Time for a change

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*As they go to the store she wants to see.*

Max: So, just how many times have you been any near the surface?
Kira: Now & once a few yrs ago.
Max: That's not offten.
Kira: It was that way all my life.
Max: Tell me something why if he didn't really want you why did he keep you?
Kira: My powers I guess.

Mean while...

Skull Master: I really hate that guy.
Warmonger: They're each others weakness now.
Skull Master: You think I don't know that it's how to use it against them is what I thinking about.
Warmonger: That should be easy.
Skull Master: What makes you think that?
Warmonger: If you catch her again we know he'll try & save her.
Skull Master: So?
Warmonger: Then, if can get him alone we make him choose between the Cap or, her between good & evil. Either way it will more than likely work for you.
Skull Master: Sometimes you good ideas.

Mean while...

Max: So, if you wanted to you can stay with me in my apartment.
Kira: I don't know.
Max: Where else could you stay?
Kira: Well, ur friends offered me that I could stay at they're place just before you did.
Max: If you don't mind me asking what did you say?
Kira: That I would have to think about it.
Max: K, So what do you see that you like?
Kira: So, far some dark blue jeans.

*Lookin' at the racks of clothes.*

Max: I think we should hurry up.
Kira: Is something wrong???

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