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Thinking it Thru

Kim was lying in bed with her boyfriend and lover Ron.  Their clothes, the ones that weren’t packed, were thrown about on various furniture without a care in the world.  Their sweaty bodies entangled in an embrace both having a content smile on their faces.  The young couple decided to have one last ‘romp’ before they would go see their respective friends for a week of unrestricted debauchery. 

“Can’t believe its been six months.” Said Ron

“Yea, so any regrets?” asked Kim with a smile of pure happiness, “Any desire to leave me for those three women.”

“Nope your stuck with me till we’re old and grey.” Said Ron while pulling her in tighter.

Kim embraced him further and didn’t want to let go but both knew that they had to eventually get up, after all Kim can’t drain her friend’s balls while enjoying the embrace of her boyfriend.

Kim groaned as she got out of bed to get dressed, giving Ron a nice view of her ass.  “So Kim remind me again where your going to be.” Asked Ron while staring at her perfect ass and felt his cock harden.

“I’m going to be in town, since Lucas quit they need a new electrician and they’re going to get one while the raining season is on.” Said Kim as she felt Ron wrap himself around Kims waist and could feel his hard cock against her back.  “Well now what do we have here?” She said as she reached around and grabbed his cock giving it a light tug.

“Well we do have enough time for one last round and I don’t want you getting any ideas about leaving me for four guys.” Said Ron

“Nope your stuck with me till we’re old and grey.” Said Kim as she turned around and gave him a deep kiss.  After she pulled herself away she pushed Ron onto the bed, her pussy soaking wet and her nipples diamond hard. 

The young couple almost missed their flight.

Kim walked to the hotel and saw Raul standing underneath an umbrella with the rain in full effect.

“Hey Kim already got you a room.” Said Raul as he motioned her inside.

“Thanks so where are Paulo and Juan?” asked Kim

“Visiting family, they said they’ll be by later tonight but for right now lets get you to your room and I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.” Explained Raul as he took one of her bags and showed her to her room.

Raul guided Kim to her room and opened the door and the room was huge, the furniture was of a nice quality and the bed was huge, big enough for everyone even a potential new employee, it was perfect.

“Wow how can you afford this.  It must have cost a fortune.” Said Kim

“I know the owner so he gave me a nice discount and I wouldn’t want to fuck you in a small room for the week.” said Raul, “Besides I don’t think you want to get gangbanged on a small bed if you can help it.”

It was the truth, several times they’ve tried to have a more ‘proper’ gangbang, meaning gangbangs you see in porno’s, it was awkward because of the small beds they had and it wasn’t as much fun as she would have thought it would have been.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Kim as she set her bag down.

“I’ve reserved the conference room for the next couple of days where I’ll interview the employees.  Then after the selected ones pass a back round check I’ll send them to you so you can give them a medical scan and any that make the grade will come back for a second interview with both you and me.  The second interview will be the one that you decide and if I agree he’ll be hired.” Explained Raul

“Sounds boring.” Said Kim

“Welcome to running a business its 10% your job and 90% boring stuff.” Said Raul

“Fair enough, so have time for a quick fuck.” Asked Kim

“Sorry Kim but I haven’t seen my kids in months and I haven’t seen them to get everything set up.  I’ll see you later tonight along with the other guys.” Said Raul as he hugged Kim and walked out.

Kim pouted at his sudden departure, she came there to get fucked and all she could do is just sit in her nice room and try to find a channel on the tv that she could understand.  Several hours later she was positively bored while her mind wondered to where Ron might be.

‘Must have made it to the village by now, at least I hope he did don’t know what I’d do if something happened.’ Kim has been thinking of what to give him for his coming birthday and she came to the conclusion that she would give him two presents.  The first one he’ll get on his actual birthday, a tablet that he’s been wanting, and the second one he’ll get the next time they come to visit.  She figured it was time to introduce herself to her boyfriends ‘sex-friends’ and the best way is to join in their debauchery, at least in her mind it is. 

‘God something must be wrong with me.  Year and a half ago I wouldn’t have even considered having sex with Ron with other women and now I’m going to watch him cum inside other woman and I can feel how much it turns me on.’ Thought Kim, ‘Now where the hell is everyone I need a dick in me.’

Kim looked outside her window and looked at everyone as they went about their day.  Kim saw Juan’s face and light up, he was exactly what she needed.

“Hey Juan up here.” Said Kim as she waved at him.

Juan looked up but was having trouble finding the origin of Kims voice.

“Juan up here.” Said Kim as she smiled and finally managed to get him oriented right.

Juan looked up and saw Kim smiling face, she’s much easier to find with her signature bright red hair compared to everyone’s black or brown.  Juan smiled and waved at Kim as she beckoned him to her room, Juan nodded and made his way to the hotel room.  Kim smiled even more and bounced her way to the door eagerly anticipating his arrival.  She looked herself over and came to the conclusion that the short skirt that showed plenty of her legs and shirt showing plenty of her chest didn’t properly convey what she wanted from him, after all one must state one’s intentions clearly.  So, she took off her clothes and waited for him with her legs spread open with a clear view of her pussy, which was getting wetter by the second.  When Juan knocked at her door she told him to open it and was pleasantly surprised to see Kim, it was a common enough sight that it didn’t fully surprise him but it certainly wasn’t what he was expecting.

“So I take it you want to talk and then pray for your immortal soul.” Joked Juan

Kim let out a small laugh, “Get your clothes off and give me one of your big loads, I should have fuck all three of you by now and I’ve been all alone with a pussy demanding attention.”

Juan took off his clothes and got between Kims open legs, he shoved his cock into her wet but tight pussy enjoying the feeling she was giving him.  Despite having sex with her countless times Kim has always been the best fuck he’s ever had.  The way her face blushes and her lips redden when ever she was either turned on or having sex.  The way her body contorts letting you know she just had an orgasm, Juan noted that she seems to have them far easier then a normal woman.  The way her fire red hair clings to her sweaty body have a round of sex and the way she was always ready for more pushed her over the edge.  Juan knew he’d never fuck a better woman and always tried to give it his best every time he was with her. 

Kim moaned as Juan thrusted into her pussy and could feel the sweat forming on her body.  She knew she had to stay as quite as possible and wished she was back at the shack where she could let loosed and be as loud as she wanted.  She wanted to feel Juan letting out one of his huge loads into her eager pussy, she wanted all three of her boys here and ready to fuck her but Juan was the only one around.

Juan let out a grunt and fired off his huge load into Kim awaiting pussy.  He could feel his balls convulse as he rode out his own orgasm.  Kim always gave him the best orgasms then any woman he had ever been with and he was always glad the day Raul picked her up on the roadside. 

After he finished Juan rolled over and breathed deeply, tired from the round of sex with Kim.  Kims sweaty body was tired but ready for more. 

“So Kim what’s new with you?” asked Juan as he got up to pour himself a glass of water

“Well, I’m here to help with the hiring process and I finally figured out what I’m going to get my boyfriend for his birthday.” Said Kim

No one thinks its odd for Kim to talk about her relationship.  Its incredibly common for her to talk about him to them.  They thought it was rather cute how loyal she was to him, the fact that he lets them fuck his girlfriend was beside the point. 

“Oh yea what are you going to get him.” Asked Juan

“Well its going to be two presents.  First it’ll be a tablet that he’s been wanting and second I’ll be joining in his monthly debauchery for a weekend.” Said Kim

“So what about us you just going to have us blue ball for a month.” Said Juan

‘Oh crap.’ It was something she hadn’t thought of.  While she’ll be off watching Ron fuck other women her boys needs won’t be handled by no one.  Now she has a problem that needs to get fixed before his birthday.

“Sorry I didn’t think of that, don’t worry I’ll figure something out.  I’m not going to leave my boys with blue balls, not on my watch.” Said Kim confidently

“So are you sure you can handle it.  I mean its one thing to think you can handle it but a whole other thing when its happening right in front of you.” Said Juan

Again something Kim hadn’t thought of, why the hell didn’t she think of that?  If Kim had a guess she was so damn horny that she didn’t think about it until Juan pointed it out.

‘Fuck how the hell am I gonna know before Ron’s birthday.  Not like I can just invite some random woman into out bed. “Sorry miss would you mind having a threesome with us to find out if I can handle watching my boyfriend fuck other women.” Fuck.’ Thought Kim

Now she has two problems to handle and only a month to figure it out.

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