Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter 06: Dreams and fantasies


The bright sun broke through Danny’s window forcing him to roll on his side, it was only upon hearing his mother calling him for breakfast that the boy got up from his comfortable bed. His groggy eyes glance over his nightstand which told him it was eight in the morning.


Danny would have preferred to sleep in due to staying up late fighting off Skulker but his mother always made waffles with raspberries on Saturday. The delicious fragrance of the food being cooks forces the kid out of the bed while stretching his arms.


The boy had taken a huge liking for sleeping naked mostly thanks to Desiree as he more than enjoyed hugging the older woman, to feel her soft skin on his own. On his way towards the closet, Danny stops death on his track upon laying eyes over an open box of condoms on his desk where his computer rests.


Danny always made sure to hide his condoms and lubes along with his stolen money within the wall using his ghost magic, his mom would have to break the wall in order to find them. Yet he couldn’t explain to himself how this particular box was out in open.


More important than the condom box was a pink thong resting over his keyboard, Danny recognized it immediately as the one he bought for Desiree.  Just thinking about the tan woman makes his humble little penis go hard.


The desire to masturbate was growing fast even though he could hear his mother calling for him, Danny still took hold of dick and began to slowly stroked it up and down as Desiree thought him to. The tan woman took hold of his thoughts as he pleasured himself to her beautiful image.


“Hurry up you two”- said Maddie making Danny turn over to the door.


Much to his relief, the door was still closed and lock. No longer feeling the need to jerk off, Danny let go of penis letting some precum drip unto the floor as he headed over to the closet but once again stop upon seeing a large lump moving on his bed reflected on the wall mirror.


Danny quickly turns around as the bedsheets slide off revealing a beautiful tan woman. The boy’s eyes gaze in utter disbelief as he saw none other than Desiree sitting naked on his bed with a happy smile drawn on her face.


“Morning babe. Seems like you’ve been playing all by yourself.”- casually remarked the woman upon seeing the precum dripping from Danny.


Desiree opens her legs inviting Danny in but the boy couldn’t believe she was in his bedroom while his parents and sister were down in the kitchen. Danny wondered if she had gone insane, so far, she had been very cautious about their relationship.


“Hurry up or we’ll miss out on the waffles.”- Desiree said as she kisses him in the lips before sliding over to the door.


Danny couldn’t believe the tan woman walked out of his bedroom wearing nothing more than her black stiletto high heels. Even though he loves seeing her bubble butt wiggle side to side as she walks around, this wasn’t the time to be gawking.


It took the boy a full minute to react though by then Desiree was already downstairs. Moving fast Danny took his favorite polo T-shirt and black briefs though he couldn’t think of any excuse which could explain to his parents about there being a naked woman in the house.


Danny’s heart was beating loud and long as he came closer to the kitchen, he expected to hear screaming and cussing but instead heard soft and gently chattering coming from the kitchen, even some sporadic laughter ever now and again.


There was no possible way for his mom and Desiree to get along but he could hear them talking as if they were old friends. The boy glances into the kitchen spotting Desiree standing in the nude while sipping on some hot coffee without a care in the world by the table.


“Des!”- Danny tried calling her without attracting his mother’s attention.


The boy thought that perhaps his mother was only playing along while Jazz called the police on the demented woman. Yet the tan woman only smiled and waved at him inviting the boy to join them as continue talking to Maddie.


“Danny what are you doing? Come in and get your breakfast.”- Maddie said as he heard Jazz call him a dork.


He knew there was no way to talk his way out of this mess but just couldn’t understand why Desiree would be in his house naked. Danny couldn’t leave her alone on this and so he walks into the kitchen.


Danny’s eyes widen in shock and jaw almost fell on the ground upon seeing his mother cooking wearing nothing more than a light blue apron while his sister Jazz was sitting at the table already eating nonchalantly her waffles not caring if her large breasts were out in the air.


It was a surreal sight to behold, both his mother and elder sister were buck naked eating breakfast as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The main door suddenly making Danny flip towards it fearing his father was home.


Yet his eyes laid over a redhead carrying the newspaper and a bottle of milk in her hands though she too was wearing nothing more than her red high heels. Penelope didn’t doubt a second in kissing Danny on the lips even pushing her tongue inside of him.


The boy simply looked at her in shock as she made her way into the kitchen counter where she left the milk before the boy could take a seat Desiree pulled his shirt off reminding him it was laundry day and needed to put all the clothes in the bin.


Maddie and Jazz didn’t even flinch when Desiree pulled his briefs down exposing his little pecker which the tan woman kissed. Getting hard was unavoidable considering he was naked in the same room with four beautiful women, even if two were his mother and sister.


“Where’s dad?”- Danny asked as he sat down while his mom finished making breakfast.


“He’s already at work, oh, I almost forgot your favorite plate”- Maddie replied as she motions her head to Desiree.


The tan woman gently climbs over the table lying on her belly putting Danny between her legs. The boy could see her bubble ass yet more importantly her pink cunt and asshole, a few moments later Maddie open Desiree’s buttocks putting a slice of butter on her anus.


Moments later she added two waffles on each cheek and poured a lot of honey on them though made sure not to drop any on the table. His young dick was so hard it even hurt but didn’t dare touch him, just stare at the meal before him.


“Hurry babe… it’s kinda hot…”- Desiree said as he too pours honey on her breakfast.


Danny saw the four women eating as if nothing was wrong or strange. The boy doubted for a moment but soon began chewing on his waffles it was then that he heard Spectra said about wanting milk of her coffee.


The boy looks over to the bottled milk on the counter and carries on with his meal, he could taste Desiree’s flavor in each bite and soon forgot his mother and sister were at the table with him as he began to lick Desiree’s buttocks.


Eventually, his tongue made its way into her anus making the woman moan loudly in front of Maddie while Jazz talked about the acing all her tests again. Suddenly, Danny felt a warm wet sensation around his cock.


Pulling his tongue out of Desiree, he glances down to see Spectra was sucking him off. Her movements were unbelievable good and despite the fast rhythm she was going at the woman didn’t hit her head on the table not even once.


“Would you like some more?”- Maddie asked with a loving expression on her face.


“More… honey… please.”- Danny said in between breaths.


Spectra could feel Danny’s cock pulsing which announced it was ready to fire its load through a mere second before his cum flew out, Spectra lower his hard meat towards her coffee mug letting of Danny’s “milk” pour into it.


Danny didn’t care anymore for what was going on, he wanted to penetrate Desiree right now. It didn’t matter if his mom and sister were watching after all he just got an under the table blowjob and neither girl care.


The boy climbs on the chair and positions himself over Desiree though he looked over to his mom fearing she might stop him but she didn’t seem to mind at all. Danny put his dick straight into Desiree’s asshole.






The alarm clock on his cellphone woke him up making him want to throw the device against the wall but chose against it in the end since it was brand new. It wasn’t the phone’s fault for him forgetting to turn off the alarm.


Yet it was annoying not to be able to finish his wonderful dream though it wouldn’t have to stay a dream as the tan woman was just a phone call away. Danny opened his contacts and saw Desiree’s profile picture he personally chose for her.


It was a simple picture of Desiree on the bed with her legs spread wide open while opening her vagina with two fingers. The boy was tempted to call but knew she most likely getting off work by now and would be very tired.


There was burning jealousy raging within his heart as he imagines Desiree having sex with other men who were bigger in more way than he was. Danny knew he was still growing and was using his cock as it was meant at a much earlier age.


It was pointless to go back to sleep now, therefore, he pulled the bedsheets to the side only to discovered there was a whole liter worth of cum glue to his sheets. Danny groan in frustration as he dragge the sheets of the bed and headed over to the trash bin.


Danny found it especially annoying to have wet dreams despite having sex with Desiree on a regular basis. One would think the boy would be satisfied enough to not need such dreams but he still had them. The boy had to admit he long to fuck the tan woman in his bedroom and parade her naked around the house even if that was impossible.


Using his magic, Danny phase off the cum into the bin making a small puddle on the bottom. Danny turns over to his new computer but found it odd that his parents didn’t question the origin of his computer or the one he gifted to Jazz.


The boy knew his parents were oblivious to many things unrelated to ghosts but to have not noticed the expensive new devices in their kid’s rooms was unexpected. His father may be a complete goof but even he should have questioned where his son got the money.


Just thinking about Desiree made him turn hard despite having already unloaded on his bedsheets. He wanted desperately to masturbate but chose not to since he was having a date with Desiree later that day and didn’t want to waste his cum anymore.  


Normally, Desiree didn’t allow Danny to sex with her without a condom much less to finished inside but almost out of nowhere she offered to do him raw if he took her to a brand-new hotel near the interstate. It was much more expensive than the Pig Pen but the accommodations were far superior.


Danny didn’t have anything against the Pig Pen since it always welcomes him, but it had a fairly used up mattress that squeaks loudly, a simple bathroom obviously without a jacuzzi and an old television from the early nineties.


The boy closed his eyes for a moment as drawn in the image of Desiree lying over the bed, suddenly his mother’s voice came in calling him for breakfast. Danny quickly jumps off the bed and turn over to see if Desiree was sleeping under the sheets but couldn’t find the tan beauty.


The sun was out and traffic began to roar out in the streets. Danny quickly got dressed before peeking his head out the door, though once he heard his father’s loud voice, he knew it was no dream but reality.


From the living room, he could see mother making waffles though unlike his dream, the woman was wearing her classic skin-tight green hazmat suit which made Danny feel much more relaxed. Within the kitchen was Jazz drinking coffee while reading a textbook and his father sitting in front of the redhead.


“Maddie, I’m telling you, we’re gonna make a killing with our newest inventions.”- Jack said to his wife.


“What are you guys talking about”- asked Danny as he pours himself a mug with coffee.


Jack and Maddie both looked over to their kids and realized they existed and forgot to tell them about being invited to a ghost convention all the way in Wisconsin. What’s worst Jack already accepted the invitation which was only for him and Maddie.


In his excitement, Jack forgot to tell his wife until the last minute giving the woman no other chose but to agree yet deep down, she too was very excited to show off her investigation about the paranormal and ghostly entities.


“Wait a minute! When are you guys going?!!”- asked Jazz standing up.


Maddie’s face when pale as she recalled Casper high planned out a camping trip to reward the students for winning first place at the science fair, it was after all the first time Casper high won at such an event and wanted to treat their winners.


Jazz’s complaining became nothing more than background noise as her brother began to imagine all the depraved things he would do with Desiree. From what little attention he gave to the conversation he understood that his parents were leaving on Thursday morning.


The convention started Friday morning and Jack needed to drive all the way since they were taking all their fancy inventions. Jazz was leaving on Friday morning to the camp trip her parents already sign, everything seems to be in order for one minor detail.


Danny was the main issue since everyone was coming back on Monday evening which meant he would be alone for three and a half days. The boy had already “survived” once by staying over with Tucker for the weekend but Maddie didn’t want to pry on the Foley’s generosity.


“Don’t worry mom, I can stay alone for a weekend. I’ll even call every night.”- said Danny as he set his phone's alarm to sound in less than a minute. 


“No, that’s out of the question.”- instantly replied Maddie as her son’s phone began to ring.


Danny pretended it was a call from Sam as he exits the kitchen, there was no way in hell he was missing out on such a golden opportunity to go on a fuck-o-ton during the weekend. Once he was out of sight, the boy turned invisible.


He could hear his mother saying they should take Danny with them but the convention organizers were only paying the lodging for them, the cost of taking Danny wasn’t much at all and a moment before Jack could agree to his wife’s plan Danny rushes inside of him.


“Wait a minute, Maddie. Don’t you think Danny’s old enough to stay alone for a weekend.”- Jack said making both girls turn over to him with shock disbelief.


Jazz was the first to say it wasn’t a good idea but her brother soon jumps out of his father and straight into her, forcing his sister to suddenly agree to leave Danny alone. Maddie found herself corner as she heard both her husband and Jazz saying it was fine to leave Danny alone.


“Are you guys craz…”- Maddie was stopped midsentence as Danny overshadow her. “As I was saying, Danny’s old enough to stay home alone at least for a single weekend.”- Danny said using his mother's voice.


All three look at each for a silent moment unsure of what just happened. Jack was the first to dismiss it agreeing to let Danny stay home during the weekend, Jazz added a “Whatever” as she was slightly confused by everyone’s sudden change of heart.


Maddie was left with no option but to accept, only a few moments later Danny waltz in with triumphal expression on his face. The boy didn’t dare to say anything against the new ground rules his mother was setting.




Danny rushed up to his bedroom and turn on the computer ready to book a cabin at Lake eerie for the weekend. He planned on asking her during their date later that night, the boy was almost one hundred percent sure she would accept.


The boy quickly opens the webpage for the Lake Eerie but the whole place was already booked by local and out of town hunters, much to his disbelief it was hunting season. Danny’s expression was that of a dead man.


There was no way he could bring Desiree over to his house during the weekend without arousing his neighbor’s suspicions, especially if there’s an unknown car parked outside of Fenton’s works for the whole weekend.  


Danny could worry later about those details as he needed to get his cash ready for tonight, therefore walks over to the closet but rather than opening it up, he instead phased his hand into the wall beside it and pulled out a small backpack which he used back in his elementary school days.


He gazes upon the old red school backpack which held a worn-out Crimson Chin picture made with hard plastic, within were a couple of Desiree’s favorite golden condom boxes, a lube tube, and finally the prized thong he got from Desiree as a souvenir for losing his virginity.


“Damn it!”- half yelled the boy as he stares at the single wad of cash in his backpack.


The money he stole from the dealers didn’t amount to much since most were composed mostly of ten- and twenty-dollar bills. Danny made a few quick mental calculations and figure he spent a lot on his new computer and the one he gifted to his sister.


He even took the redhead clothes shopping which was something Jazz didn’t expect her brother to do though in all honestly about eighty percent of his cash was spent on Desiree, buying her expensive lingerie which he enjoyed watching her put only for him to pull off.


“I need more money”- whispered Danny as he finished counting the remainder of his loot. There was hardly three thousand dollars in his backpack more than enough to buy Desiree and for the hotel fee. With cautious steps, he phased the backpack into the wall where it was to remain hidden until needed.


“Danny! Sam and Tucker are here!”- Maddie yelled out from the living room starling the kid.




The night was descending over Amity Park and while most people were getting ready to go home from a hard day’s work, a few others were getting ready to go to work. Standing near the movie theaters entrance was Desiree waiting for Danny.


“Hi, Desiree.”. said Danny from behind making the tan woman jump.


She never saw him come close though it never did cross her mind he became invisible just to pull that childish prank. Desiree’s smile soon vanished as she saw a light cut on his lip, it was almost as if he was punched.


“You ok baby?”- Desiree asked while gently touching his lip with the tip of her finger.


“Yeah… I was roughhousing with my sister…” Danny replied as he rubs her ass.


Desiree had to remind herself she was dealing with a fourteen-year-old boy and not some adult. It did bring a smile to her face to know Danny could act like a kid his age as it wasn’t normal for someone so young to spent so much money on a whore.


Desiree could help but smile as Danny touch her ass under her skirt before making into the old cinema at the edge of town, neither of them could risk going to the one at downtown or the new one at the shopping mall.


“Let’s watch this one.”- Desiree said as she pointed to a poster of claw wielding murderer.


“Nightmerica… sounds good to me.”- Danny as he rushed over to the ticket booth while Desiree got some snack from the candy shop.


The cinema had a handful more people sitting in the front and middle rows but there wasn’t anyone in the back row which is where the couple took seats. As the movie progress, she recalls her evening back home.


Desiree was coming out of the shower but on her way towards her bedroom, she took a quick glance over to Penelope’s room. The redhead wasn’t getting a break at any clinic and so had to make do with a strip club.


“Hey Des! Can I use some of your perfume?”- Dora just before the tan woman could reach her bedroom.


“Sure, it’s on the table.”- Replied Desiree pointing over to the perfume.


The tan woman knew Dora was having a hard time now that she was working the streets again at night while competing with many more girls than before. There were also constant police raids, even Desiree lost many clients but thanks to her good looks offered her services as an escort online.


Her clientele was few but it still paid her rent through her main source of income was none other than the rich little boy named Danny Fenton. If only the kid was a little older, she would have already gotten herself knocked up by him.


Thanks to Danny’s good nature, she knew he would be more than happy to marry her which meant to live like a queen. Dora watches through the mirror as Desiree slide on a pink Victoria secret thong which she knew was very expensive.


The blonde girl looks down at the table which held expensive perfumes and other beauty products of brand names. Moments later Desiree walked up to the table and spray some of her and Danny’s favorite perfume.


There was a hint of jealousy hidden in Dora’s heart, she knew both of them did the same job but Desiree was far better paid. Her car repairs and brand name clothes in the closets were proof of how much money she was making.


It didn’t seem fair but Dora had to accept reality though it didn’t mean she had to like it. Desiree smiled at the blonde girl as she told her it was time to go see her client of the night after spraying some perfume over herself.


“Desiree…”- Dora said stopping the tan woman from leaving.


The tan woman looks at her friend who walks over with her head hanging low, things were getting difficult for Dora. Her family still hadn’t forgiven her for selling herself, the school fees were on the rise and with so little clients meant her wallet was getting thin.


“Can… can I ask you for a favor?”- Asked Dora as she straightens herself.


“Sure. Anything. You need me to loan you some cash.”- Desiree replied knowing it was about money.


“No- no, it’s nothing like that… I was wondering if you could help me get a good client… like Danny…” whispered Dora.


Desiree went pale as she never told anyone beyond Penelope about seeing Danny which meant either Dora was spying on her or Penelope couldn’t keep her mouth shut. The tan woman needed to know just how much Dora knew and what her intentions were.


“Who told you?”- Desiree asked calmly.


“I did.”- answered Penelope.


“I’m sorry Des. I pressure her into telling where you were working at and she just told me you have a rich client. Please I know I’m asking for too much but could you please hook me up with one of Danny’s rich friends.”- Dora begged.


It was then that Penelope whispered to Desiree’s ear about not telling her about Danny’s real age and just how sorry she felt for the blonde whore who still had nightmares about getting beaten up again. Dora hated working on the streets.


“Just tell him I’m into anything he and his friends want. Vaginal, anal, blowjobs, threesomes, whatever he says I can do.”- offered the blonde girl.


Dora was desperate, if it weren’t for Desiree letting her stay for free at her apartment, the blonde would probably be homeless by now. The tan woman already shared her sugar daddy with Penelope once and it wouldn’t hurt to let Dora in as well so long she didn’t try to snatch him away.




Suddenly the lights turn on pulling Desiree from her memory lane, the movie had ended and she didn’t even get to understand the plot. Her eyes gaze to her crotch only to see Danny’s hand inside her pants caressing her pussy.


“Did you like the movie?”- Desiree asked as Danny slowly pulled his hand out from her panties.


“Yeah, it was pretty neat for a nineties movie”- retorted Danny with a smirk.


On their way out of the theater both made a quick stop at the bathroom, it was then that Desiree noticed she still had her chocolate bar in her jacket which brought her an idea that Danny would surely love.


Once out in the parking lot, Danny desperately wanted to fondle Desiree’s bubble ass but couldn’t do it since there was a couple with a kid walking behind them. For a moment, Danny thought Desiree bought a new car but it only got a paint job.


Upon coming to a stoplight, Desiree noticed a bulge on Danny’s crotch. Despite having sex almost every day with different men, she couldn’t help but feel happy as she was so desired by this boy who was already hard just by thinking about what they were going to do.


“Danny, I got a snack for you.”- Desiree said as she opens her legs.


The boy watches in amazement as she pulled out the chocolate bar from out of her vagina, Desiree knew Danny like this kind of games since he asked her to be his “plate” at the cabin. Danny bites on the chocolate as the flavors mix into his mouth.


The couple watch at the neon sign that read, “Casper’s love house.” Danny couldn’t help but giggle at the irony of seeing his school’s name at a no-tell motel. Desiree parks her car in the hotel’s parking lot making Danny lean the chair as to hide just in case.


“Come on Danny. Let’s go in.”- Desiree said surprising the boy.


“Are you sure?”- Danny asked wondering if it was alright for him to go in.


“Relax babe. I heard they got a new system where you can choose a room via display… for more discretion.”- Desiree said while winking.


The windows were tinted black but had the hotel’s name written in neon green letters over the black windows, even the door was made with wood. Desiree gently pulled him inside the lobby by the hand.


Upon entering, the first thing they saw was a monitor next to a very small window and a door next to it. Both Desiree and Danny walked over to the monitor which held a series of options such as a classroom, a cave, even Crimson Chin’s hideout.


“The space one.”- said Danny with childish glee.


Desiree softly laughs as she pressed on the option, not a moment later a sign appeared on the monitor asking her to pay at the window. Both looked the small opening on the wall, it was hard to know if there was someone on the other side.


Yet Danny simply put three hundred dollars, soon a hand took the cash and left a key. Desiree and Danny understood they took discretion very seriously here which played extremely well for them though it was far more expensive than the Pig-Pen.


Danny’s eyes open wide as he saw the walls were painted with stars and a moon even the bedsheets had stars. The bathroom had a glass wall showing the shower but not the toilet it reminded him of the King’s hotel.


“Come, big guy. Let’s play.”- Desiree said as she wiggled her butt towards the bed.




Danny pulled his shirt off and simply unbuckled his pants letting them fall on the ground as he followed Desiree to the bed. The woman failed to see how Danny phased off his shoes and socks as she slides off her miniskirt and tube blouse.


No matter how many times he saw her naked, it was always a treat. The tan woman was eye candy, a sculpture, and Danny got her all for himself at least for a few hours. With a wiggle of her finger, she summons Danny.


The boy put his face straight unto her crotch and began to lick every fold in her vagina which still had some chocolate glue on her meaty walls. The sweetness of the chocolate mixed perfectly with her natural salty flavor.


Desiree loved having Danny’s tongue dance all around her love cave, the woman arcs her back upon feeling Danny gently bite her clitoris making her reach an orgasm. This was one of the many things she loved about Danny.


Danny always made sure she cum first, with him it wasn’t a poke and leave situation. The boy treated her like a girlfriend, even though he paid her for sex it didn’t feel as if he bought her at all. The ebony-haired woman made Danny lay over the bed as she lowers herself to his penis.


After the many times they fucked, his young cock was now more adult-like though remain at a kid’s size. The phimosis had been peeled off completely exposing a nicely shaped head though Desiree could easily fit all in her mouth without gagging.


The warmth of her mouth was intense as she slides his meat rod as deep as she could. Desiree’s tongue slides around the head and down the phallus straight to his balls while she slowly jerked him off making him gasp as she “ate” his nuts.


“I’m gonna cum!”- Danny said clutching to the bedsheets.


Desiree took that as her cue to shove him back into her mouth. She could feel his thick cum hit the back of her throat before sliding down to her stomach, Danny’s gaze upon his lover as she sucks off the last drop from his cock.


The boy had a long and satisfying smile drawn on his face along with a pink blush around his cheeks, but he was far from being done. Desiree looks at his small cock as it goes hard again despite having already fire its first load.


“So… can we do it without a condom?”- asked Danny sheepishly while sitting up.


Desiree sat on his lap while wrapping her arms around his neck, she hadn’t forgotten the promise to let him do her raw. The woman knew it was her safe day but even so, she took a couple of anti-conceptive pills before leaving her house just to be on the safe side.


“Of course, we’re fucking without a candy wrapper.”- Desiree said as she licks his upper lip.


Her sweet fragrance and warm body were more than enough to make his dick harden; Desiree slowly pushed over his back as she mounted him. Her juices allowed for easy access as she let her body weight do all the work.  


Desiree’s cunt swallowed Danny’s penis all the way to the base as he took hold of her massive breasts, her insides were so hot Danny felt she was burning his cock. The boy could feel how her pussy glues itself to his meat.


“Ready for lift-off?”- Desiree asked as ready herself to start bouncing on her little lover.


“Yes, ma’am!”- Danny replied.


Slowly Desiree pulls her hips up and slammed them back down making a loud wet noise as their hips strike each other over and over. Desiree’s moans accompanied each movement as Danny felt her vagina tighten its grip over him.


Each fold and bump inside of Desiree seem to be working individually, each one holding tightly to him. It was like if her vagina and Danny’s penis were two lovers dancing with one another in a lustful and passionate tango.   


The couple rolled over the large bed allowing Danny to pump her mercilessly. Her moaning and heavy breathing echo within the bedroom as she wrapped Danny’s lower back with her legs as he buried his face unto her large soft tits.


Desiree let out a soft squealed once Danny bite her nipple which tightens her vagina as he took hold of her other tit with his left hand. Yet Danny slows down for a moment making Desiree wonder if he’s about to shoot.


The boy instead moves backward and lifted her legs over his shoulders never once pulling out of her. Danny begins to bounce on her crotch forcing out loud moans accompanied by Danny’s heavy breathing.


“I can’t hold it anymore!”- Whimpered Danny.


“Fire away babe!”- Desiree replied.


The woman spread her legs wide open as Danny pours his baby-making milk deep inside of her. There was no wet dream or jerking off that could compare to the real deal, Danny could swear to have seen Desiree's legs quiver for a moment.


Slowly Danny’s penis became flaccid and pop out of Desiree who was left gasping for air on the bed as his cum flows out of her. The sweat and the fragrance of sex mix together into a delicious aroma that permeated the room.




“Wow, you really filled me up.”- Desiree said as she relaxes on the bed.


Desiree couldn’t help but smile at the proud look Danny held on his face, the kind of look a toddler has when cleaning his room all on his own. As she looks at Danny, the face of her new friend Dora came about.


The girl needed help and Danny could easily provide for her. It was a difficult subject to bring about but she knew for experience that men always got in a more agreeable mood after sex, especially after cumming so hard.


Desiree couldn’t think of any way to asked Danny to call a friend or two for Dora. How would it sound? “Hey Danny, my pal needs some cash and wants to fuck with some rich brat like you.” There was no way Danny would ever agree.


“Hey Des… are you busy this weekend?” Danny asked trying not to look at her.


The woman was having a hard time finding clients on the streets due to all the new cheap girls, and her webpage was helping either for the same reason. Desiree made her way towards Danny as he turns on the stereo which was incrusted into the wall.


“I’m free… what’d you got in mind?”- Desiree said as she began rubbing her ass on his crotch.  


Desiree rubbed herself on Danny in rhythm to the foul and obscene hip-hop song which only talk about sex and big butts. As they dance, Danny explained about his parents and sister being out of town starting on Friday.


The tan woman wonders if they were going to some rich people resort and Danny didn’t want to go. Nevertheless, it presented a perfect opportunity for Dora to make some of the extra cash she needs.


“Tell me, Danny, did you like having a threesome?”- Desiree said as turns around making sure her breasts were on his face.


“Yeah! Of course, I did.”- Danny instantly replied.


The boy didn’t need to be a genius to understand where this conversation was going to, Desiree wanted to have another threesome for a price of course. It was then that Desiree took hold of his penis and pulled him to the bathroom.


“Let’s talk in the jacuzzi.”- Desiree said in a playful tone.


The warm bubbles ease Danny’s tense muscles but he found having Desiree resting over his chest far more calming. Danny couldn’t help but play with her nipple as she did the same with his cock under the water.


“So… is Spectra?”- asked Danny.


Desiree tried to hide her smile as she knew Danny fell for her “trap” and would take Dora as well. There was some guilt hidden deep inside of her heart as she got to sleep around while Danny didn’t as far as she was aware.


“No… I got a friend who needs some extra cash and I thought you might be interested in a threesome with her.”- Desiree said as she strokes his penis up and down.


“Of course, I’m interested but all the cabins at Lake eerie are booked already.”- Danny replied trying to think where they could go.


“What about the beach? It’s only an hour away… and you could rent a beach house for the weekend.”- Desiree casually said as she made Danny cum.


The boy blushed as he considered going to the beach made perfect sense, more so than the cabins at Lake Eerie. Even though it was an hour's distance he could fly it in less than ten minutes if he needed to be home at a moment’s notice.




Danny made it home at two in the morning but thanks to his ghost magic his parents were none the wiser about his night activities. The boy sat down as he looks at a large bag on the corner that couldn’t fit inside the wall.


“Surprising how easy it’s to find crooks in this city”- whispered Danny as he opens the bag.


There were a few dozen wads of cash yet this time, they were all of fifty- and hundred-dollar bills. Tucker had commented about some wannabe gangsters near his cousin’s neighborhood selling drugs for some low-level mobster.


The gangsters would have a very hard time trying to find the money Danny stole from under their noses and would be especially angry after the police raided their house once they got an anonymous call informing them about a drug and weapon stash in the house.


To be continued.


Author’s notes:


Hello, I tried to reply to every comment/review I got here at Adult fanfiction but I’m not so sure if any reply made it through. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for enjoying this story and commenting.


Yours truly Shotahunter1851

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