Unusual Dreams (redo)

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Last night

Kim walked into the shack and stripped her clothes.  She walked into the bathroom and took a shower to wash off the sweat and get herself clean for the night she was about to have.  After cleaning herself she walked, without her clothes, to her room and saw all four of the guys standing and waiting for her as naked as she was.

She smiled and simply laid down on her bed trusting them to already have things in order.  Paulo placed his hand between her legs and played with her clit and sucked on her nipple.  Kim let out small moans under his ministrations and see the other guy stroke their hard cocks and when she was good and wet Paulo moved his hand and set himself between her legs. 

Paulo lined his thick cock with her soaking wet pussy and pushed into her.  Kim let out a loud moan and felt a small orgasm take her as he pumped in and out of her.  He started off slow and built up till he could feel his balls bouncing off her ass and then let his seed into her young pussy.

Kim felt his warmth enter her and when he finished he pulled out and let Emilio take his place.  Kim felt Paulo’s cum leak out as Emilio entered her pussy and pumped in and out of her.

‘I’m going to miss this.’ Thought Kim as she saw Paulo walk out of the room, she knew he wasn’t done and wanted her to himself later, and enjoyed Emilio fucking her.

Kim could see Raul and Juan stroking their cock to help with the shear hardness and tried to think of a way to get Emilio off quickly because she wanted them to cum inside her. 

“Come on Emilio cum inside my young pussy.  Fill me up with your seed, don’t worry we can fuck later and go for as long as you want.” Said Kim

Sweat formed on Emilio’s forehead and Kims chest as he grunted and came inside Kim, filling her with his seed.

Emilio pulled out and Juan put his dick into her and hammered her pussy.  He grunted and groaned as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, his ball bounced off of Kim’s ass as her breasts moved with each thrust and she felt his cock move in and out of her pussy.  Kim was enjoying the large number of orgasms she had already had when another large one rocked her body as well as Juan letting out a grunt and his seed into her.  She was always amazed at how much he shoots out and this time was no different.  After he pulled out she could feel his cum leaking out her pussy and Raul just stood there his hand moving up and down his long cock.

‘Does he want to cum on me?’ thought Kim, “Hey now, you know your only allowed to cum inside me.”

“Yea I know but I just want to look at you and cum fast.” Said Raul as he moved between Kims legs and lined his dick at her opening.

Raul shoved his long cock into Kim as she let out a loud moan from a small orgasm taking her.  He grabbed her left breast and pinched her nipple as he thrusted his hard cock as deep as he could go into her wet pussy.  Kim had another orgasm as she felt his seed fire into her pussy, she knew it was quick, but it was just what she needed.

“Thanks Raul I’ll make it up to you later.” Said Kim

“No problem and I can’t wait for my turn.” Said Raul as he pulled out.

Kim felt everyone’s cum leak out of her pussy as she just laid in her bed.  Everyone had already walked out of her room and Kim tried to get back up and found that she was to tired.

‘Fuck I got ahead of myself, if I hadn’t gotten use to this I would already be passed out.’ Thought Kim as she forced herself up but found that she just couldn’t continue.

“Whoa Kim take it easy, take a quick nap and then we’ll wake you up in a couple of hours.” Said Raul

“No way I need to keep going.” Said Kim as she felt her eyelids get heavy

“Paulo and Emilio are already passed out in the hallway and Juan’s making some food to keep us going but it’ll take a minute.  So, there’s no harm in taking a break.” Said Raul but his words never reached her.

Kims eyes were closed and he could hear a small snore coming from her.  He had a small smile and covered her with her sheets and walked out.  Emilio was asleep just outside her door and Paulo was passed out in his bedroom floor with his feet sticking out of his doorway.  Raul walked to the kitchen to see Juan preparing a meal for everyone.

“What are you making?” asked Raul

“Something easy to make and quick to cook.  I need a nap just as badly as those three.” Said Juan, “Why the hell are we so tired?  We haven’t been this tired all week.”

“We’ve been fucking her almost nonstop all week, we’re finally hitting a wall.  I’ll set an alarm for a couple of hours from now and you get some rest to.” Said Raul

Juan nodded and put the meal in their fridge and went to his room for a well-deserved nap.

Kim woke up a couple of hours later of her own volition and stretched away what little soreness she was feeling.  She walked out of her room and saw Emilio sleeping outside her door and Paulo’s feet sticking out of his room.  She was beginning to feel a warmth in her stomach and was hoping that one of the boys was up in one way or another.  While she could see that two of them were clearly sleeping she opened the door to Juan and Raul and saw, to her dismay, that they were asleep and she wasn’t willing to wake them up. 

Kim noticed that Paulo’s cock was hard and the way he was lying down seemed off.  She couldn’t quite place it but she was sure he wasn’t sleeping anymore.  She walked up to him and noticed that his eyes had stopped moving, a sure sign someone was in REM sleep, and that he was awake.  She had a sly smile at his cleverness and figured she would just play along.

“Oh my here I am with a wet pussy and no cock to put in it whatever will I do.” Said Kim teasingly

Paulo let out a moan and moved his hips to get his cock to sway from side to side.

“Well what do we have here?  It’s a nice hard cock but the person its attached to is asleep.  IF I did anything to him it would be rape and I don’t do that, no not at all.”

Paulo let out a groan.

“What’s that? Are you trying to tell me something?”

Paulo shifted his hips to point his dick in her general direction.

“But your asleep, that would be wrong to fuck you.”

Paulo let out a moan.

“Your right fucking you is wrong, but using my mouth isn’t wrong right?”

Paulo smiled.

“Glad you agree.”

Kim got down on the floor between his legs and ran her tongue up the length of his dick and engulfed the head of his thick cock.  She bobbed her head up and down while she used her left hand to message his pendulous balls while her right hand went up to his chest and lightly scratched his six pack abs.

“I feel like Sleeping Beauty, give me a kiss to wake me up.” Said Paulo

“Genders are flipped and I’m kissing the other head.” Said Kim as she went right back to sucking him off.

“Hey it works.”

Kim continued moving her head along his shaft until she felt his cock get bigger and knew he was about to blow.  She didn’t want to swallow his cum this time so she removed him from her mouth and stroked him till he finished on both her face and his chest.

“Round 2.” Said Paulo

“Lets clean up first.” Said Kim as she got up and got a towel to clean up the mess. 

After cleaning both her and Paulo she had him lie down in his bed and took his hard cock into her hungry pussy.  She bounced up and down on his cock while letting out small moans, Paulo slapped her ass with his left hand and grabbed her breast with his right.  She felt several orgasms wash over her when Paulo came and shot his seed into her warm pussy.

“Just what I needed, anything else you want to do?” asked Kim

“Not really, I just enjoy fucking you.” Said Paulo

“Really then think you can go a third round?”

“Yea but that’s going to be it for a while, lets do it doggie.” Said Paulo as Kim got into position.

Paulo stroked his cock to get it hard while Kim thought about what the other guys would probably want.

‘Juan’s probably going to want to fuck me in the kitchen, something he always wanted to do but we haven’t gotten around to.  Raul’s going to want me to suck his dick under his desk, defiantly seems like his favorite thing to do.  Emilio is the one I have no idea and Paulo is so simple, he’ll fuck me anywhere and oh there we go, a nice thick cock in me.’ Thought Kim

Paulo entered Kim and thrusted in and out of her pussy as hard and as fast as he could.  Kim could feel her breasts sway with each thrust and feel his balls slap against her clit, giving her more pleasure and causing her to orgasm after several minutes of rough fucking.  She liked how straightforward he was with her and that he understands where he stands with her.  He wants nothing but sex from her and she was fine with that.  Paulo grabbed her ass to give him more leverage to ram harder into her overly wet pussy.  She could feel herself run down her legs when she heard Paulo let out a moan and fired off into her pussy for a third time that night. 

‘God I think I’ve finally met my match.  This woman is going to kill me.’ Thought Paulo as he pulled out of Kim’s tight pussy and saw his cum leak out. 

Kim heard Juan call out that food was ready.  She got up and cleaned herself up to go join everyone else.  It was just a light snack to keep everyone’s energy up and Paulo ate the most because of how drained he already was. 

“Alright everyone if your done eating I want to spend some time with Juan.  Poor guys been working to keep us going yet I haven’t giving him any attention.” Said Kim

Everyone nodded and walked out, except for Kim and Juan.  Kim helped pick up the dishes and throw away the excess food and place the dishes in the sink.

“So need help with anything?” asked Kim, naked as the day she was born.

“Sure if you want to dry and put the dishes away I’d like that.” Said Juan as he turned on the faucet.

With only minimal difficulty finding the place for each dish they washed them and every time Kim had to bend down to put a pot or pan away Juan would stop and look at Kims naked ass and pussy.

“Oh, my what do we have here?” asked Kim as she started playing with Juans hard cock. 

“Sorry couldn’t help but stare.”

“Don’t worry if I didn’t want you to stare I would have put on clothes.  So you want me to take care of that?” asked Kim as she felt her pussy get wetter at the thought.

Juan pulled the plug from the drain and washed off the inside of the sink.  “Yea bend over here and put a tit in each sink.”

Kim smiled and bent over the sink.  Juan got behind her and aimed his cock at her entrance using the tip of his dick to tease her clit and then pushed himself into her tight pussy. 

“That’s what I’m talking about.  You let out a big load where ever you want.” Said Kim as she felt him thrust in and out of her soaked pussy.

Juan was pounding into harder than usual, his large balls slapping against her clit with enough force that they were making an audible sound.  He finally gets to fuck her in the kitchen and he was going to enjoy every minute of it.  Her loud moans, the way her red hair cascaded down her back and the way her ass jiggled with each thrust.  Juan could feel the cum in his ball go up his cock and finished inside her eager pussy.  Kim could feel his warmth shooting inside her and was filled to the brim with his seed.  When he pulled out she could feel it running down her legs.

“Where the hell do you keep all of it?” asked Kim

“What do you mean?”

“Your cum, you let out almost twice the amount that everyone else does.” Said Kim as she got up and wet a piece of cloth to wipe herself with, “I mean your balls are a little bigger then everyone else’s.  But you let out a lot more than anyone else I’ve been with.”

“Really how many men have you been with?” asked Juan

“Just you four and Ron, granted not a lot of people to compare but I’ve seen enough porn to know when someone lets out a lot.” Said Kim

“Well I don’t really know I’ve always been like that.” Said Juan

“Surprised you don’t have any kids, you let out a baby making amount every time.” Said Kim as she wiped off Juans seed.

“What can I say it’s a talent.” Said Juan as he smirked

“So need me for anything else?” asked Kim

“No I’m good who you gonna go see next?”

“I was thinking Emilio.  Looked like he took me leaving the hardest.”

“Yea he’s the youngest and really seem to take a shine to you.”

It was the one thing Kim hadn’t thought of.  The fact that one of the guys might take a liking to her and want more from her then she would be willing to give.  Granted it was nowhere near like he was in love with her but it is more then she would like.  She found out that he was always shy around women and had a hard time talking to them.  It was one of the reasons why he came out here, he wanted to make a lot of money and develop his body in the hopes that it might give him more confidence so he might finally get himself a girlfriend.

Then suddenly in comes Kim, a beautiful redhead that is always willing to have sex with him. She listens to him and has genuine conversations with him, mostly about electronics and machines the kinda stuff Wade would like to talk about.  She would listen and now she’s been getting the impression that he might be starting to like her.

‘Times like these makes me wish these guys are more like Paulo.  Just use me for sex and be done with it, after all I’m still a friend to him and yet we have sex daily.’ Thought Kim walked into the living room to put some clothes on.

She knew he wasn’t going to want to have sex with her, he seemed like he has the lowest sex drive out of all of them, which really isn’t saying much since he still had sex with her every day.  She opened the door to his shop room and saw him working on a pair of headphones, they use them to hear each other. 

“Hey Kim come on in.” said Emilio without looking up from his workbench.

“Hey.” Said Kim as she walked up from behind and looked at what he was working on

“So I hope you don’t mind but I want to show you how to fix your device incase something like that happens again.” Said Emilio

Kim nodded in agreement and listened intently to his instructions.  She made mental note after mental note and also looked at what tools she would need.  The sheer passion that he showed was infectious and she knew a certain shut-in friend that would love his company. 

“Alright so if you want to I can show you some sites to get the right tools.” Said Emilio

“I would really appreciate that.  So I was wondering I really don’t know anything about you personally, I mean we’ve had sex a bunch of times yet I don’t know what you like.” Said Kim

“It’s kinda embarrassing.”

“Come on I promise I won’t judge.” Said Kim teasingly, she was trying to get him to open up.

“Tit fucking, I like watching a dick between a womans boobs.” Said Emilio

‘Oh, it’s embarrassing for me.’ Thought Kim in a deadpan tone, her lack of a noticeable bust always got a little under her skin and even though she had one final growth spurt that pushed her into b-cup territory, it was in the low end and there was no denying that she’s forever stuck with her small breasts. 

“Well there’s nothing I can do about that.” Said Kim as she could feel her own insecurity rise within herself.

“Yea how about you go see Raul I imagine he’d like to see you.” Said Emilio, sensing where this conversation was going and he didn’t want to continue it in that direction.

“Sounds like a good plan.” Said Kim as she walked out and headed to Raul’s office.

She opened the door and Raul was sitting at his desk with a small smile on his face.  Kim already knew what he wanted and she was more then happy to give it to him.

“Why hello their boss is it time to talk about my raise.” Said Kim sweetly as she walked over to the front of his desk, her hips swaying as she walked.

“Why yes, it is, now why don’t you show me how badly you want it.” Said Raul

It was a game they like to play she would play the attractive young secretary and him the power-hungry boss.  It would usually end with her either under his desk or bent over with him hammering her pussy.  This time she just wanted to suck his dick, she was getting horny again and she wants to have another orgy. 

She took off her top and walked around the desk and saw that Rauls cock was already out of his pants and standing straight up.  She got on her knees and kissed the head of his penis and licked it from the base to the head.  She licked and sucked his large balls until she went up and engulfed his long cock.  She moved her head up and down his cock while Raul put both hands on her head and messaged her scalp.  She could feel his cock begin to swell up then used her hand to message his balls.  Raul grunted and finished in her mouth, she removed him with an audible pop and he continued firing off his seed over her face and breasts until his cock finally started to calm down.

“Damn your good.” Said Raul while breathing heavily

“Thanks so do I get that raise.” Said Kim while giving him a wink.

“Hey Kim could you come here please.” Said Juan in the living room, “Oh and take off your clothes to if you could please, Raul you to.”

“Ok be there in a second just have to clean up.” Said Kim as she grabbed one of Raul’s towels and cleaned herself and Raul removed his clothes.

They both walked out of his office, both naked, and into the living room everyone was naked and in front of them was an old polaroid camera.

“We figured that you would want something to remember us by and we know your worried about someone finding out.  So we figured that since this thing can’t be hacked it would be a perfect keepsake.” Explained Emilio

“Thank you so much you guys.  I’ll always remember this.” Said Kim as she got in position in-between everyone.

Emilio worked the camera and quickly took his place. 

“Everyone smile.” Ordered Raul

Everyone smiled and they’re was a flash and the picture dispensed from the camera.  Kim walked forward and grabbed the picture and examined it.  It was perfect.

“Alright everyone now its my turn and no ones resting until I’m satisfied.” Said Kim with her predator smile, something in her became unhinged, uninhibited and she was going to indulge herself till she couldn’t anymore. 

The men looked back in both fear and arousal.  They knew she was going to drain their balls and a part of them couldn’t wait.

The sun rose and Kim Possible walked out of the shack looking worse then she ever had in her entire life.  Dark circles were under her eyes, her hair was uncombed, she walked bowlegged from the pain in her pussy, and her nipples were more sore then they had ever been in her entire life.  She stood for a second at the door and said her good byes to the men who were barley staying up.  There cock and balls an unnatural red from over use and they were spread throughout the living room.  They weakly waved good bye before she shut the door and walked to the helicopter.

“Poor guy tried staying awake but he just passed out before we got here.” Explained the pilot about Ron.

He wasn’t looking much better, him having matching eyes and clothes.

“Hey Ron wanna wake up for a second.” Said Kim

“Hey KP I’m so glad so see you again.” Said Ron, his eyes half asleep and leaned in for a kiss.

Kim returned the gesture, she had already brushed her teeth and washed her mouth before it arrived and cuddled up next to him.  The copter flew off into the rising sun where she would finally go home.


Alright that’s it for this massive chapter and I hope you enjoy it.  Now I know Kim will have a flaw in this story and I know how it’ll play into the story.  Anyway if you want me to know what I’m doing wrong or just want to tell me I’m doing a good job just leave a review I’ll appreciate it.

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