Time for a change

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Skull Master: Stay out of this, you!
Norman: No.
Skull Master: This between me & the 'Mighty One'.
Max: Yes it is so, leave the woman alone.
Skull Master: Tell you what, I'll make you a deal.
Max: That is?
Skull master: If you beat me you can live & keep the cap for now.
Max: I can guess what'll happen if I lose
Skull Master: You know your still the young fool you were when you started this your just older.
Max: You may think that but, I wouldn't count on that how does this sound if I win you let all us live, I keep the cap & you let her choose where she wishes to be & if I do lose she remains safe.
Skull Master: Fine.

*They shake.*

Norman: You know you can't trust him, Max..
Max: I know, but I have a promise to keep to someone.
Kira: I don't want you killed.
Max: I'm not going to try & get killed.
Kira: He'll cheat.
Virg: This is risky, Mighty One. 
Max: I know Norman, & please keep her safe.
Norman: I'll do all I can.
Kira: Please don't do this I beg you.

*He perpares for the fight that was going to happen anyway.*

Skull Master: Are you ready, Mighty Max? 
Max: As best as I can be.

*Max goes in to a deffence stance. The fight's about to begin.
Skull Master starts the attack. Max counters it. "

[What to do I know he'll cheat somehow but, when?] Max thought to himself.

[I play this out for a bit then finish it forever.] Skull Master thought.

Kira: Do you think he can win?
Virg: If it goes the way it's destined to he will.

*His goons in the wing in case he begins to lose. He knew the one possible weakness that the Mighty one may have to bring him down this time. He looks at the girl who he raised as his own. Max notices this.*

Max: Remember you promised not to envole her.
Skull Master: I never said that I said she wouldn't be hurt & that's it.
Max: Tell me something will you.
Skull Master: What is that? thinking he maybe stalling.
Max: How on earth can she be your child when you don't seem to have what it takes for that?
Skull Master: Why you!
Max: I'm just asking.
Kira: You shouldn't have said that.

*The acttack begain. She look on in fear for her lover & the man he was fighting because in a odd way she still loves him.*

She wanted to bring a end to this but, how? she thought.

Norman: You know why he's fighting don't you?
Kira: Becasue he wants out of here for one thing...
Norman: Yeah, that's one reason.

*She watches the goons.They are going to anbush him. She start to bring her power to the surface.*

Norman: What are you doing?
Kira: If he's going to get back up so, will the Mighty one.
Norman: But, ur not to do anything.
Kira: Neither are they but, they will I can feel it.

*They move to attack She stops them in they're tracks.*

Skull Master: Don't interfer girl.
Kira: I wasn't I was just keeping ur goons from joining u.

*He looked at her like he wanted to kill her at that moment.
He decided to go ahead with that thought because where he stood she had choosen what side she wanted to be on. He aimed a acttack at her. Max saw this not even sure he could get there in time if needed but, she was for the most part protected either by his friends or, her own power.*

Max: Nira watch out!

*She see's the blade & moves just before a fast moving blade went by her head.*

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