Time for a change

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Max thinking to himself. She's actually a very hot woman I mean if it weren't for the way it is at the moment I could really go for her.


Kira: Why so quite?


For the moment having her hands in the back of her. Snaping out of his thoughts.


Max: What?


Kira: I could ask you the same. 


From where he was he could see down her shirt. Thinking to himself not bad not at all.


Kira: What are you looking at?


She realizes what is he was looking at & decides to not say anything about it at the moment because she had been looking him up & down liking what she saw. 

Trying not to blush from getting caught. 


Max: Nothing why?


Kira: Because that's not what it looked like to me.


she somewhat smiles. 


Max: Really? 


Kira: Yep.


Max: If you say so. 


Although what she was wearing wasn't helping him to keep his thoughts from going else where or, reacting to it.


Max: Look to tell the truth I'm not real happy about being sent here.


Kira: Then why did you I mean seriously do you always do what others tell you?


Max: No, & besides I have reasons why I'm here.


Kira: What reason could that be? arches her brow. 


Max: I can't tell you just yet.


Kira: I hope you realize your stuck here until you tell me.


Max: I don't think that would be a good idea for either of us. 


Kira: It may not be but, like I told you before I don't trust you yet. 


Max: What would I have to do for you to trust me & why the hell me being on the wall thing?


Kira: I'll let you know when I'm ready for you to know.


Max: Would it be alright if I call you by your first name seeing that's what I know at the moment.


Kira: Sure.


Max: Kira, tell me something why the wall thing I mean really.


Kira: I'm thinking on what to do with you. 


She walks up to him & just to shock him she kisses him. While she gentely moves her fingures down his face & neck.


Max: Why did you do that not that I actually mind it.


He knew much more of that it wouldn't be hard for her to know how get to him not that she didn't already.


The fact was she was close even if she hadn't realized it yet.


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