Time for a change

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Norman: Do you think he's all right?
Virgil: I think so.
Norman: You think he's alright I just don't like the way that sounded I think we should go look for him.
Virgl: Your right it has been to long.

*They start searching...*

*They had fallen asleep after they made love he had just woken up. She was slightly awake as well.*

Kira: Hey. she said quitely to him.
Max: hi.
Kira: I just thought I tell you that what you did was perfect.
Max: Thanks, same to you.

*She smiles at him. He smiles back he knew he had to tell her some of what she had wanted to know before they did what they did. The problem was he no idea how she would react to it. She looks at him.*

Kira: Is there something wrong, Max?
Max: No, not at the moment.
Kira: Good.

*He needed more time think about what was wrong things like what would she do if he told her that he was the Mighty One or, what was the fight she was having with Skullmaster all about? That kind of thing.*

Kira: I know you want to ask me something so, just ask.
Max: Alright if promise me something.
Kira: An that is?
Max: Don't get mad about what I'm going to ask.
Kira: Deppends on what you ask.
Max: Like how old are you?
Kira: Why, does it matter now?
Max: Just so, you know I'm 24 yrs old.
Kira: Ok.
Max: When I found this place meaning the enternce to the underground, what were fighting about with that guy?
Kira: It was do to something I don't like doing.
Max: An if you don't mind me asking what was that?
Kira: He wanted me to kill someone.
Max: Why?
Kira: He feels this person wants to distroy him so, he wants me to kill him & I said No flat out.
Max: So, you've killed before?
Kira: Yes, what's with the questions?
Max: Just wonderng.
Kira: Hell of time to ask them I'll tell you that much.
Max: I realize that.
Kira: If you say so.
Max: Where do you really wanna be?
Kira: Out of this place away from here other than that I don't really know.
Max: How did you get here if you don't mind me asking?
Kira: All I know is what I was told.
Max: Please tell me.
Kira: Why do you wanna know?
Max: Because if I know then maybe in that lies your freedom.

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