Time for a change

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Disclaimer: I do not own Mighty Max, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I don't own anything, or anyone from the show. I don't own any of the songs I may add to this. It's a future fic so in this Max is about 23. Please no flames. 


*Over time his life had become rutine. What he was about to find out may change his life.*


Max: So, what are we up to today? 


Virgil: We are searching for a person that maybe able to help you with destroying our enemy.


Max: Isn't that my job.?


Virgil: It is, but everyone needs help sometimes & when the time comes you may need the help.


Max: Not that I'm conplaning but, I thought I had do this stuff basicly by myself.


Norman: Things change.


Max: That they do.


Later that day they found themselves in Skullmaster's lair.


Max: What are we doing here?


Norman: The person we're looking for is here.


Max: Oh, grate so how do you plan on getting to this person anyway?


Virgil: Just do what you do best wing it.


Smileing to himself.


Max: If I did do this what dose this person look like so, I know who I'm looking for.? 


Norman: A very attractive young woman.


Max: Ok, very cool so where is she?


Virgil: Not sure actually.


Max: Oh, just perfect.


*Just when he said that his arch enemy came in the room fighting with a young woman. He couldn't hear what they were fighting about but, it didn't look good.*


Mean while...


Skullmaster: You know what I told you to do.


Kira: I'm not doing it!


Skull Master: Oh yes, you are!




Skull Master: You know what'll happen if you don't.


*She stalks out of the room. *

Mean while...


Max: Was that her?


Norman: Yes.


Max: From what I can tell she's broarder lined on her loyloties.


Virgil: Well, that's actually where you come in is to be friend her so, she'll be on our side.


Max: I don't like the idea of being used like that. 


Mean while... Kira things to herself * Why's it so important that I stay here?*


*She could feel someone watching her. Max left to go find her & for what seemed like forever he finally found her. She was sitting by a table in the room & from looking around the room you'd think she was a normal young woman. Like for example she had pictures of the hottest new actor on her walls of her room. A stero on one side of the room & on the other a computer. The stero was playing. the song Here with me By: Dido was playing. *


Max thinking... What's makes her different from other women her age?


Just then she had used her powers.


Max to himself ... how the hell did she do that?


*Not realizing he had said that out loud she turned to see where that sound come from. He had tried to hide from view but, it was to late she had seen him.*


Kira: Who the hell are you? Prepareing to use her powers if she had to. 


Max: Wait! *trying to keep from getting blasted & die.*


Kira: One last time who are you?


Max: My name is Max & I mean you no harm.


Kira: Then why are you here & how did get down here anyway? *guving him a look of curiosity.*


Max: I can't tell you that at the moment.


Kira: Why is that? *still at the ready.*


Max: I'll explain what I can to you but, first please put your hand down. asked very nicely but, before he could say or, do anything else she flung him against a wall & tied him to it.


Max: What's this for?


Kira: It's just a way for me to know you can't do anything to me.


Max: I told you I won't.


Kira: People lie. 


Max: I know that but, not everybody does though.


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