Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter 04: The camping trip


The gentle and warm morning winds woke Desiree from her slumber, her black eyes glance over the bedroom. The wooden walls and the bright outdoors made a perfect morning, it was odd to sleep in a room with no curtains.


Though her closest neighbor was quite far and no house was in sight let Desiree relax, beside her was her young lover. Danny Fenton was holding tightly to her breast as he remains in dreamland, his right leg wrapped around her hips.


Desiree still wasn’t used to the idea of selling herself to a kid, the innocence in his eyes as they have sex was too enticing for her. There was no amount of excuses she could employ if someone saw them lying down naked.


“No point in staying in bed”- whispered Desiree as she gently pushed Danny to his side.


The clothes she wore the previous day were still downstairs but her sports bag was resting on the room’s corner. Desiree still couldn’t believe she agreed to spend a whole weekend with Danny, she was more than sure he would want to fuck her brains out once he waked.


If Danny had opened his eyes, he would have been treated to the sight of Desiree bending over trying to touch her feet as she stretches her legs. after some light stretching, she headed over to the window to see the morning in the woods. 


From there she could see the green forest and blue lake just a few hundred meters away, on the other side of the lake was another cabin and a third was even farther to the right, even though the sight was wonderful she was more interested in the pool below.


It was the first time she had been hired for a whole weekend and wasn’t so sure as to what to bring over. Treating it as a normal camping she packed a towel, a pair of hiking boots just in case, a pair of shorts that seem more like underwear as they run up her ass.


Within her bag were costumes in case Danny wanted to do some role-playing and obviously a large number of contraceptives, along lingerie of all kind which mostly consisted of thongs and G-strings, she wanted to bring over her knee-high boots but was already taking too much space in her bag, therefore, had to settle with her high-heels.


Desiree wasn’t sure what Danny like to do in bed or what kind of silly and childish fantasies he had in mind but it couldn’t be any worse than what regulars like to do. So far Danny only wanted to stick his dick inside of her and the most hardcore he could think of was doing anal.


“What a hassle to put on any of this stuff”- said the woman as she looks over the costumes and shorts.


She wanted to spend the morning in the pool before Danny woke up and ask for more sex, the boy was like a machine never stops. There was a certain satisfaction to be so desired by someone, most of her clients would just “poke” and leave.


Yet Danny wanted more than just sex, he wanted to cuddle and kiss her even after finishing, he wanted to see her naked all the time. With a smirk on her face, she only took the towel and walks out of the bedroom completely naked.


The cabin was much better than she initially expected, Danny didn’t let her get a good look after the very quick tour. The wood was new looking and though the lack of electronics was an issue they did have electricity.


Desiree saw the fireplace as she imagines herself making love to Danny next to the warm flames. Moving from the living room she moves over to the kitchen to fix herself some light breakfast, with another turkey sandwich like last night.


The tan woman looks out the glass door as she eats her meal while glancing over to the pool, she had never swum in one before. The sky was clear with soft winds and a powerful sun above it almost demanded her to take a dip in the water.


“What’s with the tall fence it’s not like there any neighbors around.”- said Desiree as if she were speaking to someone.


On her way out of the living room she took hold of her purse and pulled out the cellphone, Desiree stops for a brief moment as looks out the glass window. But the sense of been naked in broad daylight was too great to ignore.


Desiree’s heart beat loudly as she steps out to the backyard where the pool is, the water was clear and knew Danny had filled it up before she arrived. There wasn’t much to see beyond the pool as there was no point in having a garden.


To the right of the cabin just a few steps away from the door was a brick grill, a table and a couple of lounge chairs. Desiree walks over to the table and leaves her purse on top of it before heading to the pool she took glance grill.


“Maybe I can convince Danny to make a barbeque or something.”- said Desiree as she took a selfie which she promptly sent over to her friend Penelope followed by the text, “living the life.”


Leaving the phone over the table she directed her attention to the pool and notice it wasn’t too large or deep but was more than enough for a whole family to swim around without any problems, the water was cold but not enough to impede her from entering.


It was a shame Desiree didn’t know how to swim so she remains near the edge but often put her head under the water, her body rapidly grew used to the cold water. The woman put both her arms over the edge of the pool as she saw her breast float making her giggle.


“Danny would love to see this.”- casually said the woman.


Relaxing in the pool she recalls how much money she was making by simply opening her legs for Danny, the boy was young and very easy to please but had a lot of stamina though it helps greatly he’s good looking and didn’t go for any strange fetishes.


As the minutes grew longer Desiree continues to relax on the pool until her phone suddenly rang, she knew it was Penelope texting her back. in a single movement Desiree climb out from the pool and headed over to the table as she dries herself with the towel.


Penelope was as expected very jealous, though Desiree did wonder why her friend was awake so early. It meant she was out partying out all night and probably just got home or more likely was at some random guy’s house gulping down some “Day after” pills.


With the phone in her hand she lay over her belly on the pool lounge chair texting to her friend, Desiree was still nervous about staying a whole weekend with Danny but the boy didn’t bring any of his friends over.


There was the possibility he hid cameras around the cabin to show to his friend yet for a reason she couldn’t point out was sure Danny wouldn’t do that even if he had the chance, sure enough, Desiree had let him take pictures of her in erotic positions.


“Maybe he already showed them off to his rich friends… Maybe I’ll start fucking rich brats, they seem to pay better.”- thought the woman. 




Danny woke up alone but could still feel the faint warmness on Desiree’s side of the bed, her bag was still on the bedroom corner but she was nowhere in sight. Drifting from the bed to the window he could see the lake Eerie and the dark woods.


More important than the gorgeous sight before him was the unbelievable sight of a nude Desiree being gently caressed by the sun rays and the winds filled with pine aroma, the only time Danny had ever seen a naked woman in the backyard was in his porn movies, and yet a tan beauty was resting on the yard.


With a deep gulp and filled with more lust than brains Danny steps out from the bedroom leaving his clothes behind, never had he venture around his own house naked, and now he was walking down the stairs of a cabin he rented completely naked to be with a hooker.


“G-G-Good m-mo-morning” – stammered Danny as he walks into the backyard. His eyes were instantly glued to Desiree’s bubble butt and thick legs.


“Good morning sweety”- replied Desiree.


Slowly Desiree got up from her chair putting her high heels on before heading over to Danny as he froze upon his spot. The boy suddenly felt her soft and tender lips lock on his mouth as her tongue force its way inside.


Almost in an unconscious move, Danny wraps his arms around Desiree's waist as their tongues wrestle with each other, her warm and aroma were mind-numbing. Danny loves not only seeing Desiree naked but also to touch her.


“Seems your little buddy is also up and ready to play”- said Desiree as she felt his small erection touching her thighs.


Normally Desiree would just kneel down to perform the fellatio but given Danny’s smaller size she was forced to sit down, though did so while exposing as much of her butt as possible. The woman had much practice and could swallow Danny whole.


“Danny, baby. There’s not much in the kitchen to eat”- suddenly said Desiree in between slurps.


“I’ll go buy something… ahh! Just tell… ohh!  Me… mmm! What you… want? – tried to say Danny as he hugs his sides not knowing if he should take hold of Desiree’s head.


“We can fuck without a condom.” Added Desiree in a sing-along voice.


“Yes, anything you want!”- yelled out the boy in a very girlish voice.


Danny couldn’t hold it in anymore and unleash all his milk unto her mouth, from the countless times she had swallow semen it was only with Danny that she actually enjoys it. Danny had an innocent flavor if she had to describe it.


“There’s a small town nearby, I’ll drive.”- said Desiree as she walks into the cabin.


The boy was quite surprised by how casual Desiree was about being naked in the presence of a minor, she even gave him fellatio in broad daylight and in the open, she didn’t mind covering her privates as they went up the stairs.


Danny nearly trips on the stairs as he glues his eyes to her love holes, though his tan lover only giggles at his clumsiness. He wasn’t expecting to leave the cabin at all and so he didn’t bring many clothes, there was no denying it was a blunder on his side for not bringing proper food for the weekend.


With a smirk drawn on Desiree’s face, she walks over to Danny pressing her breast over his shoulders as she gently passes her hands over to his hips forcing his pants down on the ground, Danny gasps as he felt her lips touching his neck.


“Danny… can you wear this.”- whispered Desiree as she shows him the thong she wore the previous day.


“But that’s your… underwear…”- replied Danny as he blushes like a tomato.


“It’ll be fun babe… here let me help you”- added the woman.


His eyes widen as Desiree lifts his legs and slides up the string all the way to his crotch and between his buttocks, never had he wore something so scandalous in his entire fourteen years living on earth. It was a strange sensation to have as it felt like the wedgies Dash gave though it felt naughty.


“Looking good babe.”- said Desiree as she ogles at Danny.


It was now that she noticed how Danny really look like, though they had been naked countless times it was always with one of them on top of the other. Desiree had seen many men naked during her work but the boy was well tone for his age.


While the boy struggles to adjust himself to the new underwear, Desiree too wasn’t expecting to leave the cabin and so she had brought only lingerie and a lot of birth control. A few costumes for her to play around with Danny but didn’t feel like walking out the door dress like a genie.


“It feels really wie…”- Danny stops midsentence as he sees his tan lover fully dressed.


If she could be called dress that is, the woman wore a tight yellow top without her bra which let her nipples expose and didn’t do much to cover the lower part of her breasts, very small denim shorts which ran up her buttocks and a bright pink thong. Danny couldn’t help but blush as gaze upon Desiree’s choice for clothes, with a wink and wiggling her finger she “orders” Danny to follow her out the door and into the car.


“Wow, I didn’t think he be so obedient… mental note… never underestimate the power of the pussy.”- mentally said Desiree as she drives to the nearest town.




Covering her eyes with a pair of sunglasses both enter into the first grocery shop they come across, it was now that Desiree realized what stupid idea she had by wearing something so scandalous while walking around with a kid.


Avoiding the shock expression of the women in the shop, Desiree took hold of a shopping cart while Danny threw daggers at any boy who looks over to Desiree, it was still early and being Saturday meant most kids would still be at home.


“Thank goodness we’re not in Amity”- both mentally agree at the same time.


A boy a few years younger than Danny couldn’t stop looking at the exotic beauty making both feel very uncomfortable, though Desiree didn’t show it at all as she was more than used to such looks but it did worry her some random mom would come asking even more uncomfortable questions.


“You didn’t tell me what you wanted to eat”- said Danny.


Though before she could answer her heart skip a beat the moment she felt Danny’s hand grabbing her left buttock, though Desiree wanted to tell him not be so obvious there was a moment of insanity within her. She knew it was wrong but it also felt so good.


“How bout a barbecue.”- teased Desiree.


Despite the drooling done by the clerk, Danny and Desiree took several pounds of meat which would have made Sam cuss Danny out the shop. Walking down the aisles Danny notice there was an alarming lack of cameras and guards.


The place was screaming to be rob but perhaps due to the small size of the town crime rates were so low such precautions were unnecessary. Despite the implied security, Danny presses himself closer to his woman.


“I got an idea.”- whispered Danny.


The grocery was akin to a warehouse as most things in the display were poorly arranged leaving several blind spots for shoppers, Danny had pushed Desiree into one of these blind spots compose of many mattresses.


“Wait for me in there”- ordered the boy as he pushed Desiree into a mattress made-up hallway.


With a few seconds came rushing the same young boy who was ogling at Desiree making Danny grin at him, the boy had been following them ever since he laid eyes over the tan woman. Danny would have been a very lousy crimefighter if he hadn’t noticed the kid following them.


“I… I’m sorry…”- whimpered the boy as he knew he was discovered.


“Don’t cry. What’s your name?” – said Danny as he noticed the boy was about to cry.


The last thing he needed was to cause a commotion, given how Desiree was dress both could get into some serious trouble. There was no way he was going to ruin the weekend he planned out with Desiree for some random brat.


“I’m Timmy… me and my parents are going back to Dimmesdale. Don’t tell on me.” – implored the boy with puppy eyes.  


“Let me show you something real fun.”- said Danny as he took Timmy by the hand.


Desiree’s eyes open wide as she saw Danny and Timmy walk towards her, she more or less had an idea of what Danny had planned though she had never agreed to a threesome with some random guy they found in a shop, worse yet the guy was even younger than Danny.


“What’s goin…”- Danny lock lips with Desiree impeding her from formulating her question.


Timmy’s mouth was left ajar as he saw how Danny unbuckled her shorts and put his hand between her legs, Desiree could only follow Danny’s lead as he was now in charge. Breaking the kiss, Danny turns her around and drops her shorts.


“Come closer.” – said Danny as he spread Desiree’s cheeks exposing her pussy and her asshole.


The woman had done several perverted things but being exposed to yet another kid was already reaching dangerous levels, her heart nearly stops as he felt a wet yet familiar tongue working its way inside her anus, even so, she turns around.


Timmy was watching closely as Danny eat Desiree’s ass in front of him, the woman could hear the steps of the shoppers just on the other side of the mattress wall, she knew things could get very ugly and despite being the adult she couldn’t do anything to stop.


“I don’t think she likes it”- said Timmy.


“Des?”- whispered Danny.


“…I do like it a lot but this is kinda scary, so let’s stop.” – replied Desiree.


She didn’t know what bothers her more the fact she was being eaten out in a grocery store or that she was dripping wet, the sudden sound of a zipper being open made her flinch as she turns over to Danny who had pulled out his harden penis.


“No way!”- mentally screamed the woman as she bends herself even more.


Part of her wanted to do it there and then but another part of her didn’t want to, though bite the mattress hard as to not make any sounds, she felt something much smaller than Danny’s penis. Fearing it was this Timmy kid she turns to brush him off but sees Danny fingering her.


“Listen kid, you know you hit the jackpot once you can get your pee-pee hard like this and stick inside a woman like her.”- said Danny very proud.


Desiree knew Danny was proud about sleeping with her but to think he was so desperate to brag about that he did so to a mere kid younger than him the moment the first opportunity arises, she blushes a little as he caresses her anus while singing her praises.


It was the first time someone was so willing, even desperate to say just how incredible she is, as a person and a lover. All her clients so far just saw a hole to poke but Danny saw a woman he wanted to show off no matter what.


“Can I do it too?”- asked Timmy.


“Sure, but not with her, she’s mine.”- replied Danny as he let Desiree stand straight. “Des, can you give him your undies as a souvenir?”-


“Fuck it, here brat”- said the woman as he handed over her thong.   


Both look at each other before leaving Timmy in the mattress made hallway, the boy looks down at his crotch only to see a small tent building up in his pants. His heart was pounding loud and hard as a strange dingily sensation ran up his arms.


“Timmy are you ok?”- asked a pink color mattress.


“I know what my next wish is gonna be”- said Timmy as he hid the underwear in his cap.



Danny had a scared expression on the face as he constantly looks back expecting a patrol car to catch up to them, he feared Timmy told his mom about what he had seen but no one came after them, it was just the empty road.


“We are so not doing that again. That was scary”- commented Danny as he regains his sanity.


“Just for that, we’re fucking with double condoms… man I really like that thong.”- Desiree said very sternly.


Danny knew he screws up badly and needed to make up for it, they were still having sex as per their contract but he was actually looking forward to having sex without a condom, the only time they had done it without a condom was during their first time.


“I’m really, really sorry Desiree. I’ll buy you the whole Victoria secret set if like.”- proposed Danny as Desiree park the car.


“Really? Maybe we can do without a condom after all.”- replied Desiree.


She knew the boy was going to make such an offer if she was just a little stern, it was just as the fishing lessons she got from her father, let go a little, pull back, tired him out and go in for the reel, Desiree was about to reel him in now.


Danny was already paying her large amounts of cash but if she had to choose between living as a hooker in some brothel or being Danny’s lover, the answer was fairly obvious, she needed to make him addicted to her.


Having solved the crisis he had started Danny carried the shopping to the backyard while asking Desiree to relax on by the pool as he got the grill ready to cook, the first thing he threw in was burgers and some sausages.


It was already two in the evening and while he didn’t know much about cooking, he more or less knew how to make a few hotdogs and simple burgers. Though he was more interested in having sex with Desiree again.


“What’s cooking doc?”- said Desiree.


As Danny turns around, he sees the tan woman buck naked taking in the sun, modesty didn’t fit in their relationship anymore as she kept her legs slightly open showing Danny the goods he paid for, blushing madly he brings some burgers over to her along with a plate with cooked sausages.


Desiree ate with delight as a couple of sandwiches weren’t enough to sit her stomach, especially after servicing Danny for hours, what the boy lack in a penis he more than made up with endurance and stamina.


“Desiree… do you want to go skinny dipping on the lake?”- asked Danny with childish glee.


“It’s kinda late and I don’t know how to swim, how about we go tomorrow.”- Replied Desiree.


Danny agrees with her as he just trying to make conversation during the meal. The boy was no chef but made decent burgers for lunch, as he brought over lunch to the table, he looks over at Desiree and gulps down as he puts the plates down.


“Can I ask for something really creepy”- asked Danny. “I saw it on tv the other day”-


“Sure, what is?”- replied Desiree.


“Can I use you a plate?”- asked Danny as looks over to the tan woman.


Desiree laughs out loud as she climbs over the table lying over her belly as to better eat her own lunch while Danny puts his meal over her back, thankfully the bread avoided her from feeling the hot meat on her skin.


The boy spreads her buttocks to better place his hotdog on her ass, she could feel the bread touching her anus while the warm grease drip down on her vagina. It felt strange to do this but more so when Danny began to spill ketchup on her butt to lick it off.


“Hey Danny. Let’s go to the living room and fuck.”- said Desiree.




Since she arrived at the cabin, she wanted to have sex near the fireplace and over the bear rug as it felt so romantic. Just because she’s a whore it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her time with her favorite client, though she would have preferred to be on her back with Danny on top of her.


Instead, she was on all four staring at the flames while Danny rams her ass hard, the boy loves seeing the little waves her butt made each time he hit her ass with his hips. Desiree moans were loud as she squeezes her vagina as hard as she could.


Danny was by now used to a condom but having Desiree without one was the most incredible thing ever, he could feel each of her vaginal folds wrapping around his penis while her love juices drench the floor.


“Let’s change position.”- said Desiree as she gets on her back.


Resting his entire body over hers, Danny continues swaying his hips making her moan as her feet dangle in the air with each powerful thrust. Both lovers had lost track of time but didn’t care so long they could continue.


“Des! I’m gonna cum.” – yelped Danny as Desiree wraps her legs and arms around him.


“Inside! Do it inside”- ordered the woman to his ear.


Unlike before Danny could hold for up to thirty minutes per lovemaking session now, unlike most of Desiree’s clients who couldn’t even reach ten minutes with her. Danny would pump her for thirty minutes or more if he could before he fires his load.


Normally she would never let a client ejaculated inside of her even with birth control pills but Danny was different, not only did he paid her a lot of money and was willing to buy her whatever she wanted, Desiree genuinely likes him.


He was sweet and tender, obedient but also adventurous, most important of all was that he took great pride in making her cum each time they had sex. It wasn’t a “Me-me- me” situation as she normally dealt with in her job. If it weren’t for the fact she was getting paid she would pass this as a weekend with a lover.


Both were covered in sweat and though Danny had gone soft and slide out of her. Desiree sits on his lap while wrapping her arms around his shoulders and begins to kiss him, though rather than kissing it was more as if they were licking each other’s tongues.


Danny didn’t hesitate to hold her butt with one hand while the other played with her backdoor. Danny’s eyes were closing as he was too tired to continue but refuse to let go, he didn’t care the woman was heavier than him.


“Babe let’s go take a bath and head to bed, we can fuck all day tomorrow, don’t forget, you’re still growing.” Said Desiree.


Even after making love so many times, his legs still wobble after each session with her. Though before entering the bathroom his phone began to ring forcing Danny to answer the call while Desiree continues to get the tub ready.


As she walks to the bathroom cum drips down from her pussy staining the floor, he would most likely have to pay for the bear rug but knew all too well it was well worth it. On the other side was his mother asking if he was doing alright.


“Yes, mom. I’m not being a bother to mister Foley.” -answered Danny.


After a few minutes the called ended and Danny was on his way over to the bathroom to meet with Desiree, upon entering the first thing he saw was the woman resting in the hot water, with a wink she invited him in.


“I think we were a little too rough on little Danny here, let me kiss to make it feel better.”- said Desiree as she took hold of Danny’s penis.


It was red and slightly swollen but very sensitive at the moment, Desiree gently kissed his penis and licks it a couple of times but the boy can’t get hard again. It didn’t matter as all they wanted was to hug each other in the tub.




After a quick and light dinner of leftover, Danny headed over to his room as Desiree brushed her teeth. The boy tucks himself under the sheets with only his nightlamp as the only source of light, his eyes were glued to the window and the bright moon high above.


The door openly quietly as Desiree walks inside, the boy had forgotten they would share the bed during the night. Though they had literally slept next to each other this was the first time they would do so willingly.


All the other times they just pass out due to tiredness. His heart was beating very loud and fear Desiree would hear him, the woman looks at him strangely as he was wearing his pajamas while she was still naked.


“Silly geese, take those off.” Said Desiree as she pulls his pants down and throws them to the floor.


Danny was blushing madly as he saw the tan woman walk over to the window shutting it close to avoid any mosquitos from entering, along with the curtains, with a few steps Desiree was climbing over the bed and resting her head over his shoulder.


 The moment he turns off the lights the whole room was pitch black, despite already having sex with Desiree his penis was getting hard all over again. Her soft hand took hold of him as she kisses him in the neck.


“Danny you wanna have lover’s sex?”- asked Desiree.


“What the difference?”- asked the boy.


Desiree pulls him over her as she covers both under the bedsheet, she could feel his boyhood rubbing against her female entrance as it got wet neither of them cares if the bedsheets got stain.


“Like this, nice and slow under the sheets”- added the woman as Danny enter her fleshy cave.


To be continued

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