Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter Eight: The Pole Sisters


It was a cool morning as Danny swam in the salty sea waters under the moonlight in front of the beach house, he rented out for himself and his women who peacefully slept in the upper floor bedroom. The teenager couldn’t even begin to fathom his luck and the most welcome situation he found himself in.


Danny was more than sure, he wasn’t the only teenager at Casper high who was sexually active but was absolutely sure to be the only one having his way with three beautiful women at the same time, it was nothing short of a dream come true which even Dash would want to come true.


His eyes moved over to the beach house, soon to the terrace in front of the bedroom where most passion took place earlier that night, Danny couldn’t help but get hard as he recalled what he and the trio did in the bed.


“Can’t wait for them to wake up”- Danny whispered as he was tempted to have his way with Desiree while she slept.


Just imagining their holes in full display made his hand move unconsciously towards his manhood. It took a great deal of effort for him to avoid masturbation as it felt like an utter waste as he could be pumping his dick inside any of the girls upstairs.


He was sure none of them would mind him sticking it in though Danny didn’t want to abuse of their trust and preferred to wait until they were up. It was the first time in a very long in which he could relax at the beach without his sister bothering him for being out so early or his dad splashing him with a water gun.


As his body gently floated in the cool waters, his mind drifted to memories of earlier that morning in which the warm summer breeze made its way through the open bedroom window caressing his face and waking him up.


Only the moonlight illuminated the bedroom followed by the cool summer winds which allowed the boy to have some degree of visibility. Danny stretched his arms as he looks at the glass wall which divided the room and the terrace showing the oceanic landscape.


With a smile, he could make out the wooden walls which he knew where painted white and antique furniture that gave the bedroom an aura of early Victorian era elegance the boy and the women weren’t accustomed to.


Though the large HD television on the corner and stereo broke the antique style, Danny sat up as he stretches his arms while groaning and taking notice of the bedsheets crumbled up at his feet and a few bottles on the ground.


A soft moaning drew his attention to the left where Dora slept naked with her legs wide open though was clutching to a wine bottle. Danny looks at her large breasts and gently pinches on the nipple as the woman though there was no response on her part.


Falling to temptation, Danny motions his hand towards her crotch touching the vagina he was previously shoving his adolescent cock inside. Dora moans lightly upon feeling his fingers rubbing her clitoris making her close her legs and shifts position as the boy pulls his hand away.    


Danny licks his fingers as he tries to make out the outline of her plump ass but soon his gaze is pulled over to the right to where both Desiree and Penelope were quietly sleeping, even though they too were buck naked still held a more graceful sleeping posture.


The tan woman was next to Danny sleeping on her side while Penelope was on her back hugging a pillow, Danny followed Desiree’s large breasts with his eyes all the way down to her the “V” at her crotch.


Knowing it was more than fine to touch, he put his small adolescent hand on her right breast letting her warmth and softness run through his fingers. Using his elbow as support for his head, Danny proceeds to run his finger down her curves all the way to her hips.


“Des… Wake up… I wanna do it again.”- Danny whispered to Desiree’s ear as to not wake up the other two.


The woman didn’t reply to Danny’s pleas for sex as she was too deep in sleep which made the boy smile, the thought of doing it anyway crossed his mind but tossed it right out as it didn’t feel right to have his way with a sleeping woman.


It was then that Danny opens his eyes as he made his way out of memory lane, the sun was rising on the horizon as he recalled flying out of the room but not without covering the trio with a bedsheet on his way out.


“You’re an early bird”- Desiree said as she yawns loudly.


The boy then turns around to better see his tan lover standing over the sand wearing a pair jean short which he knew were the infamous booty shorts Casper High had a ban on as they show a lot more skin than needed and were more or less underwear. The light green bra lifted her large breasts in a manner that made her more enticing.


“Care to join me? The water’s delicious.”- Danny offered with a smirk.


“Too cold for me.”- the woman replied as she sat down on the sand.


Even though it was summer, the mornings were still somewhat cold but Danny never did mind for the cold given his ghost magic. The boy welcomes the fact his ghost hunt was far lesser now, perhaps due to the summer heat and their undead nature didn’t allow them to venture in Amity Park.


There was a time in which Desiree would never let the boy out of her sight but now she didn’t mind sleeping next to him, the trust in one another grew vastly after several sexual encounters to the point in which they talk and treat each other like old friends.   


Desiree often found herself complaining to Danny about her job as a prostitute, the degrading things she was forced to do, and which he made a mental note so as not to ask for, though using her as a toilet or trying to hurt her never crossed his mind not even once.


It was then that a ray of sunshine pulled the attention of both, the sun was rising over the horizon. The sight was more than astonishing, the crystal-clear water and the majestic sun mix together in a display of vibrant colors.


“First time I ever see the sunrise.”- Desiree added looking over the celestial body.   


“Quite the sight”- Danny replied floating within the salty water.


The boy often saw the sunrise from a tall building after a long ghost hunt, though during his first hunting day, he did have the luxury of seeing it from a prone position on the ground after getting pommeled by a ghost, yet never once had he failed in capturing a ghost.


The back door opens as Penelope and Dora walked out carrying a total of four coffee mugs while yawing though only the blonde woman was stretching. Danny noticed the redhead stripper wore a small bikini which left very little to the imagination while Dora didn’t bother in getting dressed again.


“Morning guys”- Penelope said as she put the mugs on the table.


“Good morning girls.”- Danny replied as he made his way out of the sea.


His eyes laid over the blonde hooker who was more than eager to serve him without any sort of protection which, even letting him cum inside of her which was something Desiree didn’t let him do, though after several weeks allowed him to have raw sex with her on her safe days.


It was very rare for her to let the boy finish inside, but Dora didn’t seem to mind in the least. Danny knew the consequences of ejaculating inside a woman, the idea of parenthood didn’t entice him in the most minimal.


Water dripped from his teenage body upon exiting the sea catching the attention of all three women. Desiree had seen him naked one too many times already but even she knew his body was exactly normal.


Slender but with clear muscle mass which didn’t amount to much and yet she knew he was strong enough to carry her, she learned this to be true when Danny lifted her by putting his arms under her legs and over her head as to penetrate her anus as he saw in a porn movie.


Under the correct light, they could see his abdomen was well marked which was something none of them were accustomed to seeing, especially Dora who often served ugly fat men with a boasted ego and lack both technique, and endurance.


The three women had been to the beach and the public pool on different occasions throughout their lives, therefore, had seen teens Danny’s age but so far none had a similar body frame like his, most held a small gut or were overly thin which was a complete buzzkill.


Desiree never once considered sleeping with kids but Danny had a natural pull and the way he made sure she reached orgasm before he did was most charming and a very welcome habit only well-mannered individual possessed.


“Money has its way to make ugly men look attractive but man, he’s hot. I don’t care if he’s only fourteen”- Dora whispered to both her peers.




The trio watched Danny as he came closer to them flashing his boyish dick, the way is swung side to side was almost hypnotic. Penelope quickly noticed how Dora was literally drooling over the boy welcoming the lack of pubic hair.


“Good morning, Danny”- Penelope said as she gives him a hot mug of coffee and morning kiss to the lips.


It was only then that he noticed some bags under Dora’s eyes due to the lack of sleep and the possible hangover she must-have, though Penelope and Desiree seemed to be as fresh as a daisy due to the nocturnal nature of their jobs.


Danny had assumed all three were used to staying up late but soon learned that Dora wasn’t a heavy drinker like Penelope, though Desiree never drank more than what she “needed” even at parties as it wouldn’t be the first time, she awakens naked next to someone she didn’t know.


“My turn! Morning mister Daniel.”- Dora said in a cheerful voice as she wrapped her arms around the boy’s slender body while locking lips together.


Their tongues danced for a few seconds before burying his face within her colossal breasts; Danny put his free hand over her hip mere inches away from her plump butt. As they broke the embrace, Dora quickly forced his hand on her ass very close to her backdoor.


Desiree saw with a smile as Danny slide his middle finger inside of Dora’s anus making her bite down on her lower lip with a seductive gaze meant only for adults, Penelope’s growling stomach caught everyone off guard.


The four of them had been too busy making love the previous night that they forgot to have dinner and were now running late for breakfast, the boy pulled out of Dora as she made a soft yelp as he offered to fix them a meal while rushing over to the house.


“You know… his cock is fairly average size… for an adult man”- Dora teased.


“Yeah, I kinda thought kids were much smaller… and with a lot more phimosis.”- Penelope added “his cock looks like an adult, to think he’s still growing up”


Desiree came to realized they were right; Danny’s penis was nothing like that of a child his age anymore. It was longer and thicker though she hadn’t noticed due to all the cocks of similar size she regularly shoved up her ass almost on a daily basis.


The two hookers commented among each other about how much longer he lasted than their regulars, even Penelope had to admit Danny lasted much longer than any man she slept with so far and without the need of a “pill.”


“Danny and I have been practicing a lot lately. I personally peel his cock back.”- Desiree said with pride as she headed into the kitchen.


The tan woman smirk as she lay eyes upon Danny who was fruitlessly trying to get the mixer to work in order to make some homemade waffles, he was quite fond of, though she was more interested in seeing his bubble butt than his cooking.


Dora wolf whistle upon seeing the boy wearing nothing more than a light blue apron, his bubble butt was enticing enough for the blonde to give him a light pinch though it was only Penelope who noticed his erection.


Despite the many times both Desiree and Danny had shared intimacy and awaken next to each, it was the first time she ever cooked for the boy. There was a certain charm in seeing him feast on her cooking even if it was simple.


Breakfast was nothing hearty or fancy, just coffee and waffles, some bacon was thrown in the mix, though the meal would have been in a way normal hadn’t it been for the naked blonde woman sitting very close to Danny who insisted on him licking honey from her abnormally large breasts which she claimed were natural.




Danny sat down on a beach bench at the terrace overviewing the mighty sea, the warm sunbath over his young body with his heat rays. The boy shut his eyes and bite his lower lip in utter delight as he felt the most delicious yet slimy sensation over his boyhood.


To his left was Dora licking his phallus up and down like a starving mutt while Penelope kneeled at his right working her tongue over his hairless balls. Desiree held the place of honor between his legs resting her whole body over the beach bench.


The tan woman greedily sucks on Danny’s hard penis as the other two girls lick whatever meat was leftover not caring for the saliva which covers the boy’s phallus. Desiree was slowly shoved away by Dora who stuck her tongue between the hard piece of meat and Desiree.


Soon both the blonde whore and the redhead stripper were dancing their tongues around Danny’s boyhood but it was Penelope who wrapped her slimy tongue just underneath his gland with fascination she rarely ever showed to any of her previous lovers.


Danny couldn’t believe his luck as he opens his light blue eyes and could only see three heads in very distinct hair colors, each one trying to take hold of his boyhood. The sheer sensation was beyond words.


The boy motions his hands from Dora and Penelope’s head down to their back feeling the softness, soon his hand found a route under them, and to their large and most prominent breasts, soft moans accompanied Danny’s hand as he pinches their nipples.


Considering all of Danny’s phimosis had been peeled back thanks to Desiree’s tight pussy, there was hardly any difference between his penis and that of an adult, he was competing even in size though the boy had yet to notice.


“Can’t believe he got so big”- Desiree thought as swallowed his precum.


Despite being the one who slept with Danny the most was unaware of his prominent size which rivals with men several years older and fully developed, the tan woman smirk at the fact that even though he was much bigger still held a childish semblance.


“No one’s gonna believe me at school”- Danny gave a private thought.


The boy didn’t have the most minimal intention of bragging to his peers about what he was doing, there was the very high possibility of him turning into nothing more than a laughing stock of everyone at Casper High.


It was true that several students were already sexually active such is the case of quarterback Dash Baxter who was in a relationship with Paulina Sanchez who’s currently the cheerleader captain and everyone’s sweetheart.


Rumors of her sexual escapades were well known through the school grounds, some spoke of her sleeping with a few of her teachers namely one mister Lancer in return for better grades, others said she was trading tricks at the back shed.


Needless to be said, Dash Baxter was quick to put a stop to such “baseless” rumors upon these reaching his ears, even mister Lancer was suspended while the school authorities conducted their own private investigations before calling the police.


“Had I known such rumors were true… maybe Paulina would here be polishing my rod.”- Danny continued in his thoughts.


During one of his many ghost hunts, Danny came across a sight he would never forget. Paulina was at the locker room after practice hours, though she was in the shower, she wasn’t alone nor was her companion a teammate.


As the foul gossip said, the cheerleader was in there with a student. One geek, a mere nerd who was thin as a twig and bucktoothed, so frail and meek he gave the impression of breaking under a simple breeze.


Danny quickly recognized him as his lab partner Sidney Poindexter who was constantly bullied by most of the football team and some delinquents though recently had become a prime target for Dash Baxter’s bullying.


The mighty yet unknown hero of Amity Park knew for a fact, Sidney was by no means a player capable of seducing Paulina, and yet there he was swaying his hips desperately unto the cheerleader ass, even having the audacity to fondle her breasts which were much smaller than Desiree’s.


There was a void in Danny’s stomach as he saw Paulina the girl, he had a crush on since elementary bend over naked with a cock shoved inside of her, yet his uneasiness vanished upon seeing her bored expression and lack of participation.


It was almost laughable to hear Sidney yelling out “Who’s your daddy?!” which was probably the most intimate question anyone had asked Paulina so far, the puny boy tried with all his might as he slammed his hips unto the girl’s plump ass.


“At least Desiree pretends to like doing it with me”- Danny thought as he saw the tan woman sliding her tongue on his phallus.


A sudden tingly sensation crawled from under his testicles to the tip of his cock forcing him to tense his legs, semen was starting to pile up at the base of his penis. The trio noticed him getting ready to unleash his boyish milk.


The three women lock lips at the tip of his cock as they swarm it with their tongues, Danny couldn’t hold it in anymore and without warning beyond a mere grunt a volcanic eruption of white gooey liquid flushed out from Danny.


Most of the semen found a new home inside Desiree’s mouth as she greedily drank it while Dora took as much as she could even licking some off her tan peer’s face. Penelope only got a few drops on her perfect face but didn’t mind it.


The redhead never did like the taste of cum but end up scraping off the few drops from her cheek and drive it inside her mouth, Danny’s seed tasted vastly different from that of other men she had the displeasure of sucking off. If she had to describe the flavor, it was like honey presented it in the form of milk, gooey and somewhat translucid. 


“Mmm, delicious!”- Dora exclaimed as she too shared the same thought with Penelope.


“Nothing beats your milk, babe”- Desiree added as she seductively licked her lips.


The two prostitutes had drunk dozens of liters of cum in their time as streetwalkers but rarely ever came across semen they actually like drinking. Danny wasn’t sure if they were speaking truthfully but welcome the compliments.


“That was amazing girls, thank you”- Danny said as he adjusted himself on the bench.


His childish gratitude was something both Desiree and Dora like the most of him and though Penelope wasn’t accustomed she too welcomes such actions. In front of Danny, none of them were a mere piece of meat to look or use. 


Penelope offered herself to fetch some drinks from the bar at the corner of the terrace though was followed by Dora who wanted some snacks, the boy couldn’t help but gaze at the two women wiggling their butts towards the bar.


Danny noticed Desiree leaning on the brick fence watching the sea, his eyes fell from her back down to her ass and thick legs which on many occasions were wrapped around the waist. The joined her at the fence as he puts his hand on her hips.


The woman tenderly smiled at Danny as he slowly but firmly shoved his middle finger inside of her anus, a soft almost inaudible moan rushed out from her lips. Danny knew that just brushing his hand over any other woman’s butt even by accident would have earned him a slap across his face.


Even though he was paying for this, just knowing that he could do anything he wanted with Desiree, Dora and Penelope was more than amazing. His attention was drifted towards the two women fixing snacks at the bar.


Seeing them parading themselves naked under the baking sun would have been a wet dream just a few months ago. It was funny how the first woman he wanted to sleep with came to him by her own two feet.




Desiree walked out from the backdoor to beach while sipping on a cold drink and quickly noticed Dora was busy taking pictures on her phone in a skimpy bikini which she only wore for her private photoshoot, the tan woman couldn’t help but smile as she knew Dora was going post them to her Life Invader account as to spite her family for kicking her out.


“Go easy on those phots and make sure Danny doesn’t appear in them”- Desiree basically ordered as her blonde friend gave a thump up before taking her own drink, a quirky glass with a little pink umbrella.


Desiree’s eyes soon landed on Penelope was playing with Danny at the beach shore though “playing” actually referred to having Danny’s cock buried into her tight pussy, the boy had taken a liking to be on the bottom.


There was a certain pleasure in feeling their weight over his hips. As Desiree came closer, she noticed Danny had his hands under his head almost as if he were sleeping while the redhead was busy bouncing herself over him.


“See… I told… you… let me do the…all… the work”- Penelope said in between breaths.


Even though they were working, it didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy their encounters and do what they like doing in bed. Penelope loves taking control in bed, to have control over the penetration and speed, the rhythm and motions.


It was then that Desiree noticed Penelope was actually squatting over Danny rather than simply sitting on him, such position allowed for much deeper penetration and let the redhead sway her hips at her leisure.


The redhead stripper closed her eyes and bite her lips in utter pleasure as she rocks her body up and down while Danny does his best not to ejaculate, the wonderful tingly sensation under his ball sack announced he was about cum.


“Penelope! I can’t hold it in!”- the boy whimpered.


“Together babe!”- the redhead replied as she tightens her cunt.


The fact her best lover until now was a mere fourteen-year-old boy didn’t affect Penelope as much as it once did. The boy cared for her pleasure more than his own which was strange since many if not all her men only cared to cum using her cunt.


It was the main drawback of loveless sex, the lack of passion and romantic buildup though Danny only provided the first. He did kiss them a lot and fondle each one as much as he could, even hugging them while they slept.


“Where the hell do you keep all that milk”- Penelope inquire teasingly as she wraps the condom in a knot.


“There’s plenty more where that came from.”- Danny replied in a cheery voice as he stood up.


Dora laid eyes over Danny slender figure, the boy is handsome and fit, not a mass of muscles but clearly well tone. It was the first time she had ever been with someone like that, all her clients were either fat, old or ugly, many times all three combined.


“You mind if I take a selfie with you…”- Dora said as she got a concerned look from Penelope and a rather hard one from Desiree, “…and your tight abs.” added the woman.


The boy lowers his gaze to belly, it was far from what he had seen on television and male models, at least he was firmer than Dash Baxter who works out all day long apparently given his poor grades, but Danny was very proud of his so-called six-pack however light and faint it was.


“um…ok…”- Danny replied as he takes a deep breath and tightens his abs as hard as he could.


“Holy shit! It’s like you photoshopped yourself a set of abs.”- Penelope suddenly exclaimed.


The trio was sure Danny was working out like crazy to show off to them but little did they know was that months of ghost hunting and crime-fighting were slowly building his body, he didn’t have big muscles or a prominent height but was quite a sight to see.


Short in height but with long and thick legs, thin arms but strong enough to lift any of the girls with ease, a firm back and bubble butt which was the envy of several girls at Casper High, an angelic spotless face with seductive eyes. It wasn’t the body of a child in any possible way.


“Say cheese!”- Dora exclaimed as she puts her face on the boy’s belly.


Danny blushed redder than Penelope’s hair as he felt Dora’s face pressed against him even though earlier the three of them were sucking on his boyhood, the light flashes over his abdomen as the blonde woman takes several pictures including some with Danny’s penis inside her mouth.


“I’m gonna take a dip inside the sea…”- Danny squeaked as he peels off Dora and heads over to the waters.


The girls giggled as they saw Danny rushing over to the sea only to dives inside, had any of them stood further to the right or the left they would have seen him leaping over seven meters in a single impulse.


“I’ll go fetch the beer”- Dora said cheerfully as she rushed to the terrace where the cooler was left.


Desiree knew it would take at least an hour for Danny to recharge his balls, therefore, took her phone from her purse and laid over a towel on the sand to sunbathe despite not needing to work on her tan. Not a second after closing her eyes did her phone rang announcing an update on her Life Invader.


Her right eye twitches upon seeing the pictures Dora was posting, many of the beach house, the sea at both night and morning, the booze, comments from her friends calling her “a lucky girl” were the first to pop up but soon comments from her family followed up.


Desiree saw her blonde comrade in cocks putting the cooler on the sand, her face filled with anger upon reading the comments her father wrote in which he called her a whore and a disgrace to the family though receive some supporting comments.


Dora blinded by rage posted yet a new photo. The girls nearly choke upon seeing Dora posting a picture of herself kissing Danny’s firm abdomen, his face was out of frame but it nonetheless scared them. Given the uniqueness of his body, no one would ever make out that it was a just a teenager’s belly that Dora was kissing.


More hurtful comments from father and brother forced her to add a picture of the bedroom and, of course, of the heavily stained bed. Penelope and Dora noticed the malice smile in the women as she added a photo of several used-up condoms laying on the floor.


“Are you going through a rebellious phase or something?”- Desiree asked as she took a beer from the cooler while giggling at random comment which asked if Dora photoshopped the man.


“My folks are some medieval pricks. They wanted me to drop out of college so they could marry me off to some douchebag… twice my fucking age.”- Dora exclaimed tossing her arms in the air.


There was a brief sense of irony and embarrassment which was shared among all three women since they were whoring themselves to a boy half their age and were planning on milking him figuratively and literally. 


Only Dora’s immediate family knew about her prostitution gig as they considered it too great a shame to let anyone know, therefore, kept it a well-buried secret, even now Dora’s closest friends believe her to be working at a high-end club as a bartender at night. 


“Who the fuck is Michel?”- Desiree asked upon reading a comment about such a man willing to forgive her so they could retake their relationship.


“The idiot my idiot of a dad was trying to force me to married.”- Dora replied. “A woman’s place is in the house with the kids”- Dora added mockingly as she made a goofy movement with her body.


Both girls’ expression turned somber upon learning what Dora’s dad thought a woman’s place was, he never approved of the idea of his daughter going to college and even forcing her to abandon the full scholarship in a vain attempt to make her stay at home.


In the brief minutes that took her to select and edit her upcoming picture, she explained how she had to pay for her tuition fees, books, and other necessities as her father refuse to give her a meager nickel, soon she started growing large college debts.


It was through a close “friend” that she started selling herself in the corners, though having already experienced sex with a previous boyfriend allowed her to withstand her new job even if she didn’t like it one bit. Working with Vlad was by far the best scenario though it didn’t last too long.


“Now I know what it feels to fuck with an actual man”- Penelope read the title as she laid eyes over the final picture the girl posted.


All three laugh out loud as they saw a photo of Dora and Danny’s cock inside her mouth though the girl did censor the phallus with a hotdog but the implication was clear. The blonde woman put away her phone while her friends continuing laughing.


“Can’t believe this Michal guy actually posted a picture of himself crying”- Penelope roared out laughing.


Dora saw Danny coming out of the ocean having finished swimming, his raven black hair glimmering under the sun, his enviable body shine with the oceanic water. The blonde hooker licks her lips as she walks closer to her peers.


“I made up my mind… I’m gonna quite whoring and make Danny my sugar daddy.”- Dora said firmly, “If I’m gonna open my legs for money, might as well do it with someone I like.”


“Sharing him was the plan from the beginning but don’t forget that he’s mine.”- Desiree replied looking to Dora, “Don’t forget he’s a kid.”




The elegant moon shines in all it’s glory as night took over for the day, though the gently chirping of crickets and the oceanic waves were lost once they entered the bedroom on the upper floor of the beach house.


Dora’s loud moaning and panting could hardly match with the sloppy noise her wet pussy made each time Danny struck his crotch unto her. It was Desiree’s idea for them to pile up one over the other so he could do them at the same time.


The boy rubbed his hips onto Dora while licking Penelope’s pussy who was on top and fingering Desiree anus who chose to be in the middle all at the same time was a very hard endeavor but the symphony their moaning made was enough to encourage him to try his best.


“My turn Danny”- the tan woman nearly begged.


It was then that Danny pulled out of Dora who started to masturbate as to not lost impulse while he shoved his cock into the second woman pulling out a load and lustful moan, his tongue never once left Penelope’s pussy as she stretched her legs so he could taste her.


One after the other, Danny penetrated all six holes before him. It was then that Dora offered to ride him like the stallion he is to which Danny instantly accepted, the boy laid down on his back as the blonde woman climb over him.


Desiree quickly put her drenched vagina over his face so Danny could eat her out, his tongue was already well familiarized with her most tasty hole, the boy couldn’t see anything beyond two large and soft lumps of tan meat.


By now, Danny knew how to work Desiree’s pussy in climax which she reached fairly quickly. The boy’s face was covered in a translucid liquid which he quickly began licking while Desiree traded place with Penelope.


“His tongue is amazing.”- Desiree exclaimed having actually reached an orgasm.


“I love his long fat cock!”- Dora added as she bounced on the boy.


The redhead let out a quick groan as she felt his slimy tongue going far deeper than what any man had gone before, it did help that Danny made part of his head intangible so he could reach far deeper.


Boiling hot cum gushed out of Danny drenching Dora’s tight pussy as she too reached an orgasm. Her vagina clump tightly on the boy as her long nails cut lightly on his peach skin torso, even Penelope couldn’t hold for too long.


“You two nearly drown me back there”- Danny said laughing.


Neither Dora nor Penelope had ever let loose as they did with Danny, even the blonde woman who’s always on guard when serving a client let go. Having an actual orgasm with each intercourse was almost unheard of for her.


Danny sat up whipping off some sweat of his forehead not caring for the small cut on his chest, he saw Dora with the most satisfied expression he had ever seen on a woman’s face before. Her legs were wide open showing her cum filled pussy to her best client ever.


It was under Dora’s request that they go raw, something that Danny was most eager to comply with though noticed Desiree didn’t like the idea but still allowed him to penetrate her without a condom despite not being a safe day.


“Danny let’s take a bath together”- Penelope offered while Dora laid on the orgasmic afterglow.


Desiree laughed as she saw her redhead peer wobbling her towards the bathroom in Danny’s company, her eyes set on Dora’s phone which rested over the nightstand. The blonde girl was almost superglued to the device.


The sudden flash of the camera pulled Dora from her trance, her legs remained open while Desiree tossed the phone just under her vagina while telling the blonde hooker to send the picture to Michel and her dad, perhaps that would finally shut them up.


“Come on girl. Shower time”- Desiree added as she too wobbled her way to the bathroom.


The shower lasted for well over an hour as the four of them played much as if they were toddlers again, splashing water and fooling around in the bathtub which they barely fit in. Danny was spent for the night and couldn’t hold an erection anymore but all of them were satisfied.


Danny stood by terrace as he saw the moon in all her glory up in the sky while Desiree and Penelope change the cum stain bedsheets for fresh ones, it was then that he noticed Dora coming up from the stairs leading to the backyard with the empty cooler in hand.


“Can we talk for a moment, Danny?”- Dora asked sheepishly.



Soft panting echo within an obscenely large and dark bedroom as a sliver of light broke through the slits on the black curtains which were heavily adorned with purple bats and fangs, the light shine over a large bed which in itself was surrounded by a thin curtain.


“Harder Danny, deeper…you too Tucker, don’t slack off.”- whispered the girl as she fantasized about her best friends.


Sam Manson was on her knees desperately trying to shove a finger into her tight cunt while a marker stood firm insider her anus. Using her free hand, Sam caresses her clitoris in addition to her fingering. The girl gently pulled back upon feeling the thin layer of skin that compose her hymen and which she wasn’t ready to breach.


It was then that she took hold of the marker and shoved it deeper while calling out for Tucker though no higher than a whisper. The goth on far too many occasions for her liking had dreams about having sex with Danny or Tucker, sometimes with both at the same time.


Even now she pretended her middle finger was Danny and the black marker was Tucker, if stereotype was somewhat true then Tucker would be “bigger” than Danny in that aspect. Though it didn’t matter was bigger as she hadn’t seen them naked either.


The farthest she had seen them without clothes was at the public pool and to that both wore shorts. Sam still drooled like a starving dog upon seeing the well-tone body Danny developed recently and even the larger bulge at his trunks.


“You know I like big fat cocks”- the goth whispered as she pinched her nipple.


“Sammykins!! Wake up sweetheart”- Pamela sudden yelling startled Sam.


“I respect your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your father by coming in any way”- Jeremy added as he barges in using his master key.


The goth quickly pulls down her black Halloween themed nightgown as she sits on the bed staring at her parents who held goofy expressions. Pamela instantly complains about the room being too dark and proceeds to open the window.


It was only then that the sunlight shines over the red carpet, the Victorian era wardrobe and desk but more importantly over the pink dress in Pamela’s hand. The woman had made it into her personal crusade to rid her daughter of her poor fashion taste.


“Will the Miss be having breakfast before attending school?”- the family butler Hobson asked standing by the door.


Sam noticed her friends would be arriving soon and she couldn’t have them waiting at the main gate as her mother refused to let “peasants” in the house. The goth loathed how her mother talked about Danny and Tucker.


She considered them rude and foul spoken which was in a way true but Sam couldn’t tolerate that her parents considered the boys as borderline delinquents, Jeremy even gave Sam a very powerful Taser in case either of them or both tried to force her to do something she didn’t want to, namely sex.


Little did the man know, was that Sam would gladly sleep with Danny or Tucker if any asked her. After all, Danny is the unsung hero of Amity Park who faced countless demons and succeeded with flying colors, even Tucker help capture more than one ghost.        


“Yes, Hobson. Toast, cereal with fruits and a milkshake if you please.”- Sam ordered the family butler as she stood up.


Pamela tried once again to convince her daughter to wear the brand-new dress she had made especially for her in France by the best fashion designer. Yet the girl told her she would think about it while pushing her parents out the door and exclaiming she needed to get ready for school.


She knew the lock didn’t do much since her dad had a duplicate key which he claimed was a master key. Just as a safety precaution, the goth barred the door with a heavy chair and peeled off her nightgown.


The girl fell on her knees opening her buttocks in order to pull out the marker from her anus, Sam knew it was embarrassing to resource to such means to relieve her sexual desires when she had the money purchase the finest dildos and sex toys in the market.


“I can order them online… hell if I wanted, I could send one of the maids to pick it up”- Sam whispered as she opens her absurdly large wardrobe. “Maybe I could order one of those life-size dolls and have them model it after Danny… Nah…”


The girl sighs as she saw several new dresses among her regular clothes which were gifts from her mother, not caring for the new clothes Sam pulls out her customary checkered miniskirt and black tank top along with her thigh-high purple stockings.


Sam was more than grateful for the maids' unbelievable discretion as none had ratted her out to her mother about the G-strings and thongs she recently bought and was breaking in. The goth could see her friends already waiting for her at the main gate.


She hardly savors her meal as she rushed out the door heading straight towards her boys who greeted her with warm smiles, there was a hint of shame in knowing that she used them as fap material not too long ago.


“How was the conference, Danny?”- Sam inquire


“What…? Oh, that conference! Yeah, pretty boring”- Danny had a hard time keeping up with his lies but couldn’t tell her about spending the whole weekend having sex with three prostitutes. “Dad end up repeating his speech twice.”


Sam watched her boys with glee as they headed over to Casper High.




Dora looked out the window as she perceived the delicious aroma of pancakes being cooked by Penelope, her eyes shifted over to Desiree who was watching the news about a gang of bank robbers being found tied to streetlamps though the stolen loot was nowhere to be found.


“You sure you got everything? Spare clothes, toothbrush… birth-control?”- Desiree asked


“Yes, mom. I got everything besides it’s just a weekend.”- Dora teasingly replied.


“I still can’t believe you convinced Danny to pay for you.”- Penelope suddenly added to the conversation as she put a tower of pancakes at the table.


Dora had known for the last month about a special lecture being held by a prominent professor named Nicolai Technus at Dimmesdale University but given her financial situation, it was nothing short of a miracle she still had a roof over her head much less attend Amity Park university.


“I just got lucky with Danny.”- Dora added as she sat down to eat her breakfast.


The blonde woman wondered if she should have chosen business rather than law as she easily convinced Danny to pay for her lodgings and transportation in return for raw sex and to be his girlfriend for the duration of the lectures, perhaps even making it into a more permanent arrangement later on.


“Just be extra careful.”- Desiree said with a concerned expression.


“Yeah, I can’t believe you’re letting him cum inside you. He may be a kid but I’m sure he can still knock you up.”- Penelope expressed her own worries.


Dora had many close calls during her time as a whore, most frightful were STD ones but didn’t mind sleeping with a minor if that meant getting out of prostitution and still achieving her long-awaited dream, one her own father was against.


“If it comes to that I’m sure I can guilty trip him into setting me up for life.”- Dora winked as she puts her plates on the sink.


The two women watched with amazement at how far Dora was willing to go for her dream, they didn’t know if to be shocked or impressed. The sudden honking of a car announcing her taxi’s arrival forced her to take hold of her luggage and walk out the door saying her good-byes.


A special thanks to Anon for suggesting the triple blowjob scene, I hope you like it.


To be continued.

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