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This chapter will have sex in it.

What would get him talking? *she thought to herself. She takes off her shirt so, she could change it. It's now a tubetop she knew it showed more skin.*

What's wrong? She asked.

Nothing. He said.

So, let's talk about something. Kira suggested.

Like what? Max asked. not happy being pined there.

I don't know anything maybe sex if you wanted to. She said

Your difrent from most girls I know. He states.

 Is that a problem? She asked

No, no not at all. He said honestly

*She didn't like the look of her bra straps showing so, she took them off.*

Do you like sex or, are you still a virgin? She asked him.

 Why would that matter? Max asked her. 

Just asking it would just be more to talk about. She states.

How is this going to get you to trust me? He ask her.

I know you know what I could do to you if you lied to me but, I think you won't because if you do you'll lose something you might not want to lose. *She implies. Looking to where she had meant.*

I see your point. *She makes him nervous.*

So, answer my question. She tells him.

If I have to then well I've only gotten to once with a friend. Max answers her.

That answers one question.

Yes, I do like sex. I mean there aren't many that don't. *Again he answers her*


Same questions. He saids

Alright first I'm done it a couple of times but, they just didn't do it for me & yes I think I could like it. *She flat out tells him. She's still next to him runs both hands down his chest though his shirt. Then she decided to feel the skin there so, she rips the shirt off. He shivers a little at the lose but, that ends very quickly *

Very nice. 

This isn't exactly fair you realize that? He ask.

Don't care. *She looks at him then runs her hands down his chest again she then licks him once then moves her hands go lower her hands were now on one leg & the other on his crouch & squeezes him there he started to get harder.. As she plays with him.*

I think I know what your thinking you want to do. *She smiles seductively at him.*

Really? She teases.

Yeah, you've made THAT very clear.  He said.

So? * She takes her shirt & bra off in front of him.*

Kira: Do you like what you see? She asked simply.

I'm not going to lie yes I do. Thinking ~what the hell.~

Do you want to feel them? *Teasing as she asked.*

Yes. She rubs her breast on his chest after that she undoes his belt. Max: Why not release me from the wall so, I can hopefully please you. *hoping this would work.*

I'll tell you what I'll let your arms down some so, you can be more comfortable how's that for a start? Kira asked.

Fine. *She does what she said.*


Yes, thank you. *Happy to have his arms free*

*She unzips his jeans & pulls them down to his feet. *

Why not take off your skirt so, we match? *At this point Just wanting to see more.*

Not yet. *she releases his legs takes off shoes & socks then the pants are off.* you promise you won't run away? Kira asked.

Max: I won't run away. Kira: Good *She releases him but, just to be on the safe side she hid his cloths thous far.*  Kira: Go to my bed now. Max: Now, I didn't say I'd do what you said but, it would be more comfortable there. *He sits on the bed.* Max: Nice bed. Kira: Thanks. *He kisses her she kisses back their hands roaming the others body. He sucks & licks her nipples.*

MMm feels good. *His hands slides down her body to the waist line of her panties then lower feeling the wetness that was there. The other hand was playing with her breast. Her hands where in his hair. He starts to slide them off of her they were slide half way down to her ass. His lips going down past her breast to her belly botton. She kisses his neck at times licking it then niped at it. She then pushes him gentaly on it.*

Kira: First let's get rid of these. *He helps her with his boxers & takes them off careful not to go to fast because of the bulge there. She looks him over first noticed his eyes & shade of the blue they were. One thing she noticed was that he looked like he worked out but, not to much. He does the same to her. To the shade of her eyes. Like how nice her breast looked & felt. She noticed that he had nice hands with long fingers.*

Max: So, how do you wanna do this? Kira: We'll just let nature guide us. Max: ok. *That said she kisses his lips & then all over his body. She strokes his already hard cock slowly she straddles him then very slowly lowers herself down on his member.*

mmM... *He can feel her tight walls around him. {Oh wow she's tight.] he thought. Max: Move when ready. Kira: I will. *not long after that said she starts to ride him. Above him her breast bonced softly at first. He thrust into her slowly. She goes down farther on his member taking more in. his hands bring her closer to him so, he can play with her breast all he wanted to. Then he moves one on her ass. When he wasn't paying attention she took his watch off so, at least it could seem time stopped. Kira: Fuck me harder! He does. She moves faster on him. (If this keeps up I don't how long I can last.) he thought to himself. She kisses him on the lips then he licks her bottom lip. She opens her mouth he sticks his tongue in her mouth feeling everything there. He flips them over now he's on top. she wraps legs around his waist bringing him all the way into her. Moving even faster & harder than it had been all night. He feel he's about ready to cum.*

OMG Max! she screams out as she orgasims. Not long after he came as well. Stated he moved from on top of her. she snuggles close to him. He wraps a arm around her lays his head on her breast. Falls to sleep first not that he tried to. She watches her sleeping lover. he moves a bit. she gets up to get his clothes at least the ones still able to be worn so, she wouldn't forget later. Puts them on a chair then distroys his underwear in case there was a next time. She went back to bed & got back in.


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