Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Erotic fanfiction


Chapter one: the motel


The hot steam waves around in the girl’s showers as the cheerleader squad takes their after-practice shower. Their uniforms gently and carefully place on hangers in their lockers, though the sign at the entrance clearly said “girls only” it didn’t stop on a particular ghost.


Better yet a teenage half-ghost boy to be precise, Daniel Fenton had his jaw open ajar as he watches with insane detail at the wet young female bodies. His neon green eyes ogle at the cheerleaders as they shower.


The faint smell of shampoo and soap along with the steamy water made his manhood hard, though his eyes chose one particular girl among all of the cheerleaders. Paulina Sanchez, the captain of the team.


Her caramel skin and black hair make Danny as he was often called by his closest friend drool like a puppy, the girl was just as old as him and unlike the rest of the team she was much more developed than the average the teen.


Her breasts were large and so were her hips. Her main attraction was the rear, her perfect bubble butt, Daniel could stare at it for hours without getting bored. Paulina suddenly gave a slight yelp as she could swear to have seen a face in the steam.


“Fucking retard”- mentally curse the boy for getting too close.


The cheerleader drops the soap from the sudden impression, shaking her head to the sides and laughing the fright away she turns around and bends over to pick up her soap. Danny’s green eyes widen in delight as he saw her perfect pink “rose” in full display.


He would give anything in the world to have a taste of that flower, but for now, he could only pleasure himself with his hand while looking at the object of his affection. The tan cheerleader had the decency of keeping her face towards the shower.


The boy could see her perfect and round butt as he jerks his phallus up and down as he imagines penetrating her womanhood, he fires his load over Paulina but the girl didn’t notice the warm cum over her back as the water quickly washed it away.


Breathing heavy Danny looks at Paulina as she finishes her shower, there was a pang of certain guilt over his action. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the first time he did this; thanks to his ghost abilities he could peep at the girls during their showers without the risk of being caught.


Paulina and her team walked out wearing their towels around the bodies, though he already did his deed and there was no further reason to stay any longer Danny chose to follow the girls to the lockers. The girls pull out white and pink panties, some with cute bear designs.


But the cheerleader captain opens her sports bag and pulled out a thin black thong, a G-string for that matter. Too adult for any of the girls in the locker room to use but Danny was more than pleased to see her slide the string in between her buttocks.  


Danny couldn’t help but lick his lips as Paulina soon adds her pants and blouse. His show was over and so he had to leave.




The sight of Paulina’s nude form dances around his head as he flew back home, using a nearby alley he transforms back into his human form. Danny didn’t feel particularly proud of having use Paulina as mere fap material.


After dinner Danny repeated his self-pleasuring session with a few creep photos he took of Paulina during her practice and at the shower, the boy took special pride over his ability to turn anything he touches invisible and intangible.


He could spy on any number of girls he so please but chose to use his power for the greater good and not just his personal perversions, the cold breath he exhales order him to raise up to the call of battle. Leaving the comfort of his bed at nearly two in the morning Daniel leaps out of his bedroom window into the darkness of night.


Only a pair of octopus-like ghost roams the skies who ran away the moment they the legendary Halfa in front of him, Phantom as Danny had nicknamed his alter ego couldn’t let the ghosts escape for them wreak panic another day.   


Despite both creatures flying away at top speed, Phantom caught up fairly fast. Knowing there was no escape they attack him using their tentacles as whips, but after merely ten minutes of combat both ghosts end up with their tentacles wrap in knot.


Praising himself perhaps a little too much for his success, Danny seals his triumph by locking the ghosts inside the Fenton thermos. It still surprises the boy how the device work in the first place, even more, why a thermos.


“That was quite easy, the chase lasted longer than those guys.”- mocked Danny.


He knew that things would have ended up differently if he had fought against Skulker or Ember. But still patted his own shoulder as landed on a nearby roof to better understand his location and figure out a way back home.


All around were buildings and shops he hadn’t seen before; it was a part of Amity Park he seldom visits, especially at night. Large red neon signs announcing bars and other establishments of ill reputation scatter around the street, among them one caught his eye more than the others.


“Girls, girls, and girls. XXX shows”- read out loud the boy.


Phantom was more than sure he had flown over this street before during the day but never once stop to read the billboards or take a hard look at the buildings. Hotels and strip clubs but above all women in lecherous clothing’s.


Going invisible he flew down to the ground level to better see the girls, the skirts they wore were so short he could see their underwear, some other paraded with their breasts exposed. Danny was utterly mesmerized by the sights.


Daniel wasn’t stupid as he knew exactly what these women did for a living, he could feel his pants tighten as he ogles at the women. A man in a long raincoat walks up to a blonde girl who wore a shorter version of a miniskirt and purple top with the word “slut” written. Her breasts were bigger than that of Paulina but not so much her ass. 


“How much babe?”- asked the man.    


“Hundred bucks for an hour”- replied the hooker.


Danny’s heartbeat hard as he flew back home at top speed, he knew there was enough money in his wallet and piggy bank to pay for the hooker, his new Call of Honor game would have to wait a little longer as this was far more important.


“Thirty, sixty, eighty-five and a hundred. Yes, I got enough”- almost yelled the boy.


Not caring for his father’s faulty anti-ghost shield, Danny flew back to hooker lane. He didn’t care who took his virginity so long she was busty and hot, in a car, it would have taken him over thirty minutes to arrive but thanks to his flight ability it was a five-minute trip.


Phantom carefully chose his girl using his invisibility to brose the street, in the end, he went for a blonde girl just like the one he saw previously. The girl wasn’t as busty as other but was nonetheless pretty, the red lipstick made even more attractive.


The boy couldn’t help but fantasied with striping her light blue skirt and skin-tight blouse. Once again using an alley to return to his human form he came out with trembling steps, using the man with raincoat as an example he walks over to the girl.


“H-ho-how m-mu-much?” muttered the boy as he blushes deeply. 


The girl looks at him for a moment before pulling her eyes away, Danny muster up all his courage and asks one more time. The prostitute looks at him again and leans in closer to him, her eyes scan him up and down.


“Grow so hair down here and we’ll talk”- said the woman as she gropes his crotch.


Danny couldn’t believe he was rejected like that in front of everyone, the hookers laugh loud and rude at him as some pedestrians add their own giggles. The boy tells her about having money but she still refuses to say she didn’t want to deal with cops.


It was then Danny recall how prostitution was illegal in the country including his hometown, the streetwalkers were too selective on their customers, even the slightest hint of them been policeman was enough for the girls to walk away.


Naturally, they assumed Danny was perhaps a bait for them, considering his small size and build there was no way he could be a cop. The boy turns around defeated and humiliated, it was an answer he was expecting but it was too direct.


“I’ll do it”- suddenly said a voice to his right.


A morbidly obese woman who clearly had seen better years offer to take his V-card but Danny shook his head in denial. He was much to embarrass to continue asking, he was sure there would be on willing to accept his money but his boner had disappeared. 




Back in the alleyway he turned invisible and took flight ready to go back home, but as he reaches the top floor of the hotel, he noticed an open window. The blonde prostitute he saw earlier was walking inside with the raincoat man.


Danny had seen porn before but he hadn’t seen it perform live. Not many if any had his powers, though he constantly used them for the better of the people right now he wanted to see a live-action show, gently he sat on the drawer.


“Pay up”- said the woman.


Not a minute after she had the money in her hand, she began to unrobed herself before lying down on the bed. Danny couldn’t take of his eye from her crotch, he desperately wanted to be the one sharing a bed with her.


“What’s your name girl?”- asked the man.


“Dora”- replied the young prostitute.


Despite having her naked in the bed, her John didn’t remove anything making the girl close her legs and despite his horniness Danny notice the fear in the woman’s eyes. Therefore, he turns over the man as he got ready to show him a world of pain.


“The name’s Vlad Master’s and I own a rather elegant brothel; I want you to work for me.”- suddenly offered Vlad as he handed over a business card.


“I don’t know, it sounds dangerous. I’m just doing this to pay for law school.”- replied Dora.


Dora knew brothels were dangerous more so than working the streets if the police caught her there than there would be no way for her to bullshit her way out. So long she wasn’t with a client at the moment of her arrest she could be let go the following day.


“Think about it, no more standing in the cold street or hiding from your friends if they ever come here”- added the man as he sat down on the chair.


Vlad’s brothel hires only the best girls in town, hand pick by the owner himself. Dora met with his criteria; her young voluptuous body was perfect for his business; her naturally large breast and luscious lips were to die for.


“I’m starting a new venture, you see many of my patrons can’t come to my establishment due to fear of the police and so my girls go to them now. You don’t have to be at the brothel.” – continued Vlad.


Danny had never put so much attention to someone before, not even at school when his teacher mister Lancer gave out his class. But now he was taking mental notes of every word Vlad Masters spoke with great detail.


“Yeah, but if I show up and it’s a cop then you ditch on me”- said the girl.


“Oh no my dear, I take good care of my girls besides only people who got my card can hire my girls. I like to play it safe”- replied Vlad.


Strip clubs were ok and so were bars but prostitution wasn't allowed even though it was on sale in the street at full view of everyone. Danny saw the girl get dress as she declines the offer given by Vlad, she stated her whoring was temporary.


“I’ll leave my card here in case you change your mind”- added Vlad.


Vlad left first and Dora follow shortly after but not without looking at the business card for more than a few minutes, she was considering working for Vlad. Escorts made a lot more than streetwalkers but she didn’t want to tangle with him.


“If you’re not taking it then I am”- whispered Phantom.




The days carried out as normal, a few brave ghosts dare challenge him for control of the city only to get acquainted with the interior of the Fenton thermos, yet Phantom found himself distracted by the card in his wallet.


It was far too tempting to leave on the side, though the moment he came back to his bedroom the first thing he did was to check the card for the fiftieth time. “Vlad’s house of pleasure” read the card as a handwritten phone number was put on the back.


More important than the number itself was an e-mail address. He knew that if he looked online, he was bound to find any number of hookers but this was the surest he could think about, the owner was trying to get new talent for his brothel.


Once Friday afternoon came by Daniel sat down on in front of his computer pondering the idea of contacting Vlad and see if he could help him get laid, no longer did spying on teenagers was enough. Now that he knew there was the possibility for him to have a real woman.


As he opens his e-mail account, he came to realize a new problem had arisen, money. A streetwalker charges up to a hundred dollars for an hour but this wasn’t some cheap slut on the road but an escort service that cost a lot more.


From under his bed, he took out all his savings hoping to have enough to hire one if he even managed to trick Vlad into sending him a girl. The boy with raven locks gazes upon his life savings, all six hundred dollars, it took him months to gather that much money on his own.


Thinking with the head in between his legs, the boy rush to his computer believing the cash he had was enough to get him an all-night service, with trembling fingers he types the address and asks for the rates and the girls available. Scores of minutes pass by and no reply came back. 


“Maybe he knows I’m a kid…”- whispered Danny as his mom calls him for dinner.


Defeated once more he shuts down his computer and heads down to the dinner table where his sister was already getting her dinner. The idea of asking her to pop his cherry cross his mind though he grosses himself out the moment he pictures her naked.


Jazz talked about having made ace another of her test while Danny couldn’t get past his B+ which slightly bothered him more out of competition than anything else. Once dinner was done, Danny excuse himself as he returns to his room.


Much to his surprise, there was an e-mail notification on his computer, his heart started to beat harder as he opens the mail. It was from none other than Vlad Master who had sent him a portfolio with his girls.


Danny instantly locks his bedroom door and closes his windows before open the file. Common sense told him to run the file on his anti-virus but the boy was much too eager to listen and so he opens it up revealing a few dozen ladies.


Blondes, brunets, and redheads to choose from, Vlad was so sure only his selected clientele had access to his cards and didn’t care to do a background check. One by one Danny brose the files looking for the perfect girl.


A young tan woman with ebony hair caught his eyes instantly, her beautiful face and hypnotic eyes were too much to resist. He clicks on her file and began reading all the services she offered, the rates were higher than he thought.


“Desiree…$300 for one hour and $500 for the whole evening… damn 1200 for 24 hours?”- said Danny.


Danny began writing a reply to Vlad asking for Desiree, he wanted her for the whole evening and how should he pay. Vlad took his sweet time to answered back but told him he needed to give a down payment and an address.


The boy barely had enough money to hire Desiree but told Vlad he would do a money transfer as he didn’t want to use his “credit” card, Danny was begging Vlad wouldn’t see through his lies but soon instructions on where to send the money came in.


He only needed to pay half to guarantee the service and the rest was to be given to the girl. Danny’s heart was beating so hard he might as well have a heart attack but told Vlad he would send the money in the morning all he needed was to get the rest.




It was very rare for him to be standing in a bank line, even more when he told the cashier he was sending in money. Danny began to sweat cold as she looks at him almost as if she knew for what the money was being used for.


The sound of his receipt being printed made him relax so much he almost passed out on the spot, all he needed now was a hotel room. Danny in his ghostly form cruise around the city searching for the perfect place to have his first time, he couldn’t afford anything too expensive otherwise questions would be asked.


“The pig pen”- whispered the boy.


The place seems clean and at the same time dirty, it was a small three-story hotel with some old feeling to it. The desk clerk seems to have seen better day given his grumpy look, filling himself with the same courage he uses to fight off the ghost, Danny headed over to the front desk.


“Hi. I-I need a r-room for t-two”- stammered the boy as he mentally facepalms himself.


“… Sure kid, one night? That’s thirty bucks”- said the clerk as Danny put the money on the counter.


“My aunt is coming later”- added the boy.


“Whatever you say”- replied the man not caring if what Danny said was true.


The wallpaper was old and decrepit, the stairs creak with each step he took but Danny didn’t care in the least. It seems there weren’t many guests staying in the hotel as he headed to the first floor, the room wasn’t as bad as he expected, clean sheets on the bed and it seems to have vacuum recently.


A large and comfy bed, an old television from the 90s on the corner and a small bathroom. Feeling more relax he put his backpack on the bed and sent an email to Vlad telling him the money was sent and the place where he was staying.


The deal was simple, Desiree would arrive at two o’clock and service him until midnight, Danny had even convinced his parents to let him stay out late as he uses the excuse of seeing a horror marathon with Sam at the know movie theater, both Maddie and Jack would be out of town on ghost-related errands and Jazz was having a sleepover party.


There were almost two hours before Desiree arrived, therefore, he considers in watching a movie to relax, but the only available channel was pornographic which didn’t help him calm his nerves down in the lease.


His excitement was so much he had to fight off the urges to masturbate by taking a long cold shower. His watch read one-thirty and once again the excitement was rising up and his penis stood firm as he counted the minutes.


Danny cover himself in cheap cologne wore the newest underwear he had for he didn’t want to give a bad impression. The boy walked around the room waiting for Desiree to arrive, just a few minutes before the due time he heard loud steps echoing in the hallway.


He stood quietly near the door waiting for the knock. Danny could feel an emptiness at the pit of his stomach upon seeing a small shadow under the slit of the door, a gentle knock came upon and Danny hastily moves to open.


Hiding behind the door he let Desiree enter, as he closes the door Danny lay witness to the same woman from the email, though in her pictures she wore a very small red bikini and here she came dress in tight leather pants, a white top with a leather jacket and stiletto high heels.


Desiree was taller than what Danny initially expected but nonetheless, she was exactly as her picture show her. The tan woman looks straight at Danny as she lowers her sunglasses and drops her sports bag to the side.


“The fuck?”- said the woman.




“For fuck’s sake, is this a joke”- said Desiree as she took out her phone ready to Vlad.


“No! Wait please. I have the rest of the money!”- yelled out Danny as he shows the cash.


Desiree looks straight at Danny’s pleading eyes; she knew it wasn’t a prank as she took the money. Clearly, the boy went through a lot of problems to get to meet with her, it was fairly obvious Vlad didn’t know the client was a minor but her perverted side kicked in.


“Anyone knows we’re here?” - asked the tan woman.


“Just the clerk but I told him you’re my aunt”- replied Danny without wasting time.


Desiree gazes over Danny, he was young and cute, she had the money in her hands already and a “deal is a deal” according to her boss Vlad. Going against reason she accepted to service Danny.


“So, what do you have in mind kid?”- asked Desiree in a kinder voice as she took Daniel in her arms.


His small and frail body felt so different from the mend she normally worked with; she could feel his heartbeats echoing unto her chest through her breast. She couldn’t help but giggle as Danny tried to touch her butt. Danny instantly pulled his hands away the moment Desiree gave a slight gasp.


“Don’t worry kid you can touch all you want. By the way how old are you?”- asked Desiree casually as she opens her bag.


“… I’m twenty-one”- replied Danny as he caresses her ass.


Desiree rested her bag over the drawer as she pulled out condoms and lubricants which she places over the side, Danny’s little fingers made their way under her blouse, she could feel how he trembled.


“And your real age?”- asked again the woman.


“………Fourteen”. Replied the boy as he pulls his hand away.


“I see”- said Desiree as she locks lips with the boy.


Her tongue danced around his mouth savoring the toothpaste he used to make sure his breath was mint. She unbuckled her pants without breaking the kiss as she guided his hands back to her ass the moment her pants were below her hips.


Never had he felt such softness in his entire life, her perfume made him feel bold and daring therefore Danny explore her privates with his hands as his tongue got more acquainted with the inside of her mouth. His left-hand caress her lower cheeks while his right hand was much braver for it headed to a forbidden place.


Desiree gave out a soft and erotic moan as Danny’s fingers found her vagina hidden under her panties, it was warm and humid. There was nothing he could use to compare that feeling, while Danny cuddles her bare crotch, she gently bites down on his lower lip.


“How much do you know about a woman’s body?”- asked Desiree as the feeling of teaching a boy so young the ways of the bed were clouding her mind.


Danny had seen many naked girls in his computer and while peeping at the showers but this was the first time an older woman was exposing herself to him by her free will. His pants tighten so much it started to hurt as Desiree toss her jacket and blouse over to the drawer.


“Not much”- replied the boy realizing how little he actually knew.


Desiree peeled her leather pants away and tossed them to the floor, only her bra and panties remain. The tan woman smiled as she noticed Danny’s little bulge in his pants, the boy froze up as she took hold of his manhood.


“I’ll teach you”- whispered Desiree as she unbuckled his pants.


In matter of seconds, the boy was sitting naked on the bed, there just too many first times going around. Never had he imagine not even in his wildest dreams to be nude in a hotel room with a naked tan beauty. Her breasts were by far bigger than Paulina’s and her body was near perfection, compare to Desiree, Paulina was just a little brat with tiny lemons for breast.


Desiree crawls over the bed as she laid over her back, with a soft wave of her finger she summoned Danny to her. As the boy came closer, she opens her legs wide and far showing the jewel he touching earlier, movies and photos couldn’t do justice to the real thing.




“You do know what that is? What you pay for?”- asked Desiree in a playful voice.


“Yeah… I-it’s a vagi… vagin…”- tried to answer Danny as he fought the urges to touch his member.


“Silly geese, let’s use grown-up words. Take a closer look, that’s called a pussy, P.U.S.S.Y.”- said Desiree as she spread herself wider.


Danny’s face came as close as he could letting her scent penetrated his nose. His eyes watch every detail of her jewel, each lip, and the canal, despite not having any experience he knew by instinct what to do.


“Look at this little bean, it called a clit. Give it a little kiss, go on lick it”- ordered Desiree.


The boy did as order and gently kiss her clit before licking her entire vagina like a starving dog, Danny didn’t mind the salty flavor all he wanted to continue eating her out. Desiree giggles in between moans as Danny was literally licking her like a dog, going up and down.


Despite loving the flavor his tongue couldn’t go on forever and his neck sore lightly. His tan lover pulled him up to her making sure her nipples touch his childish chest, Danny wonders if the time for sex had come and tried to pierce her entrance with his penis.


“That’s my belly button silly.” Said Desiree as she kisses him, “let me return the favor baby”-


A soft, warm and wet sensation embrace his member, he could swear Desiree’s tongue was wrapped around his shaft. Danny wasn’t as big as her regular clients so she could take all of his penis without choking or gagging.


His cum started to pile up and without warning, he fires his full load unto her mouth. He never fires so much semen in one single go but despite not seeing it he firmly believes to have filled a whole bucket, his proudful look disappears the moment he saw Desiree’s eyes.


Her mouth was full of his seed but rather than being angry at him she swallows her baby making juice. Desiree winks at him while asking if he was ready for the main course, Danny saw her walk over to the drawer as she picks up the condom strip.


Danny gulps down as he got hard all over again just by seeing her perfect round ass. Desiree ripped the package with teeth and soon her soft hands roll the rubber down his phallus as Danny played with her nipples.


“Seems like a waste”- suddenly said Desiree.


“What do you mean?”- asked sheepishly the boy as he fears she didn’t want to continue.


“It’s your first time and I haven’t had a gu… a man like you in a long while”- added the woman making Danny blush.


Desiree look at the boy before taking her phone out and viewing her calendar, Danny sheepishly asked if she was having second thoughts about this. She replied by kissing him once more as she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open.


“It’s my safe day… I already took a birth control pill this morning. Wanna do it without the condom?”- asked the tan woman.


“Yes!!”- yelled out Danny


Without wasting a single second, he peels off the condom not caring if it broke along the way, there was strange feeling to seeing the boy so eager to have her, all her other clients just saw a mere hole to fuck but Danny saw a woman.


Though Danny was the one having the many “first times,” Desiree too felt as if this was her first time as well. It was nonetheless, the very first time in her twenty-four years of age that she felt so desired, so wanted. The boy didn’t want to fuck her, he wanted to make love to her.


“Don’t forget kid… I’m a whore, a lot of cocks have been in there. Are you sure?”- said Desiree.


“Yes, I’m sure”- answered Danny firmly.




His small bare cock touch Desiree’s vagina, the warm love fluid tainted his young virginal member. Even Desiree’s heart was beating like the first she had sex, slowly Danny’s penis pierces her womanhood with ease.


It was soft and tight at the same time, so hot he could feel his penis burning up but despite the heat, he didn’t want to pull out. He could feel her fold peeling down his phimosis exposing his head to the vagina.


Their hips touch each other as Danny bury his face on her large and soft breast, the heat he was feeling inside of Desiree and her delicious fragrance was numbing his mind, gently he pushes back his hips as slow as he can but the friction was too strong.


Danny couldn’t hold his semen down not even for a single second as he found himself unloading all his seed inside of Desiree, but the woman wraps her legs around his waist. The hot liquid filled her insides as she moans loud and long.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it”- said Danny as he tried to pull out of her.


“Relax kid, everyone’s like that the first time”- answered Desiree.


Without parting from each other she hugs him tightly as kisses him deeply, even sucking on his tongue. Both lovers kiss and stroke each other until Danny could get hard again.  Desiree put Danny on his back as she began to ride him.


Her breast bounces in front of his eyes making him even more excited but he couldn’t last for more than a few minutes. Danny begged to let him do her “Doggystyle” once he was hard again, Desiree chuckle lightly as she commented on, he had been seeing too many porn movies.


But did as asked and bend over, Danny couldn’t get hard again so soon but Desiree instructed him to rub himself against her. The soft and warm buttocks of Desiree were mesmerizing but her anus caught his attention.


“Hey can I put in your anus?”- kindly asked Danny hoping she would say yes.     


“Fine but take the lube and spread on your dick and my asshole… it’s been a while since anyone was in there”- replied Desiree.


Danny put as much lubricant as he could on his penis and her anus. She was tighter than before, as Desiree said no one was there in a long time, he could barely describe it, the entrance was tight and firm but the inside was soft and warm.


Each stroke felt unbelievable, his blue eyes observe with morbid detail as he penetrated her over and over. But couldn’t beat his record so far and since she didn’t mind have his seed inside, Danny let go and fill her rear.


In between kissing, touching and the eventual intercourse it had reached eleven-thirty pm. Danny wanted to continue but was completely spent. His tank was empty and his penis was red slightly swollen and worse yet extremely sensitive.


“That was unbelievable, thank you so much”- said Danny in between breaths.


“I really worked up a sweat. Let’s take a shower”- replied Desiree.




The hot water made Danny have a tingly sensation on his penis the moment he touches the bathwater, even though she had done her job Desiree continue touching his genitals in a kind manner while letting him rest on her breast.


“It’s already passed midnight; are you ok staying longer?”- asked Danny not really wanting to let her go.


“You’re my only client for the day. Did you pay the room for the whole night?”- asked Desiree in return.


“Yeah”- answered the boy.


“Good, let’s stay the night”- added the tan women.


Desiree didn’t bother in getting dressed or wearing any nightgowns and insisted on Danny doing the same, even in the comfort of his home Danny never slept naked. Now he gazes over the sight of the beautiful woman in bed. The sudden sound of the television being turn on broke his trance.


“Let me order a pizza”- said Danny. Again, it was the first time he saw a naked woman eat on the bed while watching a porn movie. It was strange and exciting mix of feeling all going on at the same time.


“Danny, I don’t do this at all but here’s my number. Let’s go on a date sometime, maybe we can fuck again.”- said Desiree as she winks at him.


The boy with raven locks lay on top of his onetime lover letting their genitals kiss each other as they fall asleep.        

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