Lady of the night

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Lady of the night

Chapter five: The whore and the stripper


The morning sun came above the horizon along with the loud knocking on Jazz’s hotel room, the redhead had been out with her parents to a science fair she won after much struggle. She could hear her father’s loud voice echoing throughout the hallway.


“Jazziness!!! Wake up and met us at the hotel’s restaurant!!”- ordered the man.


One thing Jack never missed out during the science fair was the free buffet at the hotel, it never crossed his mind to behave a little more gracefully especially since Casper high was paying for Jazz and her parent's lodgings.


“Coming!!”- replied the girl groaning under the bedsheets. 


It was an awkward weekend for the redhead as she retrieves herself from the bed as she had to share a room with her parents, but it was better than having to share her bed with Danny. Though as she enters the shower, she couldn’t shake off the thought of how easily he convinced his parents to let him stay over with Tucker.


As the warm water embraces her body, she recalls how Danny whine about letting stay over with Tucker as he didn’t feel like going to a boring science fair which made his sister upset as she had spent several weeks preparing her presentation.


Though it wasn’t strange for a boy his age to not want to attend such events it was odd how fast his parents agree, for a moment Jazz could swear to have seen her father’s eyes suddenly glow green soon after her brother excuse himself to the bathroom.


“Mom… I mean Maddie, yeah. I think we should let Danny stay over with Tucker.” Recalled Jazz as she steps out of the bathroom.


“What! Are you cra… Yes, I agree completely, we should let Danny stay with Tucker.” – once more recalled the redhead as she opens her bag and takes out her underwear.


It was nothing less than strange, odd and awkward to see them disagree only to suddenly agree out of the blue, at the moment Jazz didn’t give much thought to the unusual situation her parents were in as her mind was too engrossed with her science fair.


Though now that it was over, she couldn’t shake off such silly conversation, Jazz attributed the glowing green eyes illusion as a mere figment of her creative mind since there’s no logical explanation for such abrupt and most sudden change.


Nevertheless, she had a hard time trying to understand how her mother would ever agree to let Danny stay an entire weekend over with Tucker despite how overprotective she is of both of them, to that matter, it was rude to just toss her son over to the Foley family.


By what the redhead recollected the conversation between mister Maurice Foley and Maddie was almost identical to the one she had with her husband. No longer feeling the need to delve anymore with this topic Jazz hurried to the shower.


Jasmine knew if her shower took too long than her father would probably eat everything at the buffet which brought her a smile to her face, despite not liking the idea of sharing the bed with her brother as the school couldn't afford a second room or one with two, she did nonetheless miss the boy.




Sam couldn’t enjoy her salad lunch as she was much too concerned with her best friend Danny Fenton who found himself mesmerized in thoughts; the boy had AWOL during the weekend evening ignoring her calls and a few ghost fights which the local branch of the GIW had taken care of.


Danny couldn’t believe the weekend he had; no ghost fight could even begin to compare to the sensations Desiree made him feel. Even his photo gallery of Desiree had increased in size during the weekend to point of adding a full video.


He couldn’t wait to see his tan lover again but it was then that he questioned his relationship with the tan prostitute, Danny wasn’t foolish enough to believe they were a couple despite all the sex they had so far.


Sure enough, both had passed beyond the lines of business but weren’t close enough to be considered a couple, Danny was sure he felt strong emotion towards Desiree but that could amount to simple lust and desire, but couldn’t understand what.   


Not even his crush on Paulina could compare to what he felt for Desiree though hadn’t forgotten about her work, Danny was sure that later that night Desiree would be in bed with another man and perhaps even enjoying it more than she did during the weekend.


Danny knew his size wasn’t enough to reach her most inner parts but did his utmost to please her as much as he could, though during their last encounters the boy noticed her moans were softer but knew they held much more lust within.


While the raven-haired boy gazes up to the sky wondering when his next meeting with Desiree would come, his best friend Sam Manson asks if everything was alright since she and Tucker Foley wonder if perhaps the ghost fighting was getting too hard for him lately.


“You ok Danny? Been kinda absented minded lately…” casually asked Sam as she munches on her salad.


The girl was by no means a fool and quickly took notice of her friend’s sudden change in attitude, though she welcomes the fact Danny wasn’t interested in Paulina anymore, she did acknowledge her friend wasn’t looking at other girls anymore.


Though recently he busies himself contemplating his phone in a dream-like state, the goth wanted to know what exactly was going through her best friend’s head as she had perceived there were moments in which he stares at her breasts for a few seconds and even took notice of him staring at her butt.


“It’s nice that he noticed I’m growing up but why does it feel like he’s judging me”- thought the girl.


On more than one occasion Sam saw Danny twist his mouth after seeing her behind in hopes she hadn’t noticed, it felt as if she wasn’t up to his standards. What she lacks in breasts, ass, and body, in general, more than made up for with smarts and personality.


Despite not being some shallow tramp like Paulina it still hurt that her crush only gave her a sideways glance and treated her more like a sister than a romantic interest, there was a time she would have been more than happy to settle with that and carry on like always.


“If he’s not interested in Paulina any more who caught his eye then.”- wondered the girl.


The tired expression on Danny’s face didn’t go unnoticed by either of his friends though Tucker came to the obvious conclusion Danny was out fighting ghosts without telling them just avoid them getting in danger hence why he was so tired during class but Sam, on the other hand, noticed something else.


A faint sweet fragrance which emanated from his clothes though it vanished after the first few periods, it was unlikely of him to wear perfume at all only ever using deodorant before and after gym class, even so, there was a light feminine scent to it which bother Sam the most.    


“It’s like he’s seeing someone… is he?”- questioned the goth as she finished her salad.




After school the trio headed over to their local Nasty Burger to enjoy a ghost-free afternoon, Sam, as usual, continue ranting about the new vehicular abomination which was a natural disaster on wheels and continuously tries to convince Danny to scare away the potential buyers or even to damage the trucks so they wouldn’t be of any use.


Danny made it very clear to Sam that his powers were for justice and the needful not for her personal interest, which felt like a low punch since she often told Danny not use his magic for his own personal benefit even if it meant taking a beating from Dash and his gang.


The boy could easily turn them into a puddle of goo if he wanted to, even in his human form Danny had the power to lift a car with his bare hands and a mere boy like Dash wouldn’t even pose a threat in the least.


“Sorry guys I need to use the ladies’ room”- jokingly said Danny as he got up from his seat.


Tucker couldn’t help but laugh at Danny’s childish joke while Sam just shook her head in disapproval, with some giggles the boy headed over to the toilets not even paying attention to Paulina who sat near the corner table with most of the A-listers including her boyfriend Dash Baxter.


Danny couldn’t help but wonder if he took things too far with Desiree by exposing her to a young boy at the local supermarket near Lack Eerie, it was nothing short of a miracle that no one found out or had the kid freak out and tell his folks.


Of course, Danny was ready to overshadow any police officer that came knocking at his cabin door and “convince” them that it was all a minor misunderstanding, yet no one came looking for them and with that was sure the kid didn’t rat them out.


Despite Desiree bringing over several costumes which include a slutty schoolgirl uniform, a latex bodysuit and some other toys such as handcuff and whips which were all-new, none were put in use. Not even the V-bikini she brought over for taking a dip at the lake was employed since Danny insisted on having her walk around naked all day long.


The tan woman didn’t mind in the least to be naked in front of the teenager but it did worry her to go skinny dipping at the lake on Sunday evening since perhaps a hunter or hiker could catch them in the act, there was just no way for her to explain why she and a fourteen-year-old boy were in the nude.


Even suck risk didn’t stop them from having sex at the lake’s banks having both her love holes filled to the brim with Danny’s baby-making juice which made Desiree take one too many birth-control pills in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.


Thankfully no one spotted them or at least that was what they hope upon recovering their senses though neither of them wanted to stay any longer at the lake due to the obvious risk at hand and so headed back to the cabin, Danny couldn’t help but feel aroused by seeing his own cum flowing out of Desiree.


Never before had the tan woman had a client who could go hard so often even if he’s endurance was slightly lacking it was no impediment for them to stay up until four in the morning having sex, which varied from penetrating to licking whenever Danny got soft.


By morning Danny had to say goodbye to his weekend lover as their time was up, the boy also needed to make sure he was at school by eight am. Desiree offered to give him a ride back to Amity Park but the boy refuses alleging someone was already on his way to pick him up and was for the best if she left first.


“Yo! Fen-turd, hurry up others need to take a dump too”- vulgarly said Dash while knocking loudly on the door.


The rest of the day went off without any major incidents beyond the box ghost trying to take over the world with the brilliant plan of using cardboard “soldiers” to aid him in his conquest, though his attempts ended up in failure after Sam open the water sprinters on the ceiling, it took Danny all of thirty seconds to pummeled him away afterward.


“Where were you all damn weekend, man!”- suddenly asked Sam as Danny store away the box ghost into his Fenton thermos.


Danny knew this question was going to be asked sooner or later but knew above all he couldn’t afford to tell her the truth. All morning Danny thought of the perfect excuse and in his head came with the perfect story.


“I was... patrolling and find some dealers… so I…uh… kinda follow them around but nothing came out”- said Danny.


The lack of details was rather bothersome but even Sam understood that he couldn’t involve either of them into it. One thing was fighting ghosts but another fighting drug dealers, though the goth would have like to give a heads up in case the worse came to be.




Upon returning home, Danny saw his parents sitting in the living room while his older sister was up in her bedroom. Maddie hugs her son tightly asking if he behaved properly at the Foley residence and to make sure to thank mister Maurice for everything.


Danny blinks a couple as he had completely forgotten telling his mother about staying at Tucker’s house. The boy had overshadowed both his parents and mister Foley in order to get his way with Desiree at the cabin but the problem with such lies was the need to carry them.


While the family ate dinner at the table, Jazz told Danny just how hard it was for her to win the science fair and how he too could achieve such honor if he just put more time into his studies and not on gaming, though Jazz’s words faded into the background.


Her brother was far more interested in calling Desiree to set a new meet up, though the lingering feeling of knowing she was already in bed with one of her many clients slightly bothered him but had to constantly recall her line of work.


Once dinner was over and his sister stops yapping about the undoubtable importance of education, Danny headed over to his bedroom in hopes of contacting the tan woman but also came to realized he had neglected his ghost hunting duties just to be with her.


“It’s not like anything bad happen during the weekend.”- whispered Danny as he jumps over the bed and stares at the ceiling.


“Danny!! Bath’s ready!”- screamed his father from the living room.


Just as he’s about to reach the door his phone began to ring which prompted him to ran over to his desk but was very disappointed to see it was just Sam calling. With the phone in hand, Danny headed over to the bathroom.


Sam wanted more details about his drug-dealer hunt, the goth needed to know her best friend wasn’t getting involved in anything too dangerous but Danny had to remind her that ghosts were far more dangerous than any street corner dealer.


Bullets could pass right through him without causing the most minimal damage and even if the strongest human challenge him, it was a certain victory for Danny, but even so, Sam was concerned her friend was biting too much.   


The boy let out a relax groan which sounded more like a soft moan as he enters the tub’s warm water, Sam went quiet for a few minutes before asking where he was. Danny couldn’t help but smirk as he told Sam about being in the bathtub.


“What a coincidence… I’m in the bath too”- said Sam expecting her friend to drop the phone and make a fool of himself.


“Hahahaha, it’s like we’re taking a bath together”- Danny replied casually.


The goth’s plan to embarrassed her friend by saying she was also in the bath failed miserably as she was the only one blushing madly upon imagining Danny’s naked body soaking in the bath, though the boy didn’t even flinch when Sam told him about being all soapy.   




Danny’s strange behavior carried on for several more days but his disappearing act was getting even better than ever. Sam wasn’t able to find out what he as up or what kept so busy other then ghost hunting made her shiver.


The sole idea her best friend was now hunting criminals like the comic book hero Crash Nebula had her extremely worried, she feared not for the wellbeing of criminals but that Danny could take things too far. Little did she know Danny was already giving a very special pounding to someone.


“Harder Danny!”- Desiree ordered firmly.


The boy with raven hair hugs his tan lover tightly while smashing his hips unto hers. The boy loved the sounds their flesh made each time they connected, her fragrance was mesmerizing and made his mind go blank.


Soon Danny began to ejaculate and though both had spent countless hours, Desiree insisted on Danny wearing a condom just for safety precautions. It wasn’t as if she was overly worried about getting pregnant but actually felt concern about Danny.


She didn’t want the boy to catch an STD because of her, the possibility of him seeing other hookers was great but it didn’t seem like he was seeing other women given his attachment to her. Their sweat glues them together for a moment but Danny “peel” himself off Desiree.


It was always a delightful sight to see Desiree laying on the bed with her legs spread open, her rosy vagina was something he longs for every night. Danny suddenly imagines his best friend Sam in place of Desiree.


Her immature body couldn’t even begin to compare with Desiree’s perfect body, the older woman had larger breasts with Danny learned recently were cupped D plus, her hips and ass were much bigger and perfectly well balanced.


“Maybe I’m giving Desiree way too much credit.”- thought Danny as he lay next to her.


Months prior he would have been a red shaking mess to even be so close to a woman like Desiree but now Danny grew more accustomed to her presence, especially seeing her naked all the time. The tan woman had no issues being nude in front of Danny though the boy was the only client she felt so comfortable with to do this.


Danny suddenly felt light and soft wight over his shoulder and the moment he turns over, he noticed Desiree laid her head over his shoulder though she gently began caressing his penis wanting to make it hard again.


“By the way Desiree. When do you want to go shopping?” asked Danny before putting the woman on her back.


Desiree looks at him as the boy lifts her legs up while opening them wide, the woman wasn’t serious about having him buy her anything, they weren’t lover or a couple. This was nothing more than a business relationship and each time they had sex it was just a transaction.


“I was just joking about that”- whispered the woman as she rolls down a condom on Danny’s small penis.


Despite the smaller size, Desiree had more orgasms with Danny than she ever did with any other client, boyfriend or one-night stands so far. Even if sex was a big part of her life, she didn’t let it be work-related only.


But lately, whenever she went out drinking with Spectra, only the redhead was able to get a man for the night while she opted to drink and head home saying she already had “plenty” to which Spectra understood.


Having sex with over a dozen men every night took a toll, though in all fairness Desiree did want to have some casual non-business-related sex. She just couldn’t understand why it felt odd to be touch by another man out of her work schedule.


“Oh… I kinda wanted to see you in some pretty lingerie”- added Danny as a began to penetrate her.


“Well… if you… insist”- moaned the woman as Danny began to thrust his hip.


Danny loves seeing his cock shove it’s way into Desiree’s love hole, seeing her squirm and twitch with each movement, with each trust. The boy knew he was smaller than any man she already had but her vaginal folds still wrapped nicely to his cock.


The raven-haired boy was sure his best friend Tucker would be green jealous if he ever came to find out what he was doing behind their backs, but Danny just couldn’t let go of this pleasure, the moisty sensation Desiree’s vagina gave along with near burning warm was too much to ignore.


Desiree squeezes her pussy tightly as she reaches her orgasm, trough her much younger lover had the endurance to carry on, she clenches to the bed as her sensitive pussy was being violently pierced by Danny’s cock.


This lasted for nearly thirty full minutes which still surprised Desiree as most of her clients lasted only ten minutes at best, and Danny fucks her for the third time already. If there were an Oscar for having sex, Desiree was sure he’d win.


The woman could feel the hot cum filling up the condom once more, she wanted him to fill her up so badly she had to hold herself from leaping over Danny and tearing the condom off just to have his baby-making milk spill her insides.


Danny slowly slides out of Desiree and peel off the condom while commenting his “tank” was empty. The woman looks over to the condom surprised it was with Danny’s cum despite this being the third time they had sex.


Before Danny could throw it away in the garbage bin, Desiree gently stops him and took the used-up condom in her hands. She did something she hated to do the most but for a reason still unknown to her and much to Danny’s visual delight, she ripped open the rubber and spill the liquid into her mouth.


It was a shame Danny was already spent otherwise it would have been more than enough to make him hard again. Danny saw her savor the “milk” as if it were a delicious treat, which made him wonder if women like drinking cum.


“My god you’re amazing… shit I gotta get ready for work”- said Desiree as she noticed the sun was going down.


The boy was about to offer her to spent the night with him as he would undoubtedly pay for the whole night but it was then that Danny recalled his curfew, the last thing he wanted was to be grounded and have less time with Desiree.


“Hey Danny, wanna take a shower with me?”- asked Desiree as she shakes her ass in front of Danny.


As the couple relax on the tub’s waters, Danny rests his head over Desiree’s large and impressive breasts while she holds on to his now flaccid penis, she does wonder if someday she’ll do this with her son though of course without the inappropriate touching.


As the couple got dress, Danny saw Desiree slide a string thong in between her buttocks and swear dental floss was thicker than her underwear but still love it, he thought it was a crime to hide such beauty under layers of clothes.


“That’s a nice ring you got there”- said Desiree as she put on her miniskirt.


“Thanks, my dad gave it to me for my birthday”- replied the boy while putting on his white polo shirt with a red dot in the middle.


“Really, when was that?”- asked the woman.


“About a week before we met… in a way you were the best birthday gift ever”- said Danny with childish glee.




The boy couldn’t believe his luck as he and Desiree walk down the hallway towards the stairs leading to the lower floor where the front desk is, not only did they share a bed together very often but also share a bath. Danny was living the dream most boys his age had, many had only seen a pair of breasts on the internet so far but Danny fondles them at his leisure.  


The pig pen had become their little love nest as the clerk never did mind him walking in with an adult woman. Needless to say, the clerk was no fool and knew what was going on but Danny always gave him a hefty tip which made all inquiries vanished.


After handing the key over, the couple headed towards the hotel’s parking lot. On their way Danny asked when she was available to go shopping and where would she like to go, Danny still had much of his “reward” money from stopping the drug dealers.


“Let’s go on Monday”- said Desiree as she unlocks her car.


“Why not tomorrow?”- replied the boy.


Desiree calmly explains her boss Vlad Masters was organizing a bachelor party for the son of the Mayor and she would be very busy that Saturday evening helping with the party preparation and serving clients later that night leaving her very tired in the morning and most likely spending Sunday asleep.


Danny frown as he imagines Desiree having sex with countless men that night but understood it was just a job, just like his was to keep the city safe from ghosts such as Skulker and Ember, the boy suddenly felt how the woman held his crotch gently.


“Don’t be jealous Danny. It’s my job but you’re my favorite client,” said Desiree just as she kisses Danny on the lips. “See ya on Monday babe”- added the woman before driving away.


“…Your favorite…” whispered the boy.


Despite the bittersweet departure, Danny felt satisfied as he never had imagined emptying his balls on a woman was so gratifying, the boy began to wonder if it was alright for him to try other women, Desiree basically told him she was going to have sex with random men on Saturday and obviously night.


The rest of the evening went on without any troubles, a few ghosts fights here and there along with some foolish burglar trying to steal from another deli shop, though after pummeling the man, Danny looks at the cash in his hand but leave it there.


Once back home and relaxing on his bed, the phone rang and by the sound of the ring tone, Danny knew it was Sam who was calling most likely to have an update on his ghost hunting activities, Danny had left both Sam and Tucker on the side during his ghost hunts lately.


Especially during evenings as he went to see Desiree, though their meetups weren’t daily. Only on Wednesday and Friday, this mostly in fear of having taken notice of his activities, his sister Jazz was especially nosy when it came to such matters.


If the redhead ever thought her “lil bro” was up to no go or worse yet doing drugs meant she would follow everywhere to make sure she could set him back in the right path, her intervention would mean a downfall on sexy time with Desiree.     


“Hey what’s up Sam?”- casually greeted the boy.


The goth as expected wanted to know why he ditches them to hunt down a ghost and didn’t call her back, the girl was a worried sick thinking something back happens to him, such as being ambushed by Ember and her cronies.


Danny made a mental note to inform Sam whenever he ran to “hunt” as to avoid raising unnecessary suspicions, perhaps Tucker could understand if he told the boy about seeing Desiree but Sam wouldn’t, what’s more, she’ll be very pissed.


“Thank goodness you’re alright… by the way… what were you doing at that hotel in downtown?”- asked Sam with a cold voice.


Danny was left speechless; he had become too casual and careless. Out of all the people in the world, it had to be Samantha who saw him exiting the Pig Pen hotel, but there were only two reasons she could have for knowing he was there.


Either she was a client herself which made no sense since she lives in a mansion and as far as he knew, she didn’t have a boyfriend, the second reason was that she was passing by most likely in her mother’s limousine, otherwise, she would run up to him demanding to know what he was doing in that hotel.


“I follow the ghost there and beat him up in the parking lot”- said Danny hopeful his lies would work on Sam.


“Oh, is that so? It does make sense”- replied Sam.


Their conversation was more casual and less tense as they organized a movie outing with Tucker on Saturday. Danny knew Desiree wouldn’t be available that night but it bothers him to be aware she was going to be having sex all night with men far better at it than him.




“What are you really up to Danny”- whispered the goth after hanging up. She knew her friend was powerful and a mere ghost wouldn’t last fighting him for several hours. “Knowing that dimwit, he probably was fighting really strong ghosts alone”- added the goth.


But deep down in her heart, she knew there was something very wrong and would get answers at the hotel. The following evening after lunch and just an hour before meeting up with her boys, Sam headed over to the same hotel she saw Danny come out from.


The parking lot was directly connected with the hotel, it was slightly run-down but seem fairly decent, with a deep breath she headed inside and spotted the clerk. His bored expression led Sam to think he would talk for the right amount of money.


“Hi, how you doing?” asked Sam with a force smile.


“Hi… Tell your folks the room cost sixty bucks the night.”- replied the man staring directly at her. 


Sam soon found herself lost at words, she wanted to ask about Danny but now that she thought about it, there was no guarantee he even been here at all. What if she was exaggerating things and he truly fought a ghost in their parking lot, one more powerful than Skulker or Ember.


One thing she learned from her father was that money talk better than actual words, using this knowledge she put a fifty-dollar bill on the counter as the man told her she was ten bucks short or if she just wanted to take a nap.


“My boyfriend came over yesterday and forgot his watch, can I see the room he was in… name’s Danny or Daniel. ”- said the girl.


“Sorry girl, the maids didn’t bring a watch and I don’t have anyone under that name.”- answered the man leaving the bill on the counter.


Sam actually thought this dump of a hotel had a lousy maid service and would probably find some sort of a clue as to what Danny’s doing, but even the clerk told her there was no one under that name after giving a half glance to his guest book.


The girl was shocked that the bribe didn’t work at all with him, perhaps the man thought she was setting him up for something and didn’t want to take the risk, but even so, wanted to make sure, the clerk wasn’t lying.


“Listen… um… my boyfriend… I know he came over yesterday… maybe you saw him, bout my age.”- almost whispered Sam as she slides another fifty dollars and shows him a picture of Danny and herself which she had on her phone.


The clerk looks straight at the phone Sam comments about her boyfriend probably coming over with a tan girl with long jet-black hair. But even so, the clerk wasn’t budging as he slides her money back making Sam twist her mouth in anger.


“Hotel policy says I can’t give a room to minors without a parent’s consent”- said the man.


His words actually felt like honey over her favorite cereal, even a hundred-dollar bribe didn’t make him turn Danny over since he wasn’t there in the first place. Sam felt a weight lift off her shoulders as she came to realized her friend wasn’t lying.


“Thanks! And sorry for wasting your time, keep that”- said Sam very happy as she ran out of the hotel.




Sunday morning came over and Desiree crash on the couch as Spectra came out from the kitchen with a bowl of cereal, the redhead still couldn’t find a job in any hospital or clinic in Amity so she ended up staying with Desiree until things got better.


“Wow, you look like shit… want coffee?”- casually commented on the redhaired woman.


“Gee, thanks and yes I want coffee… with a ton of sugar…”- replied the tan woman as she unbuckled her pants and tossed them on the floor.


“Want milk?”- asked Spectra as she pours some coffee.


“No… I had to drink a whole gallon of cum last night. I wouldn’t mind if it was tasty like Danny’s cum”- said Desiree as enters the kitchen.  


Spectra turn around offering the coffee but stop mid-way as she sees her friend was buck naked, the redhead wasn’t surprised in the least as she spent countless hours around naked women at the club while also being naked herself.


What really caught her eye was that Desiree put a lot of ice into a plastic bag and sat on it while complaining about feeling soar. According to her, the party-goers took turns on her and several more whores at the buffet table.


Only an hour after the party started did the fucking began and by midnight, she was only wearing her black high heels. She now understood why Vlad insisted on having “veteran” whores at the party and not some newbies.


“The motherfuckers didn’t leave me alone at all. Not even in the fucking bathroom.” Said Desiree making Spectra flinch at the thought of that sick party.


Not even the men at the club she uses to work at were so disgusting, the bouncers often made sure the clients behave themselves and kept their hands in check. But at Vlad’s party, it was a fuck all you can buffet apparently.


“Oh, remember that girl Dora I told you about”- said Desiree as she took a long sip of coffee.


“Yeah… big breasted blonde bimbo with dick sucking lips”- replied Spectra.


“That’s her alright… she’s moving in with us… she had a hard night and doesn’t want to be alone”- added the tan woman.


This took Penelope by surprise as she knew her tan friend didn’t get along with the blonde prostitute as she took most of her regulars and even took her room pushing her to lower part of the brothel but on the other hand made more money with this Daniel guy.


“Good morning… I’m Dorothea, the big-breasted blonde bimbo with dick sucking lips but you can call me Dora.”- suddenly said a voice coming from behind with startle the redhead but her shock vanished the moment she saw a black eye on the girl.


It had been a very difficult week for Dora as her father found out she was a prostitute and kicked her out of the house a week prior to the party and things didn’t improve then as one of the party-goers rough her up badly.


The guy was none other than the Mayor’s son who was misogynistic bastard who often got away with it due to his father’s influences, not even Vlad could do something against its due Mayor grip on drugs and prostitution.


Vlad could only keep his business open and cop free if he paid large bribe every month but had to suck the girl’s mistreatment even if he loathed it. There was a time Vlad was a legitimate businessman but due to men like Mayor Montez, had his company cripple.


Unlike the street pimps back in Dimmesdale and Amity Park, Vlad was educated in all kinds of business-related matters and kept his business model along with his ethics, according to Vlad a happy worker is a productive worker.


“Well Dora’s gonna be staying with us for a few weeks or months until she can get up on her feet again, at least Vlad had the decency to give her a week paid vacation”- said Desiree as she gave the blonde woman a mug with coffee.


“The fuck!? Really? I thought he wouldn’t care and just toss you back in… or out the curb”- replied Spectra.


“That’s what I thought he would do, and when he hired me… I did have to sleep with him but he does take care of us.”- added Dora.    


The trio ate breakfast and chatted about happier topics which didn’t include the number of men both Dora and Desiree had to serve at the party, nor the degrading acts they had to perform over the tables.


Despite the attempts of a casual conversation, Spectra end up bringing the subject of her unemployment and how she was starting to work in another strip club the following week, it wasn’t as if she didn’t like working as a stripper but she was a certified psychologist and wanted to work as such.


“Hey Penelope, I think I can help you with your money troubles, just keep an open mind”- said Desiree after taking Dora to the guest room which she would be sharing with Spectra who insisted on this accommodation.




On Monday night, Danny was being driven downtown in Desiree’s car. The xxx signs were scattered all over the streets, the boy hadn’t come here in such a long time, though he did consider in coming back if Desiree would have refused to serve him the first time.


“This brings back memories”- said the woman as she parks in front of a shop.


Danny’s heart was beating so hard it could break through his rib cage as he looks around and spots several prostitutes walking down the street and even waving at the patrol cars, the boy may have the strength to lift a school bus and the power to make an entire army tremble but he still was shaking in fear of what could happen if he was discovered.  


“What are we gonna do here? I thought we were going shopping at a mall”- said Danny as he took a glimpse of the shop’s name, “Dead hard pleasures.”


The older woman took notice of his worries and calm him with a deep and lustful kiss to the mouth while fondling his crotch, weeks ago this would have surprised the boy greatly but now he simply follows suit and grasp Desiree’s wide ass.


“You did promise me some new Victoria secret lingerie and they sell it here with some stuff you’re gonna like a lot”- said Desiree as she opens the door.


“Are you sure it’s ok for me to be here?”- questioned the boy as Desiree open the store’s door.


“Don’t worry babe… no one gives a fuck”- replied the woman.


Before his eyes were several sex toys all neatly place around the well-illuminated store. To the far left he could see a pair of girls measuring a dildo and talking about which one to buy, his attention was turned over to the cashier.


Danny gulps down as he saw a modest-looking girl with short brown hair and a pair of thick glasses over the cash register stocking some nude figurines on the top shelve while standing over a set of stairs, the boy knew she was a worker thanks to the employee badge she hanged around her neck.


Though more important than her employee tag was her uniform which consisted of a pink hip bag with the store’s logo place to her side, a pair of pasties over her nipples along with a pink thong and finally a pair of pink high heels.


The girl was basically naked and didn’t seem to mind in the least, it was then that Danny noticed Desiree was further into the shop and hurry after her, trying not to look at the toys and what seems somewhat dangerous devices.


Cages and some sort of medieval torture device but preferred not to know what it did. Desiree was waiting for him at the clothes sections in the back, though as he came closer a couple came out from the dressing room.


“This one’s perfect master”- said a woman wearing a very tight green leotard.


Upon turning around, Danny could see her bareback and string running up her buttocks, the boy questioned himself on how she could even walk with such exaggerated high heel boots, though the moment the cashier walks up with a pair of yellow clawed gloved.


If it weren’t for the naked back and very uncomfortable looking high heels, she would be cosplaying one of the enemies of Crimson Chin named The Baby Shedder, unsurprisingly was the fact the employee also brought a red latex suit. 


Not wanting to see his comic book hero turn into some sex dungeon master, Danny headed over to Desiree who was already busy looking at the lingerie. Despite the strange clothes and even stranger clientele, there were sections of normal-looking clothes and more casual customers.  


“Which one do you like, the black one or the white one… but the pink one is also cute.” Said Desiree.


The boy looks over at the set of fine and comfortable looking thongs. The tan woman looks at Danny with a happy expression as he told her to get all three but to try them on beforehand, as they head over to the dressing rooms, Danny hands her a see-through babydoll.


His eyes widen as he came to realized none of the dressers had doors or curtains but none of the men or women seem to mind at all. Danny was rapidly understanding the concept of the shop, and why Desiree brought him here.


“Danny this is a fetish shop and specialized mainly in exhibitionism so a lot of couples come here to show off or be seen. Normally they don’t let kids in but I know the owner and she made an exception so relax.” Said Desiree as she took off her clothes.


It took all of Danny’s willpower not to jerk off at the shop, though oddly enough such act which obviously included having intercourse was strictly forbidden as stated by a sign over the dressers and the cashier’s desk but walking around naked or with erotic clothes wasn’t an issue.


Danny blushed red like a tomato the moment he and Desiree walk over to the cash register, Desiree only smirk as she saw how her “sugar daddy” paid for her new lingerie though she would have like to go to a more normal store but given the nature of their relationship, this was the best place to go.


It wasn’t the first time a client bought her expensive clothes or other gifts but there was a glimpse of guilt in having Danny buy her clothes and pay for her time, the boy was young and knew she was taking advantage of his innocence.


“You good for tonight?”- asked Desiree the moment they climb aboard the car.


“Yeah, I told my folks I’ll be coming home late”- replied the boy.


“I got you a late birthday gift”- added the woman making take gulp.


The pig pen hotel was in sight making Danny forget about Sam’s questioning about the place, it wasn’t the normal day for their meet up but the hotel always had a room available. Upon entering they saw their usual clerk on duty.


Desiree had already gotten a room so there was no need to check in again, the clerk already knew them, at least he knew Danny’s real name though always put “Gregor” as an alias in case someone came in asking.


“Hey Greg… a moment”- said the clerk.


The woman told Danny she would be in their usual room waiting as she needed to get somethings ready, the clerk was no idiot and already knew Desiree wasn’t Danny’s aunt and what they did in there wasn’t his business.


“Some chick came asking about you, she even described your gal and shows me a picture of you… just wanted to give a heads up…”- said the clerk.


The man didn’t deny Sam the information of Danny being there out of some “Bro” code but more due to the fact he got a hundred dollar tip each time Danny came over with Desiree, even now the woman tips him the same.


He wasn’t going to lose a hundred-dollar tip for some teenager affair, the man did his job as like always but make an extra each time Danny and Desiree visit. The clerk watches the boy walk up the stairs knowing all too well he came to have sex with Desiree.




“Are you sure he’s not some disgusting fat pervert!”- said Spectra as she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror.


The redhead was starting to have a second thought about a private dance at the sleazy hotel, so many things could go wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time she heard a fellow striper was rape by her would-be client, but she trusted Desiree and trusted her man.


Therefore, wore her favorite stripper outfit which consisted of a golden bikini with fake diamonds on the nipples, the woman had been praise often for her tone body and large breasts but above all her round butt which seem to have been made to wear a thong.


“Don’t worry, he’s total sweetheart, besides didn’t you need the extra cash.”- said Desiree.


Unbeknown to Spectra, Desiree was the one paying her in the guise of Danny hiring her for a birthday party. She knew her redhead friend had money troubles to her being unable to find a job to the point of going back to stripping, but didn’t want to hurt her pride by giving her the money.


“Yeah I do but what if he wants to have sex with me, I’m not ready to sell myself”- added Spectra as Desiree finished cleaning up.


“That’s why I’m here girl. You dance while he eats this yummy cake and when the fucking starts, you can go home… but if you want some extra money well…”- remarked the tan woman.


Someone knocks on the door a few minutes later and Danny walks in announcing himself, Spectra made some quick final adjustments on her outfit and open the bathroom door slightly enough for her hand to come out and turn the stereo on.


“Remember… open mind”- whispered Desiree as the hip hop music began booming though not loudly enough to bother other guests if any.


Danny’s eyes widen as he saw a red-haired woman walking backward out of the bathroom while swaying her hips in rhythm to the music she was so accustomed to dancing at, all while pulling a large cart with her.


The woman turns around still dancing while covering her face with her yellow glittering gloves, Danny couldn’t take his eyes off the woman who erotically dances in front of him, though she suddenly stops as she saw Danny sitting on the single couch the girls prepared earlier.


“Don’t stop!”- half yelled and half-whispered Desiree.


Spectra shook her head and continue dancing while cursing at Desiree for getting her involved in something clearly illegal, but she already had her pay and couldn’t just run off since Desiree would give a world of pain for it.


“Happy late birthday”- sang Spectra as she shows him the cake.


Never in his entire fourteen years of life had Danny even imagine something like this was possible before his very eyes were Desiree bend over the hotel cart with her butt facing towards him, more impressive was the decoration on her rear.


A banana was stuck into her vagina covered in chocolate with some cut strawberries on her vaginal folds and a cherry on her anus and a heart made with vanilla frosting around her love hole. Desiree saw this at Vlad’s party though far more complex than anything Spectra could do.


“Come on birthday boy… eat her up”- whispered Spectra to his ear in the most seductive voice she could muster.


Spectra climb over the bed as she continues dancing as Danny “ate” Desiree. Her salty flavor mix deliciously with the sugar of the frosting and the chocolate, the boy had a very hard time choosing who to see.


Either the gorgeous redhead whose dancing resembles more of a sexual act than an actual dance or the erotic meal before him with the only woman he ever had, yet his eyes chose for him the moment Spectra peel off her thong and tossed over his head.


Danny had seen countless vaginas on the internet but only truly seen Desiree’s pussy up close and personal, her fragrance was something he never got tired of but now he was seeing another woman in a bed open her legs for him exposing her most private part.


Unlike Desiree’s caramel pussy, Spectra’s was pink. Soon the wiggling butt of Desiree reminded him to finished his “meal” as the banana’s chocolate glimmer under the lightbulb, with an exciting gulp, he began chewing on.


It was warm and slimy but nonetheless loved the flavor more than anything, her love juices were the perfect match for the chocolate, as the boy ate the fruit he suddenly felt something soft pushing his shoulder.


“Don’t ignore me babe”- said Spectra as she rubs her ass on him.


Danny blush even harder than before as it was the second pussy he ever felt in his entire life. Spectra continue to rub herself on Danny making sure his entire arm felt her drenching pussy and asshole.


The boy finally finished his “cake” and Desiree roll over whipping herself with a tissue she took from under the cart, it was the first time she ever did something like this, had Vlad order her to be the cake at the party she would have consider it degrading and in poor taste but with Danny, it was actually fun and erotic.


“Seems my time’s up and by the looks of it Danny here wants to play in bed”- said Spectra as she looks at her phone and at the tent in Danny’s pants.  


“Oh, I thought you were going to… you know… with me…”- began to whisper Danny as he came to realized Spectra was only going to dance.


This was what Spectra was afraid of, though the boy didn’t seem to be much of a challenge if he actually tries to put up a fight on the other hand, he was quite charming and cute, not to mention Desiree trusted him and was already undressing the boy.




“Fine!! But that’s gonna cost you extra”- Spectra claimed proudly.


She wasn’t a shy virgin who was afraid of having intimacy, and despite telling her friend she wasn’t selling her pussy it wasn’t the first time she went home with one of her regulars though never actually charged for it.


Desiree quickly threw Spectra over the bed and open her legs wide, Danny drools over her pink pussy. He wanted to lick her but his tongue was tire and his tummy full, there was no way anything more could fit in.


“Danny be a gentleman and use a condom… pretty please”- said Desiree.


In a matter of seconds, he cracks open a condom and rolled it down his phallus making Desiree slightly jealous as he normally takes his time putting it on, with heavy breathing and shaking hands, Danny puts himself in between Spectra’s legs.


Even though the woman had slept with many other men, she was nervous about having Danny do it. Perhaps the fear of his parents finding out and calling the police on or perhaps it was the excitement of doing something so immoral which made her so nervous.


Danny’s penis wasn’t anything to write home about, it was small and thin but could still feel it inside of her. The boy could keep the rhythm and his thrusting wasn’t clumsy at all, she had to thank Desiree for properly teaching the boy.


Spectra arch her back as the pleasure started to overcame her body, unlike Desiree who slept with men for money and could do it all night without so much as having one orgasm, Spectra was far more sensitive even with a boy like Danny.


“Danny likes it doggy style”- basically ordered Desiree as she helps turn Spectra around without unplugging her.


The redhead’s breast bounces around as Danny’s thrusting became faster and harder making her moan louder. The music was loud her voice overtook the so-called singing, it was then that her pussy squirts as she reaches her first orgasm of the night.  


But Danny wasn’t done just yet and continue to pierce her pussy forcing her back to tense up before she knew it Danny lifted her and continue to fuck her relentlessly, the woman suddenly saw Desiree taking some pictures as she commented on how strong Danny is.      


Spectra turn over to the mirror on the wall just above the dresser and saw the boy carrying her as if she didn’t weigh at all. The redhead wonder if her diet was paying off or the boy was stronger than what he seems.


“Fuck! I’m cumming!”- yelled Danny as he fires his load.


Danny pulled out of her and gently let her on the bed, her heavy breathing was soon replaced with snoring. She wasn’t used to such hard and prolong sex as most of her bed partners lasted up to twenty minutes at best but Danny continues for an actual hour which she thought was impossible.


By the time Spectra opens her eyes, she saw Danny and Desiree doing right next to her, the bouncing bed made it hard to fall asleep again, though she wanted to have another round with Danny, her pussy felt sore and the boy was too busy with her friend.


“Gonna take a bath you two”- said Spectra as she headed over to the bathroom.


“We’ll… be… done in… a … little while” moaned Desiree.




Spectra look over to her phone and noticed Desiree had sent her the pictures of her and Danny fucking, she knew they had to be deleted as soon as possible but they were also a sick and perverted trophy no one could ever see.


“Sorry Penelope… it took longer than I thought”- suddenly said Desiree as enters the bathroom and the tub.


“Where’s the kid?”- asked Spectra.


“He’s asleep, gotta wake him up in an hour, he’s got a curfew… I didn’t think you let him do you”- said the tan woman laughing


Even Spectra was surprised by how easily she slept with minor but reminded Desiree that it was only for the money that she was still owed and not because she had a thing for kids. Nevertheless, it was by far the best fuck she had in years.


“You know, this was kinda dangerous… I mean he could have been some nutcase and get us beaten up like Dora… swear to god it could have been you who he beat up… you were in the same bathroom, after all, he could have killed either of you.”- explained Spectra.


“Poor Dora, that motherfucker really did a number on her, and I bet he’s gonna get away with it since he’s the son of the fucking Mayor”- added Desiree.


After a few more minutes they exit the bathroom all clean and shiny, Danny was already getting dress but seem somewhat angry, Desiree was sure she and Spectra did their best to please him, but the boy paid them with a long and happy smile.


The following morning during breakfast Spectra continue complaining about her sore pussy making Desiree turn on the television as to drown away from her bitching, even Dora giggled at this but their attention was soon caught up by a news flash.


“Breaking news!! Early this morning local businessman Santiago Montez, son of Mayor Ernesto Montez was brutally attacked by an unknown assailant in his own bedroom.”- said the news broadcaster as the camera film a sing written in red which read “Woman beater.”


To be continued     

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