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Max: How can you do that?
Kira: All I really need to do is think about hard enough to make them see what I want to.
Max: That's very cool but, what will happen to you?
Kira: I don't know I've never done it for more than a few moments at a time.

*Conserned for her.*

Max: I don't want you to get hurt or, killed by this.
Kira: I know but, is it any worse than being traped & seeing a lover gettin' killed.
Max: Just be careful.
Kira: I'll do my best.

*Not knowing they were being watched he moved behind her & wraps his arms around her & kissed on the lips softly.
She kisses him back.*

Mean while...

Virgil: They seem close already.
Norman: I can see that.
Vigil: I think they did more than just talk.
Norman: No kidding.
Virgil: Well, if it worked I guess it'll be ok.
Norman: Speak for yourself.
Virgil: Your just mad because you couldn't just get her out.
Norman: That maybe but, expect that they'd may have you know.
Virgil: You knew there was a chance of it & besides we don't know that they did anything of that sort.

Mean while...

Max: So, what will everyone be seein'?
Kira: It will look like I blasted you in the chest.
Max: Ouch, sounds painfull.
Kira: It would have been for all about 3 seconds then it would have been over for you right then & there.
Max: Did you time how long it takes?
Kira: Not me but, HE did & told me.
Max: That's sick.
Kira: I know.
Max: So, just wounderin' what kind of damage would have happened?
Kira: Do you really want to know because if you do then I'll show you rather than tell you?
Max: You can do that?
Kira: Sometimes.

*Rather than explain she showed him very little of it.
He saw a gapeing hole where his heart is or, was deppending on if you saw what she was going to project.*

Max: Please, if you ever get mad at me I beg you not to do THAT to me.
Kira: I won't I promise.
Max: K.
Kira: We need to get moving.
Max: K.
Kira: So, till we get to a point your going to have act dead & before you ask it's because I can project an image but, if they want help me move your "dead' body it's a weight thing.
Max: Oh, but I do have one more question.
Kira: That is.
Max: The temp thing?
Kira: That's not hard to do but, you maybe very cold till we'll out.
Max: Why?

*She started to make him colder.*

Max: Shit!
Kira: I did tell you.
Max: Couldn't have you just say it did it so, that wouldn't be a problem.
Kira: I didn't think of that.

*she made the adjustments.*

Kira: Better?
Max: Yes.
Kira: Good.

*They to find the opening to the surface world.*

Max: So, what now?
Kira: Well, as far as I know there's only 1 way out.
Max: That is?
Kira: The Cap.
Max: Well then we need to find the portal that leads out of here.

*Not long after saying that they meet up with Norman & Virgil.*

Max: Hi, guys.
Both of them: Hey.
Norman: So, what took ya?
Max: I was just talkin' with her.

*moving so, they could get a better look at her. For the first time in years her real father saw her & is glad she's alive.*

Max: So, where's the portal to get out of here?
Virg: Just ur left a few steps.
Max: Come on we need to go.
Kira: I know but, are you sure everyone will be safe if I go with you.
Max: Just remember what I promised you & I promise to try & keep it.
Norman: What did you promise her?
Max: Basicly that until she's use to our part of the world I would try & keep her safe. Max said.

Not paying attenion to who was behind him.

Skull Master:That maybe harder than you think.

They all turn around to see him she trys to hide behind Max.

Skull Master: That'll do you little good you little brat.
Max: Leave her alone!
Skull Master: Now, why would I give her up with all the help she can be...
Max: The fight is between you & I. stated Max.
Skull Master: As always but, now I may have this young woman do some of the damage for me.
Kira: I won't do it! she said behind from behind Max.
Skull Master: You have nothing to say about it, my daughter.
Kira: I won't do it then what will you do?
Skull Master: You already know the answer to that.

Max whispers in her ear.. It'll be ok, don't worry.

Kira whipsers back... How do you know?

Max: I've fought him before.

*In anger Skull Master pulls out his sword & thrust it at Max's neck. Norman's there to block any harm to him well them he thought to himself.*

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