Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter three: Well spent money.



The bright booming lights and laser beam effects scattered around the nightclub as Desiree watches her friend Penelope Strong dance on the stage, her legs ran up the long tube as she soon turns her rear and shakes in rhythm to the music.


There was a time in which Desiree wanted to be a stripper as her friend but lack the sense of rhythm and loathed the lustful gazes she earns from the patrons. It was especially hard for her since she had to stand on the corners during cold nights, waiting for a client to pick her up in the often cold and sometimes rainy nights.


“And that was the lovely Spectra everybody!”- yelled out the D.J.


Desiree got up from her seat as she headed down to the hallway towards the dressing room, a large dark skin muscular bouncer stops Desiree from entering the dressing as he stated only the strippers could enter, she looks at him and kindly asks if she could wait for her friend.


“Sure babe. How about we get to know each other later.”- said the bouncer as he lifted her chin.


“She’s busy.”- suddenly said Spectra as she walks out of the dressing room.


“You know the boss doesn’t like it that you leave from the front.”- replied the bouncer.


Penelope looks at him with a stern face as she rudely explains how she was fire for not sucking her fat boss dick, Desiree only looks down as she had done such acts almost every night for the last three years. She wasn’t particularly proud but it paid her rent and put food on the table.


Both women turn their backs to the bouncer as they head past the tables filled with drunkards and some random semi or fully nude girl dancing above. The smoke of cigars and the loud music echo the clubs as Spectra turns over to see her workplace one last time.


After exiting her former workplace, a young girl with strangely dye green hair came up to them, buffing and whizzing for air, Desiree looks at the young girl as she instantly recognized her as Spectra’s closest friend.


“What’s up Kitty?”- said Spectra as she turns over to see her young friend.


The green-haired girl loathed her name and force others to call by her nickname, Kitty. It was given to her by her biker boyfriend Johnny 13; Kitty was dress in her street’s clothes rather than her lingerie she often worked in.


“Guess what? I quit too, can’t stay alone with that pig”- replied the green-haired girl as she zips up her red leather jacket.


Laughing their way down the street the trio of girls’ head down to their favorite bar to drink there night away. Under obnoxious music, they drank cheap beer and ate poorly made spicy chicken wings at their local bar.


Desiree looks over to Kitty as she devoured the wings while watering them down beer, Spectra too join in the unhealthy amount of drinking as she berates her former boss and his hideous advances toward her.


The man wanted to sleep with her no matter what, but Spectra never “open” up even after having some of her pay withheld and eventually being threatened with being fired. Nevertheless, Spectra was disgusted by him and though she respected Desiree’s work she wasn’t a hooker.


The redhead wasn’t about to open her legs to her obese and abusive former boss, Kitty too dislikes the man though he never took an interest in her. The moment she heard Spectra quit and finished her last night so did Kitty.


“So, tell me Des. Who you seeing?”- casually asked the redhead.   


The question took by her surprise as the tan woman chock on her beer, even the younger green-haired girl wanted to know why she was so happy lately, constantly watching her phone and parading a long smile on her face.


“Who? Me? No one!”- yelped the woman as she whipped the beer from the side of her mouth.


Spectra wasn’t easily deceived as she insisted on knowing why Desiree was so happy recently, the tan woman wasn’t in her best mood after work but a mere glance to her phone and she was sparkling with joy.


The redhead managed to sneak a quick peek and saw though for a brief a picture of Desiree and an unknown black-haired male or at least she assumed was a male, Penelope was more than sure her best friend was seeing someone.


Beer bottles gathered up by dozens as the girls celebrated Penelope and Kitty unemployment, neither the redhead or the green-haired girl care to seek employment elsewhere for the moment as they wanted to celebrate the fact they were free from their boss’s grip.


Kitty was already pass out drunk on the table as Penelope insisted on wanting to know who Desiree’s secret man was, but it took several more beers to make the woman talk. Desiree under normal circumstances wouldn’t have said anything.


“He and I aren’t exactly hic a couple, he’s more like my sugar daddy… yeah hic.”- replied Desiree.


Deep down in her drunken heart, she knew there was no way she could tell her friends about Danny, but couldn’t lie to her friends, though before she could say who Danny really was a couple of men came up to them along with Kitty’s boyfriend.


“Kitty asked me to pick her up but I didn’t think she was already this drunk”- said Johnny 13 as he and his friends sat down.


The men sat at the table and order more drinks but the waitress told it was already three in the morning and were closing up but could buy and take them home, Johnny offered to give them a ride before taking Kitty home.


Spectra was much more interested in having more than being driven home by one of the bikers, Desiree on the hand simply flag down a taxi as she waves her goodbyes. The woman was drunk but not enough to pass out.




The apartment building was in complete silence, not loud tenants staying up with loud music though there was the blue glimmer of a television coming out from the bottom of her next-door neighbor, as Desiree walks into her home she tosses her purse to the side.


Her day at the brothel was boring at best, only three clients in the entire day. Vlad had pushed her from night shift to evening and had to share rooms with the newbies, it was the most embarrassing thing in the world for her to be demoted in a brothel though things could be much, much worse.


She was lucky to have not ended up in some human trafficking ring and be pump drugs on a daily basis. There were too many horror stories around this industry to make her feel at ease, but the possibility of working the streets again was growing.


“I should call that brat again. Gonna need some extra cash if this keeps up.” -whispered Desiree as she headed over to the bedroom.


Desiree peels off her tight dress and tosses on the closest chair she saw before crashing on the bed, she had lousy sex for money and lousy beer to drown the feelings of emptiness her work left her, at least she could go home afterward.


Her door creak open making the tan woman turn around seeing Danny completely nude, the boy had a bottle of champagne in his left hand while his right carried a couple of wine glasses. She had seen the boy naked twice already.


Desiree’s eyes wander down to his crotch, there wasn’t much to see when he was soft but when hard he was still not much. The tan woman had been penetrated by so many men and despite his lack of techniques Danny wasn’t on the bottom of the list. 


The woman didn’t understand why he was in her bedroom at the four in the morning but didn’t mind, perhaps she was too drunk to care or wanted to have more meaningful sex before going to sleep, there was no denying she did like the warmth he provided her.


“What are you doing here?”- quietly asked Desiree as Danny climb on her bed after putting the bottle on the nightstand.


“I thought you missed me”- replied Danny.


The tan woman could feel her crotch getting wet, she refuses to accept a mere child was making her arouse but couldn’t draw the strength to push him again. Gently Danny peels of her luscious underwear away as she unconsciously opens her legs.


Danny’s meat rod was hard and ready for action, he knew what had to be done and Desiree was more than willing. With a mighty thrust he pierces her deeper than any of her clients that evening, she couldn’t help but release a loud moan as she wraps her legs around Danny’s waist.


Her inner folds held tightly to Danny as he pulls away before entering her again. Desiree’s breath became heavier and her moans louder but she couldn’t care in the least if her noisy neighbors heard now.


“Desiree… marry m…” – a sudden and very loud honking from a truck awoke the woman.


The sun was bright outside and the dreadful sounds of traffic broke into her bedroom making her hangover worsen by the second, the clock on her cellphone told her it was already two in the afternoon since she had a day off which was frequent Desiree just sat on her bed.  


She was still in her underwear lying over her bedsheets, with a quick glance over to the nightstand she notices there wasn’t any bottle. Half asleep she stumbled over to the bathroom quietly calling for Danny, but couldn’t find him anywhere.


“I can’t fucking believe it… I had a wet dream… the fuck? I’m not a teenage girl.”- whispered Desiree as she looks at her lock door.




Far away from Desiree’s home a trio of teenagers were standing in front of a car dealership. Sam berated the abomination that proudly stood in between two models, the goth commented perhaps a little too dramatically about the vehicle being sold.


“This is a walking environmental nightmare!!!”- yelled the goth before turning over to her best friend. - “say Danny why do you fly around and scare some people”-


But the boy kept on looking at the dark skin model as she shows the environmental nightmare Sam was speaking about to some potential buyers, her long ebony hair flays to the sides as walks around the car, Danny couldn’t help but mentally remove her tight silver shorts and glimmering top.


“Hey dude, did ya hear me?”- suddenly asked Sam as she waves her hand in front of him.


Danny broke out of his lustful trance as he asks what she wanted; the goth looks at him as she comments if he was alright. Sam had taken notice of his constant mind absent state, it wasn’t a novelty but it had turn frequent.


His ice-cold breath escape from his lips announcing the presence of a ghost, Sam and Tucker both saw their friend rush into a nearby bush. The goth was actually hoping the fight would move over to the dealership but her hopes were in vain as the boy and his ghost fiends soon disappeared.


Neither of them could see the ghostly foe but knew it was a nothing more than a bottom feeder, the really dangerous ones hardly ever hid. Skulker always made announce himself as the ghost zone’s greatest hunter and Ember McLain like the attention.


Tucker told Sam they should wait for their friend at the Nasty Burger since there wasn’t anything they could do at the moment; they knew their friend was strong but not invincible as he often called for back-up.


“Have you notice Danny’s a little distracted… more than usual”- said Sam.


“Yeah… he used to talk all the time about Paulina but the other day he hardly even noticed her at the cafeteria.”- replied Tucker.  


Sam was starting to worry about his recent behavior, always staring at the cash register or at the armor cars which came to pick up the cash to take it to the bank, Tucker jokingly commented that perhaps his ghost side was flourishing.


“I don’t think so but he did say something about how easy it would be for him to rob a bank.”- whispered the goth.


“You know the other day I saw him walking out from the corrupto grande bank acting all weird but he disappeared like literally.” – added Tucker.


Sam was no fool and knew there was something strange going on with her friend, Danny always uses his powers for good but wondered if her constant nagging was getting on his nerves and wanted to try someone radical. 


“But robbing a bank is not like him… I hope”- thought Sam as they saw Danny walk in through the door.


He still wore the same white polo shirt with a red dot in the middle and his heavily used jeans, his sneakers were just as wore out so Sam wonders if his family was going through a hard time but then recall Jazz using a brand-new laptop.


The redhead was tutoring Sam for the upcoming exams and if her family was having a hard time then she wouldn’t but such an expensive laptop, neither Maddie or Jack ever show favoritism over any of their kids or so she thought.


Nevertheless, the idea still lingers in her head.




Danny sniff Desiree’s thong for perhaps the hundred time since he got it, the scent was already long gone but just holding on to it was more than enough to make him hard as a rock. His hand was nowhere near the feeling the woman gave out.


Her delicious fragrance and warmth were mind-numbing, he wanted her again but used up all his money. There was still that lingering doubt in his heart for using stolen money to buy nightly pleasures but Desiree was worth it.


Her wide hips and large breasts, that voluptuous and curvy body of her. Desiree was worth up to the last cent he stole from the thief but the right thing was to return the remaining money to their rightful owner.


“Maybe I shouldn’t have returned the cash or bought Jazz that computer.”- said Danny.


Feeling guilty for having taken the money he only returns what he knew to belong to the store and use the rest on a gift for his sister Jazz, he already spent enough on himself. After washing the cum off his hands, he headed over to his bed.


Unable to gain any rest he opted to go out patrolling hopeful some random ghost would help distract himself, Danny wanted to go sightseeing at the red lights district but without money it was pointless, therefore he landed on a random rooftop.


“I got all you need.”- said a raspy voice down at the alley.


Danny turned invisible and landed next to him wanting to know what he “got,” the man was dress in classic gangland clothes, such as baggy pants and a lot of jewelry. Phantom knew he was trouble but unlike with the ghosts he couldn’t just pummel him down.


“I got weed, grass, horse, Hawaiian ice you name it and I got it”- added the man with sunglasses despite the night.


Phantom smile wickedly long as he saw the exchange between the drug dealer and his addict client, the man suddenly got a call from his boss asking him or rather ordering him to back to the hideout as there was matter that needed addressing.


The ghost boy followed through the skies as the dealer drove to his hideout. The place as expected was complete and utter garbage, a broken-down car in the driveway and the two-story house was dire need of a serious paint job.


“Maybe I should call the cops on them.”- Wondered Danny as he phases into the house.


Strange lab devices were scattered around the rooms along with marihuana plants, it was amazing no one had already called in the police but the more he looks the more disgusted he was. The upper floor was no better but was also used to house the dealers.


Phantom could hear the voice of men talking in the room further down, as he made his way he notices a door left ajar. With a quick glance he noticed they were three women all buck naked with syringes in their arms.


“Fucking addicts”- whispered the boy.


Though disgusted he knew they still needed help. Normally he would be a blushing mess if he saw three naked girls but thanks to Desiree he was more than used to see naked women in the flesh, it help they were malnourish and an eyesore.


Standing behind the open-door Phantom saw a half a dozen men and some bags on the table. Danny didn’t know what they were but didn’t care.




Desiree was sitting on Spectra’s living while her redheaded friend was walking around and talking on the phone, it had been several days since she left the nightclub. The redhead was more than sure she would already get a work offer.


Penelope had only worked at the strip club to pay her psychiatrist education and had done her residency but expected to be hired on the spot. Yet no clinic or hospital was picking up and she wasn’t well known enough to get her own clinic or the money for it.


“In a surprising turn of events, an anonymous good citizen tips off the police about a drug dent.”- Desiree watched the news with more interest than normal.


The newscaster commented on how the police arrested six drug dealers though oddly enough all six were heavily beaten up and even tied up before the police arrived at the scene. So far no one had come forward to claim any sort of responsibility.


“I guess there is some justice in the world.”- said Desiree while chuckling.


There was no denying she was afraid the police would someday break through her door and arrest her for not only prostitution but sleeping with a minor, yet that day had not come and she needed the money Danny provided.


Her performance with the boy was more than perfect and she knew she glue him to her. Nevertheless, Danny hadn’t called her at all and feared his parents had found out, perhaps he was lockup in his bedroom while his parents hired a private investigator to find her.


“You’re exaggerating Des.”- whispered the woman as she changed the channel to some cheesy soap opera.


The tan woman couldn’t shake off the feeling of impending doom, she was sure Danny would be bombarding her with messages and asking her to meet up and repeat that night, yet he hadn’t called so far which made Desiree worry.


“I can’t believe it, bastards say I don’t have enough experience… for a fucking clinic.”- protested Penelope as she crashes on the couch next to Desiree.


The redhead rebuked her would-be employers for she had been promised a position at Amity Park hospital but a sudden change in management left out of the deal, Penelope watches cuddles unto her best friend as she replies by hugging her.


“I’m sure a hospital will hire you”- said Desiree assuring her friend.


“If I knew they would back down I would have tolerated that shithole a little longer.”- Replied the redhead.  


Desiree laughs as she told her friend that a least she wasn’t selling her ass for bread, yet Penelope move her head away making the tan woman twist her mouth as she gently moves Penelope’s head back so they could be face to face.


“I didn’t fuck the guy but I did promise to let him do me if he got me in”- added Penelope with a defeated look on her face.


“Rule number one about whoring, never give service before payment.”- said Desiree as she assured her friend nothing was lost.


Both girls watch the soap opera until it was dark at that moment Desiree told her friend about going home, the woman climbs aboard her car as she wondered if she should text Danny and offer her tushie again.


The woman didn’t want to seem clingy but fear Danny might have contacted someone else from the sight, men or half men always wanted more than what they could chew. Worse yet was the idea of losing Danny to the new girl Dora.


The blonde hair whore was a cock magnet as she got up to fifteen clients in a single night, some degenerates would even make a line waiting their turn while Desiree’s pussy was stuff with cobwebs by the lack of Johns.


Once inside the house she ran a bath while she considers the next course of action, Desiree wanted to call Danny but was afraid his parents took possession of his phone and were waiting for her to call, things had to be taken with baby steps.


Desiree peels off her clothes and climbs inside the bathtub as she observes Danny’s profile picture on her contact list, the boy was sweet as honey and complete gentleman with her. If only he were a few years older than she wouldn’t mind dating properly and not be playing this hide and seek game.


Her phone suddenly started to ring as Desiree notice it was a call from none other than Danny, her heart actually skips a beat as she answers the call. His melodic voice made her lousy day at the brothel much better. 


“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”- said Danny.


Desiree licks her lips as she seductively told him she was just taking a bath; the boy muttered his words as he asked if he should call later on though Desiree told him to make her a video call as she wanted to see his pretty face.


After a few minutes came to the call she wanted, by then Desiree was out of the tube and ready to show something very nice. Danny blushed as his lover answer the call though rather than seeing Desiree’s face he saw her pussy.


The loud gasp Danny did bring out a giggle from Desiree as she moves the phone from her crotch to her face, both look at each other with a daze. Desiree dip herself inside the bath as continue with her conversation with Danny. She wanted the boy’s money but making love with Danny was recomforting to say the least.


He was so very different from the often smelly and older men she commonly service. Danny was soft and sweet, more interested in pleasuring her rather than just sticking his small cock into her, Danny couldn’t help but try to get a peek at her floating breast.


“I bet you missed these babies”- said Desiree as she squeezes her breast.


Danny nodded in agreement as he fantasied about sharing that bath with her, Desiree knew how to turn men on. She knew exactly what buttons to press and for how long, with Danny it was much easier than she expected.


“Show me”- suddenly said the woman. “Show me your hard-on”-


With a shaking which was notable in the phone, Danny unbuckles his pants and show her his small yet very hard penis. Before he could react, she took a picture of his adolescent member, the boy wanted to see her again and make love once more.


“Are you busy this Friday?”- asked Danny almost whispering.


“Sure baby… where and when do you want to fuck.”- replied Desiree.


Hearing an adult woman curse in such a seductive manner was still something so new for him, under more normal circumstance he should freak out but it only made him more arouse, Danny couldn’t help but pleasure himself as he spoke with Desiree.


“There’s this place near Lake Eerie. I book a cabin for us during the weekend and if you want, we can stay there and… you know do stuff.”- whispered Danny.


“Stuff? You mean fuck like rabbits.”- answered the woman as she licks her lips. “But three days is kinda expensive… I can’t stay out of… my workplace for too long”- 


For a moment Desiree refuse to acknowledge the brothel she works at, she wasn’t there by force and hardly made enough money after all the new girls came in but if Danny could pay her then she could take the weekend off.


Desiree knew not to ask for too much as it could scare the boy, perhaps three thousand was reasonable but could lower her price a lot more since he was already paying for the place, normally she would never go somewhere so far but she trusted the boy.


“I’ll pay you five thousand”- suddenly said Danny.


The woman nearly drops her phone in the tub, as much as she hated putting a price tag on herself, she was well aware she wasn’t worth that kind of scratch. But kept her mouth shut as she agrees to meet him at Lake Eerie.




Once Friday morning came Desiree looks over her bag. She was nervous to say the least, never had anyone requested her for so long or offer to pay that ridiculous amount of money, it was a strange mix of fear and flattery.


“I’m sure he won’t do any hiking so boots are off… let’s see… bikinis … check… condoms… check… birth control… check.”- inspected Desiree her belongings.


A normal camping trip didn’t include any of what she was preparing for but this wasn’t a camping trip to the lake but a sex trip to the lake. She was absolutely sure Danny was a rich kid otherwise he couldn’t afford the cabin and her for the whole weekend.


“Wow… this is kinda hot… three whole days of fucking… it's nothing new but fuck I’m so turned on.” -whispered the woman as she picks up two sports bags.


Following Danny’s instructions, she reaches the cabin in question. She was kinda surprised as came she close to the place, it wasn’t new but well kept, Danny was sitting on the porch wearing his white polo shirt and blue jeans.


“Why did I think he was going to be naked”- commented Desiree to herself. 


Danny didn’t hesitate to hug her tightly as he offers to carry her bags into the house, Desiree loves how much of a gentleman Danny was. There was plenty of space between the cabins, so much she could hardly see the other cabins.


“Don’t worry we’re alone.”- casually commented Danny as he lay her bags on the couch.


The cabin was much nicer than she thought, clean floors and almost new furniture, a beautiful fireplace. It lacked electronics but that was to be expected as they were in the wilderness, Desiree was tempted to explore the house but sat on the couch.


“I can see you’re ready to start fucking.” -said Desiree as she opens her legs pulling her skirt up.


“Yes… um… let me show the house…”- replied Danny making Desiree raise an eyebrow. “can you… get… naked…”-


The request got her by surprise but soon reminded herself Danny was still a child and this was the most hardcore he could go. Slowly she peels off her blouse and tossed her skirt to the side, Danny’s heart beat hard and loud as she pulled off her bra.


To walk around the house with a naked woman must be some sort of fantasy Danny had or so thought Desiree as she takes hold of the string she calls underwear, the look of expectation in Danny’s eyes were more than enough to make her wet.


“You still have my little gift?”- kindly asked the tan woman.


“Yes… it's my lucky charm.”- replied Danny as he saw his woman take her thong off.


Danny started his grand tour of the cabin though Desiree made sure he fingered her through the living room and the kitchen, the backdoor pool caught her eye the most as it was surrounded by a tall wooden fence.


“The bedroom is upstairs…”- said Danny no longer able to hold his erection.


“Then let’s break the bed in… be a sweetheart and bring my bags.”- said the woman.


Before following her command, Danny gazes at her wiggling butt as she made her way upstairs. The woman found the bedroom fairly quick as there were two rooms though only one had a bed and closet, the window overviews the lake and its creepy fog.




The bed squeak louder than either of them had anticipated but it didn’t matter at all since they were completely alone and so Desiree let loose, her moans were loud and erotic, but unlike before they weren’t fake at all.


She enjoys what little cock Danny had to offer her; it didn’t reach deep inside of her like she was used to but kept his rhythm for much longer this time, long enough for her to reach an orgasm. The woman could feel the condom filling up inside of her as she stretches her legs straight out.


It was a very rare time in which she didn’t have to fake an orgasm but despite his age and size, Danny managed to make Desiree reach an orgasm. Thinking fast he rushes over to the bag and pulled the whole condom box.


“Come on Danny. Fuck my tight little asshole.” – begged Desiree as she lifted her ass up high while spreading herself.


The boy didn’t doubt a single second to penetrate her ass with his boyish cock, even with the condom he could feel her insides. Desiree moans and groans as Danny pierces her with his meat rod as hard as he could.


Both forbidden lovers continue with their carnal passion until it was too dark to see. Danny wobbles his legs towards the lights but not before slipping on one of the many use condoms he tossed on the floor, his blue eyes move over to his lover.


Desiree lay over the bed with her legs wide open as she was whizzing for air, not even her most enduring clients could last this long. It wasn’t normal for anyone to carry on for hours much less a fourteen-year-old boy.


“Wow, I could get used to a fuck like that”- said Desiree making Danny smile.


While Danny wobbled his way down to the kitchen where he left some sandwiches and soda cans, Desiree watches her redden crotch in sheer amazement, she was more than impressed by how good he got in such little time.


“It’s a fucken waste to use a condom but that much cum he’ll definitely get me pregnant.”- whispered the woman as she tossed the condom into the trash bin.


As she about to throw away the last condom she looks at it, her pussy juice was covering it while the inside contains Danny’s cum. Going against common sense, she ripped the rubber open and drank the fluid.


“I hope you like turkey sandwiches.”- Said Danny as he walks back inside carrying the food and drinks.


Desiree blushes redder than a tomato as she took the meal and drinks before heading back to bed with Danny. With the light turn off both lovers hug in a tight and warm embrace as they fell asleep, but even though Desiree slept like a baby, Danny was still wide awake.


“What’s wrong with me… I beat up those dealers and stole most of their money…”- mentally stated Danny as he buried his face unto Desiree’s breast.


To be continued.

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