Lady of the night

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Lady of the night


Chapter seven: The Bitch house.


The moon glimmer over the beach where men, women, and children were soon going to be playing around despite it not being summer vacations being weeks away. Still, a few of the local residents took a few days off to enjoy the beach before the tourists invaded.


Sitting at the porch, Danny couldn’t help but to imagine his tan lover swimming around in a very small bikini or completely naked just like at the cabins near the lake. It was true he was paying for her time and services but for her to agree to spend two full days naked was unexpected.


He could feel his boy cock getting hard just by thinking about Desiree’s sweet asshole again. Though Danny wanted to masturbate desperately, he knew there would be not only one hole available but three in just a few minutes.


Danny still couldn’t believe Desiree called him early the previous morning just before going to school asking if he was willing to hire an additional girl for their weekend. There was no way in hell he would ever say no.


The boy pressed his back on the door while caressing his crotch as he wonders who were Desiree’s friends. The dark road was still empty and the nearest house stood two hundred meters away, though Danny’s house was very close to the beach by just some fifty meters.


Oddly enough there was a small forest made with palm trees clearly not from the regions but perhaps brought in by the government in an attempt to attract more tourism or wealthy residents lure by the exotic trees.


Even with the cover of night, Danny could see the ocean glistering under the moon and couldn’t help but to imagine seeing his tan lover swimming around. The sole idea of making love to her over the warm sands during the day made his adolescent cock nearly break out of his pants.


“I wonder if she’ll let me do her raw again.”- Danny wondered as he caresses his penis over his pants.


The bright lights of a car coming up the road broke the darkness and alerted Danny about his girls' arrival. Moving quickly, he opens the garage door with the help of a remote control, as the car enters the garage, Danny could see Penelope on the passenger seat doing air fellatio while pointing over to him while Desiree blew him a kiss.


Danny blushed upon seeing both girls as he had high hopes for the redhead to come along once Desiree asked if she could add another girl to the trip. Though he loved spending time in bed with Desiree, it was nonetheless more enticing to have Spectra again.


The sole idea of sharing a bed with three beautiful women was too great to ignore, especially upon hearing it was Penelope Spectra, the same redhead stripper who Desiree called for his late birthday party at the pigpen hotel.


Without realizing it, Danny pressed the close button and saw the garage door shut in front of him. Though he wanted to phase through the walls, that would be too risky and so he made his way through the main door.


Upon entering the house, he saw his tan lover coming out from the garage door which was located on the living room’s left wall. Danny couldn’t help but smile upon seeing Desiree coming to him wearing very tight shorts that ran up her ass and a loose blouse.


Her high heels echo within the silent room as she approached Danny with a huge smile on her face, the woman didn’t doubt a single second in landing a kiss on Danny’s lips. Her tongue made its way inside of Danny’s mouth.


It didn’t take much time for the boy to fondle her bubble butt as they kiss. Upon hearing a soft giggle, Danny broke the kiss and peak behind Desiree as he let go of her seeing a tall redhaired woman smiling at him.


“Good morning… Spectra.”- Danny greeted as he let go of Desiree noticing her short nearly translucid summer white dress and matching high heels.


Danny gulps down upon seeing the black lingerie under her see-through dress as Penelope made her towards him, her large breasts bounced up and down in rhythm to her pace. Her soft and slender finger lifts the boy by the chin.


“Good morning to you too. And call me Penelope.”- The redhaired woman said as she too kissed Danny on the lips.


Yet he couldn’t bring himself to touch her bubble butt as he did with Desiree in fear of making things awkward and due to him not having the same confidence as he did with Desiree, but it was Spectra who took his hand and guided it not to her buttocks but between her legs.


The boy couldn’t help but smile as he felt the softness and warmth of her pussy lips on his fingers. The redhead gave him the naughtiest gaze she could while seductively biting down on her lower lip which made Danny nearly ejaculate.


“No need to be shy, Danny. You’re gonna be pumping your dick in here soon enough.”- Spectra added much to Danny’s delight.


Never once had he thought an adult woman could utter such “vulgar” words before, and to him of all people, but Penelope did while holding his crotch. It was the echo a footstep that reminded Danny about the third girl who was coming over.


His eyes widen upon laying his gaze on a young blonde woman with breasts so large, they could easily rival with Desiree’s, though her sleeveless white blouse only covered her tits leaving her belly flat exposed more notable was the word “slut” written in bright pink letters.


Upon lowering his eyes, Danny could see her extremely short black skirt and two pink string which started at her visible crotch going around her wide hips. It was then that he noticed the cause of loud echo, a pair of long black stiletto boots.


“G-go-good mor-morning Mr. Daniel. I’m Dorathea Prince.”- the blonde girl couldn’t help but blushed as she stutters her words while trying her best to do a curtsy.


Dorothea gazes upon the boy who clearly was underage and probably didn’t even have any fur between his legs, it was then that she realized why Desiree was so secretive of her sugar daddy, the tan woman didn’t fear one of her friends or coworkers stealing the boy away.


If the law ever caught wind of this meeting and what both Penelope and Desiree did with the boy, meant they would be extremely lucky to get off on a prostitution charge. Yet Dora was very pleased to know it was a cute boy and not some ugly fat prick like the ones she normally served.


As far as Dorothea knew and by what she had been told by Desiree and even Penelope, the boy before her eyes was very rich despite his humble clothes. It was well known by the three women that the two-story beach house they were in was rented.


And despite this humble truth, the living room was far bigger than their own which held an enormous television, an antique liquor cabinet among expensive-looking furniture and paintings that alone was sufficient proof of the supposed wealth the boy claimed.


“This is the girl I told you about Danny.”- the tan prostitute said as she rushed behind Dorothea and squeezed her breasts.


Dora gave out a soft yelp as Desiree pinch her nipples through the blouse upon realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. The blonde whore knew she had to make a good impression on Danny if she wanted to get herself a sugar daddy.


The blonde whore didn’t have the intention of seducing Danny away from Desiree and made sure her tan friend understood that when she begged Desiree to introduce her to Danny but had high hopes the boy would recommend her to one of his rich friends.


“Why don’t we have some breakfast in the backyard”- Danny said inviting the girls.


Dora’s face sprung up with delight as she turned over to the glass door and saw the vast ocean as the sun comes out. She hadn’t been to the beach since her high school years and was looking forward to this weekend.




A few minutes later, Danny walks out from the kitchen door out into the backyard feeling the hot sun over his peach dust skin. The boy had traded his street clothes for his school trunks yet kept his T-shirt, upon approaching the table with a tray packed with pancakes made using his mother’s recipe and coffee come to noticed the girls were at the shore.


The boy couldn’t help but smile as he saw the girls were already making the most of the sun and the beach. Desiree was the first to take notice of Danny who stood in front of them watching in amazement while packing a tent in his trunks.


“See something you like sweetheart?”- Desiree teased more than questioned.


It wasn’t the first time for Danny to be at the beach and because of this had seen several girls sunbathing, but never once Danny had the immense pleasure of seeing three beautiful naked women sunbathing at the same time with their legs spread wide apart.


“I definitely see something I like.”- Danny replied with a huge grin.


Each girl had their pussies shave and wax just for Danny who moves his eyes from one hole to the next and back. By now, Desiree had grown accustomed to spent long periods of time naked in the boy’s presence, unlike with most of her clients, she enjoyed having Danny’s eyes over her.


Strange as it was, Desiree always looked forward to spending time with the boy. To feel his delicate touch as if he were handling the most delicate china, but above all to feel him thrust into her while passionately kissing.


The tan woman no longer cared for Danny’s young age as she greatly enjoyed sleeping with him more than with any other client. The money and the fancy dates were a huge plus, so were the shopping trips around town but she always looks forwards to spending some time in bed with him.


Even though Penelope came up with the idea of eagle spreading while sunbathing, she was blushing red as her hair now that Danny laid eyes over her expose nudity. Despite being a stripper, the redhead wasn’t used to having someone look at her naked in broad daylight much less to sell herself. Unlike the other two girls, Penelope wasn’t a prostitute.


She earned her living by stripping and not by opening her legs to horny overweight men though the curiosity of sleeping with a kid was too enticing for her to ignore which is why she had sex with Danny some time ago.


Penelope considered herself among the best strippers in the club having scored several hundred per night. And yet Danny’s eyes were glued to Desiree’s cunt which the redhead found rather annoying as she expected for the boy to be all over her.


Yet his erect penis was mainly due to Desiree's presence and not just because of Penelope and Dora. The three women were all beautiful and stunning but Desiree held a special place in Danny's heart and cock.


“Come on girls, let have something to eat.”- Danny said as ran his finger on Desiree’s vaginal lips.


None of the girls bothered in putting on their small bikinis as these were inside the house, and breakfast getting cold. The high walls and the distance between the house and the main beach meant there was a plentiful amount of privacy.


“My God, so this is rich people’s pancakes!”- Dorothea exclaimed as she took the first bite.


“…It’s just from the supermarket.” – Danny replied though was sure Dora didn’t hear him.


Modesty was starting to kick for the redhead as she stares at her bare breasts before moving her eyes towards Dora and Desiree who casually ate and talk completely naked as if it were the most normal thing in the world.


The redhead lowers her gaze in slight embarrassment upon seeing Desiree stand up so Danny could spread some of her pussy juice over his pancakes, it came as a little bit of a surprise to see her tan friend willingly lower herself like so.


Many times before Penelope had heard endless hours of Desiree complaining about the disgusting and degrading things men asked of her in bed. Strangest among all was one particular man who wanted to literally piss in her mouth which needless to say vehemently denied.


It was clear that Desiree enjoyed her time with Danny and didn’t just do it for money anymore. The tan woman constantly compared Danny to her clients and how he would never humiliate her or treat her wrong, but also just how much of a perverted gentleman he is.


“Danny, check this out”- Dora said as she took the bottle of maple syrup.


Penelope watch in awe as the blonde woman filled her mouth with syrup before French kissing with Danny, the honey made its way out of their lips falling on to the table. It was then that she noticed Desiree had her hand inside of Danny’s trunks. 


“I’ll put the dishes away and be right back with some stuff.”- Danny said upon breaking from Dora’s lips.


The boy had never been kissed in such an erotic fashion in his entire life before, Danny wasn’t sure what was sweeter if the syrup or Dora’s saliva. Still struggling to answer that, Danny turned around blushing and made his back into the house.


“Hurry back Danny so we can fuck on the beach!!”- Desiree yelled out.


Danny turns around with a large smile before springing into the house, it was only Penelope who was blushing red and begging no one heard her tan friend. Though that was hardly the case as the backyard was easily about a hundred meters wide.


“You girls don’t mind if I go first? Pretty please with sprinkles on top.”- Dora asked while winking.


Desiree frowned at the idea but end up agreeing to it as she wanted to swim for a while. The tan woman hadn’t been at the beach since her high school years and was yearning to take a dip at the ocean ever since Danny offered to take her there.


“Sure, we’ve been wanting to take a dip at the ocean since we got here.”- Penelope replied.




Danny left the dishes on the sink as he rushed up to the bedroom, his school backpack rested over the bed though his money was well hidden behind the wall. The sole idea of sharing a bed with three gorgeous women was too enticing yet he still needed to keep a level head.


The backpack held several of favorite condom though ultimately preferred to go in raw, there were also some anal lubricant tubes. From the window, Danny could see the naked girls talking with each other.


“Ok, Danny. You can do this. They’re gonna see you naked anyway.”- Danny said as he looks at himself in the mirror.


The boy pulls off his shirt and trunks as he stares at himself in the mirror and sprays some perfume over his chest but also sprayed some over his erect penis. Danny didn’t want to be smelling like pancakes and coffee though was too soon for a shower.  


His heart shivered with each step he took down the stairs, though before going back to the backyard, the boy made a quick stop at the kitchen to take a bottle of wine and some glasses he obtained only by overshadowing a random man.


Upon hearing the backdoor slide open all three girls turn their attention to a blushing Danny, the boy was already used to being naked in Desiree’s presence but was still apprehensive about walking naked in front of Dora and Penelope.


It would be considered rude on his side if he was the only one dressed while the girls paraded naked for him. Though in all fairness, they would be having sex in a few more minutes which made Danny hard upon simply thinking about.


Desiree was used to seeing Danny’s fully erect penis by now. Penelope, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed at all by his small cock, but Dora had never seen a child dick before and was most intrigued by it, more than what she should. Her eyes scan Danny’s body from head to toe as she took a gulp.


“You work out Danny?”- Dora asked as she found herself unable to remove her gaze from his marked abdomen.


“A little”- Danny answered with a shy voice.


Thanks to Danny’s constant ghost fights and crime-stopping adventures, earn him some decent muscle mass. He was far from competing with Dash or any jock at Casper high and with his daily clothes seem like the same puny geek.


Yet he had developed a faint six-pack which could only be seen if one were to squinted their eyes at. Dora’s gaze soon made its way once again to his boyish cock, his phimosis had been fully peeled back thanks to Desiree, and though it was completely hairless possess a good length and thickness for someone his age.


Penelope was far more interested in the bottle of wine Danny brought with him as it was her favorite bottle though she rarely drank it due to how expensive it was, only ever enjoying it on special occasions such as her own birthday.


“Is it really alright for us to drink this?”- Penelope asked as she looks over to the bottle.


The redhead loves red wine about all other drinks, though rarely ever came across something so good as what the kid brought out so casually. Her mouth watered upon seeing the red liquid within yet it made her wonder if he knew about wines or just picks something expensive believing it to be good.


“Of course, I got some more bottles if you want to take them home”- Danny added as Desiree pops her head up towards the boy.


“Why, aren’t you a generous one.”- Penelope exclaimed as she walks over to kiss Danny on the cheek.


It was then that Danny saw her kneel down putting his boyhood into her mouth, though Penelope wasn’t a prostitute it didn’t mean she lack ability. The redhead had slept with a fair number of men in her years.


There wasn’t a single weekend in which Penelope didn’t hook up with some random guy from the strip club in which she works. The woman had all night to pick out the most handsome of men who would wait long hours for her to finished her shift.


Dorothea watches in silence as she saw Penelope suck on Danny’s penis as if were made out of candy, all while he fingered the tan woman who kissed him passionately. The blonde woman couldn’t stay behind and hurried over to the trio.


“Wow! That’s one tight grip you got there”- Dora said upon feeling Danny’s unexpected strength.


Dora could feel his slender yet mighty fingers holding tightly to her large butt which many men had acclaimed, the blonde woman could help but moan as Danny’s middle finger found its way into her rarely used anus.


“I can feel him pulsing.”- Penelope thought as she continued her fellatio.


The warm “milk” saturated her mouth as Danny ejaculated, though the redhead never did enjoy the taste of cum, but dismissed it given that Danny’s mouth was too busy entertaining two tongues at the same to give her any warning beyond his cock pulsing.




Dora watched her two friends playing volleyball over the salty sea waters under the baking hot sun, the ball bounce around from one hand to another though Dora herself was also bouncing a pair balls with her ass.


“mmm… fuck… this kid is actually quite good. Not the biggest cock I had but at least he knows how to move.”- Dora thought as Danny slammed his hips unto her meaty buttocks.


The blonde woman could feel the warm sand on her palms and knees as Danny slide his penis in and out of her, there was a certain allure Danny found in having his lover on all fours. To see his penis slide inside of her while watching her large ass.


“Desiree’s butt is much bigger but her asshole feels incredible.”- the boy thought as he slammed his hips unto her.


It was very rare for Dora to use her asshole to service a client, as she always denied it even to her regulars, though a few managed to convince her. Desiree made sure that the blonde woman understood that all her holes were on the menu and she wasn’t allowed to say no.


Dora’s loud moaning distracted Penelope from her game causing her to get hit on the head with the beachball. The redhead wasn’t used to seeing a couple having sex especially in broad daylight, it was a strange sight to see such a young boy mounting a woman.


Danny’s short penis slides in and out of Dora anus making his legs tremble in delight as he lowers his body to better hold her abnormally large breasts. The boy could feel her back’s softness and warmth over his chest while he continued slamming his hips on her ass.


“You’re so fucking amazing.”- Dora exclaimed.


She wasn’t completely lying since Danny was indeed good at sex though mostly due to Desiree’s teachings and constant “practice,” but his short penis size meant he couldn’t reach all the pleasure points Dora’s regular clients did.


Even so, she was impressed by the boy’s endurance and ability to keep up the rhythm. Dora gave out a gasp upon Danny pulling her from her should on top of him, her whole bodyweight helped pierced his boyhood slightly further.


“I guess it’s my turn to move.”- Dora said between giggles.


Anal sex wasn’t Dora’s most preferred sex act but still knew how to pleasure a man with her backdoor. Her plump and very soft buttocks made a perfect cushion for Danny’s hips as she slides his boyish cock into her.


Danny grinned his teeth upon feeling Dora’s ass muscles tighten around him, the blonde woman’s technique wasn’t at the same level as Desiree’s who Danny already had in that same position several times before but still was top notched.   


“Fuck. If anyone told me I was gonna be fucking a kid I would have called them crazy.”- Dora thought as she repeatedly slammed her butt on the boy’s crotch.


She had been propositioned many times before by teens slightly older than Danny but never once did Dora agreed, the one thing she feared the most was to be arrested and have her dreams of becoming a lawyer shattered.


Working the streets was dangerous due to the drunks coming out from the bars, the constant muggings, and of course, the sick degenerates who got off on beating women. Dora was among the most affected when Vlad closed his brothel as it meant working the streets again.


“He’s a kid but he sure knows how to fuck like a man.”- Dora thought in silence as they laid on their sides.


The woman noticed Danny’s thrusting was becoming slower as he pressed his face unto her back and tightly hold on to her breasts. It was then that she felt the hot cum gushing out and filling up the condom, Dora blushed as she reached an orgasm.


Both were covered in sweat as they laid down on the warm beach sands, yet there was an undeniable satisfaction on their faces. Danny sat up thought with some trouble as he was quite tired and though he wanted to remain resting on the sand, he also wanted to see the results of his handiwork.


“Awesome”- Danny whispered as he looks upon Dora’s ass.


Her pale buttocks had a reddish glow due to the constant hip bashing and her tight anus was left with a gap that could fit Danny’s middle finger with fair ease. It was her satisfied face which made Danny feel like a champion.


“Danny! come swim with us!”- Desiree yelled out to her young lover.


“Go, have fun. I need some rest. Oh, before you leave can you get me a beer and some ice for my tushie.”- Dora said as she laid over her stomach.


Danny didn’t think twice and rushed over to the two women fooling around in the sea waters after handing Dora her drink and some ice from the cooler on the table.




Under the baking sun, Danny and his girls fooled around the beach, swimming and even sunbathing though far more modestly than the first time. It had been ages since Penelope had gone over to the beach despite living only a couple of hours away.


School and eventually her job at the strip club took most of her time and energy, vacations were nothing but a dream nowadays. Even her dream job was nowhere in sight though thanks to Danny, she was a step closer.


“Maybe I can convince him to fund me and get my own clinic.”- Penelope thought as floated on the sea waters.


As she flips around to swim back to shore, she noticed Dora was busy cooking at the girl while Desiree and Danny were making out on the beach shore. The water gently covering them though neither gave too much mind.


Penelope stood quietly for a moment staring as Danny was on top of Desiree kissing her passionately, though it would have been more romantic if she didn’t have her legs open wide apart though Danny wasn’t penetrating her as their height difference didn’t allow it.


Yet that didn’t’ stop him from rubbing his legs on her pussy while playing around with her breasts. The redhead broke her gaze away from them and walk towards Dora who was overly happy at the meat she was cooking.


“What’s cooking, doc?.”- Penelope teased as she took a soda from the cooler.


“Danny asked me to cook some steaks for lunch”- Dora replied with cheer Penelope hadn’t heard from her yet.


The blonde woman had suffered too much and perhaps this was the happiest moment so far, even if it was just for work, Dora was the one who was enjoying it the most as she was treating it like vacation though one, she desperately needed.


She never expected Danny to be some kid who hadn’t even grown any pubic hair, and even though she was gonna be grossed out once he was inside of her, yet Danny was surprisingly pleasant to be with unlike most of her clients. 


Penelope sat down on the wooden table watching her best friend making out with Danny and wondered if she was going to act like a “plate” for Danny as the ebony woman had given them a heads-up so they would be shocked if he asked anything strange.


“Strangest thing he asked was for us to stay naked. Guess he doesn’t have imagination”- Penelope said making Dora turn over.


“Honestly, I made up my to do all kinds of degrading acts. After all, he’s paying us five thousand per head. For that kind of paper, he can do whatever the hell he wants with me.”- the blonde prostitute said as she put the steaks on the table.


It was by far the best deal she had ever come across in all her career as a prostitute. A very high paid which she already got and hid inside of Desiree’s car, fancy meals, and even got to stay at a luxurious beach house which she still had to explore beyond the kitchen.


With a soft yell, Penelope called out for Desiree and Danny who cut their make-out session short. The redhead looks in silence as the couple walk over to the table, though it was Dora who giggles as she saw Desiree’s holding tightly to Danny’s erect penis.




Lunch was filled with laughter and casual chatting though it would have passed off as normal hadn’t they all been sitting naked under the bright sun. The girls heard Danny tell them about his boring school which caught Desiree’s attention the most.


“It wasn’t my fault that the test tubes fell on the floor, even so, mister Lancer made me clean the whole lab.”- Danny casually said as he cut his meat.


Though Danny was talking about the semi rundown Casper high school, the trio couldn’t help but imagine a large private school with a laboratory so well equipped that could rival with the biggest pharmaceutical lab in the country. The girls truly thought Danny attended a fancy private school as they were more than sure now that he was rich and wouldn’t go to a public school.


Penelope couldn’t help but smile as she saw Desiree poking her breasts on the sauce left on the plate for Danny to lick off. The boy sucked on her nipples like a newborn, though his hand wanders down to her legs.


“Hey Danny, why don’t we let these two handle the cleaning and you show me the bedroom”- Penelope said with a wink.


Desiree twisted her lips but understood that unlike herself and even Dora needed some time to adjust to the idea of sleeping with a kid. They also had the whole weekend to fool around so there was no hurry at all.


“Ok…”- Danny whispered before turning over to Desiree.


It was as if he wanted her permission to go and have sex with Penelope, the tan woman smiled at him while telling that she needed to work on Dora’s tan as she was too pale for her own good. With that said Danny stood up and headed over to the tall redhead.


Penelope’s heart was beating loudly as she felt Danny's hand take hold of her bare butt while guiding her to inside the house. She noticed both Dora’s and Desiree’s smile which reminded her of the time in high school when she lost her virginity to the football captain.


Neither of the girls had stepped beyond the kitchen or the living room though the latter was rather brief. Penelope was still impressed by the sheer amount of luxury within the beach house and the vast size of it.


The stairs leading up to the upper floor were passed a room that contains a pool table which made her wonder why anyone would need to set the billiard in its own room when there was plenty of space in the living room.


“Weird rich people.”- Penelope whispered as they entered the master bedroom.


Her amazement grew even more as she entered the room, it had a large television in front of a bed large it could easily fit all four residents with much space to spare. Naturally, the closest and drawers where empty as Danny didn’t live there.


Penelope suddenly became even more nervous as she knew she was about to have sex with a minor, Dora didn’t seem to mind as she often slept with hideous men for money and having to sleep with a charming young boy was a huge plus.


“No need for a condom”- Penelope said taking Danny by surprise.


Dora had been very insistent on him wearing one earlier so he assumed Penelope would also want him to use one as well. Danny’s smile was impossible to hide as the redhead took him in her arms and kissed him on the lips.


“Get a hold of yourself. You’re not some virgin and you already fucked this brat.”- Penelope thought as her hand made its way down to his penis.


Sure enough, Penelope had slept with her fair share of men in the past though mostly during her time in college, even now she randomly hooked up with one or two guys from the strip club she works at as of late.


She had also slept with Danny previously though it was in the company of Desiree as she wanted to surprised her best client with a late birthday gift. At that time, Penelope couldn’t understand why her tan best friend would stuff her pussy with cream and chocolate for Danny to eat.


The redhead wasn’t willing to go that far, not yet at least. Being already naked took away any sort of romance that sex involves, she had to shake her head a couple of times in order to recall she wasn’t with a boyfriend or a one-night stand.


“Come on in babe.”- Penelope invited as she opens her legs.


Danny licks his lips as he crawls over the bed and makes his way between Penelope’s legs. The woman’s eyes glued themselves to Danny’s baby blue eyes as these brought out blush on her face, unlike the men she normally slept with, Danny was too cute.




“Are you sure it’s ok for us to be taking turns on Danny? Shouldn’t we be all fucking his brains out altogether?”- Dora exclaimed as she opens another beer bottle.


“We’ll get to that tomorrow and go easy on the beer. This isn’t a vacation.”- Desiree replied.


The tan woman knew her redheaded friend wasn’t used to selling sex or partaking in a threesome, so she needed to adjust to the idea of sleeping with a minor. Her first time with Danny was solely on an impulse thought money had some say in the matter.


“I know, don’t worry about it, besides it’s not like there’s a lot of booze around now that Penelope packed those wine bottles.”- Dora added as she stood up and stretch her arms.


The redhead took up Danny on his offer of free booze and quickly stored the bottles in the trunk of her car before the boy had seconds thoughts about it. The blonde woman noticed a set of stairs by the left side of the house leading to a terrace on the rooftop.


“I need to work on my tan.”- Dora said as she picks up her purse from the outdoor table along with the wine bottle Penelope was so fond of.


“I go with you… though my tan is perfect already.”- the woman said causing both of them to laugh out loud.


Before following her friend, Desiree headed back inside the house to fetch her phone and earplugs, as she made her way through the kitchen, she noticed how vast and filled with all kinds of appliances it truly was though the living room left a stronger impression on her.


Desiree took her purse from the end table next to the white leather couch, for a brief moment wondered if she should skip the baking sun and relax on the couch while watching a show in the insanely large television while enjoying a cold drink.


“I can do that at home”- Desiree said as she heads over to the backdoor.


The moment the tan woman walked into the backyard her phone rang, she knew it was an update on her life invader account. Though she wanted to ignore it, Desiree had set a special ringtone for all her friends and so open the app. Desiree nearly drops her drink as she saw an update on Dora’s account.


“Enjoying a holiday with my new boyfriend.”- the text read.


Desiree couldn’t believe Dora was so foolish to put a picture of herself showing her bare tits with a wine glass in her hand and the beach house on the background. Soon the comments started to flow in, some calling her lucky while others complimenting her breasts.


The tan woman understood why Dora was posting such pictures. Her family basically disowned her once they found out she was whoring and was more than sure at least her close friends from college already knew about it too.


The terrace was equally astonishing, with several potted plants on the corner, a small bar-like structure by the right corner, and several patted benches in the middle, though it was the full view of Amity Park beach which took the cake.  


“Must I remind you that what we’re doing is illegal and could land us time in jail.”- Desiree said as she approached the naked blonde.


“Relax, I just wanted to diss my family for kicking me out.”- Dora said as she trades her phone for more wine.


“Just be careful with those posts”- Desiree firmly exclaimed.


A few moments later, Danny and Penelope walked out from a door on the opposite side of the bar, Penelope’s face was a red as her hair which in itself was a mess, both of them were breathing heavily though it was Danny who headed over to the bar and took a couple of sodas from the fridge.


The rest of the day carried on with movies and games though Danny was more interested in watching the three naked women as they pace around the house, yet none of them were interested in movies or playing billiard.


“My god I’m living a dream.”- Danny whispered as he sat down on the couch while Penelope shows her best routine.


The dining room table was made for dance but even so, its withstood Penelope’s aggressive moves as she sways her hip to the rhythms of loud hip hop music. The redhead couldn’t avoid smiling as she saw both Desiree and Dora licking on Danny’s cock.


That alone was going against every and all rules at the strip clubs she had ever worked at, but it only fueled her resolve to please the boy. It was a strange situation to be in the first place but she was making more money in a single weekend than she did in a couple of months of work.




Later that night Penelope walked out from the bathroom after a much-needed shower, though she and Dora had been given their own rooms while Desiree shared a bed with Danny, it was Dora who insisted all three should sleep in the same bed.


The redhead stops at the master bedroom’s door and sighs as she gazes upon Danny who was sleeping in between Desiree and Dora. It would have been a charming sight had all three of them be dressed.


Upon coming closer to the bed, Penelope noticed Danny’s face was buried unto Desiree’s soft breasts while Dora was hugging him from behind though her hands weren’t on his chest but over his crotch.


“I guess this makes pole sisters.”- Penelope remarked as she slides under the bedsheets next to Desiree.


To be continued.

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