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*The only way she would go with them was if Max went with her mainly because she trust him the most at this point. When they got there both of the other kids where home.*

Norman: Kids we're home.

Nick: Hey dad, how did it go?

Norman: Good no, one hurt Nick get you sister.

Nick: Dad what's going on?

Norman: Just go get her I'll tell you both when you get back.


Nick: Ok.

Goes up the stairs. (Because in this they live in apartment)

Nick: Chris dad wants to tell us something & won't tell either of us alone.

Christa: Why is something wrong?

Nick: Have no clue.


Christa: Well, it's got to be something big or, he would have had you tell me. I'll be right there.                                                                                  

Nick: Good, meet you in the living room.                                             

*Nick goes back down the stairs & tells them that Christa will be down in little bit.*


*He looks in the room & see's Max in the living room with a young woman.*


Nick: Hey, Max how's it going?


Max: Hi, Nick & everything is going well.


Nick: Who's your friend? *he smiles.*


Max: A friend of mine.


Kira: My names Kira. She tells Nick.


Nick: Mine is Nick, but I think you heard that. So, Kira do you have a last name?

Kira: Not that I remember.

Nick: That's a little weird.

Kira: Things are as they are at least for the time being.

Nick: That's true.


*They Hear Chris come down the stairs.*

Chris: Nick, tell me you haven't forgotten your manners. she teased

Nick: No, I haven't Sis.


*She notices the company.*


Chris: So, what's going on this time, Max?

Max: Hi to you Christa & why is every time I do make it over here you think some thing's wrong?

Chris: Because that's how it is normally.

*Not knowing why this woman was in her mind going after her boyfriend/lover Kira goes on the defense.*

Kira: I would back of if I where you.* Looking right at Christa.*

*Not in least bit afraid of using her powers on someone who she thought was going to start something.*

Nick: What the fuck is that?! *seeing the power in her hand.*

Max: I would back off, Chris if I where you I'll tell you guys more when your dad comes back.

(Norman had stepped away to think of away of telling them who the girl is.)

Max: Kira, no she's not going hurt us.

Kira: Are you sure about that?

Max: Yes, I'm sure & besides aren't I the one who's protecting you from the bad guys. Anyway if they where  going to be a problem my friends & I wouldn't have brought you here.

*He doesn't tell her that he wants to fuck her now but, when their alone he plans to. She stops the power in her hand. Norman comes back. Chris whiter than normal at this point. she moves as far as she can from the girl.*

Norman: What did I miss? seeing something had or, was going to.

Christa: She's I don't know a freak or , something u should see what she can do! *very scared still.*

Nick: I wouldn't start w/ the name calling Chris.

Christa:  Who's side are u on Nick?!

Nick: Right now no ones.


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