Lady of the night

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Lady of the night

Chapter two; The movies


Danny was lying down on his bed while he held on to his erect penis, it was the third time he had pleasure himself to a picture of Desiree, the woman to whom he gave his virginity to. That night was one to remember and one he wouldn’t forget.


Her warmth and delicious yet erotic fragrance still lingers within his nose despite having been a whole week since that night, as a parting gift Desiree let him take several pictures of her in various positions, king among them was one where Desiree lay over her back with her legs spread wide as his seed drip out of her.


It was proof Danny was now a “man,” but after feeling her and knowing the pleasures of sex there was no way for his hand to please him in the same way, Danny wanted to feel her again. The boy unleashed his load over his chest.


Breathing deeply, he scrolls the pictures, each one of them of Desiree in a different position. Danny wonders if she did that with all her clients or it was a special service just for him, soon he comes across a number in his contact list.


“I can’t believe she actually gave me her number”- whispered the boy.


True to her word she gave him her personal cellphone number, though the boy hadn’t mustered the courage to call her so far. It wasn’t as if he could just ask her on a date out of the blue, he needed a reason or better yet money.


His wallet was especially thin these days, the boy had broken his piggy bank once he discovered there was a woman willing to sleep with him in return for money. Danny turns his gaze over to the night clock over his desk.


It was barely eleven pm, and though he wasn’t exactly tired, Danny knew there was nothing better than a good night’s rest. His days consisted of fighting ghosts and stopping petty criminals, so having a decent sleep was often welcome.


Danny rolled under his sheets as he ready himself for a night dreaming of Desiree, the woman had taken over his dreams and Danny often fantasized about having her again. The only issue was the money, she wouldn’t sleep with him if there wasn’t money involved.


The boy dreamt of Desiree taking his manhood unto her mouth, passing her tongue all around while her hands caress his legs. He didn’t care if his sheets got wet with her love juices, Desiree wiggles his semen around her tongue before swallowing it.


Daniel relaxes on the bed as she mounts him, putting his penis unto her female entrance. Slowly the woman lets her full body weight pierce her letting a loud and lustful moan echo within the room, she was so hot her pussy burns his cock.


“Oh Danny, I love you… I ring!!”- Danny jumps out of the bed as his phone was ringing.


It was still dark and knew it wasn’t his alarm waking him for school, the moment he takes the phone in his hands he notices it wasn’t a call but a text, though he was enticed of cussing the caller for waking him up at two in the morning.


Danny felt butterflies in his stomach the moment he realized it was none other than Desiree herself texting him, the boy had assumed the number was fake but didn’t call back as to not break the illusion she was interested in him.


“I hope I didn’t wake you up.”- Read the text Desiree send.


“No, I was studying”- lied Danny as he didn’t want to cut the conversation short.


“Can I call you now?”- replied the woman.


It was nothing more than a casual conversation and yet Danny was already hard as a rock, to just think Desiree would be the first to call him was beyond unbelievable, the idea that perhaps she was interested in him as more than a client started to grow.


Knowing his house had walls as thin as paper, he flew to the OP-Center his father spent far too much money as he told Desiree she could call. After a few seconds the phone began to ring and with a shaking hand he answers.


“Hello babe. Hope I’m not calling too late”- said the woman.


Danny muttered his “hello” but got a few giggles from Desiree as she sweetly “reprimanded” him for not calling sooner. She half moan about how rude it was to let a woman be the first call, the boy gulps down as he apologizes and offers to make it up.


“I was hoping you say that, wanna go on a date tomorrow?”- asked Desiree.


Danny couldn’t believe Desiree was asking him out on a date for Saturday night, it was a simple movie date but he was more than eager to say yes despite the short notice. Danny was a geek and Desiree the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen, not even Paulina could compare to her.


It felt like a dream, so much he even pinched himself in the cheek just to make sure he wasn’t in fact dreaming. It couldn’t get more real than this, the place they were meeting at was a movie theater at downtown, Danny wasn’t sure where it was but he wasn’t about to plead ignorance on her.


“Sure thing, eleven pm sharp.”- said Danny.


The town hero hung up as he takes in the whole situation, there was no way for an adult woman to be interested in him, though a bit of arrogance came about as he wonders if he was so good in bed that she wanted his D again. Not even the cold of night brushing against his bare skin could make his erection go away. It was a dream come true.




Desiree lay down on the bed as she looks at Danny’s profile picture, his baby blue eyes were mesmerizing and had a cute face but that wasn’t enough to actually draw out her attention, Desiree didn’t call him out of a desire of making a romantic relationship with him.


She had other less decent reasons to arrange a date with Danny. The woman puts her phone over the nightstand as she gives a brief glance to the eviction notice, the woman had fallen behind on her rent.


Desiree really likes the apartment she was living in; the place was small but comfortable in a decent part of Amity Park. The apartment wasn’t expensive but wasn’t cheap either, normally she could afford it without a problem but Vlad got greedy.


Her boss started to hire more and more girls even though there weren’t enough rooms for them to serviced the clients, such a number of prostitutes also raise the risk of drawing police attention, even worse was the fact she had to pay for the room she services her clients.


With such unfair competition Desiree barely got one client per night, though today was a relatively good night as she got two clients but had to cut her price in half as younger and prettier girls offer themselves at the same rates she did.


“Can’t believe that new bitch Dora took my regulars.”- grumbled the woman as she pulls her bedsheets.


There was no point in staying the whole night at the brothel, there were too many girls already there and she didn’t stand out in the midst of the barbie like girls all over. By this time most men were drunk and often got violent.


She didn’t fancy coming home with a bruised eye and ripped lip, at least Vlad made sure to have such men taken care of. To him the girls were his merchandize and damaged goods were bad for business, her previous boss didn’t give a rat’s ass for her but needed his girls looking their best.


Desiree needed a steady income outside the brothel, her rich regulars were often arrogant and complete assholes. And the sweeter ones were already swayed away by the younger girls, even the website didn’t land her enough clients.


“I really hope you’re as loaded as I think you are brat”- whispered Desiree as he looks to Danny’s profile photo.


She only let him have one single day to think the date over, she didn’t want him thinking too deeply about it. The last thing Desiree wanted was for Danny to have second thoughts, hence why she called him at two in the morning.


Desiree woke up at around one in the afternoon, after a quick shower and a small meal she needed to get ready for her date. The woman called Vlad saying she wasn’t going to the brothel; the man didn’t care if she did go as there were many other girls he was more interested in.


Saturdays were the days she was supposed to make the most income but now there were twice as many girls during the weekends and she knew there was no point in going, she had a bigger fish to fry at the moment.


“Let’s see… what’s gonna get that brat horny.”- Said the woman as she opens her closet.


Her wardrobe was filled with all kinds of short dresses and erotic underwear, miniskirts and tight shorts were her favorite. Desiree needed something to draw Danny’s attention, she wasn’t planning on sleeping with the boy.


But she needed to make sure the option was open and have him ask for her pussy. The woman chose a short blue mini skirt and black tank top along some high stiletto heels and a bright green G-string, she was sure this would catch his eyes.


Her purse carried her work gear namely condoms and lubricants, among some birth control pill but wonder if she should buy fancier condoms for Danny, all she needed to do now was wait until it was time for her date with Danny.




The boy looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, there was no way he could tell his parents about going out on a date with a hooker he met online, more important than his parents were the fifty dollars in his wallet he got as an allowance.


“It’s not gonna be enough”- whispered the boy.


He was sure the woman was only being nice with him but if he wanted to have sex again then he needed to pay for her time, even if he got a “friends” discount he was too short on money. The movie was her treat or so he thought but just in case he should bring in some cash.


“But what about the after-show?”- questioned the boy.


If there was the chance of having sex then he needed a hotel room, condoms, and her fee. But Danny didn’t have that kind of paper on him, he could ask his parents for it, as he debated on how to ask for over five hundred dollars his mother called him over.


“Danny, sweetheart can you get me some milk from the store”- said his mother.


“Sure… can I keep the change?”- asked the boy upon seeing the twenty-dollar bill.


Maddie told him he could keep it as she assumed he was saving up for another videogame, Danny walks down the street thinking about a way to make money in such a short time, he only had until ten pm to come up with the cash.


 “She’s not gonna want to do it for free, this is a friendly outgoing”- said Danny as he enters the store.


After buying the milk he would have the grand total of fifty-five dollars, it was enough to get him a hotel room at the Pig Pen but what was the point of staying there if he and Desiree weren’t going to do anything else.


“I can’t mow anyone’s lawn and get that kind of scratch so quick… maybe I should ask Sam… no! I can’t”- said the boy as he walks out the store.


Danny was so deep in thoughts he didn’t even notice the whole transaction; it was as if he was in automatic mode. Take the milk and pay for it, walk out, repeat. The unmistakable sounds of gunfire broke his trance.


Not even half a block away from the shop did a man ran out shooting at the store owners, but the owner fire back as he dials for the police while the pedestrians ran for their lives, Danny’s inner hero kicks in and he slips into the alleyway.


Armed burglaries were much more common than ghosts’ attacks and far easier to stop. The ghost boy flew after the thief as he tried to elude capture by running down the alleys and hiding behind a large dumpster, once the burglar felt safe, he took out his loot.


“That’s not nice.”- whispered Phantom before slamming him against the wall.


The man was left unconscious on the floor as the money fell out of the bag, there were hundreds of bills scattered around the floor. Danny’s eyes wander over the fifty- and hundred-dollar bills, with a quick scan he fails to see any person around.


“Surely no one’s going to notice one or two…… or six bills missing”- said Danny as he kneels down.


His greedy hand takes hold of a whole wad of cash, he was sure the man had stolen from elsewhere as there was much more than what the store could have. Lust took over his thoughts as he imagines putting Desiree on the bed.


“Stealing from a thief isn’t a crime… and it’s for a noble cause.”- whispered Danny as he vanishes into thin air.




Danny felt sick and guilty as he stares at the money over his desk, he only intended on taking just a pinch. Enough to pay Desiree in case she offers her services or at least enough to treat her to some snacks at the shop.


“So that’s how two thousand dollars look like”- whispered Danny.


The boy couldn’t help but look at the cash, it was more than triple of Desiree’s rates, Danny wonders if he could ask her for the twenty-four-hour deal. His first time cost him nearly six hundred dollars and got to fuck her to his heart’s content.


The evening was running much too slow for Danny’s liking but once the clock strikes nine pm he told his parents about going to bed, it wasn’t so strange as he normally went to sleep at ten o’clock, Danny rushed into his bedroom and pulled out his best clothes.


He already had a bath and just needed to add some cologne. Danny chose a more night get-up for his date with Desiree, black jeans and a navy-blue polo shirt with a red hoodie was his chosen attire. The boy thought he looks sharp. 


Once the clock announces ten-thirty Danny locks his door and flew out the window. The movie theater comes into view soon enough and he had more than enough time to spare, landing at a dark corner Danny return to his human form and made sure he was looking his best.


With a brush of his hand, he made sure the money was still there. His phone rang and a text came through saying Desiree was waiting for him at the entrance, the boy expected more people at the theater but there was only a handful of visitors.


It was the last feature, the movies weren’t blockbusters and to make things worse the theater was much smaller than the one at the mall downtown, but Danny didn’t care for the movie or the installations, all he cares for was for Desiree.


The woman was waiting for him at the entrance, she looks stunning in her blue mini skirt and black top all cover under a black leather coat. The couple chose a cheesy horror movie and headed over to the shop for popcorn and sodas.


The moment they enter the cinema Desiree took off her coat and grab the popcorn while Danny held the sodas, he did notice there were only three more people inside. The chairs were filthy and the floor felt sticky but Desiree told him to follow her to the back so they could better see the movie.


Danny couldn’t help but stay a few steps behind as he wanted to see under her short miniskirt, but the cinema was faintly illuminated and therefore couldn’t see anything. Nevertheless, he did enjoy watching her wiggle her butt all the way to the back.


“Time to show my charms.”- mentally said the tan woman.


As Danny came closer, he couldn’t help but stand in sheer awe as Desiree sat with her legs open, she didn’t spread herself in a “vulgar” manner, it was more like a manly way of sitting. Danny could see her green underwear as she casually relaxes on the chair.


“Come on Danny, sit down.”- asked Desiree as she put the popcorn in between her legs.


The whole room went dark as the movie started; Danny wasn't used to seeing such an old film. It was an 80s horror movie, the kind with blond teenagers running around in their undies while a masked killer stalks them.


“It’s much more interesting than I thought.”- whispered Danny as his hand searches for more popcorn.


The boy did feel something warm but it wasn’t popcorn, slowly moving his head over to Desiree he noticed the woman had moved forward to release some tension from her back. His hand was touching Desiree’s crotch, the soft fabric of her underwear and warm pussy ran through his fingers as their eyes met forcing Danny to pull his hand away while apologizing.


“Fuck! I screw up.”- cursed under his breath.


“Relax… here.” Said the woman as she pulls his hand under her thong.


Danny had touched her crotch before and seen every inch of her body but to touch an adult woman in a public place was something he hadn’t imagine doing, he could feel how her womanhood began to moisturize as she hand feed him the popcorn.


Once the snacks were gone, Desiree moves her hands over to his zipper and pulls out his young cock from his pants. Danny blushes like a tomato while Desiree began to slowly jerk him off, she was surprised at how hard he could get.


All her clients were somewhat soft at this point and some others needed a special pill to perform but not Danny, he was firm like an iron rod. Desiree let the popcorn cup fall to the floor spilling all the leftovers as Danny penetrated her cunt with his fingers.


“Desiree, can we have sex?”- asked Danny raising his voice below a whisper.


“No can-do honey”- whispered Desiree to his ear.


Danny felt his heart skip a beat upon hearing her refusal, the boy was ready to be turned down but it still hurt a lot to actually hear it from Desiree’s mouth. But he couldn’t understand why she was jerking him off and letting him touch her privates if she didn’t want to sleep with him.


The woman held her hand over his own hand preventing his fingers from exiting out of her as he asks why they couldn’t do it if they were already touching each other’s privates, the woman calmly explain this was a nothing more than a friendly get together and she was only jerking him off like a good friend.


The world of adults was much more complex than what he thought, Sam would beat him black and green if he ever touched in between her legs and hadn’t seen others in school touch each other like they were doing right now.


“Only really close friends do this, besides what you’re touching is my money maker. I can’t just let you use it for free.” Said Desiree as she continues to slowly jerk him off.


“I got money…”- whispered the boy drowning in lust.


He couldn’t see it but Desiree was smiling long and wide, her hopes were paid off. The boy did have loads of cash as she had hoped for and he was ripe for picking, with a kiss on his cheek she moves her head towards his crotch and swallows his penis completely.


Danny’s flavor and the popcorn both mix inside her mouth but she didn’t mind in the least as she actually enjoy the flavor, Desiree pass her tongue around his dick as she asks in between slurps if he wanted to go to a motel she knew about, unlike before they couldn’t go to the same hotel for it would raise suspicions.


The boy was lasting longer than before but Desiree hears him agree to her request as he lifts her skirt and lets him finger her ass. Out of nowhere the lights were turned on but Desiree continues sucking on Danny for a full minute letting him cum inside her mouth.


“Come on babe.”- said Desiree as she got up and adjusted her skirt.


Danny wonders how they would find a motel at midnight, there were no buses and was scared to call for a cab. Desiree put her arm over his shoulder as she pulls him closer to her, the boy noticed they were walking to the parking lot.


There was only a handful of cars and no one in sight, slowly he puts his hand over her hip as Desiree turns her gaze over to him. The boy expected her to tell him not to touch her in public but instead she smiles as she holds his hand.


“You know, you can touch under my skirt.”- said Desiree as she guides his hand straight to her love holes.


Danny felt as if he was dreaming, not only was he having a date with an adult, he was touching her private parts in a parking lot. The ecstasy was so strong he felt as if he were about to cum in his pants, but his trance didn’t last for too long as they stood in front of a car.


It was an old four-door black sedan; the car had seen far better days as the paint was running off and the seats were so worn out they were tearing up. His mother had told him over a hundred times never to board a stranger’s car but Desiree wasn’t a stranger.  


“We’re doing it here?”- asked Danny as he looks to the backseat.


“Of course not, we’re going to a motel out of town.”- replied the woman. 


Desiree didn’t trust Danny enough to take him to her house and save up on the motel fee, the boy could run his mouth with his friends and she could have a bunch of kids knocking at her doorsteps, it was something she couldn’t have, her freedom was worth more than a few bucks.



The woman parks the car at the roadside in between a few motels, without turning the lights on she gets ready to renegotiate her rates with the boy as she puts her hand over his leg. This time she didn’t need to pay Vlad any commission, it was all her earnings.


The woman needed to make sure the boy was trapped in her charms and wouldn’t look elsewhere for sexual pleasures, if he wanted, he could contact with any number of whores from the website and some were even better looking than her.


 “Danny you don’t need to use the site anymore, just call me and I’ll come over.” Said Desiree making sure Danny wouldn’t look elsewhere.


The boy agrees by nodding his head though he soon glues his eyes to her breast, Desiree took notice of this and pulled her top down exposing her breast to the boy’s eyes. Danny didn’t avert his eyes and instead grab her tits as she climbs on his lap.


“I can do all kinds of things, I’ll suck you dry and do roleplay, for the right price we can stay naked all day long and go at it like rabbits”- whispered Desiree.


“We can do anal again?”- sheepishly asked the boy.


“Yes, we can. You can shove your cock up my tight little asshole, I can even dress up like those cartoon girls you like so much.”- moaned the woman more than speaking.


Desiree lowered her prices just a little so she wouldn’t scare Danny away, but it didn’t matter since Vlad wasn’t getting anything from this deal. The boy was young and naïve therefore wouldn’t try anything sick or degrading, best of all she could manipulate him to her leisure.


“I’m gonna need some cash upfront… for the room… let’s say… three hundred.”- Said the tan woman as she rubs her crotch to his harden boy dick.


Danny couldn’t utter the necessary words to but gave her the cash, long had he forgotten it was stolen money. It didn’t matter anymore so long he could get his dick wet again; Desiree whispered to his ear about staying the whole night while making squeal like a girl.


The boy watches his tan lover walk around the corner and into the motel’s reception to ask for a room, the boy, of course, keeps hidden inside the car as he didn’t want to be seen and have someone call the cops on Desiree.


His eyes scan the car’s interior, the stereo was missing and there was a musky smell he couldn’t recognize, there was an open condom wrapper at his feet which made him feel slightly jealous, but force himself to be reminded that Desiree is a prostitute.   


Danny also notices some strange stains on the backseat and a few more open wrappers, feeling curious he began to check the car. The glove box had a few gold color condom strips and an open lube tube, which made him wonder if she uses the car for work or leisure.


 “Got us a nice room Danny”- said Desiree as she opens the door.


Danny’s heartbeat loud as Desiree drove into the motel straight to the farthest room, as the couple steps out the car Danny notices the trees in the back and the pale moon above, a few rooms had their lights on but he couldn’t hear anything.


“I heard a lot about this place… I always wanted to fuck here”- casually accepted Desiree as they enter the room making Danny blush.


The woman had heard from other whores in Vlad’s brothel about the “King motel,” the place was at a hundred dollars the night but heard it was fancy. Pink walls and heart shape bed with a huge mirror to the side, large television and a jacuzzi.


Danny looks over to the shower as there was only a glass wall to divide the bathroom and the bedroom, Danny began to understand this motel was specially made for having sex, everything within screams sex in there, the portraits of naked women on the walls and red hearts over the bed.


“This place is soundproof, so we can be as loud as we want and won’t bother anyone.”- said Desiree as she puts her purse on the nightstand.


Danny walks over to her and holds the woman by her wide hips, Desiree doesn’t doubt in French kissing him. It felt like an eternity since the last time he kissed Desiree, her warm tongue wrestle with his as her hands made their way to his crotch.


“First things go first”- said Desiree as she asked for her money.


Danny quickly hands her a thousand dollars making the woman open her eyes in shock as she didn’t expect him to whip out so much money like it were his pocket change, she was ready to negotiate her fee but once the money was in her hands, Desiree stores it in her purse as she realized she hit the jackpot with Danny, with a large smile she mentally readies herself to service the boy.


“What do you want to do?”- asked Desiree as she tossed her coat over the chair.


“I don’t know.” Replied Danny.


The boy sincerely thought sex was as natural as breathing but couldn’t think of anything to do aside from just sticking his cock inside of her, Desiree giggled for a moment as she began to undress, it took mere seconds for her to be only in her thong and high heels.


“Let me teach you then”- said the woman.



There was a certain excitement about teaching Danny the correct way to pleasure a woman, Desiree sat on the bed but pulled her legs up as she peels off the thong before tossing it on the floor and spreading her legs.


Danny once more gets to see the most hidden place a woman has, with a wiggle of her finger Desiree invites Danny to have a closer look. The fragrance of her wet pussy pierces through his nose like a knife making him stick his tongue out.


“Last time you were a little sloppy”- said Desiree.


The woman instructed Danny to start by licking her clit and working his tongue around the folds of her vagina, the boy’s tongue dances around and even worked its way into her canal, he loved the salty flavor of her love juices.


“I wonder how this hole taste like?”- whispered the boy as he redirects his tongue to Desiree’s anus. 


Danny’s tongue began to caress her asshole, after ten good minutes of licking Desiree ordered Danny to stop as it was time to have sex. The boy was already rock hard and more than ready to penetrate her.


But the moment Danny was about to stick his penis inside of Desiree, she stops him. The boy was bewildered by feeling her hand on his chest and a finger wiggling a no, they already had agreed to have sex and he already paid her. There wasn’t a reason to stop now.


“Last time was a special service but we’re having a lesson now, you need to learn how to use a condom”- said the woman.


Danny understood what she meant by that, the boy had to be careful and learn some restraint otherwise he could get his future girlfriend pregnant, he was more than sure he wasn’t ready to be a father just yet.


Desiree undressed Danny and left him naked over the bed as she headed over to her purse, the woman looks at the extra sensitive condoms she bought earlier that day just for this night. Desiree knew it was a waste to have protected sex with the boy but didn’t fancy getting pregnant either.


The woman rolls down the condom on Danny as she notices it became nearly invisible on his phallus, unlike her cheap rubbers which seem like literal rubber, these were so thin she felt it might break but the brand was well known for its durability.


“Let me be on top”- said Danny the moment Desiree climb over the bed.


“Someone’s a little confident tonight”- replied the woman as she lays over the bed and spreads herself wide open.


Danny instantly remembers the boiling hot interior of Desiree’s vagina the moment he enters her, even though it had been only a mere week it felt as if centuries had passed since the last time he felt this heat around his member.


The meaty folds embrace his penis in a tight hug, Danny could feel her almost as if the condom didn’t exist at all. For a moment he wondered if the sensation would be much lesser due to the condom but it felt just as good as he remembers.


Desiree moans loud and hard as she knew her voice wouldn’t leave the room, but was afraid she sounded too fake. Nevertheless, Danny didn’t seem to mind as he kept on ramming his hips unto her own while hugging tightly.


“Come on baby… bite my tits.”- ordered the woman.


Danny obeyed the instruction as he gently took her nipple into his mouth though more than biting, he was sucking on her like a baby which made Desiree giggle in between moans, each hump brought him closer to climax.


Even though he did his very best to hold it in, there was no denying his semen was piling up inside of phallus- Desiree was holding tightly to her ankles but her pussy suddenly tightens so hard Danny felt she was about to chop his dick off.


“I’m cumming!!”- screamed Danny as Desiree squirmed on the bed.   


No matter how many times he jerked off in his room, it never felt remotely similar to this. His entire body was tired but filled with ecstasy, his legs and hips tremble in delight as he pulls out of Desiree who was breathing heavily.


It was one of the very few and rare occasions in which she actually reached an orgasm, most of her clients only use her like a piece of meat and saw her like little less than that but Danny was different, perhaps due to his young age.


Danny refuse to separate from Desiree as he continues hugging the woman while kissing her breasts, she felt somewhat guilty for wanting to turn the boy into her personal piggy bank, he saw her as much more than a hole.


Desiree wasn't used to cuddling after sex, it made her feel uncomfortable but knew the night was young and Danny would want to continue once he could get hard again. After several minutes of hugging and kissing Danny found himself ready to start again.


“I show you how to put a condom on. So, show me if you learned how”- said Desiree.


The boy cracks a wrapper open and slides the contents on his member which made the woman give him a slight smile, Desiree turns over on her stomach showing her perfectly round ass which made Danny gulp down hard.


“Didn’t you say you wanted to do anal?”- said Desiree as she opens her buttocks.




The feeling was so different from her pussy, it was tight at the base but soft and welcoming in the inside, Danny loves the sensation she gave him as he grinds his hips. Her fake moans and exaggerated movements made Danny come close to near orgasm.


Desiree made sure to squeeze as hard as she could making the boy moan like a girl. Surprisingly, the youngster was lasting much longer than before, Desiree took great pride in making her clients cum after only twenty minutes it was a trick she learned during her times in the street.


Before working with Vlad, she had worked the streets and needed to finish her clients as quickly as she could if she wanted to take in more clients. Nevertheless, needed to make sure her Johns had a good time otherwise they wouldn’t come to see her again.


Desiree didn’t like to take it up the ass for it left her sore but that wasn’t a problem with Danny as he wasn’t big enough to make her uncomfortable. After nearly thirty minutes and two orgasms she made obvious to Danny, she felt the condom fill up.


Covered in sweat both lovers look at each other before Desiree rests her head over his young chest, the woman wasn’t used to giving this kind of lover like service but the boy was sweet as honey and kinder than any man she had been with.


Desiree knew better than to make their business relationship into something else. Danny’s phone began to ring making Desiree wonder if his family found out he was out of the house, but the boy told her it was his alarm clock.   


“When did we fell asleep?”- questioned the woman.


The alarm was set to go off at six am, she had booked the room until midday but knew Danny couldn’t stay so long as he had escaped from his house just to meet with her. After a quick shower and a make-out session, she offers to drive him near his house.


“Don’t worry. I can make it on my own……… so can I see you again?”- said and asked the boy with a sugary voice.


His innocent almost lovestruck eyes made her feel even more guilty about using the boy for her benefit but she needed the money, at least those thousand dollars she got from Danny and what she made during the week would get the landlord off her back for a time.


“How about this, we can meet up here every weekend and I’ll give you my pussy for half the price.”- said Desiree though she had considered in offering to take him to her home, but it was too risky and she likes the motel room.


“Sure thing!”- replied the boy with a huge smile.


The woman knew she couldn’t ask for a grand all the time, the boy would sooner or later seek other girls from the brothel or online once his confidence grew, but if she lowered her price then he wouldn’t go elsewhere.


There was the idea of perhaps becoming his actual girlfriend and leave the whoring for good but kicks the idea straight out of her head as she looks at the boy, he was too young and it would draw unwanted attention, for now it was for the best to keep it as business only.


“Let me be clear about this. I’m willing to fuck with you for a price but anything other than regular sex cost extra, and don’t tell anyone about us.”- explained Desiree.


She didn’t want to let Danny believe he could do anything he wanted with her; Desiree needed to make sure he didn’t view her as a girlfriend. The last thing she needed was a jealous teen stalking her every move.


It would be unbelievably awkward and potentially dangerous if Danny barge in on her while servicing a client, but couldn’t deny the idea of a steady income if she made the boy lust for her body. Desiree was sure the boy had money otherwise he wouldn’t give her so much cash without a second thought.


The boy had an undeniable fascination towards Desiree, her persona and kind demeanor entice the boy as much as did her erotic body. Danny had never seen a woman like her before, her large breast and wide hips but also sweet as her caramel skin.


Before parting, the woman hugs Danny tightly as she locks lips with him all while Danny fondles her butt, even lifting her skirt to better enjoy her flesh as he drowns in her delicious fragrance. Desiree wanted to take Danny back home or at least close but that was risky and the boy told her to enjoy the room until check-out time.


“Here Danny, and call me anytime you feel horny.”- said Desiree as she lifts her skirt. “See you next Saturday.”


The boy with raven locks blushes as Desiree pulls down her green thong and hands it over to him. The warm fabric makes his heartbeat hard as it heats up his hands, Danny wanted to take her again but his manhood had enough fun for one night and he was already running out of time.


With his parting gift in hand and a kiss with too much tongue, the boy exits the room after making sure no one would see him. Perhaps it was for the best if they left separately, it felt strange to let the boy go home on his own as it was still dark outside.


The moment she took a glimpse out the window she couldn’t see Danny anywhere, she couldn’t help but wonder if he stopped a taxi so quickly. Desiree should still be able to see him walking to the road but he was gone already.  


“That was a fun night… I guess it’s ok to let loose every now and again…. But I didn’t expect to actually enjoy it.”- Said Desiree as she lays eyes over the five used condoms over the nightstand.

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