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Kira: What do you mean by that?

*Covering herself with a sheet as she moved to get dressed.*

Max: Well, I need to tell you something.
Kira: An that is?

*Knowing that she could do some real harm to him or, even kill him if she chose to.*

Kira: Well? she asked again.
Max: I'm the one people call The Mighty One. *scared for his life, heart racing like mad.*

*She without realizeing flung him againest the wall.*

Kira: Is that some sick kind of joke?
Max: Ouch! No it's the truth so, what are you going to do now that you know?

*knowing that what he just said could easly get him killed but, he also knew she would've found out sooner or, later.*

Kira: You're the one he wanted me to.

*She so was in shock so, she just stopped talking & looked away.*

Max: Yeah I'm the one he wants you to kill.
Kira: I can't & won't.
Max: I almost want to know why & yet I don't.
Kira: Well, if you think about that it's that not hard to figure out.
Max: That's basicly true but, just tell me so, I know I'm not guessing & why did u throw me againest the wall?
Kira: Well, there's the fact that you're destined to kill him.

~I mean I can finally be free~ she thought.

Max. Well that's one thing I guess.
Kira: You don't care for it do you?
Max: No, not really I hate the idea of killing anything or, one.I think I know why you sometimes feel you won't make it, you feel alone.
Max: Yes, at times.
Kira: If it makes you feel better sometimes I feel the same way sometimes.

*Trying to let him know he wasn't alone.*

Max: Really I don't see how considering what you've done in the past.
Kira: I can't change the past you know that I don't have the power to do that.

*Getting somewhat mad because she has never been near him & in the same turn she knew him too well & it scared the hell him.*

Kira. Like I've told you I'm not the killer he wants me to be & in that alone there can be a danger.
Max: But, you still do it.
Kira: If I did all that he's told me to do you'd would have been dead the moment you told me who you are.
Max: Are you sure you don't want to because you Threw me hard againest that wall.
Kira: Sorry didn't mean to I was just shocked.

*Getting angery...*

Max: I need to get outta here.
Kira: Well, I wasn't the one who said trust me & you did you lie to me.
Max: I thought I had to & I may not have said this but, if you really want help getting out then we need to work together.
Kira: Why, so you can lie again?
Max: Look I'm very awear you haven't been around many people but, you should know that most will lie when they're life is in danger.

*She was almost done dressing. He was done.*

Max: Where did my underwear go?
Kira: Don't know, don't care.
Max: Why me? more himself than anyone else.
Kira: Do you know what can happen to me if he finds out?
Max: I'll do what I can to protect you if you do this.
Kira: Promise?
Max: Yes but, answer a question for me would ya?
Kira: Deppends on what it is.
Max: Why don't you fight him you seem like the stronger of the two?
Kira: Because I would be alone in doing so.
Max: So?
Kira: He would find away to kill me & I'm afraid I don't want to die just yet.
Max: I understand.
Kira: Now you tell me something.
Max: What?
Kira: What's it like where you live?
Max: You'll have to wait & see so, how do we get out?
Kira: I may have a idea.
Max: An that is?
Kira: Can you act?
Max: Some why?
Kira: You'll need to act like your dead he won't keep you after that.
Max: But, what do we do with this? *pointing to the hat.*
Kira: I'll hide it & when we're clear I'll give it back to you.
Max: So, how long do you think we'll have?
Kira: Not long.
Max: So, how about you wear something you can keep the cap hidden?
Kira: How's the weather today?
Max: Couldn't tell ya haven't been out today you know that & how long have I been here anyways?
Kira: Two maybe three days.
Max: Shit! Your kidding right?
Kira: No.

Mean while....

Norman: I hear vocies.
Virgil: So, do I.
Norman: Just how did you manage to get lost?
Virgil: I really can't tell you because I don't know. [miffed]

*They walk toward the sound they see a enterence to a room from where they where they could see them. *

Norman: He's alright.
Virgil: I'm glad.
Norman: She's with him.
Virgil: Good.

*They heard some of what the others where saying.*

Max: So, are you ready, yet?
Kira: Yes but, ur not.
Max: How's that?
Kira: Think about it.
Max: Oh, realizeing what she meant.
Kira: Well, I guess I could try & fool him into thinking we fought.
Max: Really?

Mean while...

Virgil: What are they talking about?
Norman: I think they have a plan of they're own.
Virgil: Sounds like it.
Norman: I'll still be on the ready in case anything goes wrong.

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