invited over to her house before which only fueled his desires even further, it felt far more intimate. Having sex in her bed like two actual lovers was more than his simple mind could handle.


The place was small, only three stories high but with over two dozen doors on each floor, Danny knew he had to be discreet and send a text to Desiree who replied with a number followed by the words “it’s open.”


“Hello?”- Danny said upon entering the house.


It was spotless and even smell like lemony fresh, the kitchen and the living room shared the same space, there were modest size television and radio above the bookcase, finally, there was a small corridor in the middle.


“Hi, Danny. Take off your clothes and come here sweetheart.”- Desiree said standing naked at the end of the corridor soon to vanish inside her bedroom.


Danny quickly peeled his clothes off which he tossed over the couch as he began walking down the corridor, there was an unknown and forbidden excitement in walking around naked in someone else’s house while carrying a condom strip in his hand.


Upon entering the room, Danny’s eyes open with wonderous amazement. Before him were three large round and most impressive butts that belong to Desiree, Penelope, and Dora, all three pointing over to him.


Each girl mounted over each other forming a pilar which made Danny’s jaw almost dropped down to the floor, after composing himself, Danny tried to figure out which butt belong to who, Desiree’s dark skin easily allowed him to know she was on the bottom, Dora’s blonde hair pop on top leaving Penelope in the middle.  


Danny gulped down as he stared at the six wet tight holes all neatly line up in a column and making him hard like a rock. It was the best sight he had ever seen before and was already desperate to get inside.


“Come in Danny.” – Desiree moaned her words.


Danny quickly wrapped his dick with an extra sensitive condom as he understood the need for one but seeing them dripping wet made it seem like a waste of a good cunt. Yet he didn’t want to have a baby.


Desiree gasped out once Danny penetrated her hard reaching her deepest in a single movement. His dick was suddenly transported to paradise, each of Desiree’s vaginal folds already knew where to clamp on Danny.


The boy’s face was directly in front of Dora’s ass and soon enough his tongue found its way inside of Dora’s vagina. The blonde loved his tongue game as it was masterful, the way he worked her meaty walls and also the space between her anus and her vagina.


Dora bites down on her lips while tightly holding onto Penelope’s breasts so she would not fall down, the redhead wasn’t without attention as Danny used his fingers to play with her wet holes, pricking both her asshole and cunt relentlessly. 


Suddenly Penelope felt Danny pull out his fingers and seconds later felt his cock shoved inside of her, the felt as she was about to climax when Danny pulled out, it was then that Dora gasped out as she was now being penetrated.


“Aww, you gave Des a lot more.”- Penelope complained.


Her eyes open in delight as Danny once more penetrated though her pleasure ended after a few strikes as the boy moved on to Desiree whose greedy cunt quickly clamped onto him, such a bizarre position was more demanding than Danny thought.


Many times before he had seen such play in on adult movies but going in and out of different women though extremely pleasureful was most demanding on his legs, yet tried his very best to give enough of his dick to each one. 


Soon the entire room was filled with lustful moaning, heavy panting, a creaking bed, and finally the wet sounds of flesh hitting flesh, it all created a wonderful orchestra of passion and lust so beautifully combine.


It was a titanic effort to not focus solely on one hole, especially now that he could feel his cum gathering at the base of his cock little by little while his trio of women continued moaning as he took turns with each one of them.


Danny’s face was glued unto Dora whose anus twitched several times before his eyes as she orgasms, the boy was pressing his hips on Desiree as he too ejaculated inside of the woman. There was a sudden wet sensation around Danny’s belly.


Even Penelope had reached an orgasm with Danny’s fingers and his masterful technique. His face, belly and hips were all covered in a translucid and sticky substance that came out of his girls. All four remained in their position while recovering their breath.




Danny couldn’t relax as the trio was busy cleaning his cock with their long and slimy tongues, going underneath the gland which made him arched his back. The boy clenched his teeth as Dora and Penelope began licking under his ball sack.


“See, that bimbo wouldn’t do half of this”- Dora thought to herself though it was a shared belief among them.


The boy turned over to his right to better see Desiree’s large and round butt as she worked on his cock, to the left was Penelope licking his ball, between his legs was Dora helping out. Danny couldn’t help but fondle their bubble butts.


Both Desiree and Penelope gasped at the same time as Danny prick their asshole with his finger, the boy closed his eyes and relaxed his back while shoving his finger in and out, the women continued with their “cleaning” service.


Dora quickly took in all of Danny’s meat into her mouth once she noticed that he was about to cum once more, her greedy mouth drank all of his milk despite her friends wanting some for themselves, though Penelope licked some remaining cum from Dora’s lips.


“Did you like that babe?”- Desiree asked.


“Yeah, that was great”- Danny replied.


The boy felt as if in heaven while he relaxed his body over Desiree's naked figure using her large and soft breasts like pillows, Dora excused herself as she strolled off the room wiggling her large round butt only to come back a few seconds later with a red bottle and four glasses.


Dora noticed Danny’s worried expression upon seeing the wine bottle though was told by Penelope that all the kids in Europe drank it and was even considered a juice and not alcohol, it didn’t put him at ease but had no real reason to refused them. 


“You know Danny, I’ve been wondering.”- Desiree said while gently playing with Danny’s balls. “Do you have a girlfriend?”- the tan woman asked.


A mental image of Paulina and Sam suddenly popped up in his head, they were the only girls he ever actually interacted with. Paulina had been his crush for many years and his first wet dream since but the cheerleader got together with Dash though it was well known that she was cheating on him.


Sam was a nice girl but hardly girlfriend material as he saw her more like a sister than a romantic interest, there were even times in which he forgot that Sam’s a girl and treated her like a boy much to her annoyance.


“No, I don’t have one. Not really popular with the girl.”- Danny whispered with a little tint of blush.


The three of them were smiling maliciously as they were now certain the redhead hadn’t asked the question yet, she was still just a wondering hole, but they had to get out of the game or at least assured their permanence.  


“Really, I thought a stud like you would already have one or three girlfriends.”- Penelope continued.


“No, all the girls I’ve asked out kinda ignore me… you girls are the closest to… I …. Mean… that…”- Danny suddenly begun blushing and stammering.


He felt like an idiot for considering the trio his girlfriends, they were whores who were sleeping with him for money. Three beautiful women couldn't fall in love with a brat like him when they could have any man they wanted.


“I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that”- Dora said. “If you want, we can be a couple.”- the blonde woman added.


“Really?! But…”- the boy slightly turned over to Desiree.


“I can be your girlfriend too.”- the tan woman offered.


“Me three!”- Penelope added with a laugh.


“I don’t have to choose just one of you?”- Danny timidly asked.


Danny looked over to each of the women with the same expression he had when opening his Christmas gifts, wondering if they were just teasing him or actually meant their offer. All three of them giggled for a moment making him gulp down.


“That’s right, there’s no rule that says you can have us three.”- Desiree continued.


Danny suddenly stood with a huge ear to ear smile jumping over the bed unable to believe his good as he commented about thinking that women as beautiful as them would surely go for the jock or muscular men yet was told by Desiree, they were adults and wouldn’t fall for such people.


“I never had a girlfriend before much less three at the same time.”- Danny said.  


“Don’t worry, babe, we’ll guide you step by step.”- Desiree while hugging him by the hips and pressing her face to his genital. “Ah, but don’t forget there are some responsibilities in being a boyfriend.” – the woman continued.


Danny truly never had a girlfriend and had no idea what these responsibilities were, he had heard many times that word being thrown around, “you gotta take responsibility” but he never really understood what that meant.


“Don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated”- Penelope said while laying down on the bed with her legs spread open. “For example, you gotta stay faithful, you know no sleeping with other girls”- she added.


“Yeah, no problem but aren’t you girls… well… you know…”- Danny feared using the word prostitute to refer to them as they could be offended.


“Whore? Sluts?”- Desiree said which forced Danny to used the correct word and avoid ruining the mood. “Now that we’re your girlfriends means that we can’t work the streets anymore… you get what that means.” She continued as the boy had an idea.


“Think it like this. Your mom doesn’t work, does she?”- Dora while rubbing her breasts on Danny’s leg.


“She’s sometimes at the lab but I don’t think that counts as work, it’s more like a hobby.”- Danny answered as the trio raised an eyebrow at the word, Lab. It only strengthens their belief in Danny’s wealthy family. “So, I help you pay the bills?”- the boy continued seeing no difference from their current relationship.


“Don’t sweat, babe, there’s a lot of pros in being our boyfriend. No more condoms, you can cum inside, sex whenever you want, we can dress however you like. Anything you want”- Desiree proposed.


Danny eagerly agreed to their “terms” as he recalled having sex without a condom with Dora which felt amazing, and the few times that he did it with Desiree, but so far, hadn’t done so with Penelope yet and was looking forward.


“It’s gonna be a little cramp up here”- Penelope said while chuckling.


“Not a problem, I can buy you girls a new house!”- Danny proclaimed, “I gotta provide my girlfriends with the best, right?”-


Desiree suddenly wrapped her arms around Danny as she locked lips with and pulled the boy down the bed while mounting him all over again, the other two girls quickly joined in.


To be continued.

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