Unusual Dreams (redo)

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Paulo was on his knees thrusting into Kim’s wet pussy from behind.  Despite doing this countless times he still enjoyed fucking Kim. Her red hair, which she’s been growing over the past months, cascading down her milky white back.  Paulo grabbed her hips and saw her perfect ass jiggle with every thrust and could feel his balls slap up against her clit.  He saw her back arch from yet another orgasm as he felt his seed work its way up his cock.

“Gonna cum Kim.” Said Paulo as he finished inside Kim, giving her what she always like.

After finishing putting his seed inside Kim he pulled out and walked over to his chair.  Kim got on her back and felt his cum leak out of her pussy.

“So what do you think of the new guy?” asked Paulo

“I don’t know he just seems a little off.  He just fucks me then kicks me out, I understand if he doesn’t want any emotional attachment but that doesn’t mean I like to get treated like I’m some object. I mean you avoid being something more than a friend to me and yet you treat me like a human being.” Said Kim in a huff

“Yea I know, not every guy is as great as me.  So next month will be a year since you dropped into our lives.” Said Paulo

“Yea can’t believe its been a year.” Said Kim with a small smile on her face as she remembered all the time she’s spent with them.

‘But you are right something does seem off.’ Thought Paulo as he made a silent promise to see if she really is in danger.

Paulo waved at Kim as she and her boyfriend flew off back home.  As Lucas walked off to the mine to do some work on the elevator Paulo went into Lucas’s room.  Ever since he found out that Kim Possible was the woman coming by he seemed to change.  He was quieter and withdrawn and he seemed way more interested in getting an internet connection out here. 

Something seemed off and his decade working as a cop taught him to trust his gut, and it was telling him Lucas was up to something.  Paulo looked thru his room for anything that might be out of the ordinary.  He opened drawers and found nothing but clothes, searched under his bed for a hidden laptop but found nothing.  Books were moved and any object small enough to hide a minicamera was searched and nothing was discovered.

It was only when he noticed that Lucas left his phone behind did he noticed its position.  It was upright and the camera was facing the bed. 

‘If Lucas left the camera on he would have gotten everything every time she came to fuck him.’ Thought Paulo as he looked over his phone.

He looked over the screen and noticed that he used a pattern to access his phone.  The smear pattern on the screen gave him the clues he needed and looked at what was recently done.  He pushed an icon for a video and saw Kim’s ass bouncing on Lucas’s cock while letting out loud moans.  He changed video’s and saw Kim getting fucked by, he assumed by, Juan while she was sucking off Lucas.  This plus several other video’s and pictures he found was more then enough proof for Raul to fire Lucas. 

Paulo walked to Raul and handed him the phone.

“You should see this.” Said Paulo as he opened the video and showed Raul what Lucas was doing.

Lucas walked in to see Raul looking at one of his video’s and stood there in shock.

“What the hell are you doing with my phone.” Said Lucas

“So you admit this is your phone.” Accused Raul, “I did warn you that I wouldn’t tolerate you taking advantage of Kim.   I won’t tolerate this and not you have to go pack your bags your fired.  Paulo delete everything he took and then give it back to him, I don’t him saying I stole or broke his property.”

“This is bullshit we have a golden opportunity here.  We’re fucking one of the women known throughout the world, THE fucking Kim Possible and we’re not making any money off of it.  DO you have any idea how many perverts out their will pay thru the nose just to get a glimpse of what she looks like naked?  Forget about how much they’ll pay to watch her fucking.” Said Lucas with a look of desperation on his face.  “Come on Paulo you said it yourself, the only thing that matter is money and this is the best possible opportunity of your life.”

“I can make money without being a dick about it.” Said Paulo as he finished deleting everything and handed him the phone.

Lucas took the phone and stormed off to his room.

“You did check for other camera’s right?” asked Raul

“Every corner.” Said Paulo

“Alright I think its best we don’t tell Kim what happened.  Best she doesn’t know how close she came to having her life destroyed.  I’ll let her know that we’re going to hire someone new and that she can have a say in it this time.” Said Raul and Paulo agreed with his assessment.

A week later Lucas was sitting at a local café and was talking to a friend of his.

“I’m telling you I was fucking THE Kim Possible and she’s a total slut.  She takes it from all of us when ever she visits, and not just one at a time.  Some times she’ll take all four of us at once and still want more after she was done.” Said Lucas

“Excuse me while I say bull shit.  No woman can handle four guys at once, much less a young woman like Kim Possible.  Plus my daughter follows Kim and I can ask her where she is at any moment.  Hey Izel, come here for a second.” Said the man

“Yes father.” Said Izel wearing clothes that were typical for a 12-year-old Mexican girl.

“My friend says that he saw Kim Possible last weekend.  Now is that possible?” asked her father

“No last weekend she was at her parents house and was getting ready for her boyfriends birthday party.” Said Izel

“You sure.” Said Lucas

“Yea, here she took some pictures.” Said Izel as she showed them the pictures

One of the benefits of having Wade as a friend is that he will keep any secret, Kim and Ron knew that he was going to eventually find out so they told him when they decided to continue visiting.  Wade told them that he would help any way he could and he held up his end of the deal.  He would time release pictured in order to hide her location and would even photoshop pictures if an emergency arrived.

“The last time Kim was in the area was about a year ago when she crashed landed and was stuck in the jungle for a week.  She hasn’t been back since.” Said Izel

“Alright that enough thank you little one.” Said her father as he kissed for forehead and pushed her back to her mother.

Lucas sat in embarrassment, he didn’t know that the people in her life were will to go this far to protect her and now he has no proof to back his claims. 

‘I never should have taken that job.’ Thought Lucas.


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